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The Andromeda Galaxy Is Coming To Get Us -
Published: 11 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 11 months ago

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In 4 billion years, the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies will collide. When that happens, the black hole in the center of our galaxy will merge with another creating a supermassive black hole that will weigh 100 million solar masses.

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Diesel Larsson
'Diesel Larsson' 19 minutes ago
That title is so fucking ominous
Moon animator yt
'Moon animator yt' 9 hours ago
this is i call animation power.
bing bong
'bing bong' 19 hours ago
No no, if two galaxies merge the will be more planets around us some might bump in to ours and if it comes with a black hole we are all dead
Mimi Plays
'Mimi Plays' 1 day ago
Mükerrem Han
'Mükerrem Han' 1 day ago
Milky way VS Andromeda
Jayro Martinez
'Jayro Martinez' 2 days ago
But Andromeda galaxy is dead, it's *B A R E L Y* producing any stars.
Cake MC
'Cake MC' 3 days ago
What if this already happened at the big bang, and the milky way and andromeda had already merged to create another milky way, and now its about to happen again?
The Lads
'The Lads' 4 days ago
andro way will be the new name lmao
Dj Fernandez
'Dj Fernandez' 4 days ago
le petite
'le petite' 4 days ago
Lil Giox Games
'Lil Giox Games' 4 days ago
Who would ever guess would fucking kill us
8 lives
'8 lives' 4 days ago
Not even worth talking about. Inna billion years who cares. You should be worried about Yellowstone nat'l park super volcano blowing its top.
Proxytale 101
'Proxytale 101' 4 days ago
Well fuck. Science scares me a little. But we will all be dead before this happens
Anna Smith
'Anna Smith' 4 days ago
i bet. *smirks*
Wyatt Rodebaugh
'Wyatt Rodebaugh' 5 days ago
I don't believe science! 😠
Andromeda:my Idol is a black hole Milky way:WOW your dumb Andromeda:Thats it,Im sucking you in
Thecazy Apple
'Thecazy Apple' 5 days ago
Andromeda is coming to get that milky way booty
Allana Ellise Oracion
Oh dear jesus help the planet earth like if u agree
W3ak Msp
'W3ak Msp' 5 days ago
lets say we wont merge and we'll just be very intense neighbors................................... or not....
Julian Belza
'Julian Belza' 5 days ago
agario then
Natan Sinaga
'Natan Sinaga' 6 days ago
Agar io
Josh Israel Villahermosa
After The Andromeda and The milky glaxy collide WHAT WILL BE THE NAME OF THE NEW LARGE SIZE GaLAXY WILL BE? Anyone? can u think of any names to name that new galaxy after milky and Andromeda collide?
GotNo Life
'GotNo Life' 6 days ago
Dab on them haters
Jamie patrick
'Jamie patrick' 6 days ago
Galaxy Vs black who would win
Neha Singh
'Neha Singh' 1 week ago
We will already be dead by that time nice time to kill us you dumb andromeda
Soy Sauce Soup
'Soy Sauce Soup' 1 week ago
'11-B-X-1371' 1 week ago
'Hydrious' 1 week ago
they just want our fridges
'Zinx' 1 week ago
You wanna hear a joke Read the first word
Leon Gaming
'Leon Gaming' 1 week ago
Andro Way
Meme Addict
'Meme Addict' 1 week ago
Can humanity be able to survive from those colliding galaxy or what ?
AngelinaGiaBangThien Nguyen!
It’s not coming in billions trillions billions trillions billion billions trillions billions billions billions trillions billions billions of years
mainkra_ xD
'mainkra_ xD' 1 week ago xD
Galaxy Cookie Monster
ok..idont care because we'll probably all be dead ;=;
Gian Preston Pajaron Dalumpines Claire1
Well I'm gonna die not in andromeda's hand, I'm gonna die in earth's land.
Random Viewer
'Random Viewer' 1 week ago
Wait, Im confused...
'ExVolt' 1 week ago
Can anybody else relate this to
Most Dank
'Most Dank' 1 week ago
Andromeda: imma get chu *^* milkey: k *millions of years later* Andromeda: GET OVER HERE Milkey: so what are we doin anal, oral, or vag? Andromeda: yes milkey:...... *roblox death noise*
Most Dank
'Most Dank' 1 week ago
my penis will get you first
Gabe Bishop
'Gabe Bishop' 1 week ago
If we arent dead by then, we will die then.
'EnDeRtOtS' 1 week ago
5121 is the end of the world
gopala krishnan
'gopala krishnan' 1 week ago
I saw a video which says that a signal from Andromeda reached the earth and it was recorded by NASA... the signal is converted into binary numbers later in 2013 and it says that "help"..... is it true......
Don’t read my profile Picture
Mmm but this video was made 11 months ago nothing happend
Geraldine Baco
'Geraldine Baco' 1 week ago
Milky Way:hey want some milk Andromeda:cool thanks Universe expands Andromeda:how come i cant move? Milky Way:bwahehehehehe drunk all da milk Andromeda:im cannibal imma eat yew instead di ind
GD Kingdavid3241 -ZenthicAnagramZ48
They act like this is gonna be a very bad thing. The sun killing us is more scarier than 2 galaxies combining
Fahri Fahri
'Fahri Fahri' 1 week ago
Our Galaxy is the one who is heading towards Andromeda because Andromeda is bigger galaxy
Bryco XV
'Bryco XV' 1 week ago
The other galaxy can catch these hands
'prettyboyaj' 1 week ago
Crack heads on youtube
Helen Blatsky
'Helen Blatsky' 2 weeks ago
why would i want this on itunes
Dusk trips
'Dusk trips' 2 weeks ago
I know this is science and stuff, but this reminds me of the game
The Gaming Papyrus now with edgy flavor XD
Yknow ill laugh if its like hurricane irma and florida
BByronn X
'BByronn X' 2 weeks ago
Life is a super *sloooooowww* agario
Reign Drops
'Reign Drops' 2 weeks ago
Then what's going to happen to us or anyone in space at the time if the Milky Way and andromeda combine?
'John's Gaming' 2 weeks ago
can you do something to avoid this i dunt wanna die yet
'Miner360' 2 weeks ago
Anything gonna happen to us ??
'Jufyy' 2 weeks ago
yea it'll happen in like billions of years lol
xxgameeboyxx ALT
'xxgameeboyxx ALT' 2 weeks ago
Andromena: im not eating.. but im giving you sagitraius B Sagitarius a:HEY FUCK YOU! *sagitarius a grows to the age of the universe* adromena: FUCK YOU\ Milky way:poor a dromena.
Shoaib Muhammad
'Shoaib Muhammad' 2 weeks ago
martin van waardenburg
Andromeda: here im coming. meanwhile at our milky way... the sun is growing big then andromeda comes in and the sun beats andromedas ass and then we are saved
Mr. Creepy
'Mr. Creepy' 2 weeks ago
A galaxy is HUUUUUUUGE. The chances of Earth being struck by anything is very small when Andromeda and Milky Way collide , because the empty space between planets and solar systems is so sheerly huge. Only the moon is 384 thousand kilometers from Earth. The distance between Earth and the Sun is still amazingly huge , but then another sun? If we are gonna collide with something , then it's like 1 in a hundred thousand or 1 in a million I would say. Earth in a galaxy is like an atom in an apple. So small , nobody ever sees it (only with special microscopes , but you get the idea).
GoldenElite Applesauce
Pls sub
Magik Karp
'Magik Karp' 2 weeks ago
oh no its gonna get us! in a few million years ;-;
Omar Ragab
'Omar Ragab' 2 weeks ago
NO SHIT SHERLOCK I think evetyone knows that already...........
Ohnobaby!! What!Is you doing?
No one cares everyone in this comment section and you will be dead by then.
'Pluto' 2 weeks ago
Am I safe?
Steemy punk
'Steemy punk' 3 weeks ago
buu bu bu buuuu bbbb uuu but it is about to happen in over 3 billion years
'Ewan ANDERSON' 3 weeks ago
Did you know we dont die when andromeda galaxy get us. It will be called milkromeda.
Nathaniel Sabanal
'Nathaniel Sabanal' 3 weeks ago
Milky way:so boring no friends Milky way: sees Andromeda Andromeda:Hey man wanna high 5 Milky way:sure Both: here we Goooo
Rami Hassan
'Rami Hassan' 3 weeks ago
Whelp goodbye Milky Way and family
KittyMeowUnicorn928 ;3
Andromeda:haha I’m gonna get yuuu Milky Way:WHYYY andromeda moves slowly to Milky Way andromeda:SHIT IM TOO FAT Milky Way:HAHAHA *couple 1000 billion years later* Andromeda:hey Milky I just came from the gym and I think it’s time! Milky Way:time for what? Andromeda:TOOOOOOO ATTACKKKKK YOUUUUUUU KAAAAAAMEEEEEEEKAAAAAAMEEEEEHAAAAAAAaAAAA Milky Way: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ENJOY THIS EARTH XD
ded meme
'ded meme' 4 weeks ago
to be continued...
'Bou' 4 weeks ago
oh shit oh shit,
A hillbilly And then some
Emo kid:Good luck sleeping😏
Charles Burrows
'Charles Burrows' 1 month ago
I wonder if aliens there will have poor facial animations.
TYT Crafted
'TYT Crafted' 1 month ago
Bruce The Great Dane Dog
No siwwy biwwy andromeda is going to make love to us!
Ridiculous Rosie
'Ridiculous Rosie' 1 month ago
Andromeda: sorry, I was eating a milky way,
obito dank
'obito dank' 1 month ago
There are 72 genders, the earth is flat, what is it with alll this crap
Dank Meme
'Dank Meme' 1 month ago
Damn the new Looks great!
Riley Ferrill
'Riley Ferrill' 1 month ago
'chrism3784' 2 months ago
maybe thats what the big bang was, a super super super massive black hole exploding and all its matter pouring out of it. there could be many of these outside our universe
Ainārs Bartuševics
'Ainārs Bartuševics' 2 months ago
He is dead now
'SeaShark' 2 months ago
How is it ever going to collide if space expands faster then it is moving? Wouldn't it never reach us?
Kamiel Vogel
'Kamiel Vogel' 2 months ago
Swiggity swooty
sandra mason
'sandra mason' 2 months ago
'KOBSTA 2006' 2 months ago
Acro YT
'Acro YT' 2 months ago
Me: this is how you get likes? You: O helll nooo
Kamek Playz
'Kamek Playz' 2 months ago
Shifty Gaming
'Shifty Gaming' 2 months ago
In 4B Years , Youtube wouldnt exist
'PNB LOL' 2 months ago
Hamish Williams
'Hamish Williams' 2 months ago
Take it in your heart now lover
ZeRo D4wN
'ZeRo D4wN' 2 months ago
This is gonna take a mass effect on us
GamerWolf 3.0
'GamerWolf 3.0' 2 months ago
Reminds me of *Agrio* . The stars are like the food and when your bigger than someone eles you eat them.
Dark Savage
'Dark Savage' 2 months ago
Meanwhile the Sun is 30% brighter and 10% bigger meaning the Earth would be hundreds if not thousands of degrees. The sky would be red meaning the Andromeda will look red at the bottom. But remove the air and it's just 200C or 392F or 573K.
Spider Sense
'Spider Sense' 2 months ago
Where is Buck Rogers when you need him!! Dammit Man!!
Bonifacio Escobar-likes minecraft and ROBLOX
*Andromeda Galaxy sucks the Milky Way but takes 45.81B year by being slow xD*
monkey c5
'monkey c5' 2 months ago
well let's see if God let's that happen haha
Echo Rampage
'Echo Rampage' 2 months ago
It is in the next billions year idiot
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