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10 Years of iPhones | iJustine -
Published: 5 months ago By: iJustine

By: iJustinePublished: 5 months ago

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Let's take a look back at the past 10 years of me and my iPhones lol (and yes, that first show was from 2017, I messed up the title)
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'iJustine' 5 months ago
sorry, that first shot was from a few days ago.. meant to type 2017 not 2007 lol
'champ' 5 hours ago
6:43 That Moan Though....
Iarina Cazacu
'Iarina Cazacu' 10 hours ago
I also noticed how her eyebrow style changed 😂😂
Jmm plays
'Jmm plays' 11 hours ago
subscribe to my youtube channel its jmm plays
Shu shu Playhouse
'Shu shu Playhouse' 16 hours ago
Just subscribe love you ps ur so cool love you 😘
Natrah Panda
'Natrah Panda' 1 day ago
And my birthday is 9 Feb 2007
Natrah Panda
'Natrah Panda' 1 day ago
2007 is when I born
carl jeroldson
'carl jeroldson' 2 days ago
They still have that good hold music!
Christianna Vail
'Christianna Vail' 2 days ago
Tass gril
Amber McDonald
'Amber McDonald' 3 days ago
When she said hey Siri my phone went off 😂😂😂classic
CrypticalPel Gaming
Gabriela Mercedes
'Gabriela Mercedes' 3 days ago
Your so lucky I never got an iPhone computer or an iPad I've only ever had an iPod witch isn't even a real phone😭😭😭
Lissette Ramirez
'Lissette Ramirez' 4 days ago
How old are you???
Muffin Cake
'Muffin Cake' 4 days ago
9:34 dem brows
The introvert that never had friends
I'm 2007 she looks like a blonde snobby girls who do only bad revewis
'Trickshoaktopus54' 5 days ago
When you said "Hey Siri" I was watching on my phone and Siri opens up.😂😂😂
MrGamingBlox // MGB Playz
Which iPhone came out on your birth year? Mine was the iPhone first generation (which is 2007)
Mermaid Island Studios
Get an iPhone 5c
daan,ninja,penguin ,gaming
ten year of i phone dude
'BlondeBoyWonder' 6 days ago
I swear when it was 2008 iJustine I heard "are you ready"
Dylan Wilson
'Dylan Wilson' 6 days ago
can I have your 6+
Eugene Ariella
'Eugene Ariella' 6 days ago
you start on the year when i'm born until now😄😄lol
olivia pavloff
'olivia pavloff' 6 days ago
i have a iphone 5s in slate gray
Marta Vargas Muela
aquí hay alguien que hable español
Alex Ander
'Alex Ander' 1 week ago
I love your vids Ijustine
Christabel Teoh
'Christabel Teoh' 1 week ago
um her eyebrows.
Akotoh Boracay
'Akotoh Boracay' 1 week ago
watching the apprentice hehey.. . iloveyou Justine 10 years and still pretty
Blah blah
'Blah blah' 1 week ago
She has done YouTube for 11 years and only has 3 mill. WHAT!
'Lukey' 1 week ago
aww omg love u // and your new eyebrows lol 😂😂😂😂
Olivia Tetu
'Olivia Tetu' 2 weeks ago
In the video, you said that you would never be the first one in line for anything but in other videos, you ended up being the first one in line multiple times.
jeff Izan
'jeff Izan' 2 weeks ago
Bravo!!!!👍🏼😄👏🏼 Very nice job ijustine , you are very excited on iphone.. I enjoy watching any new excited and explain about gadgets.
Lucky Dealer
'Lucky Dealer' 2 weeks ago
Its okay
Bubble Gum Queen
'Bubble Gum Queen' 2 weeks ago
scrolling down all the way to her 1st vid... I'd be done when I'm 96 years old
TriArt Studios
'TriArt Studios' 2 weeks ago
Bob Giovanni
'Bob Giovanni' 2 weeks ago
If i had money like her id probably be standing in line with her
Kathryn Brummel
'Kathryn Brummel' 2 weeks ago
I just wish I could thank Steve jobs :)
'Soph' 2 weeks ago
I just noticed how her eyebrows got better 😂 love you❤️
BrinlyGarryFan101 Forever
Every time she says hey Siri my Siri turns on!
Daisha Sanders
'Daisha Sanders' 2 weeks ago
She probably be at the apple store almost every day.
Nora Moralez
'Nora Moralez' 2 weeks ago
2013 Justine- Jenna (bf vs gf) , 2008 Justine- Zoey from zoey101😂😂😂😂
Shan Hashem
'Shan Hashem' 2 weeks ago
Good video
'JevaughnSmith2017' 2 weeks ago
I feel you iJustine............ but do you look famous than Tobuscus or jacksfilms?
Aaron Tello de Meneses
I love you jajajaja 🙈
shripad kadam
'shripad kadam' 2 weeks ago
3:51 that's what she said 😂😂😂😂
'Jacob' 2 weeks ago
I remember those sperm eyebrows XD
Star Queen
'Star Queen' 3 weeks ago
I wish that I could watch but I was born then
Beauty is with in CX I **
Can I get one
Norml 68
'Norml 68' 3 weeks ago
She looks like jeana with the brown in her hair
Sarah Agate
'Sarah Agate' 3 weeks ago
Omg Justine looks so different now then she did 7 years ago
Zach Eller
'Zach Eller' 3 weeks ago
lol who else remembers the iPhone bill video
Vanessa Suriel
'Vanessa Suriel' 3 weeks ago
You're awesome
'Twinkwick' 3 weeks ago
2008 you so good looking :)
'邱子軒' 3 weeks ago
love1st iPhone
'WentworthSeries' 3 weeks ago
Justine looks like jeana from pvp in November 2013
Mataytay Ahmed
'Mataytay Ahmed' 3 weeks ago
I like how she thought that the iPhone 5 was huge, look at her now
Jay BeeSliding
'Jay BeeSliding' 3 weeks ago
2 ads for a 12 mins video... Make that money girl.
bekri walid
'bekri walid' 3 weeks ago
damn ! 10 years and you still look the same
braiden harper
'braiden harper' 3 weeks ago
omg 11 years
Johan Inanta
'Johan Inanta' 3 weeks ago
I like this girl like i like Gal Gadot :D
Kristine Mae L. Caballes
you are soooooo cute ohmyy!!!
'Darrlings' 3 weeks ago
3:13 he called him a nigger
Mia Phillips
'Mia Phillips' 3 weeks ago
hows whiching this in 2017
Null Pointer
'Null Pointer' 3 weeks ago
10 years of wastage :D
Andrej YT
'Andrej YT' 3 weeks ago
You're the best youtuber .I love iPhones so much I have an iPhone 7 plus in jet black too.
CosAnime AU
'CosAnime AU' 3 weeks ago
Wow sucking the same D*ck for 10 years well done
'LittleJoshBigTyler' 3 weeks ago
I've never seen such a positive person.
Black kittens
'Black kittens' 4 weeks ago
eyebrow revolution😂😂😂
Carol no Canadá
'Carol no Canadá' 4 weeks ago
7:41 - 7:47 lololol
Mr. Peter
'Mr. Peter' 4 weeks ago
For some reason this makes me so sad how time can fly so quick
Zach Cline
'Zach Cline' 4 weeks ago
There is nothing like the smell of a freshly opened Apple product though lol
Freddie Foggon
'Freddie Foggon' 4 weeks ago
Freddie Foggon
'Freddie Foggon' 4 weeks ago
Jamie Marie
'Jamie Marie' 4 weeks ago
Omg I've been watching you forever.
Did anyone else's Siri turn on when she said "hey Siri" with the I phone 5.
'Mishkastuff77' 4 weeks ago
I miss Cody :(
'rockerrash11' 4 weeks ago
is this Destiny Lynn Vargas??
David Ren
'David Ren' 4 weeks ago
I died when she pulled out the iPad Mini at 2:35
Jeremy B.
'Jeremy B.' 4 weeks ago
I was there at MacWorld 2007 such awesome memories!
Wanda Woman
'Wanda Woman' 4 weeks ago
Her hair b4 doe.
'It's Alivia' 4 weeks ago
She had all the phones and I haven't had one😂😂😂
Rainbow Slime_101
'Rainbow Slime_101' 4 weeks ago
She looks like the girl from Zoey 101
Bulu Guha
'Bulu Guha' 4 weeks ago
Why don't you marry an iPhone??
Carol no Canadá
'Carol no Canadá' 4 weeks ago
5:28 The old Instagram logo R.I.P :(
Shawndell Ogletree
'Shawndell Ogletree' 4 weeks ago
She hasn't aged in 10 years😂😂😂
Russell Deniega
'Russell Deniega' 4 weeks ago
oh 2008 it's the year where I was born
Zombie Killa
'Zombie Killa' 4 weeks ago
wow she just got sexier every year, not human!
Legden Yangsur
'Legden Yangsur' 4 weeks ago
Veronica Williams
'Veronica Williams' 4 weeks ago
Ijustine why too many phone and computer all time and you should take care of yourself first not give people stuff and I know that want help and I rather do it myself. I think iphone7 is better and accessories for computer color best my choice find it.
Jenny Rebecca
'Jenny Rebecca' 1 month ago
you were doing YouTube videos before I was evan born
CorporalAden 12345678
Why does she look like a mom from a long time ago
ChelROBLOX Gaming & More
OMG She Looks like Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoey) from Zoey 101 DANG. ALSO I LOVE UR VIDS JUSTINE
Michael W
'Michael W' 1 month ago
2007 was 10 years ago what.
Maiya Houle
'Maiya Houle' 1 month ago
Omg when u said hey Siri my Siri went off ?!?!
Tao Tao
'Tao Tao' 1 month ago
dat moment when my mum didn't have a touchscreen phone until 2013
Lalahlegacy Bee
'Lalahlegacy Bee' 1 month ago
Where was the iPhone se?
'ButterBean' 1 month ago
Girl u just activated my siri 🙄
Life of a Mad typer
'Life of a Mad typer' 1 month ago
Hahaha I was watching 2013
Life of a Mad typer
'Life of a Mad typer' 1 month ago
I don't comment much but I've been watching since the first iPhone bill :)
nour bouzidi
'nour bouzidi' 1 month ago
10 years of eyebrows xD
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