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A "Titanic" Myth: Would Jack Have Survived if Rose Had Shared the Door? -
Published: 10 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 10 months ago

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Adam and Jamie get into character and figure out whether the buoyancy of a wooden board would allow for both Jack and Rose to survive the frigid North Atlantic in "Titanic."

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Estefania Gomez
'Estefania Gomez' 6 hours ago
I knew he could live
Trung Cao nhat
'Trung Cao nhat' 9 hours ago
Rose can t share jack is a good man if rose doesn't jump off the ship the have been well jack on the log and they both live
Kookie Llama
'Kookie Llama' 14 hours ago
It was freezing af and he couldn't move that much i think idk
GGGamer 17
'GGGamer 17' 1 day ago
It doesn't matter how they fit on the door. It matters how much they way or how they balance. Jack and Rose could've just been secretly really fat or have no balance at all.
Eric Gracie
'Eric Gracie' 1 day ago
It's lame that Jack didn't just share the wood. So lame. Forever.
Samuel Mason
'Samuel Mason' 1 day ago
annnd jack is 24. hed prob hop on her back and start makin some real goddamn heat. Myth- AND NUT BUSTED!
Chen Weizhi
'Chen Weizhi' 2 days ago
Then how Rose get on to the door? The door will overturn!
Mahesh Reddy
'Mahesh Reddy' 3 days ago
Why dont you try this at Atlantic?
Liam Anderson
'Liam Anderson' 3 days ago
Jake and Rose were fake in the movie
Darkdestroyer 123
'Darkdestroyer 123' 4 days ago
DID YOU KNOW?? The titanic when they were in the sea it was filmed in a warm swimming pool
Peter Smythe
'Peter Smythe' 4 days ago
(0:13) Very cool that you guys got the director on the show as well. I think that is really cool, and kudos to James Cameron for going on the show.
Max Westphal
'Max Westphal' 5 days ago
no jack could not have survived because without a sad ending the movie wouldn't be as dramatic
Banana Nation
'Banana Nation' 5 days ago
One Conclusion: Jack is an idiot and Rose is a selfish asshole.
Tyree Tsar Ryckman Hall
Seance :') 12:08
Au Chanel. Fantastique!
Fuck. You. Rose.
petrit draga
'petrit draga' 6 days ago
He realized she was pregnant
Ronald James
'Ronald James' 7 days ago
if i was going on any ship i bring a dingy with me and a lot of blankets SURVIVOR
william zarza
'william zarza' 1 week ago
Its actually the 4rth highest grossing movie
'SuperZmby' 1 week ago
You people do realize ROSE and JACK are real people and ROSE is ALIVE still
Dog_lovergirl Slime_sqishies&more
Zakk Kaye
'Zakk Kaye' 1 week ago
Don't do this to me 😢
The Creed
'The Creed' 1 week ago
Well who could think that in freezing cold waters
'FORKinFISH' 1 week ago
The matriarch killed Jack
'garganrose' 1 week ago
Wasn’t the door in titanic much bigger than the door these guys are using?
good day
'good day' 1 week ago
“Jack didn’t have to die!” Well so did 1500 others! Had Jack not died, I think the audience wouldn’t have connected to the tragedy and loss as well as if he had survived, because we come to know and lose him, rather than just a person you see and lose. Great job mythbusters though!
'E R' 1 week ago
Nah. Jack would’ve made it if Rose had stayed on the damn life boat to begin with! Kid was a survivor on his own, and his chances would’ve been greater had he been watching his back and not both of theirs.
Nick Duet
'Nick Duet' 1 week ago
Yeah, Jack could've tied a lifejacket under, but the water was also freezing cold. It would kill you in a matter of minutes, especially if you were thrashing around in cold water like most of the passengers were.
'ilikedogs' 1 week ago
jack could have also got on another large object floating around them
j m
'j m' 1 week ago
Well how can rose take her life jacket off and go into the water and be like “hey wait here I’m just going to risk my life to do this crap in the 0 degrees - water and freaking die” like the myth busters are just stupid
'AITOR' 2 weeks ago
There was space for 2
Sir. Quips
'Sir. Quips' 2 weeks ago
well the jack and rose are not that smart people
'BUFFFOX X' 2 weeks ago
Titanic wouldn't have been the same if jack lived they needed a sad ending to the film and there was a person on board with the name j. Dawson
'Miscellaneous' 2 weeks ago
Jack was written in the script to die. Maybe they should've made the door smaller so people wouldn't go around making up theories
Ravens older Sister
'Ravens older Sister' 2 weeks ago
It would be possible that they did it but it would tip
Roy Ong
'Roy Ong' 2 weeks ago
Let me tell you something ITS JUST A F*$KING MOVIE!!!!
Little Teller
'Little Teller' 2 weeks ago
look at how tiny the door they used compare to the massive one in the movie. they both survived with a tiny door
taa taa
'taa taa' 2 weeks ago
Can the density of cold water make the plank float a bit higher than density of hot water
'wikiwikiwee' 2 weeks ago
Jack would have lived if rose hadden't jumped off of the god damn life boat
'HappyHateDay' 2 weeks ago
Bruce Lee
'Bruce Lee' 2 weeks ago
If she loved him she woulda said u get on
Abu Tauhid
'Abu Tauhid' 2 weeks ago
They both were very tired and freezing in cold. They have no energy. Their body was completely freezing.
Anjan Shakya
'Anjan Shakya' 2 weeks ago
they had the most shocking incident of their life due to which thier mind was completely not working. just a thought
Xtd Gaming
'Xtd Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Jack you dumbass
'RobloxSniper' 2 weeks ago
'Dnightshade100' 2 weeks ago
truth be told, the idea that jack could had fit on the door is plausible, and I totally agree that he could have lived. but unfortunately, jack's fate isn't up to a piece of wood, its up to the writer. James Camron wrote the story as how he envisioned it. and apparently he wanted to write a "tragic love story". after all, it all takes place on a tragic ship. honestly, I think he debated whether or not to kill off jack in the story as he was writing it. he repeatedly put jack in life threatening situations were he could die but decided it wasn't the right time. he wanted jack's death to be as sad and tragic as possible, wanting the audience to fall in love with the character so the impact of his death would effect the audience on a deep level. the titanic was a tragic accident that took many lives, I believe James Camron was trying to show just how real and heart breaking the event was.               so "could jack have fit on he door"? yes "could he have survived"? yes. but its not how James Camron wanted to write his story.                   I don't like that jack died, but its not up to me or anyone else. does it make James Camron a bad person for it? NO. death happens, in real life and in stories, but think about it, if no one ever died in a story, it wouldn't be much of a story, it would make it too predictable and no one would be worried that the character might die. unsuspected and tragic deaths add in surprising plot twists that the audience won't expect. that's my view on this debate.
Saale Maripuu
'Saale Maripuu' 2 weeks ago
Jack and Rose are fake there was actually no Jack or Rose idiots
Jia Jia Chen
'Jia Jia Chen' 2 weeks ago
What about the waves of the ocean?
rawat2 Aj
'rawat2 Aj' 2 weeks ago
If Rose Stayed In The Boat Jack Would Find The Wood Thing An Stay Alive An She Would Meet Him The Next Day. WAY TO GO ROSE!
Nathalie Alowou
'Nathalie Alowou' 2 weeks ago
If you were about to freeze to death and sink to the bottom of the ocean and you're so cold all you can do is shake would you think to put your life vests under a door to you and your friend can live in situations like that I can barely breath let alone build a floating device
Also why did jack not let rose stay on the board and use the life jacket himself. Even that would’ve been better than nothing
Copyright Free music
All she bloody had to do was move up...
Unicorn lover 21
'Unicorn lover 21' 2 weeks ago
Jacks the one who said you have the door
Tyler Kaylor
'Tyler Kaylor' 2 weeks ago
Lolol jack quit life he's like nah I'm good
Hao Nguyen
'Hao Nguyen' 2 weeks ago
Giselle Lima
'Giselle Lima' 3 weeks ago
But I don't think she had this in mind all she had in mind was that they were gonna die here and never see their family and everything hits u!!
Elite TV
'Elite TV' 3 weeks ago
Rose: *Ill never let go jack...*   *few minutes later* Rose: *there is a boat and you are dead so TOODLES!*
Ili loly
'Ili loly' 3 weeks ago
You bitch rose lmao
Joseph James
'Joseph James' 3 weeks ago
Well the crew of the ship was selfish because they didn't even come back with their lifeboats to save the other people, only one did.
'ロッド眞境名' 3 weeks ago
Rose is a bit pudgy in the reenactment
'Mary' 3 weeks ago
Funny thing is, they did a survey a couple of years ago, and just over 70% of men said they would fight a woman for a seat in the lifeboat if the Titanic happened today.  LOL!
David Schlessinger
'David Schlessinger' 3 weeks ago
Jack didn't deserve to live...while Rose gets the only chance to survive? Bullshit. The sheer fact that Rose wasn't willing to 'take turns' on the plank shows you how little she cared. MGTOW!
'ROBLOX GAMER' 3 weeks ago
Rip jack 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jeal berry
'Jeal berry' 3 weeks ago
If Rose Stayed In The Lifeboat,Jack Could've Used The Door
'ymarrero23' 3 weeks ago
Number one it's a movie, number two it's what a man is supposed to do sacrifice his life for the woman he loves. Her life was no more or less than his. He choose to give his life for hers. I just wish more ppl understood this.
Bugnos Liwanag
'Bugnos Liwanag' 3 weeks ago
Hahaha yeah
Khevyn Reimer Knitchel V. Aguda
😑 women..
'CLASH WITH KAPIL' 3 weeks ago
dumn fucks ur mind doesn't work at -10° when u have survived such a big disaster...
Raoul Duke
'Raoul Duke' 3 weeks ago
That bitch lol
The Castle Gamers
'The Castle Gamers' 3 weeks ago
But no one considers the mental health of jack and rose, you’d expect a unsinkable ship and when it’s pitch black, freezing cold, and your about to sink, can you really keep so calm and think about have to take off your life vest and attack it to the door with a 4 minute max while rose is on it, honestly people, be more logical
'MistyChu' 3 weeks ago
rose you selfish fuck
M & G
'M & G' 3 weeks ago
Itisyour Friendben
'Itisyour Friendben' 3 weeks ago
But,jack couldn't touch the ground sooooooo....
'supanudulz' 3 weeks ago
Also jack could of found a different piece of door
'supanudulz' 3 weeks ago
Like I get they were freezing but rose didn't want to encourage jack to live AND I thought rose loved jack but she waited for him to just simply die
'supanudulz' 3 weeks ago
And jack killed himself because there was space for him on the door but no he had to be dumb
'supanudulz' 3 weeks ago
Rose was being mean to jack because if rose didn't jump off the life boat jack would survive
123sing Msp
'123sing Msp' 3 weeks ago
i saw the script and producers saying, he had to die either way they just should of chosen a smaller piece to use
John De Leon
'John De Leon' 3 weeks ago
As jack said before... "Water that cold, it hits you like a thousand knives stabbing you all over your body.. You can't breathe. You can't think. At least, not about anything but the pain...". That's why you could never think properly if your in the place of Jack in that night because of the cold.
I love Melanie Martenez
Lol all the hate comments is probably rose making fake accounts
I love Melanie Martenez
She was a selfish bitch. It's that simple.
Not Your Lawyer
'Not Your Lawyer' 3 weeks ago
oh did i hear heroine! i will be there
'ProJayGaming' 3 weeks ago
It's a movie, calm down.
Isaac Peter
'Isaac Peter' 3 weeks ago
Arseholes the climate and the situation they faced and physical and mental state they were and plus that guy jack really loved that rose so only he let her go
omg hey there
'omg hey there' 3 weeks ago
LOL Rose really was a selfish bitch..and this is coming from a feminist.
Amy Warnock
'Amy Warnock' 3 weeks ago
It wasn't a door 🚪 it was a whole wardrobe plus they are probably don't have the same weight
'HIGH STATUS' 3 weeks ago
Its was a movie it's fake FUCK off
Anand Kumar
'Anand Kumar' 4 weeks ago
Jack death wasn't needless.. He made the movie earn 2 billion dollars cuz damn that scene was emotional😢
'HelloItsBrooklyn' 4 weeks ago
mahieuke iscool
'mahieuke iscool' 4 weeks ago
Olivia Figa
'Olivia Figa' 4 weeks ago
they just wanted to makke titanic dramatic that's why they killed Jack
Kajun Means Seasoned Not Hot!
I'm sure this is easy in this body of water now go out to where the ship sank and try it
Ron Nabua
'Ron Nabua' 4 weeks ago
They both could had survived if rose did not jumped back on the ship after freeing jack
GB Gaming
'GB Gaming' 4 weeks ago
Just get onto a different pei e of debri
'Tyson_Boi253-YT' 4 weeks ago
They have floating thing tell you that what a myth is you telling stuff to us and the water jake and rose were in was so cold they could have died from that to so get you facts right dickhead
'Meh' 4 weeks ago
If Jack are trying to get on that piece of wood, chances are the pieces of wood will flip and they don't have enough time and not strong enough to climb on it again
John Tomoson
'John Tomoson' 4 weeks ago
Rose the bitch let him die
Chain Delluxe
'Chain Delluxe' 1 month ago
He died of Hypothermia
'ArenNerdy' 1 month ago
It's on the ocean means it's wavy and hard to get in
Jacky Claiborne
'Jacky Claiborne' 1 month ago
It wasn't a door, it was a piece of wall above the door to the first class lounge.  That part of the ship was forward of the breakup area.  It was probably torn from the wall by gushing water, and then came out when the ship broke in half.
Andrew Martin
'Andrew Martin' 1 month ago
Jack could live
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