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Haram Relationships & Marriage -
Published: 3 years ago By: MercifulServant

By: MercifulServantPublished: 3 years ago

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Baswira Ally
'Baswira Ally' 12 hours ago
His voice is soo calm, I feel like safe
Roxane Mezher
'Roxane Mezher' 1 day ago
Can anyone reply . You see my family isnt that religious like my father is the only one that actually is religious i kind of am ..... The thing is i want to be more i want to please allah and dont want to go the haram way when it comes to relationships. What i mean is my parents even when i am of age for marraige wont find me a husband and will want me to actually date someone to marry them later on. The thing is i dont want to i want a halal relationship . Marriage not dating. I have actually decided stricktly on wanting my father to choose my future husband but the thing is my father doesnt even know or think that way . Like he thinks its a good thing for me to search for my own husband through haram ways . Like my family is falling apart my sister dates alot of guys and yet i keep it a secret from everyone . My younger brother watches inappropriate stuff. And my mother is kind of abusive yet i fully respect her. The thing is how do i inform my father that i want him to choose my future husband. Like come on he thinks i want to date like my sister but i dont. I cant just go right up to him me being still too young for marriage and just tell him that i want him to choose my future husband. I thought that i would tell him when i finish highschool and before i go to college. But for me i have already told my best friends and 2 are judging me like the closest one to me us also not that into religion and she told me that arranged marriages never work even though its the haram that barley work out. She kind of mocks me for it yet supports me kind of i guess. And the other just out of no where if im talking about a secret important thing they just say "oh your future husband and you had a fight ir something" in a sarcastic tone and it irritates me. I actually tried to prove my point of view still am but they are too stubborn and i just dont like how they look at me differently now althiugh they treat me the same i can tell they are kind of off about my way of wanting to have a halal relationship. Thats why i am thinking about telling my family if my decision when thus school year ends ir right now.i told my sister like not too much into details that she would actually believe it but she just looked at me raised her eyebrow then laughed it off. Plz can someone tell me what to do. do i tell my family now? Edit: i have told my sister about it this is what she said: you are living in the past its stupid nowadays we go as women fall in love and then let him meet our father and its not like dad will go search for some dude for you. Okey im losing hope but i really want a halal relationship not dating😣
Nafia Shirin Nafia Shirin
Masha allah.. i liked this video well nd I have got many information about the consequences on love marriage... nd now I can to understand it's a foolish thing.. jazakallah khair. then.. i have a doubt.. can we have a good boy best friend.. it's doesn't mean to other relation.. only friendship.. can we..??
kaben david
'kaben david' 6 days ago
Who# hahaha typo
kaben david
'kaben david' 6 days ago
How is she ... i rember my dream she teache me signing
Irshad Siddiqui
'Irshad Siddiqui' 1 week ago
Thanks you
Muhammad Paki
'Muhammad Paki' 2 weeks ago
My three wives want sex all the time day and night Im exhausted. Their very attractive so its hard to resist.They also get jealous the way other women look at me.
sofi arechi
'sofi arechi' 2 weeks ago
Its have to be true love!. I got in love with Muslim guy. Why with a Muslim if there were many more guys around. Because was TRUE LOVE ! He found his love without choosing a girl! And here we are! Together xever. Different cultures! Same God!
riri wing
'riri wing' 2 weeks ago
عنجد WOW كل الاحترام ! لو في ترجمه للعرب ايضا !
Ardil Bahaudeen
'Ardil Bahaudeen' 2 weeks ago
in islam if you see a woman wearing a full burqa covering her face it means she's been brainwashed by her husband and was forced to do that in the Quran it says where that a woman should cover her full face only her head. It talks about appreciating a womans beauty.
Esha Iftikhar
'Esha Iftikhar' 2 weeks ago
Wait how does he even know about the Twilight Saga???
Theresa B
'Theresa B' 2 weeks ago
It's God who knows your path, not your father. Stop using the religion to justify your wish often the incapacitation of women.
Theresa B
'Theresa B' 2 weeks ago
So a father always knows from the first sight if the man will make her daughter happy for all her life? If he says yes that means it'll last a lifetime and if he says no they'll get divorced after a short period? Sorry, but this is dumb and has nothing to do with real Islam. This is just propaganda from patriarchal men that are afraid of women's intelligence and emotions. Most fathers don't even know their own daughters.
Min yoongi
'Min yoongi' 3 weeks ago
Acually i’m not old enough to think about marriage (i’m 17 yrs old) but i dont trust most of guys so i dont wanna fall in love either :/ its dangerious
Rabia Mehmood
'Rabia Mehmood' 3 weeks ago
Humera Mallick
'Humera Mallick' 3 weeks ago
Assalamualikum wa rehamatulahi wa barqata hu brothers and sisters im from India can anyone tell me how can i personally contact him so that i share my problem to him and get out with a perfect answer and decission of my life and be safe from doing haram work please!!!!!!! Do share if anyone knows how to contact this person 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
ta3arof online
'ta3arof online' 3 weeks ago
Sebastian Daniel
'Sebastian Daniel' 3 weeks ago
How about marrying each other and the guy only wants lust? Marriage doesn't change the feelings you have for each other, it's just a contract signed up that you wanna be legally committed to this person
'Insha' 3 weeks ago
This sounds like a plot to a conventional Pakistani drama
ketsuu thebest
'ketsuu thebest' 3 weeks ago
So,what you trying to say is that our parents who decide the girl or boy will marry and we need to marry then before even we know themm?_?wow ,sorrt but let me tell you my point of view,first,if you think that loving a girl will forget you to love allah and think about allah you're wrong,if you have a strong imen you czn love 10 girls but allah rest always in the first position before the whole universe,second,you're wrong when you say that we can't know the true character of the boy pr girl.because if you hang out together (of course i'm with you to don't touch: i mean with word "touch" that with no zinź)many times you'll know her true personality and ypu can even know her with many others ways.and second my question for you,why allah soub7anou wé ta3ele create somthing that his majesty prohibited,yea i know you will tell me to test us ,but i"m really not convince 100 per sent And finally listen to me allah said he created us "سواسي كأسنان المشط" so why mans are forever than womans?and for finishing,did you ever think that the rascist ,in islam,about the 2 sex is a think that you created not allah? Thank for answering me because i'm muslim i'm born muslim and i love allah ofc he the king of all mankinds and farther then mankinds but in term of edyen i'm not pretty sure *
Orlando Burgess
'Orlando Burgess' 3 weeks ago
Is it true that the new halal first aid box from Saudi Arabia now comes complete with a halal stick to discipline your wife in an emergency???
Redhwan Ahmed
'Redhwan Ahmed' 3 weeks ago
At one point this year, I found this girl, she has an amazing personality, we have good chemistry, and (I would soon find out) she is very obedient to what her parents gave her guidance on. She was Muslim and was the same ethnicity as me. We thought it was right to become each others boyfriend and girlfriend but after a month we broke up because we felt guilty that we were doing this before marriage. We kept it clean, there was no sexual intimacy. The week before we broke up, during Jummah, I prayed to Allah and asked for guidance for both of us, "Show us the right path". We broke up, but for one reason, to do this the right halal way. We now have plans to get married in the future, even though it's a couple years away, we believe that we can still remain friendly and when the time comes, we will get married. This whole experience has somehow made me more religious and I am now very curious about my religion. I see something else in her because she is the one who brought up the whole idea of breaking up since we were committing sin. She is more than just a great personality, she is a beautiful human being. Insha'Allah we can remain connected and then restart the correct way in the future. It's not just me who wants it like this, it's her as well. Am I doing anything wrong?
'Rizon's Gaming Pad' 3 weeks ago
what if they said sorry to Allah and marry at a age of 17 after being in a 2 to 3 months relationship??? Then both being in there parents house being raised and caired by their parents
Mohammed Barwani
'Mohammed Barwani' 4 weeks ago
May Allah guide everyone to Islam
M Lee
'M Lee' 4 weeks ago
Everything is haram You cannot do anything
mataan ciideed
'mataan ciideed' 1 month ago
Maansh Allah
Robiul Hasan
'Robiul Hasan' 1 month ago
MasaAllah... Well said brother . Islam always shows us the Right path... Love nowadays is actually not Love ... it's lust... thanks
yes it
'yes it's me' 1 month ago
agree 100 percent
John Danker
'John Danker' 1 month ago
so he basically explained how relationships come to be. what's the point of this video?
Keizuto Osuku
'Keizuto Osuku' 1 month ago
God damn this sucks
'Razi' 1 month ago
Assalamualaikum dont use music is haram
kifayath fariha
'kifayath fariha' 1 month ago
Kristin Elizabeth Fontenot
Thanks for saving me savior
Kristin Elizabeth Fontenot
Hey Allah it's Kristin Elizabeth Fontenot nickname Sarah . .your favorite child
'TheSouthUtsire' 1 month ago
This religion is anti human.
Atia Oli
'Atia Oli' 1 month ago
Allah will decide when and with whom we will get married.may Allah bless us.
Safra Khan
'Safra Khan' 1 month ago
I agree with this video. 100% no doubt. The correct way is to go through the father, no excuse is big enough to take away what Allah has said. However I think it should also be made clear and even be a video about how parents need to be open minded and not be so stuck on worried about “ what others might think “ .. others.... who are others?... they say no to a guy because he is not their “ cast “ not “ high enough “ ... parents make it so hard for children.
Rhea Patranabis
'Rhea Patranabis' 1 month ago
So. Only if the dad says yes. Only then the marriage is supposed to work out. What if the dad did say yes and even then he left her? Isn't that possible too? Sometimes the parents force their daughters to marry a man. Is that right? Yeah they don't divorce even when the girl is unhappy with him. That's because it's a co dependent relationship. There's not just one way to love and marriage my Friend. You've got it all wrong. And dating is not bad. Going out together... Is not bad. You've just got it all wrong
Ece Yalcin
'Ece Yalcin' 1 month ago
Yes but you have to get to know someone before you marry them surely? You could be girlfriend and boyfriend and live in the same house? (Obviously do it with the intention of marriage and consent of your parents)
Fatema Tuz Zohora Borna
actually,, there is a problem with me in this case... I married the boy I love without my parents permission.. and its 6 months of our marriage.. We use to argue and I cry a lot.. my parents still want me to go back home to their.. they dont tell me directly but I understand by their words..I love my husband a lot and I dont want to leave him... he also love me... So, dont know about parents i really need to ask them to forgive me and pray for us...right??? if I do so will ALLAH forgive me??
sean smith
'sean smith' 2 months ago
Sir I met a woman online. She is from Libya, as I cannot find a woman here that truly follows the path of Islam. We met mostly through accident. We talked more, I wish to ask her father for her hand in marriage, but I believe he does not like Americans, I am not sure he will approve of the way I met her. Please guide me on this. I am new. I have very few people that are able to be my guides,
Ben Masters
'Ben Masters' 2 months ago
TBH this is just a little stupid, this is how people end up in abusive relationships, because they never got to fing out their partner was a twat before hand
I Accept
'I Accept' 2 months ago
Amal Abdul haque
'Amal Abdul haque' 2 months ago
Whoever makes this vedio may allah bless u.... Gave me a lot of knowledge about islam😊
UniversalChat Chat
'UniversalChat Chat' 2 months ago
I can't get married because I don't have an education or a white collar job. How about that? The parents don't care if your religious or not they just want to know how much you make before you can sleep with my daughter lol. Islam what a joke. I don't care much for it now but I love watching your videos..
UniversalChat Chat
'UniversalChat Chat' 2 months ago
The haaallllallll lol
Mamonur Rashed
'Mamonur Rashed' 2 months ago
Assalamualaikum,my dear brother, May I know that can I marry a Christian lady without converting her into Muslim? If yes,Then What are the rituals?
'akeel509' 2 months ago
I'm a cinvert, the only one in my family & my father is really old school Mexican, he would never be like this:(
King Akram
'King Akram' 2 months ago
This is really awesome 😍LoVe it❤️ and the way he speaks 😍😍😍😍
Muhzin Cm
'Muhzin Cm' 2 months ago
hy guy I have a dough that if a Muslim boy loved a non-muslim girl,with the permission of girl she convert to Muslim and after can they get marriage?is it wrong?thw boy is not forcing the girl to is it haram or halaal? any one plz give an advice?
Beautiful People
'Beautiful People' 2 months ago
pieter klaasman
'pieter klaasman' 2 months ago
Brother I have a question, I have a girlfriend and i love her to the moon and back. I want to marry her, but I am still not ready to marry her because i cant provide her and take care for her yet in the financial way. what do I do now?
'TrendyHits' 2 months ago
You muslims are perverts corrupting love with your sick retardology you call the religion of peace
Musa Al Yaqubi
'Musa Al Yaqubi' 2 months ago
Absolutely Haram
imzy plays Games
'imzy plays Games' 2 months ago
Can u guys do a video about Islam marriage because I don't fully understand because aren't u allowed love marriage if u and the lady are Muslim and truly love each other and know a lot about each other how about girlfriends or boyfriends what happens if its serious and u know each other and want to marry each other or does it have to be arranged marriage please do a video because when I get married I want the perfect wife who knows me and loves me and have no problems
suriya sheba
'suriya sheba' 2 months ago
suppose a girl never talk to the boy.but she loves him.she tells her father the guy who will u chose I will only marry him it's halal right.but islam says the parents that I should once listen to ur daughter can the girl say that she loves without never talking to him.if the father say no.and she marries her father will be haram or not.tell me clearly all of u and specially merciful servant
Safae Radi
'Safae Radi' 2 months ago
i wish my father was still here in dunyah :( alhamdulilah for everything ur words are gold brother jazaka lah
?? ??
'?? ??' 2 months ago
So you just marry someone before knowing them and if you do not like them you divorce?.what
'Sergiuss555' 2 months ago
Ibrahim Amin
'Ibrahim Amin' 2 months ago
I just don't understand why you people put music in the background. Is it so important? Without it won't you people be able to make a video? It is my kind request please avoid using background music especially when you are spreading the teaching of ISLAM.
Princess m
'Princess m' 2 months ago
Your word's are so true!!!
'Gaby' 2 months ago
Sad because I am in love with a Muslim boy and he is in love with a Christian girl 😞
Masha Khalfan
'Masha Khalfan' 2 months ago
thank u teacher always send me lectures
Masha Khalfan
'Masha Khalfan' 2 months ago
thank u so much for this lectures it has adviced me a lot a lot thank u teacher i have learn alot
'Acidicfly' 2 months ago
This makes no sense this guy is not connected with the youth marrying them first and getting to know them, it’s the same thing he’s saying that if u marry you will know them already but if u date they are wearing a mask from the beginning but this means literally noting because if u get married without even meeting each other it either ends in them never getting to know each other them both being depressed because they were forces
'F A B I H A' 2 months ago
So true
'Knox' 2 months ago
If 2 people love each other or want to be together, nothing is wrong with it, even if it's 2 people of the same gender. It hurts no one. There are way too many imaginary crimes in this religion. Love is free and sex is natural.
Evelyn D
'Evelyn D'Souza' 2 months ago
That's way a good long live-in relationship is needed before marriage. That's when all the filters and layers will fade and the true personality will become evident.
'youngse22' 2 months ago
That's why you should live together before marriage
Soremi Jane
'Soremi Jane' 3 months ago
I'm a black Christian and only have love for muslim brothers and sisters of all races
lashmagosh B
'lashmagosh B' 3 months ago
I just simply feel like marriage should be delayed. Allowing life's circumstances to interfere with what's halal only contributes to things becoming haram
Diamond Hollow
'Diamond Hollow' 3 months ago
That's why I'm not allowed boyfriends! Best explanation ever.👏👏😃
bu Ta
'bu Ta' 3 months ago
I'm a Revert guy young. The muslim females like me allot and i get lots of attention from them. But.... (The parents) despise me I've been cursed at called a goora dont think i'm worthy you name it. I'm better off finding another revert. Shame i have a pure heart too.
Somali Offline
'Somali Offline' 3 months ago
Thank you shaikh am learn more about this video thanks
Ms Curious
'Ms Curious' 3 months ago
I let my dad choose for me 😊
Anisfatima Khan
'Anisfatima Khan' 3 months ago
God meaning Allah
Anisfatima Khan
'Anisfatima Khan' 3 months ago
Tell about soulmate that god made for us the true life partner the true soul partner the original one who never leave use
Ayesha Farooq
'Ayesha Farooq' 3 months ago
Well my dad wants me to get to married to my cousin so we keep the family "connected " apparently and won't take no for an answer this is culture! Ruining people's lives
yasmin namaz
'yasmin namaz' 3 months ago
but twilight is not a haram movie because they only got intimate after marrige and I loved it. Because one should not do that before marrige. I totly agree with you.
أبو جعفر
'أبو جعفر' 3 months ago
Im a catholic in my papers but a muslim in my heart
Marhaba M
'Marhaba M' 3 months ago
I’m still confused shouldn’t once the father give permission the girl and the guy like have a quick chat then be up to the girls permission
fatma Knew
'fatma Knew' 3 months ago
Omg this is so insprieing to me
'WardetAlsalam' 3 months ago
Islam gives you the choice to pick your: try not to lose that right while respecting your parents.
Mika L
'Mika L' 3 months ago
This is nonsense....
aissata diallo
'aissata diallo' 3 months ago
Salam Aleykoun Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh. How am I supposed to do if my father refuses somebody tht wants ro marry but for the wrong reasons. My father will try to marry with someone I don't want, not wisely chosen but for a cultural purpose.. That is why my father and my mother don't follow the Quran about marriage, for them it is about culture and other things notbased on our religion. That is why I do not know how I will deal with marriage in the future, because I am definitely not marrying someone choosed by my parents. Plus they forced my big sister into mariage when she was sixteen, she was raped violated... Since I know this and other sins they commited I don't have a good relationship with my parents, I cannot even look at them in their eyes, I sometimes act bitter with them and I don't know what to do.
Lëemã M
'Lëemã M' 3 months ago
I have a question. So after the boy has shown interest in the girl and asked her father and they begin to talk, meet etc but later find they are not suitable. I assume this is Ok? But what if the same thing happens many times. In another view you could say this is a bit like dating but with the father's consent? For example, the girl may find a suitable husband after talking and meeting at least 5 guys? I just want to understand how flexible you can be as a parent the halal way. Thanks
aqsa khan
'aqsa khan' 3 months ago
beautifull voice bro attracting voice Subhanallah. true words keep it up can i see the face of this person???
Joe Macias
'Joe Macias' 3 months ago
Sisters, let Allah do the work and if a guy gets in your path thanks to Allah, and this guy wants you seriously, and talks about marriage, then no need to go to the father. Be free as a couple, inshallah.
Pashto Girl
'Pashto Girl' 3 months ago
my father has passed away :'(
'M H' 3 months ago
I will surely show this to my friends.
bouaamama oumayma
'bouaamama oumayma' 3 months ago
Omg so true!!!!!
Pal Kaposi
'Pal Kaposi' 3 months ago
dating is natural selection reinvented if you shy away it means you are weak
MRB Dhaka
'MRB Dhaka' 3 months ago
Ashique Chachu
'Ashique Chachu' 3 months ago
my father fixed marrage without my am marrage...i can't this life becouse am 20 am not complete my education my i fell happy is gonenow i dipration..i hope&know we close to allah..allah much more love you... but i know marrage before love is not tru love thats only lust...marrage before love is fake love.. inamal usriusa pha innamal usriusra... love my allah(s)i like islamic rules obey i try my best
zakariya ali
'zakariya ali' 3 months ago
Tolga Kuyubasi
'Tolga Kuyubasi' 3 months ago
I had a tongue kiss with my indonesia girlfriend, and it was puuuuure love! 💏, and then, right after the kiss... I will never forget this day. 😳😵. You all dont know what true love is, and oh my god!!!, how you dont know it!. 💕😌💕. Lust...such a bullshit. 😏 I do, what my higher self wants to do, if you let things happen, and feel free with it, you will open like a flower, and flowers dont open, with chains of rules, they need also love 🌿🌺🌿.
syed rehman
'syed rehman' 4 months ago
i need to know who is the speaker in this video
ashfak islam
'ashfak islam' 4 months ago
I also told the same to my interviewer.I mean how could he know my capabilities without letting me work.?😟😟
Hannah Bishop
'Hannah Bishop' 4 months ago
Ya allah open the doors for marriage for me
'BlitzedPig' 4 months ago
So I married my wife 3 months after I met her and 20 years later we are still as 1. Was this Haram?
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