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Rich Piana & Mac Trucc - Complete ATTACK Breakdown by Witness -
Published: 9 months ago By: MrYorkieLover Fitness

By: MrYorkieLover FitnessPublished: 9 months ago

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Rich Piana & Mac Trucc - Complete ATTACK Breakdown. I was an ACTUAL Witness who filmed and watched what happened. This is the actual breakdown and analysis of what happened at the LA Fit Expo between Rich Piana and Mac Trucc. Enjoy.

Reza Rhodes
'Reza Rhodes' 4 hours ago
All these dumb ass comments... Why u gotta be racist when a fight happens with different races? If u think saying that shit makes u tough, or makes u feel tough... Go sick ur dick then... Don't keep blasting racist words all over. U sound immature as it is, but obviously bran is all u care about. Brains isn't something uve exercised. Congrats on being a loser that looks at muscular dudes all day long and gets off from talking shit about black people after uve came from all the dudes uve been whackin off watching. Ur a faggot if u talk shit about different colored people, sucking the dick of some roided out chess club. To the cameraman: get a better camera, the quality blows... And cheap shots are when nobody, especially the victim, sees a fight coming. Clearly everyone was prepared for a fight, and that Alex guy was the only man in both groups. He's being loyal, and all the other juice heads are too slow, or worried they might get brake a nose or tear a delt or some shit. Props to that Alex dude, he got mobbed on, and nobody else even thru a punch for backup. Plus going outside, yes is the better way to do things, but once the coward throws a punch, it's fair game to beat that guys ass, and all the dudes with him. U are right these dudes are not fighters, or athletes or anything but exersizers that can't lift correctly 6 days a week, so the do roids.
Amran Fasika
'Amran Fasika' 1 day ago
He is scared thats why
Togobo Obogot
'Togobo Obogot' 2 days ago
bullshit talk ...... just let go fcking video wtf is wrong with u
Gus  P Music
'Gus P Music' 4 days ago
mam stfu and show the video
Sonny Black
'Sonny Black' 4 days ago
I see some ignorant ppl on here making this a black and white thing lol
Zoka J Z
'Zoka J Z' 5 days ago
Wendel Salles
'Wendel Salles' 5 days ago
Cadê os br ?
six sixsix
'six sixsix' 5 days ago
could you kick ther asses one by one?
rick dereaux
'rick dereaux' 5 days ago
Leonard Halbert
'Leonard Halbert' 5 days ago
Meatheads gone wild
'MERO' 6 days ago
'ElimExperience' 7 days ago
worst fight commentary of all time... there are no rules to fighting or when or how someone hits you... if you're in a confrontation then you know to be prepared for anything!
'ru5tpR0of24' 7 days ago
...all these muscles just mean more food for the worms when you die!!!
Jake Owen
'Jake Owen' 1 week ago
Dude gayyyyyyyyyyy
San Yang
'San Yang' 1 week ago
Fuck. Just play the video. Don't need a play by play
Ramsess Yanez
'Ramsess Yanez' 1 week ago
all these big ass dudes nneeded an oxgen tank after this
mark sharp
'mark sharp' 1 week ago
Mac Trucc pfffffft more like Mac cheese .
Iceman naz
'Iceman naz' 2 weeks ago
just a piss in the corner ,not much of a fight
matty d
'matty d' 2 weeks ago
You are a complete idiot. You dont know what a sucker punch or kick is. When you know its coming its not a sucker punch. He was fucking waiting for it without his watch and phone. Stop saying people were sucker punched and kicked in the middle of 2 jackassses that were starting shit.
Pale Horse
'Pale Horse' 2 weeks ago
changos love to sucker punch, and always gang up on niggas, its like a rule of life for them, never, never one on one
'ilovebeer69me' 2 weeks ago
mac trucc loves the cock B===))))==D~~~~~O: bukakke ftw
Stacy Trune
'Stacy Trune' 2 weeks ago
Bodybuilder = useless p***y clowns. Fact!
'troy' 2 weeks ago
ive snorted lines longer than that..
Dreads And Angels
'Dreads And Angels' 2 weeks ago
Stfu gay rich pi an na nigga Mac trucc whoop that ass
il Bellimbusto
'il Bellimbusto' 2 weeks ago
I like ur explanation
fasdf efa
'fasdf efa' 2 weeks ago
Typical civilians think they are tough. The bigger you are, the bigger you fall.
Steve-DIFMEIWS Steve
yawn, stage-managed. All those minders looking out for him and he doesn't say anything to them. The taking off the watch and phone routine is standard practice build-up to a non-event
David Larson
'David Larson' 3 weeks ago
5% remaining ball-size.
'Stormchaser' 3 weeks ago
Sucker punch me and get a bullet to the face, fuck your muscles.
William Regal
'William Regal' 3 weeks ago
Always a bunch of racist black guys looking to start some shit with white people and don't forget the roid rage, all these MF's are a bunch of punks.
Luis Eraso
'Luis Eraso' 3 weeks ago
pelear no usted por paz 😦👊😓😭💪🖐
Darrell Morris
'Darrell Morris' 4 weeks ago
Truck yous a bitch.
'missplasticpony' 4 weeks ago
This Situation was so fucking dangerous in every way, what if their stupid fight had created a stampede and possibly had crushed people that were visiting the show that day??!
Chris Birdsell
'Chris Birdsell' 4 weeks ago
Name of the bitch in red shirt?
Tim Peacock
'Tim Peacock' 4 weeks ago
RIP Rich!!! PS friends lets not stereotype and feed hate. Its not the color or a person skin that matters, its the size and intent of their heart. Don't let the media turn people against one another!!! Thoughts and prayers to Rich Piana's family and friends.
Graham Horgan
'Graham Horgan' 4 weeks ago
Great video. Thanks.
Skip Kot
'Skip Kot' 4 weeks ago
Rich is a real man and this mac fuck will never be a man so he should sell crack like the rest of them.
DUAL 777
'DUAL 777' 4 weeks ago
Fucking nigger should've been put down like an old sick dog. Trash of society.
'TopHat5900' 4 weeks ago
Mac Trucc got dem hands fa they Ass!!!! ✊🏾💪🏾
Kostas Remmas
'Kostas Remmas' 1 month ago
Macc is fucking pusy
justin G
'justin G' 1 month ago
Dude your fuckn annoying
Antonio Gardoni
'Antonio Gardoni' 1 month ago
Homie talk shit get hit! Was no sucker punching involved. Blows should be expected with people running there mouth like they got shoes on there teeth. Period.
Ali Babaei
'Ali Babaei' 1 month ago
Alex tried to be a hero, and he is now. Alex, the hero. lol
Ali Babaei
'Ali Babaei' 1 month ago
You are too honest to the explanation. Nice job buddy.
Born to be Wild
'Born to be Wild' 1 month ago
deplomatic expelend cover.
eric thefathead
'eric thefathead' 1 month ago
'A G' 1 month ago
play the fucking video
B Fol
'B Fol' 1 month ago
Mac trukk fucking pussy! Couldn't go fight like a man typical thug coward.
'MistaOneGuy' 1 month ago
'MistaOneGuy' 1 month ago
That wasn't a sucker kick.. the confrontation had already started, and the other guy was talking big
Not You Again Yip
'Not You Again Yip' 1 month ago
hey fella..I don't care what you say. you can fuck off. go on. way you go
Slade Dum
'Slade Dum' 1 month ago
Guys,posted a video with training,evaluate if its not difficult,well,subscribe at will,I will do even more videos)
405 BOY
'405 BOY' 1 month ago
As big as they are, not one of them can fight. Mac Trucc rocked him..
David Grainger
'David Grainger' 1 month ago
be not not
'JeffSal999' 1 month ago
You mentioned Vegan Gains as stirring up trouble then taking a shot at the guy in person, but Vegan Gains met Rich Piana, Furious Pete and others in Toronto a few months ago and was VERY sweet and quiet and respectful!!! He is nothing but a "keyboard-warrior" and wouldn't DARE talk shit to their faces!
Widow Maker706
'Widow Maker706' 1 month ago
Dirty nigger that's all they know how to do then they get shot and start crying like little bitches
'intravena' 2 months ago
Wow that punch actually killed him. RIP Rich.
Robin Vanovervelt
'Robin Vanovervelt' 2 months ago
i would've loved to see martyn ford deal out a beating
Right in Braddah. Gid bless you bro. Thanks for shiwing that and it really truly is a tribute of honor and respect to Rich Piana we need more Brothers like you who got their respect and put the perspective in the right way and I'll blow things out of proportion and again thank you my brother you have a great day God bless I'm not subscribed to your channel because you're a solid guy still blessed man look forward to seeing me in the future I'll be another bodybuilding star from Honolulu Hawaii baby God bless in a mighty and Max last name of Jesus Christ
Charles Michalski
'Charles Michalski' 2 months ago
You also won't catch white body builders doing this stupid ahitnof course it's the black body builders
Charles Michalski
'Charles Michalski' 2 months ago
Black ppl r retarted
Pedro Gallegos
'Pedro Gallegos' 2 months ago
Mac trucc is a Bitch....
Brett Michael
'Brett Michael' 2 months ago
That wouldn't be considered a sucker kick... Like he literally came right up to him in front of his face and kicked him hahaha. A sucker would be the black guy that punched him in the side of the head after his boy got dropped by a kick to his big ass belly
Raw Powerlifting Strength
crap truck, who wants to follow that retard anyway, what a gay move, whoring for views, rich did not need that.
micky bang-bang
'micky bang-bang' 2 months ago
fucking niggers
my december
'my december' 2 months ago
Typical jungle monkeys
c burg
'c burg' 2 months ago
Be that Beast
'Be that Beast' 2 months ago
Rip Rich.. Good guy to the end
John10535 John10353
'John10535 John10353' 2 months ago
fucking sneaky monkey 😠
Michael Bing
'Michael Bing' 2 months ago
so basically Mac is trying to get attention because he is mr nobody... cool
'deathstar11' 2 months ago
Wtf dude? This isn't pistols at dawn. Agree to terms?? How is it a sucker punch or kick if both sides are face to face beefin? You have to expect a punch, a kick ,or anything to erupt at any moment in a situation like that. Excuse me but I've always thought that a sucker punch was when someone who isnt looking gets clocked, usually from behind or to the side.
'ChArLiE BeAtZ' 2 months ago
You right about size. I weigh 165lbs and I have taken big 270lb dudes.
'worryphree' 2 months ago
The more I'm actually starting to LISTEN to Mac Trucc, the more I'm seeing now that Rich Piana(RIP), was really kinda being a dick. Does that justify Mac going up side Rich's head? I don't know. Mac didn't really hurt Rich, just a smack. I think it was kinda immature for Mac to do that, but at the end of the day, no real harm done. I feel like Mac was just fed up with Rich's bullshit. Kinda like I'm fed up with my boss lady's bullshit at work right now. Some people you just cain't say shit to. They won't fucking LISTEN, and they always make you out to be WRONG, no matter what. Most folks are just under a YUGE amount of stress, and the education system doesn't teach anybody how to be really HAPPY. It's just, go to class, toe the line, get good grades, don't ask too many questions, and GET A GOOD JOB!! Frank Zappa says it best, I think...
'worryphree' 2 months ago
Here's Macc Trucc giving his explanation and "justification" for initiating violence against another human.
canelo alvarez
'canelo alvarez' 2 months ago
It wasnt a sucker kick if the guy was squaring up calling them out
Tec Insu
'Tec Insu' 2 months ago
mac trucc its all about jealousy thats all it is nothing more all less this mac guy is a loser end off story game over
'XxX' 2 months ago
mac trucc coward and chicken, truc punch Rich Piana like a pus.y when Rich dont see .... trucc chicken,pus.y coward
Javier Villamayor
'Javier Villamayor' 2 months ago
...and now Mac is happy because Rich is dead...that's the way it is.
JD Kiernan
'JD Kiernan' 2 months ago
RIP big man
'NYCRudeBoy' 2 months ago
R.I.P. Rich Piana
Turf Greatness
'Turf Greatness' 2 months ago
michael spencer
'michael spencer' 2 months ago
R.I.P Rich Piana %5
6.5 Creedy
'6.5 Creedy' 2 months ago
What a bunch of idiots!!
Constantinos Spartiatis
If you don't know any martial art, these muscle men will easily kick your ass.
'BlackKNyT' 2 months ago
Chimpanzees should be put behind the bars.
guru singh
'guru singh' 2 months ago
Rip piana :(
andy Bodnar
'andy Bodnar' 2 months ago
🙄😆 it's not a sucker punch if one is in your face talking shit and swings. Same with a kick.
Troy Winter
'Troy Winter' 2 months ago
Hell Rich has corporate presence he has to worry about.Mac truck if he had a real problem with Rich he would gone up to his house instead of somewhere they can break it up.
Raymond Chapman
'Raymond Chapman' 2 months ago
I'm gona be that guy and say what most know....typical nig*er. I' m not racist and I do not use that worse losely but this was typical and textbook nig*er. Period.
Stacey Webb
'Stacey Webb' 2 months ago
I was there, the black guy with a dark blue shirt, with writing on the left arm 🙋
Jason W
'Jason W' 2 months ago
What a bitch. Had to start shit with rich to gain fame. Guess it shows that he still needed him cause he couldn't gain notoriety himself
Edmond Taverdyan
'Edmond Taverdyan' 2 months ago
this shit makes me want to go watch the math hoffa video lol
Edmond Taverdyan
'Edmond Taverdyan' 2 months ago
i dont agree to no takes ALOT for me to steal on a dude.....if i do....u can be 100% sure he deserved it.....agree to, im not George St Pierre. If we got problems and most likely u will be aware if we do.....then y get in my face? U might get cracked lol.......but the black dude was should pull'd rich to the side and THEN stole on him....that's what i do. Let me holla at u fam *crack*
Edmond Taverdyan
'Edmond Taverdyan' 2 months ago
oh he called all u dudes bitches 4 watching other ppl's videos on youtube......OH!!!!
cat 69
'cat 69' 2 months ago
Piana is a great guy a cool guy a bro. A friend.
Nishchaiy Dakhane
'Nishchaiy Dakhane' 2 months ago
Thank you for the description. It was amazing to know the situation by you
Zubair Shah Khan Shinwari
Don't unleash the monster you pussy mac
Joe Boy
'Joe Boy' 2 months ago
I'm late as fuck but Alex got his ass wiped LMAO!!!! MMA my ass
joyadur choudhury
'joyadur choudhury' 2 months ago
Piana was the better man, sensible too. Shame, he's no longer with us :-(
'devilZization' 2 months ago
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