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NEW The Best Vines of 2014 | The FUNNIEST Vines of The YEAR (OVER 1 HOUR) -
Published: 2 years ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 2 years ago

20, 281, 661 views

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The Best Vine Comedy Compilations!

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pablo ojeda
'pablo ojeda' 2 days ago
3:10 i ma dude 3:57 xD
'nuke018' 2 days ago
i hope marcus perez stopped fucking beatboxing every fucking song
'Warrior's Vids' 4 days ago
Why don't we take PORN and put it in VINE
'KWL' 5 days ago
2014 was the best year for vine 😔
David Uniack
'David Uniack' 5 days ago
spam fagssss
David Uniack
'David Uniack' 5 days ago
David Uniack
'David Uniack' 5 days ago
kys newfag
David Uniack
'David Uniack' 5 days ago
kys newfag
Oliver Nicholls
'Oliver Nicholls' 6 days ago
I died when he said imma fuck this pumpkin
Elsa Granvik
'Elsa Granvik' 1 week ago
Overused Clorox Bleach Joke
Back when vines were vines
My Name Jeff
'My Name Jeff' 2 weeks ago
RIP Prince.
Malinda Mitchell
'Malinda Mitchell' 2 weeks ago
dang black people trip about lotion I mean I'm half black and I don't trip when I am out of lotion lol
'kiddygamerz' 2 weeks ago
The reason dogs eat there own poop is cause there parents thought them because the used to live in the wild and predators can pick up that sent so they eat it so that won't get tracked
xbox nerd
'xbox nerd' 3 weeks ago
3 years latter like if your watching this in 2017!!
Cool gamer
'Cool gamer' 3 weeks ago
And I hate the people that complain about things when it's just a video fuck you
'Spork' 3 weeks ago
please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks the girl singing is really annoying
'Karina' 4 weeks ago
Literally watched this whole thing to see if the vlog squad made the cut
Theodor Bryhn-Bjølgreud
9:02 had me dying😂💀
The Questionable
'The Questionable' 4 weeks ago
Remeber when vines were good
Wickedconnor Does Games
'BladetheFox141' 4 weeks ago
Song at 30:27?
Faith Joplin
'Faith Joplin' 1 month ago
2014 was a much simpler time..
Jack Stork (TheSkullScraper)
anne maries sister is my dads friend
QueenLalalalalolllOllie 112
WHO DIED AT 1:15-1:20???!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂lol I couldn't breathe
'KoRnFreakFanGam3r' 1 month ago
need help finding a vine
'xEvolution2099x' 1 month ago
wats the song at 21:01
'xEvolution2099x' 1 month ago
whats the song at 17:19
'jolisa' 1 month ago
Vine was great back then in it's just sad and boring.
kill3r Girl245
'kill3r Girl245' 1 month ago
Fathima Kadz
'Fathima Kadz' 1 month ago
Vine closing down or people saying RIP cause its boring now?
Adorable Sans
'Adorable Sans' 2 months ago
song at 1:12:50 plz
Heather Bucknarish
'Heather Bucknarish' 2 months ago
Thots were happening in 2014? I only learned that a thot was a thing a few months ago. And didn't Meghan Trainor's song Lips are Movin' come out last year?
Fam Amethyst
'Fam Amethyst' 2 months ago
Please give a shoutout to my friend Tony Lisenko
Wah Doodle
'Wah Doodle' 2 months ago
When vine used to be good. #RipVine
'Wanderer2266' 2 months ago
since Brandon Bowen showed up in 2014, it could be called the beginning of the end. his vines were the worst
J Mckoy
'J Mckoy' 2 months ago
R.I.P Y'ALL WILL BE me through some of my worst days
Marie Peeters
'Marie Peeters' 2 months ago
Before concern range response get capability leave
H2O May Gaming / May Locket
11:07 song?
'FIRE KID VLOGS' 2 months ago
8:37 lol
pink juice
'pink juice' 2 months ago
who is watching this on november 23, 2016!!??
'Vinebomb' 2 months ago
2014 is best
Bakhita Mohammed
'Bakhita Mohammed' 2 months ago
12:29 what the song name??
'MONSTER 115' 2 months ago
i remember watching this back then when i first got into vine and made an account gonna miss vine a peice of me gone
Sophea Mcclaire
'Sophea Mcclaire' 2 months ago
Someone help me whats the name of the song at 49:03? Please i hate it when i used to recognize the beat but cant fcking remember the title
'TheWolfie234' 2 months ago
song at 33:43
Ben Vogt
'Ben Vogt' 2 months ago
Her CEO bear rwhvre immediately rage
Bearded Galaxy
'Bearded Galaxy' 2 months ago
Song at 2:49
Armanjot Bajwa
'Armanjot Bajwa' 2 months ago
the dog at 0:34 looks like Scrat from ice age'
'Xxnutella4lifexX' 2 months ago
Song at 6:07 please (;
Maddie Line
'Maddie Line' 2 months ago
song at 1:08?
Chaoz GMD
'Chaoz GMD' 3 months ago
Song at 22:48?
Nassa Boss
'Nassa Boss' 3 months ago
who else here because vine is being shut down?
none none
'none none' 3 months ago
RIP vine i wont ever forget the memories you gave me freshman year
Kawaii Queen
'Kawaii Queen' 3 months ago
Justina Wassillie
'Justina Wassillie' 3 months ago
Tmya Ewing
'Tmya Ewing' 3 months ago
20:30 she's lit
Tmya Ewing
'Tmya Ewing' 3 months ago
19:15 what the heck
Tmya Ewing
'Tmya Ewing' 3 months ago
18:20 aye there's skrillex
X oxo X
'X oxo X' 3 months ago
Kubra Diamond
'Kubra Diamond' 3 months ago
Who things " Wtf I'm not the only one here who knows Kpop"😂😂
Marvel Kitty
'Marvel Kitty' 3 months ago
Anybody else miss when vine was just a stupid app where we would laugh at original jokes?...good times...😔
Joshua Talosaga
'Joshua Talosaga' 3 months ago
9:34 = Best relatable shit <3
Anthony freitas
'Anthony freitas' 3 months ago
Zibh swc ihwdcjocadhbjoehwfnuohrfbuybygvyg yg dcegh d hbcedugbedgubuh 🤗
some guy
'some guy' 3 months ago
Song at 45:21?
Kurtdaniel Cacho
'Kurtdaniel Cacho' 3 months ago
Kena Kiruri
'Kena Kiruri' 3 months ago
Song 1:13
leomeck 32
'leomeck 32' 3 months ago
song of 1:30 plissss
Olivia 1D
'Olivia 1D' 3 months ago
when vines used to be funny
Free! Titan Butler Ghoul Note
Hamilton Lover
'Hamilton Lover' 3 months ago
2014 is when all the good viners got to together and made bombass vines or some viners only posted in 2014... such a golden year
Jonathan Bar
'Jonathan Bar' 3 months ago
also #ripprince
Jonathan Bar
'Jonathan Bar' 3 months ago
2016 squad
'ArchieJRichards' 3 months ago
I remember when these came out, 2014
Badwolf 645
'Badwolf 645' 3 months ago
I like reggies one
Alvaro Navarro
'Alvaro Navarro' 3 months ago
Living leap appearance nuadpu secretary vote.
disco prism6720
'disco prism6720' 4 months ago
what's the song at 50:40
Trevor Zeiner
'Trevor Zeiner' 4 months ago
1:14:05 is an amazing impression
Shark Killer !
'Shark Killer !' 4 months ago
My dad told me that I can continue YouTube only if I get a 100 subscribers !!...pls help !!
'Loveful' 4 months ago
What dance at 1:33 ?
'SHINeePINee' 4 months ago
Who else freaked out when they saw SHINee?
'Benjamin' 4 months ago
ok I was searching for more than 2 hours anyone can say me the Name of the song at 45:17 ? Pleaaaase?
Myzlovey boo
'Myzlovey boo' 4 months ago
song at 26:05
Carmin Patino
'Carmin Patino' 4 months ago
not that funny your cumpany is going to get firerd😞🖕
Olivia Turner
'Olivia Turner' 4 months ago
song at 53:25
GLaDOS Portal
'GLaDOS Portal' 4 months ago
cool ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Zach Warner
'Zach Warner' 4 months ago
song at 51:42?
Alex Henderson
'Alex Henderson' 4 months ago
Back when Vines were Good
Jessica Jones
'Jessica Jones' 4 months ago
tv commercials gon wrong. . . i love the song thats playing in tha background! !
'R.E.' 4 months ago
2016 vines sucks.
Mr. Yajiro
'Mr. Yajiro' 4 months ago
Evan breen most boring viner😂😂
Kemille Vieira
'Kemille Vieira' 4 months ago
zer0 95
'zer0 95' 4 months ago
1:14 we're outta lotion yo
XxJords AirxX
'XxJords AirxX' 4 months ago
Song at 12:31 anyone
Myzlovey boo
'Myzlovey boo' 4 months ago
song at 26:10 anyone pls?😣😭
Mack Track
'Mack Track' 4 months ago
'ThoodyNG' 4 months ago
Is it just me or the vines of 2014 is better than 2016
'DogeGod' 5 months ago
17:20 vine name????
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