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MY TYPE OF GAME! | Happy Room #1 -
Published: 1 year ago By: jacksepticeye

By: jacksepticeyePublished: 1 year ago

4, 338, 844 views

123, 971 Likes   1, 208 Dislikes

This poor ragdoll man is yours to do with as you please! BLOW HIM UP in his Happy Room!

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Outro animation created by Cranbersher:

Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here

Jodie Botteron
'Jodie Botteron' 1 day ago
You do have saws😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
villain modz
'villain modz' 4 days ago
Like mutilate a doll 2
Stop hacking my account You hacker!!!!!!
Jack:Ewwww jack got a shiny new toy Me:A deldo??
jerry shaw
'jerry shaw' 7 days ago
yuniqu jaqu dogcio
Play PhD my purity hudge DEC*
yuniqu jaqu dogcio
TNTGamertt1122 Miel
Jack there is happy room on iOS device but on Android is happy room:robo
'Shylok' 1 week ago
>No one better at torture than Jack Shalashaska would like a word with you.
Electivoid Master
'Electivoid Master' 2 weeks ago
If anybody subs to me,leave a reply and I sub to you
Biohazard JFTS
'Biohazard JFTS' 2 weeks ago
When someone owes you money play this game.
Dark Wolf 559
'Dark Wolf 559' 2 weeks ago
This was great
Braeden Dewey
'Braeden Dewey' 2 weeks ago
Cece Froman
'Cece Froman' 2 weeks ago
You can make it faster or slower
Gracen Pierce
'Gracen Pierce' 2 weeks ago
Oooo Jack got shiny new toy crossbow
Conner Corcoran
'Conner Corcoran' 3 weeks ago
'TheBlazingDiamond' 3 weeks ago
Interactive Buddy is an awesome flash game. Play it, I dare you!
'hkbtsharp' 3 weeks ago
I instantly installed this game right after I watched this. Thank you Jack for making me smile every day! 🙂
'ROBLOX PLAYZ' 3 weeks ago
I remember why jack loves mines GTA video: Jack:STICKYBOMBS
Samuel Brill
'Samuel Brill' 3 weeks ago
That was my brother but I do not care he did not talk to me
DJ Jake
'DJ Jake' 3 weeks ago
When I play this HELL YEA
Joel YouTube
'Joel YouTube' 3 weeks ago
Be kid friendly jack
Miles Woest
'Miles Woest' 3 weeks ago
You have had too much coffees
Turbo Boost
'Turbo Boost' 4 weeks ago
He ground his granulers
Donavin Riter
'Donavin Riter' 4 weeks ago
816 he did the splits lol
Keiyore Smith
'Keiyore Smith' 4 weeks ago
your a idiot
Pink diamond
You play this too
adnan moughal
'adnan moughal' 4 weeks ago
theres something so satisfying about torturing people
Lucas Smerling
'Lucas Smerling' 4 weeks ago
Nightbomber541 11
'Nightbomber541 11' 4 weeks ago
I saw the weirdest ad ever for this thing called HQBabyLearn on this video
jaclyn gilbert
'jaclyn gilbert' 4 weeks ago
We love your videos
Snort the Alien
'Snort the Alien' 4 weeks ago
Dawn Brown
'Dawn Brown' 1 month ago
Jake your going to hit 19 million
Kalani Curtis
'Kalani Curtis' 1 month ago
Donald Trump sucks fart arse
Maksymilian Bomersbach
he'll turn into iron man in portle
'NoobieNexus' 1 month ago
sub 2 me
Pikachus Adventures
'Pikachus Adventures' 1 month ago
I play happy room too
Andrew Weir
'Andrew Weir' 1 month ago
Seems more like the mobile app, Stair Dismount.
'robstarGaming' 1 month ago
I know from the start i will love this series
Timothy Burgett
'Timothy Burgett' 1 month ago
Rip ragdoll January 7 2017 to January 7 2017
'QUADRAM 101' 1 month ago
When he says "Keep on dancing" who else wanted him to just burst out singing All The Way? 😂😂
Jahsir Altenor
'Jahsir Altenor' 1 month ago
you was on TV I know you from Disney XD
'Alti' 1 month ago
The saws looked like the septiceye
Kimberly Gonzalez
'Kimberly Gonzalez' 1 month ago
i lick that game its fun
Nina Hutch
'Nina Hutch' 1 month ago
play kick the buddy
Morgan Quearry
'Morgan Quearry' 1 month ago
Nah you have a bad day sing a good song to turn it around 😔🤩
Morgan Quearry
'Morgan Quearry' 1 month ago
Sooo osm
James Velasquez
'James Velasquez' 1 month ago
I.em. james. O. F**k
'JD_BLively' 2 months ago
“They don’t last pissin’ time!”~ Jacksepticeye, 2017.... I will always remember that Jack said this.
123 Randy
'123 Randy' 2 months ago
4:56 Jack is the next jigsaw killer ...
The mysterious masked Blader
Kick the buddy or despicable bear
Robloxiscancer 3
'Robloxiscancer 3' 2 months ago
How tf is his cursor so small???
Derek Harvey
'Derek Harvey' 2 months ago
5:09 the dummy is dabbing haha!
'Xx_GangtaGirl_xX' 2 months ago
Do anything with this... 16:36
itsuki sempai
'itsuki sempai' 2 months ago
Sabrina Myers
'Sabrina Myers' 2 months ago
Sabrina Myers
'Sabrina Myers' 2 months ago
I'm sick can you please tell me what to do?
The Animation Brothers
That mini-gun face though. *^*
mikko hansen
'mikko hansen' 2 months ago
Jennifer Stewart
'Jennifer Stewart' 2 months ago
'Memeulous' 2 months ago
Dimm Vargr
'Dimm Vargr' 2 months ago
Dimm Vargr
'Dimm Vargr' 2 months ago
With all those SAWS, I see a lot of YTP potential in this video.
Raven Terrey
'Raven Terrey' 2 months ago
every time jack says "happy wheels" its almost like..."happy hweels" THAT ACCENT...GOD I LOVE IT!!
bunny cat
'bunny cat' 2 months ago
I just watched one of your old videos... you sounded dead, you sounded very dead
'Jaysepticsoul' 2 months ago
Bruh, you all right? At 8:20 you weren’t lookin so hot........
A-10 Thunderbolt/Warthog
Trash can is clean FYI
'lokishadowgirl' 2 months ago
Jack is the sweetest, most adorable evil genius
Wolf fang 2018
'Wolf fang 2018' 2 months ago
I'm ordering a JACKSEPTICEYE t shirt for my b. Day it has wooly from wooly adventures jack and sam
Wolf fang 2018
'Wolf fang 2018' 2 months ago
I like this game 😊
Juan Bonilla
'Juan Bonilla' 2 months ago
I like when you said Lasers!nukes!Little tiny creatures!
Juan Bonilla
'Juan Bonilla' 2 months ago
You should eat some McDonald's
Anderson Cure
'Anderson Cure' 2 months ago
Maybe all you have to do is make and open box with the top gone under him so when he falls he’ll just stay in the box and keep getting points
'gamersdoenxxl' 2 months ago
Subtiteled, THE high five is whapash
Megan Crooks
'Megan Crooks' 2 months ago
is the game free?????????????????
panda bear
'panda bear' 2 months ago
I have this game
robert lippet
'robert lippet' 2 months ago
play buddyman kick
A Person Who cares
'A Person Who cares' 2 months ago
And I feel like this brings out the inner Anti (I’m sorry it’s like saying Voldemort) in our little angry bean
Erin Lewis
'Erin Lewis' 2 months ago
That's song sounds similar to Ratchet & Clank!
Sammy Gotcher
'Sammy Gotcher' 2 months ago
Your asome jack
Breckin Canaday
'Breckin Canaday' 2 months ago
you are the best
Owen Heggelund
'Owen Heggelund' 2 months ago
Not me. Am not number 8 in here
Amir E
'Amir E' 2 months ago
Jack play roblox
'TOUCANU' 2 months ago
The jumpers have limits
'TEM PATOES' 2 months ago
Just do what you were made to do that’s what jack said Me get fucked up
Cory Newton
'Cory Newton' 2 months ago
I saw a video that said be a dick to your friends...
LightningShockwave 2376
I like the portal reference
The Triggs
'The Triggs' 2 months ago
That's a lot a damage
Gerald Commons
'Gerald Commons' 3 months ago
fu jank
'tggplayz' 3 months ago
12:04 i almost felt that my balls hurt now
Seth Ringrose
'Seth Ringrose' 3 months ago
I don't know whether or not to feel bad for his neighbours or not
Miles Whitmore-Parr
'Miles Whitmore-Parr' 3 months ago
Steven Soulliere
'Steven Soulliere' 3 months ago
Waffle Mc.Unicorn
'Waffle Mc.Unicorn' 3 months ago
Let's name the dude... BILLY BOB!
Antoinette Martinez
'Antoinette Martinez' 3 months ago
It dont work fuck my internet
《 ĐåгkИäŢıøл 》
8:15 jackyboy:i dont have saws! me: what are talking about
'mix' 3 months ago
Lol 7:16
'warumdaaarum' 3 months ago
the rooms kinda look like they were from portal
Aaron Gutierrez
'Aaron Gutierrez' 3 months ago
He's sawed a penis
ItsYaBoi Ethan
'ItsYaBoi Ethan' 3 months ago
18:02 xD
Jiayi Mu
'Jiayi Mu' 3 months ago
you ask me how i know that? i played the game and i have to download it and i dont want is hard and >=C >=C >=C
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