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3 People Allah Will Not Accept -
Published: 3 months ago By: TheProphetsPath

By: TheProphetsPathPublished: 3 months ago

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'Champa' 7 hours ago
We need to see Allah vs Zues in a cage fight
Sana Ashique
'Sana Ashique' 8 hours ago
i love my parents and i also respect my parents but somrtime am rude to my mother i actually forget what am doing i m sorry to Allah please forgive me
Zainab Abbasi
'Zainab Abbasi' 1 day ago
i try to obey my mom !!! i will lover her more after watching this :) Allaho akber
taziel ourworld
'taziel ourworld' 1 day ago
am always rude to mom I should ask her for forgiveness and may Allah forgive me and not let shaitwans mess with me
Zxcdss -
'Zxcdss -' 2 days ago
beautiful speech brothet u made my day
'PooDiePah' 2 days ago
I am all of these
Arial_ 199
'Arial_ 199' 3 days ago
I am 10 years old and I do the first one " rude to mother one " and I wanted to know that can I do the forgiveness Diaz 3 times everyday and respect my mother . after that will Allah accept me?
Umar Farook
'Umar Farook' 4 days ago
what's the third one. I couldn't able to understand. please someone help me
Ben Tennyson
'Ben Tennyson' 5 days ago
i didn;t know you could speak somali .. great..... and thank you
Zareena Zubair
'Zareena Zubair' 5 days ago
alhamdulillah Masha Allah keep it up make dua.may Allah bless you all aameen.
Fathima Begum
'Fathima Begum' 6 days ago
sorry allah forgive me
Golden Attire
'Golden Attire' 6 days ago
I dun know how to recompense.
Golden Attire
'Golden Attire' 6 days ago
I love my mother
tausif parkar
'tausif parkar' 7 days ago
aameen astagfirullah
Farah Shahjin
'Farah Shahjin' 1 week ago
I did not understand the third type of person..can anyone explain what the speaker meant? thank you
Shahil Shahil
'Shahil Shahil' 1 week ago
may allah forgive me
Trend Update
'Trend Update' 1 week ago
I'm from Bangladesh...why ?
Zakariya Abdulahi
'Zakariya Abdulahi' 1 week ago
I have to do sth
ayesha sami
'ayesha sami' 1 week ago
who is the speaker ?
Afiq Zaharudin
'Afiq Zaharudin' 2 weeks ago
i am the first one and now i feel like the prayers i did for Allah was all a waste but i will still pray and next time try not to disrespect my parents or mother
Ahmed El Fawal
'Ahmed El Fawal' 2 weeks ago
i actually act with my mom so bad but i love her so much i dont want make her heart bracking mother is important too mothers are telling the right things pls guys make ur mother happy and will do that too but there is 3 things which is respect pray and read the amazing quran and make allah happy☺
Ismail Nazir
'Ismail Nazir' 2 weeks ago
tom kenway123123123
'tom kenway123123123' 2 weeks ago
Is bad to to people with mic in call of duty? Im 14 btw dont reply about age
Groove Explication
'Groove Explication' 2 weeks ago
I sometimes talk to my mom and dad very badly but few hours I realised how much I love my parents.Never disrespect ur parents whether they do anything to u, always be thankful.i have the MOM and dad ever.... May Allah forgive me and everyone
rainbow baby plays minecraft and more
well i miss my mom we haven"t seen each other for 3yrs but i still love her the way she is ,but i still have imam and patince im waiting for her she is not dead u can"t hate ur mom cus she has 1 eye love her the way she is plz don"t hate her if u did anything wrong to her go and tell her sorry before its to late plz stop mother abuse u can not dissripacte her i love my parent this are the ppl i like 1:ALLAH (he is not a person) 2:mom 3:dad 4:my brother 5:my grandparent :) il them all
Hena Hussain
'Hena Hussain' 2 weeks ago
Alhamdulillah brother I'm very happy when i saw this video it's beautiful
Jamaal Abdi
'Jamaal Abdi' 2 weeks ago
Subhanallah Allaahu Akbar
Daanyaal Rahman
'Daanyaal Rahman' 2 weeks ago
i Love my mum so much
maimuna yedo
'maimuna yedo' 3 weeks ago
'Mr.IDEA!' 3 weeks ago
I sometimes disrepct my mother plz pray for me
shahnewaz saad
'shahnewaz saad' 3 weeks ago
what s d title of the background music?
Ameer Khan
'Ameer Khan' 3 weeks ago
Always respect your mother!!!!
Danny Bravo
'Danny Bravo' 3 weeks ago
JazakAllah khair
Usama Alvi
'Usama Alvi' 3 weeks ago
I'm the Worst Person.. :( I Disrespect my Mother.... Shit :'(
Adnan Baig
'Adnan Baig' 3 weeks ago
pls translate in urdu
Fatima Luz Aziz
'Fatima Luz Aziz' 3 weeks ago
I dont have parents , i lost them when i was very young , and i would give my two hands away , just to hug them one more time , even if it was for a few seconds . Brother and sisters , appreciate your parents and do always nice things for them ... I wish i was in your place .
Syed Umair
'Syed Umair' 3 weeks ago
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Hamza Tariq
'Hamza Tariq' 3 weeks ago
I always speak rudely to my mother oh Allah please forgive me
Fransisco Pranata
'Fransisco Pranata' 3 weeks ago
i love my mom and dad. may us all moslem enter jannah. ameen
phanboy feelz
'phanboy feelz' 3 weeks ago
but what if their abusive parents...
okay bye
'okay bye' 3 weeks ago
can muslims give me advice for the disrespecting your mum (parents) because in the beginning he said "nothing that they perform as an act of worship", ive been rude to my parents sometimes especially to my mum , can Allah still forgive me?
Hamzah Khan
'Hamzah Khan' 3 weeks ago
if you love your mother like this!!
abrar Ahamed
'abrar Ahamed' 4 weeks ago
May Allah forgive us
carolyn hajat
'carolyn hajat' 4 weeks ago
I have always respected my mother even though she rejected me from birth, abuse me in every way and told me she hates me countless times. I thank Allah (s.w.t) for everything
'AF96._' 4 weeks ago
Eye opening
pablo esco
'pablo esco' 4 weeks ago
I am 13 year old and i am being very rude to my parents, especially my mother. If she yells at me i yell back and i often cuss her too. A long time ago i watched these videos and since then i was respectful for my mother and father. But i got on the bad path again. I started yelling, cussing, lying. You need to know i regret what i have done. I want to change back but i am too weak. The devil keeps getting me on the bad path, again and again and again. Please help me before its too late. May Allah bless you all, brothers and sisters.
'MrBobkilla' 4 weeks ago
genuine question for muslims: if islam is the answer to everything, why are all islamic countries so poor and violent?
Farah Ideal
'Farah Ideal' 4 weeks ago
i agree, but parents should not provoke their children. often times they do
soccer makeup n
I really really love my mom and my family even though I am pissed at them all the time.. Whenever I go out or do something I always feel bad for them. And I always get this protection feeling, that I have to protect them. I really love them Mashallah. But I'm disrespectful.
Abdirahim Mohamed
'Abdirahim Mohamed' 4 weeks ago
Are u a Somali +theprophetspath
Proud Infidel
'Proud Infidel' 4 weeks ago
I don't want Allah or his buttbuddy Muhammed to accept me! I'm glad I'm rejected!
'RevocateZ' 4 weeks ago
I sometimes would be disrespectful to my mother but I help her out a lot and respect her. May Allah forgive me and all of us who have disrespected our mothers.
Hasibhabibi Habibi
'Hasibhabibi Habibi' 4 weeks ago
blieve us islam is not trorist please read the holly quran and then juge about it
Plain truth
'Plain truth' 4 weeks ago
May Allah be pleased with this Sheikh.. He made me smile when he had to throw in two three Somali words.. I was surprised because all the way I thought he was an Arab or a Western Scholar. :) :) Masha Allah..
'Ashleyxlove' 4 weeks ago
Can someone give me advice... My mother is a kaffir and i am a convert. She does all kinds of shirk and she doesn't accept me or believe in me since I converted she doesn't see me as her daughter anymore. My family don't see me as a part of them anymore..
D Snider
'D Snider' 4 weeks ago
Why did Prophet Muhammed PISS BE UPON HIM, Like to have rough and vigorous sex with Camels and Donkeys?
'cherwell' 4 weeks ago
good so homosexuality is ok. I was worried. I love religion but I love my boyfriend just the same.
Lola Bafma
'Lola Bafma' 1 month ago
I'm going to be better to my mother now
incondicional owais
'incondicional owais' 1 month ago
my mother is mentally ill i often get angry over her coz she does things that make angry what should I do she keeps on harming herself and that makes everyone in the house mad over her she doesn't know what shes doing...pray for my mother may allah cure my mother aameeen summa aameeen
Rahul Kumar
'Rahul Kumar' 1 month ago
Amber Samee Akhtar
'Amber Samee Akhtar' 1 month ago
I have disrespected my mom many times, I'm sorry, please forgive me allah....this video brought tear to my eyes
Halim Ali
'Halim Ali' 1 month ago
I love my mother sooo much and sometimes I disrespect my mother. Ya Allah please forgive me and my families
Samira Said
'Samira Said' 1 month ago
can someone please tell me this sheikh's name ?
'tentimesful' 1 month ago
hadith in other words qiiyama/aqirah of 3 people as example. didnt catch the arabic part: a martyr who did not die for allah s.w.t. (in translation read his head will be dragged over ground and thrown to hellfire a giver of zakat/sadaqa also him who gave it just so that people could see him higher place (same punishment i'm guessing) a teacher same as the zakat/sadaqa giver... (same punishment im guessing.
Somali HOA
'Somali HOA' 1 month ago
the Somali part funny wallahi
faiza Akter
'faiza Akter' 1 month ago
allaha please forgive us allaha
'BomberWah' 1 month ago
What if I joke with my mother. Me and my mom both joke at each other and pretend to be rude for fun. Is that bad?
Subbah S
'Subbah S' 1 month ago
Allahu Akbar
'S.M.M.H THE REAL' 1 month ago
who are the other 2 persons who allah will not forgive?
Shaafici Aadan
'Shaafici Aadan' 1 month ago
Masha Allah Sheikh Sead Raggeh Allah Yahmeek
Nusrat Jahan Omi
'Nusrat Jahan Omi' 1 month ago
sometimes i behave rudely with my mother :(
Gaurav Pangtey
'Gaurav Pangtey' 1 month ago
What if mother is trying to bring down your father and ruin the relationship with your father with no good reason .? Will she get respect from children?
Salima Fairuz Sara
'Salima Fairuz Sara' 1 month ago
But I also love her very much. I have a question : If a person do not know what he is doing is right or wrong then the Almighty Allah will forgive him or her?
Salima Fairuz Sara
'Salima Fairuz Sara' 1 month ago
I disrespect my mother. And I did not know that Almighty Allah will not be with me . May Allah forgive me.
Hafsa Hussein
'Hafsa Hussein' 1 month ago
my father has always told me that the way a child treats their parents is the way their future kids will treat them. I'm not the best, but I always always try my absolute best to never talk back to them or hurt them with my words. may Allah guide us all, ameen
'MuscledAK' 1 month ago
May allah forgive me I'm not the best Muslim but I respect my mother more than anything in the world
Abdul Nadeem
'Abdul Nadeem' 1 month ago
D Snider
'D Snider' 2 months ago
1. People who can think for themselves. 2. People who know how to use logic. 3. People who dont blindly believe in a God that doesn't exist. and Who also believe in a Gay prophet named Muhammed.
'Amin' 2 months ago
Oh no, may Alllah forgive me for disrespecting my mother T_T
Adil khan
'Adil khan' 2 months ago
will allah hate me
Adil khan
'Adil khan' 2 months ago
I always disrespect my mother .i want to tell sorry but i cant i always shy
riyas r
'riyas r' 2 months ago
who ever have done this video. allah may reward them by goodness. this video really touched my heart
melli N
'melli N' 2 months ago
subhanAllahi wa bi hamdihi
Mansoor Ali
'Mansoor Ali' 2 months ago
assalamualaikum waa Rahmatullahi waa barakatuhu brother can u give a reference for the Hadith narrated in the video may Allah reward you for ur work jazakallahu khair
Pedo phile Muhammad
'Pedo phile Muhammad' 2 months ago
So you implying in your video that Allah will accept caravan looters, rapists and pedophiles?
Anigaone A
'Anigaone A' 2 months ago
We always have to remember death and the possibility of being sent to hellfire all the time. Muslims nowadays take everything too easy. As if somebody told them you don't have to worry you don't need to hurry to repentance. Subhanallah. Allah is forgiving but that is only for people who say allahforgive me trust me. What if you leave this life without repentance.
Amy Youn
'Amy Youn' 2 months ago
My mother awlay try to insulting me always used bad words without any fault then that time i reply her very rude now after sewn this vedio i feel my whole life is destory i hate my self
Yasmine Nazarine
'Yasmine Nazarine' 2 months ago
I think prophet Muhamed peace be upon didnt had parents like me but i had mother only i wasnt living with her & never had ❤ of parent so he said paradies under mother feet, what about those yatem kids left without father mom took everything for her second husband? If mighty God want me to secrifice my life for unhappy mom than i dont need that paradies enough is enough some moms worshipps 💰to gave blessing to her kids than fuck religions.
Yasmine Nazarine
'Yasmine Nazarine' 2 months ago
A mother young get marry second time cause her first hasband died leave her childrens alone or to faster care than those kids grow up with good life by power of most high above☝ than why she bagging for everything? When her life become unhappy desaster eventhough you help her financialy with all her second kids why she using her abusive Yatem kids over over gor everything? You cant build paradies for her & her second marrage to pleased her if God want me to secrifice my life for her & for her second marriage kids i dont need fals blessing enough is enough fuck raligions.
Aaliyan Amir
'Aaliyan Amir' 2 months ago
Im 11 year olds and i have been rude to my mother but i changed that, a week ago i found her crying and i asked her what happened until i realized, when she asked me to pray i yelled at her, thats why she was crying. Then, i asked allah for forgiveness and pledged to never do this again, and now my mom wakes me up for school happily instead of being concerned i mean she is still concerned but when i caught her crying i started crying right beside her. I love my mom very much and this video helped
Shahil Shahil
'Shahil Shahil' 2 months ago
ya allah forgive
Saya Javad
'Saya Javad' 2 months ago
I didn't understand the 2nd and 3rd point! Could someone please explain
Neutralguyz Neutralguyz
What language is that?
cr7 anonymous
'cr7 anonymous' 2 months ago
may Allah(swt) lead us to the right path and forgive all our sins
Red Foxes
'Red Foxes' 2 months ago
May Allah guide us to paradise subhaanallah
Adnan Ah
'Adnan Ah' 2 months ago
what if your mom is just always a worried person and instead of telling the absolute truth all the time you say small lies to make her feel more better about your situation? I've heard of a hadith that allows lieing in circumstances in which you do it for the sake of making someone easy or happy.
Farheen Alam
'Farheen Alam' 2 months ago
i ned to ask something if any husband is doinh bad to his wife cos his mother is asking him to do n hes breaking the relation n leaving child aswrl so wat Allsh says such kind if woman or mother cos the man says i have to obey to wat shes sayings..
'Hablayo' 2 months ago
sheikh speaking Somali mashallah is he saeed ragah
Naiomie Bilson
'Naiomie Bilson' 2 months ago
My father threw me when I was 3 and when I turn 14 i look for him. I found him and I introduce myself to him... he did not accept me. When I turn 18 i visited him and he did not even wanted to see me. When I turn 25 i contacted him and he just close the phone on my face. Now I'm 32 and I did my part . Allah will judge us I know I did my part
Mariam Fatima
'Mariam Fatima' 2 months ago
So suppose I often disrespect my mother and I promise not to do it again and also not do it again will my worships be accepted then?
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