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Can You Punch Faster Than Manny Pacquiao And Floyd Mayweather? -
Published: 3 years ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 years ago

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Welterweight boxers, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather can punch over 50 times in 10 seconds…can you?

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Face Off
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Albert Juanito
'Albert Juanito' 4 weeks ago
Am I the only one that started punching my brother like a maniac when the video ended? XD
Albert Juanito
'Albert Juanito' 4 weeks ago
I can punch 50 times in 10 minutes!!!!!!!
'DRIVING_PLATYPUS' 1 month ago
VI Legend
'VI Legend' 1 month ago
Muhammad Hafiz
'Muhammad Hafiz' 2 months ago
ryan was lowkey suffering from those punches
'TS' 2 months ago
*Those aren't punches, they're ½ arm extensions*
Jerry Kalouris
'Jerry Kalouris' 2 months ago
He was a welter weight, bro!
MMA jade
'MMA jade' 2 months ago
Great video 📹 I'm watching from England 🇬🇧 I'm a boxer myself
Kat Le
'Kat Le' 8 months ago
I could do more
mikah ong
'mikah ong' 8 months ago
girl power on that little girl over there! and ryan's hot AF
Grace F
'Grace F' 11 months ago
I can
Khalil Jaid
'Khalil Jaid' 11 months ago
I made 64 punches in 10 seconds
'Sang-fantôme' 11 months ago
Pacquiao can throw 50 punches in 10 seconds. Mayweather can hug someone 50 times in 10 seconds. Learn the difference Buzzfeed! SMH.
'KareemSteven' 12 months ago
Those punches were not powerful
nick justakid
'nick justakid' 1 year ago
they never made their hands come back to their bodies
Joe Average
'Joe Average' 1 year ago
Next video idea: Can you run faster than Mayweather?
Brian Klootwijk
'Brian Klootwijk' 1 year ago
i can almost punc 62 times in 10 sec
Deividas Dunauskas
those r not punches
shana the geek
'shana the geek' 1 year ago
OK, Now do it with correct form and strength.
Anonymous 2001
'Anonymous 2001' 1 year ago
those werent even normal punches....
Bryson Tiller
'Bryson Tiller' 1 year ago
They're not even full length reach punches
Henry Tang
'Henry Tang' 1 year ago
0:44 that guy is like the only one who is actually punching.
Alexander Lambert
'Alexander Lambert' 1 year ago
Exclusive tap particular match.
green apple
'green apple' 1 year ago
Those are bearly punches they are moving their hands like 4 inches and don't have the same force and technique as the pros but the little girl did surprisingly well
Andrew Trahan
'Andrew Trahan' 1 year ago
Before I watch it's no
Attar Zaki
'Attar Zaki' 1 year ago
Ronaldo??its that you..?!????
Flumpy ,s
'Flumpy ,s' 1 year ago
This was cringe if you have trained in boxing.
DatGuyDawn Animations
I just ded 21
'†Gruzin†' 1 year ago
those weren't punches
Melvin Tan
'Melvin Tan' 1 year ago
Lol at all the internet tough guys saying i train boxing and what. They're random people on the street, chill out.
Seth Norling
'Seth Norling' 1 year ago
at the end he said u were 9 less than the HEAVYWEIGHT champ of the world lol
Lol.....Now Force with that speed
Mine Craft
'Mine Craft' 2 years ago
I can fap faster than any porn star
Yashrib A.
'Yashrib A.' 2 years ago
Don't get why people are complaining about their technique they're tryna punch fast not hard. Drink bleach and chill
漬物 Picklerard Way
EFFIN Philippines bruh
Creepy Cooter
'Creepy Cooter' 2 years ago
I wanna see them punching someone like this in a fight and then getting caught with an uppercut....
Lincoln Pomeroy
'Lincoln Pomeroy' 2 years ago
I would gladly stand it front of all those punches
'ACSports' 2 years ago
He had a spuds top on...
Plamen Natchev
'Plamen Natchev' 2 years ago
Woow all of these people can punch almost as close as May weather. Im pretty sure they could give him a run for this money in the ring.
cute dogges
'cute dogges' 2 years ago
i did it but i got 41
Chicken Biscuts
'Chicken Biscuts' 2 years ago
As someone who has trained in martial arts and boxing I would say the adults punch just like the little girl probably with the same force also and the little girls technique along with all the adults technique sucked but what ever xD
Vebjorn A
'Vebjorn A' 2 years ago
2:00 Heavyweight?
Shinji Hirako
'Shinji Hirako' 2 years ago
I think of Luffy's Gomu gomu no gatling gun
Abu Mohamed
'Abu Mohamed' 2 years ago
Did he just say heavyweight
'Potato' 2 years ago
50 times in 10 seconds?! So a punch every 0.2 seconds to the skull from a trained professional with arms the size of Russia!? I want to make a list of everyone who'd survive a 2 minute onslaught: No one
Arnold Paap
'Arnold Paap' 2 years ago
He didnt count the right way its 1 for every 2 punches and you have to switch between the pads
JJ5X5 Rubiks
'JJ5X5 Rubiks' 2 years ago
Not fully extended punches.
roblox gamertv12
'roblox gamertv12' 2 years ago
i cant punch faster but i can ran faster
'xxxballgrabber' 2 years ago
*starts punching the air like a maniac* that's looks an awful lot like I'm jerking 2 dicks, I'm gonna stop
'xxxballgrabber' 2 years ago
Next up: can you run faster than mayweather?
Jonathan Torres
'Jonathan Torres' 2 years ago
Mayweather and pacquiao can throw a lot more than 50 in 10 idk what footage you were watching
'MegaMysteryGames' 2 years ago
Now try and see if you can run as fast as floyd
'Tent' 2 years ago
Those punches were horribly thrown and didn't have any force. Hehe only comment to hate fam
Alphabetical Disorder
Those are absolutely not real punches
'Showtime_Kick123' 2 years ago
"Heavyweight champs of the world" Oh Buzzfeed showing their stupidity again... These guys r not even CLOSE 2 heavyweights
CPNJ Travellers
'CPNJ Travellers' 2 years ago
I'm gonna go with manny Pacquiao
Martin Gilliard
'Martin Gilliard' 2 years ago
Mayweather and Pacquiao both are terrible fighters, my friend said Mayweather would beat Tyson, just don't see that
Mark Villegas
'Mark Villegas' 2 years ago
same range as your opponent... a little girl. lol
Johnny Nguyen
'Johnny Nguyen' 2 years ago
Punching fast isn't good its about power and acceleration
Cameron MacDonald
'Cameron MacDonald' 2 years ago
Its cool that my uncle knows   pacquiao but i never met him:(
'BOB ANIMATIONS' 2 years ago
wait does every one know our countries best boxer manny pacman paquiao
'QueenDebbie' 2 years ago
Well no doubt they will be able to do a lot because their form and punches were terrible 😂 buts that's what happens when people perform things they aren't trained in
'Antozz' 2 years ago
Oh an football/soccer fan from america. That's rare
Kristi Glisson
'Kristi Glisson' 2 years ago
was that Kofi Kingston
Mr. Unknown
'Mr. Unknown' 2 years ago
Good, good. Now try punching that fast with punches with the same force of Mayweather's and Pacquiao's punches.
Jed Amrine
'Jed Amrine' 2 years ago
0:45 Go Spurs!
jack jackal
'jack jackal' 2 years ago
as someone who trained in boxing, all of them punched so badly
Young Asif
'Young Asif' 2 years ago
their punches are so weak but pacquiao and mayweather have much stronger punches
minecraft pe gamer
'minecraft pe gamer' 2 years ago
I got 51
Chris Monje
'Chris Monje' 2 years ago
it's pronounced Manny pack-yaw xD
'Halfbandit' 2 years ago
I cringed so hard when he said heavyweight champs
Drkovac 11
'Drkovac 11' 2 years ago
39 punches in 10 secs
Gabrielle Barron
'Gabrielle Barron' 2 years ago
Awesome guys I'm 10
'CancerLordTv' 2 years ago
I can fap in 10 sec
'SoFloG HD' 2 years ago
See the thing here is, they actually punch... The people in the rodeo just went like half a foot away from the target and just jerked there arms, try proper technique, you'd get around thirty punches
Gaming Hipi
'Gaming Hipi' 2 years ago
A proper punch or how fast can you move your hands back and forward?
John Vanderson
'John Vanderson' 2 years ago
Weren't even real punches though...
Serious Gamer
'Serious Gamer' 2 years ago
who can run the fastest...........Mayweather
'Disturbia' 2 years ago
If they made their punching style flow more they could go faster
phil soung
'phil soung' 2 years ago
bruh Ip Man can do it
'Jedidya' 2 years ago
Well maybe it's recorded when they began as an amateur.
'Jonnym610' 2 years ago
Can you punch faster than gary russel jr
Skyler Stewart
'Skyler Stewart' 2 years ago
I would love to do that
Skyler Stewart
'Skyler Stewart' 2 years ago
I would love to do that
Madison Miller
'Madison Miller' 2 years ago
I did it
Gabby Nicolas
'Gabby Nicolas' 2 years ago
Now do, "Can you run faster than maywheater?"
Ezrah Scoggins
'Ezrah Scoggins' 2 years ago
Yeah but manny and Floyd have power in their punches
Ezrah Scoggins
'Ezrah Scoggins' 2 years ago
Yeah but manny and Floyd have power in their punches
Dan Munford
'Dan Munford' 2 years ago
Spurs shirt! Man like
Chika Efobi
'Chika Efobi' 2 years ago
One person was actually crossing their punches.
Yo Tengoof BTS
'Yo Tengoof BTS' 2 years ago
Manny pacquiao is a Filipino and I am a filipino
Johan Last
'Johan Last' 2 years ago
But you only need one
gabe padilla
'gabe padilla' 2 years ago
guy doesn't know how hold pads
'Guitaroro' 2 years ago
I can punch faster than Floyd, but he can run faster than me.
Kahlan Kivisto
'Kahlan Kivisto' 2 years ago
That said they were punching awfully and the way he was holding the pads made me cringe
Miles hamby
'Miles hamby' 2 years ago
Yeah good job to all these people but there punches probably don't hurt.
Cilan RapeFace
'Cilan RapeFace' 2 years ago
I'm Filipino and had a bet for 90,000 pesos if who won, I voted for Floyd cuz why not and I never regretted it.
Suzette Partoza
'Suzette Partoza' 2 years ago
im a Filipino so i know manny
Ian Jason
'Ian Jason' 2 years ago
you know flloy is a cheater.thank god his belt is in not already him.because it's a cheater!
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