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A "Titanic" Myth: Would Jack Have Survived if Rose Had Shared the Door? -
Published: 1 year ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

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Adam and Jamie get into character and figure out whether the buoyancy of a wooden board would allow for both Jack and Rose to survive the frigid North Atlantic in "Titanic."

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SirSade lll
'SirSade lll' 32 minutes ago
Is it bad that if I was jack I would have been like sorry there is not enough room then shoved her and yelled sorry as she sunk.
sub- zero
'sub- zero' 5 hours ago
Then the door would flip over
sub- zero
'sub- zero' 5 hours ago
Actual rose was trying ti sgare the door but if jack got on the door
Renegade 5000
'Renegade 5000' 8 hours ago
They would have to keep on moving to keep body heat
Aracelis Santos Torres
What of you added their weight and the temperature... oh and how long did it take you to figure out how to stay on?
PandaLover 2017
'PandaLover 2017' 9 hours ago
'Darkheart' 10 hours ago
It would't have changed a thing. Think about it, it was in April when it was still cold in the water that the ship sank during the night. Both Jack and Rose was helplessly trow'n into the icy water with no light whats so ever that could have helped them and with no warm cloths to keep them warm. it is also important to know that it was only Rose that had on a life vest and Jack did't. They fought so hard to stay warm so they could survive and you expect them to share an broken door that can easily sink with two on top of it? Jack knew that they both would have died if they shared so he helplessly forced the love of his life to get on while he stayed in the water to sacrifice himself for her. He even said that he wanted her to live for them both and that she must promise him that she would and she did. Told so by the real Rose Calvert formerly Rose Dawson (Titanic) i have also read and watch all the documentary's about Titanic so i'm pretty sure that it would't have changed a thing. its over 100 years ago and things where different back then and it is and probably always will be a mystery that Titanic sank as well.
Nick Buis
'Nick Buis' 18 hours ago
Rose just created drama and Jack bought it to his demise 😑
Jewish Lobster
'Jewish Lobster' 19 hours ago
No sotp
Ed with out Editing
Yes rose could of shared the door but she only liked jack as a friend
Shary Awan
'Shary Awan' 1 day ago
If she shared the door they would sink Therefore jack could only do the better thing and let her stay on board Simple
chris plays
'chris plays' 1 day ago
Wow idiots you now that was the movie but the reall life might be deffrent
Lps Rosy Kat
'Lps Rosy Kat' 1 day ago
Rose srsly?
'Sirpa' 1 day ago
Had Rose stayed in the lifeboat, Jack could've survived on the table.
RICHARD Cartujano
'RICHARD Cartujano' 2 days ago
but the water is cold... and the water came up from the wooden board... so you could say if jack stayed at the wooden board, both him and rose would die even if the rescuers would come back
Rae Marie
'Rae Marie' 2 days ago
“She over there trynna get him up BARELY” HOMEBOY DIES HOLDIN ONTO IT
'EricaA818' 2 days ago
Even if Jack could’ve survived in the movie they didn’t want him to because then the movie would be a lot more sad and emotional and heart touching.
'GuffaCake' 2 days ago
Problem being that the door was way bigger in the movie plus you guys weigh more than a 21 year old girl and a 23 year old man
Matthew Olson
'Matthew Olson' 2 days ago
So cool
Ridhwan Abdi
'Ridhwan Abdi' 2 days ago
and now we are critising me
steven to the claw uk /robloxwhyle1
so they used rope to tie to the door frame and in titanic did you see rope nope
steven to the claw uk /robloxwhyle1
how ever they used rope to make the pack float did they try it wih it no
Minecraft videos
'Minecraft videos' 3 days ago
Maybe they did not know that
rainbowoman2017 !!!!!
In titanic most oof the people didn't dye from drowning they died from freezing to death so even if they both would of fit. The still would of froze to death due to the temputures above the water.
Anita Gurung
'Anita Gurung' 3 days ago
why did titanic had to sink
Aaron joel
'Aaron joel' 3 days ago
They should do this in the dead of night.
Susan L.
'Susan L.' 4 days ago
It is true that they can both fit, but if they did go on the door together they would freeze to death even if a tiny bit of the freezing water was touching them because of the freezing air and them touching the water for a long amount of time.
zulkifli ab aziz
'zulkifli ab aziz' 4 days ago
I think they could survive because who doing this was a man and the water level not to high,and rose is a woman.i not thing woman weight is 100
Ronnie Resumadero
'Ronnie Resumadero' 4 days ago
We don't know how small or large the actual plank is in real life. So Jack and Rose couldn't fit there.
Lil Pump
'Lil Pump' 4 days ago
Rose u selfish bitch
Josh H
'Josh H' 4 days ago
I miss mythbusters
Savannah Martinez
'Savannah Martinez' 4 days ago
Jack could have lived 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Princess of the Amazon’s
Do this again, and this time no fat arses!
Moana Blossom
'Moana Blossom' 4 days ago
Rose could have lay on it then jack could have simply lay on her
robyn bond
'robyn bond' 4 days ago
or guess what, rose could of dressed jack in womens clothing and made him hunch over with a blanket on his head and rose could of said jack was her grandmother and they could of both hopped on a boat, BOOM!
'Xsuprio' 4 days ago
Yeah... and these two weigh as much as a girl and a scrawny kid.
siami45 Alemyar
'siami45 Alemyar' 4 days ago
Would’t the whirlpool created by the titanic suck them in
'TERABULL Plays' 5 days ago
Everytime they say Rose, Jamies cheeks get a little more red.
Serenity-Kai Valenzuela
Rose was a jerk for not sharing
Disney Whaleee
'Disney Whaleee' 5 days ago
Yeah but tbh in the film it was just a matter of quick thinking and as jack and rose were freezing they couldn't put in the extra effort
'HollywoodLego' 5 days ago
If James Cameron really intended for Jack to die, he should've used a smaller prop.
'DeadPool' 5 days ago
Yo soy Luis G.
'Yo soy Luis G.' 5 days ago
They are fictisious btw i dont know to spell good but James said cal trudy Rose Ruth jack lovejoy were fake
Sophie Bryant
'Sophie Bryant' 5 days ago
Well they could have opened the door and both balanced they could have took turns they
Social Justice Warrior
Let's give some credit to the Hymn of the sea song, and the uilleann pipes :)
Aween Nadhira
'Aween Nadhira' 6 days ago
But a the true story Jack is dead
Laena Caps
'Laena Caps' 6 days ago
sus uy gisugo rana sa director Hahahha
Laena Caps
'Laena Caps' 6 days ago
sus uy gisugo rana sa director Hahahha
Random Fan Edits
'Random Fan Edits' 6 days ago
that wasn't even as big as the door they had in the movie
Peyton Philmon
'Peyton Philmon' 6 days ago
Mystery Slinky
'Mystery Slinky' 6 days ago
They aren’t the same weight they are heavier
'hoffy7191' 6 days ago
*Dilly Dilly*
Dora Kioutsiktsidi Despoti
Well yeah that could be possible... But also there's another option... If Rose was rescued earlier from that little boat instead of jumping back to Titanic Jack would had the floating door for himself and not for Rose... Then another boat would come back and rescue him and the two lovers could meet each other next morning but noooo.... Let's let Jack die!
'factfeeder777' 7 days ago
Would the movie have made the impact that it made had Jack lived? Sometimes sad movie endings make greater impacts when it grips your emotions and that's exactly what James Cameron wanted, to capture the audience's emotions. The people that still complain about Jack's death and calling the movie bad just because Jack died, are just the people who don't want to accept that it is actually the greatest movie ever made and that the movie had impacted their lives emotionally.. and that's a great reputation Titanic has. Also the door these two guys were climbing on looks much lighter than the door from the movie.
'virusmaker506' 1 week ago
That’s a great bust guys and honestly we all knew there was a way he could’ve lived...... but that water was deathly cold and he had already been in it long enough to die of hypothermia before her even if he got on. Plus, in a near death experience like that I don’t think they would’ve considered the life jacket
for one IT'S NOT ROSE'S FAULT IF U HEARD JACK SAY TO ROSE "get on" so there for not his fault
dorito power POTATO
Why is this not on netflix mythbusters
aubree utt
'aubree utt' 1 week ago
rose could have at-least gave jack her life vest to keep him warm and above water
'Fart' 1 week ago
Ugh really people?! It's so many problems at the whole world and you guys spend hours at thinking "did Jack can fit on the door with Rose?". I'm go to live on another planet, sayonara.
Aanika Dutra
'Aanika Dutra' 1 week ago
they do make a good point
Unicorn Flex
'Unicorn Flex' 1 week ago
I'm glad he sank so that he could wash up on shore to start Inception.
Tony Maldonado
'Tony Maldonado' 1 week ago
*Rose gets on the door* Jack:Get the fuck off,it's not always ladies first.
Dayshan Keoma
'Dayshan Keoma' 1 week ago
So if they could both fit was it possibly a murder
Lois Ryff
'Lois Ryff' 1 week ago
The door in the in real life was a lot bigger and that was small so rose needs to use her Brain
Mg Jb and Jd the gamers squad Luplow
The movie person women do not just mater boys do to dumbass
Phanic! TwentyoneChemicalMichealsAtTheFalloutDisco
Maybe if rose sat up they could have both fit
Madison Heck
'Madison Heck' 1 week ago
But in the movie they wouldn't have had enough time to do this plan. The water was freezing it was really cold. How do I know because I have been to a place were they had the exact same water in a tub for people to see how long they could keep their hands in the water the people on the titanic died in.
John Goff
'John Goff' 1 week ago
He is a walrus 😂😂😂😂😂😂
'Caspzz' 1 week ago
buy there are waves in the sea...
Motsuthung Yanthan
'Motsuthung Yanthan' 2 weeks ago
Nicole Jea A
'Nicole Jea A' 2 weeks ago
Ariel Vincent
'Ariel Vincent' 2 weeks ago
I never liked Titanic because of how chick flick it was especially because of the end so all of you that wasted your money on it to be a 2nd gross film-- I am laughing at you. Especially how they managed to prove their theory on Jack surviving if only Rose had shared the door. it work and they both managed to get on the door with the life jacket... and Jack could have lived. But I never cared for the movie, so there's that.
April Major
'April Major' 2 weeks ago
jack is dumb.... he sciped from 1st grade to 6th grade
Riverdale episodes
'Riverdale episodes' 2 weeks ago
'Ondrus21' 2 weeks ago
Nonsense. They both would die of hypothermia.
Elin & My
'Elin & My' 2 weeks ago
Blame the crue not Rose!
Fallen Angel
'Fallen Angel' 2 weeks ago
Brossom 123
'Brossom 123' 2 weeks ago
Que the titanic music
Forget me Ok
'Forget me Ok' 2 weeks ago
It would’ve been a happy movie
Jordan Hadid
'Jordan Hadid' 2 weeks ago
This wasn’t true two GROWN MEN vs a young women and a young man
Ehh Idc
'Ehh Idc' 2 weeks ago
Did this really happen on that actual day or am I just plain stupid .
Imogen Haselhurst
'Imogen Haselhurst' 2 weeks ago
Also if rose had stayed on the life boat earlier jack could of had that wood to him self
'MusicBlastingPsycho' 2 weeks ago
This is so dumb, even if it was real Jack tried to get on. He choose not to after seeing it wont work
crazy wolff
'crazy wolff' 2 weeks ago
So Fetch
'So Fetch' 2 weeks ago
yall are much fatter than them
Happyhorse Girl
'Happyhorse Girl' 2 weeks ago
So y'all r telling my great great grandfather died for nothing?
Carols Da Vids
'Carols Da Vids' 2 weeks ago
Heh the one guy who said “Rose you selfish #@$%!”
'DJ SAL' 2 weeks ago
it depends on the weight
Cathy Dees
'Cathy Dees' 2 weeks ago
Well they were in like 1 degree water so would the have enough time to kill to tie the life jackets on
Jon Bon
'Jon Bon' 2 weeks ago
Selfish bitch
'itsjustkala' 2 weeks ago
See the bitch killed him
'fantasyfiction101' 2 weeks ago
They should redo this with two people around the same weight as the characters, a door exactly like the one in the movie, and freezing cold water. Do it properly myth busters lol.
Vamyca Lab
'Vamyca Lab' 2 weeks ago
'ChimChim' 2 weeks ago
For people without common sense, Jack and Rose's weight could've flipped the door because of bouyance AND if you're thinking that Jack could've went up to the door with Rose and tried to balance their weight, They couldnt have cause like they say, The Coldness of the Water is like a thousand knives, If you were there you wouldn't have the strength.
Madeleine Wilson-Witte
Rose was a bitch in that movie she said she would not let go of him and she ended up letting him go 😤😢
Lexi Johnson
'Lexi Johnson' 2 weeks ago
well he would could have still died IT WAS SO COLD
Ja Creatiions
'Ja Creatiions' 2 weeks ago
Jack would’ve survived if rose scored over
Me Stessa
'Me Stessa' 2 weeks ago
Your Rose is so beautiful...
Maria Rodriguez
'Maria Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
I don't think they were thinking about the life jacket... but maybe they could have taken turns? 😂
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