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3 People Allah Will Not Accept -
Published: 7 months ago By: TheProphetsPath

By: TheProphetsPathPublished: 7 months ago

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'AcePvP' 37 minutes ago
'AcePvP' 38 minutes ago
Fuck all of u
'AcePvP' 39 minutes ago
Lol, RIP my comment
'AcePvP' 39 minutes ago
'AcePvP' 39 minutes ago
Get rekt losers
'AcePvP' 40 minutes ago
'AcePvP' 40 minutes ago
Wow, My comment got deleted
'AcePvP' 41 minutes ago
There is only one real god in this fucking world, there can't be more
'AcePvP' 42 minutes ago
'AcePvP' 43 minutes ago
Fuck ✌ Allah
'AcePvP' 43 minutes ago
'AcePvP' 45 minutes ago
Learn some religion assholes
'AcePvP' 46 minutes ago
Hes not even real, just a fake oneeeeeeee
'AcePvP' 47 minutes ago
U people are so dumb
'AcePvP' 47 minutes ago
So little , wow
'AcePvP' 47 minutes ago
Only muslims believe in Allah
'AcePvP' 48 minutes ago
Allah is not the greatest, its a fucking fake god bitches
Lola Martinaz
'Lola Martinaz' 10 hours ago
Wallahi can someone PLEASE explain the first one to me 😭 If I'm rude to my mother and now I feel bad after watching this video how can I repent? How can I ask for forgiveness if Allah swt won't accept my prayers. I feel terrible and I feel like I will enter Hell fire immediately. Some one please help me and give an answer.
best of the best
'best of the best' 1 day ago
this video changed my life
Hibo Hanan
'Hibo Hanan' 1 day ago
Hooyo ii cafi
Ras Eternity
'Ras Eternity' 1 day ago
i love allah i am crying
Lola Martinaz
'Lola Martinaz' 2 days ago
If I change myself and start helping my parents out a lot will Allah accept me?
vita buds
'vita buds' 3 days ago
Jesus Christ can forgive those sinners allah can't. So if any muslims who are guilty of these sins, seek and know Jesus and you will realize that those sins are forgivable even by a mere human being.
Kezma Hmed
'Kezma Hmed' 3 days ago
I disrespect my parents and family and everyone will Allaha forgive me and give me strength to respect them😓😭😭😭😢
'Saami16' 4 days ago
I was rude to my mother however after seeing this I will never be rude or talk back ever again insha'allah
'MMadness' 4 days ago
Sabaad xayaad
'Sabaad xayaad' 5 days ago
Subhanallah I love my parents but I just can't take it I can't I'm always tired sad drepressed Weak.......
Abbas Ali
'Abbas Ali' 5 days ago
A Somali speaker. May Allah be pleased with him. Please translate at the end... Jazakallah
Elite Gamer XD
'Elite Gamer XD' 6 days ago
Who is allah
Alima sidibe
'Alima sidibe' 6 days ago
allah is the greatest i will try to be the best person i can be
Funn Chip
'Funn Chip' 6 days ago
you know nothing
murtaza rizvi
'murtaza rizvi' 6 days ago
love you allha pls forgive me for all the bad things I and my family did
Fuaad Mahdi
'Fuaad Mahdi' 1 week ago
I know this Sheikh very well, his name is Said Rageah, he is Somali-Canadian.
سفيا عول
'سفيا عول' 1 week ago
This video helped me very much
A Freeman
'A Freeman' 1 week ago
HAVE NO FEAR - "Allah" is the invention of a long dead fraudster, tyrant and false "prophet" and is used to terrorise and control the backward, superstitious and ignorant. "ALLAH" DOES NOT EXIST and you are FREE - Use your freedom wisely and morally for the benefit of humanity.
Discovery Laila
'Discovery Laila' 1 week ago
I'm a muslim lik if you agree
2 Emma 2 Msp
'2 Emma 2 Msp' 2 weeks ago
Lawan A.
'Lawan A.' 2 weeks ago
I didnt know he was somalian until he started speaking somali
Jar jar Binks
'Jar jar Binks' 2 weeks ago
salih yalcin
'salih yalcin' 2 weeks ago
allah is onu 1
Saiful Fadzli Ab Rahman
Allah is al-Rahman and al-Rahim....i love you Allah...please love me too.i begging you...please...please...please...
Waleed Sheikh
'Waleed Sheikh' 2 weeks ago
I was so rude to my parents may Allah forgive me Allah is the greatest
Junaid Syed
'Junaid Syed' 2 weeks ago
I used to make fun of my mom and I used to be so rude towards my mom and I wanted to apologise to her but I lost her will Allah forgive me for what I did
Ali Basha
'Ali Basha' 2 weeks ago
is this shaekh somali or he learn somali.
stories vs reminders
Aslam alkam brothers and sisters may u guys benefit from this video as I did and I hope u guys use it in ur out life and also if u guys would want benefit more and share with friends my channel is always welcoming new people to benefit and I hope u guys spread the igar jazak Allah kair
Lil Rick
'Lil Rick' 2 weeks ago
what if the parents are bad...
Suso Suso
'Suso Suso' 3 weeks ago
Do not put a real tatto allah won't accept it :(
'eLDaNkPaBLo' 3 weeks ago
Forgive me
'Pakeezah' 3 weeks ago
Who's the speaker?
Shawon Alexander Gomes
I just accepted Islam ^_^
Simbamine YT
'Simbamine YT' 3 weeks ago
please allah, forgive me if i've ever been rude to my parents, i will Respect them till death and will never disrespect them.
farhan aiman
'farhan aiman' 3 weeks ago
I never talk back to my mom but sometimes when she ask me to do stuff, I force myself to do it even tho I don't want to. and bubbling secretly around on how unfair she was to ask me to do this and that when she has 3 more kids to do it for her ! but then I regret myself to have those kinda thought.
I Accept
'I Accept' 3 weeks ago
Muhammad in the Quran said he wasn't even sure if he would enter into paradise. I wonder why that is. Abu Bakr said that he would not trust the deceitfulness of the author of the Quran if he stepped into paradise. I wonder why this is.
There are 415 people that are spawn campers. (415 dislikes)
Simply Oumou
'Simply Oumou' 3 weeks ago
May Allah SWT Bless Us All
Sahilmahir307 Mahir
'Sahilmahir307 Mahir' 4 weeks ago
I live in bangladesh and my fathet work at german he is bangladeshi . he came here in eid before the day he go back to work in german i just disrespect with him when he go i felt sad and pray to allah to forgive me i pray 5 times in day i dont know how i make this great mistake
g whizz
'g whizz' 4 weeks ago
The usual Muslim bollocks. Great entertainment for your kids.
La Mexicaine
'La Mexicaine' 4 weeks ago
but how about if your mom abandoned you and let other people abuse you??? do you still have to talk to your mom??
'lobsterbobable' 4 weeks ago
That's funny because Allah is one of the gods I won't accept. He is not the funniest one of course.
Not so Fantastic Artist
Oh Allah pls forgive me I have been really bad after I watch this I cried
Sabirliban Sabirliban
Asumanı Ebhar
'Asumanı Ebhar' 4 weeks ago
My mother don't let me take hijab, also some essential things about islam, she don't care. In our environment islam became lifestyle and choice subhanallah. Majority people don't know, understand and acknowledge the real meaning of islam and Quran. My mother don't know I have learned to read Quran secretly, in nights. And so many reasons. From commences of these events I encountered so many hardnesses, and I can't forgive her as a simple person anda daughter. subhanallah. Allah is the greatest.
'AviOR' 1 month ago
anudeep gill
'anudeep gill' 1 month ago
Plz god forgive me I will never be rude to any 1 from now on after watching this....
Andrey Romashchenko
'Andrey Romashchenko' 1 month ago
Keep your religion to yourself. Don't try to spread it. That's a quality of disease.
Adli Safiy Azhar
'Adli Safiy Azhar' 1 month ago
now i see my mistake...O Allah forgive me..thank u for the reminder
Ali Khan
'Ali Khan' 1 month ago
Allah is the creator of everything
HeyyIts SyazHere
'HeyyIts SyazHere' 1 month ago
I am gonna to kiss my mother leg and say sorry to her☹️
'ozmaniac49' 1 month ago
Allah had sex with a whore.
lupe avalos
'lupe avalos' 1 month ago
I'm a Catholic marry to a Muslim man I respect Islam but let's face it all sin God shall accept and forgive those who mean it....
lupe avalos
'lupe avalos' 1 month ago
God will accepted them regard less nobody perfect dude God will forgive and love all his children Jesus Chris Given all his sin for all as killing him in the cross ... one make mistake and regret but all shall be forgiven God love is unlimited to everyone and all people
zopivo player
'zopivo player' 1 month ago
iam in 5 class and I did not get the 3rd one it was just like you were saying arabia it just from one ear to another can a myslim please tell me about the thrid one
Jannat Khan
'Jannat Khan' 1 month ago
Allah is great
Faiza Mohamed
'Faiza Mohamed' 1 month ago
Sheikh said rageh my favourite sheikh. My Allah bless with you n your family and all of us Aameen
'CITYMC 22' 1 month ago
muslim is dumb. in muslim religion its okay to yell at mother for things. bt then allah said its wrong wtf
'MARIMA WARRAICH' 1 month ago
Allah is power
'MARIMA WARRAICH' 1 month ago
great video of course
Lada Ler
'Lada Ler' 1 month ago
Shiikh Siciid Ragge 😍😍
Samma Hassan
'Samma Hassan' 1 month ago
But my mom hates me she acts like I'm nothing to her she's always saying that allah gave her me to punish her I'm the worst thing in her life she always hitting me but for my brothers and sister life is easy they get what the want they get hugs kisses and treated like royalty why me what have I done I'm nice to her I treat like my life depends on it yet I'm treated like this so is started hating her she was never there for me my friends were my friends would cry and get sympathy from their moms I get " stop crying are I a baby I'm 13 and for most of those years I was waiting for her to change to love me back but nothing happened when I was 10 I gave up hope I never smile around her I act like I'm okay but I'm not i'm just wondering when I can stop putting on this mask every morning
hajperoo #teamgural
'hajperoo #teamgural' 1 month ago
Christianity is relegion of Peace. Jesus is son of God. Jesus in Bible say's "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you". Islam is not relegion of peace, in quaran it tells you to kill people who don't accept "allah". Also it tells you that mahamad raped 9 year old kid...
Abdullah Younas
'Abdullah Younas' 1 month ago
i am sorry mom :(
ps4Game -Player
'ps4Game -Player' 1 month ago
O Allah the most high have mercy upon them as they brought us up
ps4Game -Player
'ps4Game -Player' 1 month ago
بسم الله،الرحمن الر حيم . اسلام عيلكم ورحمت الله وبركته those idea you came up with it's. not from Allah the most high they are not in the noble glorious Qur'an. anything you fallow that is not in the noble glorious Qur'an you will be among wrongdoing people.
Ah Ol
'Ah Ol' 1 month ago
Mothers are awesome, Subhanallah.
Saqib Raja vlogs
'Saqib Raja vlogs' 1 month ago
Allah is the greatest
Cake Gamer
'Cake Gamer' 1 month ago
The guy is a somailian i speak somailian too so i get it when the lipsis come
Ninja Master
'Ninja Master' 1 month ago
Last child Jabbie drammeh
allahu akbar Subhana allah alhamdullilahi astaghfru llah
Ibby J
'Ibby J' 2 months ago
Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters hope you all have a good day👍🏽
More Reactions
'More Reactions' 2 months ago
my uncle name is Allah
Osama Morgan
'Osama Morgan' 2 months ago
Should homosexuals not be on this list.
Amin Ibrahim
'Amin Ibrahim' 2 months ago
Allah Akbar..
dragon ball z game mod
Allah is one
'Thejuice' 2 months ago
Allah is the greatest allah I love you I love all the prophets I love you allah I love you your my everything
Samal dinho
'Samal dinho' 2 months ago
may Allah guide us aright
Ramila Jalili
'Ramila Jalili' 2 months ago
Oh allah forgives me cause i always talk back to my mom I am so sorry I didn't know... that
Robert Gift
'Robert Gift' 2 months ago
What laughably petty reasons.  But such is expected of a *laughable forced butt-ups religious myth* .(Surprised one of them is not being homosexual.) *Poor Muslim's Allah has failed.*   The *laughable forced butt-ups myth of HISlam* remains #2 *beneath* the *3-n-1 Gods myth of Christian-inanity* .   Why is that?
raian kabir
'raian kabir' 2 months ago
I am ashamed by the way I talk to others I have a sassy mouth and I am eight years still I back talk again I should be punish hardly punished I am sorry mom very sorry
'Musically.queenn' 2 months ago
I used to scream at my mum now I realise she is my mum I should say that I shid listen to her x ameen
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