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Rich Piana & Mac Trucc - Complete ATTACK Breakdown by Witness -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: MrYorkieLover Fitness

By: MrYorkieLover FitnessPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Rich Piana & Mac Trucc - Complete ATTACK Breakdown. I was an ACTUAL Witness who filmed and watched what happened. This is the actual breakdown and analysis of what happened at the LA Fit Expo between Rich Piana and Mac Trucc. Enjoy.

Filo Blud
'Filo Blud' 1 day ago
All those big boys on roids that can't fight for shit cause there arms are big as there heads! Can't move properly! Bodybuilding become so lame these days!
Rox Tex
'Rox Tex' 2 days ago
Those bums are NFG. Piana, as filthy and vulgar as he is, doesn't need shit like that from the bros. Not sure why Piana has so many problems with people, the guy ought to go out and learn to fight. Everybody seems to want a piece of him for some reason. If he fucks people over, then he deserves it. If people are just jealous of success, then there's no need to deal with fuckers like these. These guys should get a shit kicking within an inch of their lives.
Reptilian Monk
'Reptilian Monk' 2 days ago
These fookin bums are slow and stiff, think they are stuck in the mudd
Chaco Taco
'Chaco Taco' 2 days ago
So glad I had John Madden break this down
Fedor Emelianenko
'Fedor Emelianenko' 2 days ago
you stutter so fucking much..could've made this vid half as long
Kung Lao
'Kung Lao' 2 days ago
When is the movie coming? Rich vs. Mack.
Tooty Tooty
'Tooty Tooty' 3 days ago
there is a part before this...where rich was calling out mac is smart he dont make any move on camera but he is sneaky tho...but i bet you want to be a 5% ...yorkie...and why didn`t rich fightthat muscle pussy guy when he called rich out
'xXyEaRiGhTXx' 4 days ago
mak truck behaved like a child
willian Martins
'willian Martins' 4 days ago
A guy who punch someone like that can't be called a man. Such a coward
Muzammil Khan
'Muzammil Khan' 5 days ago
I never liked Rich Paina b4 this, but after seeing this i have a lot of respect for this advise, next time Rich Piana! Keep a gun, to keep it simple...This guy is not a fighter & Mac Truck if u wanna fight, i dare u guys to pick up on real MMA fighters, like Brock Lesnar, Frank Mir, Cain Valuezquas or others ...!!!
'TheRaokenx' 5 days ago
Nigs gonna nig
Alexis Estela
'Alexis Estela' 5 days ago
not a sucker punch if he's preparing for it lol
Alexis Estela
'Alexis Estela' 5 days ago
can you Dick ride Rich anymore ?
Saban Saulic
'Saban Saulic' 6 days ago
Anabolika looking Hulk but Same like pussy !!! So this with One chechnya Men he killing all ! Chechnya is real Fighters
Saban Saulic
'Saban Saulic' 6 days ago
AAAB= ALL AMERICANS ARE BASTARDS !!! Obama Trump is Face of fucking USA
'Kevinnn63' 6 days ago
You stupid fuck you don't know what you're talking about.
Lightspeed Retro
'Lightspeed Retro' 6 days ago
Mac Trucc is a fucking loser lol
scott scott
'scott scott' 6 days ago
I lost all respect for rich when he slapped around that kid at another show so he is not that great of guy so a sucker punch is the least he deserves.So keep on sucking his cock for another four years!!
Tom K
'Tom K' 6 days ago
mac trucc is a scared little bitch
Anspar “Gforce” Anspaugh
All i gotta say is OH SHIT! What happens with punks messing with men.
'87PAULINO1' 6 days ago
Mac truck body is not impressive
'Despond' 6 days ago
They aren't that smart, they made Rich look even better with how he handled this unprovoked assault. Rich came out with more respect from most people after this.
Patrick Ghioca
'Patrick Ghioca' 6 days ago
Man... this americans are such pussies, here in romania a punch like that would have ended with some broken shit. I don;t mention how it would have ended in Russia.
Atheist Pirate
'Atheist Pirate' 6 days ago
Why isn't anyone talking about how after the Alex dude punched one of Mac's friends, 2 or 3 of Mac's friends started pounding on Alex after he was on the ground? To me, that was the worst part of the whole situation, yet no one is talking about it. Yes, Alex instigated it and got whipped.. but it looked really bad when 2 or 3 of Mac's friends were cracking him at the same time. Since they were wearing the same tshirts, it looked like a gang style swarming. 5% Gang vs Team18Wheeler Street Gang. hahaha these guys boast about 'being from the streets' so much...I don't know why one would be proud of somethign like that. Again, as I love to say, IT IS NOT NORMAL. Boasting and bragging about 'street stuff' is not is not normal. People DO NOT RESPECT YOU... instead, they FEAR you. It is sad. Really, really sad. Grown men fighting like school boys at a middle school dance.
'wm0104' 6 days ago
Nothing new here...typical nigger...sucker punch and 10 friends to get his slack.....
ahmed qadri
'ahmed qadri' 7 days ago
well done bro. u have done a good job. (y)
'mi4k20' 7 days ago
These fitness dudes fighting is lame as hell
'boypula' 7 days ago
he didn't sucker kicked the guy, they're in the fight expect something physical is going to happen, rich was sucker punched because he just expected him and mac would just talk but the guy who kicked the other guy they know that's its a fight that's the difference.
'Jack' 7 days ago
alex thinks he is the big man but really is a pussy
Joshua Baummer
'Joshua Baummer' 7 days ago
The lady in red is Jane Rich's first wife.
'RLN1972' 7 days ago
Rich Has always seemed like a cool mother fucker that lets people have access to him to fair degree. Some people cant stand other success. Keep doing you Rich.... FUCKEM
'907STI' 1 week ago
😂😂😂rich pirana😭😭😭
Alexandros kyriakides
That's bs! Rich started bullying and he got what he deserved
Claudia Rouseau
'Claudia Rouseau' 1 week ago
Joaquin Mendoza
'Joaquin Mendoza' 1 week ago
isn't that cyborg?? the one that is taking pictures with people?
'DR N' 1 week ago
Staged, You get punched by a guy that big and not a scratch ?
Joseph James
'Joseph James' 1 week ago
thst nigga macc a pussy ass niggka
Joe Dirt
'Joe Dirt' 1 week ago
I tried to watch but it was too hard because you won't shut the fuck up
'w1seco' 1 week ago
Rich Piana is no pussy and tried to handle the situation like a man. On the other hand, Mac Trucc is an idiot for coming to his booth just to cause trouble.
Nick Nicholson
'Nick Nicholson' 1 week ago
This is what happens when irrational ignorant idiots do business. Wonder why some people's have problems with police and laws that civil people live by.
Ricky Bobby
'Ricky Bobby' 1 week ago
Me and you take a walk. Are you scared? sucker punch P U S S Y
'brickscity77' 1 week ago
You sound like Rich Piana's personal fuckin cheerleader.
'brickscity77' 1 week ago
Damn u suck at recording.
'SoIoCreep' 1 week ago
Where there are blacks, there is trouble.
Thanks for posting. From what I can tell is all of Rich's team looks like complete crap. These guys have no muscle quality, just jacked up on waterbase test and that's it. Just complete fucking garbage. Looks like a bunch of gangbangers from the hood. I don't blame Trucc for taking a shot at him. Team 5% is garbage. Again, no quality!
Oli Ant Patterson
'Oli Ant Patterson' 1 week ago
Of course there's a story leading up to this confrontation but everybody has an opinion like they know these 2 characters...oh well, carry on!
The Last Enlightenment
See my page for exclusive inside evidence about the mac trucc rich piana fight also for The upcoming apocalypse
Christopher Williams
great job on misinformed reporting douch. Mac is a real street dude and rich is a fuckstick whos screwed over every dude he made money off of. Rich is an industry pimp who occasionally gets called out for being the plastic faced bitch he is. Mac was minding his business and Rich wanted to look tough for his peeps. Rich never wanted to run the fade and Mac turned down mad fitness industry outlets he could have made money on telling the story. Rich is a bitch, ask strength cartel or boston lloyds ass about this treasure troll, he got called out and ran into a real one. No Fame, No games, you dont know shit, your info is false as fuck. In this world fuckboys can only hide for so long before a real street dude pops your bitch ass in the mouth and thats what happened here. Check macs history, check rich's history. FACTS
Abdulla Nuredini
'Abdulla Nuredini' 1 week ago
watch his documentary then youll understand who mac really is
Sherif Elaasar
'Sherif Elaasar' 1 week ago
MacTruck is a clown. He comes up to Rich with his crew acting hard. Rich tells him let's go take a walk. MacTruck gets scared and sucker punches him.
Trader Daily
'Trader Daily' 1 week ago
Pecka head, you sound just like those bitch ass cops.
Brian Smith
'Brian Smith' 1 week ago
This little bitch Macc Trucc got gangster hood mentality, good thing Rich got rid of this jobless retard. Now Macc suggest in his video that he will only leave Rich alone is if Rich paid him.
'LastOfTheMaguas' 1 week ago
' i don't always sucker kick a body builder, but when i do it's after drinking Full As Fuck !'
drunk mike
'drunk mike' 1 week ago
LOL, What a bunch of juiced up synthol using losers. At a FIT EXPO???????? LMAO!
Scott Warner
'Scott Warner' 1 week ago
'smirkingdevil' 1 week ago
Nice video and I appreciate the commentary.
jens hathaway
'jens hathaway' 1 week ago
WTF kind of a bitch punch is that...My Gf punches harder than that shit.....
Kevin Palencia .tenacore
I like Rich, but he totally pussed out on Prophet muscle, and yes, it bugged the heck outta me that rich didn't rip him a new one.
'BlackHole' 1 week ago
Just another publicity stunt.
Mike Studmuffin
'Mike Studmuffin' 1 week ago
Will they ever be seen together at 7-11 picking which Haagen Dazs to buy?
chris lucy
'chris lucy' 1 week ago
Rich Piana, cool hand Luke!
Filippo Puccini
'Filippo Puccini' 1 week ago
This idiot want to be famous behind Riches back. And he is COWARD. He tryed to punch Rich when he was distracted
'1940Katyn' 1 week ago
Nigger gonna be a nigger.
Original Gainstas
'Original Gainstas' 1 week ago
Alex fucked up...what a lame
Mr Zeus
'Mr Zeus' 1 week ago
'TheNemesis' 1 week ago
Alex is a badass idc what anyone says. He put himself in the line of fire and held Rich down despite it not going his way. Major respect to him.
Justin Whitman
'Justin Whitman' 1 week ago
surprising, the spooby's started it.
'expose305' 1 week ago
You got a big mouth Mac comes from the streets Piana is play Mac game there is no good end for Piana but making money . Dont think bout starting a war he cant fight Mac not Jason. You sound like Piana groupie
HealthyWealthy Wise
you racist bitches black or white gotta make everything racial fucking internet thugs… this shit doesn't have anything to with race dummies! especially you pale face fucks, Rich piana has black ppl in his crew also idiots….
Eddie Velasquez
'Eddie Velasquez' 1 week ago
everyone is saying rich was attacked but i seem to recall rich keep telling mack truck lets take a walk and get down sooo yeah
Joey Mojica
'Joey Mojica' 1 week ago
rich some people have to have a excuse to pretend to be strong but they're not shit they are just jealous
Terry Jones
'Terry Jones' 1 week ago
rich is a pussy get off his little dick
Terry Jones
'Terry Jones' 1 week ago
this guy is a idiot dick rider you sound like your bending over for rich what a groupie
Hannah Bradley
'Hannah Bradley' 1 week ago
Sucker kicked com on dude. They all pussies
Hannah Bradley
'Hannah Bradley' 1 week ago
Piano is a pussy
Adolf Hipster
'Adolf Hipster' 1 week ago
Bitchtruc hit and run
Brian .Sideout
'Brian .Sideout' 1 week ago
mac ran away!
'Goldstar' 1 week ago
why is it the whole thing looked staged like a wrestling match
Legendary Super Majin Savage Final Form
I'm not a fan of either but that's a fucked up thing to do by this macc truccc<<<< Dumb ass name btw. I hope they suspend him from those fit expo events damn moron.
None Ya
'None Ya' 1 week ago
dude your a kiss ass what is what should he do.
Scotty Steiner
'Scotty Steiner' 1 week ago
9:26 holds his hands out "Please don't hurt me."
arron frederick
'arron frederick' 1 week ago
fuck you
'Andrew' 1 week ago
Black people sucker punch and jump people. Nothing new here
Ed Kelly
'Ed Kelly' 1 week ago
Mac truck = a gutter sniping coward.
brad donohue
'brad donohue' 1 week ago
You fuckin lame how can you hear what rich is sayin to mac truck when your bitch ass is thirty feet away in a crowd ?get off his dick ya lame
Robby Robb
'Robby Robb' 1 week ago
That's a dick move by Mac, very disrespectful of bodybuilding fans. Everyone's there to have a good time, not to see this childish BS. Grow up!
boss hkk
'boss hkk' 1 week ago
waste of time taking he's watch off cause he didn't do nothing lol
'jarrasmith1' 1 week ago
Dude, you are so annoying . Just play the video.
Chris M
'Chris M' 1 week ago
Oh mate shut up play the vid
'RAFCOM1982' 1 week ago
'IFEMG GROUP' 1 week ago
the racism in these comments has stewed to gravy texture
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