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AFV Funny Videos Fail Compilation - The Best Videos 2017 -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 2 weeks ago

390, 665 views

3, 745 Likes   185 Dislikes

Brand new weekly fail compilation courtesy of AFV. Featuring kids getting owned, toy car crashes, nut shots, sports fails, extreme sport gone wrong, hot girl fails, hover board fails, stupid stunts caught on tape, home video bloopers, animal attacks, reaction videos and other funny viral clips, outtakes and moments. Check out Team Internet's newest Lost Vlog ►

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Ruth Cadiz
'Ruth Cadiz' 4 hours ago
Rayen Mtiraoui
'Rayen Mtiraoui' 6 hours ago
wath is the song at second 0.00 0.05
BTBGamers are da best
Lol at 7:04 look at the kid next to her 😂😂😂😂
Superboy106l READ IT!
'Gustaftheguy' 1 day ago
Nice dude
Cynthea Jackson
'Cynthea Jackson' 2 days ago
Omg, the last one killed me! Someone give that guy a pair of thug glasses
Bud Jones
'Bud Jones' 3 days ago
That is so funny Iaughed so hard
Jason Grimes
'Jason Grimes' 3 days ago
the funniest is the sink when it sprays her and the microphone I laughed for 20 min straight I threw up cause of how long I was laughing
SantiTheHotwheeler 123
Lionel messi in the back round at 8:42-8:44
მიშო მაიმუნი
09:04 what song?
8:15 just watch this and youll laugh
ParkourPanther G
'ParkourPanther G' 4 days ago
If you sub me you will get an email #tryout
Hernan Herrera
'Hernan Herrera' 4 days ago
the kid of minute 0:32 is a bitch 😬 😬 😬 😬 😠 😠 😠 😠 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡
Neko Chan
'Neko Chan' 5 days ago
these have stopped being funny
Kyle Chrishtian
'Kyle Chrishtian' 6 days ago
You...Now were thing's get funny
Mike B
'Mike B' 7 days ago
no one likes vine no more
Steven Robledo
'Steven Robledo' 1 week ago
the girl at 3:39 snapped her arm !!!
Fiona Martinez
'Fiona Martinez' 1 week ago
Did the guy playimg the tuba hit her on purpose or accident at the end?
Lui Gaming vlogs and more
Hey is Adolfo hitler the same as hitler
Red Fox
'Red Fox' 1 week ago
The edit make it funny but spider-man wow
Buster DoesDE
'Buster DoesDE' 1 week ago
Buster DoesDE
'Buster DoesDE' 1 week ago
Buster DoesDE
'Buster DoesDE' 1 week ago
Song? 4:59
Manoj Manu
'Manoj Manu' 1 week ago
teresa ball
'teresa ball' 1 week ago
Jose Ignacio
'Jose Ignacio' 1 week ago
'MARTI 11' 1 week ago
10:13 auch
Blocky cars
'Blocky cars' 1 week ago
1:00 till 1:20 LOL
i dont like when the boy with glases hirts becouse he dont see perfect like we and he witkout glases he dont see anithing
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'EL MADRE MIA' 1 week ago
Tarrik Robinson
'Tarrik Robinson' 1 week ago
These aren't even from 2017 they are from 2015 and 2016
Toxic Taco
'Toxic Taco' 1 week ago
3:07 wtf is she holding
your an idiot
'your an idiot' 1 week ago
Nothing new. Why?
Annette Bryant
'Annette Bryant' 1 week ago
shilah Dunbar
'LeAlexHD' 1 week ago
song name at 4:58 pls
Ti de
'Ti de' 1 week ago
whats the song at 7:20 it sounds so damn familiar
Sanchez hahatun74
'Sanchez hahatun74' 1 week ago
0:04 the name of song plz
Asriel Dreamerr
'Asriel Dreamerr' 2 weeks ago
ohhhh mmmyyy gooooosssh!!!!+
Jannesa Calderon
'Jannesa Calderon' 2 weeks ago
some of them are funny😵
Jmee Josh Dadulla
'Jmee Josh Dadulla' 2 weeks ago
misha romanov
'misha romanov' 2 weeks ago
What song on 4:58 minutes
Amer Kawani
'Amer Kawani' 2 weeks ago
who know the name of the song in 1:40
Amer Kawani
'Amer Kawani' 2 weeks ago
who know the name of the song in 1:40
Azerato Small Movement
anyone else watching this in bed when your not allowed to tryin not to laugh your fuckin head off???
Ink Sans9768
'Ink Sans9768' 2 weeks ago
Trash man is DEAD
Bethany Black
'Bethany Black' 2 weeks ago
I'm dead at the kid who fell and how the boy on drums, with the straightest face ever, delivers A+ quality bu-dum-tss
Husky Lover
'Husky Lover' 2 weeks ago
'Libbyxx' 2 weeks ago
That Guy
'That Guy' 2 weeks ago
trombone guy at the end savage
Rhia Macal
'Rhia Macal' 2 weeks ago
The kid that said he was going to chop the ginger bread house in is not from japan
'VChaps' 2 weeks ago
Знаю, таких как я надо бить по щам, меня самого это бесит, но кому не сложно перейти на мои видосы, заценить, одобрить, буду признателен и благодарен)
Настя Драйвер
5:30 оруу
'LUIS MYNIGGA' 2 weeks ago
Aleksandr Romanov
'Aleksandr Romanov' 2 weeks ago
Muisc pls 1:30
Adem Aljović
'Adem Aljović' 2 weeks ago
Yep it`s monday lmao
Rola Takizawa
'Rola Takizawa' 2 weeks ago
[ YB_PRODUCTION ]Witches were hypnotic blue Giants go destructive - power of Princess Elsa - alN4aDXREJc
'Seanyboy0170' 2 weeks ago
00:13 song anyone? I can never find it
Wicked Wabbit
'Wicked Wabbit' 2 weeks ago
0:34 can I say what was he even doing
Wicked Wabbit
'Wicked Wabbit' 2 weeks ago
Дима Фёдоров
хавахвхв, в голос
Leozir Narciso
'Leozir Narciso' 2 weeks ago
1:39 music ?
'DogDoesGames' 2 weeks ago
This is 2014-2015 stuff
Your Vines
'Your Vines' 2 weeks ago
Hey, watch out my new video. You'll be shocked!!
Robert pluck
'Robert pluck' 2 weeks ago
6:02 bad perent
'FailKill3000' 2 weeks ago
Whats the song at 4:59
'Magnus' 2 weeks ago
R.i.p headphone users 2:13
AbD- aLqAdEr
'AbD- aLqAdEr' 2 weeks ago
Afv became old get something new bro
Saddam Sikder
'Saddam Sikder' 2 weeks ago
Emily Neon
'Emily Neon' 2 weeks ago
2:13 RIP head phone users
Steven Smith
'Steven Smith' 2 weeks ago
I saw 2017 but no it's the same videos that where recorded 3-10 years ago!
Xion Abad
'Xion Abad' 2 weeks ago
guys i think im dead from laughter. especially the one in the arcade when the dude got instant karma. and the WHEN I TRY TO BE TOUGH one when he smacks he face with a thing, and "ehhhhhhhhhEHHHHAH" sound
Canis majoris
'Canis majoris' 2 weeks ago
Ffs i saw these 100 times..
Ryan Fahtureza
'Ryan Fahtureza' 2 weeks ago
hahahahahahahahahaha suka
FlaMe 69
'FlaMe 69' 2 weeks ago
song in 5:02 ?
'Http_Erin' 2 weeks ago
2:59 Tyler? Josh?
Isela Rodriguez
'Isela Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
What song is in 5:44
Lego SillyFunny
'Lego SillyFunny' 2 weeks ago
6:35 that was my aunt
'R4DSL0THZ87' 2 weeks ago
The thumbnail is so cringy
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 2 weeks ago
KYS vine is dead
Lipee 1337
'Lipee 1337' 2 weeks ago
super smash bros god
Maxim Novobrantsev
'Maxim Novobrantsev' 2 weeks ago
give me 5:36 video please
Zero The killer
'Zero The killer' 2 weeks ago
4:57 ohhhh God so creepy! Nope nope!
Jean C. Alicea
'Jean C. Alicea' 2 weeks ago
the last one got me I was so funny
The Dpcm
'The Dpcm' 2 weeks ago
How is this channel not dead yet
Sąimoņ ķhąļįfą
the name of the song 3:07-3:11
kevin torres
'kevin torres' 2 weeks ago
this channel should die already
Foxy Plays :3 Jumpscare
song 5:02 ??
Lexia Cooper
'Lexia Cooper' 2 weeks ago
8:29 turned geek to hottie in 3 seconds
Rob Dan
'Rob Dan' 2 weeks ago
always the fucking same video
Johanna Kidd
'Johanna Kidd' 2 weeks ago
The man with the snake, that was funny!
Rosa Callejas
'Rosa Callejas' 2 weeks ago
That last one was straight up rude 😂
Aladdin Loves Jasmin
Jesus Rios
'Jesus Rios' 2 weeks ago
Kymora Alston
'Kymora Alston' 2 weeks ago
this is not evan 2017
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