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MY TYPE OF GAME! | Happy Room #1 -
Published: 3 months ago By: jacksepticeye

By: jacksepticeyePublished: 3 months ago

3, 500, 858 views

116, 787 Likes   1, 038 Dislikes

This poor ragdoll man is yours to do with as you please! BLOW HIM UP in his Happy Room!

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Outro animation created by Cranbersher:

Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here

LOrD Dubstep Ooo
'LOrD Dubstep Ooo' 3 hours ago
This is a lot like Flak Boy. Anyone used to play that flash game? :p
DragnGold 3562
'DragnGold 3562' 11 hours ago
Teleport the dummy in to jump pad with spikes on top and minni guns on the ceiling
DragnGold 3562
'DragnGold 3562' 11 hours ago
That cracked me up!
'Skeleon' 11 hours ago
u like my shœs?
Salty Angel
'Salty Angel' 13 hours ago
Jack:keep on dancing! Me:ALL THE WAY
alex is not on fire
*cries* happy wheels..
Joshua Jones
'Joshua Jones' 2 days ago
9:38 *involuntarily sings all the way*
Sneeky StrikerX
'Sneeky StrikerX' 2 days ago
George Feser
'George Feser' 3 days ago
no one is better than jackaboy? I am son!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎💩💩💩💩💩💩💩😱😱😱
Henry Fox
'Henry Fox' 3 days ago
Imagine there being animatronics to kill THE DUMMY!!!!!!!
MasterYT Gaming
'MasterYT Gaming' 4 days ago
Interactive Buddy, I love that game
Xander Xochicale
'Xander Xochicale' 4 days ago
I'm just going to miss this dude up here Jack for president 2021
Nathan Bush
'Nathan Bush' 6 days ago
whos watching in 2017 ?
Gamer in suit
'Gamer in suit' 6 days ago
Same game as flakboy
enderstar 0507
'enderstar 0507' 6 days ago
Lol I got the pewdiepie tuber sim ad
Hood!y female proxy {Aya}
anyone notice the jump pads kinda look like sam? green, dark blue, light blue?
Anigamer & Friends
Just looks like an upgraded version of Flakboy, tbh.
Marie West
'Marie West' 7 days ago
Jack you said you had no saws and then said you have saws again
Dang Diamond
'Dang Diamond' 1 week ago
"Now bounce around" Sounds like something smexy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Dr. Cloyster
'Dr. Cloyster' 1 week ago
ooh jack got shiny new toy- jacksepticeye 2017
the saw looks a septic eye
'Hermizplay' 1 week ago
Akid Muzaffar
'Akid Muzaffar' 1 week ago
10:15 Crossbow:FUUUCK YOUU!!!!GET REKT
Akid Muzaffar
'Akid Muzaffar' 1 week ago
8:10 that spilt tho
charlie riesen
'charlie riesen' 1 week ago
I love your channel jack and keep up the good work :)
Austen the king
'Austen the king' 1 week ago
12:32 lol what was that???
hack boi 300
'hack boi 300' 1 week ago
STICKY BOOM now this from jakes videos like it ps.i love you jackespeticeye
Erin Roche
'Erin Roche' 1 week ago
jacks faded hair is my reason to live *intense phangirl*
'MusicMemer' 1 week ago
i played this game such a long time ago lol ur late af jacksepticeye
Mysterious Girl On The Internet
3:31 I know I'm late for this, but i have actually named catfish Jeoffrey, George, and Reginald before even SEEING this. That is so weird
'HyperSilver' 1 week ago
Jack's hair is.... aqua....?!?
'SilverMoon' 1 week ago
This is like Flak Boy Loved that game so much. Much more violent than this though.
El ChicaLoca 〈3
'El ChicaLoca 〈3' 2 weeks ago
jack you are the best at FUCKING PEOPLE UP
'animaWOOSH!!!!!!' 2 weeks ago
Adolf Hitler
'Adolf Hitler' 2 weeks ago
I ended up playing flakboy for a solid hour before watching the video....
Hải Anh Vũ
'Hải Anh Vũ' 2 weeks ago
is it me or when the mine blew up it make the fart sound
darkness wolf
'darkness wolf' 2 weeks ago
try a game called please don't kill me
Carl Baker
'Carl Baker' 2 weeks ago
ticky bomb
Sage Md
'Sage Md' 2 weeks ago
Who else keeps hearing lyrics from all the way "keep on the dancing"
'BeatNeko3' 2 weeks ago
I used to love games like this
Satanic Jukebox
'Satanic Jukebox' 2 weeks ago
I can't believe I just found this series! This is fucking hilarious!
DJ Whincop
'DJ Whincop' 2 weeks ago
First Gamers
'First Gamers' 2 weeks ago
Was I tho only one who peed their pants?? Please say no.. xD
Mary Wolfgang
'Mary Wolfgang' 2 weeks ago
This reminds me of ragdoll mutilation
'VicariousReality7' 2 weeks ago
ugh, this is like happy wheels except the fun
Logan Dollarsigns
'Logan Dollarsigns' 2 weeks ago
Smash the F out of the thumb button literally smash it 5 times and it will turn red!!
Kathy Borowski
'Kathy Borowski' 2 weeks ago
Sticky bombs
Mya Yolie
'Mya Yolie' 2 weeks ago
8:23 he has a penis
Elder Guardian
'Elder Guardian' 2 weeks ago
Jacksepticeye Fuckin shit up since 1990. Jack's business card
Matthew Laughton
'Matthew Laughton' 2 weeks ago
Rag doll achievement
Brian Echard
'Brian Echard' 2 weeks ago
Love this
Brian Echard
'Brian Echard' 2 weeks ago
super derpy gamer
'super derpy gamer' 2 weeks ago
I have a question. what if you put down 1 teleportor
JD McKeever
'JD McKeever' 2 weeks ago
nobody expects me to be the ultimate tortcher divice
Rainbow Griefer
'Rainbow Griefer' 3 weeks ago
Spike saw steve
Richard Warner
'Richard Warner' 3 weeks ago
I like how jack stops talking and the music stops when the Guy stops
'MusicMemer' 3 weeks ago
why are you playing this tbh
Raquel Rogers
'Raquel Rogers' 3 weeks ago
Aidan Harrington
'Aidan Harrington' 3 weeks ago
I'm so happy, I stopped watching jack for 3 months and now I can watch his old and new videos like they're new
James Daniel
'James Daniel' 3 weeks ago
Jack you should try playing smite
Brennan  Keller
'Brennan Keller' 3 weeks ago
Maya Freeman
'Maya Freeman' 4 weeks ago
jack should play halo
Jahaira Nunez
'Jahaira Nunez' 4 weeks ago
dis is exactly like dis 1 game I played on a website called kizi and its kind of the same thing I thing dis game copied dat 1
Dallas Robertson
'Dallas Robertson' 4 weeks ago
Jack was jacking off
ReSeT Lemon
'ReSeT Lemon' 4 weeks ago
l love you so much for playing this
Tiffanie Sanders
'Tiffanie Sanders' 1 month ago
Ragdoll achievements
He actually has a dick
mason laws
'mason laws' 1 month ago
hi im mason
Annie W
'Annie W' 1 month ago
this was one of my favourite series jack did he should come back to it if they update it
amber sparks
'amber sparks' 1 month ago
you can say a bad time
Epic Owl Studios
'Epic Owl Studios' 1 month ago
a wise man named jack always told me FUCK THEM UP
xAmelia For Life51x
'xAmelia For Life51x' 1 month ago
Tun tun tun tun tun DEATH
Rainy Thunderheart
'Rainy Thunderheart' 1 month ago
'Skyrocket' 1 month ago
12:07 The dummy  dabbed
Haidon Pickard
'Haidon Pickard' 1 month ago
go sub to me when I get everything I'm gonna start uploading but still In school so not many uploads but spring break hopefully everyday. Don't have to but I would love you to. Thanks
Remote control
'Remote control' 1 month ago
Don't mention happy wheels it makes me sad
John Danay
'John Danay' 1 month ago
jackseptieye is the best of all
___ Ameer The Trickster ___
7:47 I don't have sauce
'Phoenixm00n' 2 months ago this is what GLaDOS did with all the new test initiates.....
'Deity' 2 months ago
Omg I love this game lol
Schala Magus
'Schala Magus' 2 months ago
New subscriber to the channel, saw you on Markiplier's channel and decided to check you out. Enjoyed the video and I'm going to binge watch some more.
Josh Victoria
'Josh Victoria' 2 months ago
why you didnt do it like this in the portal (------------------------) @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ (____________) @ @ @ @
Cdude 0305
'Cdude 0305' 2 months ago
welcome to a game called hAppy room! (get why I put a cap A?) (his voice cracked)
Леонид Шкурченко
Вечного счастья тому человеку который запилил к Джеку русские сабы P.S. Можно где посмотреть к каким выпускам еще есть сабы?
SuperAdriantv 77
'SuperAdriantv 77' 2 months ago
'SnowStorm580' 2 months ago
8:50 -8:54 The ragdoll is doing the splits. Did anyone else see that or was that just me?
'SnowStorm580' 2 months ago
3:54 "Fuck him up" Oh Jack, you are funny. Your videos always make my day after school.
'Exelius' 2 months ago
oh man it's just like flakboy
Jane Cheshire
'Jane Cheshire' 2 months ago
how did he get that game? ive been trying to get it up for 7 hours now! were did he find it?
Diamonds & Stars
'Diamonds & Stars' 2 months ago
When jack had to hit the dummy with a jumper 5 times he did it and then it turned out to be 20 times 😂😂😂😋😋🥊
Peter Schalke
'Peter Schalke' 2 months ago
10:21 oh kom op that is dutch Jackyboy
'Camerog69' 2 months ago
he be dead
Scott Cox
'Scott Cox' 2 months ago
I mean 0.25
Scott Cox
'Scott Cox' 2 months ago
Jack press 0.20
Matthew Leonas
'Matthew Leonas' 2 months ago
jacksepticeye will not make a video on friday
iva labola
'iva labola' 2 months ago
thank you jack you cheared me up
aallii__ 711
'aallii__ 711' 2 months ago
صوته يخليك تقول احم احم
Epic HD
'Epic HD' 2 months ago
this used to be a browser game
Brent Kurtz
'Brent Kurtz' 2 months ago
I heard "Keep on-a dancing"
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