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Revealed: The Quickest Way To Cool Down A Beer -
Published: 3 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 3 months ago

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Street Science | Wednesdays 10p
The Street Science team finds the best way to quickly cool a few brews.
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ryann rizada
'ryann rizada' 3 months ago
REVEALED: fastest way to cool down a beer is to put the liquid in to a glass and add ice (takes 15 seconds)
Pappu Pappu
'Pappu Pappu' 3 months ago
When I take bottle out of fridge, it is always chilled. I don't need to waste salt and time to chill my satisfaction.
'cHAZE' 3 months ago
I use the heart of my ex
Trevor Abbott
'Trevor Abbott' 3 months ago
What about a SpinChill?
James Fuller
'James Fuller' 3 months ago
There is a much faster way. Cooper cooper
Red Neck
'Red Neck' 3 months ago
Desirae Chubb lol!?
Qamar Pasha
'Qamar Pasha' 3 months ago
why can't we just dip that into the liquid might just take a sec..
Salvador Martinez
'Salvador Martinez' 3 months ago
already knew it was gonna be Ice and Salt
Firza Utama
'Firza Utama' 3 months ago
That's an interesting experiment *Grabs cold beer from the fridge*
'MythicalSoccerBeast' 3 months ago
Let me just grab a bag of salt for a few degrees
Justin Bozeman
'Justin Bozeman' 3 months ago
You forgot the fastest one ethanol with dry ice it's like a negative 109
'ZodaSoda' 3 months ago
These videos are full of people with "STEM Degrees" who couldn't get real STEM Jobs, that tells you all you need to know.
Michael Furness
'Michael Furness' 3 months ago
Glad you solved the problem but needs a bit more polish in the presentation
Im Lord Guille
'Im Lord Guille' 3 months ago
What about liquid nitrogen?
'QueenKitty2016' 3 months ago
is this true
Mathias Plihal
'Mathias Plihal' 3 months ago
streeeeeweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet science!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joshua White
'Joshua White' 3 months ago
Good beer doesnt need to be cold
'rwlock24' 3 months ago
Or you could just buy them cold in the first place
'Ginganimation' 3 months ago
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