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What Does Beer Have In Common With the Atomic Bomb? -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 3 weeks ago

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Beer tapping causes a chain reaction. A shockwave travels through the beer and fragments the bubbles.

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Casey Thimm
'Casey Thimm' 2 weeks ago
So it's a fizzy fission? fizzion?
Bob Vance
'Bob Vance' 3 weeks ago
Too much of either will fuck you up! 🍺🔥
Yacine Aissiou
'Yacine Aissiou' 3 weeks ago
thank you black
Aw No
'Aw No' 3 weeks ago
Young Einstein movie anyone?
Prince Vegeta
'Prince Vegeta' 3 weeks ago
both get you lit
'ChyeWs' 3 weeks ago
They both come out when I go to the toilet
Erşad Kaya
'Erşad Kaya' 3 weeks ago
Both of them can make you high
'GrowingDownUnder' 3 weeks ago
you should try leaving the lid on and put a small hole in the lid...shake the bottle a lot while covering the hole release finger and see how quick you can drink the beer or soak your friends! who needs a water pistol or beer chugger
Maico Rosa
'Maico Rosa' 3 weeks ago
It's been a while that I'm not enjoying the videos of this channel, but this is the one that made me unsubscribe. incomplete content, compelling by it's thumbnail, but frustating after that. bye.
Gordon Tang
'Gordon Tang' 3 weeks ago
I feel like a kid when I press the video
'Hamburger247' 3 weeks ago
Funny because my Mushroom Tip has that Same Explanation when it skeets off too
dylan yoko
'dylan yoko' 3 weeks ago
Lmao i cant even get drunk no more
Benjamin Wood
'Benjamin Wood' 3 weeks ago
If someone's ever a dick to me I'm going to tap their beer lol.
'ArcanHage' 3 weeks ago
Chain reaction, I thought this at 0:32 =D
Lolz gaming
'Lolz gaming' 3 weeks ago
They both kill u long story short
Papi Panther
'Papi Panther' 3 weeks ago
let me guess its deaths
The Trust
'The Trust' 3 weeks ago
What do you and PewDiePie have incommen? You both saw water in life atleast once.
Amer Nivek
'Amer Nivek' 3 weeks ago
Hey that's pretty good
Minecraft maniac
'Minecraft maniac' 3 weeks ago
Can I do this with a coke
'NO DRUGS' 3 weeks ago
Wow that's interesting.
Day Mal
'Day Mal' 3 weeks ago
I used to do this to drunk friends all the time.
Arnav Chadha
'Arnav Chadha' 3 weeks ago
About to do this
Terry Turner
'Terry Turner' 3 weeks ago
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