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The Andromeda Galaxy Is Coming To Get Us -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 2 weeks ago

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In 4 billion years, the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies will collide. When that happens, the black hole in the center of our galaxy will merge with another creating a supermassive black hole that will weigh 100 million solar masses.

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TomsYoutube LT
'TomsYoutube LT' 2 weeks ago
we are all 💀💀💀
'Lieauna' 2 weeks ago
Guys don't believe this, no one knows when the world is going to end but GOD. 😊
Sawr Kasmm
'Sawr Kasmm' 2 weeks ago
If... and I mean a BIG "If", If humanity has propagated to other stars within our galaxy the most we'll have to worry about is moving away from the center of our new galaxy, finding new planets to thrive on (after ours are engulfed in the ensuing chaos, of course...)
'GregoCatal' 2 weeks ago
Mike Rowe on the voiceover narration?
Frank Harper
'Frank Harper' 2 weeks ago
I'm glad I won't be here for that lol
Tony Samson
'Tony Samson' 2 weeks ago
So let er be a ritten, so let er b a done, pass d crack.
swat alan
'swat alan' 2 weeks ago
we're fucked
Ali Sadiq
'Ali Sadiq' 2 weeks ago
who create this world, and way we created?
Diamond H.
'Diamond H.' 2 weeks ago
Good kill us
Creeper Fanatic 9
'Creeper Fanatic 9' 2 weeks ago
Um... im not going to live until 4 billion years
'NoAnimeNoLife' 2 weeks ago
the night is almost done the day is coming...
Jack D
'Jack D' 2 weeks ago
¹¹·¹¹ 3_Energy. 6_Frequency. 8_Vibration. -Årcturus -Ëpsilon Boötis -Tips of Ðanu Ťalis, Azores -'Deception island,' Antarctica ¹¹·¹¹ When in the astral plane, always move in curves.
'PrecursorTyr' 2 weeks ago
Hopefully Commander Shepard will save us.
'Zako' 2 weeks ago
Can you imagine the type of technology we will have at that time? That or we'll all be dead because we ran out of resources.
Mr.FailKin 9
'Mr.FailKin 9' 2 weeks ago
My teacher said we gonna crash into that galaxy in a few billion years
Ainna Dean
'Ainna Dean' 2 weeks ago
Supermassive black hole (insert guitar riff)
'chargersfan1111' 2 weeks ago
GG universe
Albert Y.
'Albert Y.' 2 weeks ago
'DeepDarkier' 2 weeks ago
and that is why you cannot be immortal, the planet will die, the solar system will die, the galaxy will die, I think eventually the whole universe will die
matt hoerig
'matt hoerig' 2 weeks ago
Mike Rowe is the man
Grimm_ Ace
'Grimm_ Ace' 2 weeks ago
That's ominous.
The Gaming Snake
'The Gaming Snake' 2 weeks ago
Super Galaxy ... Milkandromeda
Juan P. Ortiz Jr.
'Juan P. Ortiz Jr.' 2 weeks ago
They said 4 billion years we'll all be dead anyways
dennis morris
'dennis morris' 2 weeks ago
that explained fuck all
King Bee
'King Bee' 2 weeks ago
that other galaxy can get these hands
'Brilliant's Designs' 2 weeks ago
do u think the goverments would publish the informarion when they found other life in the galaxy? Im just not sure... Stupid X-Files-Humans would hold up signs in the air like "take me with u", other humans wouldnt care because they know we arent already able to travel to them and some others would be happy to know that but whats the deal? Excuse my badass english please but I like this topic af... All I want in my life is to know that there is more in the universe than humans... The universe is really huge so everybody should know that there is somewhere another lifeform but we just cant proof it nowadays, we dont able to communicate currently and we could learn so much from them and they from us... But I dont believe that humans would handle it peaceful... so much humans are too horny for wars and defend because they are scared to lose everything but it would be pretty stupid in my opinion... they maybe look for other lifeforms as well since thousend of years so what would happend? I dont care for human-sh!t like havin cool experiences or havin the most friends or bein a good human... I just wanna see the universe 😢 science-fiction got me and manipulated me but dont understand it wrong... I dont believe the universe is like star wars, doctor who or something like that... Imagine there is a much more smarter lifeform, which could teach us how to survive in those big giant huge bunch of planets... the humans wouldnt have problems anymore like low ressources, too much humans, hungry and all that stuff... Excuse my bad, when its wrong, but arent we also "aliens"? (hate that word...)? these big bang comet had our DNA, clashed on the earth and we evolved too humans... I wish I wouldnt be that underknowledged... My dreams are big, my skills are shit and my english sucks that much, that even me dont understand what Im writin right now 😒 life can be so hard 😫😂
Mayer Fresco
'Mayer Fresco' 2 weeks ago
hopefully any sentient beings by that time are intelligent enough to travel to nearest galaxy to avoid it.
The Trust
'The Trust' 2 weeks ago
Better mark my calendar!
Enchanted Bozz
'Enchanted Bozz' 2 weeks ago
Do anyone fear of death? Tell the truth don't lie. the truth please. And happy new year
Amadeus Rodriguez
'Amadeus Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
That's fucking metal as fuck dude
Gundars Šlitke
'Gundars Šlitke' 2 weeks ago
Glaciers melting in the dead of night And the superstars sucked into the super massive
Prasun Goswami
'Prasun Goswami' 2 weeks ago
Timothy Love
'Timothy Love' 2 weeks ago
You people have the strangest stories for what you think you see.
TR4G1C Ent.
'TR4G1C Ent.' 2 weeks ago
happy New year's tho😋
'FocusMrbjarke' 2 weeks ago
Old news
Mac iPhone
'Mac iPhone' 2 weeks ago
Fucking myth. Sugar-Honey-Iced-Tea(ty) scientists.
Justin Fisher
'Justin Fisher' 2 weeks ago
By that time earth will already be dead from other sources, humans will at least be dead, OR we will have inhabited other planets/maybe even other solar systems.
Indie Station
'Indie Station' 2 weeks ago
what a time to be alive I guess
Obi Wan Cannoli
'Obi Wan Cannoli' 2 weeks ago
Considering our sun will have grown to massive red super giant by that time, I don't think we have much to worry about.
FML Foxi
'FML Foxi' 2 weeks ago
well ty i shitt my self ;[ i am afraid now ;[
The donut Airplane
'The donut Airplane' 2 weeks ago
Who is here before one hundred views give this a like!!
Yuda Prastowo
'Yuda Prastowo' 2 weeks ago
bhau rai
'bhau rai' 2 weeks ago
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