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10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation -
Published: 8 months ago By: Home Science

By: Home SciencePublished: 8 months ago

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This video is a compilation of top 10 science experiments you can do at home.
0:00 Fire Tornado
1:29 Smartphone 3D hologram
2:16 Soap propelled boat
2:43 Sugar and sulfuric acid reaction
5:05 No-leak magic bag
5:43 Silver egg
6:14 Coke and bleach reaction
6:47 Instant cloud in a bottle
7:30 Sponge and sulfuric acid reaction
8:03 How to make hot ice at home



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Thanks the TheBackyardScientist for the idea

'TheBackyardScientist' 8 months ago
Awesome! Happy to see someone trying the fire tornado :) and wow, that's a lot of work- 10 projects for one video, you must be very busy!
Mega Espeon does Youtube
never mind I know what a dL is now
Mega Espeon does Youtube
What is a dL?
Tuan Nguyen
'Tuan Nguyen' 15 hours ago
Very Great !! I like your video
God speed
'God speed' 3 days ago
Is his hand okay or shaterd
Paris Larson
'Paris Larson' 1 week ago
Poor Spongebob
Miguella Youssef
'Miguella Youssef' 3 weeks ago
mind blowing
Versie Segers
'Versie Segers' 3 weeks ago
Thank you for the video.
Natalie Nicholas
'Natalie Nicholas' 3 weeks ago
How old do you get to do this
Master of Science
'Master of Science' 3 weeks ago
I like your channel very much. it is awesome also want to share my knowledge regarding chemistry with everyone.
shubham singh tricks
I like it what an amazing
how to download the templet for exp 2 give the link
Stephenie St Louis
'Stephenie St Louis' 4 weeks ago
so cool😎
Lilibeth Aspiras
'Lilibeth Aspiras' 4 weeks ago
Im very handsome
Abdulsamet Barin
'Abdulsamet Barin' 1 month ago
hot ice excellent
'DzeniXGM' 1 month ago
Pa brate ovo je Bosanski youtube kanal sa najvise suba
B Talekar
'B Talekar' 1 month ago
Cat Sunny
'Cat Sunny' 1 month ago
who thinks the sugar add the Acid. the black thing like resdient evil7 monster @@
'xXpapaXx' 1 month ago
did he die?
'SWEdogge' 1 month ago
Haha 10:00 it looks like a penis😅
noah emond
'noah emond' 1 month ago
You kill sponge bob
Aidan Viant
'Aidan Viant' 1 month ago
Awesome video
'김수연' 1 month ago
how can i download template of no.2 experiment? the link inserted in the video doesn't work. i want to do smartphone 3D hologram experiment. these all experiments are wonderful. thank you :)
Isabel Velastegui
'Isabel Velastegui' 2 months ago
Рисуем и Раскрашиваем С Детками
Good video! You have done very well!
Daffny Sharon
'Daffny Sharon' 2 months ago
George Tempest
'George Tempest' 2 months ago
The soap propelled boat - in the 60's I had boat models about the size of a thumb nail with a tiny cotton ball at the end, your dropped some solution ( I think it was alcohol) and you could see them racing around in the bath tub :o)
Balaji s
'Balaji s' 2 months ago
Alexa Trevors
'Alexa Trevors' 2 months ago
'Dad 'n' Lad' 2 months ago
That's pretty cool guys 😎 have you tried, atomising flour to make a cool flash of fire. If you want a shout out let us know. Check ours out
Lilibeth Aspiras
'Lilibeth Aspiras' 2 months ago
Esma Hadzic
'Esma Hadzic' 2 months ago
Wow that's amazing
It is so good How do you do it?
'Twist' 2 months ago
What music name plssss😣
Hong Chang
'Hong Chang' 2 months ago
Ayeesha Susulan
'Ayeesha Susulan' 2 months ago
this is awesome
Rhegy Prananda
'Rhegy Prananda' 2 months ago
that is so beautiful experience!! awesome
'DerpDoughnut' 2 months ago
What is the music?
Bea M.
'Bea M.' 2 months ago
'王妞妞' 2 months ago
Hi,Sir. I'm your fan and an user of Chinese Video Forum.I hope I can reprint your videos to our forum. It will make more fans to you, sitting still can get profit,that's not a bad thing,right? I hope you can agreement with me.
Minarni Zerikowati
'Minarni Zerikowati' 2 months ago
NicFrankyyy Ps4
'NicFrankyyy Ps4' 2 months ago
NicFrankyyy Ps4
'NicFrankyyy Ps4' 2 months ago
last one was so dangerous don't try it u can lose ur hand..
'NABAB SK' 2 months ago
Amit techs
'Amit techs' 2 months ago
can you make cell phone jammer
Larry640 [GD]
'Larry640 [GD]' 2 months ago
mabsoot Max
'mabsoot Max' 2 months ago
that is amazing!
Muthukumar Arunachalam
sugar and sulfuric acid reaction is like black monster
musically lover
'musically lover' 2 months ago
I did it all and it so cool
Muthukumar Arunachalam
fire tornodo is amazing for me !
Gabriel Enrique Rueda Acevedo
LOVE IT im sub
Gabriel Enrique Rueda Acevedo
the insta cloud i werent able to se how it pops up with 0.25 speed and holding space
Gabriel Enrique Rueda Acevedo
OMG its only i can say
Im Awesome
'Im Awesome' 3 months ago
the last experiment really amaze cool dude....i subbed bro....keep doing more vid like this.....
Munana 2525
'Munana 2525' 3 months ago
how'd you get your hand out :-( didn't it hurt
Tobias DeCoteau
'Tobias DeCoteau' 3 months ago
good vid
ali5n world
'ali5n world' 3 months ago
amazing :D
funky labcoat
'funky labcoat' 3 months ago
The hologram setup made my day. That's awesome ! I have many pets now !
'SCIENCE IN HINDI' 3 months ago
Good video
Ayoub The Gamer
'Ayoub The Gamer' 3 months ago
Sugar + sulfuric acid = Chocolate Cake!
léoh God
'léoh God' 3 months ago
Really amazing things. Where can I download the 3d templates for the hologram?
John Rivera
'John Rivera' 3 months ago
I have a hard time believing the second video
Gabriel Vasile
'Gabriel Vasile' 3 months ago
Ăla-i telefon?
Tiểu Miêu Cute Kitty1995
please more videos
Terrion Talley
'Terrion Talley' 3 months ago
Royale Razbijac
'Royale Razbijac' 3 months ago
🚁✈/*/*($$(($($(÷¥÷¥₩×$) $'. $)')#)#)#
Daily Scraf
'Daily Scraf' 3 months ago
10. Hot Ice = He did that long.. on purpose! 😂 Edit: 10:13
Maggie Walker
'Maggie Walker' 3 months ago
Experiment with Carbon Dioxide C02 and Coca || Video Kids Nursery Rhymes Songs : sd__MIsm1k4
'FISHOOK FISHOOK' 3 months ago
Hot Ice is so amazing
Aryanraj Raj
'Aryanraj Raj' 3 months ago
Hmm really good
Karina and the Science
Smashin' video! I really like this :)
'Dylan' 4 months ago
4:24 What if you saw that in the toilet?
jose piderit
'jose piderit' 4 months ago
Can someone help me with the second trick. It really works? There si a app or something for this experiment?
'lolsalamence' 4 months ago
10:05 who else saw something more "adult friendly"
Mark Fahim
'Mark Fahim' 4 months ago
U deqd?
'BlackyShiroGT' 4 months ago
well i know how now to make an melting face like that ou did
Leo Clark
'Leo Clark' 4 months ago
the hot ice one was so cool!!!!
Leo Clark
'Leo Clark' 4 months ago
i like it!
Shantanu Roy
'Shantanu Roy' 4 months ago
I salute you boss
Mr. Youtube
'Mr. Youtube' 4 months ago
joss gandos genine muter2
Jazzy Maretta
'Jazzy Maretta' 4 months ago
cara nya kok bisa begitu kenapa/
Viktoras Zujevas
'Viktoras Zujevas' 4 months ago
what is the song's name?
Elizabeth  Tognolini
'Elizabeth Tognolini' 4 months ago
is there a link or anything i can use for the 2nd experiment?
Vico Ranphy
'Vico Ranphy' 4 months ago
What is the title of the music
east bay
'east bay' 4 months ago
The hot ice is so good and complecated
Vanna FTW
'Vanna FTW' 4 months ago
Dude this is amazing
Lenny Sloan
'Lenny Sloan' 4 months ago
.4 he made the jug bigger how?
Emo Kitty Says BLEH
'Emo Kitty Says BLEH' 4 months ago
question: does the hat ice one last? like could I put the stick in it and just let it sit on the table as (almost put ass) decoration
Emo Kitty Says BLEH
'Emo Kitty Says BLEH' 4 months ago
7:53 looks like rotten human flesh
X Szaruen
'X Szaruen' 4 months ago
what software did you use for the 3d hologram
Lazer Playz
'Lazer Playz' 4 months ago
cool experiments
Kousy Rani
'Kousy Rani' 4 months ago
can u explain the reactions??
'Watermelon' 4 months ago
I nearly killed myself
SOKUN Visoth
'SOKUN Visoth' 4 months ago
You destroy sponge bob 😱
mixtop. MT
'mixtop. MT' 4 months ago
check your gmail please !
Milos Ninic
'Milos Ninic' 4 months ago
Gdje živiš u Bosni kralju. Najbolji kanal sa balkana. Pozdrav iz Banja Luke.
Hanh Nguyen
'Hanh Nguyen' 4 months ago
Leo Wesley
'Leo Wesley' 4 months ago
how many god damn times does he have to show everything
'HighRusher' 4 months ago
vi ste iz Bosne :0
'Flox' 4 months ago
Gdje su klipovi? :/
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