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NEW The Best Vines of 2014 | The FUNNIEST Vines of The YEAR (OVER 1 HOUR) -
Published: 2 years ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 2 years ago

20, 411, 584 views

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Andre Brooks
'Andre Brooks' 5 days ago
Christian looks like and sounds like Carlos from BTR
Nick Bustamante
'Nick Bustamante' 6 days ago
who only knows Megan macarthy and Thomas sanders
Kennzie 123
'Kennzie 123' 6 days ago
black people started wearing there pants down low white people called it saggin whats saggin backwards. 😮 sneaky white people !
'Thorwey' 1 week ago
Dafuq just happened to that dog at 0:31
'Nitro' 1 week ago
whats the song at 1:24:23
Roxas The 13th Member
Zen Is Bae
'Zen Is Bae' 2 weeks ago
rip vines :'D
'ReaperBM' 2 weeks ago
2:51 Drose is hot af 🔥
rusty potatoes
'rusty potatoes' 2 weeks ago
Fallout Ace
'Fallout Ace' 2 weeks ago
Tfw it's April 2017
Séarlait Kelleher
'Séarlait Kelleher' 3 weeks ago
oh ma goiii
IJah Beats
'IJah Beats' 3 weeks ago
38:03 Ain't that the same guy from Purple Lamborghini video?
shahina sharma
'shahina sharma' 3 weeks ago
that's just stupid nothings funny. lele pons the best
Andrew Mittelstadt
'Andrew Mittelstadt' 3 weeks ago
what's the song at 20:40? pls halp
Noah Friedman
'Noah Friedman' 4 weeks ago
Who is thinking R.I.P. right now
Sam Tootell
'Sam Tootell' 4 weeks ago
What's th song at 1:09:43
Serenity Neepin
'Serenity Neepin' 4 weeks ago
There's a Winnipeg jets in the background 11 go jets go Winnipeg is home
Nathan Smyth
'Nathan Smyth' 1 month ago
I like king Bach
'amadrunner' 1 month ago
Who else lost their shit at the instant pregananant vine?
'TheRedBettle' 1 month ago
Slight Gamer
'Slight Gamer' 1 month ago
37:24 nigga broke the wall 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Erik Weiss
'Erik Weiss' 1 month ago
I wonder if Brittlestar hates Nickelback as much as I hate his vines. Hey, at least Nickelback is still making music. R.I.P. Vine
Erik Weiss
'Erik Weiss' 1 month ago
Wow! That dog can lean up against walls!!
Anthony Vargas
'Anthony Vargas' 2 months ago
Song at 10:09
LolaTaemin KawaiiChanA.r.m.y
Neala Patrick
'Neala Patrick' 2 months ago
Rip Vine
let’s Dream
'let’s Dream' 2 months ago
For me(and many people ) kpop is life and BTS (boy band) are the best
Chase Clayton
'Chase Clayton' 2 months ago
Guys I am a small channel that is looking to grow bigger. I make Destiny videos and would love anyone's support! :) <3
chucky the killer
'chucky the killer' 2 months ago
Omg the memories when vine wasnt dead i miss this i hipe it goes like this again
'Allez' 2 months ago
12:03 song please ! :D
The Crew In Blue
'The Crew In Blue' 2 months ago
song at 42:11??
Yukio Okumura
'Yukio Okumura' 2 months ago
This came out on my 10th birthday!
Patricia Rocha
'Patricia Rocha' 2 months ago
when vine was good😂
Mildly Interesting
'Mildly Interesting' 2 months ago
which music is at 1:33:19 ?
Dmitry Fous17
'Dmitry Fous17' 2 months ago
Pls say track name on 1:29:10
Mark Lott
'Mark Lott' 3 months ago
Gomexx HD
'Gomexx HD' 3 months ago
'nepo' 3 months ago
the good old days
Andriy Reshetun
'Andriy Reshetun' 3 months ago
Andriy Reshetun
'Andriy Reshetun' 3 months ago
Identtikitt /
'Identtikitt /' 3 months ago
lol my nama jeff
Joshua Gutierrez
'Joshua Gutierrez' 3 months ago
2014 was one of the best years for vine and music I'm gunna miss vine it brings back memories and advanced warfare......oh jeez
J J Love Jr
'J J Love Jr' 3 months ago
who is watching this in 2017
Ben Jesus
'Ben Jesus' 3 months ago
2017 anyone
'SuPrEmE' 3 months ago
RIP Vine...Good old Times....
Cantaloupe Daddy
'Cantaloupe Daddy' 3 months ago
Unless u got fun hun omg look at her heart 😂😂😂THE WAY SHE SAYS HEART IDKY IT KILLS ME😂😂
Lazy Tab
'Lazy Tab' 3 months ago
"the how Chicago is" Is rlly right.
pablo ojeda
'pablo ojeda' 3 months ago
3:10 i ma dude 3:57 xD
'nuke018' 3 months ago
i hope marcus perez stopped fucking beatboxing every fucking song
'Warrior's Vids' 3 months ago
Why don't we take PORN and put it in VINE
'KWL' 3 months ago
2014 was the best year for vine 😔
David Uniack
'David Uniack' 3 months ago
spam fagssss
David Uniack
'David Uniack' 3 months ago
David Uniack
'David Uniack' 3 months ago
kys newfag
David Uniack
'David Uniack' 3 months ago
kys newfag
Oliver Nicholls
'Oliver Nicholls' 3 months ago
I died when he said imma fuck this pumpkin
Elsa Granvik
'Elsa Granvik' 3 months ago
Overused Clorox Bleach Joke
Back when vines were vines
Malinda Mitchell
'Malinda Mitchell' 4 months ago
dang black people trip about lotion I mean I'm half black and I don't trip when I am out of lotion lol
xbox nerd
'xbox nerd' 4 months ago
3 years latter like if your watching this in 2017!!
Cool gamer
'Cool gamer' 4 months ago
And I hate the people that complain about things when it's just a video fuck you
'Spork' 4 months ago
please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks the girl singing is really annoying
'Karina' 4 months ago
Literally watched this whole thing to see if the vlog squad made the cut
Theodor Bryhn-Bjølgreud
9:02 had me dying😂💀
The Questionable
'The Questionable' 4 months ago
Remeber when vines were good
Wickedconnor Does Games
'BladetheFox141' 4 months ago
Song at 30:27?
Faith Joplin
'Faith Joplin' 4 months ago
2014 was a much simpler time..
'SKULL SCRAPER' 4 months ago
anne maries sister is my dads friend
QueenLalalalalolllOllie 112
WHO DIED AT 1:15-1:20???!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂lol I couldn't breathe
'KoRnFreakFanGam3r' 4 months ago
need help finding a vine
'xEvolution2099x' 4 months ago
wats the song at 21:01
'xEvolution2099x' 5 months ago
whats the song at 17:19
'jolisa' 5 months ago
Vine was great back then in it's just sad and boring.
kill3r Girl245
'kill3r Girl245' 5 months ago
Fathima Kadz
'Fathima Kadz' 5 months ago
Vine closing down or people saying RIP cause its boring now?
Adorable Sans
'Adorable Sans' 5 months ago
song at 1:12:50 plz
Heather Bucknarish
'Heather Bucknarish' 5 months ago
Thots were happening in 2014? I only learned that a thot was a thing a few months ago. And didn't Meghan Trainor's song Lips are Movin' come out last year?
Amethyst Apex
'Amethyst Apex' 5 months ago
Please give a shoutout to my friend Tony Lisenko
Wah Doodle
'Wah Doodle' 5 months ago
When vine used to be good. #RipVine
'Wanderer2266' 5 months ago
since Brandon Bowen showed up in 2014, it could be called the beginning of the end. his vines were the worst
J Mckoy
'J Mckoy' 5 months ago
R.I.P Y'ALL WILL BE me through some of my worst days
Marie Peeters
'Marie Peeters' 5 months ago
Before concern range response get capability leave
H2O May Gaming / May Locket
11:07 song?
'FIRE KID VLOGS' 5 months ago
8:37 lol
madison_ 101
'madison_ 101' 5 months ago
who is watching this on november 23, 2016!!??
'Vinebomb' 5 months ago
2014 is best
Bakhita Mohammed
'Bakhita Mohammed' 5 months ago
12:29 what the song name??
'MONSTER 115' 5 months ago
i remember watching this back then when i first got into vine and made an account gonna miss vine a peice of me gone
Sophea Mcclaire
'Sophea Mcclaire' 6 months ago
Someone help me whats the name of the song at 49:03? Please i hate it when i used to recognize the beat but cant fcking remember the title
'TheWolfie234' 6 months ago
song at 33:43
Bearded Galaxy
'Bearded Galaxy' 6 months ago
Song at 2:49
Armanjot Bajwa
'Armanjot Bajwa' 6 months ago
the dog at 0:34 looks like Scrat from ice age'
'Xxnutella4lifexX' 6 months ago
Song at 6:07 please (;
Maddie Line
'Maddie Line' 6 months ago
song at 1:08?
[GMD] Chaoz
'[GMD] Chaoz' 6 months ago
Song at 22:48?
Nassa Boss
'Nassa Boss' 6 months ago
who else here because vine is being shut down?
none none
'none none' 6 months ago
RIP vine i wont ever forget the memories you gave me freshman year
Kawaii Queen
'Kawaii Queen' 6 months ago
Tmya Ewing
'Tmya Ewing' 6 months ago
20:30 she's lit
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