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A "Titanic" Myth: Would Jack Have Survived if Rose Had Shared the Door? -
Published: 12 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 12 months ago

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Adam and Jamie get into character and figure out whether the buoyancy of a wooden board would allow for both Jack and Rose to survive the frigid North Atlantic in "Titanic."

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ptr dn
'ptr dn' 7 hours ago
well we cant just turn back time to make them float above the door its just that maybe jack is too cold or freeze and tired to get up there *no hate its just a fact *im not beside anyone
Anthony Derderian
'Anthony Derderian' 9 hours ago
1. It was 2:00 am at night in freezing cold waters in the middle of the sea.2. They weren’t wearing water proof suits.3. Even if they did fit, they would still be in contact with the water and hyperthermia would have beat the boat.And 4. Is that even a door to begin with? Doesn’t look like a door at all. If you ask me it looks like a big piece of a fancy bed.
Kath Rozal
'Kath Rozal' 22 hours ago
in the movie ( i think) jack and rose went on the door but it the door could not handle rose and jack so the door tilted and so that is why jack did not share with rose
dodoy mak
'dodoy mak' 23 hours ago
but the door in the titanic is huge.
J Eriksson
'J Eriksson' 1 day ago
Cameron killed Jack on purpose... Poor Rose
Ruby Staging
'Ruby Staging' 1 day ago
yes, this puzzled me for years. anyway, Rose was smart on letting him go, Leo D. was a two-timing twerp
thisgirlplayzroblox RL
Wait first of all it was night 🌙 and the water was colder Second of all they was in a colder part ocean
Valery Cruz
'Valery Cruz' 2 days ago
Why couldn't Jack just swim instead of drowning
Amelia Glendinning
The water was of such a freezing temperature though that their brains weren’t able to function properly, hence they would no have been able to think of this logical improvement to the board. They were too focused on the cold, but realistically who can blame them?
'ITZxFuZiOnZx' 4 days ago
They done it to get a better ending for the film
Kriss W
'Kriss W' 4 days ago
Answer: There Would Be No Story
Unknown Person
'Unknown Person' 4 days ago
Rose...You selfish girl... 😈
Winston Churchill
'Winston Churchill' 7 days ago
Money killed jack
'sebquinn37' 1 week ago
Okay I feel like by the time they made it to the door, with all of the chaos from rescuing Jack from the Master at Arms' room, escaping the rapidly rising water, trying to save that child and ultimately nearly drowning after that guy dropped the keys to open the locked gate, making it up to the deck, getting Rose to a lifeboat, reuniting after she jumps back onto the ship, being shot at by Cal, going back up on deck, racing to the stern of the ship as it begins tilting, holding on for dear life as the boat tips up and then as it plummets back down after cracking in half, holding on AGAIN as the ship goes vertical once more, swimming up to the surface against the powerful current of a several-ton ship as it's sucking freezing, ice-cold water downwards, nearly being swarmed by other drowning patrons, and then FINALLY finding the fucking door, Jack and Rose are probably dead-exhausted and burnt out from adrenaline and shock. Also willing to bet their clothes, since they were winter clothes and made from heavier material than we might wear today, weighed them and the door down some, and I doubt they would've taken the chance of removing Rose's life vest and tying it under the wood to give it more buoyancy and then try to stabilize themselves while in a near-death state. The human capability to survive is incredible, but it has its limits. If they had been in warmer water or even just hadn't been through all that insane, trauma-inducing panic, I think they could've made a more logical decision and both survived.
'oopsibrokethecow' 1 week ago
"A storm of protest?" Well, I wouldn't say that....
Francisco Del Coro
Hollywood is bullshit
Santiago Lambert
'Santiago Lambert' 1 week ago
This is still not accurate. Jack and Rose together weighed considerably less than these two guys.
Cecilia Rebeiro
'Cecilia Rebeiro' 1 week ago
Would this story still would have been as popular if Jack lived? Lol
Jake Jones
'Jake Jones' 1 week ago
It's a well known fact that women are better swimmers than men. This is why it should be MEN and children first. If that bitch had not been so selfish, perhaps Jack would have still been with us.
ieme me
'ieme me' 1 week ago
hello who can think of that idea in hard situation ...😅😅😂
'avamolds' 1 week ago
"I'll never let go, Jack!" *Lets go*
Elegant Butterfly
'Elegant Butterfly' 1 week ago
All Mythbusters prove is its possible for two people with a life jacket could float on a door, Mythbuster guys didn't just go through a horrible traumatic event, they weren't in immediate danger of freezing, there wasn't other people around panicking who could have taken the door from Rose if Jack would have gone off looking for another door, Jack and Rose didn't have plenty of time to anticipate the circumstances. That's why James Cameron was annoyed with these clowns, If you want to talk about the characters in the movie you have to accept all the circumstances they were in. Cameron knows this. When Neil Degrasse Tyson pointed out the stars in the sky were not scientifically accurate, he changed it in the new release. He's not petty he just knows Mythbusters is full of shit, for the sake of filming an episode of their cheesy television show.
Shanto Lion
'Shanto Lion' 1 week ago
I would totally kick rose off the floating door
Queen of Chill
'Queen of Chill' 1 week ago
Well I mean when they are both on it, the door kind of sank more into the water. The whole point of Jack’s death was that he froze more because he was actually in the water. If they both did this then both of them might have frozen to death
Christopher John Lamb
Well, crap on a stick on a Monday morning.
'A1berkz' 1 week ago
Expect when you panic, you don’t think. You just do whatever you KNOW is possible. You don’t sit in freezing water going... *HMMMMMM* Well since this thing needs to float... Maybe... We could use that... *5 Seconds later* YEAH! YOUR LIFE VEST! GIVE IT!
Person who Comments on videos
Plus i think jack and Rose combined only wieghed as much as one of you.
'Kwijiboz' 1 week ago
Both would have died probably. That being said the mythbusters are not freezing to death while trying to climb and stabilize the board
this makes sense but they must make the movie sad because if jack and rose could get stabilize on it and survive,the movie would be shitty and not sad
Roy Tolbert
'Roy Tolbert' 1 week ago
If Jack (Leo DiCaprio) doesn't die, Cameron gets no Oscar.
'JACK RAYBOULD' 2 weeks ago
Rose should of went in the life boat then jack would of lived
Alexis Kinsey
'Alexis Kinsey' 2 weeks ago
Jack should have been on the wood will Roes
Lissa Milesy
'Lissa Milesy' 2 weeks ago
Knew it!
Blue wolf gaming Amante
No jack din't have to die jack dont be a hero
Fried Pancakes
'Fried Pancakes' 2 weeks ago
Maybe because the water was too cold and maybe freezed jack which led to Rose letting him go.
'LifeInPink999' 2 weeks ago
I like this rose better and this Jack is way smarter. And I think that they just taught me some nice life saving hack. I mean one never knows ... one day you have a nice day on some cruise the other you are drowning because they couldn’t afford enough safe boats.
Atikah Jawaid
'Atikah Jawaid' 2 weeks ago
Well, if you think about it this way, Titanic wouldn't have been Titanic if, Jack Dawson (Leo) wasn't killed - and it's for movie purposes so....
Kevin Johnson
'Kevin Johnson' 2 weeks ago
Lol that Rose comment had me rolling" "Rose you selfish bitch!!"
“I’ll never let go” 10 seconds later lets go
Tune in With SabbyFox
That's funny. Jack could of lived.. But it was a movie. And back then with everything being so crazy and scary people don't think straight during those times. I know I wouldn't. I would rather save my babies before I saved me. Or a loved one. Men made sure they took care of there women. Which yes is sad why not both couples. But women and children were first. That's the gentlemen's way. But yes on a board that rose was on I think they could of both lives.
Liam Andresen
'Liam Andresen' 2 weeks ago
Name feed tall oeieyu corridor butter blind visual clue novel consensus type.
Justine Harder
'Justine Harder' 2 weeks ago
I know that they would have survived if they did that. But think about in what time it's based on. The people in that time probably never thought it was possible to do it this way. But it's now the modern time, so people think about better ways to survive. People used to survive with no money or live doing nothing with a lot of money, so they probably never thought about surviving in the water. In the movie Jack was a artist and Rose was a rich girl and Jack only thought about Rose surviving in the movie. Like when rose was on the boat and jumped back on the ship. Jack just didn't want Rose to die. When you're in love with someone, you'll sometimes just do crazy things.
Coco Puffs
'Coco Puffs' 2 weeks ago
I always knew he could fit, just look at it!
'ZELERO ZINX' 2 weeks ago
Alex Seravilo
'Alex Seravilo' 2 weeks ago
they wouldn't have thought about putting the live vest under the door, they were freezing and close to death
M Jave
'M Jave' 2 weeks ago
Yeah still water not bouncing ocean🤷‍♂️
Brandon Williams
'Brandon Williams' 2 weeks ago
Try doing that in freaking below freezing temperatures, with around 1500 other people screaming and fighting in the antarctic ocean!! It just wouldn't be possible, you people have no empathy!!!
Bee Youtiful
'Bee Youtiful' 2 weeks ago
Lol I always wondered about this 😂😂😂
Chloe does cringy stuff
all of a sudden... SHARK!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!
Music Library - Free No Copyright
I was thinking the same when I watched this in the cinema. Why didn't they break off all the doors and use them as floats for people to use.
Ready, Aim, Firebreather
but wouldn't rose have eventually died from the cold? Cause if they had shared the door, there would have been a bit more water on it (Rose alone didn't touch any water in the movie). So maybe she would've died?
genuino 301998
'genuino 301998' 2 weeks ago
The bouyancy from freezing cold water is lower than the warm water
'IDontAnimate' 2 weeks ago
HA! I knew it! friend owes me £80
Mike ???????
'Mike ???????' 2 weeks ago
enough of the chivalry Jack-o
Franklin Robertson
'Franklin Robertson' 2 weeks ago
If that door is the same as the one in the movie I'd say that it would float even without the life jacket underneath, Adam is probably pretty close to Leonardo Dicaprios body weight and he is the same height but Jamie is a bit taller than Kate Winslet by a few inches an probably weighs more.
The Schwa
'The Schwa' 2 weeks ago
We all knew!
Farit Mutugullin
'Farit Mutugullin' 2 weeks ago
Wasn't the water full of debri which could have been used apart from that exact one?
Patricia Sheck
'Patricia Sheck' 2 weeks ago
hindsight is always 20/20
TronSamurai Pe
'TronSamurai Pe' 2 weeks ago
3 Reasons why would jack die 1. The door cannot hold 2 people at once because of WEIGHT 2. They are struggling to move because of freezing water 3. Even though they are both in the door, the door is not balanced
Next Step Gamer
'Next Step Gamer' 2 weeks ago
The water was cold very cold they could not survive
'Nichro' 2 weeks ago
Finally someone found the answer
Lit Trash Panda
'Lit Trash Panda' 2 weeks ago
Why did people die on the titanic why didn't they just swim away
'God' 2 weeks ago
I thought they didn’t have life jackets
Conall Smyth
'Conall Smyth' 2 weeks ago
Very hard to think when loads of shit going down not sure jack and rose was wearing red suits and In warm water
'Golgotha_Mythos69' 2 weeks ago
But we *need* our long cherished Hollywood's myths! Like how there's no such thing as a "Casting Couch", and even if there is, those women are totally not coerced or exploited! ;)
Vankaitoria Aguon cruz
This is stupid simple jack dies in the end titanic story if he survived it wouldn’t be as sad as we all wanted it to be
Zach Shaw
'Zach Shaw' 2 weeks ago
This is a really good point
Meme Dreams
'Meme Dreams' 2 weeks ago
Nemesis T-Type
'Nemesis T-Type' 2 weeks ago
Jack survived, he lived as a hunter but was mauled by a bear. Later on he became a slave owner and was killed by a slave gunslinger. Then he woke up from a dream.
Emily Meagher
'Emily Meagher' 2 weeks ago
Just like global warming is not happening...
Emelia aaz
'Emelia aaz' 2 weeks ago
Also, no offence, but jack and rose's weight combined is smaller than their weight combined
Hare Bauer Brahs
'Hare Bauer Brahs' 3 weeks ago
To be fair, 2 seconds in that cold Atlantic water will make your IQ drop 95%.
Let Vlog!
'Let Vlog!' 3 weeks ago
Guys you gotta think, Jack and rose were both suffering from Hypothermia. Do you really think their brains were working right? They'd just escaped a boat full of people, thinking they'd loose each other. Jack did something good, one of them would had died either way it was freezing! Rose is alive today to tell the tail of her and her lover on the great ship Titanic just like he asked her to tell in the movie along with having many kids and being happy!
Ogga Bob
'Ogga Bob' 3 weeks ago
Would they have known about this over a century ago though
Dick Marcus
'Dick Marcus' 3 weeks ago
I doubt they would have. In this video water is still getting at your arms, legs and torso areas. The water they were in was believed to be 28 degrees Fahrenheit. I'd honestly say it was a miracle Rose survived, given that both of them were soaked. But that's movies for you.
Emily Hong
'Emily Hong' 3 weeks ago
In the movie Rose was offered to go on the lifesaver boat so then she would be safe but refused so then she could be with Jack. Rose should've just gone on the boat so then Jack could stay on the door. When the Californian would have come to save them they would have seen Jack on the door and would have saved him. In the end, both Jack and Rose would have been safe and then they could try to find each other. If this happened I'm pretty sure they both would end up being protected and safe.
TitanTQ Awesome
'TitanTQ Awesome' 3 weeks ago
Are your weights the same for jack and rose?
'Ranillon' 3 weeks ago
It is just a movie, but COME ON - Rose and Jack just suffered through a sinking, are in freezing cold water that is killing them in minutes, and (after running a number of tests) they are supposed to MacGuyver up the sort of solution proposed here (assuming they actually had all that was required)?  That's just NOT realistic.
'VRNNL CHANNEL' 3 weeks ago
Well it was salt water it would be harder to sink
Harley Quinn
'Harley Quinn' 3 weeks ago
In my opinion, you saw how jack only had his torso on the wood then he couldn't take it anymore because of the harsh cold water and drowned. If jack and rose both both had their torsos on the wood, well you saw what happened.
'Twist' 3 weeks ago
To everyone saying «They were freezing!» They could lay really tight and warm eachother up.
Sofia !
'Sofia !' 3 weeks ago
If the boat had came earlier jack had survive (really sorry for bad english)
'E-Money' 3 weeks ago
You need to take in the factor of their weight
dark cloud456
'dark cloud456' 3 weeks ago
It's sad how you people are not getting this . Yes it was possible for Jack and Rose to be on the door but the whole point of getting on the door was to stay out of the water if they were both on the door they would have been still touching the water like it is in this video and they both would have died but Jack didn't want that so he gave her the door all to herself
brian clark
'brian clark' 3 weeks ago
Wouldnt it be diffrent with the waves of the ocean
Jacqueline Pramana
'Jacqueline Pramana' 3 weeks ago
may I ask how Jack sank instead of floating, unlike the other dead ppl?
Danny Le
'Danny Le' 3 weeks ago
No titanic 2 jack is back he’s alive oh sorry for the spoilers
'Clearanceman2' 3 weeks ago
Makes me wonder why people left on the ship weren't ripping the doors off the ship. But I always wondered why they didn't back up to the iceberg and unload people onto the iceberg.
'Clearanceman2' 3 weeks ago
It's a little sad when you remove all the fluff and commercials how little actual content is left.
Jacob Jenkins
'Jacob Jenkins' 3 weeks ago
Imagine the real Rose watching this and how she would feel lol
Nuira Avra
'Nuira Avra' 3 weeks ago
Rose was selfish.
Julia Collins
'Julia Collins' 3 weeks ago
But they did not have two life Jacket
Chris Keller
'Chris Keller' 3 weeks ago
there you go... I knew it. Now I'm gonna live the rest of my life with the thought that Jack could have survived.... FU Cameron
Abszee trainz 07
'Abszee trainz 07' 3 weeks ago
Maybe rose was too fAt for jack to fit
Haidynssfilms :D
'Haidynssfilms :D' 3 weeks ago
Michael Rudiger
'Michael Rudiger' 3 weeks ago
I disagree. While panicking in painfully cold waters, limbs numb, you would FAIL to even tie a knot in order to secure a lifejacket under that door.
JurassicHero 3
'JurassicHero 3' 3 weeks ago
Jack is a bad actor so he committed suicide.
'It's Cait' 3 weeks ago
*OK* 👏🏻 *BUT* 👏🏻 *JACK* 👏🏻 *AND* 👏🏻 *ROSE* 👏🏻 *WERE* 👏🏻 *NOT* 👏🏻 *ON* 👏🏻 *THE* 👏🏻 *TITANIC* 👏🏻
Facials and Body Waxing Spa
This is fake
CrAzy LaZy421
'CrAzy LaZy421' 3 weeks ago
Lol the start 😂
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