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A series of Trump v Tillerson bust-ups - BBC News -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 2 weeks ago

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President Trump says "disagreements" led to his firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson – here's a look back at some of the most notable moments they failed to see eye to eye.

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Qui Nguyen
'Qui Nguyen' 5 days ago
Deep down, President Donald Trump is a brainy and brawny top gun, who will surely come out ahead Yes WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH. THE TOUGH GET GOING Respectfully submitted .
'busylifemeto' 1 week ago
Tillerson is too sensible for Dump
Massimiliano Saputo
Dardania Lion
'Dardania Lion' 1 week ago
It was wrong to elect Trump as the US president. America needs a better president who can be more serious about world and what shapes it. Trump on the other hand is like a comedian who don't really know anything about politics. Make America great again okay and that what it should be but Trump is just playing games with media. I'm not sure if he would be good if he's going to be elected again.
'FIRE' 1 week ago
Bbc needs to stop attacking our UK's ally
Thelonious M
'Thelonious M' 1 week ago
Rex: Free at last, free at last, free at last.
'MrFourkinghell' 1 week ago
Where are the social media boiler room stooges today?
Donald Trump, America's Boris Yeltzin
Trump ................... what Tillerson said.
hossain sakib
'hossain sakib' 1 week ago
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silverstar star
'silverstar star' 2 weeks ago
Yama Kazoo
'Yama Kazoo' 2 weeks ago
The leftist "brain".............. "Tillerson's nomination is proof of Russian collusion." "Tillerson's firing is proof of Russian collusion." Grade-A simpletons, every last one of them. You should be ashamed to be such dishonest cretins.
Rata 4U
'Rata 4U' 2 weeks ago
He got fired via twitter....what an insult. I don't feel sorry for him since he was a staffer.
Yo ski
'Yo ski' 2 weeks ago
swamp just got deeper as Pompeo takes over secretary of state
Nabu Smart
'Nabu Smart' 2 weeks ago
Tillerson and Hilary Clinton Bird with same feathers.Tillers fired berly 4hrs he lelf Nigeria. Donald Trump said it he can not do business with terrorist.
'DSherman50' 2 weeks ago
Trump is a prick.
Song Master
'Song Master' 2 weeks ago
BBC your news sucks and you suck. Censoring Youtube video's that attack you. Big Brother Corruption, BBC.
nouman habib
'nouman habib' 2 weeks ago
Trump fired Tillerson cause he was no more in his favor but in the favor of country.such a selfish and egoistic body Trump is...
'ALX ALX' 2 weeks ago
©™ ALX 🌍 Armed 🔫 Liberation ⛓ Xecutive 🕶 Observation ✍✍ Clearly if you're not a sycophant you're out at Trump's White House.
Crypto buzz
'Crypto buzz' 2 weeks ago
Israel must be really happy, now they can go to war with IRAN
Coeus 2.0
'Coeus 2.0' 2 weeks ago
Trump and Tillerson - you it reminds me of MacArthur/Truman or Patton/Eisenhower - just one has a much more aggressive/flamboyant style than the other ... I am sad to see Tilly go but Trump is still the man and he is doing amazing things for America and her people, and lets not forget Pompeo is no slouch .... so lets see how that works out. I like Trump's style if things are not working out he just gets rid of you .... that is the way it should be, nice and fast not much ceremony ....
David Schultz
'David Schultz' 2 weeks ago
Pornstar Pussy Grabbing Shithole Racist Retarded Russian Traitor is EVERYTHING ELSE but PRESIDENTIAL!! Shame, Embarrassment, Disgrace to the American Constitution! Impeach the SOB!
Mark Green
'Mark Green' 2 weeks ago
As soon as Trump realizes that one of his cabinet members is more intelligent than himself, he gets rid of them. Unfortunately, such a policy can only result in Rick Perry being the only original cabinet member remaining.
Jay Ali
'Jay Ali' 2 weeks ago
Trump is on his own mission!!
'SUB3ERO !!' 2 weeks ago
I think rex was trying to sort things out with north korea n iran by talking to them , and mr trump didnt like it
'nizicike' 2 weeks ago
people come people go.
'James' 2 weeks ago
Well the Americans voted for him. Any regrets? One thing is for sure. We need to stop this nonsense and ban billionaires to run for President. How many people are gone under Trump? Hes not that intelligent, has absolutely NO experience in politics. He's a business man. He knows how to make money. There's a lot more to being a president.Lastly and the most serious is Trump is a sociopath. I so fed up with sociopaths being in high places because they think they are god and get rid of everyone in their way! We are the problem because we allow people like this to succeed and get to very high places. It's dangerous!!! They take credit for other people's achievements and get rid of anyone that does not agree with them. Enough is enough America. You guys need to get your act together. You voted for Bush. The biggest nut of all. Now Trump. How many more are going to go because they do not agree with Trump? This guy is not a team player. You don't listen to others when you think you know it all. All I hear every day is Trump. He's loving it! I am hating it.
Blazed and Confused
'Blazed and Confused' 2 weeks ago
Any word on the women who got banned from the UK, BBC? I can't help but think that if they really were so evil they had to get banned, BBC would have done a video about it.
Tourniquet Now
'Tourniquet Now' 2 weeks ago
So bbc continues to cover up the thousands of Telford rapes by muslim grooming gangs for what reason? Do you despise innocent women?
joseph prosser
'joseph prosser' 2 weeks ago
It was alleged that Tillerson referred to Trump as a f*****g moron. Today Trump confirmed that he is a f*****g moron. Congratulations Mr Tillerson for your 100% accurate assessment.
Smug Man
'Smug Man' 2 weeks ago
Miele Rodriguez
'Miele Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
Excellent work President Trump. Shame on you Amber Rudd. Detaining Journalists. Amber Rudd is a disgrace this country. An anti free speech totalitarian. Political Islam is vile.
deshu k
'deshu k' 2 weeks ago
Stuart Gardner
'Stuart Gardner' 2 weeks ago
Those aren't bust ups wth?
'GuruChaz' 2 weeks ago
Trump made a big mistake in firing Rex Tillerson. Sounds like he needs a bunch of "yes men" chumps and Rex wasn't that. He goes through employees faster than a conveyor belt in a candy factory. So disappointed.
David Wilton
'David Wilton' 2 weeks ago
What about the massive abuse scandal in Telford concerning your favourite minority group BBC?
'MrFourkinghell' 2 weeks ago
Tilly was a Hilary sympathizer. Good decision Donnie.
David Wilton
'David Wilton' 2 weeks ago
Another BBC opinion piece pushing an agenda...There needs to be a serious talk in the UK about the publics obligation to fund this bollocks. Tic toc tic toc...
'01worldguy01' 2 weeks ago
the truth is Rex was not extremely happy to be the Sec of State in first place...anyway HE did a great job while using his world wide contacts from previous job at Exxon THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE SIR
'BIO LOGICAL' 2 weeks ago
Excellent. The government should be more like the restaurant business- high employee turnover rate. It'll dampen the smugness and keep them on their toes.
'blah' 2 weeks ago
Make America great again 😂😂😂
B.F freud
'B.F freud' 2 weeks ago
He got fired because he called trump a moron.
Gus Tziavelis
'Gus Tziavelis' 2 weeks ago
Reel 'em in, use 'em up, throw 'em out! It is the Trump® way.
'leapsplashafrog' 2 weeks ago
Like this is news ?! What about Si on ism ? What about 911? What about black water who run around dressed up as Isis? Who’s bombing Yemen? Where’s the news?
L Tonjohn
'L Tonjohn' 2 weeks ago
So if you listen carefully to Trump in this link (see end of my comment) where he is interviewed briefly shortly after firing Tillerson, he is saying he wants to be surrounded by sycophants who think exactly like he does and want exactly what he wants. Congress is all Republican too. Guess what type of leaders insist on that level of unquestioning devotion and nobody to help him be objective, self aware etc? Dictators. And another thing - Hitler did EXACTLY the same, so he could do and say exactly what he liked all the time with no boundaries.........
Rico Man
'Rico Man' 2 weeks ago
Peregrine Slim
'Peregrine Slim' 2 weeks ago
Trump's gearing up for a war of aggression against Iran.
Laurene Mkamanga
'Laurene Mkamanga' 2 weeks ago
Im form malawi...could u guys please comment and give me ur ideas on my blog
Billy McAuliffe
'Billy McAuliffe' 2 weeks ago
The ego is bigger than the man !!!
jeremy robinsonartist
Kind of sad that the leader of Exxon has been the voice of reason.
Ruben Stevens
'Ruben Stevens' 2 weeks ago
Ya thanking This was a bad deal on Trump part.
The Badman
'The Badman' 2 weeks ago
I just had a great big shit, wheres the left wingers? I'm gona force you to eat it before i beat you half to death.
Jimmy Carter
'Jimmy Carter' 2 weeks ago
Trump is treacherous just like standard jews!
Nero Sky
'Nero Sky'z' 2 weeks ago
Cold Fusion
'Cold Fusion' 2 weeks ago
rex couldn't blossom because some narcissist was holding him back
'sirprintalot' 2 weeks ago
If Trump can't coexist with his own goddamn Secretary of State, how is supposed to make a peaceful deal with Kim? Jesus christ get this man out of office.
Daniel Murphy
'Daniel Murphy' 2 weeks ago
President Trump's meeting with Kim Jong-un surely has to be a good thing. Obama was too soft, a snowflake. Even if it doesn't work out, at least Trump tried. If Hillary was in power, she would be looking a war and probably would have got it. Trump's a deal maker not a warmonger like the Clinton's and Bush's. He's the closest to the late great Ronnie Regan I've seen in my lifetime
My name is Jeff
'My name is Jeff' 2 weeks ago
Disagree with me and you're FIRED!
Jesse Davis
'Jesse Davis' 2 weeks ago
America is a shithole.
B Campos
'B Campos' 2 weeks ago
ex dee
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