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Rich Piana & Mac Trucc - Complete ATTACK Breakdown by Witness -
Published: 4 months ago By: MrYorkieLover Fitness

By: MrYorkieLover FitnessPublished: 4 months ago

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Rich Piana & Mac Trucc - Complete ATTACK Breakdown. I was an ACTUAL Witness who filmed and watched what happened. This is the actual breakdown and analysis of what happened at the LA Fit Expo between Rich Piana and Mac Trucc. Enjoy.

сергей форост
omosexualist pederast and NIT Mac-Trak ........shoot slave Negro or nigger black bastard!! fuck out of America and put chocks in Africa.. Richie shoot the cock Chernogorova!
Vanta Black
'Vanta Black' 6 days ago
Rich goes back to meeting and greeting while his boy is knocked the F*CK out ... SMH
Ed Karikari
'Ed Karikari' 1 week ago
There really are some dumb racist oxygen thief cunts on hear. Rich also has black people in his "crew". Fact is one man sly punched another and a melay ensued and sly punch bottled it.
'scoobeedu' 1 week ago
Silly little boys .
robert brinkmann
'robert brinkmann' 1 week ago
Mac truck is a pussy how do you sucker punch someone and then it taked Mac truck and another silverback to jump one of rich pianas guys,PUSSY
White crew wearing all black, black crew wearing all white shirts
Rick Minervini
'Rick Minervini' 2 weeks ago
Who gives a fuck! Get a life you drama queen..............go fuck Rich. You people need lives.
Becca Turcotte
'Becca Turcotte' 2 weeks ago
both are bitch made with that many ppl there should have been a fuckin bloodbath. all for more likes who the fuck gets hit in the face and doesnt do shit, a pussy a bitch a coward
Lu Cifer
'Lu Cifer' 2 weeks ago
Drama. like a bunch of HS bitches.
Gm Gooda
'Gm Gooda' 2 weeks ago
Lol sound like you riding rich piana dicc smh
'DogWhistle' 2 weeks ago
Muscle-confužion is æn oil-ričh state of mind.. Яajt, bejb??
Bradley Brock
'Bradley Brock' 2 weeks ago
A bunch of steroid freaks getting into a fight. What a joke!!!
king ofkings
'king ofkings' 2 weeks ago
you must be a rich fan😂😂😂 jus blame it on the black guy hunh! 😂😂😂
Melvina Babineaux
'Melvina Babineaux' 2 weeks ago
Piana's Crew was supposed to handle that, send money on his goons for what ?????
Martin  Hunt
'Martin Hunt' 3 weeks ago
respect rich
'JustAGuy' 3 weeks ago
So, Rick can take a hit and yet, isn't an instigator. Alex created the events that got him down and beaten up, but can't take a hit. So much for his MMA career.
pete mcfarland
'pete mcfarland' 3 weeks ago
Fuck them niggers, come in packs like wild rabid dogs....Fuck Piana too, he's a tool for smacking around the disabled kid, BIG MAN!
Steve Smith
'Steve Smith' 3 weeks ago
Typical.. No one went nose to nose with this punk? I guess that's what happens when your all beach muscle
den co
'den co' 4 weeks ago
I would hate to be an American and be attacked in my own country by an African
Andrew Skratt
'Andrew Skratt' 4 weeks ago
lucky big brown and eddie bravo were not there
Aman Tmg
'Aman Tmg' 1 month ago
upset that his crew let his member get knocked out damn....
Brian Brooks
'Brian Brooks' 1 month ago
Do you even know what a "sucker" kick/punch is? The guy he kicked was fucking looking right at him when he kicked him. That's not a sucker kick.
Mike Foster
'Mike Foster' 1 month ago
He probably was backing up because his sucker punch hand little to now effect on Rich
'SuperBrandango' 1 month ago
I saw a different video and it look like Alex hurt the other guy in white
'NemeanLion' 1 month ago
Rich should just press charges for assault. This Mac Truck idiot wants all this press and attention. Let him have it in jail.
Zedx Xo
'Zedx Xo' 1 month ago
Doesn't seem like you know anything about street fights lol
justin stephens
'justin stephens' 1 month ago
that was not a sucker kick. He saw it coming.
Ra Nev
'Ra Nev' 1 month ago
Typical mayates. Neutralize the hyenas before they attack. They NEVER fight one on one. Must have zero to,erance when you deal with the black lives matter pricks.
Casimer Close
'Casimer Close' 1 month ago
alex blew out his knee
'TheTerminator412' 1 month ago
abk ebk
'abk ebk' 1 month ago
gotta be ready to fight at all times especially when your in the same room as someone you are in a conflict with. if you got beef with someone and you run into them its on sight no matter where your at. even jf your family is there it doesnt mean the other person wont try anything rich should have expected it and kept it going he got sucker punched and let it go. but mac should have just took a walk with him when rich had told him to or just kept it going and not have stopped rushing him when he socked him . point is if you got beef expect it to happen at anytime and dont be afraid to handle what you already started.
regent parker northside88
rich was asking him lets settle this like man and like the bitch nigga mac trucc is did nothing like most niggas today they dont fight they either jump you or shoot you these days what a fucking pussy my nigga rich woulda fucked him up
'maggiemolly111' 1 month ago
I can't believe there was a fight at a steroid convention!!!
mohamed Fathi
'mohamed Fathi' 1 month ago
Rich is a real man, Mac is a real bitch
William Dyer
'William Dyer' 1 month ago
5% bout to whip some 100% ass.......get emmmmm RicH
Devin Green
'Devin Green' 1 month ago
shut the fuck up and just play the damn video god damn
'PEELSHTBACC' 1 month ago
His boy got knocked out and he's standing there watching. Then laughs and walks away instead of checking on Alex?
Jarusdurt meier
'Jarusdurt meier' 1 month ago
do you even got 10 inch arm ???
Jarusdurt meier
'Jarusdurt meier' 1 month ago
who is interested in this fucking clickbaiter :) lol
harter kern
'harter kern' 1 month ago
Woa, this blond thing in red is probably the most heavy synthol addict i've ever seen . . .
'gstanz67' 2 months ago
Rich Piana (admit tingly) is not a fighter and could not beat anybody's ass because his ability to throw a decent punch is severely limited buy those cartoon injection filled muscles he carrys.....SO I DOUBT VERY SERIOUSLY HE WAS CALLING ANYBODY OUT TO FIGHT. Your just buried so far up Rich's ass so you don't get fired too.
'depressedandalone' 2 months ago
fix your microphone jesus christ
The Ethical Pixel
'The Ethical Pixel' 2 months ago
richs poster kinda epic
Ken Desjarlais
'Ken Desjarlais' 2 months ago
observe the venue, the people. uneducated misfits who turn to bodybuilding because of stature,social stratification, low self esteem, and many more reasons. this is not an attorneys convention-- people
Juan Adorno
'Juan Adorno' 2 months ago
sucker punch or not sucker punch we all saw a guy punch and run away... well why do you guys think he ran maybe because he didn't bring the guy down?
Christopher Luthi
'Christopher Luthi' 2 months ago
Mac a bitch
wtf smit
'wtf smit' 2 months ago
hoe groter je bent hoe harder je val!!!
Kelly Pagano
'Kelly Pagano' 2 months ago
Yeah. Since I've been aware of this guy, he's always seemed good intentioned and good hearted, especially with fans. ...and very patient with dicks. He looks rediculous, but he seems to love his life, so more power to him. Pretty cool vid.
Not going to save inwood
You are very annoying mr mini dog lover. Does that make you feel tough naming yourself after one of the smallest breeds of dogs. Pussy boy
Not going to save inwood
I bet I could get that big if I did as much steroids as those freaks
Not going to save inwood
Typical black person cheap shots. Surprised the black guy didn't pull a gun or knife. Black people are like wolves. Only good in packs. Cheap shot experts. Gf youselves
T. Farris
'T. Farris' 2 months ago
All that non sense bro these fucking guys are suppose to be roll models and they are fighting in front of their fans smfh.
Delroy Washington
'Delroy Washington' 2 months ago
Fuck sucker punch more like a kiss if I hit you at 16 stone ripped your a sleep ! Faggots hand bags at dawn ! Proper queers my muscles bigger than yours !
'SmokinMayhem1' 2 months ago
rich Piana is just a big bully he ain't shit come at me with all those muscles I'll drop your big ass like a sack of potatoes with my slugger
Joey cash
'Joey cash' 2 months ago
havnt been in a real fight huh? ha
Tim Heigel
'Tim Heigel' 2 months ago
Lucky no one received assault and battery. Law enforcement is design for the dollar not what's right or wrong. Takes more energy to think than to fight. but in the end it's worth thinking.
Green eyez White
'Green eyez White' 2 months ago
sucker punch is when you are not looking at all! These Kats was looking right at each other when he got punched! I'm still trying to see where he was sucker punched.
pit man
'pit man' 2 months ago
to make a long story short, if you do bodybuilding you cant move and you will get touch up in a fight.
'ADRIAN BRONER' 2 months ago
Nesta Mwape
'Nesta Mwape' 2 months ago
Sounds like a Crip set trippin with a name like Mac Trucc. All of the Red must have brought​ out his anger
paul krausnick
'paul krausnick' 2 months ago
my apology to worryphree. misread your comment. my reply to your comment still applies to individuals that really don't understand the whole reverse racism thing. you people really need to get some self defence training. its comeing to a store near you.
Darjan Vujnović
'Darjan Vujnović' 2 months ago
honest i do not understand anything haha ... that stupid fight do not have any effect if you try tu pull something up whit it ... oh mann i am confused :D hahaha ... world is in mess ;D bla bla blaaa
Ines Vega
'Ines Vega' 2 months ago
fucking assholes
darrin ray
'darrin ray' 2 months ago
usually size does matter! hell, even Bruce Lee said that if pitting 20 Kung Fu guys against 10 wrestlers you will end up with 20 Kung Fu pretzels! of course I'm paraphrasing lol oh, and this is complete proof of why the majority of NORMAL ppl see these guys as "lunks" or "Meatheads" or... morons and are you sure "macc truck" didn't play the race card? say that Piana called him "the N word"? hahaha
Frank L
'Frank L' 2 months ago
888 888
'888 888' 2 months ago
'worryphree' 2 months ago
I'm thinking this may have just been a big publicity stunt. Has kind of a pro wrestling vibe to it.
regulater 5
'regulater 5' 2 months ago
That sounds stupid as fuck. Let's take a walk, and what do you think the rest of their crews are going to do? Stay inside the venue and see which one of them comes back? You guys need a life.
Tips Toes
'Tips Toes' 2 months ago
Alex did no kind of punk shit he came straight forward for blood now mac definitely sucker punched Rich C'MON MAN!
Jean Franco Toro Vargas
falses man
Jean Franco Toro Vargas
marica in steroid
Jean Franco Toro Vargas
Rich piana is pussy
Jeffrey Hayman
'Jeffrey Hayman' 2 months ago
monkey ran like a bitch.
Pit Bull
'Pit Bull' 2 months ago
rich went over to macc like a man and macc sucker punched him like a bitch... lmfao punk bitch nigga
zigz zagz
'zigz zagz' 2 months ago
It's not a sucker kick if the aggression stage has already been reached and the guy is looking right at you. Mac Trucc if anyone, semi suckered Rich, though not totally because they were face to face and Rich was expecting it. A sucker shot is when someone doesn't expect to be hit, and usually doesn't even see it.
vast active
'vast active' 2 months ago
thanks for the breakdown bro
'teecuzbruh' 3 months ago
just call them niggers
Knut Schumacher
'Knut Schumacher' 3 months ago
Hahaha,I can't laugh anymore. That 5%er guy who kicks, was he not the so called MMA fighter. Looks like just by mouth cause he went down that clown. Ya, they all just look fucking scary with their muscles and tats but all pussies.
Remi Hickey
'Remi Hickey' 3 months ago
You guys are all dumb asses' A sucker punch is hitting  someone from behind or when the person isn't looking' 2 men face 2 face 'Bitch better be ready for anything to come' Rich should of had his guard up for real. Specially when your in a confrontation with another nigga....... REAL TALK
Justin Munson
'Justin Munson' 3 months ago
you are on Rich's dick hard. How is it a sucker punch they both were talking shit for weeks back and forth, the whole crowd was expecting some drama and rich is the only one who didn't see it coming?
'badboytorres1' 3 months ago
Corny your perspective sounds like your on rich pianas dick lol fukin wack
Piet Parra
'Piet Parra' 3 months ago
You are lying motherfucker. I was there you are taking sides here asshole lying fuck
Silent jay 801
'Silent jay 801' 3 months ago
that's not a sucker punch that's just how street fights start
'AffiliatePro' 3 months ago
What's all the 5% stuff mean anyway? 5% brain matter? ha ha ha JK, no, but seriously, what's it all mean? This all reminds me of being 15 in middle school. ha ha ha So glad those days are over, got better things to do.
'93fuelslut' 3 months ago
what was the fight over
Pat Gibson
'Pat Gibson' 3 months ago
Why hasn't anyone reported this to the LAPD ?
Texas Entertainment Network
Everybody knows Rich set all of this up to spring his boy's obvious....
'volcommerce' 3 months ago
great breakdown, high quality footage and audio
'pleasure.' 3 months ago
piana is a psycho and fake as shit
'easylikeSM' 3 months ago
sucker kicked? the guys were face to face so it ain't no sucker punch\ kick......... The closest to a sucker punch was from Mac Trucc .... twice, once on Rich and the other 'only' sucker punch on Alex
James O
'James O'Brien' 3 months ago
Fair play to Rich, he offered Mac a one to one and Mac was too much of a coward to sort it out on his own.
Lord Billz
'Lord Billz' 3 months ago
They wanted to avoid lawsuits
Nevada Mareno
'Nevada Mareno' 3 months ago
When the battle of the sparkly thongs spills into expos leave it for the stage you oiled up warriors
'Biker' 3 months ago
Mac truck is a fool and after being sucker punched I would of done more than just kick them fools it was not a sucker kick
Arnold Biedermeyer
'Arnold Biedermeyer' 3 months ago
11:56 security tells Rich Piana to go back to your boob (left corner redhead).
Peter Bird
'Peter Bird' 3 months ago
Look at all the idiots taping with cellphones. WurrrrStaaaaar !
Adrian Rodriguez
'Adrian Rodriguez' 3 months ago
fuck rich piana and alex weak ass u get wat u deserve khali muscle bop bop
Deshawn C
'Deshawn C' 3 months ago
I believe some of you guys are living in the 1500's. Both of these guys are idiots, but I have no empathy for Rich. Some of you need to wake up. This is NOT a sucker punch in 2017. Anytime you let your intentions be known that you intend to harm someone (verbally or physically), anything is fair game at anytime . Nobody is waiting to receive a invites or letters to begin defending themselves. Some of y'all think we're still in the days of "I challenge you to a duel, 10 paces at high noon". The moment you threaten me, ITS GO TIME, you better be ready. Hell in most parts of this country Rich could've got shot rather than a punch. Even COPS are trained to use the "His actions verbally or physically made me fearful for my life". I have my CCW just for situations like this. If you are not about that life or action, don't tough talk. Be the wiser man, keep your mouth shut, call the cops, walk away etc. There are NO rules to a street fight contrary to your beliefs. Dudes on here think you can talk trash and threaten dudes without consequences. Lesson is, you never know how guys will react when threatened. So if u gonna talk tough be ready to back it up at any time. Always protect yourself, if you got "sucker punched" AFTER telling a guy u want to fight him, THAT IS YOUR FAULT! keep your head on a swivel next time.
JAK 31
'JAK 31' 3 months ago
Fuck mac pussy trucc. Hahahaha!!!!
Neil Donoghue
'Neil Donoghue' 3 months ago
Macc Trucc is a fucking shitbag
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