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MY TYPE OF GAME! | Happy Room #1 -
Published: 2 months ago By: jacksepticeye

By: jacksepticeyePublished: 2 months ago

3, 380, 586 views

115, 141 Likes   1, 013 Dislikes

This poor ragdoll man is yours to do with as you please! BLOW HIM UP in his Happy Room!

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Outro animation created by Cranbersher:

Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here

Peter Schalke
'Peter Schalke' 3 days ago
10:21 oh kom op that is dutch Jackyboy
'THE WEEKLY ZINK' 3 days ago
he be dead
Scott Cox
'Scott Cox' 3 days ago
I mean 0.25
Scott Cox
'Scott Cox' 3 days ago
Jack press 0.20
Matthew Leonas
'Matthew Leonas' 4 days ago
jacksepticeye will not make a video on friday
iva labola
'iva labola' 5 days ago
thank you jack you cheared me up
aallii__ 711
'aallii__ 711' 5 days ago
صوته يخليك تقول احم احم
Dj walker
'Dj walker' 5 days ago
this used to be a browser game
Brent Kurtz
'Brent Kurtz' 6 days ago
I heard "Keep on-a dancing"
'DaNim' 6 days ago
16:37 jack sucking a cock
'Shearman360' 1 week ago
16:35 SUCC GOD
septic.dawns on instagram
Jack...we're u referencing something to All The Way....idk.😂😂
Alex Hill
'Alex Hill' 1 week ago
Like a Boss jack!!!!!!
Sean Saibot
'Sean Saibot' 1 week ago
'townsaver' 2 weeks ago
5:08 he does dab.
Kristoffer B
'Kristoffer B' 2 weeks ago
why do u scream? have u a mic in another room?
Mr.Magikarp64 Butts
'Mr.Magikarp64 Butts' 2 weeks ago
How do you land on the ceiling?
ShardTheDragon 13
'ShardTheDragon 13' 2 weeks ago
This like something GLaDOS would come up with.
'THE SLENDER Gamer' 2 weeks ago
put the mines close to him and under him
'THE SLENDER Gamer' 2 weeks ago
put a lot of mines that go on the wall that will give you a lot of new things
'Hellie7777' 2 weeks ago
try only bombs
Che Davison
'Che Davison' 2 weeks ago
I'm your biggest fan gackaboy
Ezekiel Ramos
'Ezekiel Ramos' 2 weeks ago
Joel Engstrom
'Joel Engstrom' 2 weeks ago
how do you get the game?  I have tried to get it ever since it came out. pleeeeeeeeease respond to me I'm begging you pleeeeeeease.
Hunter Keeter
'Hunter Keeter' 3 weeks ago
y'all do relized that this game I copied from rag doll achevment
Austin F
'Austin F' 3 weeks ago
How much is this game or is it free?
Kaitlyn Bug
'Kaitlyn Bug' 3 weeks ago
This is pretty much flakboy.
'EstherNamPhuong' 3 weeks ago
10:14 i thought i lost connection lmao
Mad goose
'Mad goose' 3 weeks ago
why is it all ways (top of the morning to you ladies) i am a dude !not a lady f feck sake)
kricketcraze EXCO
'kricketcraze EXCO' 3 weeks ago
Sean are you on cocaine ifso get some help coke is a terrible drug I'm worried about you 😥 I don't want YOU to do die
ziwo zi
'ziwo zi' 3 weeks ago
'Olioha' 3 weeks ago
I love happy room
Seth Holton
'Seth Holton' 3 weeks ago
mystic legends
'mystic legends' 3 weeks ago
please play more of this and play some gta san andreas.
'DXEmpire' 3 weeks ago
this is legit ragdoll acheivements
*pvpalex gaming*
'*pvpalex gaming*' 3 weeks ago
Anthony Carriere
'Anthony Carriere' 3 weeks ago
This is pretty much a rip off of ragdoll achievement... No hate here tho
Micheal Jackson
'Micheal Jackson' 3 weeks ago
How much is this game I needs it
'Tankboy42' 3 weeks ago
More ! MUCH MORE !
team of war
'team of war' 3 weeks ago
do not curse this is a warnning
sonic lover
'sonic lover' 3 weeks ago
yo sup
Skyler West
'Skyler West' 4 weeks ago
I'm so happy this was in my recremended videos. I flipping love you jack. no matter how sad or mad I am you always make me happy. no mater what video or what tone of voice you use your vids completely change my mood for the better. Not only are you true to yourself all the time unlike alot of YouTube's but your personality is amazing.....OK rant over sorry to those who waisted you time reading this pointless comment
'ButterSquids' 4 weeks ago
Shadow Zvhal
'Shadow Zvhal' 4 weeks ago
Oh no he seems to be enjoying this to much
Disent Design
'Disent Design' 4 weeks ago
this obnoxious douche is annoying as cancer of the ass
Connor Asher
'Connor Asher' 4 weeks ago
R.i.p happy wheels welcome happy room
Donald Schultz
'Donald Schultz' 4 weeks ago
When I read "MY TYPE OF GAME" I thought this well be fun.
Kaitlin Wammes
'Kaitlin Wammes' 4 weeks ago
i just have to click on a jack video and my day is perfect
Theredcountry Man
'Theredcountry Man' 4 weeks ago
Except the jumpers
Theredcountry Man
'Theredcountry Man' 4 weeks ago
Did anyone notice that every trap had Sam (jacksepticeye symbol) in the middle of them
Last living Thur
'Last living Thur' 4 weeks ago
I played that
'blone14707' 4 weeks ago
This game makes me think a little bit of Toss The Turtle
Sherry Sweatt
'Sherry Sweatt' 4 weeks ago
how do u get this game?
Mark Lane
'Mark Lane' 4 weeks ago
this is a clone of an older game.
the two thrones
'the two thrones' 4 weeks ago
5:33 look up I used to be an adventurer like you,until I took 2 arrows in the head
X beastxedits X
'X beastxedits X' 4 weeks ago
Is this free
'Unixorn' 4 weeks ago
oml i love playing games like this
Kristy Boyington
'Kristy Boyington' 4 weeks ago
Jack make more than just like five things made like four or three episodes of Happy Tree with you don't make him or I'm going to die and so you said that if you subscribe to your channel can get your phone around 1 know how that works because I want to call you and tell you to make happy room
Kristy Boyington
'Kristy Boyington' 4 weeks ago
Jack make the make more than a
Cedric Merrouche
'Cedric Merrouche' 4 weeks ago
tg le  anglais tg tg tg tg tg tg tg
Crazy Hunter Films
'Crazy Hunter Films' 4 weeks ago
Kinda seems like flakboy
The Fezonator
'The Fezonator' 4 weeks ago
This reminds me directly of a game I used to play as a kid. God, uh... Ragdoll Buddy? It was ____ Buddy, at least. You did exactly the same as in this, with getting the money to buy weapons and stuff. It also had a whole bunch of witty politics/controversial jokes.
Pinkie Hannah88
'Pinkie Hannah88' 4 weeks ago
This game seems to be made for him.
John White
'John White' 4 weeks ago
I'm not kidding I acually punched the like button not kidding I swear I did
TwistedThorns YT
'TwistedThorns YT' 4 weeks ago
16:37 when you nut but she keep sucking
DJ Music
'DJ Music' 4 weeks ago
The music reminds me of The Sims Freeplay or The Sims 3
Shanni Sherae
'Shanni Sherae' 4 weeks ago
I can't wait for the happy room song 😎
bossatron atonio
'bossatron atonio' 1 month ago
dump trump
'dump trump' 1 month ago
Rogue MacLeod
'Rogue MacLeod' 1 month ago
Do u have steam
Freddy Fazzbear
'Freddy Fazzbear' 1 month ago
This for a friend
Anime Boy
'Anime Boy' 1 month ago
you are the most funniest youtuber ever
'Demyus' 1 month ago
can you play mor please
mehmet efe torbalı
'mehmet efe torbalı' 1 month ago
türk olan
Lexus Kun
'Lexus Kun' 1 month ago
I'm gonna call that guy (genocide run) frisk, because he's having a bad time.
The ChainMailBoy
'The ChainMailBoy' 1 month ago
I think its my type of game too jack love you
'DamageIncM' 1 month ago
They should do more with the music and the sounds. I'm already getting annoyed and brainwashed by the same Rock-song over and over after 10 minutes. - And the sound-effects could be cartoonier. Like more "plingy ploings" and "sploings" for the bouncies and stuff. - Why such boring sounds for such an over-the-top game?...
'DamageIncM' 1 month ago
Man, for videogames it's a good thing that you can do videos with 60 frames per second. Because this would be headache-inducing trying to follow the action with only 30.
'DamageIncM' 1 month ago
This is like a mix of 'Give Up'... ...Yes... OK, well, and 'Happy Wheels', I guess.
'DamageIncM' 1 month ago
Not trying to cash in on the Happy Wheels name at all...
'StarOwl' 1 month ago
This is one delightfully evil game!
Annabelle McCalla
'Annabelle McCalla' 1 month ago
hey this is a funny video
Um Cara Bugadao Xd
'Um Cara Bugadao Xd' 1 month ago
You crazy?
Just on Ice
'Just on Ice' 1 month ago
'MrManBanana' 1 month ago
Its just a 'Ragdoll Achievement' copy
june june
'june june' 1 month ago
good game
Tw1sted S0ck
'Tw1sted S0ck' 1 month ago
what's does he say at the start
Jordan Shepherd
'Jordan Shepherd' 1 month ago
I LOVE YOU LIL BUDDY! Now let's take out the crossbows...
Law Williams
'Law Williams' 1 month ago
It wasn't shown yet in this video, but the axes look like machetes. I wonder if that's a shoutout to the 'machete' in Prequel that's actually an axe x'D
Carson Riquier
'Carson Riquier' 1 month ago
Ahhhh wait a minute kick the buddy confirmed
'ranhcase' 1 month ago
this game is paid?????????? WHAT??!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!
'iWes' 1 month ago
Jack:Got rid of my old woman now I've got a new one.Her names happy ROOM
'ThePostBad78' 1 month ago
Anyone know a game like happy room bur for ios
cool colin od
'cool colin od' 1 month ago
wat device do yu use to play jack
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