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10 Years of iPhones | iJustine -
Published: 9 months ago By: iJustine

By: iJustinePublished: 9 months ago

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Let's take a look back at the past 10 years of me and my iPhones lol (and yes, that first show was from 2017, I messed up the title)
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'iJustine' 9 months ago
sorry, that first shot was from a few days ago.. meant to type 2017 not 2007 lol
'Bnm.slimes' 2 hours ago
Looking back at the first iPhone and seeing everyone soooo excited to get it but....... now we have the iPhone 8😂
'IntrovertedPerson' 2 days ago
iPhone x at 10:17
ntxim ntxub
'ntxim ntxub' 3 days ago
No iPhone 5c or iPhone se in your videos
Blake Beltran
'Blake Beltran' 5 days ago
What about the SE
G.U.Y •
'G.U.Y •' 5 days ago
I still watch those videos😀
Marlie & Me !
'Marlie & Me !' 5 days ago
Your Eyebrows are on Fleek Justine 💗
Apple Pro
'Apple Pro' 5 days ago
You looked like my Ex Girlfriend in the 4s video And she has a 4s right now 😢
Sergio Sanchez
'Sergio Sanchez' 5 days ago
Wow! You’ve aged.
Camila_xz _123
'Camila_xz _123' 6 days ago
😂😘😍😊😁😭😜😝☺️😳😃😢IM HACKING LOL I didn’t know they didn’t have emojis back then
jardean hinchliffe
when she activated siri she activated my Cortana hmmmm
Julia Calisto
'Julia Calisto' 7 days ago
justine’s eyebrows....
Simran Sahota
'Simran Sahota' 7 days ago
wheres the iphone se
'LOUIS' JOURNAL' 1 week ago
I miss being an Apple Sheep......... So I switch back now, I just hate the iPhone X/10...
Landen Kol
'Landen Kol' 1 week ago
Gabriela Iellimo
'Gabriela Iellimo' 1 week ago
can you do another give away
Irene Jasmine diy
'Irene Jasmine diy' 1 week ago
I was born be in 2007
Rimsha Khalid
'Rimsha Khalid' 1 week ago
3:36 that is life
Emma._ Alvrz
'Emma._ Alvrz' 1 week ago
You use to look emo 😂
Emily Bullaro
'Emily Bullaro' 1 week ago
Who LOVES kittens?!
Kaleb Cochran
'Kaleb Cochran' 1 week ago
I still have my iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S. I have a iPhone 7 Plus currently
Katt Moon
'Katt Moon' 2 weeks ago
Sooooo crazy to see how everything has changed!!!
The Technical Wizard
iPhone was revealed on January 9, my birthday :D
xStardustx MC
'xStardustx MC' 2 weeks ago
is it not fair that i have never owned a phone....
Hailey Daily 2
'Hailey Daily 2' 2 weeks ago
Before I was even born I was born in 2010 OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱
Noelle Peterson
'Noelle Peterson' 2 weeks ago
Nice outfit Justine at 9:26 (and yes I know it was 2008)
duhitz lawrence
'duhitz lawrence' 2 weeks ago
I watched till the end
ED Company
'ED Company' 2 weeks ago
Haha when u said hey siri my ipad responded to that
Tekayla Young
'Tekayla Young' 2 weeks ago
You looked like brittney Spears lol
Maddie Rose
'Maddie Rose' 2 weeks ago
Do a vid with joey
Maddie Rose
'Maddie Rose' 2 weeks ago
'JM' 2 weeks ago
I started watching 2yrs ago hehe😂❤️
Shadows Lol
'Shadows Lol' 2 weeks ago
Justine the last one with blue shirt she looks like zoey 101
Ethan 202
'Ethan 202' 2 weeks ago
'AOTanoos22' 2 weeks ago
Zoe 101 is that you ?
Ben Cowan
'Ben Cowan' 2 weeks ago
Wow. I remember in 2007 when my dad got his first iPhone 3GS... then he dropped it down the toilet.
Krystal West Serino Fennelly
Those eyebrows in 2007
Maria Madera
'Maria Madera' 2 weeks ago
this is only ten years of iphone but also ten years justine
Heaven 606
'Heaven 606' 2 weeks ago
I was born in 2007 lol
Jordan Nelson
'Jordan Nelson' 2 weeks ago
I’d like to know how much the AT&T bill cost 😂📱
Wayne van Matuzaj
'Wayne van Matuzaj' 2 weeks ago
😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 Thats amazing
'SAMEER ZAIDI' 2 weeks ago
Every thing apple pro or ijustine??
'Man EAC' 2 weeks ago
I love you
'VishnuRavi' 2 weeks ago
Hey justine... Why did u skip the SE????!!!!!! Its not fare.....😞
Rasa Katha Rasa Katha
i phone x review
Mayanna Avila
'Mayanna Avila' 2 weeks ago
Can I get a iPhone 7 to
'kingbobb' 2 weeks ago
Your dog is so cute 😍😍
Kawaii Cup :3
'Kawaii Cup :3' 2 weeks ago
I met Justine on the I got a new puppy video
Eswara Rao Landa
'Eswara Rao Landa' 2 weeks ago
Give me a iphone mam
Abigail Lyles
'Abigail Lyles' 2 weeks ago
When she said, Hey Siri, Siri opened up 😂😂😂
Estefanny Siqueiros
'Estefanny Siqueiros' 2 weeks ago
her sperm eyebrows 😂💀💕
Tyler Noelle
'Tyler Noelle' 2 weeks ago
is there a Steven universe thing in the background
'CuteAnimeGirl124' 2 weeks ago
its kind of cringy how she was so amazed by an iphone
TitanDestroyer46 YT
'TitanDestroyer46 YT' 2 weeks ago
8:03 oh really? 4years later... First person in line for the new iPhone 6
sofia cummings
'sofia cummings' 3 weeks ago
this video was published on my birthday!!!!!
'Brookeawesome321' 3 weeks ago
u should just work at apple lol ur obbsessed!!!!!!!!!!
Kros Matthews
'Kros Matthews' 3 weeks ago
11 years 4 mil iJustine. 1 year 11 mil Logan Paul
Zack Fitz
'Zack Fitz' 3 weeks ago
You used to be zoey 101
Lucendi Fusion
'Lucendi Fusion' 3 weeks ago
When you started vloging I wasn't born
Mrs.T T
'Mrs.T T' 3 weeks ago
How long did your iPhone 6plus last you
'RedPillorBluePill' 3 weeks ago have to go back like 4 generations of iPhones to see Justine wearing something else besides those black streachy pants. LoL
Jason Jones
'Jason Jones' 3 weeks ago
iJustine I just subscribed to your channel I love the flashback Montage especially in 2008 time flies
Jazmyn Gibson Opetaia
PLSSSSSSSSSS PLS PLS start a vlog channel like justine vlogs or something i would love to see wut interesting things happen in ur life bahahahha lol like this comment if u agree
sergio medina
'sergio medina' 3 weeks ago
She looked cuter when she started she still hawt tho
Shelley Enoka
'Shelley Enoka' 3 weeks ago
At 7:05 my Siri turned on 😂😂
Ava Strovinsky
'Ava Strovinsky' 3 weeks ago
What about the iPhone 5c 😂
Benjamin Edward
'Benjamin Edward' 3 weeks ago
Muntaz Adam
'Muntaz Adam' 3 weeks ago
Lalalupsy S
'Lalalupsy S' 3 weeks ago
Oh emojis
Anvi Zaman
'Anvi Zaman' 3 weeks ago
Back then clothing was so weird
Neveryone 3
'Neveryone 3' 3 weeks ago
9:30 it looks like Liv/Dove Cameron from Liv and Maddie lol
BlazerXGaming// BlazeTXG
7:48 Han Solo in the apple store 😂😂😂
Mr Postman
'Mr Postman' 3 weeks ago
I'm fine with my iphoneSe
Logan Virgo
'Logan Virgo' 3 weeks ago
Been here for 9 years.
Victoria Howe
'Victoria Howe' 3 weeks ago
Justine, your eyebrows have come so far 😂
Aurelia Piccigallo
'Aurelia Piccigallo' 3 weeks ago
i love watching your apple videos because  no one is ever as excited as i am for their new products
Sebastian Samaco
'Sebastian Samaco' 3 weeks ago
Haha @7:04 when you said “Hey Siri” my Siri was activated
Anthony S
'Anthony S' 3 weeks ago
3:52 that's what she said😂
Tomek Tabaka
'Tomek Tabaka' 3 weeks ago
My first iPhone was the 5. Arguably the best phone with arguably the best os ever.
'TECH XPLORER' 3 weeks ago
No iPhone 5c ? 🤔Not a ture iFan 😏
Brenda Wong
'Brenda Wong' 3 weeks ago
The evolution of Justine ft. iPhones
Carson Chandler
'Carson Chandler' 3 weeks ago
You missed the iPhone se
Tiye Knot
'Tiye Knot' 3 weeks ago
When you had to download an app for emojis
'queefz' 3 weeks ago
THANK GOD your eyebrows recovered omf
'queefz' 3 weeks ago
kinda sad becuase I remember when you posted most of these
m watts
'm watts' 3 weeks ago
I wish she didn't do it going back in time, it confused my brain a lot
Randall Donadio
'Randall Donadio' 4 weeks ago
Hey come watch me never age over 11 years. Jesus are you a vampire? Amazing genes
Adebimpe Adeniji
'Adebimpe Adeniji' 4 weeks ago
Hi I'm old
Shahzad Waheed Mughal
It is actually a super special video. Really enjoyed whole video. All these years so many things hVe changed. You look better now but looked best in oct 2011 :D
MoEstachee TM
'MoEstachee TM' 4 weeks ago
You have made YouTube videos longer than my life.
Cami Plays
'Cami Plays' 4 weeks ago
Chloe Sweeney
'Chloe Sweeney' 4 weeks ago
I actually feel so lucky to have the iPhone 8
Darya Lolipop
'Darya Lolipop' 4 weeks ago
Ur eyebrows just got better and better😂😂😂♥️
Aleem Parvaiz
'Aleem Parvaiz' 4 weeks ago
ooooooooooooooooooooooooo bbysuckmydick]
Rhonda Lewis
'Rhonda Lewis' 4 weeks ago
Funny video. The Iphone 5 &'5s were a slick looking model. Now look how the phone has evolved from small to huge. Smh. I still buy the smaller phones.
HannahMRF makeup T
But I am an Apple lover just like you GO APPLE
HannahMRF makeup T
But I was only ten when this video was made
'NyanCatLoverPS' 4 weeks ago
I still have the iphone 5....
Geometry Dash Mike
'Geometry Dash Mike' 4 weeks ago
Wow... Us Americans Have Screwed Up About Phones...
The Grate Group
'The Grate Group' 4 weeks ago
Would you rather have the first iPhone or the cheapest phone in your country?
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