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Best Kid Fails Compilation January 2017 -
Published: 1 year ago By: Dumb Genius

By: Dumb GeniusPublished: 1 year ago

310, 391 views

2, 307 Likes   152 Dislikes

Brand new weekly theme compilation of the funniest Kid Fails of January 2017. Including kids getting owned in slow motion, ultimate playground fails, accidents caught on tape, bike crashes, stupid stunts, home video bloopers, dancing outtakes, hilarious reactions and more funny viral clips and moments caught on camera. Check out Team Internet's newest Lost Vlog ►

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jo fra
'jo fra' 3 months ago
ArchieP Gaming
'ArchieP Gaming' 11 months ago
00:21 that's what you get for saying haha lol xD
John Morgan
'John Morgan' 11 months ago
Taniyah Porter
'Taniyah Porter' 1 year ago
wow that is all i  have to say
Alijah Young
'Alijah Young' 1 year ago
The first one is a perfect "If you love me let me go" moment.
'Victor94' 1 year ago
I laughed at 1:55 to 2:07 that was funny
'YoungNinjaHD' 1 year ago
at 2:03 Did anyone notice someone farted?? XD
Abbie Arnou
'Abbie Arnou' 1 year ago
9:37 when you think you've caught up on all your homework but then your teacher gives you more assignments.
Greggory Hampton
'Greggory Hampton' 1 year ago
toddlers make parents get rid of slides and stuff and every time they mess up I go haha little idiot
Anthony Hardin
'Anthony Hardin' 1 year ago
#4:22 nerd walking in the hood like
Rafa Tare
'Rafa Tare' 1 year ago
mother fucker mom s and ded s
Mustapha Tak
'Mustapha Tak' 1 year ago
LOL at 05:58
hypernova666 !
'hypernova666 !' 1 year ago
the part when the kid tries to do a back flip into the pool and he hit the corner that's not funny that could have killed him!!😡
Alayna Keffer
'Alayna Keffer' 1 year ago
how could you laugh they are getting hurt
Wild DIYs
'Wild DIYs' 1 year ago
no it's not it is still funny
Senior Reigadas
'Senior Reigadas' 1 year ago
1:33 Finalmente Brazil
dylan hosler hi vlogs
17 : 14 abremm from Sam and nia
emilio The young master
so fucked up
emilio The young master
poor kids bad parents
Robert Moran
'Robert Moran' 1 year ago
the kid on the 3rd vine is not very smart!! :o
Robert Moran
'Robert Moran' 1 year ago
what the bruh
Randi Jewell
'Randi Jewell' 1 year ago
if you are not a lot
Little Lia
'Little Lia' 1 year ago
At 2:27 who would tell their kids to fight
Jennya Gulifield
'Jennya Gulifield' 1 year ago
2:05 is funny
Xavier Harper
'Xavier Harper' 1 year ago
I,m a kid
Xavier Harper
'Xavier Harper' 1 year ago
I,m a kid
LeSpoon 41
'LeSpoon 41' 1 year ago
2:26 1 HIT K.O.
john paul Pacheco
'john paul Pacheco' 1 year ago
2017, 17 is a weird number.
Rae Rae
'Rae Rae' 1 year ago
Omg when the kid fell out of the truck!😂😂
Lenin Reyes
'Lenin Reyes' 1 year ago
4:41 I here Thomas the tank engine music
Just TB
'Just TB' 1 year ago
4:06 I used to have one of those ball shooters!
Just TB
'Just TB' 1 year ago
0:01 when everything goes wrong...
Ryley Zinn
'Ryley Zinn' 1 year ago
kids are becoming more stupid every year Lol XD
'GabyThaGalaxyElf' 1 year ago
I don't like the girl at 6:12
Isabella Alvarez
'Isabella Alvarez' 1 year ago
I past!
Jennifer Monsivais
This isn't even funny
'BLOODY SNIPS' 1 year ago
watch at 708 and it will get funny
Denise Guzman
'Denise Guzman' 1 year ago
these are actually ones i haven't seen like other times its like best kids fails its like old ones i have already seen and this one only has like one i have seen so props to you
Jasmine Saggers
'Jasmine Saggers' 1 year ago
poor kids not funny
'SEVENB4TIME' 1 year ago
'Skye' 1 year ago
The little savage at 7:15 killed me lmfao.. omg..
Bleach Bub
'Bleach Bub' 1 year ago
"Ready fight!" Wtf is wrong with you woman these are your kids and your okay with them literally fighting?!
Luca Winkler
'Luca Winkler' 1 year ago
find rider alive flame resistance diabetes carbohydrate.
Abbey Cooper
'Abbey Cooper' 1 year ago
This is just a kids getting hurt compilation 😕
'The_Maffo_Channel' 1 year ago
The re is a tre in the garden
Ben pro game,er Tapia
Just Another Channel On Youtube
2:28 when ur drunk af
Crossy Girl Gamer
'Crossy Girl Gamer' 1 year ago
What kind if of asshole lets their kids just box?
Jenna Marie
'Jenna Marie' 1 year ago
They used to be really funny now the are not
drewske channel
'drewske channel' 1 year ago
and again sorry 1:02
drewske channel
'drewske channel' 1 year ago
sorry I meant 1:04
drewske channel
'drewske channel' 1 year ago
1:00 it happened so fast
Clock Work
'Clock Work' 1 year ago
M.G.N.G Nation
'M.G.N.G Nation' 1 year ago
My Op!n!on Music
'My Op!n!on Music' 1 year ago
so kids hurting themselves is funny no its not
'rOkY' 1 year ago
Wtf wny that mom with boy who ride bike record him if she know to he gonna fall. that mom is bad
Tammy Murray
'Tammy Murray' 1 year ago
Viperousboot 77
'Viperousboot 77' 1 year ago
They are f*cking liars how how come at 4:26 they uploaded a video about the same f*cking kid but in JUNE 2016 ☀️ and this on January 2017 ❄️
'Bulmer' 1 year ago
7:15 - Ahahahahahah
S Salade 2
'S Salade 2' 1 year ago
Suzanne Snaza
'Suzanne Snaza' 1 year ago
The one you're the mom says fight is the worst part
'Marcel' 1 year ago
Why the fuck is there a compilation if there's only been six fucking days of January?? Vine is dead so I guess the owner of this channel is worried simply cause this channel will go down with vine
'so_um_Diego' 1 year ago
1:34 is BRRRRRR
Ncj Gaming
'Ncj Gaming' 1 year ago
you went from posting lots of vine to now posting nothing about vine just stupid animal videos that we saw 1000 times and kid fails that are not funny and your getting vine we saw already and putting them in a stupid compilation
Ncj Gaming
'Ncj Gaming' 1 year ago
DUDE just end your channel its dead. vine is dead so stop
LOL hahaha
'LOL hahaha' 1 year ago
11:05 wtf??
Mega mega
'Mega mega' 1 year ago
It's not funny at all...
miss bubblegum 2
'miss bubblegum 2' 1 year ago
0:27 LMAO
'HypnotiZe' 1 year ago
0:02 that's a man who knows how to motorboat a girl the right way
Kristy Amers
'Kristy Amers' 1 year ago
so much pain and falling
'valtimGaming' 1 year ago
i realized all of the vines are white kids
Dank memes are dead
This is only funny when its with people who you know
Apple Syrup owo
'Apple Syrup owo' 1 year ago
3:48 *When you stubbed your toe..*
'JamSoyMilkWhales' 1 year ago
Vine is dead everybody
Lisanne Bond
'Lisanne Bond' 1 year ago
Parents get so bent out of shape & scream when their kids falls. Children are getting resilient, the idea is to laugh when they take a small tumble like off the bed or something. Otherwise they grow up to be a sissy.
Ben Doverson
'Ben Doverson' 1 year ago
it seems like these parents suck at parenting
elon 1
'elon 1' 1 year ago
2:16 the fuck?! In ten years he's allowed to drive a car, but cant even handel them bars!
Dima Bortnikov
'Dima Bortnikov' 1 year ago
0:05 Cccccomboooooooooo
'Arkboy' 1 year ago
2:21 wtf is that parenting
I ZAY Sombies
'I ZAY Sombies' 1 year ago
I wanna have kids :')
Official Angelthebeat
'windycitycrew21' 1 year ago
the third o e with the bike thats what i like to see i hate when kids say haha so anoying they always get hurt its a curse
Дима Фёдоров
У детей проблемы с физикой
GeneralYogurt _
'GeneralYogurt _' 1 year ago
oh hahaha so funny I'm laughing so hard Xd super funny I want to die
'DA-JUICE-TAN-TAN' 1 year ago
mr.nightmare 436
'mr.nightmare 436' 1 year ago
vine is still going! woo! 😀
New Trailer
'New Trailer' 1 year ago
aajajajaj omg 7:20 the best one
'Jmovies' 1 year ago
5:25 how it feels to chew 5 gum
Jenna Chu
'Jenna Chu' 1 year ago
Isn't vine dead?
maria Otero
'maria Otero' 1 year ago
it is so funnyyy
Pandage Aka Rosa
'Pandage Aka Rosa' 1 year ago
Vine is dead these arent possible UNSUBSCRIBE
john calvin
'john calvin' 1 year ago
Bootty Stank
'Bootty Stank' 1 year ago
7:14 killed me😂😂😂
Wojciech Dziuba
'Wojciech Dziuba' 1 year ago
no vines anymore ?
The Hero of Goats
'The Hero of Goats' 1 year ago
6:36 I was going to make a joke about blowing something gentle, but then I remembered that this is a compilation about kids, so I didn't.
andiWOW ökl
'andiWOW ökl' 1 year ago
4:27 we found our new president
'VenomBats' 1 year ago
it would be funnier if all those kids were trapped in a burning house and slowly choking on smoke and then let their lifeless bodies get burned to ash
Chris Baldi
'Chris Baldi' 1 year ago
life day by dogfights
boglin stein
'boglin stein' 1 year ago
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