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Published: 2 weeks ago By: LittleLizardGaming - Minecraft Mods!

By: LittleLizardGaming - Minecraft Mods!Published: 2 weeks ago

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Little Lizard kisses his crush in a game of Truth or Dare in a School Sleepover!!


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Paul & Beth Marchese
aaa. I think you chod have a girl frend
Kaitlan Waterman
'Kaitlan Waterman' 6 hours ago
Let's get little lizards channel to 3 million!!!👍👍 like if u agree
Kristie Segerson
'Kristie Segerson' 6 hours ago
Stacey Mellor
'Stacey Mellor' 9 hours ago
Doreen Casey
'Doreen Casey' 1 day ago
i f*cking quit youtubeor not who wants me to
Happygame cocoa
'Happygame cocoa' 1 day ago
little lizard u do like sarah
Alvin ash Alvin
'Alvin ash Alvin' 1 day ago
Hey guys I am scary today . Can you play hide and seek today love ❤️ and I am a girl 🤓😗😗😉😗😉😘😗😚😍🙁😶😘😑🙁😉😉😃🤣😂😘😘🤣😙☺️😚☺️😗🙃😁😞😝🙁😗😗☹️😕😜🙁😕😘😜🙁
Ashley Vallejo
'Ashley Vallejo' 2 days ago
Dustin Ragland
'Dustin Ragland' 2 days ago
You should do more droppers there really cool
Bryan Guerra
'Bryan Guerra' 2 days ago
how can you play together
LP. u Cordova
'LP. u Cordova' 2 days ago
DarkShadow #shadowzoom
i wana innnnnnnnn there
omar pina
'omar pina' 3 days ago
I subscribe
Itzz yo bro
'Itzz yo bro' 3 days ago
Rosies are red Voilets are blue The time your looking for is 12:32
'SCOUT POOTIS' 4 days ago
hahahaha ditenstion
Redpanda88gaming the black rabbit
The front cover of the video is the FNaF 4 bedroom
Isaiah Phifer
'Isaiah Phifer' 4 days ago
Melissa-anne MacDonald
girls are not ickie
Tyler Bremer
'Tyler Bremer' 4 days ago
truth: do you want Sarah to fix your verginity
Tyler Bremer
'Tyler Bremer' 4 days ago
doesn't tiny turtle need a permission slip to since he was adopted by fat dad and the others
Jonathan Cash
'Jonathan Cash' 4 days ago
i love your videos
sophia armean
'sophia armean' 4 days ago
why little lizard finally kiss his girlfriend?
Azar Ballafrikh
'Azar Ballafrikh' 4 days ago
Guy did anyone noticed that the thumbnail of the video is the crying child's bedroom in fanf 4
ironpants lol
'ironpants lol' 4 days ago
hi and thanks for the video's
ironpants lol
'ironpants lol' 4 days ago
Oliver Woods
'Oliver Woods' 4 days ago
your awesome
Lexi Doyle
'Lexi Doyle' 4 days ago
oolala I think he liked it
Aum Ziad Alqaisy
'Aum Ziad Alqaisy' 4 days ago
can you do it is funny
'AdrienSF' 4 days ago
hey Littlelizard and Tinyturtle can i make vids with you and tinyturtle? cause like i can type soo like i can answer i can talk with skype or just with mic up to you guys but im norwegian
Denis daily
'Denis daily' 4 days ago
Little lizard you do know tiny turtle and donut know you had Sarah at your home because he was the one ho gave you pizza
Evan Jeffers-Roper
When Tinyturtle was headmaster thou XD
Mandy Mignot
'Mandy Mignot' 5 days ago
I had a school sleepover at my school for real in real life
The skeletons Of Christmas
Iittle lizard dose have a girlfreind
Alejandro Hernandez
Iron Man 2.0 jelly
Jeramiah Soto
'Jeramiah Soto' 5 days ago
I think you might achaly be boyfriend and girlfriend
nick ruby
'nick ruby' 5 days ago
'ShyShadowWolf' 5 days ago
LittleLizard: No girls are icky Me: What! no they not Girls aren't icky
Janet Bentley
'Janet Bentley' 5 days ago
O M G little lizard I love Sarah and why did u do the dare if they say I triple dare u to kiss her u need to if they say I dare u to kiss her I don't haft to
'kprad99' 5 days ago
Ooo little lizards girl friend
Dean Burger
'Dean Burger' 5 days ago
little lizard finaly did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carlos Da Silva
'Carlos Da Silva' 6 days ago
yeah give her a chance
Constant Gogo
'Constant Gogo' 6 days ago
Yes you
Kamaruzaman Badhrol
Hhahahahahahahhahahah your funny little lizard
Michael Alcorn Good
omg he did it
Michael Alcorn Good
oh god I shot the like Botton with my gun
T Dragon
'T Dragon' 6 days ago
What? Where's the kiss?
'skynolascoplays' 6 days ago
little lizard had a feture wife
Claire Anderson
'Claire Anderson' 6 days ago
Yeah little lizard
Dianne Bynoe
'Dianne Bynoe' 6 days ago
deontae knowles
'deontae knowles' 6 days ago
nice vidio little lizzart I subscribe
'FireLord56' 6 days ago
When did they kiss?
Gilma Rivas
'Gilma Rivas' 6 days ago
Sera room looks like the fright nights at Freddy's 4 room
Melissa and Ruben hd
'Bkingaming' 6 days ago
look here at this time
Bubble Kitties
'Bubble Kitties' 6 days ago
U should ask ur crush little lizard
Ridha Salem Dhaouadi
Girls are not idoits
Ralph Paolo Sotero
little lizard tell sarah to be your girlfriend please
i love it
Zane Davis
'Zane Davis' 7 days ago
Rainbow Lightning
'Rainbow Lightning' 7 days ago
Best YouTuber ever!!!!! Like if you agree :)
iain Thompson
'iain Thompson' 7 days ago
Jack Beadle
'Jack Beadle' 7 days ago
Don't ask coco coco was mean two baby Leah and cheated on ropo
Mike Davies
'Mike Davies' 7 days ago
you are
Sarah2679 Jorillo
'Sarah2679 Jorillo' 7 days ago
Guys if little lizard has a crush on sarah but i guess because he kiss it
Bóinn Nic Raghnaill
Katie Corden
'Katie Corden' 7 days ago
Thang Le
'Thang Le' 7 days ago
In my class everyone think I have a crush on a boy but I am not like him and I don't like friends keep talk about that
Thang Le
'Thang Le' 7 days ago
In my class everyone think I have a crush on a boy but I am not like him I don't like my friend keep talk about that
Foxily Savage
'Foxily Savage' 7 days ago
I SHIPPPPPPPPPPPP ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
the diamond gamer
'the diamond gamer' 7 days ago
do you like Sarah come on tell us😎
Rainbow Gamer Plays
Little lizard ask her on a date!!!
Sagepegasus 9265
'Sagepegasus 9265' 1 week ago
Sara lizard OTP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arturo Bravo
'Arturo Bravo' 1 week ago
little lizard likes sarah
Derpygamer Lol4
'Derpygamer Lol4' 1 week ago
ll and sara sitting in a tree kissing
House Vlogs
'House Vlogs' 1 week ago
Little lizard I love all of your vids
Vaeda Roberts
'Vaeda Roberts' 1 week ago
You wannna know who's pretty The first word
Edwin Tejeda
'Edwin Tejeda' 1 week ago
Mufraini Hamzah Mufraini
If no girls how you gets married and kids even no family you even never born
Olesha Douglas Douglas
cool love
Dark 05
'Dark 05' 1 week ago
yes you do & you love her
Xxx_duffguy _xxx
'Xxx_duffguy _xxx' 1 week ago
aaahhh the old kiss your crush on a game of truth or dare cliche
Neo Mazson
'Neo Mazson' 1 week ago
Before watching the video:are they gonna play spin the bottle Middle of video:ohhhhhhhh End of video:*claps*👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Daithi Lewendon
'Daithi Lewendon' 1 week ago
ask sairh to be your girlfriend pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssss yes
Fantasia David
'Fantasia David' 1 week ago
hey my name is fantasia I want to know did you make did world because I have minecart too
Tashina Chennault
'Tashina Chennault' 1 week ago
lol underwear part is soooo funny
'happymom40' 1 week ago
omg you kissed her lolololololol 😘
Shadow Phoenix
'Shadow Phoenix' 1 week ago
hey can you please join the little club during their hunger games also can I get a shout out becz my aunt died recently
Blazing Wolf
'Blazing Wolf' 1 week ago
I subscribed
Gwyneth Kempfer
'Gwyneth Kempfer' 1 week ago
Little Kelly is that really you oh my gosh
Aliyah Francine Almoguera
ynan the epic gaming
i love this
Sakura Yalau (Penguin TFM)
Can someone when they kiss please?
Brennan Hammond
'Brennan Hammond' 1 week ago
im 8 and I have a girlfriend confess
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