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Published: 1 year ago By: SSundee

By: SSundeePublished: 1 year ago

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Watch as SSundee. Jordan and Crainer all hear from X33N and Kehaan AGAIN that they need to get on the server!! What do they want this time from them?! Do they want to destroy even more of the server?!... Lol, Thanks for watching, I appreciate the support and any ratings would be greatly appreciated also!

Crainers's Channel

CaptainSparklez Channel

X33N(Set up the server)

Kehaan(Set up the server)

Map mad by BlockWorks!

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'heyitsjustkate' 2 days ago
I saw it coming the whole time...
'Frostbitgamer304' 4 days ago
He should have taken Gertrude
christopher villalobos
That's not nice you drove us all Kian and some other guy SSundee Crainer and CaptainSparklez I think the guys name
asrie jack
'asrie jack' 6 days ago
Well play guy,well play
'GAMERKILLER208' 6 days ago
I realy hate my life
Jody Kuhn
'Jody Kuhn' 1 week ago
How about "one like = one area fixed in troll craft" for the intro
Lisa Goble
'Lisa Goble' 2 weeks ago
Lol spookles
Ranjana Baral
'Ranjana Baral' 2 weeks ago
I am the latest comment
DJ DeStefano
'DJ DeStefano' 2 weeks ago
You don't TROLL ME!!!!!!!!!
Mine DistroyerYT
'Mine DistroyerYT' 2 weeks ago
They just won troll craft you got rekt
'DYLON PHASA' 2 weeks ago
That two guy is mean troll him and the pokemon go song put that block that crainer put in your base do it two them plz ow wait burn dirt cobstone is so good
Samaira Rain Leabres
Christian Juarez
'Christian Juarez' 2 weeks ago
Sorry Someday my phone was glitching still though I'm the puppet
Christian Juarez
'Christian Juarez' 2 weeks ago
I'm the freaking puppet and I will hold you for free controller but I will set ever Tronics to your face now you Ssundee awesome
Jasmine Phanthumchinda
I subscribe a long time ago and click the bell but forgot to tell you but your my #1 favorite youtuber
Joaquin Noel
'Joaquin Noel' 3 weeks ago
Naruto Suhairi
'Naruto Suhairi' 3 weeks ago
i dont like this new map
Grabelk 123
'Grabelk 123' 3 weeks ago
Carolina Hernandez
'Carolina Hernandez' 3 weeks ago
Poseidon Trident
'Poseidon Trident' 3 weeks ago
I knew
'MCGamer' 4 weeks ago
10/10 IGN Would Troll Again
Person Pacman
'Person Pacman' 4 weeks ago
Good old memories
Nicholas Alinskie
'Nicholas Alinskie' 4 weeks ago
2. Because the server owners thought the they troollllllll the people the maximum rekt
Nicholas Alinskie
'Nicholas Alinskie' 4 weeks ago
X33N and kehaan are really bad server owners 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈 and X33N ,kehaan dont trollllllll Lol get rekkkkkkkkkttttttt you trollllll yourself
'it'd ya boy deevo' 4 weeks ago
Itzayana Ochoa
'Itzayana Ochoa' 4 weeks ago
Declan O
'Declan O'Connell' 4 weeks ago
I subscribed ssundee also I liked I want troll craft back
squid 385
'squid 385' 4 weeks ago
Trolololololololo crap
'Gr8ter_Dog' 4 weeks ago
Then later that day X33n and Kheans videos were flagged and they both became Bankrupt and lost everything except for a note that says “no more pranking the audience, you derserve this’d”
AGuyThat Plays
'AGuyThat Plays' 1 month ago
Why does Sparklez impression to SSundee sounds like ThinkNoodles
Shayne Kearn
'Shayne Kearn' 1 month ago
It wasn't Crainer
Leighton Kekuewa
'Leighton Kekuewa' 1 month ago
I already knew. It's just like. BOI, this is troll craft. They are probably trolling u -.-
Randyd Lopez
'Randyd Lopez' 1 month ago
Keith Luo
'Keith Luo' 1 month ago
Minimilk Gaming King
I Need To join And Troll Keehan And X33N
Logan Schroeder
'Logan Schroeder' 1 month ago
X33N all I have to say is g frickin g. SMH
juan gonzalez
'juan gonzalez' 1 month ago
Didn’t expect what happened in the last episode
Lance Duhon
'Lance Duhon' 1 month ago
Take that ssundee
Ethan Tucker
'Ethan Tucker' 1 month ago
So Funny
funny games and more and sundee
I sudscribe
'KRYPTIC TAGZz' 1 month ago
I saw this coming lol
Henry Huang
'Henry Huang' 1 month ago
1 like = to I hate you
Poky Craft
'Poky Craft' 2 months ago
I sub to your chanal
sandra rousseau
'sandra rousseau' 2 months ago
keehan is life x33n to but the rest not sorry lel
Brock Lister
'Brock Lister' 2 months ago
Alexis Courtney
'Alexis Courtney' 2 months ago
Comedy Gold. Pure Comedy Gold.
nathon 1204
'nathon 1204' 2 months ago
They got me in the beginning
Noor Uddin
'Noor Uddin' 2 months ago
I subscribed
Da Taternater78
'Da Taternater78' 2 months ago
Well he goes to the other channels and I get an ad
Nathan Tang
'Nathan Tang' 2 months ago
I mean...I think at least 60% saw this coming
Lisa S
'Lisa S' 2 months ago
I subed
Boris Ginzburg
'Boris Ginzburg' 2 months ago
our likes were not for nothing!
rawls watton
'rawls watton' 2 months ago
Z33n and kean won. Easily
The Vin-dicator
'The Vin-dicator' 2 months ago
Turn on captions you're welcome fellow 2017 watchers
rachael cox
'rachael cox' 2 months ago
How exactly did you guys meet? And why doesn't Kehaan (sorry if I misspelled) ever talk?
Elijah Ocampo
'Elijah Ocampo' 2 months ago
That is so cool
Liam Ashton
'Liam Ashton' 2 months ago
I subscribe
zaneatoms 1
'zaneatoms 1' 2 months ago
best troll ever
Kimi Vornanen
'Kimi Vornanen' 2 months ago
ssundee was accidentally making night vision pots
Elario Vasquez
'Elario Vasquez' 2 months ago
Boooooooooy not cool man😡 kehan
GamingwithJustine Blood lapoola
Hello Guys Ian Here And Welcome back To Another Minecraft Video
NiTRo_ Zues
'NiTRo_ Zues' 3 months ago
Silver Spark
'Silver Spark' 3 months ago
Hey, Ian. I know you said to comment when we subscribe and you'll reply. Thing is, homie. I've been subscribed for just over 3 years now. Do I get recognition yet? :')
crainer fan youtube fan
it was hey what's going on guys ssundee here
'Lorenayjustin1' 3 months ago
ha not me
bradd narine
'bradd narine' 3 months ago
Michael Law
'Michael Law' 3 months ago
something about "The world was never gone. You guys are rubes." just made my soul happy when I first saw this. still does.
Chris Gold
'Chris Gold' 3 months ago
i subscribed
'Kaloot' 3 months ago
R.I.P Bok Choy His Brain cells exploded.
Dafiq Fidzli
'Dafiq Fidzli' 3 months ago
GG x33n and kehaan 😐😐
Matija Volner
'Matija Volner' 3 months ago
'CrashPlayz0.0' 3 months ago
They need a season two
626 DAZZLE/The Red Shining Diamond
Ian why did u sparklez Porto gun and power fist
[theprobeastgamer [original
it think for that u need to put kehaan and zeen in a cage in adventure mode and burn soul sand and redstone.
shadowsniper one
'shadowsniper one' 3 months ago
Yes, Jordan sounds like that
Felix Hartono
'Felix Hartono' 3 months ago
Btw It Didn't Get Me Not Best Trolls
Tevin Achina Achina
'Tevin Achina Achina' 3 months ago
I hate keehan
'量希実子' 3 months ago
KEHANNNNNNNNNN I freaking hate u ps I hate XEEN even more
ianos Dodo
'ianos Dodo' 3 months ago
Asra Gilany
'Asra Gilany' 3 months ago
This was like my favorite episode 😂
Tanner Cannon
'Tanner Cannon' 3 months ago
John Huber
'John Huber' 3 months ago
we got rekd
Talan Mathus
'Talan Mathus' 4 months ago
I know it was a troll all along
Brandon DeLuna
'Brandon DeLuna' 4 months ago
I subscribed, i'm your biggest fan
Peter Siro
'Peter Siro' 4 months ago
I subscribed I need free merch
'roboknightt04' 4 months ago
sparklez portal gun ran off a potato XD
Da Savage
'Da Savage' 4 months ago
I subbed
Troll Hunter
'Troll Hunter' 4 months ago
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! YOU THOUGHT YOU TROLLED US X33N!!!!!! BUT NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:) This is TrollCraft after all.
Michael an Travis plays Minecraft
chihuahua lover
'chihuahua lover' 4 months ago
Hwangyoke plays
'Hwangyoke plays' 4 months ago
Vargas Grace
'Vargas Grace' 4 months ago
I will kill your family kehaan and z33n
'천동석' 4 months ago
Shout my channel out I subd and hit that bell
Lemony Head
'Lemony Head' 4 months ago
i suubed
'TheCrafterGamerTR' 4 months ago
X33N and Kehaan broke the 4th wall or sth then? xD
Matthew Brimm
'Matthew Brimm' 4 months ago
I knew it wasn't over and wasn't true because they are experienced and wouldn't mess.up like that
Dread Lion
'Dread Lion' 4 months ago
Barrington lawrence
'Barrington lawrence' 4 months ago
I subscribed
Epic! Sans
'Epic! Sans' 4 months ago
Ssundee you could have gotten Gertrude
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