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AFV Funny Videos Fail Compilation - The Best Videos 2017 -
Published: 4 months ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 4 months ago

3, 169, 839 views

13, 811 Likes   1, 241 Dislikes

Brand new weekly fail compilation courtesy of AFV. Featuring kids getting owned, toy car crashes, nut shots, sports fails, extreme sport gone wrong, hot girl fails, hover board fails, stupid stunts caught on tape, home video bloopers, animal attacks, reaction videos and other funny viral clips, outtakes and moments. Check out Team Internet's Accidentally High ►

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Morie Flores
'Morie Flores' 4 hours ago
this is amazing
LpsAva Dirige
'LpsAva Dirige' 5 hours ago
When the boy said I'm from Japan it did not look like it and I was like umm he does not! And I really laughed at that one to
OsRetardados pt
'OsRetardados pt' 12 hours ago
CROSS Leleka
'CROSS Leleka' 12 hours ago
haha wtf 0:30😂😂😂
Tewva O
'Tewva O'Brian' 14 hours ago
5:35 this is best xD fail ♡
rick armitage
'rick armitage' 18 hours ago
My favorite part is 0:13
Grape Buns Cute Life
'Grape Buns Cute Life' 20 hours ago
Lol its so Funny like I POOP IN MY PANTS/DIAPER😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😋😻
حسوني الاسطورة
subsicibe channel please
csatornája lory
'csatornája lory' 1 day ago
1:39 music name?
shijiree b
'shijiree b' 1 day ago
Barbbie Plays20 05 12
'P&A SISTERS' 1 day ago
2:11 rip headphone users
My Chemical Romance Angel
4:44 Lol I can't even
guinea- cat gamer
'guinea- cat gamer' 2 days ago
9:18 to 9:28 me 😂😂😂
Anush Yaranushian
'Anush Yaranushian' 2 days ago
Oh, dear !
Aailah MadDeN
'Aailah MadDeN' 2 days ago
this is really really funny hahaha
A Football Basis
'A Football Basis' 2 days ago
The funniest part of the video- 10:35
chak shing wong
'chak shing wong' 3 days ago
Beatrix Simon
'Beatrix Simon' 3 days ago
what song is 01:29?
luciana monster high
0:13 what's name song?
Sheldon Brathwaite
7 :54
Manjay Manjay
'Manjay Manjay' 4 days ago
sexy voice
Manjay Manjay
'Manjay Manjay' 4 days ago
sexy voice
'Arrow' 4 days ago
What's the challenge? Try to laugh? Ecksdee L
Dog Lover
'Dog Lover' 4 days ago
If you thought the video was stupid or not funny like
Dog Lover
'Dog Lover' 4 days ago
If you thought the video was funny like
'BoomChik' 5 days ago
love it
Toník Tenorio
'Toník Tenorio' 5 days ago
2:06 R.I.P Balls
Mya Panopio
'Mya Panopio' 5 days ago
0:11 it's either the kid doesn't know how to drive or he hates everyone
B. R.
'B. R.' 5 days ago
i was laughing so hard right now lol
'DaKingZ' 6 days ago
chase mellard
'chase mellard' 6 days ago
Did anyone know that when that guy was falling in the vortex hole he was dabing
Márkó One
'Márkó One' 7 days ago
4:42 xd
Harry J
'Harry J' 7 days ago
This is so funny nooob
G4M3R 201D
'G4M3R 201D' 7 days ago
the funniest the thing I have watched is the tmnt out of shadows movie
G4M3R 201D
'G4M3R 201D' 7 days ago
0:12 funniest edited thing I've Eve seen
toei toei
'toei toei' 1 week ago
1:40. what song???
Sailor Moon
'Sailor Moon' 1 week ago
The butterfly....
Clickbait TM
'Clickbait TM' 1 week ago
Wats the song at 5:03
Mpire Mpire
'Mpire Mpire' 1 week ago
RedWings Boy
'RedWings Boy' 1 week ago
what song at the first MLG sunglasses?
Fabio Scopelliti
'Fabio Scopelliti' 1 week ago
Game Channel*D
'Game Channel*D' 1 week ago
LoL noob 4:44
Mermaid Buttercup
'Mermaid Buttercup' 1 week ago
Pieter ter Morsche
'ZK-Entertainment' 1 week ago
wow. the best funny. keep it up :3
Lucas gamer
'Lucas gamer' 1 week ago
C Cash
'C Cash' 1 week ago
0:26 when your mad and you want to break something
'GALAXY 00' 1 week ago
Video is great
ninja assassin 860!
all the same ones
'DeathSkullYT' 2 weeks ago
2:48 Probably the funniest
Mirella Garcia
'Mirella Garcia' 2 weeks ago
this is so funny
'Lee LeeGAMES' 2 weeks ago
I need subs 😭 don't even have 1
Little man Box
'Little man Box' 2 weeks ago
That was funny
Thorin Martinez
'Thorin Martinez' 2 weeks ago
$100 amazon giveaway going on now! YouTube search, 6fead6ac3b
'Ricehise' 2 weeks ago
The last one looked like it hurt a ton
Alex Roberts
'Alex Roberts' 2 weeks ago
7:17 the first Queen vine known to man...
Squishy lover 500 101
what's the song at 0:15
Total Drama
'Total Drama' 2 weeks ago
1:36 was funniest
Kari Martinez
'Kari Martinez' 2 weeks ago
'Alluvion' 2 weeks ago
i didnt laugh do i have humor?
'TheFunnyBunny' 2 weeks ago
10:09 lol
'TheFunnyBunny' 2 weeks ago
6:36 wen he says "im from Japan!And I will chop this ginjer bread house in half"I think he deserved that hand of pain ,because that was rasist!He even said it with a acent!I mean come on man some respect?!
Masooma Batool
'Masooma Batool' 2 weeks ago
Oh man its too much
Randomchannel :D
'Randomchannel :D' 2 weeks ago
35 rip headphone users
G7 Enki
'G7 Enki' 2 weeks ago
Did not laugh
'K.C' 2 weeks ago
the last one was pure rudness
Mary West
'Mary West' 2 weeks ago
King Wacky
'King Wacky' 2 weeks ago
the girl rolling across the floor in the chair that get hit in the face twice and the dog that run in to the couch chair those made me laugh the most I had to replay them a few times.
Natalie Castillo
'Natalie Castillo' 2 weeks ago
i liked.2:23 and 2:21
Luis Perez
'Luis Perez' 2 weeks ago
Natalie Castillo
'Natalie Castillo' 2 weeks ago
i liked 0:15
Nazil Mitchell
'Nazil Mitchell' 2 weeks ago
any one would like my imo num
Elijah Cano
'Elijah Cano' 2 weeks ago
i feel bad for the grandma getting pranked
Antonio Vergara
'Antonio Vergara' 2 weeks ago
I like a girl
Alejandro Ivan Seifert
Jade Wu
'Jade Wu' 2 weeks ago
Bankroll Boomer
'Bankroll Boomer' 2 weeks ago
1:54 the fuck was that
'Anna' 2 weeks ago
The balloon one got me XD
'*FOFY BOFU CARTOON*' 2 weeks ago
Rafael Vazquez
'Rafael Vazquez' 2 weeks ago
phantomfreddy 12233
'phantomfreddy 12233' 2 weeks ago
phantomfreddy 12233
'phantomfreddy 12233' 2 weeks ago
'ImSlenderleo' 2 weeks ago
katy bombón
'katy bombón' 2 weeks ago
tato yellow
'tato yellow' 2 weeks ago
Jordan Flarida
'Jordan Flarida' 2 weeks ago
I never laugh
Jhenniffer Esquivel
'Jhenniffer Esquivel' 2 weeks ago
Wuts the song for 4:53-5:00
Mabelyn Benitez
'Mabelyn Benitez' 2 weeks ago
patient:The problem is that obesity runs in our family. doctor :No,the problem is that no one runs in your family . Like if you laughed
shadylurker52 fnaf pro forever
the kid with the basket ball must be. very. SIKO
shadylurker52 fnaf pro forever
💩. 😓😓😓. 😲😌. 😡😡😡😡😡. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alexis Harlan
'Alexis Harlan' 2 weeks ago
that is so funny
Doctermaniac Dr.m
'Doctermaniac Dr.m' 2 weeks ago
The kid saying "I am from Japan and I'm gonna chop the gingerbread house" and fails he was a racist peice of shit he thinks all the Japanese can chop anything so he thinks "oh saying I am from Japan is gonna help me" not all Japanese can chop things fat ass. Fucking racist peice of shit.
Saleh morisho
'Saleh morisho' 2 weeks ago
This is so funny
'MissAnime' 3 weeks ago
n sse deve gozar pq vi uma miuda a sangrar aí
'MrEuDream' 3 weeks ago
the basket ball was so funny guys
Mario Cortes
'Mario Cortes' 3 weeks ago
Lunamoth 528
'Lunamoth 528' 3 weeks ago
1:15 thought it said poo 1
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