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Cars 3 Teaser Trailer #2 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: Movieclips Trailers

By: Movieclips TrailersPublished: 3 weeks ago

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88, 339 Likes   7, 483 Dislikes

Cars 3 Teaser Trailer #2 (2017): Check out the new Cars 3 trailer starring Owen Wilson, Jason Pace, and Jose Premole! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping @MovieclipsTrailers. 

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Lightning McQueen sets out to prove to a new generation of racers that he's still the best race car in the world.

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Edivan Campos
'Edivan Campos' 16 minutes ago
so tem comentario em ingles kkkkk
'Daemon' 50 minutes ago
I heard cruz is sally's and mcqueens kid...
Griffin Mundell
'Griffin Mundell' 3 hours ago
Storm looks awesome to bad he's the antagonist
Ben Springer
'Ben Springer' 4 hours ago
So, important question, if Lightning McQueen is getting insurance does he get car insurance or life insurance?
juan felipe Cardenas
'juan felipe Cardenas' 11 hours ago
guau cars 3 serA en junio 2017 y creo que rayo mquenn , jackson y cruz ramires son hermanos 
DaKuan Minor
'DaKuan Minor' 12 hours ago
Does anyone know the name of lightning's theme?
Mevlüt Ateş
'Mevlüt Ateş' 15 hours ago
This guy has no sticker, real headlights !
Jason Q
'Jason Q' 18 hours ago
My uncle works at Disney and he gave me a copy so he gave me extra copies for my friends but for every one that hits a like on this comment will get a copy of cars 3. Enjoy 👍
Adrix xdxdxd
'Adrix xdxdxd' 22 hours ago
autos de gta 5 XD
Absolute Shockers
'Absolute Shockers' 24 hours ago
So heres something to think about. Does Lightning Mcqueen get life insurance or car insurance?
JaidAJ (JaidAJ)
'JaidAJ (JaidAJ)' 1 day ago
Ahhh! I see what they are doing it like a car commercial!
Juan Adolfo
'Juan Adolfo' 1 day ago
como se llama la canción del rayo con la que lo presentan
PS4b3n g0meZ
'PS4b3n g0meZ' 1 day ago
Lightning McQueen is a Chevy Corvette
Rodrigo Castellano
Carlos Kroeber
'Carlos Kroeber' 1 day ago
Tow Mater
'Tow Mater' 2 days ago
Starboy “Starboy43” 43
0:38 Who the heck is that?
Juan Adolfo
'Juan Adolfo' 2 days ago
el Rayo va a ganar perras
Gamerkia G
'Gamerkia G' 2 days ago
What that song called for when lighting the queen is shown
'SHADOW STORM' 2 days ago
name song cruz ramirez please
Tube Industries Broadcasting Company
Just pretend its a trailer for the next Forza game.
İlke Kurtlutepe
'İlke Kurtlutepe' 2 days ago
The film series I identify with myself is going back
Jaydn W
'Jaydn W' 2 days ago
Hey idiots...Jackson Storm is NOT an electric vehicle, he can't be, if he was he wouldnt have an engine to rev up nor flames to spew. He is very clearly a high performance F1 style vehicle. that whine as he speeds off is obviously the sound of a super charger or a turbo charger spooling up
Alex Rider
'Alex Rider' 2 days ago
Why am I excited for this
carrie white
'carrie white' 2 days ago
can't wait to see cars 3
TheFlying Boy
'TheFlying Boy' 2 days ago
Where is Mater?
Alyssa Gonzalez
'Alyssa Gonzalez' 2 days ago
I was 4 when the first Cars came out came out it was my favorite many memories I'm hoping this movie doesn't disappoint me. Oh yeah I was also 9 when Cars 2 came out and I'm 15 now
Mohamed Sherif
'Mohamed Sherif' 2 days ago
This actually looks good and waaaaay better than Cars 2.
'xobamyeol' 2 days ago
Can't wait to get ka-chowed by my new daddy no JACKSON STORM😫
Constanza Valderrama Romero
guau cars 3 va hacer el junio 3 creo que jackson storm y cruz ramires seran hermanos del rayo mqueen por que la parte de adelante tienen el mismo aspecto que el .
Junior Garcia
'Junior Garcia' 2 days ago
Man , Fast and Furious looks good 😍‼
'SuperSmash6453' 2 days ago
when I saw McQueen: 😀😁😄😆😊😅🙂☺🤗🙃😃
Ace_Tanker 52
'Ace_Tanker 52' 2 days ago
Plot twist. Both new cars are Lightning McQueen's younger brother and sister. BAM
NAD alismaili
'NAD alismaili' 2 days ago
June 16 2017
cute little kitty cookie
I want to watch this but I want to watch despicable me 3
'ItsDanester' 3 days ago
any1 knows mcqueens song?
'NightBot' 3 days ago
Man, this is way better than the emoji movie
Mason Mosolowski
'Mason Mosolowski' 3 days ago
Jackson storm is a 2017 Lightning Lightning is a 2006 Lightning
'ExTremeHYPE' 3 days ago
What in tarnation
Jessica Arellano
'Jessica Arellano' 3 days ago
I herd dusty cloud hoper from plains are in this movie
Lastgengamer 2855
'Lastgengamer 2855' 3 days ago
Max Yurek
'Max Yurek' 3 days ago
strut jetstream
CaptN Mexico
'CaptN Mexico' 3 days ago
there better be a Bugatti Veyron and a Bugatti Chiron
Joe Cool
'Joe Cool' 4 days ago
The beginning looks like a fancy car commercial
MongoCrow (Lukey)
'MongoCrow (Lukey)' 4 days ago
1:16 song? plz
Emily Blaser
'Emily Blaser' 4 days ago
Cars 1 fine Cars 2 weird Cars 3 going to be awesome!
Adi Nugroho Bramantyo
Love the style!
'NickXSniper' 4 days ago
who else is gonna watch this?
ErweEn Kal0
'ErweEn Kal0' 4 days ago
Jackson looks like a mix between a mazda furai and a vette, whats her name looks like an aston martin, and idk wtf lightning is...........
Adnan Pillay
'Adnan Pillay' 4 days ago
What is the song when light comes on
egg yolk
'egg yolk' 5 days ago
So do they get car insurance or life insurance?
How embarrassing
'How embarrassing' 5 days ago
June 16 2017
Ian Hynes
'Ian Hynes' 5 days ago
Holly shit I was 6
Orion S
'Orion S' 5 days ago
What's the song
'ImBsal' 5 days ago
do you ever wonder like does lightning McQueen have life insurance or car insurance?
Roberto Vazquez
'Roberto Vazquez' 5 days ago
What is the song or music thing for jackson storm called?
'SirVolcy' 5 days ago
How do they have sex??
Alex Weiss
'Alex Weiss' 5 days ago
Diogo David
'Diogo David' 5 days ago
wait the orange is with mcqueen?
'THE RAM' 5 days ago
but they don't need headlights. cuz the track is always lit
'Weesky' 5 days ago
Hype is real
MuzdaHD • 0,06 K
omg geil endlich
Chris Hay
'Chris Hay' 5 days ago
Go to crazy wolf guy if u like video games
'순진한상어' 6 days ago
약간 전편보다 재미없을거같은건 기분탓?
Ifrit Zenyatta
'Ifrit Zenyatta' 6 days ago
Lightning McQueen wears big boy paint now :)
Dustan Stokes
'Dustan Stokes' 6 days ago
what kinda trailer is this?
'Ogy!' 6 days ago
June 16th , 2017 is the release date
Diana Chocoreto
'Diana Chocoreto' 6 days ago
Good ear rape right in the start
thedarkmies fin
'thedarkmies fin' 6 days ago
Someguy Someguy
'Someguy Someguy' 6 days ago
roses are red, i got stung by a bee, lightning mcqueen dies in cars 3
Jesús Grande
'Jesús Grande' 6 days ago
Es ta en si ness
'sga86' 6 days ago
This is a race car movie and the 2nd yellow car has floating brakes?! GTFO!
'Fallout3476v2' 6 days ago
If someone takes their kids to watch this film it's normal. But if I go watch it and I'm 22 I'm classed as a pedofile
'PassportplayasTV' 6 days ago
Just watched this with my son... He is SO JUICED, can't wait to take him!!! Popcorn, soda and a movie
leonardo candiani
'leonardo candiani' 6 days ago
3 song please?
Мухан Серик
ramirzer lol
'TheMadDocktor' 6 days ago
Oliver Rowe
'Oliver Rowe' 6 days ago
anyone know the last song
MinToMax Ruler
'MinToMax Ruler' 6 days ago
what is the song name of lightning maqueen entry?
Oscar Lee
'Oscar Lee' 7 days ago
I have a serious question. Does Lighting McQueen get car insurance or life insurance?
Steffan Clarke
'Steffan Clarke' 7 days ago
whats the music that plays for mcqueen?
'Lotuscube' 7 days ago
bumblebee is that you?....
Trevor Carter
'Trevor Carter' 7 days ago
This Was My Childhood I Probably Still Have It In Me
MisterDenis TT
'MisterDenis TT' 7 days ago
name of the last song?
elastic madness aka elastic (Elastic)
in the other teaser he gets in a brutal car cradh
Inna Unguryan
'Inna Unguryan' 7 days ago
Cruz kindof looks like Sally McQueens girlfriend. don't you think?
Why does Cruz Ramirez looks like mqeens girlfriend a.k.a Sally?
Ranieri Marcos
'Ranieri Marcos' 1 week ago
Dylan Parker
'Dylan Parker' 1 week ago
Grand Theft Auto: Kid Friendly DLC.
Decosonic Dastardly TV
Don't lie Pixar. The first 30 seconds was merchandising and you know it.
Plamodium Classics
cruz Ramírez has doors
'Savage' 1 week ago
Jackson storm looks a lot like Doc
'Bleach' 1 week ago
Looks like a Fnaf trailer...
Tirupati Srinivasa Atma Raman
what is the name of the music being played for cruze ramirez ??? anybody knows pls tell me..
'progamer12o' 1 week ago
I know what type of car storm is I don't know the exact name but it's the ETR1 from GTA 5
'cheeriomartinez' 1 week ago
Pixar should make a driving game using whatever engine or graphics they use. Holy crap.
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