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10 Years of iPhones | iJustine -
Published: 7 months ago By: iJustine

By: iJustinePublished: 7 months ago

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Let's take a look back at the past 10 years of me and my iPhones lol (and yes, that first show was from 2017, I messed up the title)
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'iJustine' 7 months ago
sorry, that first shot was from a few days ago.. meant to type 2017 not 2007 lol
Zoki Tv
'Zoki Tv' 2 minutes ago
What is the song at 5:46
Hanna Graceffa
'Hanna Graceffa' 7 hours ago
Omg that thing where it wont turn on it just goes to the apple logo happened to my 4s and all my stuff was on there
eleanor mccarroll2
'eleanor mccarroll2' 10 hours ago
Your so rich u can bye all these phone
The Cooper Family
'The Cooper Family' 17 hours ago
Who else was born when the first iPhone came out meeeeeeeeee😂😂😂
YoyoEzzi Jr
'YoyoEzzi Jr' 1 day ago
Ive had iphone 3 now iphone 7plus red
Стас  Гайсин
As opposed to iphones, you haven't changed a bit in 10 years :D
Annie Lawrence
'Annie Lawrence' 2 days ago
i love you so much❤️❤️❤️
1DAnimations And More
I wasn't even 1 when the first iPhone came out
'___devs' 2 days ago
loved this video😘😘
Zoe Lucas
'Zoe Lucas' 3 days ago
When I still have the 5. And when she said hey Siri my phone reacted. :(
Holly Bakewell
'Holly Bakewell' 3 days ago
My dad has collected every iphone from the first
Lesly Barajas
'Lesly Barajas' 4 days ago
Omg joey graceffa
Ali Joseph
'Ali Joseph' 4 days ago
Alex wassabi was on youtube for 11 years
'Bunnyboo3419' 4 days ago
People like this make me wanna stick to androids tbh
J Champ
'J Champ' 5 days ago
Was she Zoey from zoey 101?
Aidan, Mel and Gwen
2008 Justine looks like Zoey 101 😂😂
She has beautiful teeth.
Saoirse Croghan
'Saoirse Croghan' 5 days ago
Who thinks that Justine looks like the younger version of jeana from PvP and bfvsgf
'Lilardito' 6 days ago
When you went hey Siri in the video my phone thought you meant it.
Kyle Magaro
'Kyle Magaro' 6 days ago
The original iPhone really sucked
'PlushSwitch' 7 days ago
“It’s really big.” ..That’s what she said.
'PlushSwitch' 7 days ago
wtf is sept 2014
OhMyDanceGods wawa
i was born on august 2007 i am 10 bye
'Julanar' 1 week ago
OMFG 7:04 Siri just replied to me because you said hey Siri
ali adel
'ali adel' 1 week ago
is it me or this babe was really hot back in the days , and now u can see the ages on her
Libby B
'Libby B' 1 week ago
Sam Arneson
'Sam Arneson' 1 week ago
loved this!!!!!!!!!!!
Iu Bojo
'Iu Bojo' 1 week ago
I loved that video I have watched every single video of yours
Ilikepiw Verymuch
'Ilikepiw Verymuch' 1 week ago
This was posted the day after my bday!!!!!
'Ruby' 1 week ago
That activated hey Siri when she said it
Tony Miranda
'Tony Miranda' 1 week ago
Your soo cute
'Jisoo' 1 week ago
Damn she used to look like Zoey from Zoey101
James C
'James C' 1 week ago
When I was young we didn't have iPhones. Because the iPhone didn't exist.
Dream Unicorn
'Dream Unicorn' 1 week ago
Why were ppl so amazed by the IPHONE
Ayla cutiepie ;3
'Ayla cutiepie ;3' 2 weeks ago
Is it funny that she i clumsy like me.. I think she's clumsy because of all the things that happened with her phone..🤣
'NoobNoodlez' 2 weeks ago
I have an iPhone SE I feel like I am the only one
Hello Pumpkin
'Hello Pumpkin' 2 weeks ago
Jacob Dennis
'Jacob Dennis' 2 weeks ago
Sorry I have to say this SEXY!!!
'Sonico' 2 weeks ago
She got younger o.o
'Uli' 2 weeks ago
Your iphone 2g's battery needs to be replaced
Simply Nublet
'Simply Nublet' 2 weeks ago
It feels weird looking at the past iphones compared to the modern ones, for some reason it just feels like "why were we excited for this?" But i gues as time goes on from here we'll look at back at the modern ones and be like "ew".
:D Grace :D
':D Grace :D' 2 weeks ago
Jake Paul: 5 Mill on YouTube in 6 months Justine: 3 Mil on YouTube in 11 Years
Munashe Mazano
'Munashe Mazano' 2 weeks ago
Sarah Covington
'Sarah Covington' 2 weeks ago
Did anybody's Siri come on in when she said hey Siri (mine did) 🤣🤣🤣
Pearleana Stevens
'Pearleana Stevens' 2 weeks ago
Me and the iPhone is the same age
Emily Nicol
'Emily Nicol' 2 weeks ago
at 2010 she looked like dove cameran
Emily Nicol
'Emily Nicol' 2 weeks ago
at 2010 she looked like dove cameran
Nina The Gymnast
'Nina The Gymnast' 2 weeks ago
Did u see she put January 2007 instead of 2017?
Maisen Sen
'Maisen Sen' 2 weeks ago
I subbed you in2014
Stanjo Vlogs 4 you
'Stanjo Vlogs 4 you' 2 weeks ago
When she told the iPhone 4 "hey Siri" my Siri went on
Franco Palomares
'Franco Palomares' 2 weeks ago
Lol my mom has had te iPhone 1-7+ and my dad has had like the first android phone ever, I just keep switching back and forth with apple and android, just like them 2 a lot
'ISweetViv' 2 weeks ago
Justine looks the same from 2017 to 2012. BTW you are soooo pretty!
Pballer Waller
'Pballer Waller' 2 weeks ago
3:52 that's what she said
'TiY DiY' 2 weeks ago
Why is there hi iphone 2 and I didn't see an iPhone 4 am I blind or did she not buy it
Emily Adelia Whittle
So I still use a iPhone 4G.....Yea, im broke ass
'CalebSandoval2104' 2 weeks ago
The 2017 says 2007
'Happiness' 2 weeks ago
what is your job that earns you all of this money?
'oliviaaa' 2 weeks ago
Nearly 4 million!!
Eric Gonzalez
'Eric Gonzalez' 2 weeks ago
"I will never be in line for any Apple event ever" - iJustine 😂
Alex Morris
'Alex Morris' 2 weeks ago
What is your home address?
Jennifer Fox
'Jennifer Fox' 2 weeks ago
Please do a goldfish challenge with ro
Logan Paulerrss Foreverr
When Justine was getting her first iPhone ever I was 4 months old
Aaron Blakely
'Aaron Blakely' 3 weeks ago
I remember watching your first iphone video lmao
Budz Camacho
'Budz Camacho' 3 weeks ago
Wow. This is why iPhone is better than android . 🙌🏼🙌🏼
'URSAPROJECTS' 3 weeks ago
The eyebrows tho
Goaty Alexis
'Goaty Alexis' 3 weeks ago
her hair literaly diddent change from 2011 to now lol
Gabriella Adams
'Gabriella Adams' 3 weeks ago
And to think you had to download a 99c app to get emojis 😂😂😂
'Izzy's Random Life' 3 weeks ago
Sperm cell eyebrow trend 😂😂😂
Emily McClure
'Emily McClure' 3 weeks ago
Just like Colleen, Justine suffered from sperm eyebrows. She too has recovered well.😌🤧❤️
kae eh
'kae eh' 3 weeks ago
Justine what phone did you have before the first iPhone I'm curious
Elise Thomas
'Elise Thomas' 3 weeks ago
Wait did she actually have an accent ... I'm new to this channel so idk where she came from
Marium Chohan
'Marium Chohan' 3 weeks ago
The time of lip gloss for ijustine LOL
Ryan Vang
'Ryan Vang' 3 weeks ago
Ijustin who your boyfriend
Jessica C
'Jessica C' 3 weeks ago
I loved this
'Ciel_Phantomhive' 3 weeks ago
you've been doing youtube for 11 years and only have have 3.9 million subs Life accomplishment reached
Reuben Lee
'Reuben Lee' 3 weeks ago
Hahaha the amount of iphones you have smashed. You should use tempered glass. Love your videos! I don't use an iphone, I use a Samsung Galaxy S8 but I love your videos! They're so much fun to watch!:) Especially the cooking ones which are hilarious!:)
Bree Hartly
'Bree Hartly' 3 weeks ago
The things she does for iPhones
Lucas Nencetti
'Lucas Nencetti' 3 weeks ago
I have the iPhone 4s and I am so over it. If I had the money I would upgrade but I can't. I am on prepaid so there is no upgrade every few months or wen ever they do it on contract so I'm stuck on iPhone 4s 9.3.5 and I can't play pokeymon go at all. It will open run freeze then crash. 😔. But it works for everything else I need it to do like watch you on YouTube. And call text go online apps but who knows how much longer. They say it is going to not work soon because it is 32 bit and they are moving on to 64 bit phones for good and ditching 32bit phones.
Azhar Uddin
'Azhar Uddin' 3 weeks ago
Shes a true iphone lover... ;-)
'LittleJoshBigTyler' 3 weeks ago
I love how she compares the goddamn iPad with the iPhone
Yo Keylenn
'Yo Keylenn' 3 weeks ago
I grew up with iPhones lol , I saw them when they were just started and Now they look so different and more better 🙃
Jordyn Casmer
'Jordyn Casmer' 3 weeks ago
I have that 4.😕
chelsea burnham
'chelsea burnham' 3 weeks ago
Does briann have a channel ?
Pickle - Roblox & More
The iPhone is as old asvme
MelyGotGucci 69
'MelyGotGucci 69' 3 weeks ago
Oh my god 2007 😫😫
Tafhim Tanjil
'Tafhim Tanjil' 4 weeks ago
who sleeps for a phone lol. stupid
Stanley Arnoux
'Stanley Arnoux' 4 weeks ago
No iPhone SE
CorporalAden 12345678
Kareem Stuff101
'Kareem Stuff101' 4 weeks ago
Amelia Brandt
'Amelia Brandt' 4 weeks ago
She said my birthday!!!
Damilohun Olanipekun
She been making YouTube videos for 11 years yet she only had 3 million . 🤔 I mean 😒
Andrew Nguyen3
'Andrew Nguyen3' 4 weeks ago
Why you no said me phone
Elizabeth Oveson
'Elizabeth Oveson' 4 weeks ago
While I was watching this I was charging my phone and at 7:04 when Justine said "Hey Siri", the Siri on my phone turned on and freaked my out. Keep in mind, this was at like 11:00 o'clock at night. You're probably wondering why I had to add the phone charging part. Well, if you are not familiar with IPhones, saying hey Siri in works when your phone is connected to a charger or headphones. At least that's the only was it works with my phone. Something may be wrong with it. Who knows.
'JTPro' 4 weeks ago
You are a really sweet person I just subscribed!
Lit Savage
'Lit Savage' 4 weeks ago
7:20 reason why i don't buy stuff online
Sascha Charlotte
'Sascha Charlotte' 4 weeks ago
You forgot the iphone se..
Gainful Canty
'Gainful Canty' 4 weeks ago
Can I get a iPhone plz
Maria GamesTEC
'Maria GamesTEC' 4 weeks ago
Wow 11 years I was 1 year old 😂😂
BruhItz Autumn
'BruhItz Autumn' 4 weeks ago
July 2008 she looks so much like zoey from zoey 101!
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