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A "Titanic" Myth: Would Jack Have Survived if Rose Had Shared the Door? -
Published: 4 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 4 months ago

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Adam and Jamie get into character and figure out whether the buoyancy of a wooden board would allow for both Jack and Rose to survive the frigid North Atlantic in "Titanic."

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Diamond Sword
'Diamond Sword' 9 hours ago
They douldn share the door!rose and jack tried to get on together but then it had to much weight!
'Legodog890' 14 hours ago
Cuz rose a bitch
'QUEEN Sassy' 2 days ago
No hate but they were both (Rose and Jack) skinny and y'all ain't skinny 😂‼️
'TOKOUSO SQUAD' 3 days ago
I bet none of you guys survived lol when it's deep blue sea and cold asf 😂😂
Jason Gafar
'Jason Gafar' 3 days ago
LOL at the 83% how do you know it's not 82 or 84% ?? hahaha.
Linda Sigurðardóttir
rose went on a small boat with the other ladies but as they were on theyre way down rose went back to titanic if rose would have staid on the boat with the ladies jack could have gotten the door all by himself. (sorry for bad spelling)
zombiez gamer
'zombiez gamer' 3 days ago
I hate rose what a cow
Professor Snippety-snaps
I watched a documentary on this(its obvious but I waste my own time a lot on YouTube) anyways The problem starts before they even get to the door. Rose is an idiot and if she wouldn't have jumped off the life boat they both could've lived
Xiomara Lanier
'Xiomara Lanier' 4 days ago
If both of them couldn't survive on that one piece of wood why not just swim to another one? There was lots of debris in the water to chose from
Maria nena Theresa
its not rose who is selfish it was the director who made the movie people
jehu hand
'jehu hand' 5 days ago
salt water is much more buoyant than fresh
Ali Everdeen
'Ali Everdeen' 5 days ago
This has triggered me beyond belief
•I do what I want I
it's midnight i have school, wtf
Neil Rigsbee
'Neil Rigsbee' 6 days ago
Jack deserved to die because to save on budget
'Kiyoko504' 6 days ago
Bigger question, how did the Heart of the Ocean stay in Roses coat pocket, during the entire ordeal from the time Cal put the coat on her, that must have been one magic pocket, yes granted she didn't know it was there till she took it out of her pocket well on the Carpathia; but still How?
Lila B
'Lila B' 6 days ago
And jack is a different human he doesn't have the same mind as they do
Lila B
'Lila B' 6 days ago
Well when you're in freezing water it's hard to think cause they were in water long enough that they can barely feel their legs and hands so maybe it was really hard for them to think in water that's 4 degrees
'TheChickenFuneral' 1 week ago
those are 2 grown ass men rose and jack were young so they must've weighed less
Slade Wilson
'Slade Wilson' 1 week ago
Fck you, Rose.
Κατερίνα tupac
you are sooo smart. After all they faced, do you think that they could think about it? All Jack wanted was to save Rose. He didn't mind about himshelf but only for Rose's...😞
Sharon Mbayabu
'Sharon Mbayabu' 1 week ago
'GOKU DBZ 29' 1 week ago
you killed Jack you basterd
Sandri Gómez
'Sandri Gómez' 1 week ago
and why does Jack have to die😢😢❤
TheGamingSquirrel YT
It's true rose hogged the wood
Lori Wolfcat
'Lori Wolfcat' 1 week ago
Ummm, that's a good piece of wood, not broken and tattered. That's why it could hold. Also, ummm, it was way a long time ago, so they weren't as crafty. If that was an actual bad piece of wood, and that worked, then I would believe more. And yeah, umm also add freezing cold water, night, and not good vision. See how that would've worked out.
'Sruxxy24' 1 week ago
Yes, but then it wouldnt have been the great tear jerker moment that won over the people at the Oscars now would it? Afterall it was just a movie. Not sayin it was a bad movie. I liked it a lot.
grace becker
'grace becker' 2 weeks ago
The water was so cold they all should have died duhhhhh
Abigail Beeson
'Abigail Beeson' 2 weeks ago
Jack couldn't have survived because he never existed
amal zuhair
'amal zuhair' 2 weeks ago
She killed him I knew it
Durra Khaled
'Durra Khaled' 2 weeks ago
If only rose would have stayed on the boat with her mother and mother's friend, jack wouldn't have died because rose kept slowing him down after she got of the boat with her mom and jack would've been alone by himself on that door or whatever and they'd both meet at the ship that rescued the people
Dakota Springer
'Dakota Springer' 2 weeks ago
Rose you bitch
Rikke Pedersen
'Rikke Pedersen' 2 weeks ago
I KNEW it! :D
'ds2781' 2 weeks ago
People also seem to forget that both jack and rose were smaller in size and weighed less than these two chubby middle aged men . So the door might have had enough buoyancy to keep the both of them completely out of the water .
Conna mackay
'Conna mackay' 2 weeks ago
Han Yolo
'Han Yolo' 2 weeks ago
I had a feeling this shit would happen
Louel Anthony Miralles
Ok now make the water -1000 degrees, gather 700 other dying humans, and try experiencing a sinking ship Only then you can complete your theory
Michael D
'Michael D' 2 weeks ago
rose could've also been on top of jack not like the weren't before ;)
'Jacquelyn' 2 weeks ago
Okay so if they were both on it and part of them were in the water, I'm still thinking that their body heats (bodies heat?) TOGETHER would have counteracted that. Also, wouldn't saltwater have been more buoyant?
Artsy Articuno
'Artsy Articuno' 2 weeks ago
Who would think to take off a life jacket and tie it on a door while in below freezing water while a ship is sinking and thousands of people are screaming? Seriously.
'Sammyjskj' 2 weeks ago
Sharing is caring, Rose
Ash Adante
'Ash Adante' 2 weeks ago
and The weight of rose and jack too..
'lovingreds' 2 weeks ago
I disagree, The idea was to be fully out of water in sub zero temperatures. They would have both died. The test does not take into account the actual clothes they wore or the temperature. Truly given the factors only one would have survived.
"But it's so romantic <3" girls need you to die for them to prove that you love them. Guys just want a bj every once in a while. Gender equality.
Noor Md Hazrul Noor Arzmey
Well wat if rose was too.
'MULTIXD' 2 weeks ago
You guys both have to be the same weight to be exact
small dicker42
'small dicker42' 2 weeks ago
it's Rose fault 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Popularmmos2 lol Harris
they would not be abel to share the door or it would sink
Vita rimmer
'Vita rimmer' 2 weeks ago
Jack dies because the script says so.
Sabina Kurdi
'Sabina Kurdi' 2 weeks ago
Uh most likely would have survived
Crystal Netflix
'Crystal Netflix' 2 weeks ago
Rose should have just stayed on the life boat with her mom then Jack would have had the entire door to himself and they would have reunited on the rescue ship.
'aznpanda510x' 2 weeks ago
Drop them in the middle of the sea, without that orange jump suit. So the freezing water soak up their clothes. Let see if they can stay stable. That why i don't watch this crappy show, but just had to click this to see what bullshit will come out of this " study " glad it was cancel.
Maggie Humphreys
'Maggie Humphreys' 2 weeks ago
Whatever she was a sidechick anyway 🐥
'aznpanda510x' 2 weeks ago
I find this testing so stupid. Let them panic in ice cold water and let see if they can be stable.
Jada Rattana
'Jada Rattana' 2 weeks ago
I can just imagine just seeing two guys wearing an orange suit on a piece of wood and me being like "wtf is going on?????"
None Of Your Business
Rose is also much lighter than that guy, so he's weighing it down.
Lemon arts
'Lemon arts' 2 weeks ago
*pissed off hiss* HE COULD HAVE LIVED
'G A B E' 2 weeks ago
what if both of them hug to increase the warmth??? jack could've survived.
'terry' 2 weeks ago
Ocean waves + freezing temperatures missing, unfair test
Jack Jack
'Jack Jack' 2 weeks ago
In the heat of the moment, when your ship has just SUNK in FREEZING water, do you think they would really substitute a life jacket and take a few minutes to wrap it around the door. No. they wouldn't
Adrian D
'Adrian D' 2 weeks ago
If they just would've maneuvered and tried for like 30 more seconds JACK WOULD'VE LIVED!!! :O :O :O Oh well, he was kinda annoying anyway.
Mizuki Gushiken
'Mizuki Gushiken' 2 weeks ago
Literally, the new pirates of the Caribbean movie played before this video and it was like, fifteen something seconds of the cast members shouting Jack and Jack going Shark and I was like, "perfect"
James the GOD
'James the GOD' 2 weeks ago
when ur in the middle of the day under bright sunshine and everythings seems peaceful trying to roleplay that dreadful scene in titanic wow
Artemis Ares
'Artemis Ares' 2 weeks ago
Jacks a fucking beta cuck, mgtow
'Haticesahin70' 2 weeks ago
It was not a door tho
The Bit-Kid
'The Bit-Kid' 2 weeks ago
999 comments!! well this makes 1000
Lau Va
'Lau Va' 2 weeks ago
Now why the fuck didn't Jack get another door or something to stay afloat? Why so dramatic and sad? It's enough with the soundtrack. Shit.
Abbie Woolley
'Abbie Woolley' 2 weeks ago
Yeah but then there wouldn't have been such a memeorable story dumb ass
'lordmark' 2 weeks ago
the sea is not flat and calm like this lake.
Joshua H
'Joshua H' 2 weeks ago
Scrolling through my recommended, haven't seen Titanic and you fucking spoil it for me???
Ikaika Arnado
'Ikaika Arnado' 2 weeks ago
Not needless. Jack simply followed the D.E.N.N.I.S method...
Not Rated
'Not Rated' 2 weeks ago
Why is everyone blaming it on rose. Blame it on the director and writer for putting them in that position.
Adrian Santos
'Adrian Santos' 2 weeks ago
Either way he probably would have died because of hypothermia
Clarissa The Slimer
'Clarissa The Slimer' 2 weeks ago
Is it a sign that the ad before this was a pirates of the Caribbean as with a collage of everyone saying JACK! Lol
'UNKNOWN USER' 2 weeks ago
jami and adam arent friends in real life
First Name
'First Name' 2 weeks ago
you could just stand on it...
'Smokietherealest' 2 weeks ago
this shit ain't the same wtf lmaoo
ray lamar
'ray lamar' 2 weeks ago
I knew Rose used Jack.She just wanted him for sex. Cold cold cold cold woman LOL
lovely looks
'lovely looks' 2 weeks ago
she could have saved him
Kiarri Takahan タカハンキアッリ
Okay but tell me how would a orphaned boy who didn't get much educated and a girl who didn't get that much education either, would've figured that out?
Brennan Rasmusson
'Brennan Rasmusson' 2 weeks ago
Was that actually James Cameron at the beginning of the video?
McKenzie Boost
'McKenzie Boost' 2 weeks ago
Yeah but how are they supposed to think when they are in Freezing Ice water?
itssherz 111
'itssherz 111' 2 weeks ago
its diffrent in freezing cold water
'Stevan' 2 weeks ago
lol but I would die right when I touch that water being like UGH I JUST STRAIGHTENED MY HAIR
Eboni Pride
'Eboni Pride' 2 weeks ago
nah I would've been like fuck rose
'wotchermuggle' 2 weeks ago
The door 🚪 in the movie 🎥 is much larger!
Jake Ω
'Jake Ω' 2 weeks ago
And you guys probably weigh more to lol
Camden Edwards
'Camden Edwards' 2 weeks ago
But you have to take into consideration the waves in the ocean
Dead Inside
'Dead Inside' 2 weeks ago
why is this in my *Recommend*
Cougar Land
'Cougar Land' 2 weeks ago
Wearing safety gear, in warmer water, with the sun shining.  Scientists everywhere are laughing right now.
John show
'John show' 2 weeks ago
plus rose and jack have different weight
John show
'John show' 2 weeks ago
John show
'John show' 2 weeks ago
it didn't share because it willed sink
mo hus
'mo hus' 2 weeks ago
WTF. In the movie it was freezing cold and in the dark also they had to suffer a mental disturbance. so it wouldn't have been easy for them to both stay above water.
rebecca bacuka
'rebecca bacuka' 2 weeks ago
tbh in that situation it was 'unstable' or so he believed and he was wrong. He was freezing and stressed and most likely gave up as he truly believed it was unstable. If he knew they both could survive using this method i'm sure he would have used it, but he was perhaps not as smart as all the people who though of this brilliant idea.
billybob 1093
'billybob 1093' 2 weeks ago
Bernhard Schmidt
'Bernhard Schmidt' 2 weeks ago
but in the ocean there are waves big waves... ever consider that?
Connie Seasman
'Connie Seasman' 2 weeks ago
yeah but if rose had gotten onto the life boat only jack would be on the door
Im Thrillz
'Im Thrillz' 2 weeks ago
Now do it in the ocean with strong waves and freezing cold water
Mike Shilovski
'Mike Shilovski' 2 weeks ago
But there's only 8 minutes for them to make all the maneuvers
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