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Syria: Celebrations as families return to homes in Aleppo - BBC News -
Published: 1 year ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 1 year ago

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Families loyal to Syrian President Assad have begun to return to Aleppo, as government forces retake territory held by rebels.
The BBC's Lyse Doucet reports from the district of Hanano where the citizens have come back to their devastated homes.

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Carlos Santos
'Carlos Santos' 3 weeks ago
Os Sírios vão viver bem juntos, porque os saqueadores estrangeiros já foram corridos.
'oakword' 2 months ago
Bashar will die lol
Альжан Жанайдар
Альжан Жанайдар
Maniz Jambu
'Maniz Jambu' 3 months ago
wow.. im surprise.. bbc telling the truth now..!!
'lichwind' 5 months ago
Next war: US's new proxy agent, Kurds vs the surrounding countries.
AR Bappy
'AR Bappy' 6 months ago
love Syria
'Mandems96' 7 months ago
look at BBCs bio 'families loyal to Syrian president' lmao  theyre normal families coming back home thanks to government forces taking back Aleppo held by foreign terorists backed by our governments unfortunatley. What happened to Syrian President is killing his own people? F.A.K.E     N.E.W.S
'garyd044' 9 months ago
Themba Sapam
'Themba Sapam' 10 months ago
Russia hacked BBC Youtube channel and uploaded this video don't believe me?? Ask New York Times MSNBC.
Lendzemo Joachimkimeng
'Lendzemo Joachimkimeng' 10 months ago
lol cnn did u air this lol its strange to see cnn put this on air
Henri Bastouri
'Henri Bastouri' 11 months ago
BBC is a terrorist organization based in Canada they destroyed Syria by fake information
So Angry
'So Angry' 1 year ago
They are not (and never were) 'rebels'. Mainly foreign terrorists imported with the help of the West. At least some semblance of the truth from the BBC for once. Wow.
shafiq Nazari
'shafiq Nazari' 1 year ago
Oh men finally BBC is broadcasting real news but honestly west media had no choice to tell the truth otherwise they would be dark faced reporter no more trust but good news for Syrian . Russian crushed western backed terrorists . Putin is the most charismatic president I really like him every where Russia exposed the true face of west and ashamed them good for Putin he is smart he used tobe KGB agent
S Lachman
'S Lachman' 1 year ago
for all these people who don't understand why >75% of East Aleppo civilians returned to east or stayed in west (both government held), should start to question if the narrative of Assad "bombing his own people" , hospitals, schools" is correct. It's NOT. Hospitals, schools were weapon storages. Bombing was to get the RATS/TERRORISTS OUT, who were so cowardly keeping the civilians hostage.
Diego Martinez
'Diego Martinez' 1 year ago
Gilang pantang
'Gilang pantang' 1 year ago
where is there lyse bitch cunts doucet is, she now sucks erdogan dicks
'saddoboxing1' 1 year ago
Aleppo is perfect example how terrible brainwashing western mainstream media has been during late 2016. They have told mostly utter bullshit.
'Ghostazarashi' 1 year ago
1:16 What BBC missed to translate (deliberately) is that the man was saying "They'd butcher my family, they'd butcher my children", in reference to the 'rebels' that were taking hold of the district.
Kaliq Zullal
'Kaliq Zullal' 1 year ago
Wow, Serious. I totally gave up on listening to BBC or watching BBC since I felt they were biased. Now it seems like they have learned that they have report real news. Welcome back to real new BBC, I will download your Apple APP again hoping more unbiased news from you. Aljazeera is the shittest channel of all and BBC was next to that.
keep It Raw
'keep It Raw' 1 year ago
Jose Litron
'Jose Litron' 1 year ago
Acabou de chegar já tá orando.Deus dela não salvou a cidade, e ainda agradece.Deus é um canalha tá se lixando pros seus fiéis. Alla Hokbar.
Ishmael K
'Ishmael K' 1 year ago
I don't believe this channel.
'Rangatiratūmeke' 1 year ago
Good to see people returning home. Hope they can find stability, safety, peace and prosperity. The Syrian Army might want to stop its soldiers shooting off rounds in the street just for the fun of it. It shows poor discipline, wastes ammo, and innocent people might get shot by accident.
Yaras Jenny
'Yaras Jenny' 1 year ago
The Syrian people love Assad. SCREW YOU BBC for lying to the public this whole time. SCREW YOU For demonizing a president who loves his people. Why would they be loyal to a man who was killing them off? The rebels aren't even Syrian..they are mercenariesss!!
cesar cenro
'cesar cenro' 1 year ago
when the terrorists were there she didnt dare to go , she knew better.
Jermaine Charles
'Jermaine Charles' 1 year ago
the bbc has lied and lied to its audience about the syrian conflict from the very beginning, its narrative destroyed by Russian and brave syrian arab army now its grudgingly forced to report some truth, what a shame!
'311hwr' 1 year ago
more drivel from the british biased corporation. you can get more truth from israeli news live, staggering i know, but true.
Hujjat Khan
'Hujjat Khan' 1 year ago
oh coming back are not Syrian they are new settler from Iran.just Jews did with plastinian now Iranians did with syrian
Sky Hd
'Sky Hd' 1 year ago
So, radicalised Obama was the villain!
The Sarav Nation
'The Sarav Nation' 1 year ago
Why now of a sudden, BBC? Why did you choose to stop your usual propaganda suddenly? Or is it the only option for you to save your ass?
Fear No Man 242
'Fear No Man 242' 1 year ago
Thought the buses were taking them out to other places like Italy.
Efe Rho
'Efe Rho' 1 year ago
Wow! At least BBC is finally seeing the truth, I want to believe they were under pressure to report lies all this while, better late than never. Can't say same about CNN, they will keep losing in their falsehood, the dawn of truth is here.
Tim Bob
'Tim Bob' 1 year ago
All UK citizens, in light of the many accounts now coming out of eastern aleppo from civilians whom have been trapped there, please join me now in pushing for a full investigation into our governments policy to support these so called 'moderate' rebel groups who have turned out to be nothing more than despicable terrorist groups who have tortured, raped and murdered. It is time our government was held to account.
Igor Welkenbach
'Igor Welkenbach' 1 year ago
Dear BBC: I wish VERY slow, VERY painful death (preceded by torture), by the hand of your own moderate apes, on all of your staff and editors and their families (and your sponsors too!). Thanks!
'MahdiBanners' 1 year ago
piece of shit bbc doesn't want to ask the pple in the clip their opinions on the rebels and the Syrian army because the bbc knows the answers won't be in line with its propaganda policy. Also the reporter is trying to mislead the viewers that the Syrian pple are split in half between bashar and the rebels which of course is not true. The overwhelming majority of Syrians are against the rebels and those who support the rebels are mercenary rebels themselves who don't even make up 1% of the Syrian population, not to mention that half of them are foreigners !
Black Ghost
'Black Ghost' 1 year ago
US and it's ISIS dog can go succ each others dicc
'spasev' 1 year ago
How did this report slip trough the fake news you manufacture every day?
'cenzoredworld' 1 year ago
Thank you Lyse Doucet, one of the best journalists they have. One of the few western journos that report from Syria
'T THTILB' 1 year ago
however usa and uk was trying to approve the ceasefire proposal in UNC back in a week ago.
'AKM5.45 SHOOTER' 1 year ago
"Rebel fighters?" Really BBC? They were al Qaeda terrorists!
'lllovegunlll' 1 year ago
BBC, telling the truth is so simple and easy like a piece of cake.
Barry Allsopp
'Barry Allsopp' 1 year ago
All this Destruction started from a peaceful protest against Bashar Assad, so you're saying that whom ever protests peacefully should killed
epiphany samy
'epiphany samy' 1 year ago
America’s Recent “Achievements” in the Middle East---
'Sieras' 1 year ago
bbc suprise me second time in my life !
'tosan1' 1 year ago
As it's increasingly getting harder to make up lies about what's going on in Syria, some MSM like BBC has started to show a fuller picture. However, they are still quite cleverly making implications. For instance, at the end of this report they say "Syrians know it will be difficult to live together again"! Implying that the so-called "rebels" were indeed Syrians and this was a civil/sectarian war. These so-called "rebels", however, were imported Alqeada and other US (and allies) funded groups who entered Syria via Jordan and Turkey and replaced the guanine 2011 anti-government movements. These rebels were not even Syrians. They were international terrorist groups trained and funded by US, Qatar, Saudi, Turkey, and of course Israel....They were sent to Syria to invade Syria from within as part of the bigger imperialist agenda of US and Israel to reshape the middle east for their own greedy needs.
Mgaga Paz
'Mgaga Paz' 1 year ago
Aleppo is the Stalingrad of Syrian civil war and I hope Iraq will retake misoul soon
Aza Deen
'Aza Deen' 1 year ago
Basically thank you Assad and Hezbollah for getting rid of the rebels. :)
Mei Guo
'Mei Guo' 1 year ago
Wow BBC started telling the truth on Syria. Amazing!
Joseph Stalin
'Joseph Stalin' 1 year ago
Before I clicked on this video, I was expecting them to say that Assad is planning to gas bomb all civilians in Aleppo. Hell he even let the terrorist rebels go free on green buses instead of jailing them for life. Is this the so called tyrant dictator America is talking about.
Paula Antunina
'Paula Antunina' 1 year ago
triste epoca
Douglas Nisbet
'Douglas Nisbet' 1 year ago
but according the the BBC the "moderate rebels" are the good ones and the SAA are the evil ones? Well something doesn't add up...
Evie Pm
'Evie Pm' 1 year ago
I am weeping for Syrian people. I hope you can rebuild your country again.
sohaila hendawy
'sohaila hendawy' 1 year ago
the Levant, Whatever you do will remain victory coming from the Levant, ye that Muslims are terrorists !! And you, who you kill them terrorists we are Muslims and Arabs one hand،،حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل✌
Luisa Miller
'Luisa Miller' 1 year ago
Bravo. Un des reportages les plus objectifs depuis longtemps !!!
freeman bill
'freeman bill' 1 year ago
when you say rebel fighters i take it you really mean nato backed mercinaries
Merkels Lügenpresse
Let all Muslims slaughter themselves. Who cares? Not me. Better than when marauding, murdering and raping by our country.
'nucdn' 1 year ago
Oh is the BBC & Co shitting their pants now and trying to seem real? A bit late don't ya think? We have seen your true faces.
'TheOther99%' 1 year ago
Oh my God! Has the BBC been hacked by Russian propagandists?
'WinterShine7' 1 year ago
can you just mix the audio instead of letting this stupid reporter whispering on my right ear
fight me gook yecciiss
Bbc can suck a dick. I'm never paying a tv licence again. They have been sucking off alquida for 6 years now Assad has won they change there tune
joachim ndahne
'joachim ndahne' 1 year ago
Lol BBC now knows its over for the terrorist
neo nero
'neo nero' 1 year ago
What's this? Real news from a ZioNazi news company, which specializes in fake news/ propaganda? I guess this was the truth quota for the quarter (3 month period).
Scott Robinson
'Scott Robinson' 1 year ago
Turned what could have been a great Heart felt story into propaganda garbage.
Aman Jan
'Aman Jan' 1 year ago
Syrians will leave together like before when west sponsored rebels leaves their country :)
shafiq Nazari
'shafiq Nazari' 1 year ago
I am was shocked this is BBC oh my god finally they are show the truth and real story
K Lum
'K Lum' 1 year ago
Assad and Putin well done! Great news.
Synthetic Dawn
'Synthetic Dawn' 1 year ago
What happened with the propaganda stories? BBC stop pretending to be a news channel start crying and show us some syrian people with USA accents and long beards who cry over how undemocratic it is , i want to watch some amusing fictional tales here , the real news is already at RT lol.
'Edenmoon' 1 year ago
so what was the reason Syria got into a civil war? Wasn't because they didn't want to have Assad so all that blood was in vain this teaches a big lesson do not fight for what you want sometimes a dream can become a nightmare and sometimes your dreams cannot become true Thank you Assad and Putin for this lesson we know oppression is the key of success
Rami Yanes
'Rami Yanes' 1 year ago
Wow this was actually decent reporting from the BBC I'm shocked!
amar anas
'amar anas' 1 year ago
As you can see those massive destructions in the civil zones can only be done by military planes who are owned by the criminal Assad army and the Russians, and by the way, the majority of those people who speak in this report are speaking under the pressure of been executed by the criminal soldiers of Assad .
Bounliang Yimlamai
Please keep on your duty Assad, your are Syrian elected leader legally, not western nominated or puppet
dan tancar
'dan tancar' 1 year ago
Congratulation..... haha...Aleppo has own Tv news... now mainstream can not play false and falce news interpret
Daniel Bamford
'Daniel Bamford' 1 year ago
There begining to accept assad will win with this package surprisingly neutral
Joni Idris
'Joni Idris' 1 year ago
I thought this is an RT channel.. I can't believe this Bullshit Broadcasting Channel has changed..
'311hwr' 1 year ago
b.b.c. should be re named, z.b.c, zionist broadcasting corporation.
Роман Михеев
BBC is suka blyat
Mr. Right right
'Mr. Right right' 1 year ago
ASSAD IS STILL A Butcher and folk will never accept him, syria is the next northkorea
Tony Montana
'Tony Montana' 1 year ago
proud for my Country's veto in UNSC, a small helping hand to the syrian ppl against terrorism. Hope we can provide more food and clothing
'GERRARD2083' 1 year ago
I cried when I saw this. Despite of the fact that they lost everything, dreams, livelihoods, they are still happy and joyful to return. Was so touched by those little innocent kids. Can't the countries supporting the rebel groups get a heart at least?? Imagine your kids growing up in this mess created by your greed and lust for control. Get a heart please
Khalid Riyadh
'Khalid Riyadh' 1 year ago
Really....!!! you want me to believe this shit..?? kiss my ass
a. y.
'a. y.' 1 year ago
Stop the bullshit BBC
trubach d
'trubach d' 1 year ago
BBC supported ISIS rebels and now they are defeated by Syrian and Russian forces alliance.
'ELROMPENALGAS3000' 1 year ago
the syrian girl are beautiful
'itinensanzen' 1 year ago
BBC will never admit UK supports terrorists desguised as "moderate beheaders".
Luci Sá
'Luci Sá' 1 year ago
Where are the people from White Helmets? The100 million dollar NGO. Is the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights giving any more information?
S. S.
'S. S.' 1 year ago
Free Syria! thanks Russia.
'tubefish666' 1 year ago
Many thx to Lyse Doucet for doing what an old fashioned, real reporter should do: reporting with boots on the ground. BTW: Visit Lyse Doucet's Twitter account for old fashioned, real reporting
gerald geaf
'gerald geaf' 1 year ago
Wow! You know its over for "our moderates" when even the BBC and Lyse Doucet in particular can find people who supports President Assad . Four 4 years Lyse could only find people who supported the terrorists
Ashwin Mouton
'Ashwin Mouton' 1 year ago
Real News???? By the BBC??? I sense a change in the winds.
'Goldsovereignuk' 1 year ago
The BBC lost its anti Assad propaganda war and now its switched to the winning side to pretend they haven't always been supporting terrorists, they are such immoral creeps.
'kasra20giv1' 1 year ago
this time bbc prefered to tell the truth, marvellous so astonishing
luuke luketer
'luuke luketer' 1 year ago
Is this BBC's attempt to now disperse the truth ??? Remember this bbc & guardian.....Your fake reporting before has cost lives of kids and the weak.......
joker rc
'joker rc' 1 year ago
All for greedy jews USA puppets and UK elite puppy dogs sniffing big dog US ass , human filth controlling our country's ,
1 karkar
'1 karkar' 1 year ago
finally bbc stopped publishing lies maybe they are afraid of trump😂😂😂😂😂
Jason Luck
'Jason Luck' 1 year ago
How strange the reporters cnclusion about Syrians could be said about Ukrainians, Libyans, Iraqis, Yemenis, Afghans, etc... for what purpose ? Liberation ? of what ? ... Its too late for all these people and for western democracies to fix this world mess they created by supporting jihadists, terrorists and/or corrupted oligarchs. How sad for all the refugees and all those people returning to their land, all ruined.
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