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10 Years of iPhones | iJustine -
Published: 1 month ago By: iJustine

By: iJustinePublished: 1 month ago

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Let's take a look back at the past 10 years of me and my iPhones lol (and yes, that first show was from 2017, I messed up the title)

'iJustine' 1 month ago
sorry, that first shot was from a few days ago.. meant to type 2017 not 2007 lol
Kaylee Lovett
'Kaylee Lovett' 13 minutes ago
They have not been out that long
Chanel Russell
'Chanel Russell' 7 hours ago
I have never had an iPhone
Chanel Russell
'Chanel Russell' 7 hours ago
I have never had an iPhone
Emily Smith
'Emily Smith' 8 hours ago
Is it just my phone or when she said hey Siri my Siri turned on 😂
Pinoy MMa Fighter #Amboy
i got a new iPhone 7 black matte but i'm still using my iPhone 5s Silver coz it's still cool
More TLD
'More TLD' 21 hours ago
When she said hey Siri, it activated my phone! Lol
'meena's vlogs' 1 day ago
Lilzopeep p
'Lilzopeep p' 1 day ago
Wish I could've watch the living years but I'm 11 years old so I'd be a fetus watching you
Zarwah Amir
'Zarwah Amir' 1 day ago
Ur vids r awesome!!.......
Farin Rahman
'Farin Rahman' 1 day ago
10 years of Justines eyebrows.
ok bro
'ok bro' 1 day ago
your eyebrows have grown along with the iPhone. two great things, PROUD !
Leticia Pérez
'Leticia Pérez' 2 days ago
the I phone 1 came out the year I was born 2007
Kayla Steuart
'Kayla Steuart' 2 days ago
10 years of iPhone is a lot.
coolcat Ali
'coolcat Ali' 2 days ago
don't know why I watched this I'm not into apple I'm happy with my none apple products.
all you need is here
what is your age
Erika Montes
'Erika Montes' 3 days ago
in 2007 she reminded me of a little bit of Hilary duff and in 2017 she reminds of Cameron Diaz lol.
'TheCubeLover' 3 days ago
What is the song called that is in the start of the video??
CTM Vlogs
'CTM Vlogs' 3 days ago
'Halofleek65' 3 days ago
3:55 how dare you handle the IPhone like that?!?! 😂😂😂
'SITI RAMADHANI' 3 days ago
'instawhore' 3 days ago
I remember wanting an iPhone so badly in grade 7, then I watched your at&t bill video and then I was like "I DON'T WANT AN IPHONE, IT'S SO EXPENSIVE" but luckily in the 11th grade my dad got me the iPhone 4S; even though I had to switch to rogers (it's basically Canada's at&t) but yeah I was super happy and never looked back. iPhone for life lol. Just thought I'd share :P
'KawaiiB' 3 days ago
When she said hey Siri in 2012 it activated my Siri😂
'anabelleb17' 3 days ago
My first iPhone was the 3G then 3GS then now I have 5c in blue
Itss Adrienne
'Itss Adrienne' 3 days ago
your eyebrows have changed so much!!😍
Lauren Erskine
'Lauren Erskine' 3 days ago
Is it just me or when she was getting her first iPhone she looked like Zoe from zoe101
Pablo Gray
'Pablo Gray' 3 days ago
I phones are complete garbage,android is the future
Cutepuppyforever 33
When she said hey Siri my Siri turned on
Privát Fiók
'Privát Fiók' 3 days ago
i'm from hungary 💓💓
Aaron Fucito
'Aaron Fucito' 3 days ago
Just subscribed 👍🏼
yousef Barqawi
'yousef Barqawi' 3 days ago
Samsung FTW
Toxic Unicorn
'Toxic Unicorn' 4 days ago
my name is justine 👋☺
Hallo Salma
'Hallo Salma' 4 days ago
10 years of Christmas screams.
'isabellagiggles24' 4 days ago
2008 them eyebrows though 🤣🤣
'azoooz123123' 4 days ago
يلعن شكلك اثري اتابعك لي ١٠ سنوات shit
Gwen Christensen
'Gwen Christensen' 4 days ago
Omg. Her eyebrows slowly got worse as the video went on😂😂😂
Lesley Zavala
'Lesley Zavala' 4 days ago
Justine you have been working on YouTube too long you deserve more subscribers also big fan
'ClaireK17' 4 days ago
Wow! Can't believe this crazyyy
Chøcølate covered Møøse productions
U look like Britney spears
Myka Whitener
'Myka Whitener' 4 days ago
You looked like Carrie underwood
Mysterie Flame
'Mysterie Flame' 4 days ago
Im new to ijustine so im not cringing
Jola D
'Jola D' 4 days ago
i dont even have a phone rn cuz it mashed up and my mom doesn't think i should get another ......plz do a giveaway
xIcey x
'xIcey x' 5 days ago
did anyone catch the Jan 2007?
Savannah Frazier
'Savannah Frazier' 5 days ago
Mattie was so little!!!🐶
'iSupaRazor' 5 days ago
Who is the Korean girl
Julia Gastelum
'Julia Gastelum' 5 days ago
Hamilton "Look at where we are,Look at where we started"😂💓
Candy! Random#!
'Candy! Random#!' 5 days ago
anime gamer
'anime gamer' 5 days ago
We need more Samantha videos 😂
Nicholas Murphy
'Nicholas Murphy' 5 days ago
Dude, I remember those videos 😂
Nicholas Murphy
'Nicholas Murphy' 5 days ago
I have been here since the beginning! ✌️
Felix Molitor
'Felix Molitor' 5 days ago
Auggie G.
'Auggie G.' 6 days ago
Apple is trash. All hail the faster, better, more durable (by a mile) ANDROID!
Thomas Games
'Thomas Games' 6 days ago
Has anybody else noticed that she wrote January 2007 while she was holding the iPhone 7😂
'AO CP' 6 days ago
2:56 OMG YOU LOOK LIKE A BARBIE DOLL (like no joke srs *K?*)
alli loves shopkins
My birthday is the 31 of January and I turned 11
Marcello Toledo
'Marcello Toledo' 6 days ago
10 years and who only improves is you!!!!
Sam Obama
'Sam Obama' 7 days ago
I WANT TO JAM MY COCK DOWN UR THROAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bethany Squirrell
'Bethany Squirrell' 7 days ago
I wasn't born
Ash Lewis
'Ash Lewis' 7 days ago
Justine I'm just gonna say, You're super cute & love your smile!! #justsayin #facts101 :)
Zesty Sauze
'Zesty Sauze' 7 days ago
Has anyone heard of the case
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 7 days ago
I have an iPhone se
Ashley Lopez
'Ashley Lopez' 1 week ago
Lol do you guys remember path 😂
SM For Life
'SM For Life' 1 week ago
Are you brittney spears sister
Nadi peace
'Nadi peace' 1 week ago
Your eyebrows style changed to
Sarah Black
'Sarah Black' 1 week ago
I was 3 when the iPhone came out
Kieran Crossland
'Kieran Crossland' 1 week ago
You are careless to your phones.
Aleishka Cruz
'Aleishka Cruz' 1 week ago
Hey!! iJustine did you ever get the iPhone 5c??
'Ysabelle's World' 1 week ago
Where was the iPhone 🇸🇪did you have it and i didn't see?
'ShadowWolf13' 1 week ago
ive never had the pleasure of opening an iPhone out of the box :(
Brandon Hulshoff
'Brandon Hulshoff' 1 week ago
I am watching this from the future on my IPhone X
Meow Woof
'Meow Woof' 1 week ago
when u promised u would never be first in line. lol she just got more crazy. lol love you
Kameron Coleman
'Kameron Coleman' 1 week ago
8:04 - Sure about that?
juli peters
'juli peters' 1 week ago
Leila Tittel
'Leila Tittel' 1 week ago
The first iPhone was so small wow 😳
Emily S.
'Emily S.' 1 week ago
I wish I had an iphone I have a Motorola 💀😫
Tillie That Musically girl
My rose gold iPhone 7 is arriving tomorrow soooooo excited
OMG I saw Joey one of my fave YouTubers
Nick Summers
'Nick Summers' 1 week ago
You m'am, have earned yourself a subscriber !
Cacti Kitty
'Cacti Kitty' 1 week ago
I'm getting my sisters iPhone 4s but I hope to one day get a better one
'Bryan' 1 week ago
iJustine look the same she hasn't aged
'MindBodySpirit' 1 week ago
I love this video! You have worked so hard and so consistently to bring your channel to where it is today. Respect.
anika mano
'anika mano' 1 week ago
I have an iPhone 7 and am only 7 it sounds really cool since I'm 7 and have and iPhone 7 get t!!!!!!!!
Jazmin Lopez
'Jazmin Lopez' 1 week ago
I have the iphone 6s
'mynameisedda' 1 week ago
Pickle Pickle
'Pickle Pickle' 1 week ago
I still have iPhone 5 s
Youtube_ over_tv
'Youtube_ over_tv' 1 week ago
Holyyyy shiiit when she said hey Siri my Siri went off hehe lol
Niamh quinn
'Niamh quinn' 1 week ago
Wat about the 5c
Hannah Giannas
'Hannah Giannas' 1 week ago
When she said hey Siri. Siri came up on my screen
Ship Cast
'Ship Cast' 1 week ago
Plz subscribe to me I make iOS videos I'm trying to win a competition at least watch my vids thank you for your time - MR.SHIP
Brennan Ball
'Brennan Ball' 1 week ago
7:50 😂😂😂
Brennan Ball
'Brennan Ball' 1 week ago
Been here since 2013? I think?!
Brennan Ball
'Brennan Ball' 1 week ago
I remember when she camped out for the iPhone 6.
Brennan Ball
'Brennan Ball' 1 week ago
2:15 I remember that video and when matty was so small!
Brennan Ball
'Brennan Ball' 1 week ago
Been here for like two and a half years.
Maikel Samaan
'Maikel Samaan' 1 week ago
then they finally find out about samsung
'MR RAINBOW' 1 week ago
2007 нα∂ тнє иєω ιρнσиє 7
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