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Hamza vs Hebrew Israelite | Is Islam Satanic | Speakers Corner -
Published: 5 months ago By: TITANS TV

By: TITANS TVPublished: 5 months ago

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Speakers Corner Hyde Park Hamza From EFDawah Debates Tayo Hebrew Israelite On Whether Islam Is Satanic




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Abi Al-Fala7i
'Abi Al-Fala7i' 9 hours ago
It's like the black man had a presentation that he didn't prepare for so he's forced to ramble lol
Guess Who
'Guess Who' 1 day ago
Thats all israelites do... make no sense, be racist and ignorant....
Goku vegeta
'Goku vegeta' 2 days ago
this black guy is a waste of time...
Brian Dixon
'Brian Dixon' 3 days ago
All the Muslim was doing is interrupting the Israelite ever time he started to speak. The Israelite has a right to say what ever he wants to say wth his time. If the Muslim wants to rebut he can do it when it's his turn to. My question to the Muslim is how u come to a debate or dialogue with out paper, pen or other material? I didn't even see him with a Quran. These Muslims are a joke they are always out of order and u most definitely need monitor to deal wth them in a debate..
Josiah Harris-Greaves
The brother in orange was actually polight, if only s everyone could dialogue/debate without being so patronising
Pepe Harambe
'Pepe Harambe' 4 days ago
Ginger, Muslim and a man Utd fan, poor hazma. Always with the creator edict as well, one trick pony
Tal Dhahan
'Tal Dhahan' 4 days ago
this white dude is a sheep , can't think for himself, his got brainwashed by paedophiles
Zawar Khan
'Zawar Khan' 5 days ago
lol epic rap battle amazing brother hamza
Ptah Amen
'Ptah Amen' 1 week ago
I'm cracking up at this comedy act
eazyem athim
'eazyem athim' 1 week ago
it is always a Muslim practice to interrupt a debate, go to a debate format so that viewer can also learn. speakers corner is becoming a muslim platform to disrupt a healthy debate.
jay jay
'jay jay' 1 week ago
i thought hamza doesnt use the word believe , he argued for that he uses the word accept , so he contradicts himself
Roger Naidoo
'Roger Naidoo' 2 weeks ago
why is the bro Hamza so aggressive and why is he not listening instead of interrupting. Listening is a wonderful skill and the the Islamic bro has got none of it.
Clay Cayton
'Clay Cayton' 2 weeks ago
all these dumbass comments about Tha brother, but what I do no is WISDOM is too HIGH for FOOLS !!!! we are spiritual people and so is Tha Bible that's why the other nations can't understand the book or us
'Joshgaliun' 2 weeks ago
Very dissapointed with video. Was expecting a real debate with actual information
'emitsomla' 2 weeks ago
That Muslim made absolutely no sense. Wtf is he making up?
Miz35 Choudhury
'Miz35 Choudhury' 2 weeks ago
Hebrew what jungle did you come from nigger????
Miz35 Choudhury
'Miz35 Choudhury' 2 weeks ago
yo nigger if i was there i would of drag you fool??
Miz35 Choudhury
'Miz35 Choudhury' 2 weeks ago
yo nigger haa haah answer to Ur Question Jesus did say alahine? and we muslim say Allah? how different is it? can you see?
Miz35 Choudhury
'Miz35 Choudhury' 2 weeks ago
this nigger lost it Haah haaah Haa?
Miz35 Choudhury
'Miz35 Choudhury' 2 weeks ago
black nigger you are not here to estublish anything you are here messing about?? you are here to insult islam?!!!Hamza is here to estublish the truth!!! nigger is messing about!! on his last video he did the same thing word for word!! are you Muslim are you Muslim he ask again and again!! black man has serious of problems!!!
Miz35 Choudhury
'Miz35 Choudhury' 2 weeks ago
this black guy is very cleaver? just watch his body language?? he will embrace him self I'm 100% sure because i have seen his last debate what ever you want to call it?? he tries to buffle you. confuse you!¡!
Miz35 Choudhury
'Miz35 Choudhury' 2 weeks ago
yo nigger looking at your face you look dishonest person? you look krafty nigger? sometimes people's look gives away everything? see what he did!! the guy watching said to nigger you are rude? and the black nigger switched saying islam is rude? he is making it look the guy behind the camera said Islam is rude!!! the guy said to this black man talking he is rude?
wazl No
'wazl No' 2 weeks ago
another stupid religious man who didnt go to school......
Sham Khan
'Sham Khan' 2 weeks ago
This guy should be locked in a room with sa ra , they both love to hear themselves speak
Sham Khan
'Sham Khan' 2 weeks ago
Did ty just say he debates ppl who have a body of work? Lol!!! This guy is comical, or would be if he didn't lie so much. What body of work do you have ty? Please enlighten us. I don't know where they found out about their newly discovered 'lineage'
'ineedaname004' 2 weeks ago
A man of mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny words..... He wanted a heavy weight muslim.. he got super weight :D
Ally Hirsi
'Ally Hirsi' 3 weeks ago
the black dude talks to much with no Point
Yediydeyah Nabiy Yisra
Wait a minute the European Muslim just said that the Hebrew Israelite believe in one Monotheistic God right. And the prophets believe in one right? So the Muslim European said That ALLAH IS ONE .BUT IN THE HOLY TORAH, TANAKA, HOLY BIBLE, AND APOCRYPHA SAIDS THAT ELOYHEEM IS ONE. Deuteronomy 6:4, CORINTHIANS 8:6, 1Tim 2:5. so if God is one? Then I wonder were the Muslims called Muhammadians get that from? They get it from the Torah, and all of our Holy Scriptures.
Kenichi Shiraham
'Kenichi Shiraham' 4 weeks ago
This guy is rubbish. Why does brother hamza even bother to debate this idiot. He's not on ur level brother.
Self confidence
'Self confidence' 4 weeks ago
the arrogant homeless hebrew needs attention ...
steeven coogan
'steeven coogan' 4 weeks ago
Please whoever it is stop paying people money to spread lies like this. Poor this black man getting exposed for his stupidity because of mere money.
steeven coogan
'steeven coogan' 4 weeks ago
LOL a new guy being paid to spread lies. We can all see this kind of people come and go in hyde park. and we all know who still stick there spreading the truth and who come and go spreading lies yes this so called Hebrew Israelite.
Smarchitect Mann
'Smarchitect Mann' 1 month ago
what in the f*** is this guy talking about? This is so weird, its FUNNY.
Sandra Vargas
'Sandra Vargas' 1 month ago
moshe es hebreo , estupidos asnos moteces musulmanes
Sandra Vargas
'Sandra Vargas' 1 month ago
el islam no tiene bases ni fundamentos, por eso no pueden responder de que nasionalidad tenian los profetas;como se nota que es una gean mentira el islam
Aharon Yasharahla
'Aharon Yasharahla' 1 month ago
esua loves Ishmael and no Ishmael is not a Dame prophet Islam takes races of devils like that Dame red leprechaun
'J JJ' 1 month ago
The Muslim dude is lost...he doesnt even know what nation the prophets come from. The Israelite : "What nation do the prophets descend from" The English Muslim :"The nation of Abraham" lmao The English Muslim: "The Koran says Ishamel was a prophet"😏 Muslim in the crowd: "No it doesnt...."😒 The English Muslim: "😶😶😶" 😭😂😭😂😭😂😭 He was schooled...and resorted to repeatedly interrupting like an emotional female... Indoctrination is on HELL of a drug
Owen Durkin
'Owen Durkin' 1 month ago
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: The first 14 minutes is one man babbling. Fast forward after you've established this for yourself. You're welcome.
Nasir Ahmed
'Nasir Ahmed' 2 months ago
lol I'm here for the truth too Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Ebony Owens
'Ebony Owens' 2 months ago
Terrible debate on both sides
'FLIGHT NATION' 2 months ago
white people not meant to understand his message , it exposes there nature towards mankind , just look around you now , i bet all you see is walls
Babe Magnet
'Babe Magnet' 2 months ago
Abraham was not an Israelite...
Pembe Dondurma
'Pembe Dondurma' 2 months ago
Jesus did not speak English he speak Aramaic and Hebrew in Aramaic god means AlAha , in Hebrew Elah , Elhamdulillah My Allah bless you all . Muslims say Allah .... finish The debate Aramaic Alaha than to the Hebrew Elohim. Allah Islam true way. Open your eyes.
M rayache
'M rayache' 2 months ago
Did Moses prayed in Lamentation Wall? No  So he is not a jews.Did Jesus pray in Vatican or saint christi? No He is not a christian.The Bounty man is to stupide to understandIn resume Moses and Issa alias Jesus prayed like muslims of today.
Aram N
'Aram N' 2 months ago
Hebrew is finish. He know nothing. He is lost.
zulu blood
'zulu blood' 2 months ago
that so called muslim is a child like the elder said real talk
Mohammed El Mansouri
'Mohammed El Mansouri' 2 months ago
the first aspect that someone acquires by knowledge is modesty and good manners, this lost man thinks he knows every thing, but in reality he knows nothing, and therefore he has no manners and modesty...
'IQA' 2 months ago
it looks like for the first 15 minutes African bro was trying to provoke Muslim Brother.
cebolao fenix
'cebolao fenix' 2 months ago
muslim are so stupid they think they are more bless then ever body else
Lo Key
'Lo Key' 2 months ago
Israelite brother is right but taking to long to get his point across. Should of let the brother in the crowd debate him.The one who said the Quran does not say Ismail was a prophet. The torah doesnt either
Louis Pharez
'Louis Pharez' 2 months ago
lil lilak
'lil lilak' 2 months ago
The guy in red jacket is a bragging right 'type'..... typical in africa...... Lol thats how people debate in africa.....bragging instead of an intellectual dialogue.
'ACEofficial7' 2 months ago
This black guy was so boring I fell asleep again after I just woke up 🙄
Hatem Elsharidy
'Hatem Elsharidy' 2 months ago
As a mercy to all people who value their time, please steer away from this video. It went nowhere for 44 minutes and I'm too sick from it to continue.
'kamil' 2 months ago
This black man needs to give me the name of his drug dealer ASAP!
Lebanese Nostalgia
'Lebanese Nostalgia' 2 months ago
this orange guy gave me serious headache!!!
'miswak_4' 2 months ago
this was pointless.
Akbar Ali
'Akbar Ali' 2 months ago
get on point u noob
Akbar Ali
'Akbar Ali' 2 months ago
get on point u fish
Akbar Ali
'Akbar Ali' 2 months ago
omg u can not handle it noob
Akbar Ali
'Akbar Ali' 2 months ago
3 min u noob get on point
Akbar Ali
'Akbar Ali' 2 months ago
get on point u noob
Akbar Ali
'Akbar Ali' 2 months ago
what is ur point u noob
bernie sumbayak
'bernie sumbayak' 2 months ago
haha wtf man with this black guy :D my god this is so hillarious
General Anonymous
'General Anonymous' 2 months ago
42:23 hahahahaha This dude sooooooo medically confused lol he should of just left after that lol
Wilson Sandler
'Wilson Sandler' 2 months ago
Islam lose and Jew black win
mike dodge
'mike dodge' 2 months ago
Jesus Christ race I could tell you but the nonbelievers are good at what they do which is not to believe
mike dodge
'mike dodge' 2 months ago
his truth he's procrastinating critic the Muslim already won the point
Bet Migdash
'Bet Migdash' 2 months ago
the Torah says believing is not knowing. God does not want us to believe in him I'd rather to know him. that's why Islam is a false religion. Islam is a religion. Ask you to believe and have faith but believing easy don't know leave Stout. Islam is a religion without Witnesses I'm like Christian and Judean religions. Moses had 1 million Witnesses Jesus had fifty thousand Witnesses Muhammad had zero Witness but yet we're supposed to believe that God communicated with him and gave him the new laws. God is God was and God will be that is his name he does not make mistakes. he gave the laws to Moses to all Humanity.
Million Tes
'Million Tes' 2 months ago
the more I see these types of videos the more I am convinced that Jesus Christ is the Lord. you think he is God because of poetry. wow
Daniel Daniel
'Daniel Daniel' 2 months ago
Law and religion is not the same
Yahyah Ali
'Yahyah Ali' 2 months ago
this nigger israelite is like everyones most hated school teacher. He keeps rambling and goes on and on about nothing... Literally
Caleb Davis
'Caleb Davis' 2 months ago
how was the isrealite destroyed if they never let him speak. that Muslim was way to rude to even listen. anyone in here saying he got destroyed either lack to understand someone's else's comprehension or they just obsessed with islam to even listen to anything else. if you believe that Islam is the truth then you want be bother by anybody prospective of truth and you could actually debate without feeling offended
Abu Mussa J
'Abu Mussa J' 2 months ago
My African brother is confused. Israel is Jacobs. Its his other name. He had 12 sons and they are called the 12 tribes of Israel. He doesnt make any sense. He is just in love with his voice. He is talking rubbish.
Protect The Youth
'Protect The Youth' 3 months ago
I'm late on this video but u have to be and idiot to think the black guy lost . the Muslim was wrong 3 different time plus he trying to say his way of Muslim is different from other Muslims but they all read from the same book wich is a nock -off of the bible. if Moses was Muslim Moses followed laws show me a Muslim that follow the laws mosses did .. that Muslim clear didn't now enough. the moment the black guy said he was a Israelite the Muslim was ready to go
mohammadzahid nairam
'mohammadzahid nairam' 3 months ago
this black one is so funny and he is really arrogant .
mohammadzahid nairam
'mohammadzahid nairam' 3 months ago
this black one dose not know till now is his opposite is muslim or not, very funny hahahahahahahaha. And one thing more this black one just wasted our times.
Zeek M
'Zeek M' 3 months ago
It's easy to look in the Quran and find satan, it's written by freemasons and published by westinghouse. It's days like these I hope for a Mongolian Uprising. You can give the fake hebrew a pass, We messianic will set him straight.
A Mitchell
'A Mitchell' 3 months ago
I THINK THESE 2 GUYS ACTUALLY HATES EACH OTHER. They can't even look at each other face to face in their debate lol .
Ahmad Shamshad Lone
'Ahmad Shamshad Lone' 3 months ago
Jews are evil genius and anti humanity. Jews are evil worker Judaism is a evil factory FOLLOWER OF SATANIC path kafir FOLLOW SATAN GO to HELL kafir or disbeliever
C4 Blaster
'C4 Blaster' 3 months ago
Why on the bloomin roses does this channel have so many adverts? It's so off putting and doesn't support ur cause 😭
'iz' 3 months ago
hey Hebrew Israelite black man, FUCK YOU
Shay Palombo
'Shay Palombo' 3 months ago
opps! judaism is satanic?? i know he is wrong
Shay Palombo
'Shay Palombo' 3 months ago
he is really a youtube child! he just cant wait to get home to playvideogames & eat kebab after mosque prayer1
Shay Palombo
'Shay Palombo' 3 months ago
muslim punk he is / he is a boxer not a truth seeker
Ruby munday
'Ruby munday' 3 months ago
what a bloody stupid stupid moronic imbecilic gormless brainless time wasting waste of space. or idiot. i am at 1.00 and this is the worst kind of idiot there can be. does anyone take these idiots seriously? Hamza is excellent.
mehedi hasan sharif
'mehedi hasan sharif' 3 months ago
Hamja shoud go doctor because what he says 1 munites before he forget.
Nomad [444]
'Nomad [444]' 3 months ago
OOH Hamaza is sooo annoying, go pray to your idol god and leave it for someone who is polite enough to let the man speak.
Nomad [444]
'Nomad [444]' 3 months ago
Hamaza is just a raging bull, no love, he is a liar
'TazKidNoah' 3 months ago
Subhallah!!!! Hamza just WON!!!! Islam still stand on Five Pillars after this DEBATE!!!! while a Black man who can't prove he comes from the Kingdom of Israel; lol
'leadfarmer' 3 months ago
black guy is stupid
Saint Walker
'Saint Walker' 3 months ago
black people are still three fifths of a man in American law.the police are still the enforcement arm of white supremacy.God is still gonna bang this planet into a new dimension.
Melchezadec 1
'Melchezadec 1' 3 months ago
Name several prophecies that Mohommed Prophesied that actually came true? Ishmael was truly jealous of the chosen seed Isaac.
Jan Nawaz
'Jan Nawaz' 3 months ago
i love humza..he is s cristel clear whn he speaks.. The other guy's confused .com
Jeshua BinBlazing
'Jeshua BinBlazing' 3 months ago
Can I get that hour or so of my life back, disagree so much with Hamza but I cant believe he could stand that clown talking for so long, weakest 'debate' ever
Faiz Razali
'Faiz Razali' 3 months ago
That black make spin,hahaha
ISLAM IS SATANIC-WICK=MUSILMS killing they own people every day within they own so called ho-ly  land
Emmanuel Jones
'Emmanuel Jones' 3 months ago
Great 👍🏽 job my brother shalom they can't take they truth brother rise the real Israel
'khadidja' 3 months ago
Assalam alaikum This is a message to brother Hamza Myatt i hope he will receive it: “I hear you always saying that the miracle of Moses peace be upon him was "magic and delusion” and this absolutely wrong! The miracle of Moses pbuh was transforming the staff into a snake literally! It wasn't just "magic and delusion" as you always say! The staff (stick) turned into a snake for real, it became a living snake that's the miracle of Moses pbuh, it wasn't like his "magic" defeat their magic! NO When the magicians of Pharaoh came to challenge Moses pbuh, they use magic to delude people so they would see that their ropes and staffs became snakes but the magicians know that it just magic and they could see that their ropes and staffs are still the same! And never actually change. But when Moses peace be upon him threw his staff it actually changed to a living snake, the people up there have been deluded included Moses peace be upon him to think that the magicians did the same, But the magicians, because they know what's magic is all about and they could see the things on their reality, they realized that what Moses peace be upon him did wasn't magic it wasn’t delusion! He turned the nonliving staff to a living snake for real no trick no delusion no magic! And they realized that this must be a miracle from the creator, there's no way that Moses pbuh could do that! A human can't turn nonliving thing to a living thing, no way! Only the one that created everything, the one that turn the nonliving seeds to a living plants can do that. {So the magicians fell down in prostration. And they said, "we have believed in the Lord of Aaron and Moses.}20:70
'TazKhan786' 3 months ago
"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge." I'll let you decide who that applies to!
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