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2017 FIRST Robotics Competition STEAMWORKS Game Animation -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: FIRSTRoboticsCompetition

By: FIRSTRoboticsCompetitionPublished: 2 weeks ago

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This is the official game animation for the 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition game, FIRST STEAMWORKS. The game was announced Saturday, January 7, 2017. For more information, visit Special thanks to for creating this year’s animation.
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EnderpigeonZ 1173
'EnderpigeonZ 1173' 2 hours ago
doods I am a first year novice. this looks scary, confusing, difficult and awesome all at the same time. please tell me this is not a stupid "Rookie" thing... cause if so then I should probably stop with all the "good design ideas" I have as well right? (btw team 447 FTW)
steve deonarine
'steve deonarine' 5 hours ago
stronghold 2.0
'BloodEyePact' 1 day ago
Huh. This a far cry from the FRC what I remember, which boiled down to "Kick the ball" or "Pick up the Ball. /Then/ kick the ball."
kenny foster
'kenny foster' 2 days ago
love those yellow steampunk gears.
Alpha Centaurí
'Alpha Centaurí' 5 days ago
yo whats that song in the beginning shits straight 🔥🔥🔥
Alpha Centaurí
'Alpha Centaurí' 5 days ago
im eat some food
'NATHAN VALADEZ' 5 days ago
Very Nice
'Xandra' 2 weeks ago
Also this year's game gives me total reason to deck myself out in Steampunk fashion. :3 Anyone else going to dress up?
'Xandra' 2 weeks ago
This looks so fun! :DDD I can't wait omg!
Cadaver Corinne
'Cadaver Corinne' 2 weeks ago
Logan Page
'Logan Page' 2 weeks ago
No obstacles, can you say Mecanum Drive?
norayik karakashian
'norayik karakashian' 2 weeks ago
Watching this for the 168 time
JorgeLuis RinconesCaracciolo
Buena resolución
Darren So
'Darren So' 2 weeks ago
Anyone gonna dress as a steampunk?
Jarrod Hernandez
'Jarrod Hernandez' 2 weeks ago
"Oh dear..."
'Zoë' 2 weeks ago
It's actually illegal to throw gears lol. at 0:20 in
'Battlefieldfan146' 2 weeks ago
so happy they get Professor Elemental
Kid Fury
'Kid Fury' 2 weeks ago
How are we supposed to suck in the balls and launch them? Do we have to keep the balls collected in a tank and then launch using a separate function?
Bruin Videos
'Bruin Videos' 2 weeks ago
So, why use fuel if you can just transport gears and get 40 points per rotor? Am I missing something vital about the fuel?
Bastián Palacio
'Bastián Palacio' 2 weeks ago
last year's game was way better... however, this is WAY better than Recycle Rush lol
Michael O.
'Michael O.' 2 weeks ago
FIRST, please have another game like aerial assist
Benny Mirisola
'Benny Mirisola' 2 weeks ago
Can't wait to play Stronghold 2.0!
'CompuGaming' 2 weeks ago
meh... wish it was something like ariel assist or ultimate ascent
'Ljuby' 2 weeks ago
Two Elephants meet a totally naked guy. After a while one elephant says to the other: “I really don’t get how he can feed himself with that thing!” I have a few funny animations like this, and I'll be making even better new animations soon.
'Caps_Unlocked' 2 weeks ago
But aren't gears overpowered?
Andy Lee (Vlogs)
'Andy Lee (Vlogs)' 2 weeks ago
I am part of team 801, and i say good sir, dis is a joy good show we shall put on! lol
Euphoric Ju
'Euphoric Ju' 2 weeks ago
We all thought it would be a mini drone in the kit of parts 😭😭😭
Brandon Fedie
'Brandon Fedie' 2 weeks ago
I'm excited for this one. My last year at FIRST was 2015, and that was not a good game. This year looks like it'll be fun again.
Eren Coşkun
'Eren Coşkun' 2 weeks ago
Team #6380 OrionFRC
Luke Fisk-Lennon
'Luke Fisk-Lennon' 2 weeks ago
So excited! This year's game looks much better than previous years', especially 2015.
AJ The Gay
'AJ The Gay' 2 weeks ago
this is my first year in a FIRST directed robotics team, and I'm super amped! this is something I love doing and I love the math and thought that goes into everything we have to do. personally I'm a programmer but I don't have a problem doing design/engineering. Best of luck to everyone else competing this year, especially noobs like me and rookie teams!!
Trace LaBrenz
'Trace LaBrenz' 2 weeks ago
Climbing that rope is going to turn the robot into an expensive wrecking ball.
Hamzah Ahmed
'Hamzah Ahmed' 2 weeks ago
Not a water game, but close nuf.
bria holiay
'bria holiay' 2 weeks ago
Good luck to all the teams. And see u guys in 6 weeks @ FIRST Steamworks!!
Paul Labbé
'Paul Labbé' 2 weeks ago
SHOUTOUT TO TEAM 6331 From ontario
'DPunk94' 2 weeks ago
Bring on the electro swing! :D
Ryan Holmes
'Ryan Holmes' 2 weeks ago
Come to Rhode Island
Lucas Nalley
'Lucas Nalley' 2 weeks ago
Even if you don't like this (I do) you can just think, 'at least its better than '09'
'Lucybell783' 2 weeks ago
Top hats, goggles,gears and robots! Oh my!
'CaptainAliciaEff' 2 weeks ago
Thank you for the proper captions.
'Easty' 2 weeks ago
Anyone else thinking it may have been a football game?
Fernando Rodriguez
'Fernando Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
During the livestream: Remember kids, to edit the airship, you must be facing the inside of the airship. The guy talking goes down the right way. The guy behind him goes 1 step the right way then the last one wrong. How to trigger an Engineering Project Assurance advisers
'Arcimedes36' 2 weeks ago
Valerie Grant
'Valerie Grant' 2 weeks ago
at 1:19 it reminds me of the video 'going to the store
Jennifer Guevara
'Jennifer Guevara' 2 weeks ago
Ready to see that team with 4 drivers... and the bots that hit and run... this is going to be fun... also, let's take a moment to praise the fact that they went all out and used kilopascals :D
Janeil Nold
'Janeil Nold' 2 weeks ago
This looks like so much fun! Good luck everyone!
'EmergedBridge62' 2 weeks ago going to be hard
David Lorens
'David Lorens' 2 weeks ago
Good luck everyone who will be going to competition
Sofia Vega
'Sofia Vega' 2 weeks ago
so coooool
Kyle Byquist
'Kyle Byquist' 2 weeks ago
Caroline K.
'Caroline K.' 2 weeks ago
It sounds like Professor Elemental's voice... Am I correct?
Aric Radzin
'Aric Radzin' 2 weeks ago
No flying robots..
John Lurie
'John Lurie' 2 weeks ago
RIP dozer
'AbsolutelyCheese' 2 weeks ago
Super excited, got to see this live!
Michael Friedl
'Michael Friedl' 2 weeks ago
Looks cool!
Raven Elric
'Raven Elric' 2 weeks ago
Is destruction of a rope you bring okay?
Lucas Bell
'Lucas Bell' 2 weeks ago
Well... The water game evades us yet again... Regardless, this game looks amazing and very challenging. Best of luck to all the teams!
Joshua Pawlak
'Joshua Pawlak' 2 weeks ago
Andrew Tickel
'Andrew Tickel' 2 weeks ago
I was in first 2 years ago when they did "Recycle Rush". My parents and grandparents were excited to come to my matches but they had no idea what was going on. I feel like other parents and relatives will have the same level of enthusiasm and confusion my folks did during this game
Ali Fatih Durgut
'Ali Fatih Durgut' 2 weeks ago
sa beyler insan mıyız
Tray Keller
'Tray Keller' 2 weeks ago
This competition is going to be so lit, i mean....A JOLLY GOOD SHOW. FRC BROS!!!
'JonathanSchreifels' 2 weeks ago
yo yall hit me up with yo ideas
Nina H
'Nina H' 2 weeks ago
Oh nooooo
'Droidman1231' 2 weeks ago
Gotta Iove Disney making fun games like this. This game and Stronghold were made with their help, that's why there was a big quality boost from Recycle Rush to Stronghold.
Oğulcan Balakar
'Oğulcan Balakar' 2 weeks ago
Easy boys
'thePankakeManne' 2 weeks ago
The competitions are going to be so posh this year. Can't wait! ^_^
Monkey mafia
'Monkey mafia' 2 weeks ago
Yooo I was at the kickoff XD
shane mcawesome
'shane mcawesome' 2 weeks ago
this is an awesome game and yet my last year i got pick up the garbage with recycle rush
'ThunderBow' 2 weeks ago
This is so much better than last years
Gaetan Almela
'Gaetan Almela' 2 weeks ago
Junha Park
'Junha Park' 2 weeks ago
hi stella
Exo Warlock
'Exo Warlock' 2 weeks ago
anybody know how to put the gear on the airship besides using a giant hand
Train Master
'Train Master' 2 weeks ago
They clearly launch a gear in the animation but that is clearly against the rules....
The Hobbyt
'The Hobbyt' 2 weeks ago
Keeping up the quality from FIRST Stronghold!
'Hollidaze' 2 weeks ago
awesome! one of the most unique games in quite awhile
Joshua Miller
'Joshua Miller' 2 weeks ago
ohhhhh baby im ready
'Andrew' 2 weeks ago
This guy sounds like Colin Furze.
'catsaur' 2 weeks ago
Richard Crago
'Richard Crago' 2 weeks ago
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