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Published: 1 year ago By: LittleLizard & TinyTurtle Adventures

By: LittleLizard & TinyTurtle AdventuresPublished: 1 year ago

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Little Lizard kisses his crush in a game of Truth or Dare in a School Sleepover!!


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Gaurav Shrestha
'Gaurav Shrestha' 5 hours ago
Jenny Arnol
'Jenny Arnol' 9 hours ago
king bacon
'king bacon' 9 hours ago
I have a turtle named Fred 🐢
Jeremiah Huff
'Jeremiah Huff' 15 hours ago
Sarah is your crush
"Not really...But ok" *2018* *QUOTE* *OF* *THE* *YEAR*
Shaquana Smith
'Shaquana Smith' 3 days ago
#littlelizzard4lyfe big fan super big
Shaquana Smith
'Shaquana Smith' 3 days ago
Shaquana Smith
'Shaquana Smith' 3 days ago
Shaquana Smith
'Shaquana Smith' 3 days ago
Raiku Raiku
'Raiku Raiku' 3 days ago
mayra munoz
'mayra munoz' 4 days ago
Little kelly
Ayden Valdez
'Ayden Valdez' 4 days ago
Little lizard and Sarah sitting in a tree k I SS I N G
Mohammad Mahfuz
'Mohammad Mahfuz' 5 days ago
Little Lizard and Little Kelly sitting in a tree kissing first comes love then comes marriage then comes a baby in a baby carige.
Leanne Kane Winter
it is my 9th and 3rd brothers bday and mine
Jahmilyah Mais
'Jahmilyah Mais' 5 days ago
Gaming with Liam
'Gaming with Liam' 5 days ago
Well when the world with no girls he has a point u would have no mom
Madison magner
'Madison magner' 6 days ago
Miss ss
The Karting Genius
You look like you should be in a concentration camp
Chase Taylor
'Chase Taylor' 6 days ago
My phone number is naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Gd Gaming
'Gd Gaming' 6 days ago
goku ssj4
'goku ssj4' 7 days ago
Hanifa Bokhari
'Hanifa Bokhari' 7 days ago
Hey,who do you think,does tiny turtle have a crush or already have a girlfriend? 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😍😍 😍 😍 😍 😉 😉 😉 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😚😚😚😚😚😚😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏
Thoko Dube
'Thoko Dube' 1 week ago
Will Joseph
'Will Joseph' 1 week ago
Hey babe
Atreyu Julander
'Atreyu Julander' 1 week ago
Kesy kesy.
Kirsty Park
'Kirsty Park' 1 week ago
At 13:05 THE CRINGE LEVEL IS WAY OF 9000. IT'S OVER 9 MILLION!!!! To me anyway
Gwyneth Agullo
'Gwyneth Agullo' 2 weeks ago
David Wilkerson
'David Wilkerson' 2 weeks ago
Ask Sarah to marry you
Paula Veliz
'Paula Veliz' 2 weeks ago
Michele Maldecer
'Michele Maldecer' 2 weeks ago
ha, ha, ha! you realy do that.
Romeo H608t
'Romeo H608t' 2 weeks ago
Tiny turtle?I like turtle s
Infinity gamer395
'Infinity gamer395' 2 weeks ago
Wtf who makes this content
Michael Hienstrom
'Michael Hienstrom' 2 weeks ago
lol you so awsome
adsavge 666
'adsavge 666' 2 weeks ago
Thug life
Brianna Thomas
'Brianna Thomas' 2 weeks ago
Alec Xylar De Leon
'Alec Xylar De Leon' 2 weeks ago
this is exactly made 1 year because its jan 7 2018 if it says 8 or6 here it might be cause i live in dif country
Angele Hartsfield
'Angele Hartsfield' 2 weeks ago
I SO ship it!!!!
'KingGodzilla1995' 2 weeks ago
Little lizard is right Cause If there were no girls then we would not even be Alive
Pikachu Power
'Pikachu Power' 2 weeks ago
Did anyone see them in the gym (some of them like if yes)
eric stormhammer
'eric stormhammer' 2 weeks ago
Boys will not be hear
'VON GON' 2 weeks ago
I like my best friends gf
Tiffany Lopez
'Tiffany Lopez' 2 weeks ago
#larah or #sizard
Patricia Patton
'Patricia Patton' 2 weeks ago
Ummm was that a kiss or huge can’t tell of minecraft
Yvrose Michel
'Yvrose Michel' 2 weeks ago
You have a girlfriend
Lex- Vlogs,Gaming and Tutorials
Newton just witnessed an apple fall from a tree, not hit him on the head (literally)
Daníel Fróði Bogason
:P perfcet <3
Kelli Richard
'Kelli Richard' 2 weeks ago
You should put little Kelly in this
MLP Maxene1104
'MLP Maxene1104' 2 weeks ago
Can you please do the five nights at Freddy's 6
Emily Nguyen
'Emily Nguyen' 2 weeks ago
Good night you guys
Teresa Gordon
'Teresa Gordon' 3 weeks ago
Don download Monster Minecraft in Minecraft School
Alex Watkins
'Alex Watkins' 3 weeks ago
Heidi  Oswald
'Heidi Oswald' 3 weeks ago
you should of said given her a big kiss on the lips
Reckoin- Agario
'Reckoin- Agario' 3 weeks ago
2+2=Fish because fish is 1.f 2.i 3.s 4. h (4) 50% Fi 50% sh
Jesse Cummins
'Jesse Cummins' 3 weeks ago
Isaac Mejias
'Isaac Mejias' 3 weeks ago
Come on that kiss was so fast and so normal he kissed her on the head
AbbsOMGGirly Anything
Little Lizard if you did't like Girls you would not be in the little Club cause there are Girls in the Little Club
Jennifer Paul
'Jennifer Paul' 3 weeks ago
You guys do something fun and cool pls
Mary Nemsow
'Mary Nemsow' 3 weeks ago
I have a scary story once upon a time a boy named max had no wifi for 3 hours THE END
Mary Nemsow
'Mary Nemsow' 3 weeks ago
well if there were no girls the population would decrease coz girls get pregnant and boys don't and we would all die #ToMuchScience
Kerry Baker
'Kerry Baker' 3 weeks ago
Can you like please
Alma Figueroa
'Alma Figueroa' 3 weeks ago
Hi everyone
Cassie Miller
'Cassie Miller' 3 weeks ago
Lillie lizard has a crush
Cademan Caden
'Cademan Caden' 3 weeks ago
you have a girl friend
Sabrina Brown
'Sabrina Brown' 3 weeks ago
Marlo Tuaty
'Marlo Tuaty' 3 weeks ago
carlos socorro
'carlos socorro' 3 weeks ago
2+2 is 4 not fish
carlos socorro
'carlos socorro' 3 weeks ago
Ewwwwwwwww i hate that they kiss
Nyny Frowner
'Nyny Frowner' 3 weeks ago
Keanna nguyen
'Keanna nguyen' 3 weeks ago
Little lizard has a crush on Sarah
Liam Briggs
'Liam Briggs' 3 weeks ago
Tiny tiny turtle I thought you were the teacher why do you say all that stuff I thought you were the teacher
Noble Forbes
'Noble Forbes' 3 weeks ago
I SHIP IT 😍😍😍😘😘😘💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️
Andrew Rodriguez
'Andrew Rodriguez' 3 weeks ago
Little lizard OMG u kissed ur crush OMG
isuscribe Hensleyisaiah
Tiny turtle caught you
Angelo the Awesome dude
little lizard gets picked on like I used to get picked on
Angelo the Awesome dude
little lizard gets picked on like I used to get picked on
Angelo the Awesome dude
little lizard gets picked on like I used to get picked on
'Silvermoon' 3 weeks ago
Little Carly rules
Pixel Demon
'Pixel Demon' 3 weeks ago
I remember when I had my first kiss and now the girl that I kissed is my girlfriend
Conor Matthews
'Conor Matthews' 3 weeks ago
Junior year at the same year
Conor Matthews
'Conor Matthews' 3 weeks ago
mr pogz jamora
'mr pogz jamora' 3 weeks ago
😄😄😄😄😄😅😅😅😘litlle lizard kiss little kelly becase hee love him
Aa skanky manky Aa
'Aa skanky manky Aa' 4 weeks ago
If there were no girls then they would be no children because they come out of girls vaginas
Mateo Melendez
'Mateo Melendez' 4 weeks ago
Bella Toogood
'Bella Toogood' 4 weeks ago
Jk I have an iPhone 5 for Xmas today before I had an iPhone 4 what did you guys get today for xmas
Bella Toogood
'Bella Toogood' 4 weeks ago
I have an iPhone X yay
Bella Toogood
'Bella Toogood' 4 weeks ago
Jk I’m 2017 it’s Christmas so everybody merry Christmas
Bella Toogood
'Bella Toogood' 4 weeks ago
Who else
Bella Toogood
'Bella Toogood' 4 weeks ago
Hi I’m in 2016
Krishnelle Shadwick Bautista
Krishnelle Shadwick Bautista
Aww someone have a crush
Chulie01 Gamerr
'Chulie01 Gamerr' 4 weeks ago
what minecraft is that
kelly bainbridge
'kelly bainbridge' 4 weeks ago
donuts story is sexist
Indigo Plays
'Indigo Plays' 4 weeks ago
You didn’t kiss your crush????????????
UnicornsForLifeyay !
Sara is SO pretty
Harryparker Falls
'Harryparker Falls' 1 month ago
I have a girlfriend and I'm 8
Panda Kidegaming
'Panda Kidegaming' 1 month ago
All lar la
Dezy Keyes
'Dezy Keyes' 1 month ago
Bring little Kelly and Carly back in please!
Adeel Ahmad
'Adeel Ahmad' 1 month ago
What the hell
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