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A "Titanic" Myth: Would Jack Have Survived if Rose Had Shared the Door? -
Published: 6 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 6 months ago

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Adam and Jamie get into character and figure out whether the buoyancy of a wooden board would allow for both Jack and Rose to survive the frigid North Atlantic in "Titanic."

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The Karatedude
'The Karatedude' 7 hours ago
The fucking titanic just sunk, jack couldn't find ONE piece of furniture to float on?
Marie Riedmueller
'Marie Riedmueller' 9 hours ago
anyone else notice they're wearing their hats in the water? lol why
Aleron Adams
'Aleron Adams' 10 hours ago
heroin lol. so herione is now a drug ?
'crazy4cake1114' 11 hours ago
but did Jack have a pocket knife to cut that life jacket strong (if he got that far) I think not. so many different factors
'Jiminniepabo' 20 hours ago
If only Rose had gotten on that lifeboat ffs
Marios TheCoolGuy
'Marios TheCoolGuy' 2 days ago
Gordon Ramsay: "Is Jack fresh?" Rose: "No he is frozen." Gordon Ramsay: "Oh for the love of fucking god!"
'KIDD VLOGS' 2 days ago
Whether or not jack could stay on the debris with rose, him not being able to made for dramatic effect and an emotional ending. We all no in real life we would have tried way harder to stay alive and on the debris but how good has a movie ever been when the people actually act like sane individuals.
Holly Wood
'Holly Wood' 2 days ago
April....middle of the night....freezing cold water....1912 - yeah why didn't Jack think to take off Rose's life jacket tie it around the board and then get onto it so the majority of their body could be above water until rescuers came. Geez - stupid Jack and selfish Rose! #Not
Nex Wex
'Nex Wex' 2 days ago
When Cameron was told about this he said, "It doesn't mater, Jack would die if there was even more room. He is scripted to die, Rose to spread legs and enjoy".
Char Char
'Char Char' 2 days ago
They do know that they're fictional characters right? Idk lol 😂
'Mowac' 3 days ago
It wouldn't have worked because IT WASN'T IN THE SCRIPT! If it ain't on the page, it ain't on the stage.
lilyan xo
'lilyan xo' 3 days ago
Now try doing it after you've outrun a sinking ship, in pitch black, freezing cold water, and thousands of people screaming
smurphy Murphy
'smurphy Murphy' 3 days ago
yashi singh
'yashi singh' 3 days ago
Jack would have definitely survived had Rose not been a problematic, nonsensical girl she was and just gotten onto the lifeboat and STAYED THERE! That way Jack would have had just himself and his life to care about and he would have fought to live just like he had to fight for Rose to live.😒😒😒
struggler man
'struggler man' 3 days ago
fuck u you ruin whole tragedy emotional scene 😂😂
ruby jenkins
'ruby jenkins' 3 days ago
Brian Middleton
'Brian Middleton' 3 days ago
Suspension of disbelief, people. The movie was made to be an entertaining night at the movies, not a science quiz.
Melancholy Man
'Melancholy Man' 3 days ago
What about if rose stayed on the life boat.
Christy Montes
'Christy Montes' 5 days ago
Door?? I thought it was a piano for some reason...
Mary Odipo
'Mary Odipo' 6 days ago
rose selfish bish
Hey Plays
'Hey Plays' 6 days ago
This they have life jackets in the movie? It was too dark
Maddie Holling
'Maddie Holling' 6 days ago
Rose: "Ill never let go" **lets go** Me: "...rlly JUST LET GO!
Maddie Holling
'Maddie Holling' 6 days ago
now that I really think about it, rose is a BICH!
Min Yoongi had too much Suga
My teacher plays these in class..
John Paul B. de Luna
I would appreciate this experiment if this was done in the middle of the the night, and in the middle of the freezing ocean.
Rebecca Waldron
'Rebecca Waldron' 1 week ago
ARRGHHH!!! I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!! THAT DEFENSELESS BITCH! how u claim to love a man and dont try to save him???? lying down all sprawled out talking bout oh jack ill never let go. SICKENING!
Alisha Hollis
'Alisha Hollis' 1 week ago
People forget Rose killed Jack twice. The first time when she chose to jump off the lifeboat back onto the ship
Bita Norouzi
'Bita Norouzi' 1 week ago
RoyalFamousUnicorn Vlogs
I don't think that rose and jack would have thought to put life jackets under the door
'MDX' 1 week ago
rose you selfish bitch😑
Onyx Colvin
'Onyx Colvin' 1 week ago
Wasn't the door bigger than that and jack and rose were smaller so the turn out for them would've have been better if it were jack and rose but we all know they weren't really trying in the movie it's like they had no schooling.
'AnanyaUnlimited' 1 week ago
why couldn't they find more debris? another door? etc....
'Alaroyde' 1 week ago
They are heavier thoo
julieann rogas
'julieann rogas' 1 week ago
you know what you should have tried this in cold water
sara qurxoon
'sara qurxoon' 1 week ago
Hello! World 👽👾
Shehbaaz Mohammed
'Shehbaaz Mohammed' 1 week ago
James Cameroon loves rose that's why u killed jack 😂😂
Little Me
'Little Me' 1 week ago
1:17 "Will Adam and James' Titanic tale be consigned to Davy Jones locker?" Hahahahahahah
Bubbly Girl
'Bubbly Girl' 1 week ago
Now add the sinking ship around you
Bartek Terebus
'Bartek Terebus' 2 weeks ago
I think i would die of an heart attack i mean : freezing water and 4 FUCKING KILOMETERS ABOVE OCEAN FLOOR WTF
'TannaKota' 2 weeks ago
I definitely think it could have turned out differently and Jack didn't have to die... But there are a lot of things to take into account. The situation here is drastically different than the one in the movie. It was nighttime, they were in the sea surrounded by a ton of thrashing panicking people and noise, they were exhausted, the sea was freezing, they were _scared,_ and they were seventeen-year-old kids. Having likely never been in a crisis situation like that before, and being given no time to prepare themselves beforehand, they acted in the only way their clouded minds could come up with. There were totally a bunch of alternatives that could've happened. They could have done things that might have seen them both saved. But sadly, we're not gifted with ability of foresight, and the poor things just couldn't think deeply or logically under the stress of the situation. I think their combination of youth and inexperience was their death sentence here. And maybe their lack of a degree in science. *shrug*
Brandon Lynch
'Brandon Lynch' 2 weeks ago
Also, the door is bigger in the movie
Davini Mevo
'Davini Mevo' 2 weeks ago
so jack could have been saved, okay rose i see how it is.
Mali Astro
'Mali Astro' 2 weeks ago
Ok if you have to make a decision that affects 2 lives in barely any time you can't just quickly think to do this under pressure
بشر - Besher
'بشر - Besher' 2 weeks ago
Lauren Hogg
'Lauren Hogg' 2 weeks ago
I absolutely titanic and it wasn't a door that they where on it was part of a fire place
Diamond Thread
'Diamond Thread' 2 weeks ago
someone play the titanic song plz XD
Mitchell White
'Mitchell White' 2 weeks ago
Rose killed Jack when she jumped off the life boat onto a sinking ship! Jack could have survived on his own, if he didn't have to worry about Rose's safety.
Sten van Maanen
'Sten van Maanen' 2 weeks ago
Jeez stop the 30sec unskipable ads
P. Alves#1964
'P. Alves#1964' 2 weeks ago
Isn't a door, is a wooden pannel
'ESBnation23' 2 weeks ago
They had a whole lot more energy
Hannah Mata
'Hannah Mata' 3 weeks ago
Thinking that the door would sink if they were both in the door.......
lucas Rozmus
'lucas Rozmus' 3 weeks ago
I love reading funny comments 😂
Its The Jr
'Its The Jr' 3 weeks ago
ok but that looks like that's fresh water. U have to do this in the Atlantic because salt changes the outcome.
Opal Opal
'Opal Opal' 3 weeks ago
The director was just like fuck jt
no, this is patrick
'no, this is patrick' 3 weeks ago
It still might've killed Jack because of the hypothermia
Little Pandahh -Roblox And More
Couldn't they just take the frozen people but then they didn't why not unfreeze and melt the ice
Caleb Heuer
'Caleb Heuer' 3 weeks ago
jack is not dead
'CastMemberLove' 3 weeks ago
Ok even if they both didn't fit, anyone heard of taking turns?
Semmonenvitun läskilaiskiainen
Didnt you guys here what she said? ''Leo, there is an oscar on the bottom of the ocean.''
Packers#1 Ar12
'Packers#1 Ar12' 3 weeks ago
And the mythbusters weighed more than jack and rose he should've survived
Dunten YourBoy
'Dunten YourBoy' 3 weeks ago
Lets see if its true go get a wave pool that has a ice berg
James Hudson
'James Hudson' 3 weeks ago
He would have been dead anyway because it was freezing
petrit draga
'petrit draga' 3 weeks ago
I think that Jack had a girlfriend(not Rose)
ken owen
'ken owen' 3 weeks ago
Yes i
Pygmy Puff
'Pygmy Puff' 3 weeks ago
Not everybody would have came up with the idea to use the life jacket. They were in a panic and Jack just tried his best to save Rose.
'J&Fnation101' 3 weeks ago
The titanic didn't hit the iceberg the iceberg hit the titanic it was moving quick and the bottom of the iceberg that's underwater hit the ship and it started to sink from the bottom, The titanic did not mean to hit it because they thought they would be just fine. once that happened the people who shoved the coal at the bottom ran to the doors and hit the switch to keep them out the water, One guy got stuck and his leg got caught in the door allowing water to come in. Then that allowed water to get to all them and kill the people at the bottom of the ship. The titanic was tipping upwards causing people to fall in the water that's how most deaths happened. People hurried onto the boats. almost 3 boats got hit by the ship and started to sink. How I know so much a lot of video's and research.
X no type Org
'X no type Org' 3 weeks ago
Rose your so self fish go to hell
Stephanija Olds
'Stephanija Olds' 3 weeks ago
Alyssa Lafleur
'Alyssa Lafleur' 3 weeks ago
They both tried to get on but they were to heavy together so Jack died and Rose lived. So don't make fun of my favorite movie.
Allisson Diego Dos Santos
now do the car scene
iiVortex Nova
'iiVortex Nova' 4 weeks ago
Um, Yeah they fit but it would sank.....PHYSICS PEOPLE!
Real Spars
'Real Spars' 4 weeks ago
So many doors on the titanic ... could've just ripped one off for himself. Or all that time running around the sinking ship, they could have found something big enough for the both of them!
'DotDotDot' 4 weeks ago
It would probably help if they both went on, because the body heat of the person next to him
evax xlewis
'evax xlewis' 4 weeks ago
If Rose stayed on the lifeboat, Jack would have had a better chance of survival: He would have got the door, he would have been rescued on the lifeboat and then they would have been reunited on Carpathia a few hours later.
Maria Allande
'Maria Allande' 4 weeks ago
keep in mind they did experience a traumatic event and then the cold caused them to not think straight or logically😣
Olivia Piazza
'Olivia Piazza' 4 weeks ago
Ugh I will never EVER get over the ending of Titanic.
brendan klein
'brendan klein' 4 weeks ago
and the door was diffrent back then
brendan klein
'brendan klein' 4 weeks ago
no jack had to die because if both of them went on the door they both would SINK
Amy Jade Music
'Amy Jade Music' 1 month ago
I get the point of this "theory"... but if you think about the situation that they were in, they'd been running around for about 2 hours trying to get to a lifeboat together, and even longer before that being chased by the security, so they would've been pretty tired. Also, they had been clinging to the top of a sinking boat with so many other people. Obviously it would've been hard to find that door when everyone wanted to find something to stay afloat on. They would've already been in the water for some time. Hypothermia could act quick. Another point to look at on this is that the water that the two men in the demonstration here is not the same place that Jack and Rose were in, and so making the circumstances different. If you put them in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean after been chased round for 4 or so hours, maybe I would've been able to believe this but you know, maybe not the most practical of things to do to test a myth. Anybody agree?
Jake Theo
'Jake Theo' 1 month ago
As it is an interesting topic to think about whether they could have both got on, the movie wouldn't be the same. They made it like that not only to make us cry, but to keep the audiences attention. Most people probably wouldn't be satisfied if they both lived because it wouldn't be as interesting. And the whole story probably wouldn't have happened. They both would've live and probably would've sold the diamond, leaving Mr. Lavott and the others not even knowing about them. An also, if you want to do this test correctly, try doing it in 15° sea water exhausted af. 😊
Matthew Bigelow
'Matthew Bigelow' 1 month ago
People who focus on how big the raft is and how two people should have been able to fit o it are focusing on the wrong part of the movie. Earlier in the movie, when the lifeboats were being filled with women and children, Rose got on a lifeboat, then jumped back onto the boat. The same person who a lost jumped off of a floating ship a few days earlier is now jumping back onto a sinking ship. That may have seemed romantic in the spur of the moment, but had she not done that, Jack would only have had himself to take care of, he would have been floating on that raft and the passing lifeboat would have saved him.
Brittany Segraves
'Brittany Segraves' 1 month ago
Well they was kinda at a panic to think
kevin mahase
'kevin mahase' 1 month ago
gotta remember thats a lake warm water and they were at sea with freezing cold water and the water wasnt calm
andrew olin
'andrew olin' 1 month ago
The debris in the movie was bigger than the board. The life jacket prob wouldn't fit around it like it did in this video.
LaTanya Bonilla
'LaTanya Bonilla' 1 month ago
well, how were they able to think about doing that when the water was way below 0 degress...
Andrea Coso
'Andrea Coso' 1 month ago
i love jack why would rose kill jack?
Dark Seedling
'Dark Seedling' 1 month ago
Could I point out that this test was conducted in calm water. They need to recreate similar weather conditions of that morning. If Adam & Jamie had more waves in that water, then they would not be able to stay on that piece of board.
'bigstackD' 1 month ago
Jack's not dead I saw him and Toby in Malibu a week ago🤘🏻
Garrett Miles
'Garrett Miles' 1 month ago
nice spoiler
Herobrine WGF
'Herobrine WGF' 1 month ago
Call me SWAG
'Call me SWAG' 1 month ago
Hey its leo we are talking about no biggie he dies in every movie 😂😂😂 like romeo Juliet 😂😂😂anyways ya iam saddened she should have shared the damn thing but u see thats how it is more important is iam deeply heartbroken for those people children animals woman man every one whom died 😢
Letrell Disney
'Letrell Disney' 1 month ago
I think rose knew she could just move over but just fell in love with another person who she saw get on a boat. SHE BE A GOLD DIGA
Centrist Philosopher
Most of the victims died of hypothermia, not drowning...
HMHS britannic
'HMHS britannic' 1 month ago
is that san francisco
'charlesdcw1990' 1 month ago
Lmao the whistle.
KeAndre Mcmillian
'KeAndre Mcmillian' 1 month ago
If she would have shared the fucking debris that stingy whore should have died and jack should have lived👾👾
'ADRIANA MACIAS' 1 month ago
Stop hating on Rose.Rose and Jack were on the middle of the ocean .The water was very cold .They were having a Hard situation
lego sweetness Oney
'lego sweetness Oney' 2 months ago
well let me tell you they where also in the coldest water and it is hard to move when you have hipophmia
Inus Berard
'Inus Berard' 2 months ago
Come on Rose, you could've given Jack some wood.  After all, he gave you some in that car earlier in the night.
Luke Rollingson
'Luke Rollingson' 2 months ago
Would you really have a time to think of this though, I mean you just went down with a ship, you'd be panicking and shaken up! Given the circumstances, you're in the middle of the Atlantic ocean at night time, people are crying and screaming which would distract you, freezing water temperatures would make limbs numb and therefore unable to move. So in that moment in time Jack just thought mainly about Rose because he cared so much about her and wanted her to be safe. That aside this is pretty ingenious! :-D
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