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Hamza vs Hebrew Israelite | Is Islam Satanic | Speakers Corner -
Published: 12 months ago By: TITANS TV

By: TITANS TVPublished: 12 months ago

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Speakers Corner Hyde Park Hamza From EFDawah Debates Tayo Hebrew Israelite On Whether Islam Is Satanic




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'myhusbandemail' 3 days ago
Tribe of Abraham ? This Hazma guy is not being honest. Tribe of Jacob? This guy
Tahir Nasri
'Tahir Nasri' 4 days ago
Is ty mentally ill? He seriously needs to be checked
lion head
'lion head' 1 week ago
Jesus was a poet too
lion head
'lion head' 1 week ago
Moses a magician,so Allah is a magician
سالم العطوي
Lol throwing insults wont help you hebrew mother fucker
Sranan Polak
'Sranan Polak' 1 week ago
To much laughter, he isn't a man.
Democratic Equality
'Democratic Equality' 2 weeks ago
Action speaks louder than words. So like the black man said judge a religion by what they do not what thay say.
Democratic Equality
'Democratic Equality' 2 weeks ago
The muslims come across as arrogant but that's part of the problem of thinking you believe the best religion
miseta email
'miseta email' 2 weeks ago
Well as far as am concern...the muslims Allah made a mistake he need to send another prophet to clear up these mess and confusions, he should have never given his message to a man who could not read or write.
joseph o brien
'joseph o brien' 2 weeks ago
hamsa is a ugly fat head child and if brains were made of chocolate,he would not have enough to make a smarty,get it...all muslims are brainwashed with imformation ,only the devil wins over them with his control,muslims cant understand truth because they dont know what it is,they kill,rape,rob,and groom little girls',
hassan Waleed
'hassan Waleed' 2 weeks ago
I like Hamza's style, you have to firm yet fair and Hamza nailed it beautifully. May Allah keep him steadfast and increase more da'ees spreading the deen of Allah
PinkMarvelMouse14 Guinea Pigs
Hamza, Muhammad hated poets! He killed many poets!
'SHEBL REDA' 3 weeks ago
Hamza the lion of allah
'SHEBL REDA' 3 weeks ago
This stupid black individual is ignorant and arrogant in the the same time. Muslim for ever.
LifeSaver Eli-Yah
'LifeSaver Eli-Yah' 3 weeks ago
Redbeared Esau punk!
LifeSaver Eli-Yah
'LifeSaver Eli-Yah' 3 weeks ago
What the muslims constantly prove is that they cannot keep a covenant, a contract, an agreement! They will always cut you off because the truth comming out HURTS THEM! They know they are confused because their "god" is the architect of confusion, satan! These muslims need our Tanakh to have a "religion", in the meanwhile they are raping the Words of of Creator by misinterpreting them! My advise to muslims: Saw your mouth close, open your ears maybe and only maybe you can hear and repent and maybe dont get into THE LAKE OF FIRE AND BRIMSTONE! To my brother Ty only compliments! All praises to our Creator YAHAWAH and His Son YAHAWASHI!
'thenowchurch' 4 weeks ago
All the prophets the Muslim mentioned are descendants of Abraham because Islam is riding exclusively off of the Torah and the traditions of Israel. The Quran is not of high supernatural intelligence but easily put together from the scriptures and folklore of Muhammad's time.
Luciano El
'Luciano El' 4 weeks ago
Man fuck these other nations, god damn the stinking africans and the stinking arab nations, there soon gonna be getting their backs beat for what they done to the Israelites thus saith the Quran and the Holy Bible Amen.
Ronaldo The Brazilian One
This black guy is smoking crack lol
Reduan Rianni
'Reduan Rianni' 4 weeks ago
what is this guy tokkin about.?? does he forget to take his pills
lassus prophetam
'lassus prophetam' 1 month ago
Muhammad married a 6 year old and had sex with her when she was nine her name was Aisha Muslims are allowed to marry six year olds they're changing our laws to allow them to do this look up New Jersey child bride Chris Christie vetoes laws to ban child Brides there laws allow black slavery keep them out!
lassus prophetam
'lassus prophetam' 1 month ago
keep them out Muslims are changing our laws so they can have child brides and black slaves they have done this in New Jersey and Florida
lassus prophetam
'lassus prophetam' 1 month ago
look up a Google image search up "Black's Libya" and you will see that the Arab Muslims talked the black people into taking over Libya telling them that they would be free and that they would help them rule the country together Browns and blacks and what happened as soon as they took over the country the Arab Muslim started killing all the blacks and enslaving them call your congressman and send it to her and say keep them out they're changing our laws to Sharia law where blacks are slaves women are not human and they can have sex with children if you don't believe me look up "Chris Christie vetoes ban on child Brides"
lassus prophetam
'lassus prophetam' 1 month ago
Muslims never did away with slavery Arabs still have black slaves and they're bringing Sharia law to America we now have Sharia law in New Jersey where Arabs can have black slaves call your congressman and Senator and say keep them out
lassus prophetam
'lassus prophetam' 1 month ago
Islam still has black slaves
Just facts
'Just facts' 1 month ago
Hamza killed this pond life.
luftwaffe 46
'luftwaffe 46' 1 month ago
Sorry Ty but you just rambled on....For the first time you bored me to death. ...
Saqib Shad
'Saqib Shad' 1 month ago
Ty unload your shit in a toilet.. The only place that is designed to cope with it.
'raymond942' 1 month ago
The 1st statement from the nonMuslim says it all... look at what the Muslims are doing... *BY THEIR FRUITS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM* ... and *we can see all the demonic deeds done in the name of allah* .. but digging deeper *we can see Muslim behaviour sanctioned my Mohammed, Quran, hadith* . And look at the smug selfRightous muslim mocking, will he be mocking when Satan is dancing on his grave...
jay Loo
'jay Loo' 1 month ago
Hamza realized beforehand where the man was going... So he deflected and derailed the whole thing... As soon as he asked "what nation where they from?" It was over, Hamza after this question virtually ran away from that point...
Gary wood
'Gary wood' 2 months ago
So , did I hear Ham-zah right....he uses the quran to confirm the quran and that muhmmad is a prophet because the quran says he is. Was Harry Potter real because he's in a book . It's not Ty's fault that hamaz is stupid.
Gary wood
'Gary wood' 2 months ago
Hamza has a very short attention span and acts like the brat in grade 4 that won't shut up and annoys the teachers. I bet you that when a women did like him he would turn it into a argument and hound her for a logical reason when it is simple since he's an abrasive a-hole. Note at the 56:40 mark how he moves closer to Ty not long after he tried to touch Ty . Muslims think that THEY are the Master-Race blessed by allah and destine to rule the earth.....that's why they are mostly arrogant a-hole that touch people when they talk to them as of they are dealing with a child . But in Ham-Zah's case he appears to have a mild autism and OCD on top of looking like he gay by the animations and hissy fits. When a man is so pathetic that NO women would want him......some will get love from another man out of loneliness just like some women will look towards another women that is equally lonely.
Cicle devie
'Cicle devie' 2 months ago
mika FENT
'mika FENT' 2 months ago
WOW Hamza said in here to DEBATE....doesn't sound like truth to me
mika FENT
'mika FENT' 2 months ago
Hamza is a devil...this dude said,JACOB and the tribes, and then try to say,everyone came from Abraham you can see on hamza face he know the righteous thing to say is Israel, yet his pride is drunk off of cheers
mika FENT
'mika FENT' 2 months ago
He told him what truth was and who defined it in 1 sentence, then this cherry dye wearing Hamza is going to say who defines it lmao..... you see his face when ty was telling him what the definition,like dam, how can I say hes wrong when he said God is the author of it lmao
mika FENT
'mika FENT' 2 months ago
28:53 Hamza,"WHO DEFINES TRUTH"? 31:50 he forgets what he just said seconds ago,...clearly a man of confusion speaking in the name of Muhammad, not Allah
mika FENT
'mika FENT' 2 months ago
Hamza has NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO patience ,he just wants to cut you off and talk about Muhammad like he was some chick he wants to date
mika FENT
'mika FENT' 2 months ago
Now Hamza KNOWS Muhammad soul, and hes talking like he was there witnessing the miracles lmao,oh yeah and Muhammad was so righteous like NOOOOOOOOO other person was as well
mika FENT
'mika FENT' 2 months ago
Hamza is straight lying, 10 minutes yet you kept interrupting ,wow and no true muslim is checking him, and Hamza is a complete idiot ,no patience yet they follow Muhammad??????? Hamza changed the subject then ask then man, whats your point, yet Hamza kept interrupting,wow.... he acts like a stuck up bitch that just got her hair dye red lmao
mika FENT
'mika FENT' 2 months ago
"Its a shame that most people base information off of appearance.... it says in surah 2:62 that jew,Christian and SABIANS will be watch how the muslim world acts. Hamza is the example of destroying the muslim
jaysavio d
'jaysavio d' 2 months ago
Nothing new..Hamza getting smashed by a knowledgeable person as usual..
Haroon Baloch
'Haroon Baloch' 2 months ago
This fool in the orange jacket has no point to say!!! He just wanna say that he is superman n everyone is running from him n still not putting any point forward!!!
Tesleem Subair
'Tesleem Subair' 2 months ago
This guy is a fool and a disgrace to Africans and Yoruba in particular. In fact, he doesn't represent us. He has lost his identity. How in the world is he Israelite. He quotes from Bible but doesn't believe in religion.
Ricky Francis
'Ricky Francis' 2 months ago
Ty thanks
YRN Boss
'YRN Boss' 2 months ago
I can't be the only one who found this hilarious
Ria Chaudhary
'Ria Chaudhary' 2 months ago
Fucking 13-15 ads throughout the video, Manz is milking this shit lol
'Truthiseternal' 2 months ago
Frederick Nichols
'Frederick Nichols' 2 months ago
People in the middle east are both dark skin and light skin, and between but not white even the koran says that
christine a
'christine a' 2 months ago
So i have to learn arabic for allah to understand me!!?? What a limited god.I'll stick with Yahweh thank you 👍!
'Alfahidi' 2 months ago
"Youtuber children with a beard behaving like women."
Dee Walk
'Dee Walk' 3 months ago
Judah is easily distracted...
Dee Walk
'Dee Walk' 3 months ago
You let the fish off the hook Ty..... you wasted time setting the rules you forgot the war was already being fought....
Dee Walk
'Dee Walk' 3 months ago
Ok TY.....keep it going.....good question.....
Dee Walk
'Dee Walk' 3 months ago
TY you need not to waste your time debating learn more so you can stand are invoking the inevitable which is are killing me guy.....
Dee Walk
'Dee Walk' 3 months ago
Islam came to debate TY came to speak.....Ty ......tytin up.....edify or listen this is lecturing thus far
Romaito Azhar
'Romaito Azhar' 3 months ago
At least muslims in there admitted him as Jew where no Jews admit black skinned, Asian etc as Jews.
Maple Leaf
'Maple Leaf' 3 months ago
All the Muslims here will say that the Hebrew is wrong. I just noticed after watching some of these videos for the first time is that Muslims are always talking over and interrupting people. When you try to make points people standing around even start talking.
Regina Israel
'Regina Israel' 3 months ago
Thank you brother Ty for your patience. That devil has no self control and loves confusion...They dont want the truth because the truth is not in them....all the other nations are the lover of lies.
GSHeverything _27
'GSHeverything _27' 3 months ago
TY is Politely rude lollll
GSHeverything _27
'GSHeverything _27' 3 months ago
Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk the Muslims, they are DooDoo to me
Eddie Deen bari eddie Deen bari
Black man go to sleep home hahaha
'Whatbettywore' 3 months ago
Hamza got a huge chip on shoulder ,sounds like a closet white supremacist and control freak
Freddy Kruger
'Freddy Kruger' 3 months ago
Couldn't bring this nonsense to other proficient Israelites.
tahane abdulaziz
'tahane abdulaziz' 3 months ago
sa ra gary the hebrew gay kalam god won and all black pple un believer in islam ...they are sick with reacisim .ignotant .they dont know what they believe in .try to speak about the black like it is the main issue in the world if you dont except ur self as a human this ur proplem not us ..why you always speak about black rasicim ?? what is that relate with religon ??? go and live ur self then come to the park and depate about ur religon not others religon
'petestreet' 3 months ago
Tye has good points and good knowledge but cannot get to the point. Way too much padding. Hit the ground running please.
'SFTAXI Taxi' 3 months ago
Hamza you don't what you are talking about........ the man much superior to your intellectually.
'SFTAXI Taxi' 3 months ago
Hamzs, Islam is not going save England, look all this Islam countries couldn't save their country.
'SFTAXI Taxi' 3 months ago
the black man very clear...... all regions are fake & business!
Karimah Bint Yusuf
'Karimah Bint Yusuf' 3 months ago
*Praising the USA as a country, where there is nor racism, because the constition says so, can oly come from ZIO controlled people. ONE wrong move by a black person in the USA and you have a bullet in your head. That's how the Talmud followers want to wipe out the black people, since they didn't succeed with slavery and drowning MILLIONS in the deepest pits of the oceans. Wake up, man.*
'masihiinquilab' 3 months ago
The Hebrew demolished Hamza.
'masihiinquilab' 3 months ago
Hamza ran away. He couldn't stand the truth.
'masihiinquilab' 3 months ago
I didn't find the Hebrew to be wrong about the word Islam. I think Hamza was groping for straws.
'masihiinquilab' 3 months ago
The Hebrew demolished Hamza.
'ONE GOD ONE MESSAGE' 3 months ago
Masha Allah
a moosa
'a moosa' 4 months ago
This black man idiot
hamma-joda ajuji
'hamma-joda ajuji' 4 months ago
Hamza is rude, ignorant and above all stupid.
Michael phillips
'Michael phillips' 4 months ago
This Hebrew Israelite talks a lot of 'crap' there was nothing intelligent about it. There is no way he's an Israelite. Fake, fake, fake. .
wazl No
'wazl No' 4 months ago
the black guy is such a liar...he first makes fun of religion......then he says he follows the torah lol....people are crazy
Mido Mansour
'Mido Mansour' 4 months ago
Do me a favor and check yourself into a mental institution URGENTLY. RETARD. Hebrew my ASS.
misbah choudhury
'misbah choudhury' 4 months ago
Hamza hei s smart snake, every opportunity he gets he will charge at you, bro why is he there? Bro it looks like no one trust him there in the park And he was talking about you in every Preaching that he did untill now, I didn't understand what he was talking about, all he kept saying is hamza run from the debate.
misbah choudhury
'misbah choudhury' 4 months ago
Hamza bro why you let this black monkey intimidate you bro, ur face is giving it away bro? I have naverbseen you like this in that park or the YouTube video's
yaya yaya
'yaya yaya' 4 months ago
the black was trolling.
Truth Seeker
'Truth Seeker' 4 months ago
The black man is the devil
David Jones
'David Jones' 4 months ago
Little White batty boy getting slaughtered very very slowly being halaled.
Truth Seeker
'Truth Seeker' 4 months ago
It was niggerz like this 'thing' that put other niggerz into slavery and they wanna blame the white man! go look to your shit black history and u lot sold urselfs out for small change.
Truth Seeker
'Truth Seeker' 4 months ago
This black man is a dick
Ali Avci
'Ali Avci' 4 months ago
After 20 commercials I had to dislike this vid
'batoor1234' 4 months ago
Or perhaps he was treated like a human being by some muslims for the first time in his life that is why he is being a little bitch. He forgot for a second who you really are.
'batoor1234' 4 months ago
Hahahahahah Your not only ugly as fuck, but your also stupid as fuck. Sorry I am a muslim and muslims do not use bad language but you made me and its all your fault. Black monkey looking dammnnn asss nigga.Hamza bro, why someone like you would waste a second with this idiot.
Simply Thebest
'Simply Thebest' 4 months ago
Abraham have no religion. He was a friend of God.
Ryan Jones
'Ryan Jones' 4 months ago
Damn let the man speak.
Yacobs seed
'Yacobs seed' 4 months ago
when one man speaks in turn the other is supposed to listen...its very easy to see who was being deceptive
Humans Unite
'Humans Unite' 4 months ago
the black brother cant see. maybe its bc of the dark shades over his eyes.
Hugh Folkes
'Hugh Folkes' 4 months ago
Actually this Israelites is full of crop religion is crop yet the same satanic believe he follows is from the bible what is his point to prove.
obito uchiha
'obito uchiha' 4 months ago
omg i became so stupid from watching that african guy he keep running from his claims
'IAM HIM' 4 months ago
what an idiotic muslim , he cant even stand and have a meaningful dialogue. what a pathetic copout.
'ZenZen' 4 months ago
what a shitty debate both are rude...
'jxcess3891' 4 months ago
Muslims say that the quran is without errors as the word of God can't be corrupted or changed. At the same time they also say that the injil or the torah have been corrupted. How is that possible? How can anyone corrupt these scriptures if muslims believe these are also from God?
alexander Tentokolo
'alexander Tentokolo' 4 months ago
This guys white boy trying to be a muslims an idiot. The 12 tribes came out of Rebecca only not 4 muslims need to stop lying smh lol
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