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MY TYPE OF GAME! | Happy Room #1 -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: jacksepticeye

By: jacksepticeyePublished: 2 weeks ago

3, 275, 428 views

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This poor ragdoll man is yours to do with as you please! BLOW HIM UP in his Happy Room!

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Outro animation created by Cranbersher:

Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here

mehmet efe torbalı
'mehmet efe torbalı' 3 hours ago
türk olan
Lexus Kun
'Lexus Kun' 3 hours ago
I'm gonna call that guy (genocide run) frisk, because he's having a bad time.
The ChainMailBoy
'The ChainMailBoy' 5 hours ago
I think its my type of game too jack love you
'DamageIncM' 7 hours ago
They should do more with the music and the sounds. I'm already getting annoyed and brainwashed by the same Rock-song over and over after 10 minutes. - And the sound-effects could be cartoonier. Like more "plingy ploings" and "sploings" for the bouncies and stuff. - Why such boring sounds for such an over-the-top game?...
'DamageIncM' 7 hours ago
Man, for videogames it's a good thing that you can do videos with 60 frames per second. Because this would be headache-inducing trying to follow the action with only 30.
'DamageIncM' 7 hours ago
This is like a mix of 'Give Up'... ...Yes... OK, well, and 'Happy Wheels', I guess.
'DamageIncM' 7 hours ago
Not trying to cash in on the Happy Wheels name at all...
'StarOwl' 8 hours ago
This is one delightfully evil game!
Annabelle McCalla
'Annabelle McCalla' 8 hours ago
hey this is a funny video
Um Cara Bugadao Xd
'Um Cara Bugadao Xd' 9 hours ago
You crazy?
Just on Ice (Falixd)
'Just on Ice (Falixd)' 10 hours ago
'MrManBanana' 10 hours ago
Its just a 'Ragdoll Achievement' copy
june june
'june june' 12 hours ago
good game
Tw1sted S0ck
'Tw1sted S0ck' 13 hours ago
what's does he say at the start
Jordan Shepherd
'Jordan Shepherd' 19 hours ago
I LOVE YOU LIL BUDDY! Now let's take out the crossbows...
Law Williams
'Law Williams' 21 hours ago
It wasn't shown yet in this video, but the axes look like machetes. I wonder if that's a shoutout to the 'machete' in Prequel that's actually an axe x'D
Carson Riquier (TheCreeperlord)
Ahhhh wait a minute kick the buddy confirmed
'ranhcase' 22 hours ago
this game is paid?????????? WHAT??!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!
'iWes' 22 hours ago
Jack:Got rid of my old woman now I've got a new one.Her names happy ROOM
'ThePostBad78' 23 hours ago
Anyone know a game like happy room bur for ios
cool colin od
'cool colin od' 1 day ago
wat device do yu use to play jack
Explosão Biônica
this game is free??
Georgia Lahood
'Georgia Lahood' 2 days ago
When you have subtitles on and jack say that he is the best at beating people up it says Anti is that you speaking?
LuckyShot 04 Big Stuff coming this January!
Is this game free
Derp Johnson
'Derp Johnson' 2 days ago
hey jackspedicy
David Cermak
'David Cermak' 2 days ago
reminds me of interactive buddy for some reason
D Wiest
'D Wiest' 2 days ago
That guy was having a BAD TIME
yandere chan
'yandere chan' 2 days ago
'c0oLsKeleToN95' 2 days ago
This is a copy game of a old flash game called death room the only difference is how the dummy looks wtf
'Kawaii MASTER' 2 days ago
"When it comes to torturing people, hurtin' them, Fucking shit up, ain't nobody better than Jackaboy!" Sounds like something Antisepticeye would say... many Anti isn't fully gone from Halloween!!! *Runs away screaming*
'CHRIS GAMES' 2 days ago
there is an end i got ALL THE WEPONS
Slytherin Forever
'Slytherin Forever' 2 days ago
Your accent makes this video both annoying and A LOT more funny at the same time.
'JimiCool' 2 days ago
I played this when i were 7 y old lol
FaZe Doge
'FaZe Doge' 2 days ago
Why not put a saw on top of the teleporters, and it will teleport them and hit the saw teleport them back and it will keep going
caden plays
'caden plays' 2 days ago
dont pin this comment
This is just ragdoll achievement lol
'MinorSpaceGuy11' 2 days ago
Is this the replacement for happy wheels? If so... HE'LL YEAH!
rafi 1506nofar
'rafi 1506nofar' 3 days ago
what validation code
zezo- Gaming61
'zezo- Gaming61' 3 days ago
jack:*puts a blue portal and a orange portal that teleports* me: Portal 2?
the shadow
'the shadow' 3 days ago
if this real jack
Wesley Fontenot
'Wesley Fontenot' 3 days ago
this is cool I want to play it lol 😊😀
da boss gamer
'da boss gamer' 3 days ago
happyyyyy rooms!!!!!!!
Francis Mckenna
'Francis Mckenna' 3 days ago
he is trying his hardest to get a game like happy wheels but nothing can replace that
ElijahNoah Robles
'ElijahNoah Robles' 3 days ago
He sang part of All The Way
Jen Hagan
'Jen Hagan' 3 days ago
'icanuseahammer' 3 days ago
'icanuseahammer' 3 days ago
,The saws look like septiceseyes
Juliana Wilkinson
'Juliana Wilkinson' 3 days ago
He made the rag doll do one of those portal tricks in the game
Faze Jay
'Faze Jay' 3 days ago
Do you have to pay for this game
'cooldude56g' 3 days ago
So it's basically "Epic Combo" except with fewer turtles and more blood.
'Sammiooo' 3 days ago
You should just put bounce pads everywhere, then watch him/her bounce around like crazy! 😂
Leon Damon
'Leon Damon' 3 days ago
Every sadists wet dream. Give this to Ross o'Donovan!
Helljumper JJG0813
This is ragdoll achievment
derFalsche Yagami
'derFalsche Yagami' 4 days ago
maby you should make a floor of saws
'KILLER RYMZ' 4 days ago
The number in the dummy's shirt shows the amount of attempts
The Snapple Poppers
Jacks hair! ❤️❤️😂
Araya Clark
'Araya Clark' 4 days ago
jacksepticeye can you please talk to me PLZ I'm only 5 years old I even cry because I want to talk to you PLZ 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I love you.
Rabe Foster
'Rabe Foster' 4 days ago
I just realized Jack's hair looks like coleslaw ;D
Ryann Murphy
'Ryann Murphy' 4 days ago
This game is a clone
Jerocho Benally
'Jerocho Benally' 4 days ago
Emo Kitty Says BLEH
uum....I just saw the video where jack gave his pubes to someone.....OK?
Hazard Gaming
'Hazard Gaming' 4 days ago
Jahbornie Hall
'Jahbornie Hall' 4 days ago
your hilarious
Ayira Woodson
'Ayira Woodson' 4 days ago
hat hair!!:D
Robert Johnson
'Robert Johnson' 4 days ago
'NitroBoost' 5 days ago
'NitroBoost' 5 days ago
darkwolf 101
'darkwolf 101' 5 days ago
Them song words in here
Teddybearlo Autumn14
I realized how much I love u if I meet u I sweat I will cry
'trysomethingnew' 5 days ago
lol in the bottem right you can clear the screen just in case you didnt notice
The Minecraft Man
'The Minecraft Man' 5 days ago
after he was talking about the toturing, it said on the captions, (anti is the you speaking?) XD
'Crazytherevival' 5 days ago
Is this the replacement for happy wheels
Erin Petersen
'Erin Petersen' 5 days ago
'Piggy_one' 5 days ago
You need to learn how to use the trash button
Silent Gamer
'Silent Gamer' 5 days ago
My mom said if I get 100 likes I can get a dog! :) Plz like!
Cares Plays
'Cares Plays' 5 days ago
"Lazers Nukes! Little tiny creatures!" -Jacksepticeye 2017 xD
Drew Crank
'Drew Crank' 5 days ago
Drew Crank
'Drew Crank' 5 days ago
Everyone that sees this comment go check out a YouTube roamed lazerbeam
Drew Crank
'Drew Crank' 5 days ago
Boom Boxxer
'Boom Boxxer' 5 days ago
Ragdoll Acheivment.
'ThatAwesomeGamer' 5 days ago
can this be the new happy wheels???!?!?!?!?!?1??!?-+
Random Pearson
'Random Pearson' 5 days ago
RaffixD 96
'RaffixD 96' 5 days ago
The best Day in my and Jacks life EXPLOSIONSSS! :DDDDD
Mario 3D World
'Mario 3D World' 5 days ago
You know what, Jack should play Happy Wheels! (Don't get mad at me. It's just a joke. I know there's 100 episodes of that)
RaffixD 96
'RaffixD 96' 5 days ago
Pewdiesepticplier 123
When it comes to being a fucking badass in every way there's nobody better than the Jacky boy!
Derp Derpy
'Derp Derpy' 5 days ago
Why do I keep getting notifications saying a commented on this video? I'm getting all the notification replies that seem pissed at me
Mikael Persbrandt
'Mikael Persbrandt' 5 days ago
Play more Overwatch Jackaboy :)
Dylan Vadar
'Dylan Vadar' 5 days ago
Did anyone else notice he said dollars when it was euros?
The Doctor
'The Doctor' 5 days ago
looks like rag doll physics but with better graphics
ChillIne Bass
'ChillIne Bass' 5 days ago
Will Jack reply?
'DadaBillo' 5 days ago
If you really liked this, try Flackboy!
Crimson Gamer
'Crimson Gamer' 5 days ago
"whan it comes to hurting people torturing them' fuking there shit up no one better then jackie boy" : jacksepticeye: . 2017.
Verdammt Gaming
'Verdammt Gaming' 5 days ago
Awesome, a "Ragdoll Achievement" rip-off
Breakfast Waffle
'Breakfast Waffle' 6 days ago
The annotations to your other videos also had another YouTubers videos there...weird.
Caranthir Felagund
Cheat way for damage is having him go through a teleport on floor and the top with max mines on wall that goes through with him
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