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Published: 4 months ago By: LittleLizardGaming - Minecraft Mods!

By: LittleLizardGaming - Minecraft Mods!Published: 4 months ago

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Little Lizard kisses his crush in a game of Truth or Dare in a School Sleepover!!


Little Lizard -
Tiny Turtle -
Little Kelly -
Little Carly -
Little Donny -
The Minevengers -
Sharky Adventures -
Donut The Dog -
Max The Monkey -
Baby Duck -
Little Ally -
Baby Leah -
Baby Max -
The Little Club Adventures -
Cassie The Cat -
Evil Little Kelly -
Baby Angel -

Mynkraft Bros
'Mynkraft Bros' 1 hour ago
lizard is get hooked up
Gaming and fun with Aaron
Lillie and foxy meeeee
Lets Meowz
'Lets Meowz' 1 day ago
Love your videos!Keep up the good work
Betty McKinney
'Betty McKinney' 1 day ago
really good
Betty McKinney
'Betty McKinney' 1 day ago
really good
Aaron SolCruz
'Aaron SolCruz' 2 days ago
In real life you can't get a girlfriend and marry her so you are a 🐓
Aaron SolCruz
'Aaron SolCruz' 2 days ago
Little lizard is a chicken because he is afraid to go on a date
Kawaii Chan
'Kawaii Chan' 2 days ago
it was at 13:00
Chao Ro
'Chao Ro' 3 days ago
'CaptainAlex09' 3 days ago
You should have a love garden
Naomi Honour
'Naomi Honour' 4 days ago
Does he even kiss her? If he does what time does he do it? Please tell me
'Reckt16' 6 days ago
Noah Abdool
'Noah Abdool' 6 days ago
Terraria Lover555
'Terraria Lover555' 1 week ago
Tt no
Vigga niga
'Vigga niga' 1 week ago
why do you have so many girlfriends?
carmella warita
'carmella warita' 1 week ago
carmella warita
'carmella warita' 1 week ago
I like all of your movie
savege dragon
'savege dragon' 1 week ago
good vidieo
The teaser has Fnaf!
Javyne Gilbert
'Javyne Gilbert' 2 weeks ago
why littlelizard kiss his girlfriend
Bloodyghost mars
'Bloodyghost mars' 2 weeks ago
Congrats,I like the roleplays when people kids so that why I clicked on this video :v
Elisa Hodgkinson
'Elisa Hodgkinson' 2 weeks ago
lol at lest i dont get cald cute wen me and gabby are togeser
Moosa Mdp
'Moosa Mdp' 2 weeks ago
i am a boy kid i kissed my girlfriend
'BT.Gaming.PRod.C' 2 weeks ago
little lizard you tiny turtle and little Kelly you guys are brothers and sisters and little Carly is not your sister I think
natalie doradao
'natalie doradao' 2 weeks ago
Can I join the little club
Damian Martir
'Damian Martir' 2 weeks ago
hi little lizard
Felipe Zapata
'Felipe Zapata' 2 weeks ago
Can i be in the little club
Louise Goodier
'Louise Goodier' 2 weeks ago
I have a little lizard toy
gamin with t
'gamin with t' 2 weeks ago
lol wrong title I do that all the time (;
Dominick Hendrick
'Dominick Hendrick' 2 weeks ago
I really like your Chanel little lizard.
Ruby Karia Playz Mincraft/Roblox
Kenneth Anderson
'Kenneth Anderson' 2 weeks ago
kiss here bro u got this
Reece Looby
'Reece Looby' 2 weeks ago
little lizard and Sarah sitting in a tree k-I-s-s-I-n-g first comes love then comes the baby in the baby carege.
'Katiethemaster0808' 2 weeks ago
Little lizard and Sarah siting in a tree k i s s i n g first comes love next comes marriage then coma the baby in the baby's carriage
Kaiden Jardin
'Kaiden Jardin' 2 weeks ago
you kissed your girlfriend
Tatyanna Moreno
'Tatyanna Moreno' 3 weeks ago
I stoped watching your videos like a year ago love you guys
DarkShadow #shadowzoom
leave a like if you like soneone
Caryanna Gonzalez
'Caryanna Gonzalez' 3 weeks ago
Tiny turtle and little lizard are twins
Avrhee Avestro
'Avrhee Avestro' 3 weeks ago
what is your IP adress plssss tell me beacause i want to meet the little club club plsssss
Cris Benedict Viado
'Cris Benedict Viado' 3 weeks ago
Ftdrgtdg!c Jic
Platinum Eagle
'Platinum Eagle' 3 weeks ago
They shouldn't be picking on him there just jealous
Adriane dala yumul
'Adriane dala yumul' 3 weeks ago
Kimberly Mays
'Kimberly Mays' 3 weeks ago
Omg 😲 you in love ❤️❤❤❤❤️❤️❤️❤️❤❤❤❤❤❤️❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Lauren Dunaway
'Lauren Dunaway' 3 weeks ago
I hate love I only love my family
Jaha Baracao
'Jaha Baracao' 4 weeks ago
get merried
Ayden Geibel
'Ayden Geibel' 4 weeks ago
I can make your head clap
Amromar 360
'Amromar 360' 4 weeks ago
plz make vedio on ur mods
Kalthom Ahmed
'Kalthom Ahmed' 4 weeks ago
Sydney Giller
'Sydney Giller' 4 weeks ago
U like hey
Sniper Wolf Batman
'Sniper Wolf Batman' 4 weeks ago
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Sniper Wolf Batman
'Sniper Wolf Batman' 4 weeks ago
Sniper Wolf Batman
'Sniper Wolf Batman' 4 weeks ago
Fight ghgh bbbj box ch jchhg chhvbi hjhg big tttv fhfggg vhgfbgyggufbv gfichfghggu Mvjghghhhhdhfgydhffgdhfgdhddfhdhgdhvfg
D Cloud
'D Cloud' 4 weeks ago
you shuold make a fnaf verison of it
Elizabeth Herrera
'Elizabeth Herrera' 4 weeks ago
my little brother lives you videos
Maggie Rodriguez
'Maggie Rodriguez' 1 month ago
little lizard kissed Sarah
Emily Shaw
'Emily Shaw' 1 month ago
No Treats OMG :0! I can't live in the town!
Rose Blue
'Rose Blue' 1 month ago
Soooooo Imbarsing for little lizard
Darren Colhoun
'Darren Colhoun' 1 month ago
yea she won't be mad
Isaac Sebastian
'Isaac Sebastian' 1 month ago
little lizard: I LOVE Sarah
Kurt Tan
'Kurt Tan' 1 month ago
Connie Orta
'Connie Orta' 1 month ago
why are little lizard and little Kelly friends with the teacher?
Susan Thomas
'Susan Thomas' 1 month ago
can I join the school
Diamond Phantom
'Diamond Phantom' 1 month ago
Awwweeeee so cute!!
Melva Corley
'Melva Corley' 1 month ago
Dount smells like my sister when she poops in her pants
takia smith
'takia smith' 1 month ago
my name is ethan
Nathan Ma
'Nathan Ma' 1 month ago
Find the difference!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Jackie Armstrong
'Jackie Armstrong' 1 month ago
'beckynewsome2005' 1 month ago
If you seas Connor that's my name:)
Michelle Magalon
'Michelle Magalon' 1 month ago
have you seen a girl scout trop in front of wallgreens
'TraitorousTurtle' 1 month ago
Make more videos
Sans and papy Forever
Is this a mod
Sans and papy Forever
I used to have a girlfriend but she moved away to California 😔
Sans and papy Forever
Also I is a boy who likes memes
annabel knight
'annabel knight' 1 month ago
Hay man
Animal jam Songs
'Animal jam Songs' 1 month ago
the cover has fnaf 4 room
Mikey Peach
'Mikey Peach' 1 month ago
I kissed my girlfriend and I'm 7
Maya Carter
'Maya Carter' 1 month ago
I'm a girl
TheNoob Squad
'TheNoob Squad' 1 month ago
Who's ur crush???
Lilli-mae Worrall-strain
Sarah and little lizard sitting in a tree K. I. S. S. I. N. G.
Elmer Moran
'Elmer Moran' 1 month ago
Little has a crush on Sarah
Grady Brecher
'Grady Brecher' 1 month ago
The thumbnail is Five nights at Freddy's four place
Sara holbrook
'Sara holbrook' 1 month ago
kaley bryan
'kaley bryan' 1 month ago
I watch all of your vidios
B or Izzaya Fahey
'B or Izzaya Fahey' 1 month ago
i wish i had a teacher like that
Dani Requena
'Dani Requena' 1 month ago
Me: I do not have a boyfriend
Sparklyocean 1333
'Sparklyocean 1333' 2 months ago
Excuse me mr lizard girls are not iky
Christina Reding
'Christina Reding' 2 months ago
'No_sleep' 2 months ago
nom nom prnter
'No_sleep' 2 months ago
Gameboy 101
'Gameboy 101' 2 months ago
play call of duty little lizard
Shaun Wallace
'Shaun Wallace' 2 months ago
I love your video
picklee pickle
'picklee pickle' 2 months ago
How would they get married when there teens
Johnny Garrett
'Johnny Garrett' 2 months ago
please leave a like because my teacher hand is cut off
phuong thach
'phuong thach' 2 months ago
You have a crush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mysterio herobrine
'mysterio herobrine' 2 months ago
awesome first time
Gabriella Bomjardim
'Gabriella Bomjardim' 2 months ago
..............A...M...A...Z...I.....N.... G....
Gabriella Bomjardim
'Gabriella Bomjardim' 2 months ago
Adonis Martinez
'Adonis Martinez' 2 months ago
That cud be the best time of five nights at Freddy's
Mohammad Hossain
'Mohammad Hossain' 2 months ago
I am a hater your how to train a dragon sucks sgc barbarian is better
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