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Inside Story - 'Last chance' to reunite divided Cyprus -
Published: 1 year ago By: Al Jazeera English

By: Al Jazeera EnglishPublished: 1 year ago

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The small Mediterranean island of Cyprus is home to the longest serving peacekeeping mission in United Nations history.

There was conflict within years of it becoming independent from the UK in 1960.

After a Greece-backed coup aimed at merging Cyprus with Greece, Turkish troops occupied the northern side in 1974.

The island was effectively partitioned.

But it retains peaceful streets and flourishing tourism industries.

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Andreas Theophanous - Formerly an adviser to the president of Cyprus in the 1990s.

Muzaffer Senel - Lecturer at Istanbul Sehir University

Hubert Faustmann - Professor of History and Political Science at the University of Nicosia

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bagas bento
'bagas bento' 6 months ago
Cyprus should be unite Life together
'Barbarossa' 11 months ago
Why do you try to insult Turks in comments? Because you can never win over Turks, that's why bitchezzzzz. Now go and cry... History will write how a small tribe from Central Asia was always free and crushed who tried to take that untouched freedom away. (Drops the mic)
Hasan Ahmet
'Hasan Ahmet' 1 year ago
The Palestine and Cyprus is TWO different surcumstances you can not compare read the HISTORY and learn before say something ..THANKS
Henry Blackmoor
'Henry Blackmoor' 1 year ago
is the turkish guy blind?
Richard Dekker
'Richard Dekker' 1 year ago
Cyprus is turkish as the westbank is jewish. This is not changeble.
Kai Saz
'Kai Saz' 1 year ago
Turks are ISIS terrorists! And need to return back to Mongolia!
spyro A
'spyro A' 1 year ago
the dirty turk dont even know what he is talking about they destroy his cheap lies about trying to divide the island in just a second.. poorr turk you will not steal land tday..
EJ Cash
'EJ Cash' 1 year ago
The only person making sense is the Greek Cypriot in this entire interview. The Turkish guy is probably mincing his words so that he doesn't get shoved in a Turkish Prison for the rest of his life by Erdogan's secret police. In this day and age, I strongly doubt Greek Cypriots would start pogroms on Cypriot Turks (fully being aware what happened the last time with the approval of the US State Department. I'm talking to you Henry Kissinger). The Greek Cypriot is right, any peaceful harmonization between the two communities needs to be a slow, methodical and progressive process (without outside interference) and not rushed just because Nuland and foreign gas companies want it this way. That's right, it's all about the Oil and Gas, stupid! Why would, after so many years, both parties sit around the table to unify two groups of people that are distinctly, culturally, religiously very different? If it isn't for the Leviathan Gas Field in the area, under the exclusive ownership of ..... I cannot see a federation of two very different people co-exist: one culture that lives and functions based on Judeo-Christian Western Values with a sense of stability perceived by the world and the other under the Caliphate of a power hungry Megalomaniac and his repressive regime that emanates a sense of instability, which is perceived this way by the world. Turkish Cypriots are isolated because of successive Turkish Regimes that had/have and will have control over them. It doesn't seem they have much say about their own future and it's probably worse now then before with the presence of Turkish migrants. Just for example, would a rotating presidency, benefit Cypriots or Turkey should a Turkish Cypriot take the helm? Most Cypri-Greeks believe that he/she won't be making decisions to benefit Cyprus and hence, their fears are justifiable. The same goes with a foreign yet hostile army on the Island; how could a Greek Cypriot President imposed the constitution of its country on the Turkish Occupying Army if political strife radiates over a delicate situation? No matter how well the intentions are, sooner or later, the same events of 1963 will regenerate. It simply cannot work unless the 30,000 strong Turkish army along with the 10 reps of the Greek Armed forces leave the island...and give Turks Minority status with all constitutional rights. I believe that goes with what Europeans (and not those unelected officials in Brussels) would like to see in the region. What the "powers that be" will decide is a NATO force to police the island comprising of many European members including Turks, Canadians and Australians, etc. in lieu of the Turkish Occupying Forces. That's the only plausible solution I can see that would satisfy, albeit grudgingly, both parties. My 2 cents...
'laga' 1 year ago
There is something which foreigners don't get. There are 80 million Turks right above Cyprus and there is nothing to stop them from migrating on the island which will probably become an economic powerhouse with the gas. Greek Cypriots have no political nor military power to stop them nor reinforce any deal agreed, thus a deal which gives political influence to "turkish cypriots" over greek cypriots and makes the island accessible to Turks, results 100% in the ethnic cleansing of Greek Cypriots, just look at the history and current state of Turkey and the number of Turks who migrated, turkish-cypriots are now a minority on the northern part.
'MichalisTube' 1 year ago
Let's put some Turkish Democrasy in Cyprus
Fireicer Cooper
'Fireicer Cooper' 1 year ago
The only reason for dividing this island was politics. Muslim and Christian Cypriots lived in peace for centuries it was only when the British, Greeks and Turkey came along and disturbed the peace on the Island. It was all politics and nothing more. Turkish and greek cypriots do not exist. You are either Cypriot or Greek or Turkish, no such thing as Turkish-Cypriot or Greek-Cypriot. The only reason for this being like this is because of Britain and Turkeys intervention. 60 years ago everyone lived in peace. The solution is to remove the ideology of Turkish-cypriot and Greek-cypriot and just accept all Cypriots as Cypriots no defining or dividing language and allow Muslims and Christians to practice their faith in peace. Cyprus does not implicate Sharia law and never will.
That turkish guy is stupid and rude
Solo Lolo
'Solo Lolo' 1 year ago
Zagros M
'Zagros M' 1 year ago
All I can say is, I hope god himself free the world from this animals called turks.
Colin Burnside
'Colin Burnside' 1 year ago
The deal is off
spinning nonsense
'spinning nonsense' 1 year ago
Reuniting with the muslims?
'sk' 1 year ago
It is nice that there is a programme about Cyprus talks on Al Jazeera and it is normal that there are some agreements and disagreements in their discussions. However, just one small detail caught my eyes: ISN'T THE PROGRAMME MISSING A REPRESENTATIVE FOR THE TURKISH CYPRIOT COMMUNITY ON THE CYPRUS ISSUE? That guy is not a Turkish Cypriot. With a little bit effort, they could have found an academic from North Cyprus. Is this the journalism quality of Al Jazeera? I thought it was better than this. :)
'Jokester30' 1 year ago
Don't rush reunification, dont pressure anyside into anything before their ready, a reunification agreement must come from the island itself and not imposed from the outside, otherwise your just repeating the same error the British made during decolonization.
'Moac' 1 year ago
How can Turks be so opposed to Israeli occupation of East bank and Gaza when they themselves are occupying a nation and even settling it with Turks? Greeks need to get the entire island and give minority status to Turks living in it. I am a Croatian.
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