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Starset - Ricochet (360 Lyric Video) -
Published: 6 months ago By: starsetonline

By: starsetonlinePublished: 6 months ago

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From the album VESSELS - available now
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Directed by Denver Cavins and Dustin Bates

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And we were bold
Over the world
We were flying through the satellites
We had ahold
of the lightning strikes
When we should have been afraid of heights
And I was trying just to get you
And now I'm dying to forget you
cause I knew I couldn't catch you
so I left the sky
and I fell behind

We were one in the same
Running like moths to the flame
You'd hang on every word I'd say
But now they only ricochet
We were falling away
You left me with a bittersweet taste
but when I send my heart your way
It bounces off the walls you made

If I was whole
I'd turn right now
I'd forget it and just walk away
Cause I've been told
That I'm dragging it out
But I've been dying just to see your face
And all I wanted was to say goodbye
into the fortress and you're stuck behind
And in the silence now I realize
That after all
That I built the wall

All these broken souls
They never make me whole
They don't know my heart

All these broken souls
Each one more beautiful
They don't know my heart

I'll send out my soul
To worlds more beautiful
But they won't know my heart
It's the darkest part

'appel' 21 hours ago
can't say more then Beautiful. I Cried because it was so good
goroshark 123
'goroshark 123' 1 day ago
how the rotation thing
'cheetolizard' 2 days ago
'cheetolizard' 2 days ago
'Dana' 2 days ago
the break the clock the light at the end ......
Roman King
'Roman King' 4 days ago
amazing interactions with this video on cell phone
'yveltalsdoom' 6 days ago
man awesome song
'mathaus' 7 days ago
Did anyone else see the doctor disappear for a second?
iyad mais
'iyad mais' 7 days ago
What is the meaning of ricochet
'Meita' 1 week ago
como hacen para q se mueva la pantalla
'CHEEJICAKE' 1 week ago
If I had to choose only one artist to listen till the end of my days I'll sure choose Starset I can't spend one day without listening to such bops
Kelly Nikole
'Kelly Nikole' 1 week ago
You left me with a bittersweet taste.
Kelly Nikole
'Kelly Nikole' 1 week ago
Running like moths to the flame <3
Kelly Nikole
'Kelly Nikole' 1 week ago
This is my favorite song by them <3 but I like so many.
aik busmeon
'aik busmeon' 1 week ago
isn't she the girl from Halo?
Inferno EV
'Inferno EV' 2 weeks ago
Woah. I've never seen a 360 video before. I'm glad it was Starset that showed me.
'tuebattlefront' 2 weeks ago
The best song from the new record I think
dark tail 502
'dark tail 502' 2 weeks ago
this is cool howed did you make this
'J/Zen' 2 weeks ago
I've had family that have ended up in the hospital from drugs and alcohol abuse and this video + the music + the fact its an interactive experience really hit my heart. Love this band.
Mr Lim
'Mr Lim' 3 weeks ago
my album of the year
Peter Gold
'Peter Gold' 3 weeks ago
wait.. can it be..? in this song the girl is the same as in the telephatic video.. hmm.. maybe this and that are connected like carnivore and monster.
lolcat101 conley
'lolcat101 conley' 3 weeks ago
me death wish no more starset makes every thing better love starset
Evolved Beats
'Evolved Beats' 3 weeks ago
very weird glitch at 4:01
'Vitav' 3 weeks ago
WTF guys? This song is just boring. xD
'darkwowplayer' 3 weeks ago
It's official, Starset is now my second favorite band, i love them!
Bethany Terry
'Bethany Terry' 4 weeks ago
For whatever it matters, I'm the actress :)
Bryce Hyers
'Bryce Hyers' 4 weeks ago
This song is so fucking good!
Hillary Cierra
'Hillary Cierra' 4 weeks ago
absolutely love this band. His voice is so mesmerizing! 💖
Ludmila Benitez
'Ludmila Benitez' 4 weeks ago
estuvo genial fue lo mejor
'Gazoonia' 4 weeks ago
It doesn't work very well with my VR headset. I'm seeing double :( Am I doing it wrong?
'goldosprey' 4 weeks ago
I wonder what happened to her
Cooper Johnson
'Cooper Johnson' 4 weeks ago
At 4:27 you can see 'DR. WISE' written on the white board. Nice little easter egg.
Sheltar Haarmen
'Sheltar Haarmen' 4 weeks ago
That moment when you realize you were actually that girl entire time, experiencing NDE. Can't imagine the feeling watching this videoclip in VR for the first time:)
'Skutr45' 1 month ago
Literally a more modern Breaking Benjamin
Hoàng Huy Nguyễn
'Hoàng Huy Nguyễn' 1 month ago
the drum sounds so... majestic
'Livin' Like Larry' 1 month ago
Actually got to see these guys live a year back along with another band, and at the time I didn't know who Starset were (we went cause the other band) but now I do, and they're ​pretty good live. But in general, they're good. Interesting video, too.
Erin Sissom
'Erin Sissom' 1 month ago
this is sooo cool!!!!!!!
Trust Gaming
'Trust Gaming' 1 month ago
There was no real point realating the interactiveness to the song other than "hey look what we can do"
AbeLinc 7 I
I think that soul part means it was sent into the injured girl and then she was alive 🌍
'Guerrero' 1 month ago
really cool concept te 360 view :O
'TUBA LOCO' 1 month ago
Starset is my only favorite band. There music makes me happy even if I'm having a bad day or I'm feeling down.
'tuebattlefront' 1 month ago
God DAMN!!!! 2 Records an both are amazing as fuck shit love you!
Brandie Gravitt
'Brandie Gravitt' 1 month ago
'Trending' 1 month ago
what u can view all the room by just swiping against the screen
Unknown Soldier
'Unknown Soldier' 1 month ago
This on VR would be dope.
Axel Torres
'Axel Torres' 1 month ago
esa no me la esperaba :v +10
'ಥ_ಥ' 1 month ago
i love this song so much starset can never dissapoint me this band really shouldnt be so underrated
'H3' 1 month ago
Coolest thing I've seen shitfaced on a Tuesday! Utterly outstanding!
Sonic The Hedgehog
'Sonic The Hedgehog' 1 month ago
i never waste of time to hear starset songs !!!
mack george
'mack george' 1 month ago
Aw Man!! 8)))
Programa GamePhone
'Programa GamePhone' 2 months ago
Елена Ганул
Alex 13M
'Alex 13M' 2 months ago
Skribzy XD
'Skribzy XD' 2 months ago
An interactive Lyric Video? That's Dope As Fuck!? And the song was fucking amazing holy shit this was cool!
'LØRD NEMEŠIŠ' 2 months ago
blue 275
'blue 275' 2 months ago
Did anyone else find the little Easter eggs and get excited like me, Dr wise on the whiteboard and the monster music video on the computer screen
'wilmerjbm' 2 months ago
i found a new song for my top 5 all time songs <3
marcus cacilhas
'marcus cacilhas' 2 months ago
Ayden Ye
'Ayden Ye' 2 months ago
can wee see it on VeeR VR
vauramo, l.
'vauramo, l.' 2 months ago
Come to brazil <3
Lily Am
'Lily Am' 2 months ago
this video is aswsome you can move it
Logan Perez
'Logan Perez' 2 months ago
We were going away Posing with hearts on a chain I posted on the comments you made. Now they only Ricochet.
Emma G
'Emma G' 2 months ago
Is the doctor Dustin Bates???
Darkest Holy
'Darkest Holy' 2 months ago
2:45 4:02 take a closer look to the room
Darkest Holy
'Darkest Holy' 2 months ago
Starset is Love Starset is Life
Little Miss Listless
'Little Miss Listless' 2 months ago
Guys, there's a computer monitor near the end that shows the last few seconds of the music video for Halo!
Brandon Stevens
'Brandon Stevens' 2 months ago
4:52 thought my phone broke hahahaha. great fucking band!
Thiago Brasil
'Thiago Brasil' 2 months ago
Nice... very good!
Kaotic Blade Gaming
'Kaotic Blade Gaming' 2 months ago
From 4:37 to the end is my favorite part. It's so calm and melodius
secert youtube person
hmmm still think 3 days grace is better so far i mean i like the song my demonds thats it
'Undine66770' 2 months ago
I have a few questions... I like the whole hospital-scientific-facility scene in this, but-- 1: Why is that person comatose? 2: Is the doctor Dustin?
TheFireman21 Gaming
'TheFireman21 Gaming' 2 months ago
is it just me or did anyone else see on the computer at 4:30 the music video halo by starset
PanZard 112
'PanZard 112' 2 months ago
สตาร์เซ็ต ไม่คยมีคำว่าผิดหวัง :]
Ethean Duplantier
'Ethean Duplantier' 2 months ago
i can move the camera around so cool
Dream Pop
'Dream Pop' 2 months ago
That last scene was amazing
Steven Coon
'Steven Coon' 2 months ago
'CriticalEnmity' 2 months ago
Can someone explain whats happening in the music video? is she sick? Whats with the projection, is that her thoughts?
Zak Khat
'Zak Khat' 2 months ago
360 ;)
Michael Johnson
'Michael Johnson' 2 months ago
I too enjoy singing songs about my Irish friend Rick.
visioN GT
'visioN GT' 2 months ago
Minty Hallelujah
'Minty Hallelujah' 2 months ago
Wait is this supposed to be interactive cuz this is scary the shit out of me when I move my phone
Warrior De La Paz
'Warrior De La Paz' 2 months ago
360 video playback is not supported on this browser. Why Safari?
'OMGITSSTEVEN' 2 months ago
I always loved where is wally , but where is the lyrics is a hard one :p
Elias Fonseca
'Elias Fonseca' 2 months ago
So dope
'byAvaaR' 2 months ago
LOL I just realized that this is an interactive video where u can move the camera to see the lyrics and so on :OO
Nate Wysocka
'Nate Wysocka' 2 months ago
That guy in the corner at 2:45...
'Nay-Nayyy' 2 months ago
Starset deserve more fans then One Direction, or any other band.
Karina Soto
'Karina Soto' 2 months ago
siddharth singh
'siddharth singh' 2 months ago
love from india , biggest fan here
Mazer Ryuu
'Mazer Ryuu' 2 months ago
best video I've ever seen. you let us be part of the video
sai Aditya
'sai Aditya' 2 months ago
The music at the end with the logo of vessels .... Touches the goddamn heart !
The Seth Rollins
'The Seth Rollins' 2 months ago
woo que cool
'bikersblu' 2 months ago
I've watched this a couple of times and never noticed all the little gems in the side room lol Dr Aston Wise! And the monitors...I really need to pay more attention to stuff lol
'HARRUMPH' 2 months ago
Just found out they made new songs saw them live a couple years ago
Camila Rodriguez
'Camila Rodriguez' 2 months ago
STARSET is my life prrs :v
Azucena Gomez
'Azucena Gomez' 2 months ago
I ❤ Starset.
'MrFlipperInvader782' 2 months ago
beginning reminds me of the hills by the weekend
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