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Hamza vs Hebrew Israelite | Is Islam Satanic | Speakers Corner -
Published: 7 months ago By: TITANS TV

By: TITANS TVPublished: 7 months ago

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Speakers Corner Hyde Park Hamza From EFDawah Debates Tayo Hebrew Israelite On Whether Islam Is Satanic




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'omoSango1' 1 day ago
Hamza is confused and his ignorance is great........Satan is strong with him.
Kevon Douglas
'Kevon Douglas' 5 days ago
you Muslims are garbage ty destroyed this white leprechaun baby so many times the Muslim guy couldn't even answer the questions that ty threw at him his response is not pertaining to the question that ty asked him and ty did not interrupted​ him while he was speaking the Muslim leprechaun gets sliced​ And it hurts so he made it his duty to interrupted​ him and repeating a question with a question this leprechaun said That Ishmael and Muhammad was a prophet lmao the most high never spoke with dem neither share his covenant the most high made Ishmael a prince because he was the son of Abraham that's it Muhammad is a fable character that Muslims want to implement in the kuran and the true Ishmaelites​ are black not white people they try to whited out the bibical Ishmaelites.
Khyree Brown
'Khyree Brown' 6 days ago
Hamza doesn't actively 👂 he listens to answer that's why he changes the questions with enthusiasm and anger.
I don
hey its Kenny!!!
shahid khan
'shahid khan' 7 days ago
Worst debate
'KenUbeleveit1' 1 week ago
Hebrew-Israelites don't count Africans as one of their own. Tayo(Ty) needs to go away. smh. He just rambles in this video.
'MsMunkchunk' 1 week ago
Moses a Muslim that's a 1st what a joke 😂
'TheFirewolfx' 1 week ago
These "Black Israelites" called Chrsitians, Muslims and Jews Satanic. Its nothing new. they are a hate group that think all white skined people are satanic.
Zahid Khyzer
'Zahid Khyzer' 1 week ago
i think hamza was dealing with Zionist !!
'norpan506' 1 week ago
I never seen a white muslim whit a jewish beard before. Interesting. Only a fool needs a book to be happy.
'blackpalacemusic' 2 weeks ago
"You've got 20mins" : less than 10mins into the debate lol. The white guy had too much coffee.
'blackpalacemusic' 2 weeks ago
"You've got 20mins" : less than 10mins into the debate lol. The white guy had too much coffee.
The black guy is right about religion.
'08094denise' 2 weeks ago
Shocking the muslim doesn't know what nation the prophets are from. Very unlearned!!! light weight. Shame he should go back and study history before he come out to discuss.
'1_zak_1' 2 weeks ago
this guys a mug looks like a junkie
James Lamprell
'James Lamprell' 2 weeks ago
Islam is 100% satanic.
Thomas Grady
'Thomas Grady' 2 weeks ago
PRAISE YAH, clearly the Irish Muslim does not have a whole of his flesh. this how you extinguish is your lights from all the rest. it's our Behavior spec for others and how we lead the way to the truth in the light which is yahushua. clearly the Irish Muslim did not come prepared spiritually the king prepare foolishly in the flesh. praise YAH!
Paul Murray
'Paul Murray' 2 weeks ago
Always gingers. Listen to the freak speak...he's imitating an Asian brit with his accent. Confused, bizarre freak. Rather like a tranny.
AWZ SmartPhone
'AWZ SmartPhone' 2 weeks ago
I did subscribe, but you have to be unbiased and present content even if that goes against your own interest, belief and understanding. thanks
Awezome Crasher
'Awezome Crasher' 2 weeks ago
that muslim is a coward clown ...atleast let him speak to the topic...because that muslim see that pictures he dont let that hebrew talk completely because he knows it hit them hard
S kay
'S kay' 2 weeks ago
Muslim's are indenial, stubborn and delusional . they don't know how to digest information different from what been been taught
S kay
'S kay' 2 weeks ago
1hr 7min. ty is going through history timeline, hamza doesn't answer accordingly
S kay
'S kay' 2 weeks ago
1hr in and mouthy Muslim looking for confrontation with someone else. an easy target. you can't force your ideologies on someone.
S kay
'S kay' 2 weeks ago
50min mouthy Muslim is defensive over nothing. Islam is a religion and he's moaning bout ty calling it a religion
S kay
'S kay' 2 weeks ago
38mins... this mouthy Muslim don't even know where the prophets are from.
S kay
'S kay' 2 weeks ago
white guy talks so much rubbish
S kay
'S kay' 2 weeks ago
Muslim's don't know how to digest information that is different from what they know. Indenial , stubborn and delusional.
mohammad akhbarati
'mohammad akhbarati' 3 weeks ago
very stupid and ignorant and funny black man
Racca Soko
'Racca Soko' 3 weeks ago
This Afican brother is an idiot who doesn't know anything.
Superman hero
'Superman hero' 3 weeks ago
One Ignorant Nigga. Stupid and very low I.Q...
'skobite123' 4 weeks ago
Ron Mc
'Ron Mc' 4 weeks ago
Hamza expert at interupting and this is very annoying.
'Melina' 4 weeks ago
orange jacket is frustrating and one needs the patience of a saint to debate with could watch all series of Dexter and orange jacket will only be half way via his intro...
'Melina' 4 weeks ago
normally listening to Hamza tires my brain out cos he speaks sooo fast, but this time I was enjoying him...
Handy Man
'Handy Man' 4 weeks ago
Muslims should talk more about the killings in Manchester by their fellow Muslims and the killings of Coptic Christians in Egypt by Muslims...
'djmickyp' 4 weeks ago
the poets had it right about mohammads words, it was magic, a work of the devil, and the good people of islam have been being deceived ever since.
Nihilistic Nut
'Nihilistic Nut' 4 weeks ago
Ginger bollocks talks some shite
chriss smith
'chriss smith' 4 weeks ago
This white guy is nothing but confusion, its sad that people are so blind to the truth!!
chriss smith
'chriss smith' 4 weeks ago
This white guy represents Islam and hes disrespectful and he shows he has no patience for finding any truths, which means he has already been mislead and has no desire to find out why. The sheep!! the best way to see a real person that has an open mind about religions, is to find the people who left their born religion for another belief system. The black guy made the best argument about people being born into a belief system about their religion. Satanic: the religious books that are use to mislead and destroy others by the word of their gods that they claim in the printed words in the books.. This is how its satanic.
Norman Stansfield
'Norman Stansfield' 1 month ago
the muslims cannot touch a hebrew. ever. plus the ginger guy keeps interrupting. annoying. the hebrew destroyed him without destroying him lol
Ahamed Althaf
'Ahamed Althaf' 1 month ago
The african bro: boring...he never answer and he never cushion you...pls:don't waste time like this.
Riyaz Moolla
'Riyaz Moolla' 1 month ago
This African man looks drunk
Riyaz Moolla
'Riyaz Moolla' 1 month ago
this africa n makes relug8on like a joke
Jijo John
'Jijo John' 1 month ago
hahahahahaha running away
Jijo John
'Jijo John' 1 month ago
are you afraid
Jijo John
'Jijo John' 1 month ago
why you edit the video
Jijo John
'Jijo John' 1 month ago
he is runing
Truth is present 100%
Bro Ty, You cannot debate with Muslims. I have started watching your videos 3 days ago and I am so amaze at your knowledge. Men today do not act like me bro Ty, there are like kids in kindergarten. No sense of reasoning or teachings. I am ashamed when I see these grown men talk without proper respect. Bro Ty keep up the good work. peace!
Kenny Okoro Guitars
'Kenny Okoro Guitars' 1 month ago
Ty cannot debate. Get straight to the point. He can only ramble and preach and his style aren't capable of going back and forth. Instead he always feels violated and interrupted. Give him a lectern.
solja wil
'solja wil' 1 month ago
Englishman didnt answer question correctly he like confusion and refuse to say iraelites
'jweujnfas' 1 month ago
allah smackbar
'YourBrother' 1 month ago
Sikh the truth
Sadek Bilal
'Sadek Bilal' 1 month ago
as ever, Hamza
ziad malik
'ziad malik' 1 month ago
mr..i was born a muslim..and then i investigated it aswell..we are not sheeps ok..
ziad malik
'ziad malik' 1 month ago
black headmaster! seriously this guy is trying to be uncle tom!
ziad malik
'ziad malik' 1 month ago
black fellow is just too disrespectful and arrogant..surely the satan has worked his way up into his brain..kindly remove the arrogance ty
Mohammed Hanif
'Mohammed Hanif' 1 month ago
Now I truly understand why we need people like hamza because he knows how to put people like this in their place Ah slaam to Brother Hamza
Muhammad Ilyas
'Muhammad Ilyas' 1 month ago
are there black Jews exists ....
Richard Ali
'Richard Ali' 1 month ago
RaKun World
'RaKun World' 1 month ago
1 hour and 20 minutes, i dont get what that black hebrew point.??
Sevron Ghee
'Sevron Ghee' 1 month ago
I think the Yoruba man should not be debating with anyone about anything right now. He is wasting the debater's time and the spectator's time, unless of course one is interested in a laugh. In short it is clear that the Yoruba man has some mental issues (no disrespect). I work with an individual like this at work and when a debate ensues it is almost like you are speaking to a wall. Instead of addressing any of your points you give them they seem to try their best not to soak in any truth in which you said and instead just lecture you and when so say something in which they do not agree to they will say something is wrong with your thinking or even yourself. There mental issues are exposed when they are not aware that they are disrespecting you at times and it is also exposed by their constant RAMBLING and getting off the subject matter and going on a tangent. It is comical but also a bit sad.
'ahmad22099' 1 month ago
what a coco 'dont touch, dont touch' lunatic
Nabil Almoravid
'Nabil Almoravid' 1 month ago
islam is controlled by gentilles and turned everything satanic
Saber Sultan
'Saber Sultan' 1 month ago
😂😂😂 I love you Hamza u did a beautiful revenge way of talking at the last 20 minute
Saber Sultan
'Saber Sultan' 1 month ago
that black is fake and only provoking people his only point is to win his ignorance when he thinks he is talking wise # he is lost in anyways may Allah guide him
Saber Sultan
'Saber Sultan' 1 month ago
يخاطبني السفيه بكل قبح .. فأكره أن أكون له مجيباً .. يزيد سفاهة فأزيد حلماً .. كعود زاده الاحراق طيباً
Prranjal Shrivaastav
'Prranjal Shrivaastav' 2 months ago
Is this man really a Jew?
Tadele Basazenew
'Tadele Basazenew' 2 months ago
Aleph Nathan
'Aleph Nathan' 2 months ago
This is a beautiful example of when you do not know the game that is being played, you become impatient. Bro Ty knows the true game which is being played on all of us and he was trying to get the brother to see this without saying it straight. This is due to other statements he made being quickly interupted, misinterpreted and sadly dealt with in haste as the muslim bro could only see things as a black and white/ yes or no conversation. Ty was trying to show the brother the problem with society is deeper than political values and social problems and there are people playing a game of chess on us. Sadly the muslim brother only wanted to defend islam and say it is the way, so any point made against islam made him become emotional. The muslim brother confirmed in the video that he was not a candidate for this discussion, his mind was not thinking of things in a way outside of the box due to his actions and stance. Ty's true point if you were listening, is that this is a game of chess. Once you know how chess works you will understand why societies around the world are failing.
iman pro
'iman pro' 2 months ago
i just spent 1 hour of my life time hearing a guy telling people around him to let him speak
'mushaakiss' 2 months ago
Talk about beating around the bush!!!
eddie griffith
'eddie griffith' 2 months ago
look how ty destory hamza..........truth hurts look hamza face and body........ty on different level
Clifton Howard
'Clifton Howard' 2 months ago
Yea Ty, you were taking a long time lol, you were giving him problems but you were taking a long time. lol funny stuff bro
Adnan Ali
'Adnan Ali' 2 months ago
are Jews blessed then were ever the Jews were in history .They don't have any blessings compare that to Muslim lands all the Muslim lands have gold and oil from god . the real Jews from Palestine were blessed why because they followed islam later the rest in Africa were left with nothing why because they believe like the jews that belived in the calf . They hate Jesus and Muhammad the real Arab Jews belived in the prophets that were coming promised they don't so if they were the real ones then how did they follow the prophets before them when they reject all of the ones that came afterwards.
A K12
'A K12' 2 months ago
Why IS Hamza Wasting his time debating this ignorant, attention seeking fool that hides behind sunglasses in the dead of winter with no sunshine in sight? The Guy is mentally ill and so pointless to expect him to make sense.
Malakahba Judah
'Malakahba Judah' 2 months ago
Ty was bullshittin the whole damn time!
sIR Lii
'sIR Lii' 2 months ago
What a shame to watch the Muslin bro's attitudes and manners. Let him finished talking stop interrupting.
Abi Al-Fala7i
'Abi Al-Fala7i' 2 months ago
It's like the black man had a presentation that he didn't prepare for so he's forced to ramble lol
Guess Who
'Guess Who' 2 months ago
Thats all israelites do... make no sense, be racist and ignorant....
Goku vegeta
'Goku vegeta' 2 months ago
this black guy is a waste of time...
Brother Zion
'Brother Zion' 2 months ago
All the Muslim was doing is interrupting the Israelite ever time he started to speak. The Israelite has a right to say what ever he wants to say wth his time. If the Muslim wants to rebut he can do it when it's his turn to. My question to the Muslim is how u come to a debate or dialogue with out paper, pen or other material? I didn't even see him with a Quran. These Muslims are a joke they are always out of order and u most definitely need a monitor to deal wth them in a debate..
Josiah Harris-Greaves
The brother in orange was actually polight, if only s everyone could dialogue/debate without being so patronising
Tal Dhahan
'Tal Dhahan' 2 months ago
this white dude is a sheep , can't think for himself, his got brainwashed by paedophiles
Zawar Khan
'Zawar Khan' 2 months ago
lol epic rap battle amazing brother hamza
Rich McB
'Rich McB' 2 months ago
I'm cracking up at this comedy act
eazyem athim
'eazyem athim' 2 months ago
it is always a Muslim practice to interrupt a debate, go to a debate format so that viewer can also learn. speakers corner is becoming a muslim platform to disrupt a healthy debate.
jay jay
'jay jay' 2 months ago
i thought hamza doesnt use the word believe , he argued for that he uses the word accept , so he contradicts himself
Roger Naidoo
'Roger Naidoo' 2 months ago
why is the bro Hamza so aggressive and why is he not listening instead of interrupting. Listening is a wonderful skill and the the Islamic bro has got none of it.
Clay Cayton
'Clay Cayton' 2 months ago
all these dumbass comments about Tha brother, but what I do no is WISDOM is too HIGH for FOOLS !!!! we are spiritual people and so is Tha Bible that's why the other nations can't understand the book or us
'Joshgaliun' 2 months ago
Very dissapointed with video. Was expecting a real debate with actual information
'emitsomla' 2 months ago
That Muslim made absolutely no sense. Wtf is he making up?
Miz35 Choudhury
'Miz35 Choudhury' 2 months ago
Hebrew what jungle did you come from nigger????
Miz35 Choudhury
'Miz35 Choudhury' 2 months ago
yo nigger if i was there i would of drag you fool??
Miz35 Choudhury
'Miz35 Choudhury' 2 months ago
yo nigger haa haah answer to Ur Question Jesus did say alahine? and we muslim say Allah? how different is it? can you see?
Miz35 Choudhury
'Miz35 Choudhury' 2 months ago
this nigger lost it Haah haaah Haa?
Miz35 Choudhury
'Miz35 Choudhury' 2 months ago
black nigger you are not here to estublish anything you are here messing about?? you are here to insult islam?!!!Hamza is here to estublish the truth!!! nigger is messing about!! on his last video he did the same thing word for word!! are you Muslim are you Muslim he ask again and again!! black man has serious of problems!!!
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