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Sean Paul - No Lie ft. Dua Lipa -
Published: 2 months ago By: SeanPaulVEVO

By: SeanPaulVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

85, 822, 261 views

651, 704 Likes   15, 841 Dislikes

“No Lie” is out now:

Sean Paul”

Music video by Sean Paul performing No Lie. (C) 2017 Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

Un Rato Gamer
'Un Rato Gamer' 50 minutes ago
Lexus Cr7
'Lexus Cr7' 1 hour ago
Desde cuando arturo Vidal canta
Filip Fabian
'Filip Fabian' 2 hours ago
Dua Lipa is dope
Romey Dookie
'Romey Dookie' 3 hours ago
love it
Martin Lopez
'Martin Lopez' 3 hours ago
mejor cancion
'MrLoserberry' 3 hours ago
Houis Stymo
'Houis Stymo' 4 hours ago
sean paul ruins the song
Heather Jarquin
'Heather Jarquin' 4 hours ago
💜💜me encanta
ED The Gamer
'ED The Gamer' 5 hours ago
You never get bored of listening to this song! It's been now 3 months I've been listening to it everyday! And I keep on listening to it!
Kaja #
'Kaja #' 5 hours ago
I'm Serbian but I can learn Sean Paul to speak English
jhon alvares
'jhon alvares' 5 hours ago
los patitos
Cristobal Zuniga
'Cristobal Zuniga' 6 hours ago
i'm obsessed with this song
Xiomara Ramirez Vargas
la mejor canción del año te tqm
Sabrina Fiorentino
'Sabrina Fiorentino' 6 hours ago
'PERRAIS JEROME' 7 hours ago
Super son! Ma chanson préférer de 2017!
Patryk Górnowicz
'Patryk Górnowicz' 7 hours ago
'Paino' 7 hours ago
I love the song but I think the rapping destroys it
'Jane SEBA' 8 hours ago
i love music she is beautiful 😍😍💭💭😱😱🌼🌼
Kaouthar Agrebi
'Kaouthar Agrebi' 8 hours ago
nbzb hr jzg jfgjdoisJeit
'BimKomisch' 8 hours ago
Uff.. I broke the Replay Button. *^*
Lorena Mosquera
'Lorena Mosquera' 9 hours ago
q cancion tan padre
'JoshCorbPlayx' 9 hours ago
Liliana Mikova
'Liliana Mikova' 9 hours ago
toto je super pesnicka
'Nella' 9 hours ago
when you live in the you understand every word sean paul says :)
louane hamon
'louane hamon' 9 hours ago
love love the music
Nonna Yurbuzness
'Nonna Yurbuzness' 10 hours ago
I love this song, it reminds me of my time in London... good times, lol
Fabrizio Guzzo
'Fabrizio Guzzo' 10 hours ago
very very Good
Fabrizio Guzzo
'Fabrizio Guzzo' 10 hours ago
very very Good
John Blake
'John Blake' 10 hours ago
theres something strange with her lower lip.
julian galindo
'julian galindo' 11 hours ago
😍😍😍 This Song is so fucking gooooood. Makes the world Dance 💪💪
'OutOfLast' 11 hours ago
Music is very very good !!!
DiameRo Agui
'DiameRo Agui' 11 hours ago
Артур Ванин
симпатичная девушка в клипе
me encantas Dua Lipa, me he obsesionado alv
David Bryant
'David Bryant' 11 hours ago
Came here after the Baywatch Trailer 3
Daniela Ostos Gomez
'Daniela Ostos Gomez' 11 hours ago
I love this song ♥
'SATHYNE SOUBY' 11 hours ago
Je taime c'est chanson c est mon qife
Nikol Atanasova
'Nikol Atanasova' 12 hours ago
наи хубавата песен в света
Flávia Alessandra
'Flávia Alessandra' 12 hours ago
meu vício *💕* melhor música
Ioana Matefi
'Ioana Matefi' 12 hours ago
olguncan kars
'olguncan kars' 13 hours ago
feel your eyes,
karolinka VIP XD
'karolinka VIP XD' 13 hours ago
I lo💓ve Dua Lipa
'Lamex' 13 hours ago
!!l love this song!!Whoever thinks I'm right do like
Maria Danilina
'Maria Danilina' 13 hours ago
дуа липа вообще не умеет петь
Ruzik. Ruzik
'Ruzik. Ruzik' 13 hours ago
Maria Danilina
'Maria Danilina' 13 hours ago
ну почему никакие песни не несут смысла? одну тупость!
'SØMA' 14 hours ago
sean paul is back🔥♥
'Šerio.' 14 hours ago
Am i the one that searched this song as "Don't be shy take control of me'
Mi Ku
'Mi Ku' 14 hours ago
kurva siptarska
Jackie Fernandez
'Jackie Fernandez' 14 hours ago
wow i remember MAPSOSA by Hwangtaeji 😂
Alba Maria Guerrero Cantero
i like this song
Alisha -
'Alisha -' 16 hours ago
I keep coming back here , this song is so Lit🔥
'Anouk' 16 hours ago
She is so perfect. ❤️
soy luna fans
'soy luna fans' 17 hours ago
Nicolò Martini
'Nicolò Martini' 17 hours ago
Sempre un duro SeanDaPaul!! ;)
Armel Kamga Ngameni
'Armel Kamga Ngameni' 18 hours ago
'Imziagra' 18 hours ago
damn girl, that make up is beyond gorgeous
Black Production
'Black Production' 20 hours ago
Dua lipa so hot 😧😧
'Retr0' 21 hours ago
0:48 - thank me later :)
Nikhil Vinod
'Nikhil Vinod' 22 hours ago
A Sean Paul is not complete without Bidda Bang Bang and Baby Girl :D xD
Battuvshin Oyunchimeg
dua lipa saves this song
Zulema Zu
'Zulema Zu' 1 day ago
Gral Free
'Gral Free' 1 day ago
Ну почему именно на этот клип она надела ошейник?
Mitch Cron
'Mitch Cron' 1 day ago
I legit couldn't understand a single word.
Luis Emilio Saladin Alba
Yogendra Chouhan
'Yogendra Chouhan' 1 day ago
Dua lipa is surely 'hotter than hell' 😃
daniela sandoval
'daniela sandoval' 1 day ago
Me encanta 👌🏻🎤
Wolowitz Si
'Wolowitz Si' 1 day ago
Coat Code
'Coat Code' 1 day ago
Banging tune
kiaru Godoy de mg
alta voz locooo!!!!
Alejandro Hernandez
like A It Music
Elmer Arguedas
'Elmer Arguedas' 1 day ago
que mirada mas sexy tiene esa chica 😍
Roshawn Miller
'Roshawn Miller' 1 day ago
my girlfriend tell me that she hate this song,Nw im single
'Moafoaka' 1 day ago
This year Albanian day nice girls i love all your songs
Patrick Gonzalez
'Patrick Gonzalez' 1 day ago
I want to creampie her
'Wextra' 1 day ago
Bra låt!
'Luk2x' 1 day ago
Jest Lipa ale jednak jej nie ma :D
'Wextra' 1 day ago
emin yildirim
'emin yildirim' 1 day ago
Sean paul's voice makes me feel like everything is on the way
Enrique Iglesias
'Enrique Iglesias' 1 day ago
Hit like if you came here after watching baywatch trailer..
d o n t f o l l o w m e
All my balkans comment 👇 (im too balkan)
A Kid From Hell
'A Kid From Hell' 1 day ago
Who is here after watching Baywatch Trailer
Daniel Del Angel
'Daniel Del Angel' 1 day ago
is asome
nikt ważny
'nikt ważny' 1 day ago
*zajebiste kurwa*
Aleksander Kwaśniewski
Jashbeer Emambaccus
i love this song ❤
Aleena rafik
'Aleena rafik' 1 day ago
This song is lit
Kizomba Zouk TV
'Kizomba Zouk TV' 1 day ago
hey people please subscribe my channel to grow
Yooubadlks _
'Yooubadlks _' 1 day ago
Makes my soul dance.
'MR.N . ZNzTV' 1 day ago
felix shams
'felix shams' 1 day ago
Girl got great style
Mia Khalifa Fan
'Mia Khalifa Fan' 1 day ago
I would love to fuck her
Mia Khalifa Fan
'Mia Khalifa Fan' 1 day ago
She Would Be An Amazing Pornstar
Mia Khalifa Fan
'Mia Khalifa Fan' 1 day ago
Dua Lipa Is Soooo Fiiit
kassandra Equille
sean paul je t'adore ☺☺☺☺☺
Brayan Ruiz Ochoa
Simple pero gran canción.
Jennifer Rios
'Jennifer Rios' 1 day ago
love Dua lipa songs
power chopra
'power chopra' 1 day ago
dua lipa voice is amazing btw
Abc Def
'Abc Def' 2 days ago
Sarahh Naifeh
'Sarahh Naifeh' 2 days ago
I CANNOT listen to this and not dance 😂
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