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Cars 3 Teaser Trailer #2 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers -
Published: 1 year ago By: Movieclips Trailers

By: Movieclips TrailersPublished: 1 year ago

10, 725, 222 views

92, 836 Likes   8, 190 Dislikes

Cars 3 Teaser Trailer #2 (2017): Check out the new Cars 3 trailer starring Owen Wilson, Jason Pace, and Jose Premole! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping @MovieclipsTrailers. 

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Lightning McQueen sets out to prove to a new generation of racers that he's still the best race car in the world.

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The_Player #300
'The_Player #300' 3 weeks ago
need for speed
Stênio Lima
'Stênio Lima' 3 weeks ago
Esse filme foi meio ruim, não gostei.
Tomás Salgado
'Tomás Salgado' 2 months ago
Whats the name of the music when McQueen stay
Laa Esra
'Laa Esra' 3 months ago
En guzel araba simsek mekuin
Toniann Driscoll
'Toniann Driscoll' 3 months ago
I. Love cars
nudillospro XD
'nudillospro XD' 3 months ago
What is name ofe the ultimate song??
The Amazing Jace
'The Amazing Jace' 4 months ago
He got good look
roshan patnaik
'roshan patnaik' 4 months ago
This was released this same day
Williams Christopher
'Williams Christopher' 4 months ago
95 is in love with crush
suku mar
'suku mar' 4 months ago
cars 3 amazing trailer
Michelle Gove
'Michelle Gove' 5 months ago
Miles Flowers
'Miles Flowers' 5 months ago
What’s the name of McQueens song?
Canada Arrow
'Canada Arrow' 5 months ago
What's McQueens song?!?
Fantasy World
'Fantasy World' 5 months ago
I love how real the cars look like. I espicially like Jackson Storm
Hayden Lupton
'Hayden Lupton' 6 months ago
What's the song used for mcqueen
jeremy Khallan
'jeremy Khallan' 6 months ago
Sarah Seegmiller
'Sarah Seegmiller' 7 months ago
What song is playing in the background of Lightning Mcqueen's part?
'MATTHEW S' 7 months ago
Song name 0:37
Kai Chan
'Kai Chan' 7 months ago
actually I like lightning McQueen but I like Cruz beter
Kai Chan
'Kai Chan' 7 months ago
actually I like lightning McQueen but I like Cruz beter
David Visal
'David Visal' 7 months ago
Juanlocopibecho Doge:v
1:25 like al que le recordó a la primera peli
dabing luigi
'dabing luigi' 8 months ago
Jackson storm looks like a lamborghini
Supreme Sran
'Supreme Sran' 8 months ago
The seriousness projected by the first trailer is gone!!!!
'galihxtreme' 8 months ago
Kids, go google "Aston Martin *Vulcan* ". Thank uncle G later ;-)
Kai Kai tv
'Kai Kai tv' 8 months ago
Jackson storm 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 cruis 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 lightning ☺☺☺😊😊😊😊😊😊😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😃😃😄😄
Oyun Dünyası
'Oyun Dünyası' 8 months ago
tek kelimeyle harika 👍
Süper Kahramanlar
'Süper Kahramanlar' 8 months ago
🙉  great video big like for oyu 🙊
Süper Kahramanlar
'Süper Kahramanlar' 9 months ago
Awesome video 🙉🙉
Süper Kahramanlar
'Süper Kahramanlar' 9 months ago
great video big like for oyu   😂
Süper Kahramanlar
'Süper Kahramanlar' 9 months ago
Awww. Thanks for the upload! I love  Check my channel and subscribe?  😋
S&s Vlogs
'S&s Vlogs' 9 months ago
Good 😊
Suat Yildiz
'Suat Yildiz' 9 months ago
jackson storm
'jackson storm' 9 months ago
I hate people who ask for likes Like if you agree
Neide Moreira
'Neide Moreira' 9 months ago
uau gin linda o maguen
Reet Rai
'Reet Rai' 9 months ago
Any one notice when the the cars start their engines and come at you, Storm drives STRAIGHT (emphasis on straight) at you, unlike Mcqueen and Cruz who move side to side. I think this shows that he can keep the exact same line on each lap, you'll know what I mean if you watch the movie.
Jordan Harrell
'Jordan Harrell' 9 months ago
1:17 song?
Tumblr Otaka
'Tumblr Otaka' 9 months ago
what is the name of this song? 0:37 Qual é o nome dessa música? 0:37
Faizan Abro
'Faizan Abro' 10 months ago
rumba flemnco
sean mathias
'sean mathias' 10 months ago
what rock music is played on 1;16?
Malik Evans
'Malik Evans' 10 months ago
Am I wrong for thinking Cruz is an attractive car?
'Striplyfe' 10 months ago
Awesome clips.. Nicely done.. Subbed!
finlay tron 2000
'finlay tron 2000' 10 months ago
wheres holly
Fulvia Rigwell
'Fulvia Rigwell' 10 months ago
*Cars 3 |f u L L Movie (2017) Disney - Available:*
Tryion Welington
'Tryion Welington' 10 months ago
*Cars 3 |f u L L **#Movie** (2017) - Disney :*
Katie Otto
'Katie Otto' 10 months ago
I went to see this yesterday with my family. it was awesome. you guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!
superlego Mirik fnaf
'superlego Mirik fnaf' 10 months ago
Как называется рок музыка с 1: 15 и до конца про молнию?
Valentina Rinkon
'Valentina Rinkon' 10 months ago
Mate si aparece?
Bork Laser
'Bork Laser' 10 months ago
Out of the 3, have a guess who wins ...
The Ogre lord
'The Ogre lord' 10 months ago
1:16 Song name?
Ramalho channel
'Ramalho channel' 10 months ago
whats musics names?
Krk Patterson
'Krk Patterson' 10 months ago
Just going to say it - anyone NOT excited about going to see this movie - HATES WOMEN! ;)
Sarim Cars 3 khan
'Sarim Cars 3 khan' 10 months ago
I love this video
paul esteban maldonado robles
tu puedes ⚡
Emperor Mandalorian
'Emperor Mandalorian' 10 months ago
And Did You I Hope They Put in cars 5 next year a Hudson Hornet Piston Cup Logo Again In Lightning Mqueen's Hood It's Good When It's Had The Piston Cup Or Hudson Hornet Piston Cup Logo
Emperor Mandalorian
'Emperor Mandalorian' 10 months ago
Jackson Storm Isnt Had The Piston Cup But Why In The Logo Jackson Had A Piston Cup Lightning Mqueen Is The Original Piston Cup Racer I Know I Know Jackson Is Faster But Jackson Is The High Tech 2017 Racer With Its Carbon Fiber And New Engine And The Top Speed 217 Miles And Hour But Lightning Is Old And His Top Speed is 197 Miles And Hour
'S.KullRandom' 10 months ago
Sannie Lighting
'Sannie Lighting' 11 months ago
hello lighting mcqueen i'm a king of phippines 😊😊😊😊 #minions
Buck gamer08
'Buck gamer08' 11 months ago
eu vou assistir o carros 3
Connor Grech
'Connor Grech' 11 months ago
'AirBorneDomo' 11 months ago
What's the name of the song that features Lightning McQueen
The Darkar
'The Darkar' 11 months ago
Como se llama la cancion donde aparece Rayo Mcqueen?
Phạm Tuấn Anh
'Phạm Tuấn Anh' 11 months ago
What song when Cruz Ramirez appears?
Lightning McQueen Cars #95
like if you want lighting to win the last race!
Lightning McQueen Cars #95
hi! im a fan of u and lighting dont usume im lighting mcqueen...hes not my rightful character!! BUT maybe if u can probably check my channel? i will be posting some cars vids 😋😋😋 And i can do some request on what type of car vids to post...idk
Luiz Albino
'Luiz Albino' 11 months ago
muito top
Arasya 21
'Arasya 21' 11 months ago
teeeenggg!!!! ki
Arasya 21
'Arasya 21' 11 months ago
Gaspar Pinto
'Gaspar Pinto' 11 months ago
Dilek Durdu
'Dilek Durdu' 11 months ago
mekqyin en güzeli çok güzel
General Pinochet
'General Pinochet' 11 months ago
0:02 Song?
Matias Gomez Meneses
'Matias Gomez Meneses' 11 months ago
julio ferreira
'julio ferreira' 11 months ago
Cori Pastoressa
'Cori Pastoressa' 11 months ago
Hola soy jungkook
Liam Hayward
'Liam Hayward' 11 months ago
what guitar song is on mcqueens intro
Diamonds Enderman
'Diamonds Enderman' 11 months ago
I want to know the song for Lighting McQueen
Luis Eduardo Delgado Ruiz
5/1/2017 14:00
SurgeGaming 101
'SurgeGaming 101' 12 months ago
for yellow car I don't know her name but there is music playing in the background when she's doing her intro what is that song
That foxy_bro Guy
'That foxy_bro Guy' 12 months ago
Cruzs music sounds like Middle East music at airports
Chance Short
'Chance Short' 12 months ago
What is that song at the end
'CrazyAnproFilm' 12 months ago
Idk why this car remind me of *LYKAN HYPER SPORT - REAR CARBON WING* Lol
Chris Tinoco
'Chris Tinoco' 12 months ago
probre rayo morira en la pelicula cars 3
Fc Slavik
'Fc Slavik' 12 months ago
Wait does he buy car insurance or life insurance
m richo
'm richo' 12 months ago
Song For Lighting​ McQueen
'Dingely' 12 months ago
Name of the song please? 1:16
Piter cordova
'Piter cordova' 12 months ago
Lina TR
'Lina TR' 12 months ago
1:30 music plsss
Allison Banks
'Allison Banks' 1 year ago
At first of the trailer i was like. WHO IS THIS CAr????
Allison Banks
'Allison Banks' 1 year ago
Gilberto Sanchez Santa Rosa
Cual es la música del segundo 0:48?
'Falafel' 1 year ago
Where's the NASCarlo?
Marco Diaz
'Marco Diaz' 1 year ago
I like the blue car
AP 1506
'AP 1506' 1 year ago
Why did they wait 6 goddamn years
patrik wilson
'patrik wilson' 1 year ago
░W░a░t░c░h░ ░C░a░r░s░ ░3░ ░(░2░0░1░7░)░ ░F░U░L░L░ ░M░O░V░I░E░ ░H░D░ No Registration @
'Neironix' 1 year ago
This high-tech mega hyper levitating bullshit car is just imbalance against mcqueen ya know
romel ryan guisehan
Wyatt Corbin
'Wyatt Corbin' 1 year ago
Listening to music.… are we sure Lightning isn't, say, John Wick?
Shådøw The Hëdgehøg
jackson storm sounds like a toy car a little..
'WoahHeyGuys' 1 year ago
dylan Herbert
'dylan Herbert' 1 year ago
i like the second music
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