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Vladimir Putin: What does the world think of Russian president? - BBC News -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Power-hungry, handsome, or the best president in the world?
People in 10 countries share their views of Russian President Vladimir Putin, ahead of presidential elections on Sunday.
Video by Helene Daouphars.

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Svetlana Vasiljeva Vasiljeva
Interesting what people think about all the propaganda??? Serious??? A circus
'xenon127' 3 hours ago
Handsome ?!?!?! He’s ugliest guy I know. Short, bald weird baby like face.
'DAMN SON' 1 day ago
Mafia leader)
ants kilu
'ants kilu' 2 days ago
first BBC is red question is not correct, if eastern europ stops take teir oil, lest ask this question again.
Jack Sabbath
'Jack Sabbath' 2 days ago
I hope Putin invades Western Europe.
Jack Sabbath
'Jack Sabbath' 2 days ago
I love Putin. I hate the BBC. I hope he kills lots of our traitor politicians.
'Jelendra13' 3 days ago
Why did not you ask over 56 million Russians who re elected him?!!
Rebeca Gutiérrez
'Rebeca Gutiérrez' 3 days ago
Vladimir Putin is BOSS
Call me Al
'Call me Al' 3 days ago
Did you guys Notice that those in the Middle East said positive things about him But the West said negative about him. Wonder why ?
Good Old Days
'Good Old Days' 4 days ago
Media is no one to tell us who is what... Fcuk news media
'angelrmf' 4 days ago
Dictator perpetuo
'BIgBanG VIP' 4 days ago
did that idiot say thank god we Americans don't do that fuck me lool
Rita Doucet
'Rita Doucet' 4 days ago
Prophecy quote: “Russia will come to glorify God the most, the West has made civilization progress, but without God and acts as if they are their own creator”.
Lao tze
'Lao tze' 4 days ago
Putin is a Great Man! A leader who works for the interest of his own people, unlike EU leaders.
Juan Renteris
'Juan Renteris' 5 days ago
Putin is a strong leader but we need to keep good relations between the US, UK, and Russia instead of trying to start a war with each other.. Idk bout everyone in each country but I'm only 18 watching this worlds chaos fall down lol and watching this tension between UK and Russia and hopefully we don't go to war because it would be some bullshit t fight a war that UK and Russia can prevent lmaooo .. Hopefully we don't but I just would like to ask my British brothers if our world were to go to shit like what our grandparents had to go through in WW1 & WW2 would you fight fr your country if you guys were conscripted???? Because in the US once you turn 18 you have to register for selective service which is a draft for war lmaoooo
Свет Мак
'Свет Мак' 5 days ago
western countries hate him, and it's the best proof that he is a good leader. they want to see a puppet which they can manipulate.
younes A
'younes A' 5 days ago
I dislike this video.....putin has stood against american bully....BBC is fake news.They want to tear putin...simply cant,no tools for that.
Mike will
'Mike will' 5 days ago
When no one else is allowed to run against you, and the ballots were stuffed by Putin supporters. You didn't really "Win" anything. Putin is a dictator and like all Dictators will be removed, either by running away, or being killed. Putin knows this, which is why Putin has stolen billions from the people and bought Villas in Spain and Switzerland
'Tom' 5 days ago
In the Islamic world, Shia people love him, but Sunnis hate him. Yeah... He has a mafia style of ruling. If he doesn't, his country will be fragmented even more. Does he rig elections? Yes, both abroad and in his own country. Every powerful nation does rig elections abroad overtly or covertly. Lets be honest, US has the best history in rigging elections. If they fail that way, then the American fire power comes knocking. These are the realities of the world. Even the basic Democratic elections in large democracies are rigged from the get go. Special interests, political funds, favours..these hamper the very spirit of democracy. But they are widespread. International politics is a muddy pond, and Putin is the big fish. Else he would be eaten by the bigger ones. The recent Russian elections, people even didn't bother to go and vote, because they knew, Putin is going to rule 6 more years irrespective. He is, at the least, a big fish in his own country. But people love him, because in an uncertain world, he is certain about his policies and does what he says unapologetically.
'DigUrOwnHole' 5 days ago
1:40 that guy is typical brainwashed american
Aerospace Engineer
@1:40 Gramps has had one Budweiser too many 😂
bitches be trippin
Is this guy for fucken real ??? Thank god americans dont do that !!!!!!!!!
Henry Clayton
'Henry Clayton' 5 days ago
The only thing I learned from this video is that 90% of people are extremely ill informed and have no idea what they are talking about when they talk about putin. The people in this video are extremely naive and treat this topic lightly, some even complement Putin. That’s scary and worrisome. Putin is a dictator who attempts to undermine any form of democracy. He rigs his own election, meddles in the affairs of others, oppresses any political opposition and even orders the death of political opponents. If you want real analysis on Russia listen to masha gessen. This is a joke bbc.
Bison Zubr
'Bison Zubr' 5 days ago
"thank god the americans dont do that"?!?! excuse me?! dislike american zombies haha.
Abdul Mumin Adam Jallo
Africans are proud of you Emperor Putin
Alex R.
'Alex R.' 5 days ago
Is this a kind of result control for your propaganda? I would say you did a good job!
Вова Брызгалов
I.m from in russia .my school mastergrad. Ilke ...я из россии моя школа мастерграл она мне нравится кто из россии ил кому нрвится россия ставь лайк
Arshad Joe
'Arshad Joe' 6 days ago
That US guy, he must be joking tho... hahaha ...Anyway Putin. . He got the balls of a steel. .. he is the best president in the world. . I like his style... From Singapore
'toocumbersome' 6 days ago
The usual totally scripted bull shit from the BBC.
1:45 "thank god we Americans don't do that!" 😂
shabdik acharyya
'shabdik acharyya' 6 days ago
Whatever you think he will still be the boss
'germsify' 6 days ago
1:43 Statement I would make IF1- CNN Syndrom 2- First Man landing on earth
Sashi Sen
'Sashi Sen' 6 days ago
An American telling that Americans don't poke in other countries affairs .Fuck off now will you.Yankees are funny.Putin is great and Putin is badass.
Sam Gsn
'Sam Gsn' 6 days ago
Lol thanks God we are American we dont that , what a jok
Naruto Uzumaki
'Naruto Uzumaki' 6 days ago
All the people who say bad stuff about putin they don’t know shit because the other countries that don’t like him will say bad stuff like my friend told me that his dad saw news that said that putin killed a russian that didn’t like him which is bullshit plus he’s the best president and everyone knows it he’s the only president that was elected almost for 20 years and 90% of russians vote for him which is another record broken all the fake news you heard on the internet its all a lie you can’t believe every thing you hear on the internet
Naruto Uzumaki
'Naruto Uzumaki' 6 days ago
Americans don’t know shit
Rapid Thrash
'Rapid Thrash' 6 days ago
why is he not in the dirt like the people he wrongly made disappeared? How much longer must humanity wait until this burden is gone?
'DaNukePandaz' 6 days ago
2:28 At least Putin and Russia aren’t running out of water
michel brillaud
'michel brillaud' 6 days ago
"Thank god, we americans don't do that ' !!!!!!!! And Irak, Iran, Georgia, Ukraine ... I can go on and on ...
'GITESH JHA' 6 days ago
BBC sucks at a totally different level..... pathetic ......
Sal K
'Sal K' 6 days ago
Glad to see three Pakistanis being positive on Putin, vast majority of Pakistanis feel good about him, in fact he offers resistance from the new world order doctrine and Islam historically there was a character that is compared to Putin, a modern new age Zulqarnain who resisted powers before and in shape of Putin is doing again, yes history repeats itself.
'SmithN' Wesson' 6 days ago
Funny Putin takes out his competition Navalny than buses in voters has the cameras at polling stations blocked. One word..Convenient
'394pjo' 6 days ago
“They can hate me, so long as they fear me” Caligula
'bornofosiriss' 6 days ago
1:43 not sure what he's on but I'm appalled by his ignorance, unless of course he's being super sarcastic. The rest of the haters, just shows that mainstream media has been doing a real good job and making sure they live under a rock.
'dannybou' 6 days ago
Controlling, Dictating and worried about him are the 1st response. FUCK propaganda
Ambrose Olowo
'Ambrose Olowo' 6 days ago
arafath abid
'arafath abid' 6 days ago
BBC shows only its side of the view
sujin raja
'sujin raja' 6 days ago
Greatest leader of my lifetime
Toni ToO HuMaN
'Toni ToO HuMaN' 6 days ago
The world? Or you mean,stupid people,brain wash by western media,propaganda I don't think these peoples speak for 7billion people in the world.this is more like USA propaganda to demonize countries they can't puppet
Aman Singh
'Aman Singh' 6 days ago
one word to describe Putin "savage" and in two words "absolute savage "
Lord Voldemort
'Lord Voldemort' 6 days ago
Putin is the most powerful man in the world.
'AL De TIT MAN' 6 days ago
A true leader not like the west puppets
Drew Dixon
'Drew Dixon' 7 days ago
Is the guy at 1.40 Best comedian ever.
Robert Wilkinson
'Robert Wilkinson' 7 days ago
The boss
violeta violet
'violeta violet' 7 days ago
I am a Pilipino and I like the way Pres. Putin leads his country.. He is a gifted leader that every countries leader should follow.! Live long The Russian President Vladimir Putin.
violeta violet
'violeta violet' 7 days ago
I love Pres. Putin of Russia. He is a God gifted leader. A peace maker leader. Hurray Pres. Putin..
UT 246
'UT 246' 7 days ago
If Putin is “power hungry”, what do you call Obama, Theresa, Benjamin, Hillary !
UT 246
'UT 246' 7 days ago
The ones who call him a dictator don’t watch Russian news at all.
'Daniele' 7 days ago
We Americans don't do that. AHAH
Aneesh Raj
'Aneesh Raj' 7 days ago
This video just shows anti-Russian propaganda in different parts of the world.
John Osmers
'John Osmers' 7 days ago
A good sample to see how effective MSM propergander is. Lol
Mankusa mankusa
'Mankusa mankusa' 7 days ago
@1:44 I dislike when putin meddling in other countries affair, THANKS GOD WE AMERICANS DON'T DO THAT ! Lol , really? I see how this guy is screwed-up all his entire life, when it comes to politics and history issues.
Bozo Clown
'Bozo Clown' 7 days ago
The thinking mans question is, what was Russia's position before Putin and what is it today - death rates, Crime Rates, GDP, state of industry and agriculture.
'azzuri09' 7 days ago
Good to see alot of public in other countries know that he is doing the right thing being the counterbalance in this world
Живко Яннкулоски
1:43 | He did not just say that... Holy fuck, I'm pissing my pants laughing...
sean murphy
'sean murphy' 1 week ago
BBC Total shit Fake News 24/7 for Jew New World Order
Putin helped trump in the elections. And Trump won.
wonderful world
'wonderful world' 1 week ago
BBC is mafia spy machine, warmonger. Dead to hell. God bless putin we love you.
Sujoy Sardar
'Sujoy Sardar' 1 week ago
Putin did many good things for Russia like.. self-sufficient of Russia or weather it's modernize Russia or bring economic development to find new market for oil & gas.. despite Westan scansions.. or find new alleys.. rest of it's up-to Russia.. 🙏
It is Time
'It is Time' 1 week ago
Russia is the best president ever.
Robert Brewer
'Robert Brewer' 1 week ago
The Best anyone can do is make a wide variety of information sources open to you, carefully making sure you do not de-select info sources that often contradict your world view. Be aware of bias...
Robert Brewer
'Robert Brewer' 1 week ago
The available media filters I have in the west are of a different "Rx" than those available to those in the East (etc)
Robert Brewer
'Robert Brewer' 1 week ago
We, the general public, have no real idea of what Mr. Putin is like. If you are being honest with yourself, we only know Mr.Putin by what media filters we view him thru.
Alexander The Great
President Putin s great & strong leader he takes No shit when he moves he does not turn back foward backwards never
Tushar 1518
'Tushar 1518' 1 week ago
He is the best <3
Mike Chil
'Mike Chil' 1 week ago
what's f.the world wants from Russia.and.Putin?
'Angelika' 1 week ago
Vladimir, Włodzimierz, Volodymyr - Slavic name - Vlad means power, governance, authority, mir means peace, name means "ruler of the world", "ruler of peace", "peaceful ruler"
Gasagara n thacien
1:34 hehe 😂 ignorant old man, Us meddles all around! It has nukes in Alaska & poland, basically having 🇷🇺 on gun point ☝🏿
Gasagara n thacien
I feel like U.K. Wants something with russia tho!
Morrigan Ravenchild
Putin is an unprincipled crook.
'korencek' 1 week ago
you can see the level of ignorance in USA and south africa. brainwashed by their media.
'John' 1 week ago
Putin is the best president in the world for a while. I wish Nigeria had someone like him
Abul Hussain
'Abul Hussain' 1 week ago
He handles the international press like a legend.
Sam Fisher
'Sam Fisher' 1 week ago
Dear BBC, how easy is it to create a compilation of biased, highly micro managed public responses and get people to think a certain way? Do you think your superior sources have anything planned such as say, WW3? If an official BBC editor or journalist is reading this comment. Ask yourself how much freedom you really have without authorising content with your superior. And then, ask yourself if the sources are repeated over and over again. Think PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION.
Patricia Dileonardo
Putin would be willing to die to protect Russia like the recent pilot that was shot down fighting until he died in Syria. That fighting spirit seems to be in most Russians.
Neuto Justin
'Neuto Justin' 1 week ago
Americans don't do that 😂😂😂 are everywhere 🤔
kamran kam
'kamran kam' 1 week ago
Did you hear that American, thank God we don't do that?? Oh Vietnam, Korea, Panama, Grenada, Iran, Guatemala, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and..... Don't count for him.
João Rafael
'João Rafael' 1 week ago
The greatest leader of all time. He transformed his country from a poor and corrupt country to a great country. A multicultural and safe country. He kicked the oligarchs out that were ripping the country. He saved Syria from another western disaster. He treats every other country with respect. He’s inteligent, poised, firm and knowledgeable. Greetings from Portugal.
'DR DRILLER' 1 week ago
00:07 says the guy who's own country is run by a cooperate mafias..
HITESH Adhikari
'HITESH Adhikari' 1 week ago
Americans are the stupidest people on the face of the earth Meddling in election? Interference in other nation? Lol
Molina Arturo
'Molina Arturo' 1 week ago
Despite of fighting Midle East wrong patriots-terrorist, most of arabic countryes support him......notice that haters are ONU country members...
JT Boss
'JT Boss' 1 week ago
Mr puttin is only politian i dont consider a perasite to the world
Arpan Garg Sarmah
'Arpan Garg Sarmah' 1 week ago
"Thank God we Americans dont do that!!!"???? ROFL
'thanhaq98' 1 week ago
A good Russian president with US and its allies is an obedient one
'Amadeus190890' 1 week ago
From Scotland with love for Putin.
corentin donatien
'corentin donatien' 1 week ago
United states people are really the dumber
Anti EU
'Anti EU' 1 week ago
god bless Mr Putin
Dhruba Maitra
'Dhruba Maitra' 1 week ago
I like Putin....He is the Boss...But the Americans don't have idea about him...They are completely brain washed..
Arshad Khan
'Arshad Khan' 1 week ago
1:42 , The way he meddles in Affair of other countries, thanks good we American don't do that. This just cranked me up it's funny ....😉😁😁
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