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Published: 5 months ago By: T-Series

By: T-SeriesPublished: 5 months ago

78, 416 views

2, 457 Likes   129 Dislikes

Presenting the video song “Udaa Phir Bhi Main Udaa” , On INTERNATIONAL WORLD DISABILITY DAY.

Singer: Siddhesh
Lyrics by Gunjan
Music: Dhawal & Kiran
Mix And Mastered By: Edward Noronha
Asst.: Satish Vashodia
Arrangement by Kiran & Sarafaraz
Rhythm designed by Augustine
Programmed by Borden
Chorus team: Jayant, Vishal, Niket ,Shubham, Ajay, Atul, Ashwin,
Tejal, Triveni, Sarika
Musicians: Sarfaraz, Kiran, Dhawal, Shomu, Augustine, Sachin
Directed by Nikhil Gupta
DOP: Vaibhav Budhiraja
Editor: Vivek Shevade
Music Label: T-Series

Conceptualised by Udaan Entertainment Group,
The project headed by Kevval Hariya & Deepakk Bedsa (The founder & cofounder of Udaan Entertainment Group).
Enjoy & stay connected with us!
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Yushra Tamanna
'Yushra Tamanna' 4 months ago
heart touching song🖒🖒
Harsh pawar
'Harsh pawar' 4 months ago
🙏🙏🙏🙏 god bless you😭
Chetana Iyer
'Chetana Iyer' 4 months ago
Lovely, Siddhesh and team! ❤️
i really feel sorry for those 124 people's who dislike it. Great song. Guys keep on going. U have inspired me for today thanx.😉😉💪💪💪
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balla khan
'balla khan' 5 months ago
I love you all.what I say.......
my sad story love
'my sad story love' 5 months ago
come on my chennal and watch my video so nice video in my chennal
anju rai
'anju rai' 5 months ago
So nice
king uzair
'king uzair' 5 months ago
Nice song😟😟😟😟😟
Lakhan Gangawne
'Lakhan Gangawne' 5 months ago
Nice song
Keshav Choudhury
'Keshav Choudhury' 5 months ago
very very inspring
Monica Kumari
'Monica Kumari' 5 months ago
Mukesh Sen
'Mukesh Sen' 5 months ago
Awesome, super, even word are less and we can't express there performance level
'TECHNICAL DON' 5 months ago
Like it
chandra prakash
'chandra prakash' 5 months ago
They are not disabled They are differently able 🤗😍
chetna gurung
'chetna gurung' 5 months ago
Heart touching song ...beautiful song
Mahesh Patidar
'Mahesh Patidar' 5 months ago
Dil disco disco Bole Sari Raat Sajna
Sarif Shike
'Sarif Shike' 5 months ago
Gyana Ranjan
'Gyana Ranjan' 5 months ago
'WARTIKA MANJHI' 5 months ago
Love u all.. U guys motivated me in every stage of my life..u all deserve alot of respect frm everyone...salute u
Izhar Vhora
'Izhar Vhora' 5 months ago
Mahadevaiah N
'Mahadevaiah N' 5 months ago
Really amazing
HomeTec Music
'HomeTec Music' 5 months ago
Atif Aslam New Song
Neeraj Rathore
'Neeraj Rathore' 5 months ago
Dhaval Ramanuj
'Dhaval Ramanuj' 5 months ago
I'm speechless.....grand salute to all you guys.👏👏👌👍👍👍👍. your song is touch my soul.🍁🍁
Dipak Sarkar
'Dipak Sarkar' 5 months ago
'KONATALA CHANDU' 5 months ago
ʀᴊ ʟᴏᴋɴᴀᴛʜ
Hats of u guyz #may god bless u all #love from my heart
'RIDDHI' 5 months ago
My mom is handicapped and she is fashion designer ... I m proud on her .. :-)
asif ali momin
'asif ali momin' 5 months ago
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Akash Yadav
'Akash Yadav' 5 months ago
Love this song...💔💔💕💕
Md Ibrahim
'Md Ibrahim' 5 months ago
jamshed Jani
'jamshed Jani' 5 months ago
The Vegan Fanboy !
'The Vegan Fanboy !' 5 months ago
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Naincy Soni
'Naincy Soni' 5 months ago
salute to all..
Nav Kishor
'Nav Kishor' 5 months ago
Salute to all of you 🙏
Jitendra S Rathode
'Jitendra S Rathode' 5 months ago
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😀 😃 😄 Love this! 😍 😘 😗
Roro king
'Roro king' 5 months ago
Innocent beautiful soulful Thankful We should learn from them Like universe on the earth
Rajkumar Lohra
'Rajkumar Lohra' 5 months ago
Very good Drea aap Kar sakte ho Jo bolo jaha bolo main aapke sath hu go bless they are leaders
Seraj Kaleem
'Seraj Kaleem' 5 months ago
heart touching ............... I really like it..
Kaiblya kumar sahu
'Kaiblya kumar sahu' 5 months ago
Super duper hit song
'NATARAJ NATI' 5 months ago
Nice. All the best....
Md Tamim Islam 0000
'Md Tamim Islam 0000' 5 months ago
Just awesome👏✊👍
George Mike
'George Mike' 5 months ago
like it so very much..
Suchitra Kanoria
'Suchitra Kanoria' 5 months ago
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ankit kumar
'ankit kumar' 5 months ago
Hats off too this most amazing peoples
Kamlesh Suryawanshi
'Kamlesh Suryawanshi' 5 months ago
god blessed u guys..even u dont need god..bcoz u r very special with some u all
Funny channel
'Funny channel' 5 months ago
I sluet you guys Heart tuching video
Kshitij Choudhary
'Kshitij Choudhary' 5 months ago
I love this song
Hiba Binth Ashraf
'Hiba Binth Ashraf' 5 months ago
guys!!thank god for his blessings....look at these people...we are well blessed..still we are ungrateful to god
Nnnnjk Jjjj
'Nnnnjk Jjjj' 5 months ago
V Music
'V Music' 5 months ago
Support them forever
shailesh bedsa
'shailesh bedsa' 5 months ago
Awesome Song
my sad story love
'my sad story love' 5 months ago
200 view only and my chennal monetization so watch my video and support me plzzzzz
'TECHNO NEXUS' 5 months ago
Emma Watson tribute
Salman Kazi
'Salman Kazi' 5 months ago
Salman Kazi
'Salman Kazi' 5 months ago
Best song this
Amol Damse
'Amol Damse' 5 months ago
This song inspired... Appreciate
Arijit fan club,s
'Arijit fan club,s' 5 months ago
😊😊😊😊😊😊nyc yrrr
varad vyavhare
'varad vyavhare' 5 months ago
Very good video
mIsHa PaRi
'mIsHa PaRi' 5 months ago
best of luck
suraj shirke
'suraj shirke' 5 months ago
Hats off
Aryan Khan
'Aryan Khan' 5 months ago
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rajveer parbhu
'rajveer parbhu' 5 months ago
Saans..gehri..khich..ker...dukh ssare ..bhulker..ko..himmat..tu...juta..
Mariya Shaikh
'Mariya Shaikh' 5 months ago
Best song👍👍 Gbu...
rajveer parbhu
'rajveer parbhu' 5 months ago
Thanks to T-Series
Amit Das
'Amit Das' 5 months ago
I am going to download it.
movie movie
'movie movie' 5 months ago
Superbb Mishti
'Superbb Mishti' 5 months ago
Lovely 💓
Freesoul Creations
'Freesoul Creations' 5 months ago
Ishita Mou
'Ishita Mou' 5 months ago
Nice song...
anshul tiwari
'anshul tiwari' 5 months ago
the best song udaa mai udaa
LyriKing MakerS
'LyriKing MakerS' 5 months ago this song is superb ! watch this!
Technical Nehra ji
'Technical Nehra ji' 5 months ago
Hannan Ali
'Hannan Ali' 5 months ago
WooooW soooo good❤️❤️❤️👏🏻🙏🏻
Ruhina Kazi
'Ruhina Kazi' 5 months ago
Absolutely amazing!!!!!👍👍👍👍
fanx gamer
'fanx gamer' 5 months ago
Yushra Tamanna
'Yushra Tamanna' 5 months ago
well done🖒🖒 We proud of you 😊😊
मेरी शायरी तुमसे ही
*मोहब्बत के नाते ना सही इंसानियत के नाते ही सही,,,,,* 💕 *किस हाल में हूँ मैं इतना तो पूछा कर.....*
Harsh kr
'Harsh kr' 5 months ago
Korean Mix
'Korean Mix' 5 months ago
Hello everyone pls watch my songs here hope you like it
yash pratap
'yash pratap' 5 months ago
after seeing so many beautiful comments...i came to know dil se koi Insaan bura nai hota...dekhne ka nazariya thik hona chahiye...btw song is awesome nd they should alo get some plateform..where they can show there singing talent..
8 Ball Pool Hack
'8 Ball Pool Hack' 5 months ago
It is awesome song
هانم على
'هانم على' 5 months ago
👌👌👍👍👏👏 💖💖💕💕💗💗 😍😍😍😍😍😍 💝💝💟💟💗💗
Shristi Bhandari
'Shristi Bhandari' 5 months ago
I m proud of u all ....awesome song ......😍😘
Heasham Rockx
'Heasham Rockx' 5 months ago
subscribe to me
'SHUBHA' 5 months ago
Hit like for this awesome song and my india
Shaikh Afroj
'Shaikh Afroj' 5 months ago
I love thIs song 😘😘😘😍😘
Mofizul Islam
'Mofizul Islam' 5 months ago
malik mohammedrehan.
'malik mohammedrehan.' 5 months ago
Emotional song
All Rounder
'All Rounder' 5 months ago
MD Rasel Raj
'MD Rasel Raj' 5 months ago
Veer Mr. Shaayar
'Veer Mr. Shaayar' 5 months ago
# Respect for this song
Sheetal Bhootra
'Sheetal Bhootra' 5 months ago
Superb 👍👍👏👏
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