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Rich Piana & Mac Trucc - Complete ATTACK Breakdown by Witness -
Published: 2 months ago By: MrYorkieLover Fitness

By: MrYorkieLover FitnessPublished: 2 months ago

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Rich Piana & Mac Trucc - Complete ATTACK Breakdown. I was an ACTUAL Witness who filmed and watched what happened. This is the actual breakdown and analysis of what happened at the LA Fit Expo between Rich Piana and Mac Trucc. Enjoy.

Silent jay
'Silent jay' 4 hours ago
that's not a sucker punch that's just how street fights start
'AffiliatePro' 10 hours ago
What's all the 5% stuff mean anyway? 5% brain matter? ha ha ha JK, no, but seriously, what's it all mean? This all reminds me of being 15 in middle school. ha ha ha So glad those days are over, got better things to do.
Johnno Giles
'Johnno Giles' 22 hours ago
Macc Truck backed right up like the little pussy bitch he is! sucker punching like a little bitch too lmfao
'93fuelslut' 1 day ago
what was the fight over
Pat Gibson
'Pat Gibson' 1 day ago
Why hasn't anyone reported this to the LAPD ?
Texas Entertainment Network
Everybody knows Rich set all of this up to spring his boy's obvious....
'volcommerce' 2 days ago
great breakdown, high quality footage and audio
'pleasure.' 3 days ago
piana is a psycho and fake as shit
'easylikeSM' 3 days ago
sucker kicked? the guys were face to face so it ain't no sucker punch\ kick......... The closest to a sucker punch was from Mac Trucc .... twice, once on Rich and the other 'only' sucker punch on Alex
James O
'James O'Brien' 5 days ago
Fair play to Rich, he offered Mac a one to one and Mac was too much of a coward to sort it out on his own.
Lord Billz
'Lord Billz' 6 days ago
They wanted to avoid lawsuits
Nevada Mareno
'Nevada Mareno' 6 days ago
When the battle of the sparkly thongs spills into expos leave it for the stage you oiled up warriors
'Biker' 7 days ago
Mac truck is a fool and after being sucker punched I would of done more than just kick them fools it was not a sucker kick
samuel roth
'samuel roth' 1 week ago
11:56 security tells Rich Piana to go back to your boob (left corner redhead).
Peter Bird
'Peter Bird' 1 week ago
Look at all the idiots taping with cellphones. WurrrrStaaaaar !
Adrian Rodriguez
'Adrian Rodriguez' 1 week ago
fuck rich piana and alex weak ass u get wat u deserve khali muscle bop bop
Karurosu Noeru 77
'Karurosu Noeru 77' 1 week ago
5% crew all the way
Deshawn C
'Deshawn C' 1 week ago
I believe some of you guys are living in the 1500's. Both of these guys are idiots, but I have no empathy for Rich. Some of you need to wake up. This is NOT a sucker punch in 2017. Anytime you let your intentions be known that you intend to harm someone (verbally or physically), anything is fair game at anytime . Nobody is waiting to receive a invites or letters to begin defending themselves. Some of y'all think we're still in the days of "I challenge you to a duel, 10 paces at high noon". The moment you threaten me, ITS GO TIME, you better be ready. Hell in most parts of this country Rich could've got shot rather than a punch. Even COPS are trained to use the "His actions verbally or physically made me fearful for my life". I have my CCW just for situations like this. If you are not about that life or action, don't tough talk. Be the wiser man, keep your mouth shut, call the cops, walk away etc. There are NO rules to a street fight contrary to your beliefs. Dudes on here think you can talk trash and threaten dudes without consequences. Lesson is, you never know how guys will react when threatened. So if u gonna talk tough be ready to back it up at any time. Always protect yourself, if you got "sucker punched" AFTER telling a guy u want to fight him, THAT IS YOUR FAULT! keep your head on a swivel next time.
JAK 31
'JAK 31' 2 weeks ago
Fuck mac pussy trucc. Hahahaha!!!!
Neil Donoghue
'Neil Donoghue' 2 weeks ago
Macc Trucc is a fucking shitbag
Quick Facts
'Quick Facts' 2 weeks ago
Suck punching, ganging up idiots. Rich showed great maturity and his team showed great loyalty, the other party acted like criminals and children.
'msa1985' 2 weeks ago
who did vegan gains physically attack?
Alessandro Quirino Teixeira
Porrada mass
Keith Christopher Harcus
look I respect Rich and I think he's a great guy, I want to be his friend, but he needs to learn to respect boundaries, he should not have been talking shit about Kali saying he uses steroids, that's Kali's business if he wants to come out and say it but all Rich needed to say is that he himself uses steroids and that steroids are a normal part of the body building industry to give a competitive edge, but he did not need to say who specifically uses steroids, even though we all know that many of them probably use steroids, it's not for us to say who, I still respect Rich because of his honesty and his cheerful attitude but he needs to learn to respect boundaries otherwise this is the type of crap that can be expected
joeyh v
'joeyh v' 2 weeks ago
at 3:57 rich spiders Sence is tingling..
'funshootin1' 3 weeks ago
mma fighter huh
dustin pastula
'dustin pastula' 3 weeks ago
dude. we know who they are. it doesn't happen that fast. you're fucking hand is in the way when is playing
BIg DogS SouthxCentral
Ur just having rich the pussies back
'agioni99' 3 weeks ago
So Trucc, punched a 50 year old man and is celebrating this?
robert snell
'robert snell' 3 weeks ago
notice nobody ever goes at so alpha 😎 or kali in person.
Mohd Al Sada
'Mohd Al Sada' 3 weeks ago
Rich Piana is gentleman not street boy like those scums.
Mark Lopez
'Mark Lopez' 3 weeks ago
Macc trucc is a hood nigga. He ain't taking shit from anyone. Fucc rich
vern schock
'vern schock' 3 weeks ago
Dudes a professional-Mac hit like a bitch-funny his video saying how he snuck a big punch-my little nephew hits harder and he's 12!
'cuntlicker75' 3 weeks ago
Worked as a doorman for many years. The big roid users were always the biggest pussies. Got scared for nothing.
'rexstick' 3 weeks ago
Mac truck is just a looser trying to be somebody by punching rich piana. go fight in ufc little tonka truck
'MuffyCakeMan' 3 weeks ago
Should have stabbed all those dumb niggers
'vegasfishfilet' 3 weeks ago
fuck you talk to much
Erasmo Anguiano
'Erasmo Anguiano' 3 weeks ago
Suck rich dick already
ATL Johnson
'ATL Johnson' 3 weeks ago
damn dude. hush the PHUCK up, & just play the video! ole speedy Gonzales mouth ass
Edwin Reed
'Edwin Reed' 3 weeks ago
Let the video play your herb
suck these big irish nuts
it was vegan gains that punched him, not macc
Robert Cornelius
'Robert Cornelius' 3 weeks ago
Honestly, I would love to see more of this shit on Youtube. How-to-videos are getting old.
'DJCBZ BEATZ' 3 weeks ago
Sounds like a business deal gone bad somebody owe or got screwed out of some $$$$$$$$$$$$$
Adam  F
'Adam F' 4 weeks ago
Say what you want about piana he's asking that oreo shirt nigga to get outside
'MW086924' 4 weeks ago
Just shut up and play the damn video....
'alienindacloset' 4 weeks ago ya fap off to Rich Piana pics or videos as well? Haha...kiddin'...but seriously...when u get into a real in such a situation, a public event where so many people can capture whatever one is better than the other...i like Piana too but he clearly did somethin' to piss off Trucc to the extent where he had to do what he did...i could be wrong but i believe bodybuilding requires maybe almost if not as much discipline as MMA and boxing, sports which i'm into, and when u've been doing it a long time u learn to control yourself...and for something to piss of Trucc that much and for Piana to be that "calm"...there's something beyond the whole "Piana is the good guy and Trucc is the bad guy" story u're telling here...
'oxideman1' 4 weeks ago
black monkeys in gangs... always up to no good
Dan Weeks Music
'Dan Weeks Music' 4 weeks ago
fair play rich. You're a legend! you seem like a nice guy
'pullupseattle' 4 weeks ago
surprised rich didn't take his earrings out like the bitch that he is. dramatic AF and got punked
'MastaMenace' 4 weeks ago
Alex got fucked up
'BrotherBoresIsBest' 4 weeks ago
Brock and Shamrock should be 5%. Thug truck and his crew would get rolled up.
Kim Albanskiii
'Kim Albanskiii' 4 weeks ago
fuck man.. I hated rich because his plastic arms but now he win my respect!
Boris tha Blade
'Boris tha Blade' 4 weeks ago
where was the Sucker punch?
'Night0wll' 1 month ago
Mike, TheAnimated
'Mike, TheAnimated' 1 month ago
Aw man, there's racism in the comments. One black person in a video punches a white dude and fools paint the entire race with the thug brush. This was not cool by Mac Trucc, but why am I a thug because of him?
Nana Obeng
'Nana Obeng' 1 month ago
Let's go outside and settle this? Who the hell got time to go outside. Let's settle it right here, right now. This is the most coward thing to say to an opponent.
'agenthelios1' 1 month ago
Nig gonna nig....fuck that bitch "Mac Trucc", no one cares about that pussy!
Filo Blud
'Filo Blud' 1 month ago
All those big boys on roids that can't fight for shit cause there arms are big as there heads! Can't move properly! Bodybuilding become so lame these days!
Rox Tex
'Rox Tex' 1 month ago
Those bums are NFG. Piana, as filthy and vulgar as he is, doesn't need shit like that from the bros. Not sure why Piana has so many problems with people, the guy ought to go out and learn to fight. Everybody seems to want a piece of him for some reason. If he fucks people over, then he deserves it. If people are just jealous of success, then there's no need to deal with fuckers like these. These guys should get a shit kicking within an inch of their lives.
Reptilian Monk
'Reptilian Monk' 1 month ago
These fookin bums are slow and stiff, think they are stuck in the mudd
Chaco Taco
'Chaco Taco' 1 month ago
So glad I had John Madden break this down
Fedor Emelianenko
'Fedor Emelianenko' 1 month ago
you stutter so fucking much..could've made this vid half as long
Kung Lao
'Kung Lao' 1 month ago
When is the movie coming? Rich vs. Mack.
Tooty Tooty
'Tooty Tooty' 1 month ago
there is a part before this...where rich was calling out mac is smart he dont make any move on camera but he is sneaky tho...but i bet you want to be a 5% ...yorkie...and why didn`t rich fightthat muscle pussy guy when he called rich out
'xXyEaRiGhTXx' 1 month ago
mak truck behaved like a child
willian Martins
'willian Martins' 1 month ago
A guy who punch someone like that can't be called a man. Such a coward
Muzammil Khan
'Muzammil Khan' 1 month ago
I never liked Rich Paina b4 this, but after seeing this i have a lot of respect for this advise, next time Rich Piana! Keep a gun, to keep it simple...This guy is not a fighter & Mac Truck if u wanna fight, i dare u guys to pick up on real MMA fighters, like Brock Lesnar, Frank Mir, Cain Valuezquas or others ...!!!
'TheRaokenx' 1 month ago
Nigs gonna nig
Alexis Estela
'Alexis Estela' 1 month ago
not a sucker punch if he's preparing for it lol
Alexis Estela
'Alexis Estela' 1 month ago
can you Dick ride Rich anymore ?
Saban Saulic
'Saban Saulic' 1 month ago
Anabolika looking Hulk but Same like pussy !!! So this with One chechnya Men he killing all ! Chechnya is real Fighters
Saban Saulic
'Saban Saulic' 1 month ago
AAAB= ALL AMERICANS ARE BASTARDS !!! Obama Trump is Face of fucking USA
David Walker
'David Walker' 1 month ago
This video is gay as fuck. Fuck these dicks
'Kevinnn63' 1 month ago
You stupid fuck you don't know what you're talking about.
Lightspeed Retro
'Lightspeed Retro' 1 month ago
Mac Trucc is a fucking loser lol
scott scott
'scott scott' 1 month ago
I lost all respect for rich when he slapped around that kid at another show so he is not that great of guy so a sucker punch is the least he deserves.So keep on sucking his cock for another four years!!
Tom K
'Tom K' 1 month ago
mac trucc is a scared little bitch
Anspar Anspaugh
'Anspar Anspaugh' 1 month ago
All i gotta say is OH SHIT! What happens with punks messing with men.
'87PAULINO1' 1 month ago
Mac truck body is not impressive
'Despond' 1 month ago
They aren't that smart, they made Rich look even better with how he handled this unprovoked assault. Rich came out with more respect from most people after this.
Patrick Ghioca
'Patrick Ghioca' 1 month ago
Man... this americans are such pussies, here in romania a punch like that would have ended with some broken shit. I don;t mention how it would have ended in Russia.
Atheist Pirate
'Atheist Pirate' 1 month ago
Why isn't anyone talking about how after the Alex dude punched one of Mac's friends, 2 or 3 of Mac's friends started pounding on Alex after he was on the ground? To me, that was the worst part of the whole situation, yet no one is talking about it. Yes, Alex instigated it and got whipped.. but it looked really bad when 2 or 3 of Mac's friends were cracking him at the same time. Since they were wearing the same tshirts, it looked like a gang style swarming. 5% Gang vs Team18Wheeler Street Gang. hahaha these guys boast about 'being from the streets' so much...I don't know why one would be proud of somethign like that. Again, as I love to say, IT IS NOT NORMAL. Boasting and bragging about 'street stuff' is not is not normal. People DO NOT RESPECT YOU... instead, they FEAR you. It is sad. Really, really sad. Grown men fighting like school boys at a middle school dance.
'wm0104' 1 month ago
Nothing new here...typical nigger...sucker punch and 10 friends to get his slack.....
ahmed qadri
'ahmed qadri' 1 month ago
well done bro. u have done a good job. (y)
'mi4k20' 1 month ago
These fitness dudes fighting is lame as hell
'boypula' 1 month ago
he didn't sucker kicked the guy, they're in the fight expect something physical is going to happen, rich was sucker punched because he just expected him and mac would just talk but the guy who kicked the other guy they know that's its a fight that's the difference.
'Jack' 1 month ago
alex thinks he is the big man but really is a pussy
Joshua Baummer
'Joshua Baummer' 1 month ago
The lady in red is Jane Rich's first wife.
'RLN1972' 1 month ago
Rich Has always seemed like a cool mother fucker that lets people have access to him to fair degree. Some people cant stand other success. Keep doing you Rich.... FUCKEM
'907STI' 1 month ago
😂😂😂rich pirana😭😭😭
Alexandros kyriakides
That's bs! Rich started bullying and he got what he deserved
Claudia Rouseau
'Claudia Rouseau' 1 month ago
Joaquin Mendoza
'Joaquin Mendoza' 1 month ago
isn't that cyborg?? the one that is taking pictures with people?
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