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Travis Scott - goosebumps ft. Kendrick Lamar -
Published: 1 year ago By: TravisScottVEVO

By: TravisScottVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

166, 720, 691 views

1, 437, 918 Likes   60, 402 Dislikes

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Ilkan Kacar
'Ilkan Kacar' 16 minutes ago
I Love the Song soo much 😍😍
suicideboy cerezo
'suicideboy cerezo' 19 minutes ago
Жак Энтони - Люли
Zacimus Prime
'Zacimus Prime' 20 minutes ago
This is a good iconic rap song😎!
'Wolf' 1 hour ago
166 606 273
РИЗЗО нахер!
Brian Santiago
'Brian Santiago' 2 hours ago
Que foda mano vai se fuder mo vibe legalzinha te amo ksksksks
Mauro Silvestri
'Mauro Silvestri' 2 hours ago
Bregas Balung
'Bregas Balung' 2 hours ago
Mano Cesarius
'Mano Cesarius' 2 hours ago
Salve brtt
'AKATSUKI' 5 hours ago
skylar baranyk
'skylar baranyk' 6 hours ago
i listen to this when im stoned
konstantinos Rodis
'konstantinos Rodis' 6 hours ago
when u hit a headshot for 9 hp
Josephina Dolan
'Josephina Dolan' 6 hours ago
whoever disliked is needs a bash bro
pilar de santos
'pilar de santos' 8 hours ago
Random Guy XD
'Random Guy XD' 8 hours ago
Ghost Buster Intro
Dimitra Dyntsikou
'Dimitra Dyntsikou' 10 hours ago
Showed this to my grass. Now it's weed
raviteja koneru
'raviteja koneru' 12 hours ago
where the signature "STRAIGHT UP" man !!
Fendi Socks
'Fendi Socks' 14 hours ago
leave it to Kendrick to ruin a fuckin song...
Tatiana Ciro
'Tatiana Ciro' 15 hours ago
El preferido de mi Kyliee Travis mucho talento fucking!!!!!
'garza440' 15 hours ago
I wanna press my line...yah
André Winchester
'André Winchester' 15 hours ago
Daniyah D
'Daniyah D' 16 hours ago
Jus don't want to feel bad about what i did today 🤘👾 listening 🕉🕉🕉
Gianna DiNatale
'Gianna DiNatale' 17 hours ago
Them girl had herpes
Jay S
'Jay S' 18 hours ago
1998 anyone
Gopal Vasudeva
'Gopal Vasudeva' 18 hours ago
I got goosebumps listening
Marco Carrillo
'Marco Carrillo' 19 hours ago
Who listening in 2028?
Sonya Shawhan
'Sonya Shawhan' 19 hours ago
When u impulse and one pump the guy rushing u, this plays in your head
'adelaidetumbles' 20 hours ago
producer- special effects? travis- see look at that rainbo.. producer- say no more!
anurag bhattacharjee
'anurag bhattacharjee' 20 hours ago
this dude is ugly.
Hadir K
'Hadir K' 20 hours ago
*I will still be streaming this in 2678 ffs*
Thaay Cristiina
'Thaay Cristiina' 21 hours ago
Lucas Wong
'Lucas Wong' 22 hours ago
Editor: hey Travis, why's my sprite purple? Travis: dw man it'll give u the energy to work Editor: woOOooOoaAAAaaAAhhHH
Maria Bribiesca
'Maria Bribiesca' 23 hours ago
Editer:What effects you want Travis:All of em
Corina Ioana
'Corina Ioana' 23 hours ago
tu esti si iarba esti si cox,eu te iubesc da te urascccc
Emily Cruz
'Emily Cruz' 23 hours ago
Watch this when ever your high 😂💯
Cristian Alin
'Cristian Alin' 1 day ago
957477373747744 someone?
jxckfx graphics
'jxckfx graphics' 1 day ago
I get the autotune EvvRETiMe
Kevin Burnier
'Kevin Burnier' 1 day ago
Marco Nielsen
'Marco Nielsen' 1 day ago
Alan Fallabrino
'Alan Fallabrino' 1 day ago
Jean Robles
'Jean Robles' 1 day ago
Pedro Domingos
'Pedro Domingos' 1 day ago
Vim pelos videos do BrTT
Mattheus Mattheus
He gets to sleep with Kylie Jenner
'ΑΚ-10' 1 day ago
Mathafaka seizure warnings nah eh?
Marv Sin city
'Marv Sin city' 1 day ago
Esse Clipe é uma merda vai toma no cú Trevis filho da puta
Ignacio Galeano
'Ignacio Galeano' 1 day ago
Jon z- el dominio
'Lilybubblegum34' 1 day ago
Early 2017 travis - don't worry about those condoms I'm to numb Late 2017 travis - * got Kylie Jenner pregnant from not wearing a condom * The irony
AE Gaming
'AE Gaming' 1 day ago
LSD effects
'Slurpy' 1 day ago
I love Travis Scott so much
'FourmiRouge' 1 day ago
How to get high af without 4/20
Takurua Reweti
'Takurua Reweti' 2 days ago
When theres u and someone else left on solo
Angel Garcia
'Angel Garcia' 2 days ago
El Chapis
'El Chapis' 2 days ago
Edition is just lit
jim corban
'jim corban' 2 days ago
1 word = Fortnite
Laura Gonzalez
'Laura Gonzalez' 2 days ago
I had a seizure
Jordan G. vlogs Lynn
Lol my fave now but a lot of herd
jogos black
'jogos black' 2 days ago
Muito chato uuuuuuu
'lambradi' 2 days ago
Shit that video is A M A Z I N G
lisha Riley
'lisha Riley' 2 days ago
This make me go shoot someone I hate
lisha Riley
'lisha Riley' 2 days ago
That song was on the radio on my bus our bus driver and us turned up
Tacos Da Fin
'Tacos Da Fin' 2 days ago
willy B.
'willy B.' 2 days ago
did anyone else get high by watching this
Edilson VC
'Edilson VC' 2 days ago
3:20 a shooting
- insane -
'- insane -' 2 days ago
This song gave me goosebumps
'Aaron' 2 days ago
Hold up, tf did i smoke
'WeronikA_' 2 days ago
*SAD* *<3*
Itahi Jimenez
'Itahi Jimenez' 2 days ago
Banky Biggs
'Banky Biggs' 2 days ago
New generation has FUCKED UP rap. Imean what the help is this? Only person that rapped in this track is Kendrick. But ain't Travis supposedly a "rapper"? Phew!!
Raging Oder
'Raging Oder' 2 days ago
Camila Natiely
'Camila Natiely' 2 days ago
BR ????
'KawaiiSongs' 2 days ago
90 A.C Someone?
Remmy Popish
'Remmy Popish' 2 days ago
micheal Menakaya
'micheal Menakaya' 2 days ago
this editor is fire
Potato Master
'Potato Master' 2 days ago
Editor: What kind of video you like sir? Travis: Ever smoked 10 blunts at once? Editor: Say no more fam.
Hxif T,Ycl
'Hxif T,Ycl' 2 days ago
Rodrigo Ramos
'Rodrigo Ramos' 2 days ago
Vais ser trolado em 3 2 1 Ler mais
Laura Gutierrez
'Laura Gutierrez' 2 days ago
Damaris Nunez
'Damaris Nunez' 2 days ago
Que feo hombre 😫
leo Medina
'leo Medina' 2 days ago
Kendrick - how high you want my voice Travis - you know lil tay? Kendrick -say no more
'El ALPHA' 2 days ago
TBOY senju
'TBOY senju' 2 days ago
Is he talking about kylie?
ZeroGamer sam
'ZeroGamer sam' 2 days ago
I need that's high
Карен Погосян
Спиздил у Жак Энтони -Люли
Joe Serrano
'Joe Serrano' 2 days ago
This shit is good
fris drank
'fris drank' 2 days ago
Kendrick killed it
Suck your nan
'Suck your nan' 2 days ago
This video gives me epelepsy attacks.
'SWEG SWEG' 2 days ago
Dam she is fain
'Noddlesthealien' 2 days ago
Ok so tripping on acid I will say this it is more of an emotional roller coaster instead of visuals but I wanna try dmt
'Legendary' 3 days ago
when its a 1v1 in fortnite
jazmín Figueroa
'jazmín Figueroa' 3 days ago
Operate la cara wey no mames!!!
Jeffy Paul
'Jeffy Paul' 3 days ago
Legend has it if you watch while High everything is going to look Normal.......
'TheLovelyMissDime' 3 days ago
Great visual! I can relate
Luke Melone
'Luke Melone' 3 days ago
Watching this high af anyone see the same shit?
Atakan Sgnmz
'Atakan Sgnmz' 3 days ago
I wanna press my line, yeah, I wanna press my I want a green light, I wanna be like I wanna press my line, yeah I want to take that ride, yeah I'm gonna press my line I wanna green like, I wanna be like, I wanna press my Mama, dear, spare your feeling I'm reliving moments, peeling more residual I can buy the building, burn the building, take your bitch Rebuild the building just to fuck some more I can justify my love for you and touch the sky for God to stop, debating wall Put the pussy on a pedestal Put the pussy on a high horse That pussy to die for That pussy to die for Peter, piper, picked a peppers I could pick your brain and put your heart together Read apart, the shady parts and party hard, the diamonds yours The coupe forever My best shots might shoot forever like (brr)
Paolo Berrios
'Paolo Berrios' 3 days ago
Steve Newman
'Steve Newman' 3 days ago
I love you so much but you are better then Gucci gang lil pump haha😻😻😂😂😂❤️❤️🎶🎶💕💕
tye wolfe
'tye wolfe' 3 days ago
1like= one prayer for him not going to die with mumps look it up
Andrews NBA HighLights
Why was kd on the bed
Robert Smith
'Robert Smith' 3 days ago
Classic gangsta shit
luis miranda usa
'luis miranda usa' 3 days ago
Alguem hj ?
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