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Haram Relationships & Marriage -
Published: 2 years ago By: MercifulServant

By: MercifulServantPublished: 2 years ago

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Ms Curious
'Ms Curious' 14 hours ago
I let my dad choose for me 😊
Anisfatima Khan
'Anisfatima Khan' 1 day ago
God meaning Allah
Anisfatima Khan
'Anisfatima Khan' 1 day ago
Tell about soulmate that god made for us the true life partner the true soul partner the original one who never leave use
Ayesha Farooq
'Ayesha Farooq' 2 days ago
Well my dad wants me to get to married to my cousin so we keep the family "connected " apparently and won't take no for an answer this is culture! Ruining people's lives
yasmin namaz
'yasmin namaz' 3 days ago
but twilight is not a haram movie because they only got intimate after marrige and I loved it. Because one should not do that before marrige. I totly agree with you.
أبو جعفر
'أبو جعفر' 3 days ago
Im a catholic in my papers but a muslim in my heart
Marhaba Mohammed Salim
I’m still confused shouldn’t once the father give permission the girl and the guy like have a quick chat then be up to the girls permission
fatma Knew
'fatma Knew' 6 days ago
Omg this is so insprieing to me
'WardetAlsalam' 6 days ago
Islam gives you the choice to pick your: try not to lose that right while respecting your parents.
Mika L
'Mika L' 1 week ago
This is nonsense....
aissata diallo
'aissata diallo' 1 week ago
Salam Aleykoun Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh. How am I supposed to do if my father refuses somebody tht wants ro marry but for the wrong reasons. My father will try to marry with someone I don't want, not wisely chosen but for a cultural purpose.. That is why my father and my mother don't follow the Quran about marriage, for them it is about culture and other things notbased on our religion. That is why I do not know how I will deal with marriage in the future, because I am definitely not marrying someone choosed by my parents. Plus they forced my big sister into mariage when she was sixteen, she was raped violated... Since I know this and other sins they commited I don't have a good relationship with my parents, I cannot even look at them in their eyes, I sometimes act bitter with them and I don't know what to do.
Lëemã M
'Lëemã M' 1 week ago
I have a question. So after the boy has shown interest in the girl and asked her father and they begin to talk, meet etc but later find they are not suitable. I assume this is Ok? But what if the same thing happens many times. In another view you could say this is a bit like dating but with the father's consent? For example, the girl may find a suitable husband after talking and meeting at least 5 guys? I just want to understand how flexible you can be as a parent the halal way. Thanks
aqsa khan
'aqsa khan' 2 weeks ago
beautifull voice bro attracting voice Subhanallah. true words keep it up can i see the face of this person???
Joe Macias
'Joe Macias' 2 weeks ago
Sisters, let Allah do the work and if a guy gets in your path thanks to Allah, and this guy wants you seriously, and talks about marriage, then no need to go to the father. Be free as a couple, inshallah.
Pashto Girl
'Pashto Girl' 2 weeks ago
my father has passed away :'(
'M H' 2 weeks ago
I will surely show this to my friends.
bouaamama oumayma
'bouaamama oumayma' 2 weeks ago
Omg so true!!!!!
Pal Kaposi
'Pal Kaposi' 2 weeks ago
dating is natural selection reinvented if you shy away it means you are weak
MRB Dhaka
'MRB Dhaka' 2 weeks ago
Ashique Chachu
'Ashique Chachu' 3 weeks ago
my father fixed marrage without my am marrage...i can't this life becouse am 20 am not complete my education my i fell happy is gonenow i dipration..i hope&know we close to allah..allah much more love you... but i know marrage before love is not tru love thats only lust...marrage before love is fake love.. inamal usriusa pha innamal usriusra... love my allah(s)i like islamic rules obey i try my best
zakariya ali
'zakariya ali' 3 weeks ago
Tolga Kuyubasi
'Tolga Kuyubasi' 3 weeks ago
I had a tongue kiss with my indonesia girlfriend, and it was puuuuure love! 💏, and then, right after the kiss... I will never forget this day. 😳😵. You all dont know what true love is, and oh my god!!!, how you dont know it!. 💕😌💕. Lust...such a bullshit. 😏 I do, what my higher self wants to do, if you let things happen, and feel free with it, you will open like a flower, and flowers dont open, with chains of rules, they need also love 🌿🌺🌿.
syed rehman
'syed rehman' 3 weeks ago
i need to know who is the speaker in this video
ashfak islam
'ashfak islam' 3 weeks ago
I also told the same to my interviewer.I mean how could he know my capabilities without letting me work.?😟😟
Hannah Bishop
'Hannah Bishop' 3 weeks ago
Ya allah open the doors for marriage for me
'BlitzedPig' 3 weeks ago
So I married my wife 3 months after I met her and 20 years later we are still as 1. Was this Haram?
Arong imchen
'Arong imchen' 3 weeks ago
I am Non muslim but happily married to muslim woman. :)
Zineddine Belgaid
'Zineddine Belgaid' 3 weeks ago
Almas Kirkire
'Almas Kirkire' 4 weeks ago
Subha allah
seman abdishakur
'seman abdishakur' 4 weeks ago
Personally i don't like dowry, incest, forced marriage, marriage without getting to know the person and alot of other things that either religion or "culture" prohibits in the muslim community. I'm a somali muslim and my mom wants me to marry a somali guy and as stupid as it may sound or rude i don't. I dont mind dating any other race but for some reason when i see a somali guy of any age or personality i think of them as family, i swear to you i cant help it and because i'm also a big hater of incest i don't want to marry them. And i don't believe that dates and get together's will make a couple "get to know each other" i believe starting with friendship will be the best first choice because you know how they act and who they are by being cool with each other. And i also strongly believe that muslims should marry muslims because if you two get married and have a child what religion must the child follow the mothers religion or the fathers yea just what i feel like a relationship should be like
Cartoon Tv
'Cartoon Tv' 4 weeks ago
Our Parent and society don't understand of their youth. they make the marriage so difficult than forbidden relationship. what should be done for the changes ???
Faridzna Ibrahim
'Faridzna Ibrahim' 4 weeks ago
margaret mwaramu
'margaret mwaramu' 4 weeks ago
Ameen insha'Allah
'MOoUmQ' 1 month ago
Really I guess the objective is to marry someone for who they are truly Not after they spent so much time working on a deception that won't last long Be true Be you Cause a failed marriage in turn will only cause harm Especially if children are involved I know cause my parents divorced already My mother goes out a lot And my dad doesn't They both suffer They don't have anyone long-term And I've been confused about on what a healthy relationship is for awhile
smasher 71
'smasher 71' 1 month ago
Why the males are dominant in Islam? Why they can divorce by saying the word talakh three times? Why they can have 4 wives?
rabbaniyah 10
'rabbaniyah 10' 1 month ago
want to know his/her character? be his/her friend
Lutfun Nessa
'Lutfun Nessa' 1 month ago
Lucas Dollar
'Lucas Dollar' 1 month ago
I love a religion that tells people they don't know what love is.Truly inspiring 11/10 would convert.
Sumaya Paruk
'Sumaya Paruk' 1 month ago
Allah put us on this earth, not to fall in love with the mere creation, but to prove our love for him, I don’t believe in any love...besides the love that my allah has for me, because that’s the only true love there is and will ever be. And if i am to marry in the future, it will only be for the pleasure of my allah, by completing the sunnah. When you do something for the pleasure of Allah, it will prosper...but if you do something that displeases Allah, then how do you expect that to last? For allah is the controller of everything. May he give us all hidayat ameen.
'ASIM TALHA' 1 month ago
Whoever makes this fleeting life his purpose and aim is in fact in Hell even if apparently in Paradise. And whoever is turned in all seriousness towards eternal life receives the happiness of both worlds. However difficult and distressing this world is for him, since he sees it as the waiting-room for Paradise, he endures it and offers thanks in patience. O God! Appoint us among the people of happiness, safety, the Qur’an, and belief. Amen. O God! Grant peace and blessings to our Master Muhammad, and to his Family and Companions, to the number of all the letters of the Qur’an formed in all its words, represented with the permission of the Most Merciful One in the mirrors of the air waves on the recital of each of those words by all the Qur’an’s reciters from its first revelation to the end of time, and have mercy on us and on our parents, and have mercy on all believing men and women to the number of those words, through Your mercy, O Most Merciful of the Merciful. Amen. And all praise be to God, the Sustainer of All the Worlds. From The Risale-i Nur Collection
Be Strong and Take Heart The Lord is with You
Let's get a few things straight about how America works. There is a separation of Church and State. That means the Politics of America have no religion as a power structure. The Catholics in Italy long ago showed the folly in that. Muslim countries show the folly in that. If you loved Sharia Law you would not be in America. People are leaving Muslim countries to flee Sharia Law...we are talking about the "Real" Sharia Law...not the pick and choose laws you Muslims get to enjoy in America because you are free to pick and choose. Now on to women's coverings. I don't give a bit about how you dress. But if I can't see your face...1) I can't see who you are..2) I can't see your expressions while you speak...this does nothing to improve trust in what you are saying. 3) Safety of people around...I wouldn't have a conversation with, eat in a restaurant with or shop in a store where a man was wearing a ski mask. Even if he said he was a nice guy...human beings need to see each other, your choice to wear what covers your face is entirely up to you. Just don't try to force us to give you jobs that way. We don't even know if you are really a woman under it. America was built on Christian Values...that was to love Everyone. We are not a Christian Country in the way Muslim Countries are. We have all religions in all facets of our everyday life. If you can't blend into the pot to make a more delicious soup...don't get upset if you are not welcomed into the recipe. Thanks and may Jesus our Lord bless you all.
Ansari bhai
'Ansari bhai' 1 month ago
Plz convert in urdu
Amer Gill
'Amer Gill' 2 months ago
Alarmist,counter-intuitive,generalized,simplistic,damaging bullshit.Islam is a religion of perfection,but it is put in the hands of imperfect humans.Generalization,tunnel vision,hard line interpretation and sheer ignorance are the real enemies of Islam,not the West.
Farin Sabrina Mahjabin
amazin mashallah
Shaista Shazz
'Shaista Shazz' 2 months ago
I love pizza Video
'I love pizza Video' 2 months ago
Omg I have tons of questions
'TOP ENJOY' 2 months ago
Lucifer!!!!! devil!!!!!!!!
couldn't watch the whole video
Mariam Hussain
'Mariam Hussain' 2 months ago
I don't trust my parents finding me the perfect guy.. the type of guy I find material husband my parents donesnt think he's the right guy.. so thankfully my parents never come to me with purposal, they prefer me to find and bring him home for marriage intentions... funny thing is people told me the type of guy I like only exist in movies and that I'm too picky with Higher standards... I don't think myself too picky, we all have preferences and mine happened to me little different....
'Hammoud' 2 months ago
What is the background nasheed.
Mn On
'Mn On' 2 months ago
I have no parents to ask to find me a wife, I'm a revert (6 months) I keep to myself so no Muslim friends. Where do I go, who do I ask to find a sister to marry? I've contacted some local masjid and hard to speak to the imams as they don't stick around, so hard to talk to them.
Nabila Sadiqzad
'Nabila Sadiqzad' 2 months ago
Thank u so much for the nice video I really needed
soniya khan
'soniya khan' 2 months ago
Now days parents not even ask what them kids want they decide to get her married not even letting her know that parents decide to married them daughter 😨
True Believer
'True Believer' 2 months ago
What is the name of the video editor used in this video
Zam Zam
'Zam Zam' 2 months ago
The Day of Al Hussein, the ulceration of our eyelids and the tears of our tears and humiliation of our dear .    ان يوم الحسين اقرح جفوننا واسبل دموعنا واذل عزيزنا
'OrangeGamingYT' 2 months ago
i am muslim i am born in malaysia malaysia is a best country that lot of people do visit malaysia is a muslim country #Merdeka
bushra shams
'bushra shams' 2 months ago
May allah blessed you.we want more videos make ourself aware of what is right for us....
Rasty thefirebender
'Rasty thefirebender' 2 months ago
Lol so true
Charbel M
'Charbel M' 2 months ago
Im a christian but I LOVE islam❤❤❤
World Of Khan
'World Of Khan' 2 months ago
Every haram relationship I was in. I regretted it. Bcs the person looked good from outside but wasn't a good person. May allah help me. And please pray for me to find my janat
Akash Rahaman
'Akash Rahaman' 2 months ago
Insha Allah
sky driver
'sky driver' 2 months ago
My mom who is currently a Christian is dating a Muslim man and recently she told me that she plans to revert to Islam soon and they will be getting married soon after that. He is not asking her to do it and she is doing that by choice and he is not very traditional anyways but he does practice. That would put me in a strange situation as I will be the only non-Muslim in the house, especially if they have kids who would be raised as Muslims. What do you think that would be like and do you expect any issues arising? Any advice?
محمد جمال
'محمد جمال' 2 months ago
I want to translate Arabic because I do not understand the English language well and greetings to you from Egypt channel😘😘
Sabeer V
'Sabeer V' 2 months ago
2: 187. *It is allowed to you to have intercourse with your women on the night of the fasting: they are the garments for you and you are the* *garments for them. Indeed, Lord Allah knows you were deceiving against your souls, therefore, now onwards He has relented towards you and pardoned you. Therefore, now onwards you intercourse with them, and you seek what Allah has prescribed for you*. *And you eat and drink until you can* *distinguish the white thread from the black thread from the day break; then you* *complete the fasting into the night,and you should not mingle with women while you are secluded at your* *meditation in the Masjid. Such are Allah’s limits, and so, you don’t attempt to aggress them. Thus, Lord Allah explains His verses to the mankind in order that they may become heedful* The verse teaches that the intercourse between the spouses are allowed in the night of fasting days just like drinking and eating are allowed. It is told in the verse 24: 58 that before day break, afternoon while you doff your clothes and at night are the 3 times allowed for nakedness”. Prophet told: Whoever looked the vagina of a woman, her mother and daughter are prohibited for him”. The logic of this teaching is that man by looking into the sexual organ of his wife should understand the fact that all ladies are having similar organs as that of his wife’s, and he should avoid looking or thinking of others sexual organs. *But today Muslims who read these verses by avoiding Adhikr –the Insight—are seeing the sexual organs of different males and females by their hearts, and are getting recorded in their Recording Book fastened around their neck as told in the verses 17: 13-14; 18: 49; 23: 62-64 and 45: 28-29.* In these Last Days, the bachelor and spinster believers should accept the virgin Maryam (the mother of Jesus) as the role model, while the married believers should accept Asiya (the woman of Pharaoh) as the role model as mentioned in the verses 66: 11-12. See the explanation 2: 9-12, 144 and 169. visit
fancy xl
'fancy xl' 2 months ago
I don't know exactly why, but this lecture made me teared. Could be the inspirational speech or maybe my anxieties are attacking. But then , I'm just listening and tearing up.
Sada Sada
'Sada Sada' 2 months ago
when he says ''sisters'' it sooths me....but parents sometimes dont care about the choice of their daughters.....they hand over them to anyone whome they haven't even understood properly....
Mujakkir Lahin
'Mujakkir Lahin' 3 months ago
In sha allah. I will be a good husband!
'll' 3 months ago
Just saying that not all girls think like that
koko Khan
'koko Khan' 3 months ago
Islam is the one of the most beautiful religion in the world
koko Khan
'koko Khan' 3 months ago
Umar Faruk
'Umar Faruk' 3 months ago
i have a question sir ...that i know mrg is necessary and important step to reduce haram relationship ..but i am a girl how can i talk with my parents that i want to marry how our society its not good if daughter say that she wants to marry ...
Lee Mia
'Lee Mia' 3 months ago
I'm an Armenian and I think you are totally right!!!! Things are made this way in our culture. That's the right way. Those who were killing themselves for a mazafaka now want to get rid of him but they can't cuz they have kids in between.... God keep away from that experience.
Luna Blooma
'Luna Blooma' 3 months ago
I'm gay because everyone in my school is a girl like me but no boys so that's why I'm gay but I must not be gay but why I'm with girls where is the boys this is so stupid
'officialadamdee' 3 months ago
What if she has no parents and is an orphan? 😔
shatha hindawi
'shatha hindawi' 3 months ago
I don't really understand, you are asking me to marry someone I have never met or talked to and I don't know anything about and never experienced anything with and just go and marry him and be with him in the same house how can I do that? When you meet someone you need time to get to know them and time to trust them and then they became your friend and all of sudden after years you discover they are not good and those people are just friends, you can leave them easly but if I'm married and I discovered that he is not good I will be divorced and believe me a divorced women is nothing in my society or I will be stuck with someone I don't love.
merciful servant
'merciful servant' 3 months ago
like - a good day subscribe - i will pray for you just comment what to pray for in my videos ignore - i will feel bad but no negative thing love u too
Auisa Maui
'Auisa Maui' 3 months ago
To be really honest, I'm so done with the mere idea of marrying and 'love' bs. I'll probably live my life alone and love it that way. What's the point of all the drama when you're going to die alone and all these lustful relations are for this life only? My husband won't answer the questions I'll be asked in my grave nor will he be any help as soon as I stop breathing when it comes to the Day of Judgement and the afterlife or the trails of the grave.
Ahmed Mohamed
'Ahmed Mohamed' 3 months ago
A.a guys,please i want the name of this shiekh
yousaf shah
'yousaf shah' 3 months ago
I can do anything can marry any girl which my parents wants to and i dont believe in LOVE before marriage in this fake world with fake relationships and wanna say to our muslim youth must raise your standard must study Islam we have golden history we have heroes like Sultan Ayuubi. May Allah bless us with pure minds strong beliefs and halal relationships.
Fatima Khan
'Fatima Khan' 3 months ago
I don't mind marrying a revert Muslim,but at least that guy should go through my father first instead of going through me.
asiya samreen
'asiya samreen' 3 months ago
I love someone but I don't want to run away....I want to marry him and he too.....can I tell my parents directly??. .Is it okay to do so
Maki Shoujo
'Maki Shoujo' 3 months ago
The "twilight saga" part got me!😂😂😂 mashallah brother keep going!
Joan Lynch
'Joan Lynch' 3 months ago
It is true that western culture teaches you to get to know someone before you marry them. This way you know for sure if you really love and care about someone and also their family as well. It seems a shame to jump into marriage when you have not gotten to know them well. And by the way, there are no guarentees.
Lenie Velasquez
'Lenie Velasquez' 3 months ago
please help me advice me
Sabaad xayaad
'Sabaad xayaad' 3 months ago
I agreeeeeeee 100% but lol I'm not the kinda of girl who can keep her mouth shut if I like a guy I tell my dad right away and we discuss about him lol when ask me do you wanna marry him I always say no because I don't
Someia Eljomaa
'Someia Eljomaa' 4 months ago
Mashallah tabarakallah this video helped me so much i Hope inshallah Allah Grant Us a Good life as better muslime💕💕😊😊
Siti Husna
'Siti Husna' 4 months ago
When "Halal is easy, Haram is Hard" and "Halal is hard, Haram is easy" which people prefer?
Mehmet 1923
'Mehmet 1923' 4 months ago
All of you who think that this video is about Letting the father do the work, then you don't get the point of the video. What he is saying in general that if you like someone just approach the family and let them know you want to marry their daughter, rather than meeting in private and hanging out secretly which leads to the wrong things. Also the father cant force any women to marry a man if she doesn't like, there is also a Hadith on that. So guys don't think one sided it's just a short msg that the guy is saying in the video, all he is saying let everyone know if you like the girl rather than keeping secrets. Secrets aren't good they cause chaos.All he is saying don't ignore your father's and mother's advice take that into consideration rather than running away and ending up in a divorce like he said , which does happen alot.
Haleemah Musa
'Haleemah Musa' 4 months ago
jazaak Allaahu bi jannah sheykh bilaal
Noor Alam
'Noor Alam' 4 months ago
Mash'Allah what a channel you've taught me many things im just 17 and after watching this insha'Allah i wont commit that sin thank you
Farzan Ahmed
'Farzan Ahmed' 4 months ago
Soo true really Amazing ❤
mnwrh Alghamdi
'mnwrh Alghamdi' 4 months ago
Bhavika Sharma
'Bhavika Sharma' 4 months ago
woww!! I truly agree....I won't say that this is a mark of a truly educated muslim. I wud say this is a mark of a truly educated child of god. I am not muslim but I will try to show this video to my father so that the innocent children don't suffer tomorrow bcoz we ppl wer too busy to feed our desires that we were not able to fulfill our responsibilities. Thankyou, insha-allah!! 😁
unknown girl
'unknown girl' 4 months ago
Can anyone explain this to me? I'm in love as shaytaan says, i think i am. I asked my father to get married to this boy i like and he didn't allow it. What do I do? It's hard for me to let the boy go.. I'm 16yrs old and i have needs as well. No one understands that. And we all make mistakes.. That's why i can't let him go. Even if it's haram to be with him, somehow my feels for him are stronger. Help me please.
'Samia' 4 months ago
The problem is that, parents nowadays mix culture with religion. that the two should have a car. a house ect ect. they make it so hard for the youngsters who try to avoid haram by marrying but the parents bring those rules that make it so hard and as you said. when you make halal easy haram becomes hard but when you make halal hard haram becomes easy.
Red Xxx
'Red Xxx' 5 months ago
What are the criterias for marriage? How does Nikah Misyar work? Is Nikah Urfi permissible in Islam?
sam in
'sam in' 5 months ago
I'm suffering from this type of situation. plz brothers pray for me.
Just Saying
'Just Saying' 5 months ago
I'm a 17 year old girl living in the UK . I really wanna get married please my dear brothers and sisters please make Dua for me Allah brings me a good husband ameen JazakAllahu khair
tahreen ahmed
'tahreen ahmed' 5 months ago
gettinp to know someone only by talking to them and findphng out about them first seems reatkistic and then telling parents. What if u ask the father but he does not accept? Then a couple may get married anyway or do something worse. A real dilema.
'JFK D He' 5 months ago
your sexy beards make my "haram" very hard
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