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Published: 5 months ago By: LittleLizardGaming - Minecraft Mods!

By: LittleLizardGaming - Minecraft Mods!Published: 5 months ago

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Little Lizard kisses his crush in a game of Truth or Dare in a School Sleepover!!


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seth hellman
'seth hellman' 6 hours ago
Roses are red ❤️ Violets are blue 💙 Will you be girlfriend I'm not a rude just like you 🌹 (None of you guys are rude I'm just trying to be funny and I want to get pinned)
Breauna Day
'Breauna Day' 16 hours ago
prank call bendy
dasmy turcios
'dasmy turcios' 1 day ago
Im a 🎮
Jamil Gaming
'Jamil Gaming' 4 days ago
i like the kiss part
Alex Gaming Romo
'Alex Gaming Romo' 5 days ago
I subscribed keep making more good vids
Tara Oomen
'Tara Oomen' 1 week ago
Hey I'm a girl
Gene Jackson
'Gene Jackson' 2 weeks ago
That's why little lizard married Sarah
Rylee Blackburn
'Rylee Blackburn' 2 weeks ago
It would feel very nice out because it's 86 degrees here I'm so hot
Bibian Gomez
'Bibian Gomez' 2 weeks ago
happy wish good
joseph guthrie
'joseph guthrie' 2 weeks ago
what happened to Harry and pugsy
Archie Webber
'Archie Webber' 2 weeks ago
Waffle bro 107
'Waffle bro 107' 2 weeks ago
Click bait
'KINGLIPPE' 2 weeks ago
Hahahahahahahahaha donuts reaction
Marcus The Great
'Marcus The Great' 2 weeks ago
wow are they ignoring their other classmates?
Tracy Cavanaugh
'Tracy Cavanaugh' 2 weeks ago
i love your videos so much
DarkLord909 and FizzyAthlete
Little Lizard u are the best YouTuber ever
yahir sanchez
'yahir sanchez' 2 weeks ago
Caleb Hold
'Caleb Hold' 2 weeks ago
Littlelizard kiss little !elly
Moter Bro
'Moter Bro' 2 weeks ago
I just had that lesson when I was at school about graverty
zyle Albolote
'zyle Albolote' 2 weeks ago
XD littlelizard and Sarah sitting on a tree k.i.s.s.i.n.g
Luke Cuenca
'Luke Cuenca' 2 weeks ago
which is scott and zach
myint oo
'myint oo' 2 weeks ago
Ironapple Productions
It's just a friend
'LightningWolf218' 3 weeks ago
Julian Santaguida
'Julian Santaguida' 3 weeks ago
Tiny turtle and turtle donut the dog its me Julain santaguida I am mad today you know why you and donut are Teasing Little Lizerd it called slack teasing and bullying that is not cool you guys It have to stop now tiny turtle and donut well you guys I hop you have a great day by by tiny turtle and donutJulian santaguida
Luke Preston
'Luke Preston' 3 weeks ago
somebody has a crush
Manuel Alvar
'Manuel Alvar' 3 weeks ago
wow. little lizard is so romantic
Juan Rosales
'Juan Rosales' 3 weeks ago
play roblox
Nick Grubb
'Nick Grubb' 3 weeks ago
how did you came a YouTubeber and my name is Nick Robert Grubb and are a kid
rebecca neville
'rebecca neville' 3 weeks ago
hay boys are stinckey
Morgan Pickard
'Morgan Pickard' 3 weeks ago
Little lizard you are my new favourite YouTuber.
Mr rocket man
'Mr rocket man' 3 weeks ago
I so knew that littlelizard loved Sarah
Niquolai Briones
'Niquolai Briones' 3 weeks ago
guys pause in 16:12 I saw daw name of null da hacker's assistant bru7uuuuh I mean they're bozz is herobrine and entity 303
LingYan Chen
'LingYan Chen' 3 weeks ago
Dari go first
John Phal
'John Phal' 3 weeks ago
wait if there was no girls there was there would be no moms
Sandy Patel
'Sandy Patel' 3 weeks ago
I know that little lizard loooooves Sarah she's his girlfriend hahahahaha
Sandy Patel
'Sandy Patel' 3 weeks ago
Little lizard and Sarah sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes Love then comes the marriage then comes the baby.
Johann Torres
'Johann Torres' 3 weeks ago
make more hide and seek videos
Micheal Pincek
'Micheal Pincek' 3 weeks ago
KSR Gaming
'KSR Gaming' 3 weeks ago
Dallas Hinga
'Dallas Hinga' 3 weeks ago
hi little lizzard
'NICOLI SERKIZ' 3 weeks ago
of course he found sara
Naruto Inc
'Naruto Inc' 3 weeks ago
duck off
Red Robin23
'Red Robin23' 3 weeks ago
Lesley Saenz
'Lesley Saenz' 3 weeks ago
you guys are doing trash talk
Lesley Saenz
'Lesley Saenz' 3 weeks ago
w/o oki
melonnesa lee
'melonnesa lee' 3 weeks ago
My name is Rayyan
Funny I'm Learning about that in school right now
Ezekiel Romero
'Ezekiel Romero' 3 weeks ago
I miss your class it was fun
Claire Yvette Coruña
I will comment donut and tiny turtle mmmmmm
'Homplayz' 3 weeks ago
omg dude why you kiss in front of them!
They didn't do click bait
Laura Garcia
'Laura Garcia' 3 weeks ago
connor boy427
'connor boy427' 4 weeks ago
LOL my real name is connor
Song Ung
'Song Ung' 4 weeks ago
Little lizard and Sarah Sitting in a tree K I S S I N G
Dizzybol Jock
'Dizzybol Jock' 4 weeks ago
sarah does not match with little lizard
Dizzybol Jock
'Dizzybol Jock' 4 weeks ago
little lizard does not match with his crush
Sebastian Cervantes
'Sebastian Cervantes' 4 weeks ago
omg lol kissing
J Moore
'J Moore' 4 weeks ago
Eathen McCallion
'Eathen McCallion' 4 weeks ago
tini turtle your my favorite Youtuber😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃☺☺☺☺☺😉😇😉😇😮😮😮😮😮😮
TheEvil Raptor
'TheEvil Raptor' 4 weeks ago
You are blushing lizard
Yuu Ph
'Yuu Ph' 4 weeks ago
little lizard and sarah sitting in a tree k.i.s.s.i.n.g
angela mads
'angela mads' 4 weeks ago
I hate this !!!!
Clarete Irish
'Clarete Irish' 4 weeks ago
xXsuper monsterXx
'xXsuper monsterXx' 4 weeks ago
We're here lillie
Sammie Coy
'Sammie Coy' 4 weeks ago
Elizhah Barboza
'Elizhah Barboza' 4 weeks ago
*Blush's about kissing part*
Johnny LAW
'Johnny LAW' 4 weeks ago
once upon a time cuts to add
Sebastian Delgado
'Sebastian Delgado' 4 weeks ago
Play beady.
Demitrious LastKings
Why your you scared fwo your chush little lizard ?
'kayleeannegonzalez' 1 month ago
Rowin Alan
'Rowin Alan' 1 month ago
why they don't speak
Jocelyn Tuano
'Jocelyn Tuano' 1 month ago
did you kiss Sarah DAT was funny
Mynkraft Bros
'Mynkraft Bros' 1 month ago
lizard is get hooked up
Gaming and fun with Aaron
Lillie and foxy meeeee
Lets Meowz
'Lets Meowz' 1 month ago
Love your videos!Keep up the good work
Betty McKinney
'Betty McKinney' 1 month ago
really good
Betty McKinney
'Betty McKinney' 1 month ago
really good
Aaron SolCruz
'Aaron SolCruz' 1 month ago
In real life you can't get a girlfriend and marry her so you are a 🐓
Aaron SolCruz
'Aaron SolCruz' 1 month ago
Little lizard is a chicken because he is afraid to go on a date
Kawaii Chan
'Kawaii Chan' 1 month ago
it was at 13:00
Chao Ro
'Chao Ro' 1 month ago
'CaptainAlex09' 1 month ago
You should have a love garden
Naomi Honour
'Naomi Honour' 1 month ago
Does he even kiss her? If he does what time does he do it? Please tell me
'Reckt16' 1 month ago
Noah Abdool
'Noah Abdool' 1 month ago
Dubstep Master64
'Dubstep Master64' 1 month ago
Tt no
Vigga niga
'Vigga niga' 1 month ago
why do you have so many girlfriends?
carmella warita
'carmella warita' 1 month ago
carmella warita
'carmella warita' 1 month ago
I like all of your movie
savege dragon
'savege dragon' 1 month ago
good vidieo
16x71x1x1 [Bonni Dreamer]
The teaser has Fnaf!
Javyne Gilbert
'Javyne Gilbert' 1 month ago
why littlelizard kiss his girlfriend
Bloodyghost mars
'Bloodyghost mars' 1 month ago
Congrats,I like the roleplays when people kids so that why I clicked on this video :v
Elisa Hodgkinson
'Elisa Hodgkinson' 1 month ago
lol at lest i dont get cald cute wen me and gabby are togeser
Moosa Mdp
'Moosa Mdp' 2 months ago
i am a boy kid i kissed my girlfriend
'BT.Gaming.PRod.C' 2 months ago
little lizard you tiny turtle and little Kelly you guys are brothers and sisters and little Carly is not your sister I think
natalie doradao
'natalie doradao' 2 months ago
Can I join the little club
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