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Lil Xan - Betrayed (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_) -
Published: 6 months ago By: Cole Bennett

By: Cole BennettPublished: 6 months ago

127, 431, 344 views

1, 182, 314 Likes   79, 185 Dislikes

Lil Xan - Betrayed (Prod. Bobby Johnson)

Shot + Edited by Cole Bennett


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Cole Bennett

Lyrical Lemonade

Gavin Nerat
'Gavin Nerat' 2 minutes ago
Quincy13 Wincy
'Quincy13 Wincy' 2 minutes ago
He looks so tired tho
'BlueDevTV' 8 minutes ago
He predicted Lil Peeps death?
rhiannon hopkins
'rhiannon hopkins' 9 minutes ago
Infinite United Squad
'Infinite United Squad' 9 minutes ago
Is it me or all the lil say the same word? Lil pump Gucci gang Lil xan (I forgot sorry XD
Leonna Slay
'Leonna Slay' 11 minutes ago
This was released on my birthday random stuff
I Am the tru gamer
'I Am the tru gamer' 17 minutes ago
79k people missed the like button
'FunnyNotFunny' 22 minutes ago
“And that pussy taste of skittles.” 😂
KaiTheKoolKid Modz
'KaiTheKoolKid Modz' 24 minutes ago
Question:What Does He Mean By Xans Gone Take You?
Diamond Reaper
'Diamond Reaper' 26 minutes ago
ʸᵒᵘ ˢᵒ ᶠᵘᶜᴷᶦⁿ ᵖʳᵉᶜᶦᵒᵘˢ ʷʰᵉⁿ ʸᵒᵘ 💖💓💕💝 💘SMILE💗 💗💝💘💕
Aydin Mc Rb GTA Fn Gamer 28
Pussy taste like Skittles ah
'Nelpre' 36 minutes ago
The drugs
Sammy Darko
'Sammy Darko' 55 minutes ago
Lil Peep devia ter se ligado no refrão...
Lucas gamer
'Lucas gamer' 1 hour ago
Damion C-137
'Damion C-137' 1 hour ago
He looks like Carl Gallagher
Alex Morales
'Alex Morales' 1 hour ago
Fuck Xanax!!!!!
'Trippy_Boy' 1 hour ago
Good track for codeine high :D
Roger Moraes
'Roger Moraes' 2 hours ago
Vai tomar no cu
Balanced Lee
'Balanced Lee' 2 hours ago
Sry don’t like satanism and satanist like you
young savage
'young savage' 2 hours ago
Sheila Allen
'Sheila Allen' 2 hours ago
Heart shaped kisses ❤️💋
Gonzalo Ammón
'Gonzalo Ammón' 2 hours ago
Pat Gamex
'Pat Gamex' 2 hours ago
kill me now I Got Cancer From This
Yohan Sharp
'Yohan Sharp' 2 hours ago
Does anyone know what brand is his trousers ?
'Supister' 2 hours ago
16 years old white boi in the hood wazup
negão do game
'negão do game' 2 hours ago
To prisadao
negão do game
'negão do game' 2 hours ago
Bobby Spencer
'Bobby Spencer' 2 hours ago
Looks/sounds like he's fighting a toothache lol
SpRaChNuDeL ت
'SpRaChNuDeL ت' 2 hours ago
Ich Feier es .
'zLeoyy' 3 hours ago
Katie B
'Katie B' 3 hours ago
I love this song so much my new fav song❤️
Twix 098
'Twix 098' 3 hours ago
I found this song randomly on spotify. Since then I cant stop listening it. I found the track like one week ago...
Alexia Santizo-Alvarado
"N her pussy taste like skittles" , iconic ass shit right here
The You Gamers 2
'The You Gamers 2' 3 hours ago
Lol just noticed was made in August 28 my birthday was the 27th lol Best birthday gift!
Sonny Francois
'Sonny Francois' 3 hours ago
Xans gon betray you...
'XAN 6IX9NINE' 4 hours ago
Cholo Areco
'Cholo Areco' 4 hours ago
Algun argentino
Rivier Jewels
'Rivier Jewels' 4 hours ago
dude if you pouse when he say my hoe
katly 352
'katly 352' 4 hours ago
and her p**** taste like skittles what yeah ey you can really taste the rainbow what ? no luv ittttttttttttttt
Rj Goodwin
'Rj Goodwin' 4 hours ago
is you boi lil multrin and lil advil pm
Rosangela Santos
'Rosangela Santos' 4 hours ago
Fodaaah D+ 💖
'_wid0_' 4 hours ago
Carl Gallagher?????
'Flexicution' 4 hours ago
This song makes me want to put fire onto water.
Santiago Hernandez
'Santiago Hernandez' 4 hours ago
Angie9 Andrews
'Angie9 Andrews' 4 hours ago
this shit lame how he got more like and veiw than ybn nahrim.......
Kyrie to Celtics
'Kyrie to Celtics' 5 hours ago
Imagine the pain of having a splinter in your penis.
'Waschbär' 5 hours ago
Wow, another Song that makes me high af.... weird
'Thi' 5 hours ago
La concha de la gorra, sos clave mal 💣
Caleb Crookes
'Caleb Crookes' 5 hours ago
This songs gets to me when I'm drunk
'Notay' 5 hours ago
1.25x speed sounds awesome
cj richerdson
'cj richerdson' 5 hours ago
You suck
alexmartinez savegboy
I like the part when he said xan make u and fake u and take u and betray u
'123abcmia' 5 hours ago
Every time i see him he reminds me of carl from shameless
Yeezy Daddy
'Yeezy Daddy' 6 hours ago
I like his sound but he sounds like that guy with the clef lip in family guy that just makes that laugh and holds it and just is like ahhh or some shit idek but the sound 💯
Nicolas Alarcon
'Nicolas Alarcon' 6 hours ago
Alto rancio
lil pump
'lil pump' 6 hours ago
And her pussy tastes like skittles
blank ray
'blank ray' 6 hours ago
Wtf is tht 0.37
Guiih P
'Guiih P' 6 hours ago
Lil xan só faz música boa
Dionte Taylor
'Dionte Taylor' 6 hours ago
Heart shaped Kisses I really miss my mistress! 😢😨😨
Grace Hawkins
'Grace Hawkins' 6 hours ago
anyone go to his concert in minnesota
Gika Online
'Gika Online' 6 hours ago
Lil pump xanax your Killed
'Daniel.exe' 6 hours ago
i like that he's asleep half of the video...
Bill Schirato
'Bill Schirato' 6 hours ago
Fuck Xanax
'Andrjuša' 6 hours ago
Lil Xan Army Here ? <3
Alina Jawor
'Alina Jawor' 6 hours ago
Joseph Mcdaniel4
'Joseph Mcdaniel4' 7 hours ago
This song is dope asf
Ayyy Limo
'Ayyy Limo' 7 hours ago
Damn xan i cant believe you fucced my sister Show More
Silga Versace
'Silga Versace' 7 hours ago
This song still poppin
Kyle Abernathy
'Kyle Abernathy' 7 hours ago
Damn 127 mill is alot...i been tryin to get into this dude..he just really acts like a walking xanax bar...i kno he said he quit but some of the interviews ive seen recently hes on xans theres no doubt sbout it..i kno he pops perks but if u have been around and done alot of drugs like i have you can tell a difference in how you wear the 2 pills 💊 💊 💊 Perks you get geeked or faded out...Xans just strait make you act and look retarded you cant cover that have no consciousness
Jasmine Morales
'Jasmine Morales' 7 hours ago
Here before 1 million, anyone else?
'xx.jarantowska' 7 hours ago
Fusion Filez
'Fusion Filez' 7 hours ago
2018 anyone ?
'Lucia' 8 hours ago
Teresa Moran
'Teresa Moran' 8 hours ago
Me encanta esta cancion eres el mejor lil xan te amooo
Tim Silver
'Tim Silver' 8 hours ago
This is what’s wrong with America
Valee_ Arguen
'Valee_ Arguen' 8 hours ago
I love you
Finesse Steve 水
'Finesse Steve 水' 8 hours ago
just coming back for my daily listen
Martyna Giza
'Martyna Giza' 8 hours ago
I love it!
Mokuzai Manhattan
'Mokuzai Manhattan' 8 hours ago
пендоский Депо Бульвар
SeNujeQ ϟ
'SeNujeQ ϟ' 8 hours ago
My dad like xanax lol
'k1zze' 9 hours ago
ej ziomuś jakieś 10 latki cie na musically nagrywają XD
'GOWMIΞ YT' 9 hours ago
ktos z Polski?
Nathan Rawson
'Nathan Rawson' 9 hours ago
I can’t believe this Is real music. This is the most untalented busllshit I ever heard
Nestoddy b#
'Nestoddy b#' 9 hours ago
2018? 2019? 2020? 2021? 2022? 2023?
Self Made Vision  Entertainment
'GHOSTW0LF' 9 hours ago
This song tells my hole life 👌🔥
'Drake' 9 hours ago
WHO is this xan?... y guys all talking bout xin while listening to Diego 🤔😏💪🏽💪🏽
'GMTY' 9 hours ago
LIl Xann x Lil pump???
Mohammed Mohammed canary
waw from Maroc
'LYDIA SPEAR' 10 hours ago
Hes drunk af
Aydin Mc Rb GTA Fn Gamer 28
Sick song
Gucci sEb
'Gucci sEb' 10 hours ago
Feb 20, 2018?
Dakota Ulerick
'Dakota Ulerick' 10 hours ago
Macey Lafleur
'Macey Lafleur' 10 hours ago
i don’t care what you bitches think i FUCKING LOVE HIM
'이태원' 10 hours ago
Kevin Medeiros
'Kevin Medeiros' 10 hours ago
Xans don't make you or change you
Kevin Medeiros
'Kevin Medeiros' 10 hours ago
My hoe got talent right
xxxLéo SCCPxxx
'xxxLéo SCCPxxx' 10 hours ago
Brasill!!! Tamo junto curtindo esse som nice pra caralho o/
Chris Leongson
'Chris Leongson' 10 hours ago
That Beat Tho🔥
Gabe R
'Gabe R' 10 hours ago
Hell Ya. Bump that shit all day
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