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Hamza vs Hebrew Israelite | Is Islam Satanic | Speakers Corner -
Published: 1 year ago By: TITANS TV

By: TITANS TVPublished: 1 year ago

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Speakers Corner Hyde Park Hamza From EFDawah Debates Tayo Hebrew Israelite On Whether Islam Is Satanic




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Daniel  Reyes
'Daniel Reyes' 4 days ago
I haven't seen anyone raise the dead? am I wrong? If wrong send me the link of that.
love Eternal
'love Eternal' 5 days ago
That demon doesn't want you to talk about truth
love Eternal
'love Eternal' 5 days ago
God does make a distinction, but a promise he will never break
Donary Clintrump
'Donary Clintrump' 7 days ago
A charlatan (the fake black "Hebrew" who is really nothing more than a black African descendant with NO real Israelite DNA and no evidence to back it up) vs. another charlatan (the Muslim who follows the man-made prophet Muhammad that never existed and was invented by the 5th caliph Abd al-Malik). What a waste of time!
jens karlsson
'jens karlsson' 1 week ago
Yirmeyah Ephraim
'Yirmeyah Ephraim' 2 weeks ago
This is hilarious he saying don’t put him in religion that’s how dumb he is Islam is a religion it’s man-made mumbo-jumbo Mohammed was a prophet of bullshit only the true prophets came from Israel Ishmael was no damn profit you can’t find that in any book anywhere the Quran is garbage an the covenant was given to Isaac
Aaron Levy
'Aaron Levy' 2 weeks ago
These Muslim "men" in this arena, I say men in quotes because they fail to live up to the real image of a man. They act with real poor decorum and have a very dismissive abrasive manor in this discussion. Like I've said before discussions with Muslims or any religious camp is pointless, they fail to recognise information or attempt to understand outside of their books and that is where they fail.
'BantuHebrew243' 2 weeks ago
hamsa was not ready and scared. Just let a man speak bro. hamsa choked at 38:44. He was not ready for the truth. When he saw the truth coming, he started to confuse and interrupt. The brother wanted to introduce himself, got interrupt then hamsa ask later to introduce himself funny guy we want to see heavyweight
المسيح هو الرب
Is Hamza saying[22:31) that the miracle that Muhammad was given was poetry? the Quran 69:40-41
المسيح هو الرب
I've seen enough so called debates with Hamza. He always interrupts in his debates and if he's not comfortable he'll run.
'm4sterg' 2 weeks ago
All this Hamza keeps saying is whats your point! Very childish
Fawad Ahmed
'Fawad Ahmed' 3 weeks ago
Black brother has had bad experience with citizens of this world. I think he needs to be loved, respected, appreciated as human being . I feel his bad experience of life is overshadowing his intellect. Yes best way to show truth is by example. Unfortunate is that we are not living in a perfect world. Religion is not Satanic but we are living in a satanic times, where Materialism leads mainly. Let us love each other, have productive dialogue. Islam is the truth, the best way of life to follow. Just keep having dialogue, discussion and fruitful debates. No insults etc.
Rod Foster
'Rod Foster' 3 weeks ago
that fucking ginger leprachan muslim is a cunt
Etienne Bunbury
'Etienne Bunbury' 3 weeks ago
TY is KING! Looking for a way out love this first time I've seen this man shook, he's turned red! Very childlike behaviour. The pig is trying to stop the TRUTH! But the White man wanted to use tactics that suit him. Look at his face and behaviour!
Etienne Bunbury
'Etienne Bunbury' 3 weeks ago
TY shook this swine
Etienne Bunbury
'Etienne Bunbury' 3 weeks ago
TY took this white boy to school! Arrogate Tossa that attempts to confuse or bully others. What him squirm! You Muslims are foolish to the TRUTH! He got take for dance....
Etienne Bunbury
'Etienne Bunbury' 3 weeks ago
This white fool England thinks he can control the situation by interrupting, he's a fool that looks to antagonise but he's the biggest fool OUR COUNTRY is not Islamic. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE AND GO LIVE ELSEWHERE! Joker
'wisemen' 3 weeks ago
They Muslim always in fear that they will be proved they have been wrong. As they feel insecure always they get agitated easily while reasoning , as the result, they obliviously jumping subjects. They like confusion in order to keep Islamic belief intact, if necessary, they create one and get away with it. At the end, they would think they have waged war brilliantly and protected Islam from attacks without even Truth being involved. They do not realize this because they do not need truth. all they want is JUST DEFEND ISLAM! NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES!! Why they are not patient enough to listen Ty version completely (even if rubbish) in order to prove Islam is a truth? are they not confident enough to take Ty down allowing the discussion as long as it takes?
'rewilliams7' 4 weeks ago
Ginger knobhead
Harish Ramphal
'Harish Ramphal' 4 weeks ago
Its great news . Hamza is the new prophet .
'shanke300' 4 weeks ago
Hamza you got double tongue. You are not well educated. It's clear that he lost this discussion. Truth prevails. He keep using Quran for primary source. That's crazy. Mohammad rip off from Judaism. Taquiyya is in Islam.
'FROM RJ' 4 weeks ago
Hamza is stupid dont really let the man speak i am Muslim and admit he knew nothing about debating someone he just like to talk talk talk shut up hamza and let the man speak
Amen Ra
'Amen Ra' 4 weeks ago
Hamza stay getting destroyed, he can't answer questions when Sa Ra get on him , He get really dumb then
zayed haroon
'zayed haroon' 1 month ago
So much for equality what we have here is a case of (BLACK Supermacist) al these years we have been dealing with the whites now we got Blacks as well
Ron Snow
'Ron Snow' 1 month ago
Ty just prove his point ..
Maythem Adel
'Maythem Adel' 1 month ago
this guy in the shades is completely delusional omg hahahahaha
Daniel Halawi
'Daniel Halawi' 1 month ago
Hamza is an idiot, he choose to be a muslim why oh why, jewish people are a million times better than hamza
'setsebbati' 1 month ago
Sorry for having to comment again however. This hamza guy really believes he's soooo intellectual, he has the ego the size of a mountain and is arrogant beyond description. The so called " Child of Israel" lol.. may ramble but he speaks in his own time, and has every right to do so. However when he asks "hamza the ego" questions we all know the answer to, including "hamza the ego", he says " I don't know" Thats a very very typical Muslim reply when they don't feel things will go their way if they answer, thats why they stay silent or plead ignorance or make out the question is somehow irrelevant.So then hamza the ego thinks a little and then comes up with Abraham! lol Abraham was not a nation! Muslims go on about the trinity being absurd, yet a single man Abraham is now a nation ! Both are equally wasting breath and life discussing rubbish however, hamza is made to look like an arrogant impatient idiot who unless he gets his own way will have a little tantrum, like some spoilt child. Islam has done so much for your peace of mind hamza the ego, NOT. Thank goodness there are still millions who see all Abrahamic religion as absurd.
'setsebbati' 1 month ago
Simply ancient Tribal rubbish. Anything but the qU-rAN OR bIBle found by archeologists is studied and seen for what it is, simply a look into the past at a very superstitious people who were very uneducated. For example we don't worship the Pharaoh's of ancient Egypt or the Viking gods or the Roman gods. Why ? Because we see it for what it is. Only due to many people holding onto superstitious nonsense do we have the Abrahamic religions of today.Just like the Viking and roman gods, the Gods of Abraham will also disappear and melt into history. The sooner the better, for the whole of humanity.
Ron Mc
'Ron Mc' 1 month ago
Tye destroys another muslim
Harry Lindsay
'Harry Lindsay' 1 month ago
Hamza, you lied. islam is submission to allah and muhammed as his prophet
Harry Lindsay
'Harry Lindsay' 1 month ago
This Hamza guy is a bully and confused moron. he needs to do better research.
Jasper Cole
'Jasper Cole' 1 month ago
How is the Kaaba a holy site when a man was murdered and mutilated inside the Kaaba. A blood sacrifice to Mohammeds moon God.
Haych Arrr
'Haych Arrr' 1 month ago
LOL this "child of Israel"......he really does not have a clue...I'd like to see him goto Israel and see how they welcome him with open arms...why would anybody waste there time with him. A TOTAL REPRESENTATION OF IGNORANCE.
Jayshine Fuentes
'Jayshine Fuentes' 1 month ago
Muhammad was a pedophile.
Israel Shells
'Israel Shells' 1 month ago
What a dumb gentile
Israel Shells
'Israel Shells' 1 month ago
What you turks don't understand who by the way are imposters you are not the real decendants of ishmael your very religion was created to destroy the real isralites not the Israelis because they meaning the elites who created your religion read in our books that our creator will raise us up again and we will shed light where there is darkness for we are the isralites. Now for the foolish bro that said if you want know black history go to Khalid Muhammad which was slick why because Khalid practice Islam now Khalid did not practice the religion he is talking about he practice the Islam of the nation of Islam and by the way he knew we were isralites go and check
Mr.ps4 XD
'Mr.ps4 XD' 2 months ago
Islam and christainty worship God not Satan
Sean Wilkinson
'Sean Wilkinson' 2 months ago
The goal of the muslim is not to debate and listen (which is how you find the truth). Instead, it is to interrupt, mock, and cause confusion. This is designed to close down debate. The guy in the orange jacket spoke a lot of sense, or at least he was trying to.
'Creme' 2 months ago
Hamza has ADHD he LOVES to talk soooooooooooooooo much he has an attention problem
'Denatora' 2 months ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I come back here when am depressed. It takes it away.
Felicity Jhnae
'Felicity Jhnae' 2 months ago
Muslim is in Panic and looks very uncomfortable and not not confident.
Felicity Jhnae
'Felicity Jhnae' 2 months ago
Looking at the comment section I can tell that 98.5% of you people are beyond Lost and uneducated. Guy in the Orange is a man of patience, truth and order, many of your are impatient, conformers, who have no order. If you are a good listener you would have gotten truth but if your narrow minded and a person of ignorance then your going to have to views of 98% of comments.
conor knowles
'conor knowles' 2 months ago
As annoying as all of use make out TY was, Hamza could not answer any of TY’S question correctly, and if you listen close enough, TY gave Hamza enough time to correct himself
'MR.TBACON' 2 months ago
The wicked flee where no man pursueth he got them Allahu Akbar boom💣💣💩💩😭😭👎👎😤😤😤😵😬💯💯
'MR.TBACON' 2 months ago
Go ahead is real shut him down Islam is just the rejected bastard child Ishmael the jealous one that was cast out and sent to dwell in the desert by the most high now they come back and try to gain their position they just talk a lot of Babble will the Hebrew Israelites or the true children and God's chosen people not Ishmael Islam or wherever the hell they called himself Muslims the judge judge Buster child Ishmael LOL XD all praise to yahshua my Lord and Savior
'MR.TBACON' 2 months ago
Yep he's 100% right who win they turned it into a big mosque and these damn Muslims thinks they know it all dumbass Islam
uk Ghost
'uk Ghost' 2 months ago
Black guy school the Irish Muslim
'boaz2063' 2 months ago
You can't debate a discipline less idiot that has an attention deficit. Men don't do what this Muslim is doing.
'xwaaAtlas' 2 months ago
damn how dumb these islamis are getting its almost hurting
'babiumno1' 2 months ago
Hamza is a fool. I said that because he is willing to follow a man who had broken All the Ten Commandments. Muhammed was a murderer, a pedophile, a womaniser, married his son's wife, married the wife of the Jewish man he murdered, possesed by Jin, a liar, a robber, a torturer. He killed a poet who criticised him. Why follow him? Fool!
'babiumno1' 2 months ago
Jesus rose again. He is alive. Muhammed started to rot after 3 days. He had to be buried together with his bed. muhammed is DEAD. Why follow a dead evil man. Look at yourself in the mirror and you will see a fool.
uwais qurny
'uwais qurny' 2 months ago
This black guy bring shame to all african.. Dont act like you the all knowing.. You actually know nothing..
john Doe
'john Doe' 3 months ago
White dude would’ve went with anything that kept him feeling safe he said that Irish Muslim he’s confused that’s not even your country caveman
'ParangLima' 3 months ago
Arrogant shitty black guy
robert savage
'robert savage' 3 months ago
Belief and truth are different things muslims fail to accept the fact that the Quran is a plagiarism of the Torah plain and simple MOhamed never prophesied anything he spent time with Israelites and took their teaching back to Arabia hence halal is a plagiarism of the dietary laws in the Torah ( kosher)etc. is it a coincidence that the story that he told the scribes because he couldn't read or write is the exact same story as the Torah which predates MOhamed by 1400 years 😂😂 the reason he did this was he could not control the Arabian people who worshiped a multitude of gods which made them divided so he use Israelite ideology as a political tool to bring the Arabians together similar to the khazarian's who converted to "so called Judaism" for political reason these things are all specifically prophesied in the Bible and validated through modern science and historian one reference would be the book from Babylon to Timbuktu everything I have stated are facts ( the truth) everything that Edomite hamza spoke of were his beliefs and he has no etiquette very rude just like the Bible describes Esau
'YACINE MOKHTARI' 3 months ago
what's this,,,,,I waisted 120m of my precious time in listening to the crazy black man!!!!!!
jan mxa
'jan mxa' 3 months ago
The black guy is LEGENDARY! The light weight muslim got Schooled. Loved it! Patience is a virtue something a muslim will never never understand. Its a shame the muslims have reverted to threats back to him and not allowed to come back to England! Typical muslims!
'ElectricQualia' 3 months ago
"Have you been to Dubai?" LOL So oil rich Dubai which allows alcohol and prostitution is now the example of an "Islamic country" ?
'ElectricQualia' 3 months ago
I feel I am losing IQ points listening to this.
Phon Xieng
'Phon Xieng' 3 months ago
muhammad couldnt get in follower in 7 years so he use force to get followers. and the idiot that sitll follow this shit comic book of the desert in 2017 are morons
Mr Reza
'Mr Reza' 3 months ago
Hamzah was right. This black israelite didn't come to speaker corner for debate, he got an agenda. Seems like He already prepare the word and not answering hamza question.
Yneneh Taddse
'Yneneh Taddse' 3 months ago
The guy with bubbling anger lost before he began. He want to set the rules in order to prove himself right. He even dared to say out the Word Israel. It is everywhere the same when they are confronted they get fierce. But they use everything to pull down others the faith of not theirs.
fernando italiano
'fernando italiano' 3 months ago
i think this guy need to talk with the hood about this. not the speakers corner
WDRS 98.7
'WDRS 98.7' 3 months ago
I don't understand why white people even read the Bible or go to church because the Bible is a black man's history book it is not for white people
hellojoe7777777 4GOD
'hellojoe7777777 4GOD' 3 months ago
hellojoe7777777 4GOD
'hellojoe7777777 4GOD' 3 months ago
hellojoe7777777 4GOD
'hellojoe7777777 4GOD' 3 months ago
hellojoe7777777 4GOD
'hellojoe7777777 4GOD' 3 months ago
LOL SINNER Hamza is a legend in his own sin sick heart and mind
hellojoe7777777 4GOD
'hellojoe7777777 4GOD' 3 months ago
liar Hamza, islam is REJECTION OF THE ONLY TRUE AND LIVING GOD and HIS already revealed HOLY WILL,WORD and WAY and SUBMISSION and surrender to THE LATER revealed UNHOLY will,word and way of THE DECEIVER Allah aka THE SERPENT.
hellojoe7777777 4GOD
'hellojoe7777777 4GOD' 3 months ago
LOL Hamza better you remain quiet and appear wise than open your sin sick heart and disprove it :) TRUTH PREDATES AND HAS AUTHORITY OVER all DECEPTION including the later invented pagan UNHOLY Qur'an.
hellojoe7777777 4GOD
'hellojoe7777777 4GOD' 3 months ago
hellojoe7777777 4GOD
'hellojoe7777777 4GOD' 3 months ago
Hamza is a liar ,not one single prophet of THE ONLY TRUE AND LIVING GOD believed in PAGAN,NO PROPHETS,FALSE SINNER god*allah THE DECEIVER.NOT ONE and SINNER Ishmael was never a prophet of THE ONLY TRUE AND LIVING GOD neither was SINNER mohammed
Farhanul Alam
'Farhanul Alam' 3 months ago
Such a waste of time of Hamza
Ageng Satya
'Ageng Satya' 3 months ago
all these hebrewisraelite are too long & too unclear the presentation of the point
Jahanzeb Khan
'Jahanzeb Khan' 3 months ago
What a rubbish this black man talking hamaza bro God give you rewards
didie irwandie
'didie irwandie' 4 months ago
i feel you hamzah hahahah
'You're Not That Guy' 4 months ago
Why don’t he go Israel see if they like him
'DaboooogA' 4 months ago
this is a joke
'spydakidd21' 4 months ago
I really hate Hebrew Israelites they will just say and do what ever to win a debate
'Javon' 4 months ago
They’re funny, al-hamdulillah.
Mansoor Ali
'Mansoor Ali' 4 months ago
Hear more sense from a crack head. Hamza is too smart for him
'suckerpruf' 4 months ago
Total Nonsense! I must say, that when the camera man said that the Kuran does not say that Ishmeal was a prophet, I almost fell over backwards, from the look on that muslims face. That was Classic. How does so many millions of people follow that false prophet. He said the Koran has no lies, who witnessed mohammed flying on a Donkey?
C.L. Smooth
'C.L. Smooth' 4 months ago
Ishmael was not a prophet nor did he receive the promise, only Issac and his son Jacob over Esau. All prophets were ONLY ISRAELITES.....Period, Thus saith the Most High.
Amjad Ali
'Amjad Ali' 4 months ago
I just love hamza for his confidence his knowledge just love his personality may Allah bless him
Rogue Jester 13
'Rogue Jester 13' 4 months ago
Much as I like you Ty you blew it with your mumblings and ranting with the on lookers......why didn't you keep to the point. ...?
budi aryotejo
'budi aryotejo' 4 months ago
Unbelieve it the man like TY how can he say that Christian is a satanic religion. There a lot of proof archeology and the original old n new testament in the Britain museum. I believe who wrote the old n new testament as the withnesses who lived in their era instead of this guy (TY) who today life. Is he a new prophet this era ...? What proof that christian as satanic religion. I guest TY cant distinguish god and satan.
Zuuhu Nuuhu
'Zuuhu Nuuhu' 4 months ago
As a Black Muslim, the racist comments on this video reinforces my belief that Black identity should always come FIRST. Screw these Paki and Arab hypocrites.
dee flowers
'dee flowers' 5 months ago
They made up alah, it's the truth, that god is made up, just like it's a Christ, but Christian ,constitine made Christianity up.budah is made up lot more is made up, all of them are not right, it's only one all mighty I do believe he is the god of Abraham, Issac, Jacob. I believe judiasm islam budah Christianity yes is satanic. Yes.
Maron Smith
'Maron Smith' 5 months ago
At 36:00 The Muslim know wants to know the guys background after saying he did not want to know it earlier.
Abdullah Amran
'Abdullah Amran' 5 months ago
What a fu--ng as--hole!!
Vameng Chang
'Vameng Chang' 5 months ago
Love to watch confuse whites claiming other peoples culture
Michael Sykes
'Michael Sykes' 5 months ago
The Hamza guy is being disrespectful
Michael Sykes
'Michael Sykes' 5 months ago
This Ty guy is hot right now ...
Kamel Hussain
'Kamel Hussain' 5 months ago
Ty is a crack nitty and his a Satan
Delroy Washington
'Delroy Washington' 5 months ago
Fuck thats hard work
'Geeza' 5 months ago
The white cap deciever in obviously way in over his head.
'myhusbandemail' 5 months ago
Tribe of Abraham ? This Hazma guy is not being honest. Tribe of Jacob? This guy
Tahir Nasri
'Tahir Nasri' 5 months ago
Is ty mentally ill? He seriously needs to be checked
lion head
'lion head' 5 months ago
Jesus was a poet too
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