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How to Remove Stripped Screws? -
Published: 5 months ago By: Taras Kul

By: Taras KulPublished: 5 months ago

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John Waddy
'John Waddy' 3 months ago
Does these work on andis lineup clippers because my screw is completely script.
dash capture
'marjay2002' 5 months ago
L͓̽o͓̽v͓̽e͓̽ t͓̽h͓̽e͓̽ v͓̽i͓̽d͓̽s͓̽ k͓̽e͓̽e͓̽p͓̽ i͓̽t͓̽ u͓̽p͓̽
'gibbz' 5 months ago
you drilled way to much
░fuck this shit▓
'░fuck this shit▓' 5 months ago
thank you
Skydiving Fastiges
'Skydiving Fastiges' 5 months ago
I've used this product and it works. Mostly rusted screws. Rarely even have to use the drill side.
flying pigs_are_cool
'flying pigs_are_cool' 5 months ago
Rayan Renard
'Rayan Renard' 5 months ago
carbon chemical sixth arab setting owner gesture slope.
Mark Sean
'Mark Sean' 5 months ago
Haha D.I.Y
'Ciel' 5 months ago
What you should do: Use to extract stripped screw and replace with new one What I'd end up doing: Continue using the stripped screw with the new screw bit
Paxton Hendricks
'Paxton Hendricks' 5 months ago
Captain Everything
'Captain Everything' 5 months ago
I have another kind made by Craftsman but these look like they work much better.
'STRODE GAMING' 5 months ago
These are great I actually use them
Norden Conrad
'Norden Conrad' 5 months ago
bolt size removers coming up
Jono Hargreaves
'Jono Hargreaves' 5 months ago
Brillient invention!
'Tipmonster' 5 months ago
Do a Swiss Army knife review
Mooder 23
'Mooder 23' 5 months ago
'王明阳' 5 months ago
'Riwerwinner' 5 months ago
What he just takes crazy rassia . haacker videos and reoploud them? That is illigal
Ask solås
'Ask solås' 5 months ago
i never have that problem and i am only 12 so an adult man should defently manage to do it
I'm wondering if I should by it, hopefully it will help me get some at the "strip" club....badum tssss
The Body Shop
'The Body Shop' 5 months ago
lol "easy out"s. cute though.
Brandon Simmons
'Brandon Simmons' 5 months ago
That's why a Canadian invented the Robertson (square head) much harder to strip in the first place
Major Tom
'Major Tom' 5 months ago
i see you next time russian shaker
JayByn Mack
'JayByn Mack' 5 months ago
The only problem I have is that i sorta destroyed the head on a screw and bow said screw is stuck in my laptop
la la go fast car
'la la go fast car' 5 months ago
Emma Nunez
'Emma Nunez' 5 months ago
Kevin Greene
'Kevin Greene' 5 months ago
Taras try on 8 inch lag bolt/screw
Irv Hawke
'Irv Hawke' 5 months ago
Kul tools
Rabih Moumne
'Rabih Moumne' 5 months ago
This is very great gadget.
'Andrew26317' 5 months ago
'SvenQ45' 5 months ago
That's nice. And he uses Torx...
Brian S
'Brian S' 5 months ago
Love speed out works great!!! And you can use a lot of torque on it
'rich' 5 months ago
That's an amazing gagjik,wow!- it's all good,k
'Vertil' 5 months ago
Taras is honestly our "inspector gadjeckt"
Andrew Jackson
'Andrew Jackson' 5 months ago
Ajmal Niazi
'Ajmal Niazi' 5 months ago
Taras can you make a vlog where you take Luke and Hugo to a dog park 😀
'RealRuler2112' 5 months ago
It's an easy-out...
Ismet Subasi
'Ismet Subasi' 5 months ago
Aaaaa hotttt
'jody024' 5 months ago
Everyone is watching Apple event video's here we are watching our daily fix of Boom.
Brian Ervin
'Brian Ervin' 5 months ago
Crazy Russian Screw Extractor...
'Bastos-Gaming' 5 months ago
Wow best Gadged yet! 👍🏻
crazy belgian guy
'crazy belgian guy' 5 months ago
Crazy russian drill bits
Ja Fo
'Ja Fo' 5 months ago
I like it!
'ARandomYoutuber' 5 months ago
oogabooga nooga dooga looga oooda
'CrankyPants' 5 months ago
Very cool. Thanks for sharing that with us.
Jeppe Blomgren
'Jeppe Blomgren' 5 months ago
Bonnie Barbee
'Bonnie Barbee' 5 months ago
👍👍Awesome , Great job !
Andromeda Collections Media
omw, i really need it, over long time there some gadget i really could find useful
System Overload
'System Overload' 5 months ago
They never worked for me
'TheHonorOfGuard' 5 months ago
malahi douieb
'malahi douieb' 5 months ago
Good gadget
'Murmistrz' 5 months ago
Where is safety???!
Russell Anderson
'Russell Anderson' 5 months ago
You didn't have to drill out no where as much as you did
Zykerfox !
'Zykerfox !' 5 months ago
im so satisfied watching your videos
Dolly Dearest
'Dolly Dearest' 5 months ago
Taras Kul, you know the drill.
Ralph Uriarte
'Ralph Uriarte' 5 months ago
Definitely need one
hacking place
'hacking place' 5 months ago
Hiiii I am yours biggest fan from india
ziploxian Aslanyan
'ziploxian Aslanyan' 5 months ago
That's actually cool and useful.
Emil Vestblom
'Emil Vestblom' 5 months ago
U use the bit on a to litle scru
'LashyWolf' 5 months ago
Another kul gajiecks
Apurv Upreti
'Apurv Upreti' 5 months ago
Wearing raincoat in the laboratory.
That guy
'That guy' 5 months ago
Pls do another mre videos i love youre mre videos
Sassy The Sasquatch
'Sassy The Sasquatch' 5 months ago
In the UK we say "rounded-off" and stripped is when the threads are stripped, bare or damaged:) just a fun fact, makes no difference how you say it
gestucv olonor
'gestucv olonor' 5 months ago
in the soviet union you didn't have these issues
'tyson' 5 months ago
You're one of the few YouTuber that has a man's drill lol. Dewalt for the win.
'TheAutisticGamer' 5 months ago
Use a rubber band
Alex Loo
'Alex Loo' 5 months ago
Was he wearing safty?
Nicklas Busk Jensen
'Nicklas Busk Jensen' 5 months ago
Showcase of bunker incase the storm comes to you
pro gamer
'pro gamer' 5 months ago
It was great
'jetmouse' 5 months ago
My favorate video of all time
'MrInvento' 5 months ago
extrem too
'Marqan' 5 months ago
that's pretty nice and simple... me likey!
Neyaaz Burkut
'Neyaaz Burkut' 5 months ago
Wowww !
'Trainman46' 5 months ago
Pin me please
'samsoulee' 5 months ago
Retest this on metal screw inside a metal "thing" (like an engine or a beam)
Tony Two Times
'Tony Two Times' 5 months ago
I would break this gagek the first time I used it. Great video!
'Noah's Outdoors' 5 months ago
Very cool and very helpful. Thank you
Carsten Andersen
'Carsten Andersen' 5 months ago
Very cool, I liked the gadget. Thank you for sharing your amazing video
'Nokia' 5 months ago
hooricane is very scare man
Minino Is HΞRΞ
'Minino Is HΞRΞ' 5 months ago
All comments are trash
John Texas
'John Texas' 5 months ago
I have used these for years--they work great!
Adam Chase
'Adam Chase' 5 months ago
Or you can use a rubber band and it works
Ion Vlad
'Ion Vlad' 5 months ago
Russian hacker, but he lives in USA xD
Akshat Gera
'Akshat Gera' 5 months ago
I love ur videos and u , ur dog ( LUKE AND HUGO ) ☺
Ethan Lam
'Ethan Lam' 5 months ago
Would this work for galvanized screw?
Esfrandigo Douglas
'Esfrandigo Douglas' 5 months ago
stefan misic
'stefan misic' 5 months ago
it's hot? just put them i likvid nitrogen
Daniel Tassi
'Daniel Tassi' 5 months ago
He will survive the hurricane
Wichal Rangai
'Wichal Rangai' 5 months ago
Peter C
'Peter C' 5 months ago
Gotta get it got got to get it- I think that's a Beastie boys line?
'Herbert' 5 months ago
It's a small set of back out tools. Very nice.
Aarab Malik
'Aarab Malik' 5 months ago
Wait so taras and popularmmos have a hurricane in their city at the same time st night so u guys can do a collab I guess
Les M
'Les M' 5 months ago
👍Thumbs up from me.😃 💣boom.
'Kenethncr123' 5 months ago
Proximus Adiemus
'Proximus Adiemus' 5 months ago
This is awesome!
Rene Perez
'Rene Perez' 5 months ago
This tool is ment for skaters
Chef Gaming
'Chef Gaming' 5 months ago
Stay safe taras
Arsen Bazarov
'Arsen Bazarov' 5 months ago
Cool stuff!
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