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10 Awesome Science Experiments! Compilation -
Published: 2 months ago By: Home Science

By: Home SciencePublished: 2 months ago

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This video is a compilation of top 10 science experiments you can do at home.
0:00 Fire Tornado
1:29 Smartphone 3D hologram
2:16 Soap propelled boat
2:43 Sugar and sulfuric acid reaction
5:05 No-leak magic bag
5:43 Silver egg
6:14 Coke and bleach reaction
6:47 Instant cloud in a bottle
7:30 Sponge and sulfuric acid reaction
8:03 How to make hot ice at home



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Thanks the TheBackyardScientist for the idea

Fr cr
'Fr cr' 11 hours ago
hello, what do you mean by 80% of vinegar? (8:12)
Bojan Gligorić
'Bojan Gligorić' 11 hours ago
jesi li ti stvarno stric ili ujak od nikole vukelica posto je on to meni pricao da mu neko imq joutube kanal sa preko 500.000 subs
john fernando rosel oraa
i can't download the template
icarolobo 1205
'icarolobo 1205' 1 day ago
does experiments with soap bubble
'Triplexxx1432' 1 day ago
how do you download the template? i tried clicking on it
Rosa Sanchez
'Rosa Sanchez' 2 days ago
good so i have to pick which one to do for my school😁😁😁
Acyuta Junior
'Acyuta Junior' 2 days ago
Bro can you give the material list for making those experiment, cause i really want to do it at hom
Daquaylin Washington
art obsession your cute 💗
Daquaylin Washington
art obsession your cute
Daquaylin Washington
art obsession I subscribed
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Nunzietto Annunziato
Rans Mikealson
'Rans Mikealson' 3 days ago
My favourite was the hologram 3D
Gabriel Palattao
'Gabriel Palattao' 3 days ago
be my girlfriend someone
Gabriel Palattao
'Gabriel Palattao' 3 days ago
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 3 days ago
what diabetes does to you
Nice Poju
'Nice Poju' 4 days ago
'EDDIBA C' 4 days ago
Subscribe to Zack Hample.
Silvia Reyes
'Silvia Reyes' 4 days ago
I like this vide
Luccana TV
'Luccana TV' 4 days ago
love ur videos!!
Ryan Yap
'Ryan Yap' 4 days ago
last experiment is his hand alright 😱😱😱
'GOOMYMASTER25' 4 days ago
Coke and bleach. My two favorite drinks XD
Im Naveed
'Im Naveed' 5 days ago
plz name the music you entered in it
Jesse Segel
'Jesse Segel' 5 days ago
How did you get your hand out?
'Drake1112' 5 days ago
10:18 Ice magic
naima hossain
'naima hossain' 6 days ago
I liked the third and fourth1
albert liem
'albert liem' 6 days ago
i like science a lot but i like it even more when i understand it.Any kind samaritans mind explaining what happened to the egg?
raul vega araujo
'raul vega araujo' 6 days ago
el holograma 3D creo que es falso
'natalyaro' 6 days ago
Illuminati Confirmed
is the egg raw or hard boiled?
'7coriander7' 7 days ago
when you say 80% vinegar is that the acidity? because household vinegar says 5% i believe. and where would you buy it? we are trying that hot ice experiment for our 4th graders science experiment
zebxxxdd 42
'zebxxxdd 42' 7 days ago
Özellikle 2. Su harikaydı
Katita Vargas
'Katita Vargas' 1 week ago
Sooooo coooolll 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
PokePaws - Minecraft And More
Wait does that mean 7 is beer
'JAVOX GDO.' 1 week ago
Enséñame como se hace lo del minion y la mariposa por favor
Yusman Mohamad
'Yusman Mohamad' 1 week ago
i luke the number 8 (ill will like comment and subscribe) !!!!!!!MM
'melaniesmask' 1 week ago
hot ice is cool
Manoj Ranade
'Manoj Ranade' 1 week ago
Need Template for second experiment.
Dina Bx
'Dina Bx' 1 week ago
#4 is fucking disgusting
Jes is fab c:
'Jes is fab c:' 1 week ago
You can get someone to drink coke and bleach because it looks like beer or wine..
Daniel Han
'Daniel Han' 1 week ago
Step 1: Pour Coke Step 2: Pour Bleach Step 3: Pour into empty water bottle Step 4: Be extra nice to the person you hate most by offering them a drink of your new drink :D Step 5: Enjoy!
'a1b5' 1 week ago
3:25 Coca-Cola
Ashhad Airaj Hussain
How to make sulphuric acid
Dirty Dan
'Dirty Dan' 1 week ago
Wait so if a fat person with diabetes drinks sulfuric acid will they blow up?
Edy Purwanto
'Edy Purwanto' 1 week ago
crazy mania-besteirol!!!
Is amazing
Samuel Jordan
'Samuel Jordan' 2 weeks ago
it is very good for student s and thanks to home science for this video
Lai T.
'Lai T.' 2 weeks ago
"Science is amazing!!" -Ash Ketchum Pokemon Xyz
'cesar_123_' 2 weeks ago
this his fucking awesome
Leah Best
'Leah Best' 2 weeks ago
Noah Lovely
'Noah Lovely' 2 weeks ago
Mix coke and bleach o make it even better than it already was
Test All Things Channel
Nice :)
'Dr.Atuti' 2 weeks ago
*Lol, nice :)*
'Asunere' 2 weeks ago
Uhhhhh On 10 Is your hand ok?
Cheese is life For Roblox!
Remind me to burn spongebob squarepants with some sulfuric acid when I see him LOL XD
Sophie Wong
'Sophie Wong' 2 weeks ago
I like all things,I LOVE IT SO MUCH
make it easy
'make it easy' 2 weeks ago
make it easy channel please sub its so cool
Epix Gamin
'Epix Gamin'' 2 weeks ago
The 8th one .. Jack Daniels .. Le Censored
Iwan Appels
'Iwan Appels' 2 weeks ago
This video is great! What kind of stuff did you put on the wooden stick? Is that the leftover of the created substance?
MR. Cool
'MR. Cool' 2 weeks ago
Hey guys i have some amazing experiments , life hacks that you will love it !
yva toussaint
'yva toussaint' 2 weeks ago
you should had taken out the silver egg
precious McKinney
'precious McKinney' 2 weeks ago
Can someone please tell me the US cups to these measurements? The hot ice experiment. I've tried to make it three times so far and its not right. I'm assuming my measurements are off. Thank you.
Subhan Iqbal
'Subhan Iqbal' 2 weeks ago
omg what is this
Fizikçi Kemal
'Fizikçi Kemal' 2 weeks ago
Alex Show
'Alex Show' 2 weeks ago
Слушайте очень крутой канал, можно не один час на нём провести) Снимают качественно, мне нравится!
Ethan Townsend P
'Ethan Townsend P' 2 weeks ago
That cloud in a bottle one, kids are breathing in those fumes to get drunk
Hot Ice cool af
Anil Rs , in hindi
'Anil Rs , in hindi' 2 weeks ago
'RiseWithoutFear' 2 weeks ago
Do you have the templates for #2 video? When I mean video, I mean format for the video to make the picture.
YouTube H3lp
'YouTube H3lp' 2 weeks ago
0:36 explain.
jagtar singh
'jagtar singh' 2 weeks ago
is 2nd real
Clasping Wolf
'Clasping Wolf' 2 weeks ago
at 6:27 looks like a tasty drink
Dragon Lover
'Dragon Lover' 2 weeks ago
Xx prototype xX
'Xx prototype xX' 2 weeks ago
Lol, how ironic, this video was posted on the same day as my birthday
Asian Nation
'Asian Nation' 2 weeks ago
this song sounds like it should be in terraria (idk if its just me or what)
Tara Tiregül
'Tara Tiregül' 3 weeks ago
Gosh! The hologram thing is AMAZING!!!! Oh btw I love your videos :3
Pyro Flame
'Pyro Flame' 3 weeks ago
Number 4 looked like dr.pepper for a while
Roo Roo
'Roo Roo' 3 weeks ago
Now I feel smart. I've loved science for forever and this really boost that love. THANK YOU!
Deelfi Uwu
'Deelfi Uwu' 3 weeks ago
''Do at home'' si, todos tenemos acido sulfurico en nuestra casa :v
Sara M
'Sara M' 3 weeks ago
where you come from?
art obsession
'art obsession' 3 weeks ago
who else would love to try the bleach and coke
Amar Gurung
'Amar Gurung' 3 weeks ago
Number 7 should be called "How to kill someone by disguising bleach as wine".
GingGaming LTU
'GingGaming LTU' 3 weeks ago
Jose Perez
'Jose Perez' 3 weeks ago
number 6= HowtoBasic's silver play button
Charles Hall
'Charles Hall' 3 weeks ago
the hot ice looked like a dandylion
'SpookyCorals' 3 weeks ago
3:45 Release the beast!
Anne Hurd
'Anne Hurd' 3 weeks ago
Does your hand get stuck when you put your hand inside the hot ice?
Raihan Prasetyo
'Raihan Prasetyo' 3 weeks ago
i like science
Charles Pei
'Charles Pei' 3 weeks ago
7. u gonna drink that? xD 6:15
Cosimo De Matteis
'Cosimo De Matteis' 3 weeks ago
Come fai?
mert sugür
'mert sugür' 3 weeks ago
what is the science behind the instant cloud in a bottle number 8?
Lokesh Thakur
'Lokesh Thakur' 3 weeks ago
wait whats the science behind the soap propelled boat?
Amber Aguilar
'Amber Aguilar' 3 weeks ago
I did not see the egg one
Zayne Pierce
'Zayne Pierce' 3 weeks ago
do you stir the hot ice?
'AfroGum' 3 weeks ago
The begging of the last experiment i thought you guys were making drugs lmaooo
chinonso ilo
'chinonso ilo' 3 weeks ago
am I the only one who feels uncomfortable at 10:02
Paramvir Raj
'Paramvir Raj' 3 weeks ago
science is god
CG Tube
'CG Tube' 3 weeks ago
Your awesome mr hacker because u can do it but I can so good job 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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