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Travis Scott - goosebumps ft. Kendrick Lamar -
Published: 9 months ago By: TravisScottVEVO

By: TravisScottVEVOPublished: 9 months ago

136, 716, 090 views

1, 205, 085 Likes   52, 415 Dislikes

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Wincent9222 wincent92222
zabson zajebiscie spiewasz
jay D
'jay D' 17 minutes ago
this songs lit
Sometimedoit x
'Sometimedoit x' 28 minutes ago
Gabrielly Christina
'Gabrielly Christina' 34 minutes ago
Damn! 🔥
Ryan Green
'Ryan Green' 37 minutes ago
This song makes me wanna Eat Pork And Turn Muslim
Milly Rodriguez
'Milly Rodriguez' 1 hour ago
This song makes me wanna ask why Kylie got knocked up by lame ass Travis instead of tyga LMFAOO😭💀
Juan Perez
'Juan Perez' 1 hour ago
This song makes me wanna look up and down before I cross the street
Emma Shaw
'Emma Shaw' 1 hour ago
This song makes me wanna send my teacher to the office.
Doggo Psychedelic
'Doggo Psychedelic' 1 hour ago
Groso te banco !!!!
Víctor Skr
'Víctor Skr' 2 hours ago
Isso aqui é fácil demais. -OG Thug
'Taktykal' 2 hours ago
Babar Masood
'Babar Masood' 3 hours ago
This song makes me wanna stop on a green light
T o m m y
'T o m m y' 3 hours ago
This song makes me want to scream "AND KNUCKLES" in my house
Luke Hayes
'Luke Hayes' 3 hours ago
The moment when you tell I wish I wrote that comment!!
Jasmine Velazquez
'Jasmine Velazquez' 4 hours ago
Wicked lyrics
Wonder Tweek
'Wonder Tweek' 4 hours ago
This is actually pretty good. I wasn’t expecting much out of Travis Scott as I’m not huge on his music, I had just a little bit of hope for Kendrick’s verse though. And I was pleasantly surprised. The beat and Travis’s vocals are pretty soothing. Kendrick’s verse is pretty interesting. He experiments with his vocals, and I thought he did pretty ok on here. He definitely has so many more better tracks, he’ll Kendrick is in a league of his own. But the best thing about this is the music video. It’s super trippy and spooky. Really good atmosphere
Fifa is fun
'Fifa is fun' 4 hours ago
Travis got a way of rapping that’s chill with a nice sleek vibe
proman patro
'proman patro' 4 hours ago
Lamar is awesome
Dylan Harbour
'Dylan Harbour' 5 hours ago
Man this video make me feel dyslexic yall
Dylan Harbour
'Dylan Harbour' 5 hours ago
Fucking bangerrrrrr
Jay Zesty
'Jay Zesty' 6 hours ago
I get those goosebumps everytime I play this 🤘
Moses D
'Moses D' 6 hours ago
2018 My phone started burning It’s England where I’m earning 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Vito Angileri
'Vito Angileri' 6 hours ago
This song is a fake
Vito Angileri
'Vito Angileri' 6 hours ago
Listen To The original song
Sparta Crew
'Sparta Crew' 6 hours ago
Who still here⁉
Khalil Chattam
'Khalil Chattam' 6 hours ago
I thought I was on drugs watching
JoonMin *-*
'JoonMin *-*' 6 hours ago
0:26 - 0:29 when you step on lego
Mainor 504
'Mainor 504' 7 hours ago
Que canción tan buena, el Remix que hizo Jon Z la cago.
Fairuz Kabir
'Fairuz Kabir' 7 hours ago
This song makes me wanna ask kylie if travis is pregnant
Zero Charisma
'Zero Charisma' 7 hours ago
When the editor was high
pink banana 101
'pink banana 101' 8 hours ago
yass bro gosebumps prr prr
Lil Margiela
'Lil Margiela' 9 hours ago
Travis: Worry 'bout those condoms, I'm way too numb yah its way too dumb yah Kylie Jenner: yah sure ( *pregnant* )
'Aakash' 9 hours ago
60% comments- this songs makes me ..... 39% comments- editor what FX you want 1% random stuff.. oh its me
Thumbs Cramp Gaming
'Thumbs Cramp Gaming' 10 hours ago
This song makes me want to go to a Mormon church and question there beliefs.
Sofia Giannakopoulou
'Sofia Giannakopoulou' 11 hours ago
Senna Wiedeman
'Senna Wiedeman' 11 hours ago
This song wanna makes me wanna yell to the bus to hop on...
Eevi :p
'Eevi :p' 12 hours ago
this video makes me wanna tell to travis that he should learn to edit
pedro trem bala
'pedro trem bala' 12 hours ago
pru pru pru
Nikolai Karchev
'Nikolai Karchev' 13 hours ago
Look at the views now look at the likes. (:
giuse 0911
'giuse 0911' 13 hours ago
Lo sai che mangio solo dizionarie!
Di4mond -
'Di4mond -' 13 hours ago
gino fra matt22
'gino fra matt22' 13 hours ago
Unico italiano?
Leo Lopez Cont
'Leo Lopez Cont' 14 hours ago
What you mean with the goat?
Jay Rocha
'Jay Rocha' 14 hours ago
One of the best edited videos I've ever seen😮
Acacia K
'Acacia K' 17 hours ago
this song makes me want to help an old lady cross a river.
yollanda Dabbas
'yollanda Dabbas' 17 hours ago
75% of people are commenting by saying " This song make me wanna...."😂😂❤❤
'HYPEBEAST luca' 18 hours ago
This song makes me wanna like my own comment dislike this plZ
Amarjeet Gill
'Amarjeet Gill' 19 hours ago
I really Lamar's songs but here he ruined it....
Tales Misael
'Tales Misael' 19 hours ago
fayah and watch! 🔥🔥
Amanda Williams
'Amanda Williams' 21 hours ago
'Airaia' 21 hours ago
Editor: what effects you want my nigga Travis? Travis: yes
will norton
'will norton' 22 hours ago
so this is what it feels like to swallow a rainbow
'ExplicitThinking' 22 hours ago
This song makes me want to order a boneless coke with a 2 liter of pizza
Ayerim Cabrera
'Ayerim Cabrera' 22 hours ago
Am I the only one who can't tell ASAP Rocky and Travis Scoot apart??? lol
Jeremy Williams
'Jeremy Williams' 23 hours ago
he lit
game para sempre
'game para sempre' 23 hours ago
q trepe foda
7/ 27
'7/ 27' 23 hours ago
I get those goosebumps every time ♡ 🎶
Ever Rae
'Ever Rae' 23 hours ago
tell how to reach you in case you lose
Ever Rae
'Ever Rae' 23 hours ago
Super Saiyan flow 🔥🔥😂
jVX 98
'jVX 98' 23 hours ago
Does someone know how can i download this song in my phone?
Neon Cupcake14
'Neon Cupcake14' 24 hours ago
Editor:what effects u want in the video Travis how many are there?
Neon Cupcake14
'Neon Cupcake14' 24 hours ago
April 30 squad
verna dan
'verna dan' 1 day ago
with 24round
verna dan
'verna dan' 1 day ago
and he said the gun is m16
verna dan
'verna dan' 1 day ago
my son said that car in the background is a 1964 impala with 24 inch gold rims
Gazorpa Zorp
'Gazorpa Zorp' 1 day ago
This song is still and always be lit
Lucas Lopes
'Lucas Lopes' 1 day ago
'BATTLEMERCY3297' 1 day ago
This is a weird Halloween party
Matthew Aranda
'Matthew Aranda' 1 day ago
This song make me wanna sell my ammo for a gun
EduZeusGamer ™
'EduZeusGamer ™' 1 day ago
this Song is very nice men!!!
James Brown
'James Brown' 1 day ago
try it on 1.25
Scott Philms
'Scott Philms' 1 day ago
Kendrick is such trash, its a shame these fools like him get the spotlight.
'gemini' 1 day ago
extra effects for better security
Poke Mtz
'Poke Mtz' 1 day ago
'prf1234able' 1 day ago
Kendrick’s weirdest rap verses
'1,000,256 views' 1 day ago
This song makes me want to post a Youtube comment and then dislike it.
'Rxifyz' 1 day ago
Editor: How would you like me to edit this? Travis: Do u kno de wae? Editor: Say no more.
ridding dragons
'ridding dragons' 1 day ago
Editor : Kendrick what effect do you want Kendrick: Travis should pick this time Travis: Yes, finally.
Philly Playa
'Philly Playa' 1 day ago
'N3RRO' 1 day ago
Magdi Youssef
'Magdi Youssef' 1 day ago
Editor: What effect do u want? Travis: Have you ever had all drugs in urself? Editor: Say no more!
'1,000,256 views' 1 day ago
This song makes wanna do a gram of cocaine, have a hot chocolate and go to bed.
'BALAL QASEM' 1 day ago
:) fire lit asf who listening 2018
Federico cirilli
'Federico cirilli' 1 day ago
Travis Made a song very very similar that The one of gemitaiz
Panda -_-
'Panda -_-' 1 day ago
Hector Baez Del Orden
beautiful and cool : )
'Muzique' 1 day ago
i need a vacuum
Corey CDMY
'Corey CDMY' 1 day ago
Súper Saiyan Flow 😎
'AlPhA_Saske' 1 day ago
oggi ho mangiato un dizionarieeee
Monkey D Dragon [ Revolution ]
Ich versteh kein Wort aber ballert!
Siriko Pablo
'Siriko Pablo' 1 day ago
Marcos Gochez
'Marcos Gochez' 1 day ago
Love song
Borracueca 45
'Borracueca 45' 1 day ago
Luqmaan Hussain
'Luqmaan Hussain' 1 day ago
This song makes me want to feel my elbow
'Danya' 1 day ago
lik if u get goosebumps everytim
'lucaganjalf' 1 day ago
Oggi ho mangiato un dizionarieeeeee
Γιωργος Ιακωβιδης
This song makes me wanna go to pablo escobar and give him money for drugs
gaming with BIOVO
'gaming with BIOVO' 2 days ago
Who bumping this in 2018? 🔥🔥
Dude 01
'Dude 01' 2 days ago
this song makes me wanna say to trump that im the least racist person alive
bailey stapleton
'bailey stapleton' 2 days ago
this song makes me wand to punch and lick my NAN in a good way
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