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Starset - Ricochet (360 Lyric Video) -
Published: 2 months ago By: starsetonline

By: starsetonlinePublished: 2 months ago

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From the album VESSELS - available now
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Directed by Denver Cavins and Dustin Bates

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And we were bold
Over the world
We were flying through the satellites
We had ahold
of the lightning strikes
When we should have been afraid of heights
And I was trying just to get you
And now I'm dying to forget you
cause I knew I couldn't catch you
so I left the sky
and I fell behind

We were one in the same
Running like moths to the flame
You'd hang on every word I'd say
But now they only ricochet
We were falling away
You left me with a bittersweet taste
but when I send my heart your way
It bounces off the walls you made

If I was whole
I'd turn right now
I'd forget it and just walk away
Cause I've been told
That I'm dragging it out
But I've been dying just to see your face
And all I wanted was to say goodbye
into the fortress and you're stuck behind
And in the silence now I realize
That after all
That I built the wall

All these broken souls
They never make me whole
They don't know my heart

All these broken souls
Each one more beautiful
They don't know my heart

I'll send out my soul
To worlds more beautiful
But they won't know my heart
It's the darkest part

Rek Grims
'Rek Grims' 4 hours ago
this became a game of find the lyrics lol
'FinalFantasy7Freak6' 20 hours ago
That's IT!! I love technology!!!
Schneider Joachim
'Schneider Joachim' 23 hours ago
How is this mainstream?
Kay Oh
'Kay Oh' 1 day ago
Wow! Absolutely the most incredible MV I have seen in a long while!!! O: Besides that the song is utter brilliance. XD
'SIKK CHIKK' 2 days ago
Just as Amazzing Live! =)
Schneider Joachim
'Schneider Joachim' 2 days ago
This is just too good. Wow, just wow
'Gamer7766' 2 days ago
If you watch the back cabinets really closely at around 4:02 A guy will show up for just a few frames and then disappear, don't know if it was a mistake or intentional xD.
'Sarubotai' 3 days ago
Holy shit you can drag and see around INSIDE the video. I thought i was going crazy
Cillian Farrell
'Cillian Farrell' 4 days ago
If you're doing a Sci-Fi movie, and looking for music, just come to Starset and you're set.
Kara Sume
'Kara Sume' 4 days ago
Wait wait wait wait WHAT? THIS IS A 2017 SONG?? WHY AM I SURPRISED?
Sergeant_ Chris
'Sergeant_ Chris' 4 days ago
I was sitting on the fucking toilet and I was trying to find those damn lyrics while pooping XDD
Keltorian Valengard
And again an amazing album guys! Anyone noticed that this is the same girl like in the halo music video? There can also be seen scenes from halo on the monitors at 4:27.
Timo Nunes
'Timo Nunes' 5 days ago
love it
Cleo Shaddick
'Cleo Shaddick' 5 days ago
i really like that its interactive, it gives me a challenge to find the lyrics lol. this will be liked by me
Maria clara Camargo
Hanna Martins
'Hanna Martins' 5 days ago
Mds q música boa😍
'Armezea' 6 days ago
4k quality of music and video....
francis hosey
'francis hosey' 6 days ago
What brand of 360 camera are they using???? I need one for a trip to Switzerland!!!
Ijiura Z
'Ijiura Z' 7 days ago
I can so imagine this being in a movie trailer...
Manny Diaz
'Manny Diaz' 1 week ago
360 doesn't work?
SchweinKiller Lol
'SchweinKiller Lol' 1 week ago
Carlos Moreno González
'Googlebrains' 1 week ago
2015 wasn't really anything unless I'm not looking hard enough. 2016 was the year of metalcore. (TDWP, ADTR, ETID) 2017 is going to be the year of alt metal. (Starset, Linkin Park, maybe SOAD) If we're going to be following this pattern: 2018 - Nothing much 2019 - Metalcore 2020 - Alt metal
Ikeda Cripps
'Ikeda Cripps' 1 week ago
abeg what is this?
'SavageNinja' 1 week ago
2:01 don't bring politics into here :(
Eman Eshiet
'Eman Eshiet' 1 week ago
419 people couldn't find the running lyrics 😭😭
josh nalepa
'josh nalepa' 1 week ago
you can sense the emotion in his voice. even after a month since this came out, I still watch it and listen to it. it's so damn good. I hope it gets nominated for a award, it's complex but amazing. to me starset has their own style, they sound like no other band/music but in a awsome way. one reason why I like them
XxFlower CrxwnxX
'XxFlower CrxwnxX' 1 week ago
What is the story behind with this? like with their songs? Because,i can see that the girl in the videos from the projector is the girl lying on the table. I can connect this with Let It Die.
RedHawk TV
'RedHawk TV' 1 week ago
'Gunter' 1 week ago
Christopher Fassih
LCK Army, Stand at attention
'LUKY GAMES-BR' 2 weeks ago
é normal viciar nessa música ?
Ankur Rai
'Ankur Rai' 2 weeks ago
starset is just too perfect
'FlusherCheese' 2 weeks ago
eL 4ster1sK
'eL 4ster1sK' 2 weeks ago
good time
'good time' 2 weeks ago
Wtf.I can move screen of clip
Sofía Agüero
'Sofía Agüero' 2 weeks ago
This is the best lyric video I've ever seen, good job Starset you have surprise once again
Jason Lewis
'Jason Lewis' 2 weeks ago
Didn't think that the first album could be topped but I was obviously wrong. Great song and awesome album with outstanding lyrics......Love it
'FlusherCheese' 2 weeks ago
Alejandro Tanda García
Yes, this band is really good, but i still prefer Downplay ;____;
Alejandro Tanda García
I MISS DOWNPLAY SO MUUUUUUUUCHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOWNPLAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (walk alone with tears)
'TheScienceGuy120' 2 weeks ago
i went and saw these guys live last monday. greatest night of my life.
Jacob Dorsen
'Jacob Dorsen' 2 weeks ago
Starset : "ricochet" Word of tanks in the background : "we didn't even scratch them"
James Kay
'James Kay' 2 weeks ago
This is really neat
hunter smith
'hunter smith' 2 weeks ago
Best song ever! PERFECT for what is going on in life right now
'WildTimes' 2 weeks ago
'Neisian' 2 weeks ago
2:00 "and after all ... Trump built the wall" Meh... after listening to this album one hundred times I'm getting just a bit crazy.
'DragonfireGames' 2 weeks ago
Anyone notice the guy sitting in the corner for like a second
'DigiYugi' 2 weeks ago
At 4:00 the doctor disappears and a guy appears in the back corner.
Daniil Kaizer
'Daniil Kaizer' 2 weeks ago
Behold the masterpiece!
Jaine Ferreira
'Jaine Ferreira' 2 weeks ago
'bakos88' 2 weeks ago
every time something happens with me starset come out with a song related to the thing what just happened... just..thank you guys
Sweet Chawaa
'Sweet Chawaa' 3 weeks ago
A fucking emotional song ! Beautiful ! <3
Dana Rox
'Dana Rox' 3 weeks ago
This vid is effing weird 👌🏻😎 like it
'TwT' 3 weeks ago
This band is perfection, since Lamb of God I've never found another band where I literally enjoy every single song they release.
muehuehue he
'muehuehue he' 3 weeks ago
anyone with some medical knowledge has an idea of whats happening in the video?
'ShineStar' 3 weeks ago
esto es ¡¡¡GENIAL!!!
Jane Angl
'Jane Angl' 3 weeks ago
Brilliant - everything.
Scott Lucas
'Scott Lucas' 3 weeks ago
I thought this was cool with my computer...but with my phone...Wow! Plus a killer song.
Jeremy Lewis
'Jeremy Lewis' 3 weeks ago
Out of the two albums they've released this might be my favorite of all their songs. It's just so deep and amazing.
Night Lynn
'Night Lynn' 3 weeks ago
This is absolutely amazing
'Lea' 3 weeks ago
could get an orgasm everytime I hear this song lol
L Lawliet
'L Lawliet' 3 weeks ago
just follow the man walking around and you will catch the lyrics, except the last refrain
Robert Bunke
'Robert Bunke' 3 weeks ago
The new single "New Horizon" by -korea- Check it out:
Никита Щигельский
Most epic part begins from 2:42
Joshua Schumaker
'Joshua Schumaker' 3 weeks ago
Go to YouTube. Put on repeat listen for the next 24 hours straight.
Joel G
'Joel G' 3 weeks ago
Where's the jumpscare???
'julipr' 3 weeks ago
This is one of my favorites! And overall, the whole album is amazing!
Pretzel The Animator
Transmissions *me screaming internally* Vessels *me screaming both internally and externally*
Ardit Xhafa
'Ardit Xhafa' 3 weeks ago
Forse sono l'unico che vive in italia e ascolta questa stupenda canzone,do great songs like that guys,first i diden't liked it but now is my favourite
Glitch 420
'Glitch 420' 3 weeks ago
this video is fucking awesome!!!! love that you can control the view and love the ending to this
Mikey G
'Mikey G' 3 weeks ago
This should have at least 100 million views but most people unfortunately have a terrible taste of music: whoop whoop and another unoriginal chilled melody with no energy what so ever (and this comes from an EDM fan)
'rainbowdash' 3 weeks ago
awesome! *w*
Connor Shady
'Connor Shady' 3 weeks ago
This is the coolest sh*t
'Mumbisartchannel' 3 weeks ago
Me: Wow, this will be fun *Few minutes* Me: WHERE ARE THE FRICKING LYRICS MY GOD
LizHunterKarateKid /Lizzy
We were one and the same- Richochet We are one and the same- My Demons
'MJ' 3 weeks ago
I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG. Here's the best part start at 2:55 EPIC.
Han Z
'Han Z' 3 weeks ago
No matter who I speak to, no matter how close they are it seems my words only ricochet too. You get used to it eventually. If no one will love you then you need to love yourself eh ^^
Lucas Soares
'Lucas Soares' 3 weeks ago
Wellington Mateus
'Wellington Mateus' 3 weeks ago
LCK 2017 =D
Phoebe Pruneda
'Phoebe Pruneda' 3 weeks ago
anyone know who is the girl at 2:30?
The Real MaKoy
'The Real MaKoy' 3 weeks ago
Speechless....just amazing, The song, video...everything
gAIM_ Goddess
'gAIM_ Goddess' 3 weeks ago
I think this was an awesome way to use the whole 360 view thing on YT
Mathew Wallace
'Mathew Wallace' 3 weeks ago
I always find it so damn eerie each time I listen to this song towards the end the girl wakes up from comatose.
Amber Marner
'Amber Marner' 3 weeks ago
I can't keep up where the lyrics are at D: but this is so amazing!!
michael g
'michael g' 3 weeks ago
It took me a few mins to realize the video moves 😂😂😂
Sebastian Castellanos
this is the first time I've seen this done, Holy crap nice.
Andy Dirtmonkas
'Andy Dirtmonkas' 4 weeks ago
there he is
Andy Dirtmonkas
'Andy Dirtmonkas' 4 weeks ago
I'm trying to find the doctor
AMV- All Music Videos
Ayesha Saqib
'Ayesha Saqib' 4 weeks ago
Сергей Корчуганов
альбом у группы живой а это видео не очень
'Magneto' 4 weeks ago
I'm reading comments and I'm like "What are they talking about 'interactive'?" and I touch the screen and I'm like *"WHAT BLACK MAGIC IS THIS?"*
Frayer Miller
'Frayer Miller' 4 weeks ago
There music is so creative and different from the usual love song crap. It's amazing
Tommy Messina
'Tommy Messina' 4 weeks ago
And here's my new favorite song
Usernames Are Overrated
Galexy to my ears
Hannibal Lecter
'Hannibal Lecter' 4 weeks ago
The best song in the whole album.Got an eargasm on 4:20 :D
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