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Top 10 Super Cool Experiments & Tricks with Fire and Liquid you can do at home -
Published: 12 months ago By: Home Science

By: Home SciencePublished: 12 months ago

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This video is a compilation of top 10 amazing science experiments with Fire and Liquid you can do at home - Compilation 2017

0:00 Fire Tornado
1:29 Smartphone 3D hologram
2:16 Soap propelled boat
2:43 Sugar and sulfuric acid reaction
5:05 No-leak magic bag
5:43 Silver egg
6:14 Coke and bleach reaction
6:47 Instant cloud in a bottle
7:30 Sponge and sulfuric acid reaction
8:03 How to make hot ice at home



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Thanks the TheBackyardScientist for the idea

'TheBackyardScientist' 12 months ago
Awesome! Happy to see someone trying the fire tornado :) and wow, that's a lot of work- 10 projects for one video, you must be very busy!
HelpIneeTube- Roblox Videos
R.I.P sponge
HelpIneeTube- Roblox Videos
That no sugar.. Good vid! 😁
Prema Kumari
'Prema Kumari' 4 days ago
Great video its awsome I will also try it
Lalaram Take
'Lalaram Take' 1 week ago
Lalaram Take
'Lalaram Take' 1 week ago
Tere ma ki chut
Mohamed Washeem
'Mohamed Washeem' 1 week ago
what is the app you used in the phone for the smartphone 3d hologram
Elise Camara Desta Slay
Now we know how to kill spongebob
Reece Beauchamp
'Reece Beauchamp' 2 weeks ago
Awesome video!
'Gaming4Life' 3 weeks ago
so cool
Jeevika R
'Jeevika R' 3 weeks ago
did you use concentrated or dilute sulphuric acid for the sugar and H2SO4 reaction???
Aydin Warner
'Aydin Warner' 4 weeks ago
7:40 #boiledcoke
Aydin Warner
'Aydin Warner' 4 weeks ago
coke+bleach looks like lemonade
Gaming Guruji RBA
'Gaming Guruji RBA' 4 weeks ago
Hey man these are same experiments....
Ayman Ibrahim
'Ayman Ibrahim' 1 month ago
That's a FIRENADO!
rakesh bainsla
'rakesh bainsla' 1 month ago
RAFAEL Magallanes
'RAFAEL Magallanes' 1 month ago
RAFAEL Magallanes
'RAFAEL Magallanes' 1 month ago
that was a great video also
RAFAEL Magallanes
'RAFAEL Magallanes' 1 month ago
sponge and sulfuric reaction R.I.P. Spongebob
Kevin Puebla
'Kevin Puebla' 2 months ago
The jars taking a shit but going straight up
muhammad ramadan
'muhammad ramadan' 2 months ago
the sulfric acid sugar one was kind of creepy
Angelica Delosreyes
'Angelica Delosreyes' 2 months ago
Gaurav Dadwal
'Gaurav Dadwal' 2 months ago
'ASHUTOSH SINGH' 2 months ago
Menzel Meister
'Menzel Meister' 2 months ago
Hallo besucht mal mein Channel Grüß Menzel Meister
'Sabagamer2017' 2 months ago
Hey pls sub my channel
वनस्पति दर्शन और फायदे
Woow..... Really Awesome Experiments ...
Two Cool Science Chix Science for Kids
Love this channel! Subscribed immediately! You gave us great ideas for our channel. Hope you don't mind.
Typical Steak
'Typical Steak' 2 months ago
How does your hand feel
utsav khatiwada
'utsav khatiwada' 2 months ago
Simple alcohol can be used
Timothy Lindholm
'Timothy Lindholm' 3 months ago
3:25 so its pretty much Coca Cola?
Himanshi Rohra
'Himanshi Rohra' 3 months ago
very amazing videos!! keep it up i liked it. but i think that 'no leak magic bag' is not possible.
Ajay Pawar
'Ajay Pawar' 3 months ago
'💋Tathenna💎' 3 months ago
Great vid!
Hữu Đăng Đặng
'Hữu Đăng Đặng' 3 months ago
4:57 it like a burn tree
Kévin Rodrigues
'Kévin Rodrigues' 3 months ago
Bonjour est ce qu'il faut du bicarbonate de soude spécial ou ceux que l'on trouve en grande surface suffit ? ( bicarbonate alimentaire )
Gunter Ter
'Gunter Ter' 3 months ago
wow !!!!!!!!!!
rudi van landeghem
'rudi van landeghem' 4 months ago
Sooooo coooooollllll i'm gonne try all the things But safly
hui khim tho
'hui khim tho' 4 months ago
I would like to ask if the sulphuric acid used is diluted or concentrated?
Delfina Flores
'Delfina Flores' 4 months ago
Omg how you do i want too do that !!
Sejal Kumari
'Sejal Kumari' 4 months ago
mujhe ye CD case wala samaj nhi aya plzz aap bata do sit
Saurabh Singh
'Saurabh Singh' 4 months ago
what you had taken on the stick in hot ice science experiment, please tell me as soon as possible, i have to tell it to my teacher
Oliver Bradburn
'Oliver Bradburn' 4 months ago
I call bs on the hollagram one. that's too good to be true
Haran Hari
'Haran Hari' 4 months ago
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Mega Espeon does Youtube
Mega Espeon does Youtube
I am going to try hot ice!!!!!!!!!! it looks so cool
Mega Espeon does Youtube
never mind I know what a dL is now
Mega Espeon does Youtube
What is a dL?
Tuan Nguyen
'Tuan Nguyen' 4 months ago
Very Great !! I like your video
God speed
'God speed' 4 months ago
Is his hand okay or shaterd
Paris Larson
'Paris Larson' 4 months ago
Poor Spongebob
Miguella Youssef
'Miguella Youssef' 5 months ago
mind blowing
Versie Segers
'Versie Segers' 5 months ago
Thank you for the video.
Natalie Nicholas
'Natalie Nicholas' 5 months ago
How old do you get to do this
Master of Science
'Master of Science' 5 months ago
I like your channel very much. it is awesome also want to share my knowledge regarding chemistry with everyone.
shubham singh tricks
'shubham singh tricks' 5 months ago
I like it what an amazing
how to download the templet for exp 2 give the link
Stephenie St Louis
'Stephenie St Louis' 5 months ago
so cool😎
Lilibeth Aspiras
'Lilibeth Aspiras' 5 months ago
Im very handsome
Abdulsamet Barin
'Abdulsamet Barin' 5 months ago
hot ice excellent
'DzeniXGM' 5 months ago
Pa brate ovo je Bosanski youtube kanal sa najvise suba
B Talekar
'B Talekar' 5 months ago
Cat Sunny
'Cat Sunny' 5 months ago
who thinks the sugar add the Acid. the black thing like resdient evil7 monster @@
'xXpapaXx' 5 months ago
did he die?
Morslan _
'Morslan _' 5 months ago
Haha 10:00 it looks like a penis😅
noah emond
'noah emond' 5 months ago
You kill sponge bob
Aidan Viant
'Aidan Viant' 5 months ago
Awesome video
'김수연' 5 months ago
how can i download template of no.2 experiment? the link inserted in the video doesn't work. i want to do smartphone 3D hologram experiment. these all experiments are wonderful. thank you :)
Isabel Velastegui
'Isabel Velastegui' 6 months ago
Рисуем и Раскрашиваем С Детками
Good video! You have done very well!
Daffny Sharon
'Daffny Sharon' 6 months ago
George Tempest
'George Tempest' 6 months ago
The soap propelled boat - in the 60's I had boat models about the size of a thumb nail with a tiny cotton ball at the end, your dropped some solution ( I think it was alcohol) and you could see them racing around in the bath tub :o)
Balaji s
'Balaji s' 6 months ago
Alexa Trevors
'Alexa Trevors' 6 months ago
'Dad 'n' Lad' 6 months ago
That's pretty cool guys 😎 have you tried, atomising flour to make a cool flash of fire. If you want a shout out let us know. Check ours out
Lilibeth Aspiras
'Lilibeth Aspiras' 6 months ago
Creative creative
'Creative creative' 6 months ago
Wow that's amazing
It is so good How do you do it?
'Twist' 6 months ago
What music name plssss😣
Hong Chang
'Hong Chang' 6 months ago
Ayeesha Susulan
'Ayeesha Susulan' 6 months ago
this is awesome
Rhegy Prananda
'Rhegy Prananda' 6 months ago
that is so beautiful experience!! awesome
'duohgnuts' 6 months ago
What is the music?
Bea M.
'Bea M.' 6 months ago
'王妞妞' 6 months ago
Hi,Sir. I'm your fan and an user of Chinese Video Forum.I hope I can reprint your videos to our forum. It will make more fans to you, sitting still can get profit,that's not a bad thing,right? I hope you can agreement with me.
Minarni Zerikowati
'Minarni Zerikowati' 6 months ago
Not Nicfranky
'Not Nicfranky' 6 months ago
Not Nicfranky
'Not Nicfranky' 6 months ago
last one was so dangerous don't try it u can lose ur hand..
'NABAB SK' 6 months ago
'AMITTECHS' 6 months ago
can you make cell phone jammer
Larry640 [GD]
'Larry640 [GD]' 6 months ago
mabsoot Max
'mabsoot Max' 6 months ago
that is amazing!
Muthukumar Arunachalam
sugar and sulfuric acid reaction is like black monster
musically lover
'musically lover' 6 months ago
I did it all and it so cool
Muthukumar Arunachalam
fire tornodo is amazing for me !
Gabriel Enrique Rueda Acevedo
LOVE IT im sub
Gabriel Enrique Rueda Acevedo
the insta cloud i werent able to se how it pops up with 0.25 speed and holding space
Gabriel Enrique Rueda Acevedo
OMG its only i can say
Im Awesome
'Im Awesome' 7 months ago
the last experiment really amaze cool dude....i subbed bro....keep doing more vid like this.....
Munana 2525
'Munana 2525' 7 months ago
how'd you get your hand out :-( didn't it hurt
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