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Honest Trailers - The Princess Bride -
Published: 6 months ago By: Screen Junkies

By: Screen JunkiesPublished: 6 months ago

3, 182, 441 views

60, 964 Likes   757 Dislikes

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Prepare yourself for the classic action-romance-comedy-drama kids movie for adults. As you wish...The Princess Bride!

Thanks to everyone who voted for the Fan Appreciation Month Honest Trailers, we hope you enjoy this month's extra special Honest Trailers!

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Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey:
Title design by Robert Holtby
Series Created by Andy Signore - & Brett Weiner
Executive Producer - Andy Signore
Producers - Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert, Michael Bolton, Christina Kline
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell & Andy Signore
Edited by TJ Nordaker & Bruce Guido

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Abigail Boyd
'Abigail Boyd' 6 hours ago
fahad f khan
'fahad f khan' 2 days ago
Please, please, please, for the love of the all that is good & goofy, please do "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi". Please!!!! .... and then if time allows, "Scarface", please see if time allows you to do "Scarface", but do "Return of the Jedi" first, then only if you have a little time, do "Scarface". I hope we are clear that doing "Return of the Jedi" would be brilliant, and that doing "Scarface", after, would be mighty decent of ya.
Francesca Martin
'Francesca Martin' 2 days ago
monty python and the holy grail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr Money In the Bank
Wtf!! Andre the Giant
'gambitvoleur' 5 days ago
Actually I would totally have listened to Peter Falk recording the audio book version of the Princess Bride.
Amy Xoxo
'Amy Xoxo' 5 days ago
I'm not a witch. I'm your wife.
Aoi Dragneel nanana
I'm sorry, what book? hahaha
Fintan Letzelter
'Fintan Letzelter' 1 week ago
I liked the Eminem joke
Brianna Smith
'Brianna Smith' 1 week ago
The princess bride is the best bad movie of all time!
Hope Von Gremp
'Hope Von Gremp' 1 week ago
Watched this with my (at the time future) boyfriend on our first date and we are still together after a year! Love this movie
Jill K
'Jill K' 1 week ago
I have always wanted Westley's curtained hair "when he has still 'farm boy'" (I'm a girl by the way)😀. I also have the same birthday 🎉 as Cary Elwes(actor of westley) October 26th!
Catherine Pelin
'Catherine Pelin' 1 week ago
can you do honest movie trailer of hamilton? :')
Magic Girl
'Magic Girl' 2 weeks ago
oh man I love this movie thooo XD
Michael Tunney
'Michael Tunney' 2 weeks ago
Beloved Child
'Beloved Child' 2 weeks ago
Please do The Matrix
'KrysMania' 2 weeks ago
please say "sometimes a man has to steal an animatronic badger to stay in this crazy game called life"
'G4nst4Ch33se' 2 weeks ago
10th of January
Victor Romero
'Victor Romero' 2 weeks ago
I've seen grampier grampas.
Grainne or Grace Quinn
Um when was this movie made? I think cheesiness helps with the enjoyment 😂
asri Sam
'asri Sam' 3 weeks ago
I think this was the best honest trailer 😂😂😂
'Eggroll' 3 weeks ago
spinal tap honest trailer
Edison Alexander
'Edison Alexander' 3 weeks ago
my favorite book/movie
'luckyDancer100' 3 weeks ago
Danny Davitish😂
thomas carter
'thomas carter' 3 weeks ago
do tank girl
Rkm 116
'Rkm 116' 3 weeks ago
rosie rosza
'rosie rosza' 3 weeks ago
do 13 reason why
'KING LEONIDAS' 3 weeks ago
OBEY???? OH, SHIT!!!!LMAO!!!!
'empirex' 3 weeks ago
best. movie. ever.
Zhett Sangster
'Zhett Sangster' 3 weeks ago
What can I say? I'm a sucker for a happy ending
Life as an Adult Dyslexic
Haha "his fingers go to 11!" 😂😂😂
E Jones
'E Jones' 3 weeks ago
im a boy and i like the movie.
Jimi Best
'Jimi Best' 3 weeks ago
his fingers go to 11 the best joke ever.
Kill Me
'Kill Me' 3 weeks ago
I haven't seen this movie, so can someone explain 3:00
Shel Nunya AT
'Shel Nunya AT' 3 weeks ago
LoL !
Thomas Moore
'Thomas Moore' 3 weeks ago
Buttercup = Antiope!
'crashcroft' 3 weeks ago
Ooh that pitcher scene, though. Music was perfect! LOL
'Purpleduckgirl' 3 weeks ago
Do The Rocky Horror Picture Show!
Yours Truly
'Yours Truly' 3 weeks ago
Everything, Everything PLEASE!
Stax Corvaro
'Stax Corvaro' 3 weeks ago
Still has the best sword fight in all of Western Theatre history.
Sabre ize
'Sabre ize' 3 weeks ago
would you do Shameless, or Monty Python :)
'Grace' 3 weeks ago
Greatest. Movie. Ever.
Madison Waycaster
'Madison Waycaster' 3 weeks ago
Shrek is shit. The Princess Bride is perfect. Let's leave it at that
Ruth Williams
'Ruth Williams' 3 weeks ago
this made my life 😂😂😂😂
Jaco Plays
'Jaco Plays' 4 weeks ago
I had to watch this in English class
'Ardor' 4 weeks ago
Please do Adventure Time
Sofia Prendiville
'Sofia Prendiville' 4 weeks ago
Lady Ayumi
'Lady Ayumi' 4 weeks ago
Buttercup was Wonder woman's Aunty! :D
TangledCashew 21
'TangledCashew 21' 4 weeks ago
Am I the only one who hates this movie?
'virusguy5611' 4 weeks ago
... I"m surprised they didn't mention that Buttercup later became... Claire Underwood.
Zøe Hamner
'Zøe Hamner' 4 weeks ago
Honestly, the most polite movie ever.
Zøe Hamner
'Zøe Hamner' 4 weeks ago
As cheesy as I thought this movie was, it actually is a great story.
Michelle DeRoo
'Michelle DeRoo' 1 month ago
I just watched this yesterday, I'm 21... and I LOVED IT!
Joshua May
'Joshua May' 1 month ago
Do the John Carpenter version of the Thing
Team super Dubai
'Team super Dubai' 1 month ago
This movie is amazing tho
Xtreme Otaku
'Xtreme Otaku' 1 month ago
My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, PREPARE TO DIE.
'heirtoheaven' 1 month ago
Can you do Mean Girls?
'Ladykyra101' 1 month ago
do space balls! 😂
'Ladykyra101' 1 month ago
Omg, loved Princess Bride, my childhood memories. 💖
Dan Ameral
'Dan Ameral' 1 month ago
This trailer is inconceivably accurate
'leomickey4321' 1 month ago
Michael Alvarez
'Michael Alvarez' 1 month ago
10 thumbs up!
That crazy Fangirl
'That crazy Fangirl' 1 month ago
I lovED this movie. Until starring.
Teresa Garcia Dueñaz
I'm twelve, I watched this movie for the first time two years ago and now it's one of my favorites. I love it.
'huntressvideos' 1 month ago
Can we have an honest trailer for Robin Hood: Men in Tights please?
pathetic mortal
'pathetic mortal' 1 month ago
all the fight scenes are if bonkyhort snootybrunch and Tom Hiddleston had a fight
Callie Kent
'Callie Kent' 1 month ago
Nikki Harper
'Nikki Harper' 1 month ago
Plus the fact that it's just another basic man saves woman movie
'TheGarbageMan' 1 month ago
Is that Robin Wright?
Joshua Sinistar
'Joshua Sinistar' 1 month ago
20th Century Vole Presents: JRR Tolkein's niece's Romance Novel. With none of the danger or action of Errol Flynn, none of the daring of Zorro with Guy Williams, and so much dialogue, its practically filmed in color with Estrogen. The Chemistry is loaded for Mood Swings on the bitter half of sappy romance. You won't see this much misadventure and happy unless you binge watch a Whole Season of The Love Boat. The Last Time Andre the Giant was truly entertaining and why there's a Giant Guy played by Robbie Coltrane in Harry Potter when it seems totally unnecessary. Like 206 shades of grey less than Story of O, its the less exciting Chick Flick Version that has so much dialogue and exposition that the script is probably long enough to kill a whole rain forest if you all want a hard copy. Get your girlfriend, put this in the DVD player, and make sure to stuff something into her mouth, cause there's enough talking here already.
Just A Band Geek
'Just A Band Geek' 1 month ago
I should watch that movie again.... I watched it in 5th grade and the water thing freaked me out and I never watched it again XD
Nancy Garner
'Nancy Garner' 1 month ago
Danny devit ish ahahaha
Marcel Vondermassen
'Marcel Vondermassen' 1 month ago
Who needs to be president of the u.s.a. at the age of 55 if you could be princess at 20. ;-)
'sacleveland' 1 month ago
lol "obey"
da crib
'da crib' 1 month ago
Danny Devit-ish lmaoo
'WeirdWorld' 1 month ago
'PastelSoccerMom' 1 month ago
I've literally only seen the first ten minutes of this movie because my teacher plays this every class but starts from the beginning
Marie Kraemer
'Marie Kraemer' 1 month ago
fetch me that pitcher aka "touch my jugs"
Gilang Setyawibawa
'Gilang Setyawibawa' 1 month ago
Buttercup is Antiope in WW
Mason Pyle
'Mason Pyle' 2 months ago
Do an honest trailer for return of the Jedi
julius ian chan
'julius ian chan' 2 months ago
hahahahaha adventure time LOL
Nela :)
'Nela :)' 2 months ago
0:20 pfffft! no way. clearly you haven't seen any Czech sappy medieval love stories. we have hundreds of then and 95 percent are great. most haven't been dubbed but believe me. you're missing out on ALOT.
Draco Tyrannus
'Draco Tyrannus' 2 months ago
Adventure Time.😰 Oh my Lord, that is so funny!😂
Special Snowflake
'Special Snowflake' 2 months ago
Spinal Tap reference😂
Tanja Groth
'Tanja Groth' 2 months ago
Please do Flight of Dragons! Alongside The Last Unicorn it represents an incredible collaboration between early anime artists and british storytelling. Also - DRAGONS!
Daniel Contreras
'Daniel Contreras' 2 months ago
honest trailer spaceballs
Quỳnh Trương Nhựt Phương
please do Me Before You!
'uruiamnot' 2 months ago
How about Jaws 3D?
'KaylizWhoDavidfan' 2 months ago
Do The Rite 2011!!
Beary B
'Beary B' 2 months ago
hey man dont throw shade at The Princess Bride! Its a classic!!
Ollie Nix
'Ollie Nix' 2 months ago
Once my ginger friend said he wanted to watch princess bride of course like anyone who wanted to slightly torture there friend I reply with "as you wish" then he just starred at me with an annoyed and amused look on his face
David Phelps
'David Phelps' 2 months ago
Buttercup: "Farm boy! Polish my horse's saddle blah blah blah..." Wesley: *attempting to misinterpret*
Press B To Crouch
'Press B To Crouch' 2 months ago
my name is Oberyn Martell....prepare to die
'Goingmuffin3343' 2 months ago
i would love to watch rex shout inconceivable
Player 101
'Player 101' 2 months ago
I think you ruined princess bride for me
Ari Stern
'Ari Stern' 2 months ago
Do A Bug's Life please
'Stargirl' 2 months ago
Cool. My neighbour Lindsey intro'd me to this!
Michael Priest
'Michael Priest' 2 months ago
So, what's the point? Besides all the old people watched it back then?
Madisin Coey
'Madisin Coey' 2 months ago
What about Tangled????🦎📚👸🏼
Sarcastic Nerd
'Sarcastic Nerd' 2 months ago
"I didn't have to miss." "I believe you."
anni ajoohoo
'anni ajoohoo' 2 months ago
I saw it in the theatre, Ashland, Or., and it was AWESOME!!
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