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3 People Allah Will Not Accept -
Published: 10 months ago By: TheProphetsPath

By: TheProphetsPathPublished: 10 months ago

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Usherwhenimtrapping Intherain
Lol dis shiekh hassan rage
louis insanity
'louis insanity' 7 hours ago
What if we have no parents ? ._.
Captain Bhenchod
'Captain Bhenchod' 8 hours ago
who even thinks like this??
ihaveebloa A
'ihaveebloa A' 14 hours ago
3 is people who sell his merchandise. Do you mean selling the gift from allah or selling prayer mats and another Islamic stuff.
Fickzield Aydell
'Fickzield Aydell' 21 hours ago
Subahan Allah I will never be rude to my family again
RaGe Plex
'RaGe Plex' 1 day ago
Allah is one and only our god
gug stan
'gug stan' 2 days ago
My mom was more to the aggressive and strict side and i used to hate it, not my mom..just the fact that she was too strict. When my father was sick, we moved in with my grandparents bc my mom was busy with work so nobody can take care of my father and i. After few years, my dad passed away in 2011. I was eleven at that time and was very immature. Three weeks after my dad passed away, my mother decided that she and i should move to our own house. Because i was a brat i refused and i told my grandmother about it. I bad mouthed my mom and even had the nerve to called her names, Ya Allah forgive me. I made her cry that day . My mom and grandma bickered for like hours because of me and i truly regret that. I forgot what happened after that but once we entered the car, my mom was still crying. I sat there for few minutes before i said the hardest three words ive ever said, "mom, forgive me". My mom was disappointed so i understood when she yelled at me after i said that. To be honest, i acted that way because i discovered my moms secret while i was mindlessly playing with her phone. I wont mention her secret here but when i knew it, i felt betray and mad at her. I regret it tho. I really regret it. Im not a perfect daughter but i will try to be a daughter that can help my parents to jannah. To anyone that have sinned at their mom or dad or any of ur relatives, ask for forgiveness. Its not easy, trust me, but once u do it you'll find peace in it.
Bahez Ibrahim
'Bahez Ibrahim' 2 days ago
I disrespected my mother and she asked me to take a shower and i sad no mother than I saw this video it changed me thank you ALUAH I am Muslim and I will respect my parents
Areebah Hashan
'Areebah Hashan' 3 days ago
I hope people do the right things that Allah says
'Its UZAMA' 4 days ago
Alamin hanna
'Alamin hanna' 4 days ago
I was so rude to mother I am such a messed up son. my mother had a brain tumor we didn't know until she went to the doctor. But I was so rude and so so bad son to her, But I tried to tell mother that I love my mother so much but at times she had a problem with her brain that's why she talked madly but I didn't know that.why she did that that's why I was so rude to her even I did hit my mother ik Allah will not accept me and September 25 she fell in bed she couldn't move, or anything I took care of her at that time she peed and pooped on her bed I cleaned it by my hand I couldn't take her to the hospital bc I had no a lot of money, and I had no one here to help me bc my dad married another woman.. at that time I was so worried about my mom every time I saw her face as I was crying and saying mom please Forgive me then she replied I forgave and Allah will forgave u.. then few days later a lot of things happened infront of her bc my step mother wanted to kill me in front of her she was in bed she heard she saw everything she was crying for me, But Allah saved me then next day my mother stoped talking and then next night I was up whole night with my aunt then 3.40 am The ajrael s came in I could feel that then I was reciting kalima in front of her ears and I saw that how the angle took my mom soul in front of me I was screaming but I couldn't keep her 😭I was heart broken.. and I'm still..My mother passed away on Friday 06 October 2017... I know Allah will not accept me but I want Allah to accept my mother in heaven and accept my prayer for her.. I'm now orphaned I lost my mother... my dad lives with her wife..Please Pray for my mother.. 😭😭I'm sorry
Aruna Kamara
'Aruna Kamara' 4 days ago
'HD-DVD Tord' 5 days ago
Die Islam
Sal Ofalah
'Sal Ofalah' 5 days ago
This is so stupid. The mother thing is cool, but the boyfriend thing is stupid.
Fardin Azizzada
'Fardin Azizzada' 5 days ago
u r wrong, mothers are abusing their children how about those mothers, u fucken shit head
Kashaf Khalid
'Kashaf Khalid' 5 days ago
AstagfirUllah 😢😢
Simmer Rose
'Simmer Rose' 6 days ago
I am Christian but I believe these are also true
Crafty Sammy
'Crafty Sammy' 6 days ago
May Allah forgive us and open the gates of heaven for us 🙏
Brittany Crystal
'Brittany Crystal' 6 days ago
Everyone please do good deeds to everyoe! :)
ajiid husseiny
'ajiid husseiny' 6 days ago
Al manaan everywhere
the best
'the best' 6 days ago
May Allah be fake and his prophet Jesus is the only way to go to heaven
liam firlej
'liam firlej' 1 week ago
so if your mother tells you to sell your body for money what then ?
Boring Person ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Please keep your voice down cause i am trying to learn about allah But u are like *Shouts* NO NONE OF ThAt BLAHBlaH
Linh La
'Linh La' 1 week ago
The last part those it's hurt.If we don't allow to date how can we know each other instead getting merry by forced?
'Isochest' 1 week ago
What if your parents are off their rockers? Some parents are bad
Passionate Playz
'Passionate Playz' 1 week ago
Why am I crying?
Ibeq Loite
'Ibeq Loite' 1 week ago
i dont be nice to my mother AND U SAID THAT i scared im not that scared cuz i ask allah for forgiveness
Simantini Sinha
'Simantini Sinha' 1 week ago
if the mother is bad, wicked or a bad impression
Aniket Joshi
'Aniket Joshi' 2 weeks ago
Idk why being a Hindu I love this religion too
Ali Haider
'Ali Haider' 2 weeks ago
I have disrespect my mum lots of time but now I am going to respect my mum and I love her to death may Allah for give me ameen
john kulan
'john kulan' 2 weeks ago
Always if i say i hate someone i Mean i love him/her so please Allah accept me Amen PS i did nothing bad no drugs No smoking but my mom does from my 11 years old i never got any money just if i needed to go there or play for that my dad said that i always need to wash my hands before and after rating al i going to heaven
sundar kafle
'sundar kafle' 2 weeks ago
hit like if you want to fuck muslim girls
Sumiya Mohamud
'Sumiya Mohamud' 2 weeks ago
Give me a like if you want to go to Jannah or if u want to see allah subhanahu watt calaa
Sumiya Mohamud
'Sumiya Mohamud' 2 weeks ago
Please everyone prey for me I want me and my family and friends to go to Janna plzzzzz😢🙏🙏🙏🙏
kashana Kagzi
'kashana Kagzi' 2 weeks ago
subhaan allah
'Newtrality' 2 weeks ago
I knew I was going to be one of the three. I am trying to be humble with my parents
Everything with Shazia
I am 10 years old I respect my mother but after watching this video I respect more than more
s akhtar
's akhtar' 2 weeks ago
SubhanAllah whos voice is this bayan in tell me Jazakallah
nooria faeizy
'nooria faeizy' 2 weeks ago
the people dont like the creator and his messenger please dont lesson to what the prophet says no need to comment like a small kid
Endtime King
'Endtime King' 2 weeks ago
Im doomed lol
hadjer lou
'hadjer lou' 2 weeks ago
What if ur mom tried to kill u
FireBurning Gamez
'FireBurning Gamez' 2 weeks ago
man i learned alot. i actually talk back to my mom sometime’s so i will not do this again.NEVER EVER!!
mady 007
'mady 007' 2 weeks ago
Jason Gerrard
'Jason Gerrard' 2 weeks ago
Will Allah accept terrorist?
Ajinkya Meshram
'Ajinkya Meshram' 3 weeks ago
Why prophates not born in east
'princessroyalgirl24' 3 weeks ago
'princessroyalgirl24' 3 weeks ago
I HAVE CHANGE TO GOOD PERSON BC OF ALLAH HAVE BEEN TEACHING ME TO BE GOOD I may apologise what I have done Bismillah Ya Allah SWT plz protect us Bismillah Amen
'Aromitic' 3 weeks ago
enjoying this as I see a Lamborghini pass by
shohanVAG M.S.R.
'shohanVAG M.S.R.' 3 weeks ago
I was a kid I was kinda rude to my mom I didn't say sorry she said whenever I always think of her that when she dies I will never forget her. So its like before I was rude but I now I feel the things she said will.... Allah forgive me
Bobby Samra
'Bobby Samra' 3 weeks ago
I also love gay sex🐷
Bobby Samra
'Bobby Samra' 3 weeks ago
I am a ex Muslim I am a kafir now and I’m so happy I can’t wait for hell fire I hope it’s hot there.🙏
Fatima Sawaneh
'Fatima Sawaneh' 3 weeks ago
What if ur mother cannot accept ur new religion And insult Allah and Islam? And she have boyfriend without marriage? What you do?
Circus Trio
'Circus Trio' 3 weeks ago
Bismilahirrahmanirohim. May allah put us to the right path and forgive what all of us do to our parents. Ameen
'AR7 GAMING' 3 weeks ago
'AR7 GAMING' 3 weeks ago
Shan Ashes
'Shan Ashes' 3 weeks ago
haha we dont need to, tell him to finger himself 😂😂😂 go to school dicks
zain Khan
'zain Khan' 3 weeks ago
Islam is the best religion...
Aslam Khan
'Aslam Khan' 3 weeks ago
What the fuck is with that background music??
Ultra Guy 45
'Ultra Guy 45' 3 weeks ago
Am i the only christian here?
Alan Ali
'Alan Ali' 3 weeks ago
Please don't be rude to your mother ; our mums love us +don't lie to your mothers
Malvin Wilson
'Malvin Wilson' 3 weeks ago
Praise be to Allah
Aurel iordache
'Aurel iordache' 3 weeks ago
'HeyItsMeChloe!' 4 weeks ago
I need to so some changes to let Allah accept me
'Heyyoutroll' 4 weeks ago
What if i blew up that little jack in the box you had.
'DESTROYER P' 4 weeks ago
Allah please forgive us you are the great and merciful
Son Goten
'Son Goten' 4 weeks ago
I'm scared I feel I should accept Jesus but Allah seems so pleasing so reassuring it scares me do Christians go to the hell of the Koran
Sandra Daniels
'Sandra Daniels' 4 weeks ago
This is a joke from the perfect MAN Mohammed LOL.So pedophiles are ok lying ie taqqia is ok thigh ing of young girls is ok murder is ok necrophiliac are ok marrying your sons wife is ok having sex with animals and men and CHILDREN and cucumbers and watermelon and sharpened leather is ok .SICK SICK SICK
Nasšir Yāŕe
'Nasšir Yāŕe' 4 weeks ago
I was rude and I changed that behavior jazzakallah
nastexo adan
'nastexo adan' 4 weeks ago
Ya Allah bless us forgive us and forget our sins
strong power thank you
azas khan
'azas khan' 4 weeks ago
If the person changes and avoids doing all this..will allah forgive?
Bhat Rukhsana
'Bhat Rukhsana' 4 weeks ago
I proud my islam
g k
'g k' 1 month ago
If a parent treats you badly and well you be rude to them because they treated you bad and they never stop then does allah still accept you then?
d klyts
'd klyts' 1 month ago
perhaps GOD not allah(Ive no idea who that is)..would accept people who.... :killed (muhhamud), raped (muhhamud), stole(muhammud), was apedophile (muhhamud), tortured(muhhamud)>>!!!!!!!! and were possessed by a DEMON (muhhamud)
Captain Dashm
'Captain Dashm' 1 month ago
the most MERCIFUL and most LOVING god am i right?
Jackie Shiksa
'Jackie Shiksa' 1 month ago
Neutral I respect my Christian brothers. The only difference with Islam and Christian is Muslim don't believe Jesus PBUH the son of God but our action will speak louder than Words! I love my Christian family. We are not your enemy! WHY I CONVERTED TO ISLAM- I Got 13 VALID REASONS WHY AND HOW MUSLIMS ARE LIKE JESUS (PBUH) AND TRUER FOLLOWERS OF JESUS THAN MOST CHRISTIANS BELIEVE: 1. Jesus (pbuh) taught that there is only One God and Only God should be worshipped as taught in Deut 6:4, Mark 12:29. Muslims also believe this as taught in the Qur'an verse 4:171. 2. Jesus (pbuh) didn't eat pork as taught in Leviticus 11:7, and neither do Muslims as taught in the Qur'an verse 6:145. 3. Jesus (pbuh) greeted with the words "As-salaam alaikum" (Peace be with you), in John 20:21. Muslims also greet each other this way. 4. Jesus (pbuh) always said "God Willing" (inshallah), Muslims say this too before doing anything as taught in the Qur'an verses 18:23-24. 5. Jesus (pbuh) washed his face, hands, and feet before praying. The Muslims do the same. 6. Jesus (pbuh) and other prophets of the Bible prayed with their head to the ground see (Matthew26:39). Muslims do too as taught in the Qur'an verse 3:43. 7. Jesus (pbuh) had a beard and wore a throbe. It is Sunnah for Muslim men to do the same. 8. Jesus (pbuh) followed the law and believed in all the prophets, see (Matthew 5:17). Muslims do too as taught in the Qur'an verses 3:84, and 2:285. 9. Jesus' mother Maryam (pbuh) dressed modestly by fully covering her body and wearing a headscarf (hijab) as found in 1 Timothy 2:9, Genesis 24:64-65, and Corinthians 11:6. Muslim women modestly dress the same as taught in the Qur'an verse 33:59. 10. Jesus (pbuh) and other prophets of the Bible fasted up to 40 days see (Exodus 34:28, Daniel 10:2-6, 1Kings 19:8, and Matthew 4:1. Muslims do so also during the month of Ramadan. Muslims are required to fast the full obligatory 30 days (see Qur'an 2:183), and others take it a step further by fasting an additional 6 days to increase their rewards. 11. Jesus (pbuh) taught to say "Peace to this house" when entering it see (Luke 10:5), and to also greet the people in the house with "peace be unto you". Muslims do exactly what Jesus did and taught. When we enter our homes and the homes of others we say "Bismillah" and also greet with "as salaamu alaikum" (peace be upon you) as taught in the Qur'an verse 24:61. 12. Jesus (pbuh) was circumcised. Circumcision is 1 of the 5 fitrah in Islam, so Muslim men are required to be circumcised. According to the Bible in Luke 2:21, Jesus was eight days old when he was circumcised. In the Torah, Allah/God stated to the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) that it is an "Everlasting covenant" (see Genesis 17:13). In the Qur'an verse 16:123 Muslims are required to follow the religion of Abraham. The Prophet Muhammad (saws) said, "The Prophet Abraham circumcised himself when he was eighty years old." (see Sahih hadith Bukhari, Muslim, and Ahmad). 13. Jesus (pbuh) spoke aramaic and called God "Elah", which is pronounced the same as "Allah". Aramaic is an ancient, Biblical language. It is one of the Semitic languages that also include Hebrew, Arabic, Ethiopic and the ancient Assyrian and Babylonian language of Akkadian. The Aramaic "Elah" and the Arabic "Allah" are the same. The Aramaic "Elah" is derived from the Arabic "Allah", and it means "GOD". "Allah" in Arabic also means "GOD", the Supreme GOD Almighty. You can easily see the similarity in their pronunciation so this concludes that the God of Jesus is also the God of the Muslims, of all mankind, and all that exist. Now tell me who is the real follower of Jesus (pbuh)? Obviously Muslims. Now I believe am a true follower of Jesus PBUH. You shall not murder. Exodus 20:13 For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pluck up what is planted. Ecclesiastes 3: 1-4 'When their time....arrives they cannot tarry for a single hour nor can they go ahead'. Al Quran Surah 16:61 A sincere Christian and a Jew are those of your brothers in Faith. Muslim's Believe. 'What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul' Christianity Mathew 16:26 Your Body is a Temple: 1 Corinthian 6:19 (My interpretation: Eat junk food be junky alike, eat healthy food be Wealthy alike.) Muslims don't call them-self, we are Mohamadism! But Muslim in Arabic = Meaning He who submit & believes! Just like God in Hebrew is Elohim and in Aramaic is Ela and also in Arabic is Allah. Elohim, Ela and Allah sound the same to me! Muslim's believe in the Torah Tenakh Gospel and the Al Quran. What do Muslim say about Mary and the Jews & Christian God sent the Angel to Mary and said " O Mary indeed Allah has chosen you and purified you and be devoutly obedient to your lord and prostrate and bow with those who bow in prayer . O Mary indeed Allah give you the Messiah Jesus (PBUH). He will speak to the people in the cradle and in maturity and will be of the righteous". She said "My lord how will i have a child when no man has touched me". "When he (Allah) decrees a matter He only says to it BE and it will Be, He will (Jesus) teach him writing and Wisdom and the Torah and Gospel". Surah Ali Imran 3:42 AL QURAN CONCEPT OF GOD & JESUS IN ISLAM VS. CHRISTIANITY - (The MOST TOUCHING PART!!) The enemy of faith call Jews, Jews because that they were from Jerusalem, and Christians because they followed christ. O mankind, We have created you from a male and a female and have made you into nations and tribes for you to know one another.  Truly, the noblest of you with God is the most pious.2  Truly, God is All-Knowing, All-Aware.  (Quran, 49:13) Islam rejects certain individuals or nations being favored because of their wealth, power, or race.  God created human beings as equals who are to be distinguished from each other only on the basis of their faith and piety.   The Prophet Muhammad  said: {O people!  Your God is one and your forefather (Adam) is one.  An Arab is not better than a non-Arab and a non-Arab is not better than an Arab, and a white person is not better than a black person and a black person is not better than a white person,except in piety.} Hadith | Conspiracy To Destroy Islam Do Islamic Terrorists really get 72 Virgins? False Hadith To creat ISIS Lesley Hazleton: "Prophet Muhammad [s]: Where did Humanity Go Wrong?" Russian Christian priest about Islam For Those Who Hate Islam - Message From Christian Sister Catholic Priest Converts To Islam, Says It's Religion Of Peace. Islam Take care of Five Before five: 1: Take Care of Youth Before                  Maturity. 2:  Take Care of your Time Before Preoccupied. 3:  Take Care of your Health Before Sickness. 4:  Take Care of your Wealth Before your Poverty  5:  Take Care of your Life Before Death.   Muslim Scientists And Their Inventions That Changed The World Jewish Rabbis Say Islam Is The Truth. Verily, Allah does not look at your appearance or wealth, but rather he looks at your hearts and actions.”
Azmal Khan
'Azmal Khan' 1 month ago
Innalilahi warajioon
SHD 35
'SHD 35' 1 month ago
Allah is the greatest always respect to ur mothers
Aliyah Roane
'Aliyah Roane' 1 month ago
My mother is not Muslim but i still respect her and love her very much
Orin Uddin
'Orin Uddin' 1 month ago
i am very scared i am very sorry I am always rude to my mother would Allah forgive me if i change myself right now?
mohineesh nair
'mohineesh nair' 1 month ago
What if my mother says that earning intrest is not haram even it is in islam? What one would do in this situation? Accept it or try to be slick?
Daniel ALI
'Daniel ALI' 1 month ago
I dont really get 3 so if i make a shirt and sell it is that haram?
adi J234
'adi J234' 1 month ago
that sheikh speaking is so good
adi J234
'adi J234' 1 month ago
that sheikh speaking is so good
Cuhhsss Gottya
'Cuhhsss Gottya' 1 month ago
Y'all are in the wrong religion listening to a man rumored to be a prophet of allah or a man who had relations with a 9year old the Bible says watch out for false prophets.....amen
Mariam Khan
'Mariam Khan' 1 month ago
Can i ask for some guidance please?
Miss molly
'Miss molly' 1 month ago
Are u Somali
Miss molly
'Miss molly' 1 month ago
Are u Somali
Khansa Akhtar
'Khansa Akhtar' 1 month ago pls subsribe this channel
Yasmin Hussain
'Yasmin Hussain' 1 month ago
Fucking dickhead, if Allah accepted paedophile prophet Muhammed, even a pig would be accepted.
Syeda Mukaramha
'Syeda Mukaramha' 1 month ago
and what if your mother hates you ? she does not want to listen to you ans she always abuse you? always makes you feel like you can not do anything or can not do anything right ? she always put their person before you ? she always curse you? so what the other person do ?
Luke Johnson
'Luke Johnson' 1 month ago
I am one of them and am I so glad! When you silly idolaters say the Shahada you praise the crescent god and think you are saying La Illaha illa Allah but what I heard was La ila hilal Lah which is none but Crescent god. But then if I listen carefully I hear La ila hailal Lah, now it is coded as I pointed out before there is no Arab word that says hailal but there are two close words halal and hilal first means allowed or proper according to Islamic rules or is Sharia compliant and the other means moon crescent. But now Satan wanted to decieve you Muslims into thinking you are saying there's no god but Allah so he combined halal and hilal into one word hailal which when said there no god but Allah comes out there is none but proper according to Islam moon crescent god! Sad to say Allah indeed is the approved by Muslims the moon crescent god before the advent of Islam he was merely Moon Crescent god with 3 daughters but to make him Islam compliant he disowned his daughters through Mohammed and became Islam compliant but was the same pagan deity!
Lali Rathod
'Lali Rathod' 1 month ago
Shia are not Muslims kafir
thangboi khongsai
'thangboi khongsai' 1 month ago
Yr Prophet Muhammad is in hell.. Islam is a false Religion, Muhammad is a faulty prophet, struggling to escape from Hell.. and all those who believes in what he says and follows and those who bows their head down fall in their knees and gather in as the follower of Muhammad will perished in Hell.. Muhammad sends his message from it..
Amira Ahmed
'Amira Ahmed' 1 month ago
Subhanallah may allah guide us to the straight path ameen ya rab
Skull Skull
'Skull Skull' 1 month ago
Allah is the man and man made god he does not heal any body he does not open blind eye he dint rise up god can rise up and he not coming again he is death
Jidda Ahmed
'Jidda Ahmed' 1 month ago
may Allah guide us to d right way
'YoKino' 1 month ago
Like Here. if this had changed you're heart for better :)
'Hammoud' 1 month ago
what is the backgroun nasheed ??????
FK3 football tricks
'FK3 football tricks' 1 month ago
i am crying right now
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