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Joe Budden - Rhyme and Reason: I Gotta Ask -
Published: 1 year ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 1 year ago

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Music video by Joe Budden performing Rhyme and Reason: I Gotta Ask. 2017

Kamissa Sissoko
'Kamissa Sissoko' 3 months ago
Call Joe budden PUSSY
G Singh
'G Singh' 4 months ago
If a nigga hatin call him Joe Budden 👀
'IAmWeideman' 4 months ago
If a Nigga hatin' call him Joe Budden (Pussy)
'Gigiloslim1994' 4 months ago
Weak Jay-z rip off
Donkey Waffles
'Donkey Waffles' 4 months ago
He's gorgeous.
Aaron Lil
'Aaron Lil' 5 months ago
Fuck Migos!!!
Jackie Brazell
'Jackie Brazell' 5 months ago
Vevo bitin Complex! Either way I love these things
Lime yours
'Lime yours' 6 months ago
He looks so effable
Nathaniel Pitzer
'Nathaniel Pitzer' 6 months ago
'MzReddMusicLIVE' 6 months ago
Listen Chicago Upcoming Artist T.I.O Oscars 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Subscribe to my Channel New Styles New Music Eway tray stupid I.l will. etc
Nina Colon
'Nina Colon' 6 months ago
when everyone in the 90swas dope#facts
Anthony Viglotti
'Anthony Viglotti' 6 months ago
crazy how much he knocks mumble rap when he cant rhyme for shit and has similar simplistic rhymes
Anthony Viglotti
'Anthony Viglotti' 6 months ago
strait trash
Treven Wright
'Treven Wright' 6 months ago
Nicole Papp
'Nicole Papp' 7 months ago
So awful. I thought I was in Willy wonkas wack rap factory and I'm fuckin white you tool
'mando18' 8 months ago
Low key think this dude is gay. Always talking about women always... In a way tho as if he exaggerating a lie maybe? Idk who took psychology lol
'Brezzy445' 9 months ago
Travis Bonner
'Travis Bonner' 9 months ago
You wake bitch I never like you hate migos you bitch
alibi smashoker
'alibi smashoker' 10 months ago
Five Dead Fish 🐟🐡🐠🐡🐟
but u not that good.
'god563616' 10 months ago
what happened to you Joe??
El CrookitO
'El CrookitO' 11 months ago
This project was so fuckn slept on smdh
Menaj- Playboy
'Menaj- Playboy' 12 months ago
David Molinari
'David Molinari' 12 months ago
Damn Joe Budden hit it right on the mark. Pause.
Weezy SV
'Weezy SV' 12 months ago
Joe budden is still alive?
'Rizadon1' 1 year ago
He bought the lyrics from Jay Z's Hard knock Life.
Cyber King BD
'Cyber King BD' 1 year ago
FluffyWaffles Boii
i dont understand this filter
Daily Scratcher
'Daily Scratcher' 1 year ago
budden is my main artist I've listened to since 2000 but this last album I will admit im not into it
けん けん
'けん けん' 1 year ago
Curelon Taylor
'Curelon Taylor' 1 year ago
something I can understand. not everything 😦 so I like:/
Casey Mathews
'Casey Mathews' 1 year ago
Rory bout to use the shits for a sleeper
Donovan Doummar
'Donovan Doummar' 1 year ago
Alexandra Nieves
'Alexandra Nieves' 1 year ago
when Kevin hart aka chocolate droppa got harder bars then you😂
marisol hiott
'marisol hiott' 1 year ago
470,00 0
'470,00 0' 1 year ago
fire ur barber
'theultimaterom' 1 year ago
Dat beard doe.
sean lavis
'sean lavis' 1 year ago
he sucks.
Drame Abdulrahman
'Drame Abdulrahman' 1 year ago
I wish the best MC didn't mean who was most popular
Top Music
'Top Music' 1 year ago
Hello, come check out the new Brazilian success! Watch the new clip released today (06) by Simone and Simaria - Loka feat. Anitta, I recommend it !! ;)
Kyaire Hutchins
'Kyaire Hutchins' 1 year ago
The Song is called I gotta ask and it samples Hard Knock life! it's dope
Matthew Gadea
'Matthew Gadea' 1 year ago
can u sub plz
Stevenson D.
'Stevenson D.' 1 year ago
Isn't this Jayz's verse on the Hard knock life song
'Liv3nMyLif3' 1 year ago
wack as f..
'MoreVEVO' 1 year ago
'Tomik' 1 year ago
sus kunt
'sus kunt' 1 year ago
Dafuq is this shit sounds fucking drunk 😵
'whatsopanime' 1 year ago
First VEVO of 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Joekate121609' 1 year ago
Why you guys coping the verified videos? lmao come up with your own stuff
nader khaled
'nader khaled' 1 year ago
good #nader
Shoot Clubbers
'Shoot Clubbers' 1 year ago
im clubbers holic. I like video.. like this
facebookSeppe Smets
His beard is a little to much😂
Keara Bradberry
'Keara Bradberry' 1 year ago
Oh shoot, this was good.
qusay eyad
'qusay eyad' 1 year ago
I didn't understand anything 🌚😂💔
Ashley Sherlock
'Ashley Sherlock' 1 year ago
love x
Emmas beauty palace
Ich versteht nicht außer die leichten Wörter weil ich Deutsche bin und erst 9
Amber Gønzales fierro I-/
17 coment
Baisat Salami
'Baisat Salami' 1 year ago
Early squad where y'all at
Not Disinterested
'Not Disinterested' 1 year ago
this was neat. I'm early
Emma Ramos
'Emma Ramos' 1 year ago
Paola Racho
'Paola Racho' 1 year ago
Like by Fifth Harmony
Jena Courtier
'Jena Courtier' 1 year ago
Wait what?
'MC5从igムttモ' 1 year ago
like man !
'MZMech' 1 year ago
thanks bro wish for you too
Just do it Later
'Just do it Later' 1 year ago
Canting Marrow67
'Canting Marrow67' 1 year ago
اقرأ- Read
'اقرأ- Read' 1 year ago
checkout my channel,some amazing stories👌
Sophie Sophie
'Sophie Sophie' 1 year ago
'Голубь' 1 year ago
охуенны чел
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