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Will A Car Full Of Propane Burn... Or Explode? | Street Science -
Published: 2 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 2 months ago

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Street Science
What happens if you leave a back-seat grill on and light a cigarette in your car? The Street Science team tests it out.
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'samzoda07' 1 week ago
RIP stephen hawking 1942-2018
dylan animations
'dylan animations' 2 weeks ago
Tanja Sweetleaf
'Tanja Sweetleaf' 3 weeks ago
It’s actually 4:30 am
Craig Childers
'Craig Childers' 4 weeks ago
I realize that all of you are having a good time making this video, but Sebastian is getting burned.
'joblessalex' 1 month ago
It's backyard scientist!
Dreem Kill
'Dreem Kill' 1 month ago
anyone else not thinking about what's going to happen but about the poor car?
'Sci-Wise' 1 month ago
The Following video shows the same process performed in a much more sophisticated manner by two rednecks:
Edward XVII
'Edward XVII' 1 month ago
Kevin please explain yourself
'ItsZander' 2 months ago
Fill a gas tank with liquid propane and start the car
Samuel Davillo
'Samuel Davillo' 2 months ago
*How many second before your skin burn when exposed in fire? I mean if you put alcohol in your skin and light in up it won't hurt you*
'Kyleidoscope' 2 months ago
'tardis2005' 2 months ago
Containment is the difference between igniting a fire (no containment) and igniting an explosion (containment). The car tried to contain the energy release until it couldn't.
kyle gamer420
'kyle gamer420' 2 months ago
YouTube Pythagorean Ball
Quackz Almighty
'Quackz Almighty' 2 months ago
R.I.P Honda Accord D:
'alejosky' 2 months ago
Heat wave, not shock wave.
Francis Tupuola
'Francis Tupuola' 2 months ago
R.I.P. Sebastian...our curiosities thank you for your sacrifice.
'Manman3872' 2 months ago
Will it burn or explode? *looks at thumbnail* Gee i wonder
Peter Kalos
'Peter Kalos' 2 months ago
Did you have to use a good condition Honda Accord 5th gen?!? Those have a cult following of people who love them! Cool besides that
Matt Sika
'Matt Sika' 2 months ago
Wait wait wait, was that the backyard scientist?
Aditya Satria Putra
'Aditya Satria Putra' 2 months ago
poor Sebastian 😭
Uncontacted Alien
'Uncontacted Alien' 2 months ago
Today finally i figure out that we are living in a simulation design by ourself in our home civilization........anybody want to know then .....
'Safi' 2 months ago
thats not science yall aint even got a clipboard
Grizz TV
'Grizz TV' 2 months ago
Anti climax
mad-dog one
'mad-dog one' 2 months ago
now i know, Hollywood movies is bullshit
Dyson Square
'Dyson Square' 2 months ago
How would one do if the windows were open?
'ThinRedLine' 2 months ago
The car had a “Backdraft” moment. Backdrafts will blow the roof of a house, no joke
Ben Schofield
'Ben Schofield' 2 months ago
You answered the question in the thumbnail tho
Micro Wave Fir3
'Micro Wave Fir3' 2 months ago
Hank hill gonna get ya ass
Chris Mills
'Chris Mills' 2 months ago
I call BS! If car was really full of propane, there wouldn't be enough O2.
'Treel09' 2 months ago
The backyard scientists
Antony C
'Antony C' 2 months ago
Toe to head, everybody's dead.
'captidgas' 2 months ago
This more or less really happened here in spokane
'arrowghost' 2 months ago
This is just like the Russian Vanishing Van as done by the Mythbusters Build Team, 2 minutes of propane may blow the windows to pieces, but nothing can compare to an all out explosion when you press the key remote and your van full of volatile gas (leaking over the weekend) explodes.
'Steve-o' 2 months ago
⛅Hi Sunshine, very educational but I do belive a fire could evolve after the explosion. Peace and prosperity to all. C-ya😎Bye! "✌💖🤗~🌞🌎⚬" ...
Uncle Ryan
'Uncle Ryan' 2 months ago
Here's one way to kill a Trump supporter
sam neale
'sam neale' 2 months ago
Well now I know why the backyard scientist doesn’t upload very often
Michael Dorado
'Michael Dorado' 2 months ago
Tf what is this mythbusters?
Gaming Casualties
'Gaming Casualties' 2 months ago
the chick with the hat is cute
'xXBlankSavageXx' 2 months ago
RIP Sebastian
suicidal roger
'suicidal roger' 2 months ago
You need more subscribers
Some Impersonator
'Some Impersonator' 2 months ago
Hank hill.
Darren Brooks
'Darren Brooks' 2 months ago
Who got the job of clearing up all the glass from the grass ?
Rampant Gaming
'Rampant Gaming' 2 months ago
This is literally what happens when I play Lil Staplegun
Fernando Extreme
'Fernando Extreme' 2 months ago
'XxhaloxheroxX' 2 months ago
Rampant Gaming
'Rampant Gaming' 2 months ago
'Maultima' 2 months ago
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