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10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation -
Published: 6 months ago By: Home Science

By: Home SciencePublished: 6 months ago

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This video is a compilation of top 10 science experiments you can do at home.
0:00 Fire Tornado
1:29 Smartphone 3D hologram
2:16 Soap propelled boat
2:43 Sugar and sulfuric acid reaction
5:05 No-leak magic bag
5:43 Silver egg
6:14 Coke and bleach reaction
6:47 Instant cloud in a bottle
7:30 Sponge and sulfuric acid reaction
8:03 How to make hot ice at home



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Thanks the TheBackyardScientist for the idea

Esma Hadzic
'Esma Hadzic' 2 hours ago
Wow that's amazing
It is so good How do you do it?
'Twist' 1 week ago
What music name plssss😣
Hong Chang
'Hong Chang' 1 week ago
Ayeesha Susulan
'Ayeesha Susulan' 1 week ago
this is awesome
Rhegy Prananda
'Rhegy Prananda' 2 weeks ago
that is so beautiful experience!! awesome
'DerpDoughnut' 2 weeks ago
What is the music?
Bea M.
'Bea M.' 2 weeks ago
'王妞妞' 2 weeks ago
Hi,Sir. I'm your fan and an user of Chinese Video Forum.I hope I can reprint your videos to our forum. It will make more fans to you, sitting still can get profit,that's not a bad thing,right? I hope you can agreement with me.
Minarni Zerikowati
'Minarni Zerikowati' 2 weeks ago
NicFrankyyy WiiU
'NicFrankyyy WiiU' 2 weeks ago
NicFrankyyy WiiU
'NicFrankyyy WiiU' 2 weeks ago
last one was so dangerous don't try it u can lose ur hand..
'NABAB SK' 2 weeks ago
Amit techs
'Amit techs' 2 weeks ago
can you make cell phone jammer
'Larry640' 2 weeks ago
mabsoot Max
'mabsoot Max' 2 weeks ago
that is amazing!
Muthukumar Arunachalam
sugar and sulfuric acid reaction is like black monster
musically lover
'musically lover' 3 weeks ago
I did it all and it so cool
Muthukumar Arunachalam
fire tornodo is amazing for me !
Gabriel Enrique Rueda Acevedo
LOVE IT im sub
Gabriel Enrique Rueda Acevedo
the insta cloud i werent able to se how it pops up with 0.25 speed and holding space
Gabriel Enrique Rueda Acevedo
OMG its only i can say
Im Awesome
'Im Awesome' 3 weeks ago
the last experiment really amaze cool dude....i subbed bro....keep doing more vid like this.....
Munana 2525
'Munana 2525' 3 weeks ago
how'd you get your hand out :-( didn't it hurt
Tobias DeCoteau
'Tobias DeCoteau' 3 weeks ago
good vid
'ali5nplay' 4 weeks ago
amazing :D
funky labcoat
'funky labcoat' 4 weeks ago
The hologram setup made my day. That's awesome ! I have many pets now !
'SCIENCE IN HINDI' 4 weeks ago
Good video
Easter Gamer
'Easter Gamer' 1 month ago
Sugar + sulfuric acid = Chocolate Cake!
léoh God
'léoh God' 1 month ago
Really amazing things. Where can I download the 3d templates for the hologram?
John Rivera
'John Rivera' 1 month ago
I have a hard time believing the second video
Gabriel Vasile
'Gabriel Vasile' 1 month ago
Ăla-i telefon?
Tiểu Miêu
'Tiểu Miêu' 1 month ago
please more videos
Terrion Talley
'Terrion Talley' 1 month ago
Royale Razbijac
'Royale Razbijac' 1 month ago
🚁✈/*/*($$(($($(÷¥÷¥₩×$) $'. $)')#)#)#
Rain dln
'Rain dln' 1 month ago
10. Hot Ice = He did that long.. on purpose! 😂 Edit: 10:13
Maggie Walker
'Maggie Walker' 1 month ago
Experiment with Carbon Dioxide C02 and Coca || Video Kids Nursery Rhymes Songs : sd__MIsm1k4
'FISHOOK FISHOOK' 1 month ago
Hot Ice is so amazing
Aryanraj Raj
'Aryanraj Raj' 2 months ago
Hmm really good
Karina and the Science
Smashin' video! I really like this :)
'Dylan' 2 months ago
4:24 What if you saw that in the toilet?
jose piderit
'jose piderit' 2 months ago
Can someone help me with the second trick. It really works? There si a app or something for this experiment?
'lolsalamence' 2 months ago
10:05 who else saw something more "adult friendly"
Mark Fahim
'Mark Fahim' 2 months ago
U deqd?
'BlackyShiroGT' 2 months ago
well i know how now to make an melting face like that ou did
Leo Clark
'Leo Clark' 2 months ago
the hot ice one was so cool!!!!
Leo Clark
'Leo Clark' 2 months ago
i like it!
Shantanu Roy
'Shantanu Roy' 2 months ago
I salute you boss
Mr. Youtube
'Mr. Youtube' 2 months ago
joss gandos genine muter2
Jazzy Maretta
'Jazzy Maretta' 2 months ago
cara nya kok bisa begitu kenapa/
Viktoras Zujevas
'Viktoras Zujevas' 2 months ago
what is the song's name?
Elizabeth  Tognolini
'Elizabeth Tognolini' 2 months ago
is there a link or anything i can use for the 2nd experiment?
Vico Ranphy
'Vico Ranphy' 2 months ago
What is the title of the music
east bay
'east bay' 2 months ago
The hot ice is so good and complecated
Vanna FTW
'Vanna FTW' 2 months ago
Dude this is amazing
Lenny Sloan
'Lenny Sloan' 2 months ago
.4 he made the jug bigger how?
Emo Kitty Says BLEH
'Emo Kitty Says BLEH' 2 months ago
question: does the hat ice one last? like could I put the stick in it and just let it sit on the table as (almost put ass) decoration
Emo Kitty Says BLEH
'Emo Kitty Says BLEH' 2 months ago
7:53 looks like rotten human flesh
X Szaruen
'X Szaruen' 2 months ago
what software did you use for the 3d hologram
Lazer Playz
'Lazer Playz' 2 months ago
cool experiments
Kousy Rani
'Kousy Rani' 2 months ago
can u explain the reactions??
'Watermelon' 2 months ago
I nearly killed myself
SOKUN Visoth
'SOKUN Visoth' 2 months ago
You destroy sponge bob 😱
mixtop. MT
'mixtop. MT' 2 months ago
check your gmail please !
Milos Ninic
'Milos Ninic' 2 months ago
Gdje živiš u Bosni kralju. Najbolji kanal sa balkana. Pozdrav iz Banja Luke.
Hanh Nguyen
'Hanh Nguyen' 2 months ago
Leo Wesley
'Leo Wesley' 2 months ago
how many god damn times does he have to show everything
'HighRusher' 2 months ago
vi ste iz Bosne :0
'Flox' 3 months ago
Gdje su klipovi? :/
shantanu majumdar
'shantanu majumdar' 3 months ago
you are amazing
mccrory family
'mccrory family' 3 months ago
like everyone has sulfur gas at there house
regina moore
'regina moore' 3 months ago
that was a cool trick ever
额 额
'额 额' 3 months ago
I like it but i can not do it in my home
Interesting Ficus
'Interesting Ficus' 3 months ago
Science Funda
'Science Funda' 3 months ago
Benefits of performing preschool science experiments are: Learning to use equipment safely and correctly. Equipment could include magnifying glasses, microscopes, magnets, scales, sieves, ramps and weighted objects. Sometimes this can also include chemicals, such as those used for making volcanoes. Drawing and writing to hypothesize results and discoveries. Encouraging discussion: Talking about what you see, feel, taste, hear, smell and discover. Observing changes: Children have the opportunity to develop their observational skills and identify changes and differences, such as changes in matter; for example, melting ice cubes. Reading books to explore scientific concepts and further experiments. Predicting: Encouraging children to discuss the possibilities of what will happen in the experiment. Asking questions: Science experiments encourage curiosity and many, many questions. Experimenting with the sequencing of steps to carry out the experiment. Exploring the natural environment. Exploring the man-made environment. Using our five senses: For example, smelling or touching and tactile discrimination. Considering maths concepts: For example, comparing size and weight. Problem solving: For example, how will we melt the ice? Will we leave it in the room, cook it in a pan or leave it in the sun? Exploring cause and effect through various materials. Developing an inquisitive mind.
charafromundertale9 aj
DUSIKAman show
'DUSIKAman show' 3 months ago
Let"s be friends !? Давайте дружить !?
Razvan Trusca
'Razvan Trusca' 3 months ago
Martins Jakans
'Martins Jakans' 3 months ago
about the last experiment, can it work with 70% vinegar?
Ngozi K
'Ngozi K' 3 months ago
wat app would u use for the 3D thing
Minecraft Man101
'Minecraft Man101' 3 months ago
What if someone threw a #10 in the ocean
'SINGSONG1' 3 months ago
what a waste of bleach
TheUniversal Spawner
'TheUniversal Spawner' 3 months ago
i think the 2 one is fake if its not im sorry
Kevin Aprea
'Kevin Aprea' 3 months ago
What app is it to use the hologram?
Nga Whakapai Twomey
'Nga Whakapai Twomey' 3 months ago
......... speeechless
'Legolas' 3 months ago
jesi li bosnjo
Zachery Pizza
'Zachery Pizza' 3 months ago
What app for the awesome hollagram
SaVaGe Fluffy
'SaVaGe Fluffy' 3 months ago
Fire snake? At the 4th one this guy made a sugar dragon!!!
Soccer Kid
'Soccer Kid' 3 months ago
Sha ima brate ? i mean what's upp broo
Phantøm Køte
'Phantøm Køte' 3 months ago
What's the song called?
Smiljan Cuk
'Smiljan Cuk' 3 months ago
Smiljan Cuk
'Smiljan Cuk' 3 months ago
is sotono
scent of gasoline
'scent of gasoline' 3 months ago
It's an exciting and funny video.
NuclearBear - Roblox & More
this chanel should be a television program
Augusts Salmiņš
'Augusts Salmiņš' 3 months ago
- ̗̀ Kazumi ̖́-
'- ̗̀ Kazumi ̖́-' 3 months ago
6:14 my two favorite drinks in the world
'LIKEABOSS' 3 months ago
6:14 ahh my perfect mix drink
Lightning Mix
'Lightning Mix' 3 months ago
#7 looks tasty...
Miss Nolver
'Miss Nolver' 3 months ago
As a chemical analyst I can tell you: DON'T play with sulphuric acid at home, if you don't know how to handle it. It's dangerous.
Himanshu Nanda
'Himanshu Nanda' 3 months ago
whats the name of application in mobile for 3D
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