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Published: 6 months ago By: LittleLizard & TinyTurtle Adventures

By: LittleLizard & TinyTurtle AdventuresPublished: 6 months ago

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Little Lizard kisses his crush in a game of Truth or Dare in a School Sleepover!!


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Joshua Brown
'Joshua Brown' 15 hours ago
Kisses kisses 😍😘
Mohili Harris
'Mohili Harris' 17 hours ago
I have a story yo tell once upon time it was the end of world because it had no INTERNET doon doon
Grayson hill
'Grayson hill' 1 day ago
I dare you not to dare me
Grayson hill
'Grayson hill' 1 day ago
if there were no girl s there we would not be alive
Mafia Studios
'Mafia Studios' 1 day ago
If right now wifi will not exist i will probably kill myself
'BAD GAMIBG' 2 days ago
Jackie Lynn Byers
'Jackie Lynn Byers' 2 days ago
tiny turtle was spying on you in one of the videos
Mosin Fett
'Mosin Fett' 2 days ago
I have dived too deep into the mariatuba trench of the youtubian sea,I'm bad at making names rhyming YouTube but I MUST DIVE DEEPER! FOR THE QUEST OF THE LAST REMAINING RELEVENT HARAMBE MEME
Amyleigh Collins
'Amyleigh Collins' 3 days ago
Love u cool
Killer Kupcake
'Killer Kupcake' 4 days ago
The ship has sailed people, the ship has sailed!
Gameing with Ahmad
I have a scary story if there were no cookies in the world oh noooooooooo
'BlackBarbdoll' 5 days ago
Flaschen Gaming
'Flaschen Gaming' 6 days ago
Which modpack and which map are they using?
Wolf heaven! Wolf Heaven!
Dr. Gloria Stone
'Dr. Gloria Stone' 6 days ago
I love the LITTLE CLUB
Antherton Kapwich
'Antherton Kapwich' 7 days ago
yeah yeah
Hong Trinh
'Hong Trinh' 1 week ago
uuuuuuuuu you have a grilfriend
yuoilavyu sesno
'yuoilavyu sesno' 1 week ago
Krystyna Jagiela
'Krystyna Jagiela' 1 week ago
and if all the boys die there will be no life
Katysays_ YT
'Katysays_ YT' 1 week ago
Hello! My Name Is Sarah, I Like Your Channel
Mallory Garza
'Mallory Garza' 1 week ago
WOW !!!!! you're so crazy
Meg Griffin
'Meg Griffin' 1 week ago
Wtf kissing in a mine craft game!?💥🔫😖
Tim McGowan
'Tim McGowan' 1 week ago
Kaya that's not scary
Ellen Harford
'Ellen Harford' 1 week ago
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH :) 💩😻😍😘😍😘
Cherry cute flower Coco
I hava a batter scary store one upon there was no wifi and we had no games a youtube we only had boys and no girls for a g I r l f r I e n d!!!
Jake pauler For life
Class 5A is the name of my class
Jake pauler For life
He's a single pringle
Brayden Harrelson
'Brayden Harrelson' 1 week ago
I Am TwitX
'I Am TwitX' 2 weeks ago
LOL 2+2=FISH (its true)
Nature Detective Minecraft
No Wi-Fi how can we survive so scary what if I just save
little ropo fan
'little ropo fan' 2 weeks ago
lizzards soo cute with her
phoenix multi
'phoenix multi' 2 weeks ago
all of the pyjamas reminds of the boy in the Stripped pyjamas movie
Melanie Nochez
'Melanie Nochez' 2 weeks ago
sleeping a school
Barış Yolaçan
'Barış Yolaçan' 2 weeks ago
'ItzFadPins' 2 weeks ago
I have a scary story Once upon a time there was Nothing but home work!
Daron Marin
'Daron Marin' 2 weeks ago
So jealous
san saul
'san saul' 2 weeks ago
that's. very. funny. 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Kila Wolf
'Kila Wolf' 2 weeks ago
*looks at thumbnail* ohhhhhhhhhhh hmmmmm
King Wolf
'King Wolf' 2 weeks ago
you are funny
Charlie Linehan
'Charlie Linehan' 2 weeks ago
Fr V
'Fr V' 2 weeks ago
13:05 Thank Me Later
Nova GT
'Nova GT' 2 weeks ago
Not really
Stacie Whitlock
'Stacie Whitlock' 2 weeks ago
you should split up you should have
Trophgaming 04
'Trophgaming 04' 2 weeks ago
1980: I think there will be flying cars in the future! 2017:
Loretta Johnson
'Loretta Johnson' 2 weeks ago
Tinny 🐢teachers do not sit on there own desks 😠
Mary-Alice Gott
'Mary-Alice Gott' 2 weeks ago
Little Alice
'Little Alice' 2 weeks ago
I think they should have split up
Dawn Stroscheim
'Dawn Stroscheim' 2 weeks ago
It is almost my birthday I love your videos💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💖💗💗💗💗💗💗💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
rockstar91 Plush
'rockstar91 Plush' 3 weeks ago
Do you have girl advice?
Banana _Man
'Banana _Man' 3 weeks ago
7:46 Dogs story was kinda sexist
Brit Alex
'Brit Alex' 3 weeks ago
Wow not scaray
Sylo Games
'Sylo Games' 3 weeks ago
🤢 *cough* *cough* HELP!!!! I'M DYING OF CRINGE!!!!!!
Janet Rivera
'Janet Rivera' 3 weeks ago
do undertale some day
Alicia McClatchey
'Alicia McClatchey' 3 weeks ago
your so funny you should never stop being fun 8D
Rodrigo Andrade
'Rodrigo Andrade' 3 weeks ago
little lizard has a girlfriend
Bob Macs
'Bob Macs' 3 weeks ago
You should get the GunsModGuide for Minecraft
'Genji' 3 weeks ago
Gustavlogs - Daily Vlogs
0:43 *did you just assume my species*
You in Thefuture
'You in Thefuture' 4 weeks ago
If only this was real life
'ULTIMATE GAMER-1' 4 weeks ago
I saw them still in the gym
Brandon Gameing and more
I can't believe you did that
Arron Beeman
'Arron Beeman' 4 weeks ago
why do they were there own head?
'LΣ LΣΠΠΨ' 4 weeks ago
miss peregrine's home for peculiar children
Jordan Fink
'Jordan Fink' 4 weeks ago
Jordan Fink
'Jordan Fink' 4 weeks ago
Marsh Mallow
'Marsh Mallow' 4 weeks ago
This guy inspired online dating on minecraft
Marsh Mallow
'Marsh Mallow' 4 weeks ago
now that ive seen al of these videos i wanna kill u now....
cringe master 3000
'cringe master 3000' 4 weeks ago
Aylen Llanos
'Aylen Llanos' 4 weeks ago
algien abla español
Hannah Zarren Vere
'Hannah Zarren Vere' 4 weeks ago
Anisa budeci
'Anisa budeci' 4 weeks ago
margaret hernandez
'margaret hernandez' 4 weeks ago
girls are not icky
Lenny Joe Campbell
'Lenny Joe Campbell' 4 weeks ago
Lenny Joe Campbell
'Lenny Joe Campbell' 4 weeks ago
Your channel means a lot to me and I love your vids ceep it up I love u lots 😊😄😀
tuxedo burrito
'tuxedo burrito' 4 weeks ago
Phillip Cantu
'Phillip Cantu' 4 weeks ago
I like 😍I like your videos😸😺😻😽
Civilize Ususjd
'Civilize Ususjd' 4 weeks ago
Driouch Gamer
'Driouch Gamer' 4 weeks ago
how did u put this mods ? exept npc's i mean site and the wallpapper...
Donald Page
'Donald Page' 4 weeks ago
You like seru
'BranchyPeter' 4 weeks ago
That story is really really scary because if there were no girls there would be no boys and there would be no society
marshmallow bellow
'marshmallow bellow' 4 weeks ago
Neisi Ortiz
'Neisi Ortiz' 4 weeks ago
Cat Shark
'Cat Shark' 1 month ago
How do you tie a noose again?
MikuBoeh -
'MikuBoeh -' 1 month ago
guys you know that you are not in the game right.
Deanna Howard
'Deanna Howard' 1 month ago
EricScottGaming Vincent
Wow your teacher really nice to you,I hope my teacher is nice to me lol
Sarah Hughes
'Sarah Hughes' 1 month ago
Well I wish kissing your crush was that easy my crush is one of those cool guys so I'm so scared that he will say no 😬😨
Kitchie Delgado
'Kitchie Delgado' 1 month ago
Little lizard kiss little lizard kiss in the Name of Love live in the Name of Love
Kitchie Delgado
'Kitchie Delgado' 1 month ago
little lazard+Sarah little lizard little lizard and little is
'IRONDYNOMO' 1 month ago
newton's 3rd law of physics:you can not go through a solid object
Kristopher Green
'Kristopher Green' 1 month ago
we did a lock in the first day of school and a night over at school it was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ramos Manuel
'Ramos Manuel' 1 month ago
someone has a crush and do you know who it is
'OR M' 1 month ago
Girls have cooties
Nanthida Ngamchoei
'Nanthida Ngamchoei' 1 month ago
i did NOT se Them kiss
Katrina Jones
'Katrina Jones' 1 month ago
I just noticed donut is a Rottweiler
Renee Nicklin
'Renee Nicklin' 1 month ago
Ulrich Kelley
'Ulrich Kelley' 1 month ago
you like her
Craving Cookies
'Craving Cookies' 1 month ago
I died when he said no I got to go toilet
'Tommy' 1 month ago
13:07 guys
ernesto ramirez
'ernesto ramirez' 1 month ago
Ooooohhhhhhh!!! How romantic!!!❤️❤️❤️
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