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We Need To Talk About The "Nazi Pug" Guilty Verdict, New Undercover Videos, and More... -
Published: 4 weeks ago By: Philip DeFranco

By: Philip DeFrancoPublished: 4 weeks ago

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This is so stupid… I can’t believe that he was found guilty. UGH.
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Philip DeFranco
'Philip DeFranco' 4 weeks ago
WTF is evening happening with that first story... AGH. Gotta go jump into some development but leave me your thoughts down below. <3 Count Dankula Verdict: (00:06), Austin Bombing Update: (5:20), Cambridge Analytica Update: (8:06)
'edward6000' 4 hours ago
the judge is fascist, offensive and should be arrested
Norman Cobb
'Norman Cobb' 7 hours ago
Thank god I live in the US
Chris Crawford
'Chris Crawford' 3 days ago
This is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard or seen lol
holliegreig justicee
Meim Fuher
'Meim Fuher' 4 days ago
final collapse
'final collapse' 5 days ago
The court is fuckload of hypocrites, plain and simple.
'GMBeaulac' 1 week ago
Context is indeed important. In the UK, freedom of speech does not exist. As in, there is no first amendment, it is not a constitutionally protected right, it's not a thing. Instead, they have freedom of expression, Except when... (and here there are like 30 exceptions, including some truly ridiculous ones like "corruption of public morals", which raises inherent questions as to who defines those "public morals" and how a consistent standard could possibly applied, which basically gives them the right to shut down any and all speech that upsets or affronts anyone in a position of power. So, if you think it's ridiculous to imprison a man and take away YEARS of his life because he made a joke someone didn't like, ruining him forever because you thought his joke was in poor taste, well, I would recommend being VERY careful about protecting the first amendment in the United States. Freedom of speech, full stop. No exceptions, no limitations. The moment you seriously consider making "hate speech" illegal, and limiting the freedom of some people to protect the feelings of others, you open yourself to walking down this selfsame road. You immediately move to a standard where speech is free, as long as we don't dislike what you have to say. Not only is such a standard immoral and wrong, and harms real people like the man in question under entirely subjective standards, it also is incredibly dangerous, as it makes it potentially illegal to speak out against real wrongs, if the folks in power don't like what you have to say. Silencing its populace allows a government to act with impunity, and I would hope people can see the real danger in that, to much more important and tangible things than people's feelings.
So Wait,, If one was to Mention the British treatment of Countless Indigenous Peoples, It being of a Menacing and Offensive nature, One could be arrested? Even though it is a Factual Truth?! XD
David Howells
'David Howells' 1 week ago
A clearly political decision to persecute humour.
Muffin Man
'Muffin Man' 1 week ago
Gervais coming in with my tweet of the year.
Larry Medina
'Larry Medina' 1 week ago
Let's all make nazi memes about that judge.
Benjamin Mathew
'Benjamin Mathew' 1 week ago
That's eve online he plays eve online on the computers behind him.
'pemdasness' 1 week ago
It’s now illegal to have a sense of humor.
Galaxy Tiger
'Galaxy Tiger' 1 week ago
This is why I watch V for Vendetta every November 5th
Joseph Burkhardt
'Joseph Burkhardt' 1 week ago
It sucks to live in a world where someone can be arrested for hurting someone else's feelings
Ricardo Santos
'Ricardo Santos' 2 weeks ago
The joke offended the Nazi in Scotland. The Clown Persecutor didn't find it funny. And the judge was Xavier of XMen. As it claim to know what the reason behind Darcula joke. But the worst Joke is that the same law applies to the whole UK and was made to make the laws similar to the ones in the 4th Reich, sorry EU.
Jose Mendoza
'Jose Mendoza' 2 weeks ago
that "freedumb of speech" crap always has limits. eg. How many here would be ok with pedophilles talking about methods to "seduce young lovers" (but like 4chan it has a disclaimer saying "only an idiot would take this serious") How many freedumb of speech advocates would support and or defend this? What if they discussed "stories" about encounters with children? (with the same 4chan disclaimer) What if they were discussing any other sort of crime? Hell why shouldn't we talk on dankula's page about how he would be burglarized (but we acknowledge its all just "shitposting")? Technically this is legal because no crime has been committed and you openly accept that you are full of shit but really wonder how many freedumb of speech people would be ok with this. I thought I would be ok with these things but I found out... I'm not because it is a slippery slope. (especially if when you take it to this extreme, so lets not pretend like freedumb of speech is a thing, its not because there is always a limit to it)
Zone VIx
'Zone VIx' 2 weeks ago
There's nothing funny about the holocaust.. So don't make jokes about it.
Grumpy Old Brit
'Grumpy Old Brit' 2 weeks ago
It didn't just fall on deaf ears. The judge agreed to the statement "context does not matter" state by the prosecution, that's why he didn't get the joke. Arguably putting into law via precedent the idea that why you do things and the circumstances is irrelevant, which is absurd! By that definition you saying "gas the jews" on this video is ALSO a hate crime. Me saying it here without context would be the same and they JUDGE SAYING IT without context is also a hate crime. You know who would get offended by a pug imitating the leader of the Nazis? NAZIS.
'BiffTech05' 2 weeks ago
Stop the world I want to get off... wtf have we become?
'Orppranator' 2 weeks ago
I hope the sentencing judge says this: “Marcus will get the sentence that is deserved by everyone who violates the hate speech law that he has violated. No punishment of any kind”
'hotdog97' 2 weeks ago
You can blame the left for this.
Peter Wexler
'Peter Wexler' 2 weeks ago
The dog in the video is clearly guilty of war crimes!
Proff Waff
'Proff Waff' 2 weeks ago
First story is 1984?
'Rojas-messilia' 2 weeks ago
The nazis love this. Milo Yiannopoulos et al have completely embraced this. Poor timing to get involved in this shit during the ghostskin takeover of the west.
Isaiah Sturmtruppe
'Isaiah Sturmtruppe' 2 weeks ago
When he has 6 million subscribers
Isaiah Sturmtruppe
'Isaiah Sturmtruppe' 2 weeks ago
When he has 6 million subscribers
'Pepeprika' 2 weeks ago
I did 'nazi' that coming.
skullpull 101
'skullpull 101' 2 weeks ago
This is a serious video, about a guy name CountDankula, teaching his dog Budda to act like a Nazi, as a joke. Now he's faceing jail... THE POLITICS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM LADIES AND GENTLE MEN
Chris Proffitt
'Chris Proffitt' 2 weeks ago
Erick K
'Erick K' 2 weeks ago
I just hope Mel Brooks doesn’t go to the UK. Also YES! Another fan of Beakman’s World!
'nerdxone' 2 weeks ago
Does nobody find it funny that its a pug like legit the most genetically fucked dog breed is a nazi. Why the hell isnt the dog in jail
Deus Vult
'Deus Vult' 2 weeks ago
Aww mate, whit you in for? Murder. Whit you in for? I made my dog heil H*tler.
Scott Daniels
'Scott Daniels' 2 weeks ago
The powers-that-be are up in arms over a guy recording his pug doing a Hitler salute but not young women getting groomed and raped. Yes, really seems like their priorities are in order.
Forgotten Camel
'Forgotten Camel' 2 weeks ago
That is downright tyrannical, This is horrifying that you can be jailed for being offensive.
'theyaden' 2 weeks ago
I wonder if there will be a pro free speech internet response to the NAZI pug case of a Photoshop challenge to see who can do the best depictions of the judge and prosecutor. Although since freedom of speech appears to have possible jail sentencing in the UK right now it would be interesting to see if people there would be able to or end up creating fake accounts to avoid prosecution.
'wealthyglobe638' 2 weeks ago
The left are way too sensitive just saying...
'Twistfaria' 2 weeks ago
Since when is it against the law to be offensive? If that was the case there would be an enormous percentage of comedians in the pokey, not to mention a good bit of YouTube commenters! I mean even if this wasn't supposed to be a joke aren't people, however bigoted and stupid they are, aloud to think and say whatever they want in their own home? Aren't hate speech crimes only relevant when they are targeting someone specific and trying to incite hatred or violence? I'm looking for any kind of "crime" here and coming up empty even by the Wiki description of the UKs hate speech laws! This seems like thought policing.
Benjamin Buddhist
'Benjamin Buddhist' 2 weeks ago
dankula: wat u in for prisoner: mass murder u? dankula: I taught my dog how to be a nazi...
Clint Hobson
'Clint Hobson' 2 weeks ago
F-ing go and arrest John Cleese for his "Don't mention the war" episode where he does the Nazi goose step etc. What is this shit?
'fonomanu101' 2 weeks ago
At least it didn’t happen in America
'LF F' 2 weeks ago
I’m a jewish person and it is so stupid that that man could face jail time for this😭
'Gzngahr' 2 weeks ago
You sir have earned my subscription
'b0ringIriS' 2 weeks ago
This is honestly the dumbest thing Ive read.
Gunsquawk 44
'Gunsquawk 44' 2 weeks ago
I've got an idea, everyone watching send Dankula a dollar or two, or whatever, and we'll make him filthy rich! That will teach em for bringing him to world attention! I mean this video has 1.5 million views! Let's all send two bucks! Just give us an address!
Collin Drilling
'Collin Drilling' 2 weeks ago
For those wondering why many Americans will live an die by our second amendment, why we even have the right to bare arms in the first to protect our first amendment rights. Said rights secure our freedom of speech. A court case like the first story would never happen in the US because of that. I hope all goes well for the dude its bullshit that he could be incarcerated and serve time for posting a comedic video. hat has this world come to?
charlie williams the xbox gamer
Why cant people take a joke?
Tim Laursen
'Tim Laursen' 3 weeks ago
The fact that the guy was even arrested in the first place is obscene. The fact that there was ever a trial is unreal. The fact that he was found guilty is surreal. Is this something that happened in the "free world"? The precedent this sets effectively abolishes freedom of speech, because now you can try and convict anyone who says anything that someone may find offensive, which is like selling rubber bands by the yard. Despicable!
'Guy' 3 weeks ago
Scott Kay
'Scott Kay' 3 weeks ago
The idea of using extremism as being the crux of the joke, is the basis of so many forms of humour: any kind of black comedy, any kind of comedy involving over the top violence (the irony of saying words as a joke being unacceptable, but an act based around killing someone in a brutal fashion, or even mocking the body is totally fine?), literally all jokes based on exaggeration... It's hard to fathom what comedy would look like without it. A lot of the reason why this kind of humour is funny, is because we're mocking the stupidity of thinking or being that way (being racist/sexist/etc).
Tom fair
'Tom fair' 3 weeks ago
The uk stopped hitler and now their becoming the history and rise of the third Reich and you can help but see the similar start
Sean Erfurt
'Sean Erfurt' 3 weeks ago
The UK was a mistake
'Dany' 3 weeks ago
Poor dude, he clearly said that he was making the dog into the least cute thing he could imagine. I fear for the way the world is changing right now.
'Rexism7' 3 weeks ago
we all will be going jail next, normal people for something said in past-tence to another as joke, & you'll be in jail next. World gone nuts..
'imickey503' 3 weeks ago
10:35 holy crap. Well tells me I need to start political marketing.
'imickey503' 3 weeks ago
Welcome to family court. Same thing.
'LuchaOr' 3 weeks ago
The count dankula case is freaking terrifying.
'BoyOfSteel101' 3 weeks ago
Freedom of speech is the sole mechanism by which a free and democratic society functions. If every citizen in a society does not have access to freedom of speech, it is by definition not free. This is dangerous.
'JLocni' 3 weeks ago
J. K. Rowling once dressed up the nazi uniform (or gestapo, don't know exactly). When is the trial?!
Poet Guide
'Poet Guide' 3 weeks ago
Are they trying to make an example of him?!!
Michael Morrison
'Michael Morrison' 3 weeks ago
That's seriously fucked up.
The Sparkle Zone
'The Sparkle Zone' 3 weeks ago
Don't care if they didn't do any of that stuff. Burn it to the ground, it's a profane organisation to have even had this guy suggest such things.
Eyenvoked him
'Eyenvoked him' 3 weeks ago
This is not real life, i do not want to live in this waking hell. There are no good people left in this simulation.
Eyenvoked him
'Eyenvoked him' 3 weeks ago
Saying it as a joke, isn't bad as the people in governments that participate in keeping it alive.
Jevy Jaun Zuria
'Jevy Jaun Zuria' 3 weeks ago
In any case, the video should offend the Nazis ... stupid world...
Valerie Gallagher
'Valerie Gallagher' 3 weeks ago
My opinon: tasteless joke, possibly just another jerk but not worth jail time of course. Why not focus on people who derseve jail time like truly horrid people?
That Guy
'That Guy' 3 weeks ago
Oy vey! Shut it down!
'Dilandau88' 3 weeks ago
hand caught in the cookie jar, and now Cambridge is just making BS excuses. Pitiful
Neil Gupta
'Neil Gupta' 3 weeks ago
You know who else had people arrested for making fun of Nazis? The Nazis.
'ben.spricht.podcast' 3 weeks ago
This happens while Islamists in UK streets walk along, screaming "british police burn in hell" WITHOUT funny context.
'IGattsI' 3 weeks ago
people act like freedom of speech is a worldwide law :) pretty sure the US is the only place where that exists for now until the left kills off 2nd amendment and then the 1st goes with it
Andrew Carter
'Andrew Carter' 3 weeks ago
I find the judgement Grossly offensive. If context is irrelevant then the judge and procurator fiscal are both equally guilty. They used the terms themselves
'ARottenMuffin' 3 weeks ago
He's not a comedian so he's not allowed to make offensive jokes. That's pretty much it, Anthony Jeselnik would be serving hundreds of life sentences if this wasn't how it is lol. This is simple though, an ignorant, old, and grossly incompetent of the technological era judge doesn't understand. So he just does his job and sees that he can sentence for it, so he does. The problem is that in this age where a small isolated incident like this can get international attention but is then served a great injustice due to the outdated local laws in place. If you haven't seen "Experimenter" or haven't heard it from psychology I'd just say the guy has the agentic personality. Why question the authority in place if you don't have to? Hah.
Mike Gaming Studios
'Mike Gaming Studios' 3 weeks ago
Have you ever said something offensive? Well then there are two options for you! number one: Move to Russia and become a spy. number two: Electric chair.
Doctor Potassium
'Doctor Potassium' 3 weeks ago
God: I wonder what the human's are doing these days >looks down God: Yo Moses do we still have those locusts?
'jaws392' 3 weeks ago
Seeing things like this are truly frightening to me, I really hope I'm wrong, but if you keep trying to take away peoples freedoms they will fight back in something called a civil war.
'Blammy' 3 weeks ago
He specifically said that he thought of the least cute, worst thing he could think of, and it was a Nazi. He’s making fun of nazis.
'TakeoTheBandit' 3 weeks ago
People should flee the UK . RUN
'Spider' 3 weeks ago
Was Buddha (the pug) brought in as a witness?
'Gibbo263' 3 weeks ago
The court has actually gone against the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, article 19
Katticus Finch
'Katticus Finch' 3 weeks ago
I can"t wait to hear about the arrest and incarceration of Tila Tequila!!!! She is waaaaaaay worse than the poor dude with the pug.
Michael Jacobs
'Michael Jacobs' 3 weeks ago
"progressives" want a guy's life to be ruined because he made a joke that may be perceived as being in bad taste and yet bemoan junkies and violent criminals lives being ruined when they face the consequences for being those things.
Kim Aragon Escobar
'Kim Aragon Escobar' 3 weeks ago
I'm still not getting what Cambridge Analytics does that is so wrong???? They just play the political game, as always happened...they Just do all this with a little bit of tech. Seems to me that it's all an overreaction. Ppl don't like to know that they are just pawns although this is will be always the truth.
Kim Aragon Escobar
'Kim Aragon Escobar' 3 weeks ago
everyone loses their heads about a nazi pug...rly???...I don't think ppl have the right priorities anymore...
'bantawi' 3 weeks ago
There is no freedom without free speech! There is no objective reality that can be based on subjective sensibilities. The courts of law absolutely must be based on objectivity, or all "rights" (ALL LIVES) are at the whim of subjective tastes. This is what happens before all of a society stagnates and dies under tyrannical doctrine. This is not a Sharia court. This is not the middle ages. This is a "liberal" developed western nation. WHAT IN THE MUTHER FUCK
Chez Sticks
'Chez Sticks' 3 weeks ago
A Conservative MP Dr. Philip Lee came to my school to visit politics students (like myself). He believes that this whole thing was stupid, he thinks that by making the government intervene in these matter it makes the UK Orwellian. I think that the court and the government shouldn't be involved in these things.
Jay Vee
'Jay Vee' 3 weeks ago
Wow i LOVE the first amendment. Islam is poop
James Rahilly
'James Rahilly' 3 weeks ago
Proud of ya Phil. Watching you on off 5-10 years. Proud of you
Dylan Brandt
'Dylan Brandt' 3 weeks ago
Angel M
'Angel M' 3 weeks ago
hey PhillyD! totally don't agree with the court's decision. Count Dankula said it quite eloquently about this charge of "offensive speech is going down a slippery slope". *Everybody was looking for "changes" to occur with the 2012 END OF THE MAYAN CALENDAR* Well folks, you're looking at it: *THE END OF FREE THOUGHT & FREE SPEECH* Thanks for the update👍
Kristian L
'Kristian L' 3 weeks ago
This made me actually think...a joke can be a hate speech?! I mean you can "label" anything as a joke and get away with it, it's just a "prank". These things are somewhat socio cultural and subjective, so how do you go around legislating opinions? Where do we draw the line on freedom of speech, is there a line? Is everything allowed(aslong as it doesn't explicitly encourage violence, and even that line can be blurry)? The law against hatespeech is somewhat contradictory to freedom of speech. Do we want a ruthless society where everyone abuse each other and are verbally abused, maybe thats the price we have to pay for our freedom ...or can there be a middle ground?
'Leo' 3 weeks ago
I find the so called Judge who convicted count dankula to be highly offensive, In particular his assault on the freedom of speech is highly offensive. I also find Bil Nye's recent anti-science video to be highly offensive, I find pathetic SJW protest whining to be offensive, I find Feminist Sophistry, and misandry to be highly offensive, They all offend me personally, & they offend my core values highly. So logically, Everyone who I find offensive needs to be rounded up, an prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Because I find these people to be highly offensive. SJWs are the real Fascists. You would think I'm being sarcastic. But I'm not. I want all these people arrested. And am waiting for the laws to catch up to that fact. Count Dankula's persecution.. err I mean Prosecution!. :D Sets the precedent, for me to have everyone who I find offensive. to be jailed for hate crimes against logic. This court precedent is great. Now we will be able to call the police on Anyone, and everyone who we find offensive.
Harri Freshwater
'Harri Freshwater' 3 weeks ago
GG free speech, this whole situation is a more offensive joke than the alleged offence! #COUNTDANKULAISNNOCENT
Khalil Gilders
'Khalil Gilders' 3 weeks ago
Anyone looked at the rest of Count Dankula's videos?
missing stazi file venona
Be careful if some one doesn't find your joke funny.
Mike b
'Mike b' 3 weeks ago
So what the movie Sausage Party.
'SB' 3 weeks ago
But he's basically also making fun of nazis through his "dog". But wait, where would you also be arrested and convicted for something like that? Any guess??? Yeah you know.
'Bagdadsky_Hornik' 3 weeks ago
We had this here some 30 years ago... it was called komunism. It was great time to be alive :D ... no wonder whole western world would like to try it also! Go ahead, we are used to being oppressed, but you will cry eventualy. Especialy your frontiers, those SJWs and fenimisnts.
'Infinity545' 3 weeks ago
In Soviet Britain, Joke laughs you!
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