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Big Sean - 1st Quarter Freestyle -
Published: 4 years ago By: bseandon

By: bseandonPublished: 4 years ago

5, 169, 647 views

37, 971 Likes   1, 274 Dislikes

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Directed by Mike Carson. Song Produced by KeY Wane. Additional Production by Travi$ Scott

Hall Of Fame in Stores Now!

Karl Ingram
'Karl Ingram' 2 days ago
Repeat button is dead 👌🏾💯
Quaid Jackson
'Quaid Jackson' 7 days ago
Well we know this nigga ain't a hype beast cuz he was rocking bape before niggas was on it😂😂💯
Austin Poepping
'Austin Poepping' 1 week ago
nate ras
'nate ras' 1 week ago
" All that old shit shit was practice, from now on it's murda"! Big Sean
Faaiq Hendricks
'Faaiq Hendricks' 2 weeks ago
2018 and still 🔥🔥🔥
Orlando Delgado
'Orlando Delgado' 2 weeks ago
Sandro Samano
'Sandro Samano' 2 weeks ago
Tommy Hilfiger
'Tommy Hilfiger' 3 weeks ago
I eat poop
Adib Bakth
'Adib Bakth' 3 weeks ago
my goodness that beat banging
'LORD KEVO' 4 weeks ago
He killed it. . His style on that level, Up there. U kno. 😳🔥💯👍
Jeremy Simon
'Jeremy Simon' 4 weeks ago
This song makes me wana play basketball 😂😭
'XTRAKT' 4 weeks ago
Sounds like evil morty theme song
'Minibibi' 1 month ago
'larryhrpr1' 1 month ago
best freestyle still in 2018.
Joel Nguetsop
'Joel Nguetsop' 1 month ago
She said she from los air But never came up for air She from Atlantis
Prenstin Smith
'Prenstin Smith' 1 month ago
secretary gonna be a million air gonna call her military
FB Qui
'FB Qui' 1 month ago
2018 😂
Lynae Nae
'Lynae Nae' 1 month ago
Always been my dude, TRUE talent
Wavyy Vegas
'Wavyy Vegas' 1 month ago
Brendan Sanford
'Brendan Sanford' 1 month ago
I need the 2nd Quarter Freestyle
'SpencerG' 2 months ago
1 thousand niggas hatin smh
Kelsey Kuru
'Kelsey Kuru' 2 months ago
2k 18 n still umping dis
joseph moorer
'joseph moorer' 2 months ago
lotta people can relate but i was saying sean was dope as hell when people around me said hell no!!!
Izayuh raps
'Izayuh raps' 2 months ago
Drake couldnt touch this 🔥
Christian Alleyne Henson
'onlyasavage' 2 months ago you drop that doodoo mixtape with metro when you coulda came like this
King Jah
'King Jah' 2 months ago
Jesùs Christos!!!!
Devin Burt
'Devin Burt' 2 months ago
This > Double Or Nothing
4 Fake
'4 Fake' 2 months ago
My secretary finna be a millionaire ima call her military. Oh my fckn god 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tyrone Whaley
'Tyrone Whaley' 2 months ago
song= fire. video= meh
Michael ray
'Michael ray' 2 months ago
Beats badass, lyrics are nothing great
'A' 3 months ago
December 2017 and still got this on repeat
Jarome Money Bags
'Jarome Money Bags' 3 months ago
the artistry is great. lyrics on point . hall of fame one day. watch
Jahmir Simmons
'Jahmir Simmons' 3 months ago
This song made me check out Travis Scott
Josh Hershberger
'Josh Hershberger' 3 months ago
this is hard bro
'FIRSTNER' 3 months ago
i miss the old Travis, the 2014 Travis, every song co produced Travis
curtis holder
'curtis holder' 3 months ago
Lit word up
Jeremy Pollock
'Jeremy Pollock' 3 months ago
Most my fav come from down south but this brother is nice. Top 6
Imrue Bryan
'Imrue Bryan' 3 months ago
Blake Smith
'Blake Smith' 3 months ago
J.O.K.A Music HIp Hop and R&B Kulp
Ohhhh I get it now
Vinni Bane
'Vinni Bane' 3 months ago
Candy man theme brought me here lol
Uchiha Okami
'Uchiha Okami' 3 months ago
i miss this sean
'hellothereyoungsir' 3 months ago
BAPE will never die and this is a fuccin fact
Elijah Elieff
'Elijah Elieff' 3 months ago
Big Sean need to do a hook for Tee Grizzley on some DTown shit.
Lawrence Obote
'Lawrence Obote' 3 months ago
I was born in 92.
Kenneth RhineVEVO
'Kenneth RhineVEVO' 3 months ago
So it's on a axis. Taxis or Uber? Boy I do it. Blame it on the blueprint.
Kenneth RhineVEVO
'Kenneth RhineVEVO' 3 months ago
Hey I didn't see Kanye in the Change the world video. So I know he's not on the track. This is going swell. Like the shakes in the skirttz and your passing the purple. Ain't no rainbow Beach.
Dian Diakite
'Dian Diakite' 3 months ago
You gon' have to kill me for me to stop gettin' it, feel me? Straight up God! Finally famous, nigga Paper chasers, G.O.O.D My girl the baddest, too, G.O.O.D I'ma just keep countin' I look up Okay [Hook] I always got a grip, I never slip, I never panic Got my Rolex set Pacific, while I fly through the Atlantic And just like a know-it-all, I always got the upper hand And if I listen to you bitches I would still be on the campus But instead I'm in The Standard, with a girl who got some standards Gettin' head in the Jacuzzi and she claim she from Los Angeles But she ain't come up for air one time, I swear she from Atlantis [Verse 1] It's so fuckin' hard to have manners since I bought a manor I never take off, I just take off her panties To partially nominated, yeah, yeah nigga you know me Hop on a song and kill with niggas, who just won all the trophies Bitch I ain't playin' no more like D. Rose or Kobe, it's Kobe the beef and it's shrimp ravioli Sean Don, you know me, my cash homophobic, I swear it's so straight Then I double it up like I cloned it! My homie called me like "Sean Don, look You know I got a girl, like you, so my nigga this one's off the books But could you hook me up with Ariana Grande?" Seems like niggas just call me for the hook-up or to get up off the hook I'm back in this bitch like I'm parallel parkin' (swerve swerve) Get hit with that 18, what's that? Bitch it's two 9's, that's parallel sparkin' I look up to the stars and God damnit I swear I can hear them shits talkin' To you they the stars but to me they a target She said that I'm fine and I say that I'm gorgeous I'm livin' so lawless, I promise We just landed, Bora Bora Champagne, I pour, I pour Model girls, old Kimora Fuck more or less, it's more or more I'm stackin' paper, safe to safe, drawer to drawer, bank to bank, floor to floor Touch a dollar and them killas be door to door to door to door to door to door Face to face, Hennessy, case to case Day to day, I paper chase, amazin' grace I've been plottin' since '86, and I was born in '88 So what the fuck that make me? A young visionary My secretary finna be a millionare Imma call her military Finally Famous militarian, I rep that, that 'Til I hit the cemetery And I'm way too skinny for jail, ho So I gotta stay rich enough just for the bail, ho I'm collectin' this change like I live in a well Heaven on Earth, I could get it through Hell Bitch, we did it and did it ourselves So now I'm presidential, my life, presidential, my wife Residential, the lake, presidential estates Like my homie Tone said, I could talk about my watch all day But that's a fuckin' presidential debate Man shout out to SAYITAINTTONE and Jay John Adubb Da Gawd, Earlly Mac, Danny Brown Oba and Boldy, Doughboyz and Vezzo Trick, Eminem, Royce Team East Side, K-Dizzle Dusty, Ro' Spit and the rest of them niggas 'Til we come together, we all ain't gon' get it We run the city! [Interlude] Man, free my dog Juan, man, straight up Lot of shit been on my mind lately, feel me? [Verse 2] My homie talked to me like "Man why the hell you look the way you lookin'? How you feel the way you feel When you got every architect in town Man, tryna sit and build You got every girl that's in Detroit that's hot tryna come chill Cause I just lost my nigga Doe B and a fuckin' Uncle Phil Nigga, Ye layed the Blueprint So I need hundred dollar bills, new print Hangin' from my family tree, I'm a nuisance, millionaire Fuck your two cents, you ain't do shit I'm a player, baby, I be wearin' zoo print Lightin' struck like Zeus sent Sometimes, to see the bigger picture, man you gotta zoom in Sean cold, bitch where you been? Motherfucka, I've been great This for the fans that say they love the album but they fuckin' love the mixtapes For y'all, man I do whatever it takes Don't worry [Hook] I always got a grip, I never slip, I never panic Got my Rolex set Pacific, while I fly through the Atlantic And just like a know-it-all, I always got the upper hand And if I listen to you bitches I would still be on the campus But instead I'm in The Standard, with a girl who got some standards Gettin' head in the Jacuzzi and she claim she from Los Angeles But she ain't come up for air one time, I swear she from Atlantis [Outro] Finally famous You little fuckin' bitch And all that I just did, all my old shit, that's practice So from here on out it's murder, nigga Oh that's who you excited, oh that's the new nigga? He's alright You ain't fuckin' with me! Waddup doe Key Wane! As the dynasty grows, sunshine's all we know Detroit, G.O.O.D Waddup La Flame, the homie Travi$ Scott Killin' y'all My girl the baddest, my drinks the coldest My team the realest, the trillest Finally Famous over everything
Kailen Howard
'Kailen Howard' 3 months ago
epic rap battles beat lol
Fataak Vedi OS
'Fataak Vedi OS' 3 months ago
Millions of views even without VEVO. That is impressive
Bassy H
'Bassy H' 3 months ago
How the fuck have I only just found this
'goofy' 3 months ago
Big Sean was wearing Bape before it was cool
'Monocat' 4 months ago
I love key wane
'PUT HIM ON A T SHIRT' 4 months ago
Anyone peep the Candyman sample
Adrian Rodriguez
'Adrian Rodriguez' 4 months ago
Best thing is he doesn’t always brag about smoking weed or drinking and still spits 🔥
Luke Frederick
'Luke Frederick' 4 months ago
I still run this 😭😂
'SiimplyNostalgic' 4 months ago
His flow is the best in the game idc what anyone says. Had so unique compared to everyone else
'Jae' 4 months ago
This song is underrated
Meme Juice
'Meme Juice' 4 months ago
My boy got bape🔥🔥🔥
Rajuan Campbell
'Rajuan Campbell' 4 months ago
'ZERO XYZ' 5 months ago
Justin Hardwick
'Justin Hardwick' 5 months ago
1.25 speed 🐐
'MrNoble92' 5 months ago
"I'm in a standard with a girl who got some standards. Gettin head in a jazcuzzi and she claim she from los angles but she ain't come for air one time. I swear she from Atlantis. It's so fucking hard to have manners since I bought a manner. I never take off I just take off her panties." This man has bars.
Kevin Rdrgz
'Kevin Rdrgz' 5 months ago
Big Sean is underrated, this video should get 100 million views
Enyawd Nar
'Enyawd Nar'raw' 5 months ago
Steezy Dweeb
'Steezy Dweeb' 5 months ago
Who the fuck had the audacity to dislike this
Rkade kim
'Rkade kim' 5 months ago
In next 5years Big Sean is gon be rated as King Sean and Sean Don. I don't see any rappers front of sean even Kendrick stop comparing with overrated rappers
Pedro Perales
'Pedro Perales' 5 months ago
Big Sean is the shit boys flows crazy
Michael Chico
'Michael Chico' 5 months ago
This that shit my dued fr feeling on top
jaki mccree
'jaki mccree' 5 months ago
its September 2017 and this still slaps
Robert Whitney
'Robert Whitney' 5 months ago
Just like a know it all i got the upper handed if i didn't ignore you bitches i still be on campus the line i edit
'garciaanthony525' 5 months ago
This video didn't have 4.7 mil views a year ago tho #FFOE
Larry Mandaville
'Larry Mandaville' 6 months ago
Every since Kanye signed him he's been on a mission
Greezy God
'Greezy God' 6 months ago
Been on B.I.G Sean Since they confused him with fabolous 💯💜
Shepherd Chimera
'Shepherd Chimera' 6 months ago
Kendrick drake j cole not ready for this flame dropping
'anthonyalexandris' 6 months ago
hottest Big Sean song
Samson Abrams
'Samson Abrams' 6 months ago
she claim she from los angeles but she aint come up for air one i swear she from atlantis woooooooooooooooo
'Stanley' 6 months ago
1 like = Times I won't punch a baby
Qui3tman On Tha Beat
'Qui3tman On Tha Beat' 6 months ago
This is TRASH
David X
'David X' 6 months ago
Song like 36 mafia ' rainbow color in my cup '
Kundaeli Shoo
'Kundaeli Shoo' 6 months ago
Big Sean is one of the best rappers in the game!
Andrew Thomas
'Andrew Thomas' 6 months ago
she is from Atlantis.
Thomas Kelso
'Thomas Kelso' 6 months ago
No matter how good the song is, niggas still gon' hate. lmfao
grace adams
'grace adams' 6 months ago
Well big Sean being wearin bape for 3 years
'D'Avis Butnaru' 6 months ago
So what about big sean's response to Kendrick...
Tristan Olson
'Tristan Olson' 7 months ago
1:52 - 2:07
'DatBoiSheed' 7 months ago
1:20 - 1:31 (speculation). What if the homie he talks about is Kendrick and this is what sparked their passive aggressive beef.
'jesseortiz45' 7 months ago
This is fire sean spit on this
Maximilian Oschetzki
'Maximilian Oschetzki' 7 months ago
Ain't no rapper alive who could fuck with big sean 🔥🔥🔥
'HeavyIzThaCrown' 7 months ago
"No Interviews" better
Santiago Gonzalez
'Santiago Gonzalez' 7 months ago
Does anyone know where to get that Aura black and white shirt
Mnashay 3hunnit
'Mnashay 3hunnit' 7 months ago
1:37-1:45 (best part in the whole freestyle)
Daniel Bro
'Daniel Bro' 7 months ago
big sean at his best, u can tell he put hella effort into this song amd even the video concept
Young Samson
'Young Samson' 8 months ago
Fucking fire
'musiconcloud17' 8 months ago
Still cold 3 years later.
Javi Uchiha
'Javi Uchiha' 8 months ago
This song is still 🔥🔥🔥
'Gamersanonymous' 8 months ago
Finally someone good came out
Jordan Warren
'Jordan Warren' 8 months ago
Robb Banks fans, crazy how much this sounds like Robb Banks flow right?
jay lacue
'jay lacue' 8 months ago
tell me y ariana fuckkin with mac doe
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