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A "Titanic" Myth: Would Jack Have Survived if Rose Had Shared the Door? -
Published: 8 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 8 months ago

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Adam and Jamie get into character and figure out whether the buoyancy of a wooden board would allow for both Jack and Rose to survive the frigid North Atlantic in "Titanic."

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Edward Coxsey
'Edward Coxsey' 2 hours ago
they did try bit this was in the middle of the north edlatic
Dewi Hughes
'Dewi Hughes' 10 hours ago
BS both counts
'rvfjone' 12 hours ago
If only the script were written a little bit different, so not to have an emotional ending?! So the door were bigger, and jack would survive?!
The Random Girl
'The Random Girl' 1 day ago
Well try to go on a cold water and test it
Random Time
'Random Time' 1 day ago
Rose is a fat bitch she could have scooched over for jack to fit
Elisa Marie Else
'Elisa Marie Else' 2 days ago
"I'll never let go, Jack, I'll never let go"! -Rose <<>>
DiamondWILL Dids
'DiamondWILL Dids' 2 days ago
Brooke Batterson
'Brooke Batterson' 2 days ago
Vivian Styles
'Vivian Styles' 2 days ago
Now i feel a different type of way about Rose :\
Katrina LeFay
'Katrina LeFay' 2 days ago
You have to consider the weight of the two of them, and also the fact that they had just been dumped into freezing cold water. The water may have been calm, but it was still cold. This means your limbs would've essentially "shut down" to conserve heat for your vital organs, like your heart and lungs. This means your fingers, arms, legs.....wouldn't have been as efficient for crawling onto the board or helping it to stabilize because of the water temp. These guys were obviously in warmer water, and so had the ability to move the board around and crawl. You wouldn't have seen that in the water temp of the north Atlantic.
'bflower88' 3 days ago
Even if they both couldn't fit on the door, Jack couldn't have found something else to float on amongst ALL the debris??!
Martinez Twinz
'Martinez Twinz' 3 days ago
Then later a megalodon ate rose and did a bad sign while a dolphin saving him
Hugo Danner
'Hugo Danner' 3 days ago
Rose took out a insurance policy on Jack's stupid ass!!
Cardboard Ship Maker
I thought they both didn't fit because rose had a big dinner.
Vince Gilbert
'Vince Gilbert' 3 days ago
It was a dramatic movie! Geez are ya freakin kiddin me? Ya analyze the death of Jack as if he did in reality. Ya know why he died that way? CAUSE DATS HOW THE SCRIPT WAS WRITTEN for the fictional Jack!!! Lmao...too much time on yer hands
'GAR A' 3 days ago
panic mode + frozen+wave
Opdalian Commune
'Opdalian Commune' 3 days ago
Samuel Lopez
'Samuel Lopez' 3 days ago
Jack and rose didnt even exist
H0L0 Iridescence-ness Is My Favorite Color
Wait I forgot it wasn't an ice block she was on lol
Fernando Matehuala
I feel like jack would have found a way to survive had rose left with the other women because LOVE is the strongest force on earth and jack would have done anything to see her again
TheCoolKids CoolKids
Rose should stay in lifeboat
Samuel Willard
'Samuel Willard' 5 days ago
Well the movie would suck if Jack lived so screw you
Jaber Sorour
'Jaber Sorour' 5 days ago
Wait what, Jack dies? ( spoiler alert )
lo lo
'lo lo' 5 days ago
Yes jack! save that heroin!
'YOSHI SAMA' 5 days ago
why didnt the rose lay on the door sideways, the shear determination to live and to save jack should atleast give rose a little strength to lift her head up🤔🤔🤔🤔, and freezing feet are the least of your problems
'Clare' 5 days ago
Jack is poorer than Rose, he wouldn't have had a huge jacket or lots of layers and no life jacket. Rose would've had the better chance of survival anyways, plus, where are they going to find a hammer and nails in the middle of the ocean?
Chief Bunny
'Chief Bunny' 6 days ago
Maybe rose should've lost some weight
z z
'z z' 6 days ago
Rose STILL wore a life jacket while being AFLOAT, leaving jack NAKED in the freezing water😒 i hate her she shouldve gone about with her rich family in their rich lifeboat since SHE DIDNT LOVE JACK ENOUGH TO ATLEAST GIVE HIM THE LIFR JACKET😡 sorry for rant btw BUT JACK COULD'VE LIVED
Purple Cabbage
'Purple Cabbage' 6 days ago
I wondered why they didn't share the piece of wood. I mean it would of made their chances of survival better if they huddled together.
Jessie Yuan
'Jessie Yuan' 6 days ago
But if rose had gotten on the fucking life boat like she was supposed to they never would have run into this problem in the first place
JEN_ #1
'JEN_ #1' 1 week ago
I tell this to every one Stranger:they could both fit on the door Me:LOVE WONT ALOW IT!!!!! Edit:titanic is my favourite movie so I'm very passionate and stuff when it comes to titanic
morgan lepage
'morgan lepage' 1 week ago
Murdoc Niccals
'Murdoc Niccals' 1 week ago
It's 100% Rose's fault Jack died
'DOGE BOI' 1 week ago
rose is a jerk if she did not share the dang door
'Ryanator' 1 week ago
No is Rose didn't jump off the life boat
Mama Luigi
'Mama Luigi' 1 week ago
My college teacher drew this for a example of angles in movies, he thought there was more room for jack and started making fun of it
Raul Perez
'Raul Perez' 1 week ago
Jack didn't die. He was raised by sharks and is now known as Aquaman.
Akin Özer
'Akin Özer' 1 week ago
Rose you selfish!
Freeze TF
'Freeze TF' 1 week ago
Fucking rose
Jayden Harris
'Jayden Harris' 1 week ago
He could have lived
'WhySoMuchMilk?' 1 week ago
Bong Boy
'Bong Boy' 1 week ago
Rose that @#$%!
Issay Granger
'Issay Granger' 1 week ago
They wont have time to think of that
'Basiiq' 1 week ago
Boyka The bear
'Boyka The bear' 1 week ago
Maybe rose had a giant ass
Ari Horan
'Ari Horan' 1 week ago
i'm still so mad about the fact that Jack died even tho I know it was a movie 😂
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 1 week ago
rose you spoilt bitch!
Krusty Pancake
'Krusty Pancake' 1 week ago
*Rose you selfish #@$%!*
'doctorcrapable' 1 week ago
We all know he didnt really try, i bet he just didnt want to get into a long term thing with rose, it was just a fling but she was getting pretty clingy
Click Bait
'Click Bait' 1 week ago
Why was this in my recommended
Yoake No Taiyo
'Yoake No Taiyo' 1 week ago
Well if Jack didn't die the movie would've gotten less attention, fame, and viewers. Besides, people love a movie with drama and love.
Antonio Marino
'Antonio Marino' 1 week ago
Yes, they both could have been on that. But you got to remember their losing their minds after the "Unsinkable" ship just sunk, you need to add in the human factor to this, that being panicking, scared, freezing, and being desperate to live.
Liz Barbados
'Liz Barbados' 1 week ago
You're so funny!!! Remember it's just a movie it never happened...
Ren Yamazaki
'Ren Yamazaki' 1 week ago
I don't give a fuck if it's a damn girl. I'd be like GET THE FUCK OFF, LETS SWITCH EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE BOI
nifty biscuit
'nifty biscuit' 1 week ago
The flaw in this experiment is in the movie the water was below freezing and I feel like they wouldn't be able to tie the knot with freezing fingers
'AlexGaming' 1 week ago
If only Jack was educated...
lemonstrawberrymint 763
Stupid jack lol
Raquel G.
'Raquel G.' 1 week ago
"JACK, you can fit on this door!" "ROSE, you're too large!" "Ugh, have fun floatin'" "Okay. You was a side chick anyways." TooTurntTina anyone? Lmao
'Exsel' 1 week ago
Or just find another door.
Lord Harambe
'Lord Harambe' 1 week ago
That fat ass rose could have saved jack #JackalickedRose
CupCakeShake Shake
true conduit, thats really stupid to say , why didnt you just say calm down? idiot
My WWE Merch
'My WWE Merch' 1 week ago
They were also freezing and scared so it wasn't easy to balance or lift themselves
Luis Gonzalez
'Luis Gonzalez' 1 week ago
In that situation I don't think to regular people would have thought of that idea especially at that time
'10cooperv' 1 week ago
Put the lifejacket under it
Grace Ngodoki
'Grace Ngodoki' 1 week ago
To be honest you guys seen the same weight and hight as the rose and Jack and not the same object weight
Jake Fulkerson
'Jake Fulkerson' 1 week ago
It wasn't exactly easy in 33 degree weather. They were shivering violently which would make the board tip
Stephanie Selter
'Stephanie Selter' 1 week ago
Come on guys. The movie would be super boring if jack had lived. What about the part where they reunite at the end on the titanic.? That scene is a masterpiece. That scene wouldn't have existed if jack had lived.
Deborah Olin
'Deborah Olin' 1 week ago
And they could of kept each other warm and survived....
'kmarshirley' 1 week ago
What if Jack was actually sleeping at the end and would've lived if she had kept her promise not to let go. I mean she didn't try that hard to check if he was alive. I think, been a while since I've seen it, that the rescue boat was looking around and that's when she realized he was dead, screamed his name a few times, then tossed him into the ocean. Then I think she blew the whistle a bunch and said over here. What if he was sleeping and she just drowned him.
OnlyMyRailgun Unknown
Where is the wave simulator?
'ooF' 1 week ago
He would of had cold water shock
'Zipper' 1 week ago
Is it just me or the movie Titanic is not sad at all???
khalil washington
'khalil washington' 1 week ago
How did they find the right exact size of it so rose is not selfish jack just loved her I do not believe it he wanted her to not even have a. Chance of dieing so my question is "is that the right size or did they just say it was "?!
Justin Driscoll
'Justin Driscoll' 1 week ago
Jack and Rose were in freezing water. They also had been on the ship that was sinking and the air was also... fucking cold. So they had already been very cold for about 2 and a half hours before going into the even colder water. At that point your brain isn't functioning well enough to think of the mechanics to get the both of you on the board. He tried once and it didn't work. He didn't want her to have to go back into the water again.
Eqa Shukri
'Eqa Shukri' 1 week ago
Bhahahaha so truee!! 😂😂😂
h i m e
'h i m e' 1 week ago
LoriT Adventures
'LoriT Adventures' 1 week ago
In Jack and Rose's defense, they were exhausted and in an extremely traumatic situation. There's no way they were able to think clearly enough to try and carefully distribute weight. Also, the life jacket added warmth. Would they really take that off just so they could float better? Would they even think to do that? Also, like I already said, there's no way they weren't exhausted at this point.
Darren Sar
'Darren Sar' 1 week ago
rose didn't; have a fucking life jacket
'ANGEL HARAMBE' 1 week ago
I don't think rose and Jack would've thought to tie a life jacket to the door .
veronika isagulyan
'veronika isagulyan' 2 weeks ago
But also don't forget that they were freezing and that the water was freezing cold as well and their muscles became more stiff so it wouldn't have been as easy to get on
Cool Lol
'Cool Lol' 2 weeks ago
Rose u BITCH
Unwanted 666
'Unwanted 666' 2 weeks ago
The water was 28 degrees F so if I toucked that water I would be moving which may have knocked the wood over.
Miriam Rosas
'Miriam Rosas' 2 weeks ago
Well in my class of physics with an estimated weight of Jack, Rose and the door (and the material of the it) we calculated they could have stayed together in that door without it drowning.
Tina Wright
'Tina Wright' 2 weeks ago
Ok since Rose was on the door why didn't she take off the life jacket so Jack could wear it at least
'Orppranator' 2 weeks ago
Shows how heroic rose is
hashké iiʼ sizíinii
do u even considered how big are the waves at open water (ocean)?
Shark Bait
'Shark Bait' 2 weeks ago
They didn't take ocean waves into account maybe that doesnt matter though I have no idea what I'm talking about
'RabidSloth' 2 weeks ago
Dang it Rose why couldn't you stay on the boat
Titanic is Titanic because of its ending which was written to make it a tragedy
'zwrite' 2 weeks ago
Rose is a selfish woman.
Logan Pawson
'Logan Pawson' 2 weeks ago
I'm pretty sure she didint want to do the Tour de France to tie her life jacket around the broken door in the middle of the freezing cold ocean.
'roomisworm9' 2 weeks ago
Omg this is soooo annoying bc it wasn't about the space it was that if they both got on to it the door would have s a n k
Paul J
'Paul J' 2 weeks ago
It's scary to think that all the people floating in the water after the wreck were floating atop a depth of over 2 miles of water. In the middle of nowhere. I'd just let myself die. Fuck that.
Massie Block
'Massie Block' 2 weeks ago
If jack had made it on that wood and lived, that would have changed my life. Basically, my heart sank with him. Now I feel like Rose is responsible for his death in all ways. First, because she was doubted and thought that Jack really stole the necklace the reason why he had to be chained at the time that titanic was sinking. Two, she was offered to ride on the mini boat but she jumped back off. Third, because of that she triggered the anger of her fiance and he went trying to shoot jack. Fourth, she got the peice of wood all for herself bec. they wouldnt fit.
Beeka Deines
'Beeka Deines' 2 weeks ago
Nick Kane
'Nick Kane' 2 weeks ago
One thing I don't get is this: they did not just sink with a ship on the sea in freezing cold water. And they are not in shock and no one is trying to fight for that board.
Ben Corvin
'Ben Corvin' 2 weeks ago
Well if Jack didn't die in the movie, 1 million dollars less would have been made.
Heather Gwynnith Pender
What he said. it was 1912. There was no cheap plywood. "11taco Takeout9 hours ago - mahogany is heavier then plywood, that could also be a factor to why they both could not stay afloat and if it was in one piece."
Fr33kzy- PlayZ
'Fr33kzy- PlayZ' 2 weeks ago
what you guys spoiled me!
Mrs. Puff
'Mrs. Puff' 2 weeks ago
Nice fucking job, Rose.
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