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Honest Trailers - The Princess Bride -
Published: 10 months ago By: Screen Junkies

By: Screen JunkiesPublished: 10 months ago

3, 431, 494 views

63, 445 Likes   803 Dislikes

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Prepare yourself for the classic action-romance-comedy-drama kids movie for adults. As you wish...The Princess Bride!

Thanks to everyone who voted for the Fan Appreciation Month Honest Trailers, we hope you enjoy this month's extra special Honest Trailers!

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Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey:
Title design by Robert Holtby
Series Created by Andy Signore - & Brett Weiner
Executive Producer - Andy Signore
Producers - Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert, Michael Bolton, Christina Kline
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell & Andy Signore
Edited by TJ Nordaker & Bruce Guido

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Faith Marshall
'Faith Marshall' 2 hours ago
2:16 That's actually more action than you think.... The actor Cary Elwes was really knocked out there. Christopher Guest, who was playing Count Rugen, was being careful not to harm Cary Elwes, but that showed on camera. He finally decided to give it a bit more force, and then accidentally knocked out Cary Elwes. Oops! And by the way... a stunt double wasn't always used; Cary Elwes was the one to dive into the sand pit.
'CrystalofNature' 2 days ago
Try V for Vendetta!!!!!
Isaiah Johnson
'Isaiah Johnson' 3 days ago
hey my parents saw this in theaters
'nevermind2161' 3 days ago
Since the Stargate franchise is actually getting a new show, I think it'd be fun to do an honest trailer for SG-1
Bob Jones
'Bob Jones' 5 days ago
Please say: “I am not throwing away my shot!”
Heidi Cambareri
'Heidi Cambareri' 6 days ago
I hate you for comparing -the- Princess Bride to ....Shrek. Seriously? That's just stretching now. I would never watch Shrek over and over for 24 hours straight as a teenager, or any other age. Apparently it does not have enough catch phrases... so -ThAt- is why I hate Shrek.
077 Di
'077 Di' 1 week ago
Best movie of all time
Steven Bodnar
'Steven Bodnar' 1 week ago
Do Merlin! Part 1!
Joe Gray
'Joe Gray' 1 week ago
You should do either version of True Grit
Dan Kunkel
'Dan Kunkel' 1 week ago
Do Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze
Gage Schimbeck
'Gage Schimbeck' 2 weeks ago
Do Flash Gordon
Roderick Hare
'Roderick Hare' 2 weeks ago
I just saw this movie today and it was great, I really liked it, like most people it was title that kept me away from me but when I finally gave it a chance , it was awesome
Annemarie Staudenmann
"As you wish" My favorite movie line ever!
Maxence B
'Maxence B' 2 weeks ago
Plz do baby Driver
Nikolas Coleman
'Nikolas Coleman' 2 weeks ago
I watched this so many times with my sister. We loved this movie
Will Cole
'Will Cole' 3 weeks ago
I think Shaun of the Dead could really use an Honest Trailer
Jose Ferreiro
'Jose Ferreiro' 3 weeks ago
Do star trek 2 wrath of kahn
joseph hillyard
'joseph hillyard' 3 weeks ago
Try watching House Of Cards then this movie and not be filled with fear of Robin Wright
salvatore bocchino
'salvatore bocchino' 3 weeks ago
This is my favorite movie of all time... i grew up watching this movie.. you should do flight of the navigator next thats a classic....
Azazel 13
'Azazel 13' 3 weeks ago
Choose wisely
Joshua Nozawa
'Joshua Nozawa' 4 weeks ago
hey I think you guys should do a honest trailer on honest trailers
Papa Josef Stalin
'Papa Josef Stalin' 4 weeks ago
Smiley FrownsALot
'Smiley FrownsALot' 1 month ago
Starring: Dr. Gordon* Fixed!
Sammy :D
'Sammy :D' 1 month ago
Must. Not. Make.Heathers. Reference.
Daniella Zul
'Daniella Zul' 1 month ago
Blade? Pleaseeeee
'B' 1 month ago
"that you probably never watched in theaters but re-watched on VHS so many times that you can quote every line." good to know I wasn't the only one with that childhood. :)
Mike Will
'Mike Will' 1 month ago
Strating ZORRO
Just Peachy
'Just Peachy' 1 month ago
It kind of freaks me out how much Buttercup and Wesley look like brother and sister
Rodger Cochran
'Rodger Cochran' 1 month ago
I loved the Peter Falk impersonation!
Ashley David
'Ashley David' 1 month ago
Here I am , (exactly ) 9 months after this "Honest trailers " release date . . . . Happy 9 months , honest trailer , for "The Princess Bride " ! !
Liam Funnyman
'Liam Funnyman' 2 months ago
"Buttercup." Why's that name sound...familiar?
C Wy
'C Wy' 2 months ago
Please please, do the whole movie in Peter Falk's voice. i just pee'd a little
Arianna White
'Arianna White' 2 months ago
Please do Saban's Power Rangers the Movie and please say "Dino Thunder, power up. Huh!"
Arianna White
'Arianna White' 2 months ago
Please do Zootopia.
Rachelle Smith
'Rachelle Smith' 2 months ago
🤣🤣🤣 I'm sure my neighbors hear me laugh!
Amy F
'Amy F' 2 months ago
the movie was made in 1987 - I was 1 so no I didn't see it in theaters. It's my favorite movie. The cliffs of Moher in ireland were used as the cliffs on insanity. Course I didn't know that until after my vacation in Ireland ended. Now I need to go back so I can yell "THE CLIFFS OF INSANITY." I will watch the whole movie while repeating just about every line.
Freudian Factor
'Freudian Factor' 2 months ago
sibling vibes made me sick
Benjamin Williams
'Benjamin Williams' 2 months ago
I have never seen it, but it my sister's favorite movie, I just don't get it
'TheNerdyCheerleader' 2 months ago
Until things got spicy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Matt Koch
'Matt Koch' 2 months ago
You guys should do deep blue sea
'WarriorofLight' 2 months ago
Almost nobody sees the signs, but this story has one of the worst movie romances ever. And it's even worse in the book.
#Rachel #Kitty Lover
'#Rachel #Kitty Lover' 2 months ago
Do Honest Trailer "Pretty Little Liars"
C. R. S.
'C. R. S.' 2 months ago
Why did it take so long for me to see this Honest Trailer? This movie is everything.
Florida Dad
'Florida Dad' 2 months ago
His fingers go to 11..... Classic, lol!
'iamciril' 2 months ago
Why do you not point out that the "hero" of this film is a mass murderer? Westley took over the roll of the Dread Pirate Roberts after being captured and held in captivity with the daily threat of death for years. He identified with his captor enough to take over for him when he was ready to retire. Isn't that Stockholm Syndrome? And the Dread Pirate Roberts never left any survivors. Being a pirate on its own means that he was a violent thief but taking on the roll of the Dread Pirate Roberts means he killed every single crew-member and passenger of every single ship he ever captured. Even in war - wholesale murder - we have rules against killing prisoners but the Dread Pirate Roberts (Westley) did it on a regular basis. What kind of inhuman, bloodthirsty, savage, psychopathic animal must one become to kill every poor Merchant Marine or simple traveler he ever meets? And yet, Buttercup still stuck with him. I don't know about you, but finding out my love was a career would be enough for me to walk away. Finding out they are a murderer would make me run. Finding out they are a mass murderer would make me change my name and move to Bolivia.
Clayton Lee
'Clayton Lee' 2 months ago
How have y'all not done THE FUGITIVE?
Justin Yates
'Justin Yates' 2 months ago
You should do Mamma Mia
Lita Lim
'Lita Lim' 2 months ago
If u watch this before u watch the movie i think u wont interest on the this movie anymore like me now in not interested on this movie anymore
The Sun
'The Sun's Sky' 2 months ago
3:33 Hang On. He's. Stanford?
Tyrone Shuze
'Tyrone Shuze' 2 months ago
"his fingers go to eleven" pure genius
delta 14o6
'delta 14o6' 2 months ago
Robin Hood Men in Tights!!!!! OMG :D
'mysteryperson1976' 2 months ago
How about an honest trailer for The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
Quoth The Raven
'Quoth The Raven' 2 months ago
Please do Back to the Future 1.2.3.
Dark Rainbow
'Dark Rainbow' 2 months ago
Could have done without the framed narrative.
Francesca King
'Francesca King' 2 months ago
My fave romance movie
Cody Hines
'Cody Hines' 2 months ago
I was expecting a Peter Falk = Columbo joke near the end there.
Leigh Silver
'Leigh Silver' 2 months ago
Do Throw Mama from the train
Leigh Silver
'Leigh Silver' 2 months ago
Do Regarding Henry
m cee
'm cee' 2 months ago
do one of ferris bueller's day off,dirty dancing and heathers please!!!
Juan Becerra
'Juan Becerra' 2 months ago
Pikaia Gracilens
'Pikaia Gracilens' 3 months ago
"His fingers go to 11." MIND. FUCKING. BLOWN.
Benny Boi
'Benny Boi' 3 months ago
Favourite movie of all time - Nothing with ever top it.
'Fairy's Wish' 3 months ago
"so dive in to this honest trailer" *shows Wesley diving into the quick-sand*
Liam Funnyman
'Liam Funnyman' 3 months ago
I love this movie!
Danny Berry
'Danny Berry' 3 months ago
I died at, "His Fingers Go to Eleven". Great Spinal Tap reference.....actually you should do one of these on Spinal Tap
Kami Amanda
'Kami Amanda' 3 months ago
Please do Blue Velvet
Eliana Fritz
'Eliana Fritz' 3 months ago
The Princess Bride is my favourite movie. You literally cannot ruin it for me.
Templeton Peck
'Templeton Peck' 3 months ago
You want satirical fairy tale films, then "Your Highness" is one of those.
Alex The awkward
'Alex The awkward' 3 months ago
1:59 was halarious
'AdraicStarks' 3 months ago
What exactly was the point of having the "grandpa reading a story to a sick kid" stuff?
Doorway Productions
'Doorway Productions' 3 months ago
If u have never seen this film then u have no soul.
React a cats
'React a cats' 3 months ago
Plz do little shop of horrors
zombiez gamer
'zombiez gamer' 3 months ago
Do adventure time
Maya Dahlbacka
'Maya Dahlbacka' 3 months ago
Do Men In Tights!
Rachel Arruda
'Rachel Arruda' 3 months ago
do Ella enchanted! there's sooooooooooo much to pull apart
doug harrison
'doug harrison' 3 months ago
An alltime favourite, you could call it "true wuv".
Raye Beard
'Raye Beard' 3 months ago
Best trailer ever!!
'SkySlasher' 3 months ago
I loved this movie when I was a kid and I still get a laugh out of it
Kelly Pagano
'Kelly Pagano' 3 months ago
His fingers go to 11!! Hahahahahaha I never caught that, but you think they did that on purpose?
Raytooreal L
'Raytooreal L' 3 months ago
I'm so happy I discovered this 😂😂👌🏾
'すごいっす' 3 months ago
'YOM2' 3 months ago
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Honest Trailer?
Kurtsiecolferite S
'Kurtsiecolferite S' 3 months ago
I've always loved Princess Bride. It's a classic!
Marelina Uriel
'Marelina Uriel' 3 months ago
and she never said please not once so bs
'Ostsol' 3 months ago
Huh... Robin Wright wasn't exactly drop dead gorgeous in this film, looking somewhat plain at times. This interestingly lends her even greater charm, though.
Matt Stutzman
'Matt Stutzman' 3 months ago
Man, a princess turned President. Who'd a thunk it?
Gwyn Tomlin
'Gwyn Tomlin' 3 months ago
When Westley gets hit on the head by the bad guy's sword, he was actually knocked unconscious and sent to the E.R.
Joey D
'Joey D'Ettore' 4 months ago
one more thing
The Gamer King
'The Gamer King' 4 months ago
who else has to do a school project about the book
Mr.Classified 600
'Mr.Classified 600' 4 months ago
Obey lol
'SadieTheUnicorn' 4 months ago
Michael Greenberg
'Michael Greenberg' 4 months ago
Say, anikin sky walker is on fire
Carson Womack
'Carson Womack' 4 months ago
can you do honest trailer tangled
Ella H.
'Ella H.' 4 months ago
The book was the most confusing thing ever. Reading it as a 12 year old, I'm pretty sure my brain exploded. 50 million. Times.
Bernard Soh
'Bernard Soh' 4 months ago
Will never watching this again without thinking how she would be the future mother of Wonder Woman. Run Forrest, Ruuuuuun.
c_b 11
'c_b 11' 4 months ago
Who remembers this line from it, I am Inigo Montoyar, U killed my father, PREPARE TO DIE!
Eric Taylor
'Eric Taylor' 4 months ago
Bluffing to hit someone doesn't make you abusive. I had a rescue dog who had been beaten a lot. So much that every time I made a movement that might be a prelude to a strike he would flinch. I started making a move like I was going to hit him, then immediately say he was a good dog and scratch his ears. I LOVED getting his ears scratched but at first the dog as really confused, but it only took about a week disassociate that movement with being hurt, to associating it with praise. After that he didn't flinch any more.
Riley McDuffey
'Riley McDuffey' 4 months ago
Freudian Factor
'Freudian Factor' 4 months ago
i didn't like it at all
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