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latest Ghana Gospel Mix 2016-Ohemaa Mercy, Nacy, Herty Borngreat, Florence Obinim, Joyce Blessing... -
Published: 1 year ago By: Pastor Frank Owusu

By: Pastor Frank OwusuPublished: 1 year ago

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The Best of the Best latest Ghana Gospel Music Mix, latest Ghana Gospel Mix 2016-look at these Artists, Ohemaa Mercy-Aseda, Nacy-One Love, Herty Borngreat-, Florence Obinim, Osofo Frank, No Tribe, Joyce Blessing, Jack Alolome,

Foster Dwamena
'Foster Dwamena' 5 days ago
Asare Erica
'Asare Erica' 3 weeks ago
Hello pastor,please I have a problem that I would like you to help me with....
Nana Dansoah Lawrence
The first song aseda is my favourite song💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃😘😘😘
Abdulaziz Farhan
'Abdulaziz Farhan' 1 month ago
I really love this mix bcos I was not felling happy. God bless u pastor
Reynolds Boadi
'Reynolds Boadi' 1 month ago
Can you please list the names of the songs, at least the one by Nacee
'Yvonne BAFFOUR' 2 months ago
Dominique dodo
'Dominique dodo' 2 months ago
Cynthia Abban
'Cynthia Abban' 2 months ago
God bless you wai
Addai Boateng
'Addai Boateng' 2 months ago
You are 🥇place well done
Kwadwq Ransford
'Kwadwq Ransford' 2 months ago
'Yvonne BAFFOUR' 3 months ago
Happy sunday 2 u all ♡
Justice kesse
'Justice kesse' 4 months ago
Esther Donkor
'Esther Donkor' 4 months ago
Jesus is too mach I love that song
Christopher Arhin
'Christopher Arhin' 4 months ago
Nice gospel mix i love it God bless you.
Victoria 62
'Victoria 62' 4 months ago
God bless u all,Great voice
Destiny Boateng
'Destiny Boateng' 4 months ago
whats the song from 1:24:50
'JOSEPH ALLOTEY' 4 months ago
l love the song and may bless you Ohema Mercy
dora Blass
'dora Blass' 4 months ago
massive one
dora Blass
'dora Blass' 4 months ago
we love u r song very well
elliot thomas
'elliot thomas' 4 months ago
keep on
elliot thomas
'elliot thomas' 4 months ago
keep on
Esther Gbetey
'Esther Gbetey' 4 months ago
Praise to God forever and ever. God bless you all.
Alberta Bonney
'Alberta Bonney' 5 months ago
good bless God and plaster frank
Samuel Oduro
'Samuel Oduro' 5 months ago
Who sung the reggae song "I will follow Jesus" at 1:14:10?
Ngabo Ndose
'Ngabo Ndose' 5 months ago
can somebody tell me the name of the second to the last song, please
Adiza Klabu
'Adiza Klabu' 5 months ago
Sister Joyce Almighty God bless
Adiza Klabu
'Adiza Klabu' 5 months ago
Nice songs Ohemaa Mercy God bless
shirley Kumakeh
'shirley Kumakeh' 5 months ago
may god guide and protect your gift of wonderful praises.
philomena onumah
'philomena onumah' 5 months ago
I love Ohemma Mercy.
Mohammed Iddrisu
'Mohammed Iddrisu' 5 months ago
lovely song
Charles Bimpeh
'Charles Bimpeh' 6 months ago
Nice song papabi
Janet Kpaja
'Janet Kpaja' 6 months ago
To God be the Glory. we only need to praise Him
Elcio Souza
'Elcio Souza' 6 months ago
Glória Deus!!! Todo ser que respira louve!!! São Paulo, Jundiaí, Brasil Glory to God !!! Every being that breathes praises!!! São Paulo, Jundiaí, Brazil
Ebenezer Wiafe
'Ebenezer Wiafe' 6 months ago
this have save my life. I love u all
'angellove' 6 months ago
who sang the 3rd song
Ajatah Lee
'Ajatah Lee' 6 months ago
God bless you
Joycelyn Guldberg
'Joycelyn Guldberg' 6 months ago
Amen. I shell not die. Bless you dear sister.
'L A' 6 months ago
this music is my fevraith
Esther Gbetey
'Esther Gbetey' 6 months ago
glory be to God.
Osas Anita
'Osas Anita' 6 months ago
Thank you jesus
'PD EA' 7 months ago
Love it
philomina Dickson
'philomina Dickson' 7 months ago
God bless u ohemaa for ur good work and all of u
Mensah Bonsu
'Mensah Bonsu' 7 months ago
can we be firend
Kwaku Paul
'Kwaku Paul' 7 months ago
Nice mix
Lydia Boateng
'Lydia Boateng' 7 months ago
this songs have really change my life
Jean Armel Romaric Piekoura
Amen amen amen
magani kwabena
'magani kwabena' 8 months ago
John Taden
'John Taden' 8 months ago
Pastor Frank can you please include a list of the songs? Thank you.
Hannah Eshun
'Hannah Eshun' 8 months ago
i love this song God blessed you. joyes
Rose Flower
'Rose Flower' 8 months ago
Nice music and lovely God bless keep moving
Jennifer Ritter
'Jennifer Ritter' 8 months ago
Hello My Dare, I Iove This your Music! You Are Right That is People In Iife !!!!: Thanks You Very Much for Your Gospel Music God Belss You .Iove Jennifer Genmay....
Joy Abbot
'Joy Abbot' 8 months ago
nice one
'REIME NOC' 8 months ago
dope video with swag
Ebenezer Quabena Manu Sociable
Nice and lovely shot....
LEAD Engineering
'LEAD Engineering' 8 months ago
belle chanson,belle voix
charles kwame mensah
'charles kwame mensah' 9 months ago
God bless you Florence
rachel acquah
'rachel acquah' 9 months ago
You are the best
rachel acquah
'rachel acquah' 9 months ago
Mireille Biloa
'Mireille Biloa' 9 months ago
Gloria Tetteh - hago
'Gloria Tetteh - hago' 9 months ago
Jean Armel Romaric Piekoura
tres belle melodie a la gloire de jesus
Ama Sakyi
'Ama Sakyi' 9 months ago
good songs
bintsangou roger maks
formidable, que Dieu vous benisse
Emmanuel Conney
'Emmanuel Conney' 9 months ago
please what is the title of the song that started at 1:13:55 and who sang it. I really love the song so much
'MY MAN' 9 months ago
Best ever
Hannah Afuakwah
'Hannah Afuakwah' 9 months ago
I love it
Patience Kissiwaa
'Patience Kissiwaa' 9 months ago
I love it
samson imafidon
'samson imafidon' 9 months ago
up africa
Pearlcyn Agyei
'Pearlcyn Agyei' 9 months ago
l love it
davion Sherland
'davion Sherland' 9 months ago
We Jamaicans enjoy watching this video in our barber shop
Alberto Bolaños
'Alberto Bolaños' 9 months ago
what language it this song
Mensah Boafo
'Mensah Boafo' 9 months ago
I'm glad to video
Kouame Abraham
'Kouame Abraham' 9 months ago
be blessed
Xian-George Reid
'Xian-George Reid' 10 months ago
although i dont know what is being said i just love the african vibe
Bortei Bortey
'Bortei Bortey' 10 months ago
in an era when people seem to be having the mindset that gospel music is boring,i can only see a few who stood up,worked hard and fought to prove those people wrong that gospel music is indeed exciting.gospel music aims at unveiling the love of the most high to all humanity,lifting his name higher above all other names.for me,this song is a perfect message that puts the most high in his rightful position.i could go on and on,the video is just incredible,one of the most qualitative work we hardly see in the gospel world in ghana.i know much was invested into it and it really pays,no wonder the album is already winning all the awards.she is just amazing and i love her so much.thank you all, you gospel artistes learning and working so hard,,ohemaa mercy,no tribe,celestine,nii okai,josh laryea,daughters just to name a few...and most of all,welcome to the club,,,joyce blessing,,,more greese to your elbows.
jashim uddin
'jashim uddin' 10 months ago
👏👏👏💖oh my daer sister god bless you sooo March
jashim uddin
'jashim uddin' 10 months ago
👏👏👏💖 oh my sister god bless you sooo March
Maame Sar
'Maame Sar' 10 months ago
God bless u all
sylvia yeboah
'sylvia yeboah' 10 months ago
i will always love this song
sylvia yeboah
'sylvia yeboah' 10 months ago
love this music so much
Ahoufe Jenny
'Ahoufe Jenny' 10 months ago
Joyce blessing us my role model ❤️❤️
Davis Dube
'Davis Dube' 10 months ago
am from zimbabwe i just luv this music
Choix De Santé
'Choix De Santé' 11 months ago
listen to me I NEED THE LYRICS IN ENGLISH please thank you
Nanayaw Smith
'Nanayaw Smith' 11 months ago
please the gosple reggea song after that of Jack Alolome song-My God will make a way, I think its either Nacee or No tribe.....................please whats the tite ...........................I think it starts "i will follow Jesu everywhere I go................... Thank you
Obaapa Ama Siaw Vision
'Obaapa Ama Siaw Vision' 11 months ago
wow wow I just love de tracks
Fred Gaster
'Fred Gaster' 11 months ago
heart touching song blessings
Ben Owusu
'Ben Owusu' 11 months ago
joyce blessings plss dont change ur way of dressing ok it fit ur role in gospel more grace.
Angeline Gambrah
'Angeline Gambrah' 11 months ago
love your music
'NoStressEmpress' 11 months ago
Can someone post the English words for this song, if you don't mind.  I am Jamaican, but I love these gospel songs.  The one I want the words for is Aseda, by Ohemaa Mercy. God bless!  She sings with such conviction. God be praised!
'JULIA OLIVE HUGHES' 11 months ago
I love her songs, pls sing in english
'JOHN DIDIPEY' 11 months ago
l love this song to sleep lt make me happy to feel
SP7 k.
'SP7 k.' 11 months ago
The name of the Song at 15:22 ? btw Great Gospel mix !
Onua Alpacino
'Onua Alpacino' 11 months ago
mavis asante and patience nyarko ur great
Lucky Me
'Lucky Me' 12 months ago
The gospel is proclaimed that people might be saved, qualified, and equipped to enter into the kingdom. Regeneration is for the kingdom (John 3:3, 5). If you have not been regenerated, you cannot enter into the kingdom of God. When Christians preach the gospel now a day, most of them always talk about sin, heaven, and hell. Hardly anyone speaks about the gospel as related to the kingdom. But in its first preaching of the gospel, the New Testament tells us to repent for the kingdom. The gospel is for the kingdom. The purpose of the preaching of the gospel is that men might enter into the kingdom. The gospel of the kingdom brings the rebellious sinners into the church. But now we need to see what is the reality of the church. The reality of the church is the kingdom. If you have been saved, washed, and regenerated for the church, it means that you have experienced these things for the reality of the kingdom. The way to bring others out of the world and into the kingdom of the heavens is not by today’s superficial gospel but by the gospel of the kingdom of the heavens [Matt. 24:14] The gospel of the kingdom includes not only forgiveness of sins (Luke 24:47) and the impartation of life (John 20:31) but also the kingdom of the heavens with the power of the coming age (Heb. 6:5) to cast out demons and heal diseases (Isa. 35:5-6; Matt. 10:1).
Elizabeth Baah
'Elizabeth Baah' 12 months ago
i love this song
Priscilla Oppong
'Priscilla Oppong' 1 year ago
Good miusic
Emmalese Moonstone
Please tell me if this is TWI?
Denis Atem
'Denis Atem' 1 year ago
ohemaa mercy your voice is wow so sweet to glorify our creator.
Samuel Amofah
'Samuel Amofah' 1 year ago
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