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The Andromeda Galaxy Is Coming To Get Us -
Published: 8 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 8 months ago

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In 4 billion years, the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies will collide. When that happens, the black hole in the center of our galaxy will merge with another creating a supermassive black hole that will weigh 100 million solar masses.

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Flux Liner
'Flux Liner' 5 days ago
Nobody will be around to worry about it.
'Templared' 1 week ago
And then the Andromeda Galaxy will wind up where everything else is going *The Great Attractor*
Pusheen Cat :3
'Pusheen Cat :3' 2 weeks ago
Well you see,our sun is gonna be a red giant and we'd be dead by then so what's the point of being worried? I mean come on! Now bye Oh I'm also first to... Like my comment :3
Imogen Barlow
'Imogen Barlow' 3 weeks ago
That's scary imagine them colliding there will be a big explosion and lots of planets will be destroyed
'CrazyPizza96' 3 weeks ago
Unless the Earth escapes the end of the Sun's red giant phase in 7,000,000,000 years. And if humans survive until then. We would see a spectacular view in space! ...And we would all freeze. Or maybe the Sun will collide with another star or wander into the center of the galaxy where the two twin supermassive black holes are. Andromeda's black hole: Get the ****** outta my place! Sagittarius A*: Oh crap! I'm so dead! Andromeda's black hole: Muhuhahaha I got ya! Now I'm gonna eat ya b**ch! Sagittarius A*: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Illyrian Warrior
'Illyrian Warrior' 1 month ago
Dicc Dicc
'Dicc Dicc' 1 month ago
The people who might be living in this time are fucked.
'JR H' 1 month ago
NightPelt TheWarriorCat
No the fuck it isn't it better stay in its fucking lane before I knock that shit back into place
Kalona The Wanderer
'Kalona The Wanderer' 1 month ago
Technically, black holes don't way anything, they're in space.
leo stroeven
'leo stroeven' 1 month ago
who saw the black hole grow when it ate our milky way black hole?
Alex phung
'Alex phung' 2 months ago
I don’t think the Milky Way will be eaten but be fused with Andromeda
Gerald Guerron
'Gerald Guerron' 2 months ago
this is fake guys they just make it up how I know how can they tell the futrue reply if that is true
Wira Bali
'Wira Bali' 2 months ago
Galaxies is like
caden plays
'caden plays' 2 months ago
im 4b years they will have light sabers so we can cut the black hole in half and make it die and eat it
red pogi22609 lel
'red pogi22609 lel' 2 months ago
science is awesome =3
red pogi22609 lel
'red pogi22609 lel' 2 months ago
largest black hole is bigger than the solar system even the pronix cluster I'm not good spell )=
'Shaka 'Kai' 2 months ago
By that time, we probably would have already colonized other galaxies.
'Bleach' 3 months ago
Rip black hole
Olimpo 2016
'Olimpo 2016' 3 months ago
IF, what I did read is true that Advanced Alien's the Pleiadians exist they are and lived next to the Andromeda Constellation they would not let that to happen they are in control of their home the constellation of Taurus next to Andromeda. According to the people saying that Pleiadians do exist and are the replica of humans and the one's making the Crop Circles around the world are a very well advance race that resemble Humans they all are blonde very good looking 7' feet tall aliens and for our knowledge the Andromeda to get swallow us, it will take to get to our Galaxy where we are and lived; about 200,000 thousand years earth time just figure if you gonna be alive, just planet Centauri which the closest to earth we are about 78 thousand years away. All this information was got it from learning from Youtube videos now if the ones who made the videos are liars I don't know. 5-27-17
'Dan' 3 months ago
If you read this you will die, everybody dies eventually lmao
Thomas Underdog
'Thomas Underdog' 3 months ago
I used this guy's voice in a track haha (0:16):
conciso jamili
'conciso jamili' 3 months ago
Well atleast we can see it in heavan SEE YA IN HEAVY PEEPS!
'Em0SceneStabr' 3 months ago
I confused. so the Andromeda galaxy is a black hole? or has a black hole? Why can't both galaxies come together and make a big galaxy without destroying the small one :(
'woochaaang' 3 months ago
".. and the opportunity to grow a *hole* lot bigger". (;
Dragon Bale
'Dragon Bale' 3 months ago
This is why we need space travel to get the fuck outta this galaxy. But he sun will die before then so we will most likely be gone by then.
Mesa Kat
'Mesa Kat' 4 months ago
swiggity swoogity im coming for that star booty
Rowletman 420blazeit
'Rowletman 420blazeit' 4 months ago
#1:Or FUCKING run for our fucking life #2: Move to Andromeda in time to look for earth like planet #3:Die horribly
we'll all be dead,when it happens
'XY-Zed' 4 months ago
well for now im waiting for Samsung GALAXY new mobile
'Chackobrack' 4 months ago
Andromeda: I'm coming to get youuuu! Milky Way: Shit Andromeda moves super slowly and reaches the Milky way after some billion years Andromeda:I got youuuu.. Milky Way: Nuuuuuuuuu! the end
MutualGamer735 6
'MutualGamer735 6' 4 months ago
This boy making me think of like exactly like that
Rajesh Pudasaini
'Rajesh Pudasaini' 4 months ago
I have a doubt . If galaxies are moving apart then how is Andromeda approaching towards milky way ???
'FatalFist' 4 months ago
What I'd give to be alive on the day you look up at the evening sky and see Andromeda nearly visible during the day.
Alex K
'Alex K' 4 months ago
when??? next year?
Foxwolf -86
'Foxwolf -86' 4 months ago
I realized I will be dead by then so it's the people at the times problem
Dei Edge
'Dei Edge' 4 months ago
Agar.Io Confirmed
Yasin cool
'Yasin cool' 4 months ago
'phosphorescent' 4 months ago
am i the only one who wants to see it?
Harshit pandey
'Harshit pandey' 4 months ago
black hole vs white hole
'BIO HAZARD' 4 months ago
no one knows what will happend... we all gonna die somehow.. thats what live is....
Nerfboy Berfboy
'Nerfboy Berfboy' 4 months ago
i wisk kirby with hypernova save me
Nerfboy Berfboy
'Nerfboy Berfboy' 4 months ago
do anyone have a shot gun
'The1STGamer' 4 months ago
So, it's like the millions millions of stars are crashing each other??
'taenovret156' 4 months ago
well then... the black hole is coming our way so I'm gonna killymelf
aryan khan
'aryan khan' 4 months ago
Only Allah can save us
RRbeast 1122
'RRbeast 1122' 4 months ago
We will be dead by then so no worrys
Joey Schneider
'Joey Schneider' 4 months ago
Even tho Black Holes dont grow as opposed to shrink due to Hawking Radiation? GJ "Science Channel" not even a smart person...
Jay L360
'Jay L360' 4 months ago
It's okay guys, by that time we probably have teamed up with other aliens or life forms and have a greater nation. We will share our intelligence and the aleins will share too. (Come on, why would we not team up or do nothing if we know what's coming. The aleins should also know this also)Or we will probably be in another place then Earth. We will be safe and there's a lot of things that we could do to save our selves.
'Specter' 4 months ago
Proof, evidence, whatever. I need proof that this is actually going to happen. this video is just saying that our neighbor, Andromeda Galaxy, is going to eat us in 4 billion years. I want proof, and I want to know where this information came from and if it is based off of something.
huzny pauls
'huzny pauls' 4 months ago
we don't have to run away
Glitched SharkMusic
'Glitched SharkMusic' 4 months ago
Don't weigh down. He said when they collide Andromeda's central black hole will devour our central Black Hole. After that Andromeda and Milky way's stars will get caught in the gravity of Milky way and Andromeda. making our Galaxy and Andromeda together "big"
'Xxswag_dawgxX' 4 months ago
our sun would have gone into its red super giant stage or end the main sequence stage
Incarnate - Stardust GDX
I'M GONNA GET YA, BITCH! -Andromeda Galaxy Pre 2017
Natsu Dragneel
'Natsu Dragneel' 4 months ago
Hey i have a question.Is our Galaxy is Bigger or The Anderomada is Bigger THAN Milky Way?
Patriot Samurai
'Patriot Samurai' 4 months ago
Mess Effect kept the Andromeda galaxy from expanding from its horrible reviews
'Turklarisha' 4 months ago
Take it in your heart now lover
'Subwaytacoman' 4 months ago
0:50 when the little black hole breaks the big ones ankles
Greg Aka Drizzle
'Greg Aka Drizzle' 4 months ago
Stop calling the new formed galaxy milkomeda or milkandromeda you dumbfucks.
Alex phung
'Alex phung' 5 months ago
Wonder what name should the next galaxy should have hmm???
Emman figueras
'Emman figueras' 5 months ago
Heaven and earth will pass away,but my words will not pass away(my favorite verse on bible)
Emman figueras
'Emman figueras' 5 months ago
Heaven and earth will pass away,but my words will not pass away(my favorite verse on bible)
raphi boy
'raphi boy' 5 months ago
dont worry people the black hole is not coming to get us leave a like if you think so
night shade
'night shade' 5 months ago
even if nothing happens until then we'll still live because there's too much space in between the stars to collide
'Tenon' 5 months ago
Well Bye-Bye Species In 4 Billion Years.
'MSDLF' 5 months ago
1:01 Why do i hear death screams.
'WolfieTube' 5 months ago
By the time this happens we will be dead..... but think about the people in the future
'BOT Bob' 5 months ago
fun fact andromeda coming to us at speed like a bullet
Fairé Mapping
'Fairé Mapping' 5 months ago
or are we going to get them?
'Storm' 5 months ago
Against all expectations
min 0:25 that looks so awesome wow!
Successful Failure
'Successful Failure' 5 months ago
Plus I heard that our solar system wouldn't be hurt. Or at least the sun and the other planets.
'XueHaTa' 5 months ago
The nature rule: Eat or be eaten! (Lmao xDDD)
Billionfold world
'Billionfold world' 5 months ago
It will *NEVER* catch us *alive*!!
Enchanted Bozz
'Enchanted Bozz' 5 months ago
Do anyone ever think what will happen when all the people die went to void. It's all void
Master Yoda
'Master Yoda' 5 months ago
Don't worry, now we have Mass Affect Andomeda now, its fine. nah were fucked, but we can probably leave this galaxy by then right? No? probably not... Well I won't be alive so..
Mirna Bravo
'Mirna Bravo' 5 months ago
catch me if you can andromeda if you can I'll be dead
Goku Black Rosé
'Goku Black Rosé' 5 months ago
Me and Zamasu will take over the universe!
The Pixelated Pug
'The Pixelated Pug' 5 months ago
Hey, can't blame andromeda, even stars have favorite candies
The Pixelated Pug
'The Pixelated Pug' 5 months ago
Swiggity swooty Coming to eat your booty
ItsAndrew Here
'ItsAndrew Here' 5 months ago
I am to young to die
'E-Z' 5 months ago
called Milkdromeda
'E-Z' 5 months ago
Technicaly andromeda galaxy isn't a black hole it will just collide with our milky way galaxy and make a collision and once the collision is finished it will form into one galaxy
'E-Z' 5 months ago
This video is so wrong
'HI THERE' 5 months ago
I love the fear-mongering title of this video. It's billions of years away, Earth will not exist any more by that point.
king A
'king A' 6 months ago
I am not scared of this end of the world because someday we all humans and living things will die
Alexandra the Phanchild
Andromeda: I'm coming to get youuuu! Milky Way: Shit *Andromeda moves super slowly and reaches the Milky way after some billion years* Andromeda:I got youuuu.. Milky Way: Nuuuuuuuuu! the end
dogs are a lie
'dogs are a lie' 6 months ago
Core Flame
'Core Flame' 6 months ago
wow coming to get us? guess what style itll have sex in :/ tell meh
'Kanaga' 6 months ago
Poor Saggitarius A*
ASVP 333
'ASVP 333' 6 months ago
Its actually coming to join us..
'Bleach' 6 months ago
Haha, how do they know this? Preposterous! I don't believe this any more than I believe that extraterrestrials exist
'DinkerTV' 6 months ago
The only thing we should be really worrying about is.... UrAnus! (Ba-Dum)
Black Hole
'Black Hole' 6 months ago
'Vortex-Gaming' 6 months ago
why are we going this far into he future I mean the weather channel cannot even predict if the weather is bad tommorow
Clement Lies
'Clement Lies' 6 months ago
Andromeda is heading our way and Triangulum is too small to stop it.
'Rain' 7 months ago
If a black hole collides with a blackhole, it would not be just like a bang, it would actually loose density. The bigger black hole strips away from the smaller one, causing it to loose density, and it becomes all of the mass it had recently swallowed. Or..what's left of it. Then after that the black hole would swallow anything left of the blackhole.
'm4ti140' 7 months ago
Those black hole renders at the beginning would be great if it wasn't for that thin spherical layer of dust surrounding the event horizon to whom the general relativity apparently didn't apply.
joshua cody
'joshua cody' 7 months ago
TomsYoutube LT
'TomsYoutube LT' 8 months ago
we are all 💀💀💀
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