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Catfish and the Bottlemen - Business (Vevo Presents) -
Published: 7 months ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 7 months ago

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Catfish and the Bottlemen - Business (Vevo Presents)

Samantha Sullivan
'Samantha Sullivan' 1 month ago
\vcan i lve you so myc your just so amazing anf so beautyfk i just flove you adn i see you in thee days and like wow i just loveyou i wnana make you my problem like i wanna recognize drunk you casue li i love you van i love u so muvh ! yuore so pretty and i love you and your pretty hair and pretty eyes and pretty face and youre so tlwnted i love your gusitar skills and your [voice i just love you van
Daniel Sánchez Cta
'Daniel Sánchez Cta' 5 months ago
Favorite band nowadays, they're finally getting recognized. You totally deserved it guys
Grace Gilpin
'Grace Gilpin' 5 months ago
upload anything please!!! <3
'Caitria' 6 months ago
MyChemical Kawaii
'MyChemical Kawaii' 6 months ago
"your friends that could feking do one"
andrea sierra
'andrea sierra' 6 months ago
Abyad Ghozali
'Abyad Ghozali' 6 months ago
actually cunt off
'amber' 6 months ago
love u van
Ali Hutton
'Ali Hutton' 6 months ago
Why is Bob holding his sticks the wrong way round
Martin Juarez Trejo
'Martin Juarez Trejo' 6 months ago
Nice ❤
'Acquiesce1999' 6 months ago
I don't understand why you haven't uploaded "Outside" but you do upload every other song that has been played and heard acoustic a million times, yet "Outside" has never been played acoustic before and filmed? You would get so many view from it. Just fucking upload it PLEASE
Hesitant Alien
'Hesitant Alien' 6 months ago
the instrumental part before the bridge i just cant handle that level of greatness
Nicolas J. Delgado
'Nicolas J. Delgado' 7 months ago
i'm in there at 2:53
Lestat WasHere
'Lestat WasHere' 7 months ago
Feck it
grace murrgay
'grace murrgay' 7 months ago
van is so annoying look at him
'Daniele' 7 months ago
noemi jimenez
'noemi jimenez' 7 months ago
Love this group
chey D
'chey D' 7 months ago
So underrated
stay alive
'stay alive' 7 months ago
this makes me so sad im crying theyre so beautiful
laura kg
'laura kg' 7 months ago
just class
Gary Hill
'Gary Hill' 7 months ago
It just doesn't feel right when Van says "you're friends they can fecking do one".
'meanne' 7 months ago
my boys <3
Ali Hutton
'Ali Hutton' 7 months ago
02:57 video out of sink with audio in that shot vevo 👎
Антон Стариков
Не дотягивает.
ally maree
'ally maree' 7 months ago
blur the fakes except bob
eyes shut
'eyes shut' 7 months ago
van mccann is a rat
'van mccann is a rat' 7 months ago
my fucking boys
Guallauc Ap Lleenauc
'Guallauc Ap Lleenauc' 7 months ago
Early af
'Nicole_Ari' 7 months ago
Tout Simplement Naïko
297emes !!!!!!
Zahraa Alam
'Zahraa Alam' 7 months ago
Omg they are so amazing
Taranjot Singh
'Taranjot Singh' 7 months ago
Yasmin Emanuelly
'Yasmin Emanuelly' 7 months ago
chocolat clem
'chocolat clem' 7 months ago
Brayan AMC
'Brayan AMC' 7 months ago
buena musica
'Malcoutinho' 7 months ago
Prathamesh Gavas
'Prathamesh Gavas' 7 months ago
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