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3 People Allah Will Not Accept -
Published: 6 months ago By: TheProphetsPath

By: TheProphetsPathPublished: 6 months ago

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Ibrahim Ahmed
'Ibrahim Ahmed' 16 hours ago
I do talk back sometimes 😭 and I sometimes be rude to my parents 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 and I lie 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I didn't know this stuff I'm a child😭😭😭😭😭
Jay Silva
'Jay Silva' 1 day ago
Islam is depressing! Glad I have the true path!
Tyrese battlefield gamer
so allah except killings bombings and beat women dont talk shit mate this video is filth
mame mg
'mame mg' 2 days ago
EID Mubarak
Don Ray
'Don Ray' 2 days ago
I am thinking about leaving my Christian faith and becoming a Muslim. I have been looking into Islam,and I find it quite interesting. How do I become a Muslim,and how does a person go to Heaven? Christianity says that Jesus forgives your sins,and that redemption is through him. I know Muslims believe in Jesus,but how does the Islamic view of him differ from the Christian faith? I'd really appreciate the insight. Nice video by the way 😊 Unfortunately,my mother passed away when I was 18 years old 😓 I didn't get to spend as much time with her as I wanted. She was always too busy for me. Sometimes I blame myself because I let her down. I remember telling her,before she died that I dropped out of school. It hurt her very bad,and I hate myself for doing it 😟
Esra Bøzdag
'Esra Bøzdag' 4 days ago
when i saw this video i realized my sister does all these things she is being disrespectfull to my parents she is going places and talking to others while my mother said don't go there or don't talk to those people she has a boyfriend older than her and when she was calling with him having a conversation my mother walked in and she said "Who are you talking to?! is that a boy?!" and my sister said "No! its my friend! she has a deep voice..." and my mother walked away and she is not wearing a hijab too never praying or anything like that Allah would never accept her.
god forgive please
shaheeda shahbaz
'shaheeda shahbaz' 5 days ago
Asalaamu WalyKum what me I am converted to Islam but my mother belittle me wants me to be the one always has to be the one apologising to my younger sister who's not on speaking terms with for couple of years since I could not attend her wedding.I have been trying to talk to my mother about this issue but seems like it's going nowhere I don't want stand before Allah SWT with no face I need advise what do I do I feel that a mother should know how to handle this issues..I fear Allah SWT please tell me what to do I'm the only one in family that has accepted Islam...
Maira Afridi
'Maira Afridi' 5 days ago
And some people dont answer their their mothers when she calls they dont realise that one day they'll scream for their mothers and she'll not be able to answer..... May Allaah give a long life to everyone's parents.....ameeen
Abood Faisal
'Abood Faisal' 7 days ago
plz tell me what should I do plz plz tell me I request you plz
Abood Faisal
'Abood Faisal' 7 days ago
my mother is just like the way as you told she is always upset from me talks with me rudely I don't wanna hurt her but she gets hurt
'Kbegum323' 7 days ago
what about those who repent? wouldn't their salah be accepted? I'm sure I read somewhere Allah (SWT) is the most forgiving
Playing Boss
'Playing Boss' 1 week ago
If we have done any of these and realise our mistake after seeing this video will then the Almighty Allah forgive us?
Hutha bee
'Hutha bee' 1 week ago
who is this sheakh he is Somali what is his name
Lynda Assia
'Lynda Assia' 1 week ago
subhanallah I was surprised of the 2nd person. Allah Aqbar.
Abdullah Abdi
'Abdullah Abdi' 1 week ago
wallahi Allah fotgives us all umma
Shaheeda Begum
'Shaheeda Begum' 1 week ago
after seeing this video the first think i did taubah!
Ashok Ali
'Ashok Ali' 1 week ago
All the knowledge in Merciful Servant's content is that good it makes people under stand and convert to Islam
The hatter man big fan Hd
Ammen allah please put me in Janahh and please forgive me Allah I'm criying alahh Ukbar please Allah ❤❤❤❤❤
Angelica Felton
'Angelica Felton' 2 weeks ago
May Allah forgive us all, ameen.
Laviza Fahim
'Laviza Fahim' 2 weeks ago
Allah may forgive us for are sins Ameen
'DZLalo TV' 2 weeks ago
Subhanallah this really touched I'm going to listen to my mother forever on alhamdulilah
Diyannah Ismail
'Diyannah Ismail' 2 weeks ago
I am a young boy on my mothers phone. You have made a change in my life. Thank you.
Cz3k Gt
'Cz3k Gt' 2 weeks ago
allah maha besar
Mad Boyz Creation
'Mad Boyz Creation' 2 weeks ago
Reapect parents specially mother
Siddiqui Kashu
'Siddiqui Kashu' 2 weeks ago
This opens My eye may Allah guide us to right path😭
faroo M noor
'faroo M noor' 2 weeks ago
please help me out for the sake of Allah
faroo M noor
'faroo M noor' 2 weeks ago
Asc shekh am cooking since morning until 5 pm so and am fasting so is my Ramadan except by Allan please I want knw
Nurestan Yusuf
'Nurestan Yusuf' 2 weeks ago
Well that means it s over for me...
Adam Saleh23
'Adam Saleh23' 2 weeks ago
Happy Ramadan 2017
Wooowwooo wooo
'Wooowwooo wooo' 2 weeks ago
iambob101 iambob101
'iambob101 iambob101' 2 weeks ago
the first one...i really don't know how it feels to have a mother...
Emo BlackRose
'Emo BlackRose' 2 weeks ago
i wish i saw this video few years ago i disobeyed my mother and father i thought they didnt love me and told me not to do things just to not do them, one time i was feeling suicidle so i called my ex (who he didnt tell me but he had 3 guy friends with him) my ex insisted on picking me up and that hed help my depression i got drunk and my ex and his friend raped me. i been raped 3 or 4 times because i disobeyed my parents i didnt want to listen. i am the one to blaime for being raped.
Time is now
'Time is now' 2 weeks ago
may Allah mercy on us and show the right path
fitri lokman
'fitri lokman' 2 weeks ago
Thankyou mom for always being nice to me, although I'm always rude to you😔
Rashiduz Zaman
'Rashiduz Zaman' 2 weeks ago
Allah please forgive us all..
'Harzburgitic' 2 weeks ago
African Miswaak??? What the hell did he mean by that?
Ubaid khan 8bp
'Ubaid khan 8bp' 2 weeks ago
may all blessed all humanity
nis sha
'nis sha' 3 weeks ago
Allah is the Almightyy ..
Rasna Begum
'Rasna Begum' 3 weeks ago
Yahaya Mohammed
'Yahaya Mohammed' 3 weeks ago
Shashank SP
'Shashank SP' 3 weeks ago
What about parents who attack their own parents and lie themselves.
Donny Sibs
'Donny Sibs' 3 weeks ago
there is peace in Islam....but there is no freedom of peace... that's why i murtad and accept christianity
'LifeByMe' 3 weeks ago
Im 11 years old and sometimes Im rude my mama. Im Really scared, is allah not accep me now?
Kueply Kuw
'Kueply Kuw' 3 weeks ago
our mother is the most important person in this world
Eagle Nur
'Eagle Nur' 3 weeks ago
Allah is the Best
'TheTECH GAMER' 3 weeks ago
3 people that Allah loves- 1.TERRORISTS 2.TERRORISTS 3.TERRORISTS
hashmina samreen
'hashmina samreen' 3 weeks ago
Why did u monetize your videos ? For money? +theprophetspath
teribathy razor
'teribathy razor' 3 weeks ago
what about abusive mothers? muslim or not
AbdiRahman hassan
'AbdiRahman hassan' 3 weeks ago
hhhh sheikha cadi mahn ::( caasho codweynaa ma nin baa:::)
'BOOM LESS' 3 weeks ago
I subscribe you
'BOOM LESS' 3 weeks ago
I used to disrespect my mum not any more I respect here now I am really sorry when I heard about this I cried thanks for saving my life from hell
'Sovereign' 3 weeks ago
im nice to ma mom
Kunal Debbarma
'Kunal Debbarma' 3 weeks ago
No matter what religion you come from, or even atheist like me, you must always respect your parents and elders. Be a good person, don't be an a**hole.
Salama Mohamed
'Salama Mohamed' 3 weeks ago
assalama aleikum, i have been having alot of issues with my mum, i always try to please her but she treats me differently from the rest of my siblings,she always praises and prefers them to me,this over the many years has made me not love her the way i did,i know ts not allowed to talk back,but sometimes i get angry and i tell her that its not fair, she keeps on telling me that ALLAH will not accept my ibadah, i belive that Allah is just, i always appologise to my mum and try to make it up,but she keeps on telling me bad words, what do i do?????? i believe ALLAH is the most mercifull, n i will continue to ask for His forgiveness jazakAllah
Muhammad Amirul
'Muhammad Amirul' 3 weeks ago
ho wow I'm almost cry and I wanna cry video like this should be make more and more in YouTube cause it good I wanma take a taubat allahuakhbar
Jibon Nahar
'Jibon Nahar' 3 weeks ago
allah amr sokol gunah maf kore dio
ShiroGamingHD X Music X SONY
ALLAH IS KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2trilion years later !!!!!!!!!!
Clint Sherman
'Clint Sherman' 3 weeks ago
what was the first thing that ever existed....ever? anyone?
Shahnaz Begum
'Shahnaz Begum' 3 weeks ago
Thare is no god but Allah
Abdelrhman ghosheh
'Abdelrhman ghosheh' 3 weeks ago
Allah is the best
'CROCODILE GAMER' 3 weeks ago
That a lie???
amaya sahisa
'amaya sahisa' 3 weeks ago
when I saw this video I know I have to change
St- Vlogs Hindi Movies
My Allah Forgive Us And This Video Helps Me A Lot. And The Sheekh Said Hooyo He's Somali Masha Allah
'Slidkesrel3668' 3 weeks ago
The Muslim religion is really interesting :D -A fellow Christian
Martuza Ahmed
'Martuza Ahmed' 3 weeks ago
i really love azan a lot
Rizky Hikmal
'Rizky Hikmal' 3 weeks ago
May Allah swt forgive them who disliked this video, ameen
rihana thasleem
'rihana thasleem' 3 weeks ago
Alhamdhulillah... my Irfan nd me always respect our mothers... even though they are not accepting our marriage ... we trust in Allah..nd he'll do some miracle
Sonu Zandro
'Sonu Zandro' 3 weeks ago
im a little bit confused im from indonesia and sometimes i see on tv a mother makes her daughter a slave for prostitution if the daughter stand up to her mother is that a sin and allah will not accept that
Omera Saydi
'Omera Saydi' 3 weeks ago
Allah is the gratist
Omera Saydi
'Omera Saydi' 3 weeks ago
I like the vidio
'AMS JV' 3 weeks ago
my mum is not Muslim so it's very tough ... She acts like a friend with me and annoy me like a friend would do. so it's hard to see her like a mum. She made so many mistakes bringing me up but I understand every single one of them. She has her reasons. May Allah make it easier for me and for all the ones going through the same
potato unicorn
'potato unicorn' 3 weeks ago
what about having girlfriends?
'MozzyTube' 3 weeks ago
i swear the sheikh was speaking in somalian (ayo ayo=Mum) may ALLAH accept all of us. Ameen!
Melly Marsha
'Melly Marsha' 3 weeks ago
I'm a little rude to my mom but now I'm trying to stop .I'm not exactly learning how to sembayang but if my grandma has a free time I'll read it one by one w her .But my family sometimes keep blaming me for everything which is the reason why I change ,but their still my angels 😂💓
Flowerking King
'Flowerking King' 3 weeks ago
I needed to hear this speech it helps me a lot an make me cry😭😭
Goku Black
'Goku Black' 3 weeks ago
u forgot shirk
Nfaf and Abdullah studios
ariel golani
'ariel golani' 4 weeks ago
Allah sends terrorists to kill innocents...
Kimberly Vera
'Kimberly Vera' 4 weeks ago
This is a very serious question. My parents know that I am interested in converting to Islam, and I do not want to show any disrespect to them at all. I have spoken to my parents about respecting them and have changed my behavior towards them after my decision to follow Islam. However when my father found out that my interest to convert from Christian to Muslim, he told me that I dishonor him and my acts of respect were all fake. How can I respect them when being Muslim to them is disrespect to them? Please, I want to respect my parents, but I know pleasing Allah is most important. However I don't want this as an excuse to not respect them. I feel like this video is primarily geared towards Muslim families presuming that the parents are Muslim too. Naturally, it is easy to follow parents who follow the same religion. But what about different religions?
Babar Ikram
'Babar Ikram' 4 weeks ago
Thanks for these videos..Really teach us a good lesson..May Allah give all Muslims Jannah(AMEEN)♥♥♥
Nur Damia Muhammad Ammar
Allah accept everyone even everything you said after you begging for His forgivness and never do it again. Taubat nasuha is the best way. Allah is Forgiving to all.
Kaas Boer
'Kaas Boer' 4 weeks ago
Am i the only one here that doesn't believe in god/allah
pepper mint
'pepper mint' 4 weeks ago
this makes me so sad. I miss having my mother😢
pepper mint
'pepper mint' 4 weeks ago
this makes me so sad. I miss having my mother😢
'4EvaKpop' 4 weeks ago
I wouldn't even call myself a good Muslim. I have sinned many times and fear I may continue to. May Allah forgive us all and guide us on the right path. ♥
something special
'something special' 4 weeks ago
I'm a Christian but this touched me.
Attim GT
'Attim GT' 4 weeks ago
Allah is the one and the only god ❤❤
'BadJTS X2' 4 weeks ago
allah will accept everyone
Park Jannie You I
'Park Jannie You I' 4 weeks ago
I stop watching at 2.50 and Im write this..... OK.....i almost cry... at this moment when I type this... I feel at my chest.... it's hurt and pain.... because my mother.... I thought that my mother don't love me..... * I know she does but.. I don't know how to tell you .....i just glad that I watch this video and you said this "mom may see her children as young, amature... no nothing and always up to no good, but this not because of any ill feeling, nope...because there is so much concern about her child """ . . I will appreciate my mom more and love her
Mohamed Elhajji
'Mohamed Elhajji' 4 weeks ago
thank you
'Zee' 4 weeks ago
'Herokevin' 4 weeks ago
Jesus is the greatest, and allah its nothing
Johan Ramirez
'Johan Ramirez' 4 weeks ago
thank you i needed to hear this❤
'Makkie' 4 weeks ago
i love allah i love you
Nimco cali
'Nimco cali' 4 weeks ago
wallahi I'm not going to lie from a young age I had a REALLY sassy mouth always talking back not listening rolling my eyes. Wallahi all our mothers are trying to do is help us look out for us and we take that for granted. This lecture has made realise that some people do not have mothers the mother YOU are disrespecting. Subhanallah The jannah lies beneath the mothers feet 💔
Future Gamings
'Future Gamings' 4 weeks ago
Okinawan is the greatest
Soumyaroop MUFC
'Soumyaroop MUFC' 4 weeks ago
Where are TERRORISTS!!!!!!!
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