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Rich Piana & Mac Trucc - Complete ATTACK Breakdown by Witness -
Published: 7 months ago By: MrYorkieLover Fitness

By: MrYorkieLover FitnessPublished: 7 months ago

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Rich Piana & Mac Trucc - Complete ATTACK Breakdown. I was an ACTUAL Witness who filmed and watched what happened. This is the actual breakdown and analysis of what happened at the LA Fit Expo between Rich Piana and Mac Trucc. Enjoy.

Robert Blankenship
'Robert Blankenship' 10 hours ago
This is what happens when you let ghetto trash into your field. They act like zoo monkeys.
Kevin H
'Kevin H' 3 days ago
too much talking
Rob Fournier
'Rob Fournier' 5 days ago
None of these guys can fight.. honest man.. they have zero range of motion and would gas in a minute.. just saying. BODYBUILDERS ARE PROBABLY THE WORST BODY TYPE TO FIGHT.. JUST AS BAD AS A FAT DUDE.
'Moises' 5 days ago
Rich is a faggot ass racist. Fuck that guy.
Gabriel Lebron
'Gabriel Lebron' 5 days ago
Random racists in the comments having a cluster fuck. Bad apples don't represent a whole race. JUST FOCKIN' STOP(it's embarrassing enough you have these views and to share them you must be eating retard sandwiches)
Edwin Torres
'Edwin Torres' 6 days ago
Piana dick sucker
Rambo Hitman
'Rambo Hitman' 7 days ago
truck is a fuckin sucker pussy u gotta sucker punch then run fuckin punk
thomas seven
'thomas seven' 1 week ago
I guess those balloons he had sewn into his arms don't really provide a lot of firepower.
Antonio Contreras
'Antonio Contreras' 1 week ago
u talk to much just play the video.
Tony Wilkins
'Tony Wilkins' 1 week ago
He's not a pussy by far, I've seen him and met him, he's is definitely not a wussy like that other punk ass guy that started it
Man O War
'Man O War' 1 week ago
Lol, listen at this groupie ass analysis. Fuck outta here dude. Ya racist ass boy in a coma, go film that shit!
Tommy Bracanti
'Tommy Bracanti' 1 week ago
all you white bitch ass RACIST spewing that racist shit know they wont say that shit to any blackmans face. pussy ass white bois.... been bullying these white crackers since middle school. pussy bitch. RESPECT TO RICH THO.
Devil& Debil
'Devil& Debil' 1 week ago
man rlly dislike !
mike tha kid
'mike tha kid' 1 week ago
Get off his dick lol
J. Sleeka
'J. Sleeka' 1 week ago
If that was a mma fighter, with his size, he could probably knockout all of them one by one, just the way he acted and got caught, theres no way he even has a slight knowledge of mma or what he was doing at all
Isaiah Kaopua
'Isaiah Kaopua' 1 week ago
And that's why Rich and his crew are #1
Big John Stud
'Big John Stud' 2 weeks ago
thanks for this side of the story!
Moro Prod
'Moro Prod' 2 weeks ago
That wasnt a sucker kick. The others guys saw it coming, Alex approach with bad intention.
Shah Mir Khan
'Shah Mir Khan' 2 weeks ago
Fighting your buddies is not a good sport !!
'Jack HAMMER' 2 weeks ago
who the fuck cares?
'googleisFascist' 2 weeks ago
Did you realize this too as it was going on or did you piece it together after it happened and watching it back?
Justin L
'Justin L' 2 weeks ago
Hell Fire
'Hell Fire' 2 weeks ago
ريتش انسان محترم مستحيل يعتدي عاى احد الاسود هو من بادر بل الاعتداء
Mr L Brown
'Mr L Brown' 3 weeks ago
When stuff happens everyone always asume the guy who struck first is the one in the wrong. Nobody never knows what leads up to ppl fighting, getting shot Maybe this was about money, business deal, drugs, women.
Dee Noble
'Dee Noble' 3 weeks ago
Shut up and get your hand out of the way wow
'Arturo' 3 weeks ago
Black people like to pick on skinny white nerds when it's 6 vs 2 and the numbers are in their favour, so they claim to be tough. But when it's a white guy their size and the numbers are even, they back away and act like pussies and make excuses.
Ahmed Hachem
'Ahmed Hachem' 3 weeks ago
5% crews are pusys so is Mac truc. Nobody knows how to fight 1 on 1 anymore. Then you have the 5% guys just breaking up shit like they security guards. Both teams should have just went at it and fought one another.
King of Khaos
'King of Khaos' 3 weeks ago
this is the best breakdown i have seen of this kind of thing. except you should have shown what happen to Alex at the end.
Pat Allard
'Pat Allard' 3 weeks ago
Rich is a pussy
Jakob Edkin
'Jakob Edkin' 4 weeks ago
you did a great job breaking us down. I don't even know who these two guys are
'ongomagic' 4 weeks ago
Don't forget to cradle Richs balls before he nuts in your mouth
manny E garza
'manny E garza' 4 weeks ago
who fuckn cares gay ass video
Carl Schnackel
'Carl Schnackel' 4 weeks ago
Mack Trucc sounds like a real punk. A spoiled child with a bad attitude. A coward that can't do anything without a gang backing him up.
Eduard daCosta
'Eduard daCosta' 4 weeks ago
Nice pussy sucker punch Mac Trucc...what a fagget
Gentle Man
'Gentle Man' 4 weeks ago
Your commentry is so bull shit.
Filip Wojas
'Filip Wojas' 4 weeks ago
always trouble with niggers... ;)
Steph Blaze
'Steph Blaze' 1 month ago
So you think two people whom have history had an altercation so one of them could get views? What's the point of bringing up history then ?
Ralf The king
'Ralf The king' 1 month ago
always the niggers
Melvin Smith
'Melvin Smith' 1 month ago
very bias breakdown. get Rich's dick out of your mouth.
Karim Xyz
'Karim Xyz' 1 month ago
rich piana is not a pussy?????????? see this ==>
ssj .-.
'ssj .-.' 1 month ago
Look how it sucker punched that guy
Sniper Swick
'Sniper Swick' 1 month ago
I'll be honest.....I wasn't there. Grow up, fellas!!
Wade Higgins
'Wade Higgins' 2 months ago
that's why blacks get treated the way they do
lexus 1147
'lexus 1147' 2 months ago
if rich was a pussy he wouldn't have took his watch off you can tell he was ready to throw down one on one mad respect
'jayr122001' 2 months ago
rich piana can not fight with that kind of muscles.
'Mariens' 2 months ago
thats not a sucker kick, when someone comes towards you while arguing, u know whats coming so fucking swing
'chilmath' 2 months ago
Mac Trucc looking like weirdo on this one
Alissandro Peña
'Alissandro Peña' 2 months ago
Sounds like you're in Piana's dick to me bro. Lol
1_New Friend
'1_New Friend' 2 months ago
He's got my respect. Rich P is a real dude
'VesselofMercy100' 2 months ago
Mac truck wouldn't fight one on one once he was called out. Through a cheap shot from the protection of his crew. He needs to go see a gynecologist for this one.
Lalo Cabrera
'Lalo Cabrera' 2 months ago
bruh get off of richs dick
Kef Bolo
'Kef Bolo' 2 months ago
They are like condoms ,when they stop ingesting or pushing roids, they shrink
'lawnshark19' 2 months ago
Rich  you fool no black is going to go one on one you should of let your boys handle it
Marco mark
'Marco mark' 2 months ago
black vs white
Marco mark
'Marco mark' 2 months ago
more bigger they are as more smaller are the balls so never be afraid of a bodybuilder every woman can kick a bodybuilders ass they are sooo slow
Marco mark
'Marco mark' 2 months ago
more bigger they are as more smaller are the balls so never be afraid of a bodybuilder every woman can kick a bodybuilders ass they are sooo slow
Norman Earhart
'Norman Earhart' 2 months ago
Fuck that pussy mac truck. mac trucks a bitch boy
сергей форост
Mack truck the Negro from Africa to his brother Obama...........his mother, too, Obama. if you are gay and faggot, thrones Richie ......your face will be filled with gamna
сергей форост
сергей форост
'Ragingbull340' 2 months ago
How do you know what was said while filming the incident. From watching the video on weren't that close. You got superman hearing?
'oscar27ization' 2 months ago
Typical black people strategy, bring all my people to feel secure enough. Next time call rick and fight him by yourself pussy
oyinbo peppe
'oyinbo peppe' 2 months ago
Mac Trucc is a Racist.
oyinbo peppe
'oyinbo peppe' 2 months ago
Blue arms.
'HôrnLäjiK' 2 months ago
Haha you a Rich Piana fan i see lol
'Ben TEN TEN' 2 months ago
You didn't know about their falling out, before hand, really? But yet you want to whitexplain this because you was there. explain to us about the racist rants your boy Rich went on, that makes him a good a guy as you claim him to be. And how he talked greasy to Mac Trucc online, while truck warned him, ahead of time, that he's gonna see him in person... and he did. If rich really wanted to go one on one with Trucc, he had all the opportunity in the world, before this convention, but he didn't. And now you want fools to believe rich was calling Mac out, one on one, to settle their dispute without backup? Looks to me like Rich didn't want no part of Mac, or what was going on there.
The Iron Toenail
'The Iron Toenail' 2 months ago
8:00 i spot GAYson Cresnova in the back ground its piss
The Drip
'The Drip' 2 months ago
Is it a little gay for a bunch of men to go and look at other men all covered in baby oil?
'VampRune' 2 months ago
Man this commentary shit sucks lol
Jldive89 Diver
'Jldive89 Diver' 2 months ago
I have always thought Rich was a real mofo from day one and this just goes to prove it 100%. Notice how he goes at dude head on Trying to get him one on one. Macc Fuck is a pussy bitch notice how when he sucker punches rich he instantly runs back 10 steps, that's a real sign of a pussy scared to really fight. Also I don't think that was a sucker kick because he was standing straight on with them after punches have already been thrown.
hayden hale
'hayden hale' 2 months ago
Lmao he got the shit kicked out of him
Angelo Toledo
'Angelo Toledo' 2 months ago
Can't believe all the people who clearly see a sucker punch and turn around say it wasn't a sucker punch They clearly weren't squared up and Tonka truck hits rich whiles he's offering him to take a walk. PUSSY ASS MOVE
Corey Bates
'Corey Bates' 2 months ago
You sound pussy! Piana crew is full of females...
James D
'James D' 2 months ago
yorkie sounds like a bitch, would sucker punch the stupid commentator the fuck out...
T. Thomas
'T. Thomas' 2 months ago
nigga wa sha do
A Mokum
'A Mokum' 2 months ago
Good one bro..
you can tell that you are a fanboy.(most of the world is) sucker punch?? no.. they were face to face.. plus I don't know ether party, so I don't have any bias. you can obviously see that the two men have history so that makes the punch; to me, questionable?? I'd like to know what led up to the "punch".. oh and its funny how You praise him for going back to work afterwards like that was something unreal..
david renteria
'david renteria' 2 months ago
typical niggers. sucker punch and evades the one on one call out
'December's Very Own' 2 months ago
Im white and I say so video
'mrrdw77' 2 months ago
It looked like the 5% crew that was involved got their ass whipped. lets be honest Rich knew what was about to go down thats why he took his jewelry off. He got touched and took an L on this 1.
'rgoddess69' 2 months ago
did you hear the racist rant or are you just another WS defending another WS POS?
kool-Aid Man
'kool-Aid Man' 2 months ago
it's funny how the white supremacist always get quote unquote Sucker punched.. Smh he got his ass whooped period
Pancho Villa
'Pancho Villa' 2 months ago
To sum it up Alex got knocked out
Jihad Shippe
'Jihad Shippe' 2 months ago
buncha big pussies. there was 3 of mac truccs is a big softy, a racist, and hes continuously being exposed as a clown. And of course white ppl are racializing it, when the only proven racist ur fake hero, big bitch pee-on a
J davi
'J davi' 2 months ago
fuck that white supremacist steroid freak plastic surgery muscle having motherfucka he warned them the next time I see you it's going to be on site so how's that a sucker punch
Six feet Under
'Six feet Under' 2 months ago
all that size- all a bunch of hype! are you telling me all these 5% clowns couldn't all grab Mac Truck's crew?
'Supreme_Logic' 2 months ago
The narration of this video is biased... get Riches d!ck out your mouth.. Rich was talking sh!t prior to this incident and was confronted. Mack told Rich it's on when I see you... so that's why Rich knew it was coming..
Jay Winzer
'Jay Winzer' 2 months ago
Damn u would suck his cock if he asked, huh???
'gimmesos' 2 months ago
haha that racist fuck got his jaw tapped. lol Good
'MrMann' 2 months ago
*"Sucker punch" is not a face-2-face act. It's always from a blind spot. The racist Piansy got his ass beat. I'm laughing so hard. LOL!*
'OMEGA-P _74' 2 months ago
Idk anything about this Dude but his Racist rant and his BS excuse for doing it and his sorry ass apology that he won't do it again. Yeah right 😂😂😂. Anybody hangs with him that isn't what he is gets what they deserve because he obviously doesn't see any of them as his equal.
M.A. Arch
'M.A. Arch' 2 months ago
Pro Mac Truck!!
I Am Israel
'I Am Israel' 2 months ago
steroid pigs against natural melanated muscles
'MikeeB28' 2 months ago
Too bad Macc & crew didn't take Alex's head off.
Timothy Cooper
'Timothy Cooper' 2 months ago
5% fan boy rigth here
e l
'e l' 2 months ago
macc who?
'J R' 2 months ago
Your the only one that explained like this great job bro Again thanks will also subscribe to your channel
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