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10 Years of iPhones | iJustine -
Published: 11 months ago By: iJustine

By: iJustinePublished: 11 months ago

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Sony A7s ii -
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'iJustine' 11 months ago
sorry, that first shot was from a few days ago.. meant to type 2017 not 2007 lol
Hexven isudi
'Hexven isudi' 10 hours ago
Your so funny you just earned a new subscriber 😁😇
Evelyn Rightmire
'Evelyn Rightmire' 14 hours ago
The most significant change is her eyebrows 😂
Jiffy Lama
'Jiffy Lama' 1 day ago
ijustine, marry me! You're so lovely..
Mahrukh Khan - Churchill Meadows PS (1314)
FrznSrpnt Gaming
'FrznSrpnt Gaming' 2 days ago
giraffelover 151
'giraffelover 151' 2 days ago
Omggggg throwback to the 2007 Justine ❤❤❤
Yashika Bharti
'Yashika Bharti' 2 days ago
Osm journey of urs. May God 😇 bless u. 😍😍
Max Marinelli
'Max Marinelli' 2 days ago
Nucleo Acid
'Nucleo Acid' 3 days ago
She is not cute or attractive and on top of that she is so annoying
'PØTÅTØ SQÚÅD' 3 days ago
She acts like her iPhones are her babies.. i love it 😂😂
Gamer La
'Gamer La' 4 days ago
When she upload her second vid i guess but its aug 2007 i was born in aug 19
Layla Napier
'Layla Napier' 4 days ago
I remember watching that video when you had the blue shirt
Jofri Baharudin
'Jofri Baharudin' 5 days ago
Im 8 yrs old
Osvaldo Mogollon
'Osvaldo Mogollon' 5 days ago
I will bet you 1,000 dollars that Justine will not answer this comment and you forgot the I phone 5C
Vincent Ngo
'Vincent Ngo' 5 days ago
Remember you singed plainrocks124 phone?
jboy 53
'jboy 53' 5 days ago
Can you give me a iphone 7
TypeONegative 1377
Micky Daly
'Micky Daly' 6 days ago
damn her eyebrows back then 😂😂😂
Penelope Martinez
'Penelope Martinez' 6 days ago
Zoey 101 is this you?
'BeccaSlays' 7 days ago
............................Samsung is better............................
fuckyoubitchimclassy 1
Ellie Rhinier
'Ellie Rhinier' 1 week ago
My grandma still has an Iphone 3
B.R.P. Productions
She used to look like Zoey from Zoey 101
Fabio Dumitrache
'Fabio Dumitrache' 1 week ago
The first iPhone i had was the iPhone 4s and i still got it and use it
Poppy Paige
'Poppy Paige' 1 week ago
i was 3 when the i phone 4 was coming out lol
Itscheeta Cat
'Itscheeta Cat' 1 week ago
Omg Joey
Leah Marie
'Leah Marie' 1 week ago
Wow throwback to when you needed an app for emojis lol
Cupcake Sprinkle
'Cupcake Sprinkle' 1 week ago
In 2007 I was 1
Nightcore_lover 82
Marcello Branca
'Marcello Branca' 2 weeks ago
damn you became such a cute old woman ij d
Johnny Melendez
'Johnny Melendez' 2 weeks ago
'Poop._.' 2 weeks ago
Omagod im standing in front of THE iphone!
happy craftoholic
'happy craftoholic' 2 weeks ago
The iPhone 4s one You had it in your hand when you made the call
Ferchii Alice
'Ferchii Alice' 2 weeks ago
I want to see her smile daily in my life, just so precious!!!!
Thaddeus Brown
'Thaddeus Brown' 2 weeks ago
She forgot the iPhone 5c.
Mythical Adyson
'Mythical Adyson' 2 weeks ago
This was posted on my birthday! 🎂
'PettyCartoon405' 2 weeks ago
Lol my friend has a hole in her iPad and it's bigger than on your 7 plus.😂😂😂
Nelly Muhonja
'Nelly Muhonja' 2 weeks ago
Can you plz help me with one because I realy want an iphone
Pony Crazy!
'Pony Crazy!' 2 weeks ago
Don’t forget the 7, 8 and X, yes I know this was made before they were😂
Jordan Chester
'Jordan Chester' 2 weeks ago
I just bought the iPhone 8 🌝😂
Ha-Mi Nguyen
'Ha-Mi Nguyen' 2 weeks ago
that eyebrow transformation
Sarah The Emoji
'Sarah The Emoji' 2 weeks ago
It’s so funny how everyone was exited about the iPhone 3GS and then there is the iPhone X
Chim Link
'Chim Link' 2 weeks ago
I legit teared up a bit.  fangirl. Happy 10th anniversary. Thnx for the memories ijustine!
Maris Alexander
'Maris Alexander' 3 weeks ago
Did anyone notice the difference in her? She is sooo beautiful!❤️😍
Karla Mayorga
'Karla Mayorga' 3 weeks ago
I think that this video was fun to watch
You no who the fuck I am
It’s 2006
Kawaii Princess
'Kawaii Princess' 3 weeks ago
Joey Graceffa yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyh
Donut Sweets
'Donut Sweets' 3 weeks ago
Captain Mike
'Captain Mike' 3 weeks ago
You would make Steve PROUD!
'Petey' 3 weeks ago
Back when there wasn't screen protectors for the iphone.
Chet Lee Kowalski
'Chet Lee Kowalski' 3 weeks ago
What a great look back
Chanelux Grande
'Chanelux Grande' 3 weeks ago
Surviving with an iPad 3 and a Slightly Cracked iPhone 5s🙄
Corryn Bynum
'Corryn Bynum' 3 weeks ago
Oml ur eyebrows 9:31
minecraft lover1200
'minecraft lover1200' 3 weeks ago
Those 2008 eyebrows though
icegeulim artworks
'icegeulim artworks' 3 weeks ago
Why are you not getting old on your face?
Sasha dela rosa
'Sasha dela rosa' 3 weeks ago
Pls make giveaway of iphones pls
kaci andersen
'kaci andersen' 3 weeks ago
The durability of iPhones has gone down so much
Rena The GamerCorn
'Rena The GamerCorn' 3 weeks ago
You made your first vid when I turned 2!
Rena The GamerCorn
'Rena The GamerCorn' 3 weeks ago
You’ve been making videos my whole life.
Stephen Curry Shoes
'Stephen Curry Shoes' 4 weeks ago
apple fanboy, try Samsung
Makenzee Rhyan
'Makenzee Rhyan' 4 weeks ago
TheCrashTribe :
'TheCrashTribe :' 4 weeks ago
God u were really hot
Harry Dickus
'Harry Dickus' 4 weeks ago
Damn 10 years later the iPhone has aged....But You Justine, not so much....
Sophie Byrd
'Sophie Byrd' 4 weeks ago
Your soooooooooooooooooooo pretty
Dianne Polmanter
'Dianne Polmanter' 4 weeks ago
This was great! I had just broken up with Verizon marched over to ATT and was introduced to this technical marvel the IPhone. With 8 gigs of memory. Flash forward to my iPhone X with 256 gigs. How did I survive?
Rosangela Sena
'Rosangela Sena' 4 weeks ago
OMG what a beautiful flash back, thanx. Congratulations, you're a real Apple lover
Rebecca Plays Sims
'Rebecca Plays Sims' 4 weeks ago
Super curious how is she able to afford all the newest models the day they immediately come out? Like no offense I'm just curious lol cause it kinda is a shocker
Joe SuggForLifee
'Joe SuggForLifee' 4 weeks ago
She really hasn't changed that much??
Jakiah Harris
'Jakiah Harris' 4 weeks ago
Yooo she look like Zoe from zoe101
Youssef Challouh
'Youssef Challouh' 4 weeks ago
How old are you?
Nathan P
'Nathan P' 4 weeks ago
The year I was born to the year I turned 10
Pedro Taklim
'Pedro Taklim' 1 month ago
Where Is iPhone 5c ?
Dev Gaming
'Dev Gaming' 1 month ago
*Im getting iPhone 10 next week and then I'm getting PS4 next month right now I have iPad Pro 9.7 inch ❤️😎❤️😎❤️😎❤️😎❤️*
Justin Justin
'Justin Justin' 1 month ago
TFO: Cyborg
'TFO: Cyborg' 1 month ago
I watched the ones from 2014
unknown 321
'unknown 321' 1 month ago
I bet you got 100 iphones in you draw
Lol 10 years same reaction everytime
'AK TUBE' 1 month ago
Btw i still using iphone4 It still work
Mila Burke-Denholm
'Mila Burke-Denholm' 1 month ago
My phone activated Siri when she said hey Siri at 7:00
Kandace Foster
'Kandace Foster' 1 month ago
You should have done it when the iPhone X came out.
Yakob Yihunie
'Yakob Yihunie' 1 month ago
OMG you guys really love iPhones
Rafaela Antonioli
'Rafaela Antonioli' 1 month ago
She never got the iphone 5c though
'ForEverythingBeauty' 1 month ago
Blessed for your eyebrows to recover
'Rivers' 1 month ago
Those 2008 brows
TangledKoala 24
'TangledKoala 24' 1 month ago
U published this the day my dog died
Cassandra Yves Barcena
How did u do the force touch
Kristal Bradford
'Kristal Bradford' 1 month ago
In August 2007 my mom was 7 mounths prego with me
Scarlett Elvins
'Scarlett Elvins' 1 month ago
she acted the exact same the whole way through
'ROBIN KING' 1 month ago
Does Apple Pay you to drop your phones lol 😂
'KatAwesomenessAJ' 1 month ago
1925: Our future is gonna be wonderful! Flying cars, time machines, etc.... 2017: IPHONE X. Uh your future wasn't the best to predict :DDD
Kayla Marie
'Kayla Marie' 1 month ago
Who else saw Joey and squilled
'Miakittyyay' 1 month ago
When you said hey Siri my Siri turned on 😂
Darren Jayaratnam
'Darren Jayaratnam' 1 month ago
3:52 "Its really big" ...
RudeDoll Roblox Fan
'RudeDoll Roblox Fan' 1 month ago
Simpler times
Jennifer Franklin
'Jennifer Franklin' 1 month ago
Do you actually buy all the awesome technology you have, or do companies just send you things so it'll be in a YouTube video?
Angel Dávila
'Angel Dávila' 1 month ago
and i am watching this with my old 5s
Juliette Poirier
'Juliette Poirier' 1 month ago
haha, I love how Justine got so surprised over Touch ID and now there's low key Face ID now 😂😂
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