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3 People Allah Will Not Accept -
Published: 1 year ago By: TheProphetsPath

By: TheProphetsPathPublished: 1 year ago

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beautiful universe saba
😭😭I m rude to my mom
hassan osman
'hassan osman' 1 day ago
Sheikh jazakallahi janada ilahay haku geeyo amin yarabi anagoo dhan
'Tremstremer' 1 day ago
I dont have a mom
Shiehanreema Hussien
Na hangkanda pag dungug da kamu ha ina niyu
Hamza awan
'Hamza awan' 2 days ago
Background sound name plz?
The EmOJi GiRL I
'The EmOJi GiRL I' 2 days ago
Pls Allah forgive me
Dat Snazzy Lynx
'Dat Snazzy Lynx' 2 days ago
Salaam, I just wanted to say no matter how many people say bad things about Allah (SWT) you should ignore them. Don’t let them change your belief! For they will also change your fate on judgement day! Thank you for listening. :)
Adham Abdelhamid
'Adham Abdelhamid' 3 days ago
When I disrespected my mum, she told me to search up what happens to those who do this. She's never been that right. I know puberty and all changes or view at the world and makes us want the rights that comes with adulthood. However, I realize now that you never outgrow your mother. In this time you can't count on anyone besides your family. So be good to them now you can
Zaynab Khalil
'Zaynab Khalil' 3 days ago
Ya'Allah please forgive me for all of my sins🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️
Black Syndrome
'Black Syndrome' 4 days ago
Guys can ALLAH forgive me, i always talk back to my Mother because i feel she doesnt love me and yell her all the time but i love her so much ALLAH pls forgive me for all my sins i promise i wont do it again 😭😭😭😭😭
lily oduro
'lily oduro' 4 days ago
Allah is the best
Zubair Anwar
'Zubair Anwar' 5 days ago
My mother is my bestest friend.....and I love her....May Allah forgive me if I Have ever argued with her.
Diesel Stanford BTCP
You should convert to christianity. The true God accepts everybody if they put their trust in Christ!
Galaxy Robloxian
'Galaxy Robloxian' 5 days ago
As salaamu alakium Forgive my sins Allah is the one and the. One only that can possess power he is the god the. Disbelievers are going the wrong way I am usually bad I can’t help it now I need to turn my life around
akeel akeel
'akeel akeel' 5 days ago
good muslim am muslim i believe in allah
'ihaveLeftisLam' 6 days ago
If mohammad was a true prophet why did he rape, loot, murder, was full of hate, beat his wives and keep slaves. Why would a true 54 year old prophet defile a 9 year old child like a dirty pervert
Dream Dolss
'Dream Dolss' 6 days ago
Allah plz forgive me to all my sins and for answearing back to my mother 😞
Mohammad Ali
'Mohammad Ali' 6 days ago
Bro my mom is like my best friend we do silly stuff .. we talk to each other like we r best friends but deep in my heart i love her more than anything... Just being besties i may miss behave sometimes but i do apologise to her ... i never broke her heart .. I never hurt her. i do take care of her ..but because of little miss behaving will ALLAH not accept anything from me ?
Rakan Al- Omar
'Rakan Al- Omar' 7 days ago
How to say (Astaghfir Allah- أستغفر الله) 1000 times a day?!! It's very easy🤗 Follow the Steps: Before  Fajr prayer say it  (100) times, and after Fajr say it 100.  Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha likewise..  the total is =  1000 times. Share it, to have  multiple rewards! May Allah reward you. Ameen!
Maryam Rayyan
'Maryam Rayyan' 1 week ago
Ya Allah accept our good deeds and forgive us our sins
Mexas Attacker
'Mexas Attacker' 1 week ago
Dear Allah please forgive my family me and everyone and InshAllah my mom will forgive me Ameen!! 🙂
emmad imran
'emmad imran' 1 week ago
Mashallah ,and thank you a lot,because I didn't respect my mom so from now i will all ways respect my mother inshallah
Zain Hussain
'Zain Hussain' 1 week ago
Astaghfirullah Allah forgive me for all the crap I say to my mum and dad
Rakibul Hasan
'Rakibul Hasan' 1 week ago
Kendall Carla
'Kendall Carla' 1 week ago
May Allah forgive us all and our small sins Ameen 🙏🏻🙏🏻
10k subs with no video
Fuck off this is not real and so is any religion but you guys are barbaric fucks
Miss Habibé
'Miss Habibé' 1 week ago
Allah doesn't have a gender.
Miss Habibé
'Miss Habibé' 1 week ago
Allah doesn't have a gender.
KiKi Queen
'KiKi Queen' 1 week ago
What happens if you weren't born with a foot, can u get surgery just to be like others
ChicaTheChicken 3445
Inshallah Allah will forgive my brothers for disobeying our parents😦😧
David Bryle
'David Bryle' 1 week ago
Allah please forgive us from these sins amen
Serene L
'Serene L' 1 week ago
Allah SWT the all mighty ❤️
marshmallow day Cat cat
Wallah plz ALLAH for give me for all the sins PLZ ALLAH PLZ LOVE YOU ALLAH
marshmallow day Cat cat
Allah loves you and so do your mum .....I,m Muslim by the way
kids channel
'kids channel' 1 week ago
Plz allah forgive for all my sins plz😢😢
ReadyPlayerOne - RPO Movie
Allah SWT is really great
Kaylee plays with Emily LOL
I use to watch bad things, Now because of Allah I don’t watch it thank you Allah you are the All mighty and Allah thank you for the Koran please correct me if I spelt Koran wrong and I’m only 8 years old thank you Allah
Kaylee plays with Emily LOL
Ultimate Gamer
'Ultimate Gamer' 2 weeks ago
Subscribe to me everyone
'Boost' 2 weeks ago
In sha Allah Allah will give us all a second chance Allah listens to all our prayers So all we can do is pray
Veronica Shah
'Veronica Shah' 2 weeks ago
I love u moma n sry at tyms I being rude with u will love u olways n want u olways my mother 😘😘
Alert Roul
'Alert Roul' 2 weeks ago
Allah accept me or not I don't care :)
Hindhokatu Dhugaani
'Hindhokatu Dhugaani' 2 weeks ago
Mybe i don't rember.when i men to my mom. Alhi for gove me my mom she always for give me
Hindhokatu Dhugaani
'Hindhokatu Dhugaani' 2 weeks ago
Alhamdlh am out of 3
White Dope
'White Dope' 2 weeks ago
People always think that i talk back actually I'm trying to explain..
Shuceeb Hassan
'Shuceeb Hassan' 2 weeks ago
What is the shaikh’s name please? Thanks
Asma Ali
'Asma Ali' 2 weeks ago
Natasha Singh
'Natasha Singh' 2 weeks ago
Assalamualaikum ! I'm Hindu but I believe in islam I want to revert but I can't because my parents won't allow me to do so ... So my actual question is if they stop me to get closer to Allah in future then to I should respect them? Then too I should obey them ? Then too I should listen what they say ?
'selenator' 2 weeks ago
I love Allah ❤ he's the bestt
Cory Taylor
'Cory Taylor' 2 weeks ago
Mohammad was a pedophile who had many wives and was with a little girl who played with dolls!!
TheReal Kamo
'TheReal Kamo' 2 weeks ago
Allah please please forgive me please
TheReal Kamo
'TheReal Kamo' 2 weeks ago
Please forgive me alah
Cory Taylor
'Cory Taylor' 2 weeks ago
allah is a false God he doesn’t exist turn from your wicked false religion and accept Jesus Christ in your hearts.
Maram Boulila
'Maram Boulila' 2 weeks ago
What if the mother teach you something wrong ????!!
'Edna0210' 2 weeks ago
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... Our God from the bible FORGIVES everyone who repents. ALLAH seems to NOT love everyone. Our God loves everyone. Our God is love. 1 John 4:8 Our God came down to earth for the sinners, to save them.
flurry moon
'flurry moon' 2 weeks ago
bismilah hiroman hirohim ya allah please accept me t in heaven I'm trying to be good amen
kishwar naheed
'kishwar naheed' 2 weeks ago
Allah Almighty is the most merciful, he can forgive anyone he desire and punish anyone he desire...
brokkoli bueb
'brokkoli bueb' 3 weeks ago
Boyfriend is haram word, c'mon that's bullshit. I respect every religion, but I think there are to many false preachers who don't unterstand the meaning of god. I think to have a boyfriend/girlfriend or having sex before marriage isn't something bad or a saint. The only important thing in religion is to have a good heart.
The angel sisters
'The angel sisters' 3 weeks ago
Allah plz forgive me for my sins ❤
'POOP IS MEE' 3 weeks ago
I thank allah for Creating us in a good way Thank you allah I love you with all my heart !!
'POOP IS MEE' 3 weeks ago
Sub Hana allah
Shaykh Hafsa
'Shaykh Hafsa' 3 weeks ago
Mom sry kabi kabi me aap ke sath guse se baat krti hu
Princess Samiah
'Princess Samiah' 3 weeks ago
I’m Muslim
Love tyiopoi
'Love tyiopoi' 3 weeks ago
Let no one be anything but mutual love. For the one who loves his neighbor fulfilled the law. For the commandments: Do not commit adultery, do not kill, do not steal, do not covet, and all others - summarize in this command: Love your neighbor as yourself. Love does not hurt your neighbor. Therefore, love is the perfect fulfillment of the law. Rom. 13: 8-10 Thanks to this, God's children and children of the devil can be recognized: everyone who acts unjustly is not from God, but also who does not love his brother. For this is God's will, which we have been revealed to us from the beginning, that we love one another. (...) We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love brothers, whoever does not love lives in death. Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life in him.
Love tyiopoi
'Love tyiopoi' 3 weeks ago
That all may be one, like you, Father, in me and I in you, that they too may be one in us, that the world may believe that you have sent me. And I also gave them the glory which You gave me, that they may be one, as we are one. I am in them and you in me! May they be united so that the world knows that you have sent me and that you loved them as you loved me. John 17: 21-23
karen whittaker
'karen whittaker' 3 weeks ago
my mother hurt me a lot. Both parents were abusive. I pray Allah swt helps me forgive them both. screamed at both. ??? I have a Muslim lady I call my mom. simply love her, but may Allah forgive us.
Emanuel Monte
'Emanuel Monte' 3 weeks ago
Kindness to all.
Mankey Ahmed
'Mankey Ahmed' 3 weeks ago
Mashallah sheihk was funny at the end of video but its reality words that sheihk says
Yasmeen Patrick
'Yasmeen Patrick' 3 weeks ago
Allah please forgive my sins
Moe Moe
'Moe Moe' 3 weeks ago
Nadeem Athar
'Nadeem Athar' 3 weeks ago
First of all after viewing this video it got me thinking to myself no wonder why dying and in this case Judgement Day can be the most stressful or strenuous experience for many. Off topic I noticed that the speaker or narrator made references to Tim Horton's coffee chain which is Canadian in origin so just out of curiosity does the speaker or narrator of this video reside in Canada which happens to be my country of birth and residence.
abdulmohsen marafie
'abdulmohsen marafie' 3 weeks ago
i love allah i love being muslim
W e p l a y p l a y Roblox F o r F u n
I talked back to my mom but now I confessed and I'm new fresh I respect everyone.
Jessica M. Mendoza
'Jessica M. Mendoza' 3 weeks ago
Allahuakbar subhanallah and alhamdulillah
Rihaana Abdulahi
'Rihaana Abdulahi' 3 weeks ago
Fuck islam Haters
Charmaine Tan
'Charmaine Tan' 3 weeks ago
I said sorry and my Mother still love me is that ok?as I say sorry and I behave and she love me more so as my dad!I would say sorry for 11 years if it not enough I learned my lesson and please sent me to heaven I done everything good that I can and They forgive me I promise them to spend time with them and help others!I trust you allah and Jesus Christ you are my only hope to bring me to heaven! I want to change I want to be a better person I change!
Eye LikeDragonz.-.
'Eye LikeDragonz.-.' 3 weeks ago
Seriously to those who arent muslim we respect you for gaining more interesting facts about us but please dont start a war or post mean comments saying mean things to allah and even if you disagree..think again, the bible says allah in it and jesus respect us too and you will be punish for saying mean things to our beliefs who will punish you? Might even be jesus if your a christian so please dont start :c
Eye LikeDragonz.-.
'Eye LikeDragonz.-.' 3 weeks ago
Interesting fact! : did you know in the muslim career if you are a girl you must behave like one? You cannot become a tom boy either! Or even becoming gay!
Eye LikeDragonz.-.
'Eye LikeDragonz.-.' 3 weeks ago
Allah please forgive me that i talk to my mom back.. we both dont have much of a good relationship :c
Maria Radic
'Maria Radic' 3 weeks ago
Would Allah ever accept me if I was gay? ( I'm not Muslim just asking)
Ray Gun The Arabhog
'Ray Gun The Arabhog' 3 weeks ago
ALLAH, Mom I'm sorry!!!! I Didn't mean it.
Farhan Zikry
'Farhan Zikry' 4 weeks ago
Masha Allah there are so many sins I do and I disrespect to my parents .What should I do?
Mujahid Aqsa
'Mujahid Aqsa' 4 weeks ago
Allah plss forgive me 😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤
Lava Destroyer67
'Lava Destroyer67' 4 weeks ago
Plz plz allah forgive me for my sins😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
'UltimateCodPro' 4 weeks ago
I’m Christian, but I love learning about other religions 😀
VoltiK Gaming251
'VoltiK Gaming251' 4 weeks ago
Allah is amazing
İrem E.
'İrem E.' 4 weeks ago
I said a lot of bad words to my mom and it was because she was shouting at me about the things ı dont do and ı cant do especially about this stupid school and lectures I literally suffered from school and my mom was always trying to make me a better student that was the reason of her shouting but I always regretted what ı said to her and always apologized but to my dad a few days ago I told him something that would hurt him I know I said 'I don't want you to tell me what to do because it makes me wanna do the opposite more' and he just said ok. We didn't talk whole day. (btw it was on the phone ım at uni and in a different city) I couldn't stand what ı said, later on. I was soo sorry for what happened cuz my dad is someone you may call 'has no nerve' he is so calm and umderstanding I talk to him about everything but the last thing I said hurt him a lot I know. The same day in the evening ı called him and said 'ı called to say that ım sorry for what ı said earlier today' and he was just like 'it's okay' and hung up. I cried a lot. I have issues with my parents a lot these day cuz I was depressed a lot cuz I've been studying for 3 years with no break not even a proper holiday or something and I couldn't stand studying anymore and still ı cant. I dont go to uni properly, ı dont study and because of that ı cant call my parents cuz ı know they will ask about the uni and ı don't wanna lie to them but when ı say the truth, they stop the conversation and say by. İn the uni ı have 50%scholarship and ı stay in a dorm which is private also and I know they sacrifice a lot but really I feel so done and the only thing I hold onto is my religion but knowing that even Allah won't accept my prayers because I have issues with my parents hurts a lot and aı really don't know what to do. I force myself a lot more than people know to study and to pass the class. I don't know it really tires my soul, it's beyond being physical.
Berry McCockener
'Berry McCockener' 4 weeks ago
All your sins can be forgiven in a suicide bombing
Diabua Lastony
'Diabua Lastony' 4 weeks ago
Jehovah is the real God not Allah
Peashooter Winmo
'Peashooter Winmo' 4 weeks ago
1. All humans 2. Angels 3. God and Jesus
Alhassan Sheriff
'Alhassan Sheriff' 4 weeks ago
Allah forgive me for all of the things i have done to my parents so i confess to you all my sins so forgive my sins for nobody can forgive sins except you
'טובאנה' 4 weeks ago
what language is that ?
Hilal TheGamer
'Hilal TheGamer' 4 weeks ago
i can't belive a guy who are not respectful to their parents Parents Are the people who care about their son and daughter for example with parents : when you cry mom and dad are there for you and helping you to cure without parents : when you cry no one is there and you want to make yourself more crying so kids respect your mother until their alive
Sagal Saleban
'Sagal Saleban' 4 weeks ago
Masha Allah sheikh saeed rage Thank u may Allah bless you Oh Allah forgive us
Amairrudin Ali
'Amairrudin Ali' 4 weeks ago
Oh allah,Please forgive me
Aisha Benjamin
'Aisha Benjamin' 4 weeks ago
❤❤❤❤❤ Alhamdulillah
'redtiger' 4 weeks ago
Only Jesus can bring you to the Father. He is the Way. The Truth and the Life.
KiKi Queen
'KiKi Queen' 4 weeks ago
What happens if you're mom is abusive since there's lots of abuse with a mother and kid.
MakeMoney GörPara
'MakeMoney GörPara' 4 weeks ago
Ch Naja Meelu Dhunni
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