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A "Titanic" Myth: Would Jack Have Survived if Rose Had Shared the Door? -
Published: 3 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 3 months ago

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Adam and Jamie get into character and figure out whether the buoyancy of a wooden board would allow for both Jack and Rose to survive the frigid North Atlantic in "Titanic."

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sophie m
'sophie m' 12 hours ago
'K9TheFirst1' 13 hours ago
Yeaahhhh..... But they both would have frozen to death, as without Jack's mass, Rose was clearly sitting with 0% of her body in the water, as opposed to the 20% Adam and Jamie had. nd even with that 0% immersion, rose was only JUST able to flounder to Officer Wilde's body to use his whistle. And that is WITH the life jacket on her, without it she wouldn't be able to manage even that much. I say confirmed.
John Slanina
'John Slanina' 23 hours ago
Thats a small door!
John Slanina
'John Slanina' 23 hours ago
Well the door whould start sinnking in water!PLUS THE MOVIE IS FAKE AND THE ONLY THE CAPTAIN AND OFFICERS ARE REAL!
winged wolf
'winged wolf' 23 hours ago
at that point who wouldn't fear the worst for his loved one 😒 and you know that real lovers risk every thing for there loved ones .
Sebastian Pelaez
'Sebastian Pelaez' 2 days ago
GUYS, just because the movie decided to use that kind of door doesn't mean it was actually that exact door in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dan Seabreeze
'Dan Seabreeze' 2 days ago
...aaat bitch Rose! : l
'Jesuspraiser31' 2 days ago
LOL!!!!! I can't believe almost 20 years later people still won't get over one piece of fiction in the Titanic movie! As the famous and annoying song goes: LET IT GO! LET IT GO! Lol!!!
abhi Bizo
'abhi Bizo' 2 days ago
but you forget... Jack was illiterate and Rose was dumb ....also both were teenagers .... and you are 40 year old science guys... there is no way they could have figured out how to use life jacket under the door. also you had 20 years to figure it out ... they only had minutes in freezing cold water ... u already loose half your brain function when you are freezing !!
Fabulous Levi
'Fabulous Levi' 2 days ago
This experiment is bullshit! In order to do this experiment correctly, you'd have to know Jack's *exact* weight and Rose's *exact* weight. You'd also have to know how big and wide the board/door was. Get you facts right before you do this crap!
Ryan Li
'Ryan Li' 3 days ago
Rose made 28 accounts to dislike this video
General x Productions
Or they could take turns
'Musicgirl708' 3 days ago
Such fools. The water was freaking freezing it was dark,they were freezing,do u really think they could have thought of putting the life jacket under? No. They could barely even move in the cold. How she even survived was a miracle on its own.
Sherry GT
'Sherry GT' 3 days ago
what do u mean by same door?
'ATOMIC 08' 3 days ago
Epic foolish :V
'sealover' 3 days ago
That was one ugly Rose!  I expected Kari to be Rose.
David C
'David C' 4 days ago
Try doing this simulation in thin clothing...water temp at 28F.
Bruno Machado
'Bruno Machado' 4 days ago
since jack and rose, the weight combined maybe is around 120 and this two guys combined is like 150, and they could be in the surface so yea, jack could be saved easily
Broderick Walters
'Broderick Walters' 4 days ago
What about the weight
Samuel Rosenberg
'Samuel Rosenberg' 6 days ago
Those who assert that Jack could have shared the door with Rose overlook that doing so ruins the premise of the story which is that Rose lived for another 80 years without him.  Rose sells the diamond, settles in suburbia with Jack who makes a living selling charcoal sketches of Rose in the nude for ten cents each (adjusted for inflation over the decades) and pumps out three kids is a completely different story.  The essence of good fiction is willing suspension of disbelief.
Jessie Girls
'Jessie Girls' 7 days ago
and all she did look at him die come on selfish woman😯😯😯😯😃🙉🙉🙉
Jessie Girls
'Jessie Girls' 7 days ago
yes she was been selfish😂🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉
Stephanie Knobel
'Stephanie Knobel' 1 week ago
well, you got to think about how cold it was. Would you have been able to think straight in that kind of situation?
'TITANIC IS COOL!' 1 week ago
Well, they didn't have string and they basically tired that and it failed. And its better they killed Jack because then people wouldn't have gotten the idea of how sad it was and they just would have said, Well, they both lived, so its a happy movie! And that's not what they wanted.
Everyday Kathlena
'Everyday Kathlena' 1 week ago
Thank you myth busters lol
Justine Pavlovich
'Justine Pavlovich' 1 week ago
The lifejacket probably helped her not bleed off as much body heat aswell.
Edd Denby
'Edd Denby' 1 week ago
bearing in mind they were frozen there mind wouldn't be working that well. try watching Richard Hammond in the freezer challenge with the cheap car he said he found it impossible to do a simple mock exam. the panic would affect the logic
'FortuneSmeller' 2 weeks ago
these are big burly men. rose and jack had far more frail builds. that board not only could have supported them, but it could have carried them to safety.
'Merlin7L' 2 weeks ago
Have a feeling this is the plot to Titanic 2: Jack's Revenge
Shoaib Zama
'Shoaib Zama' 2 weeks ago
'Lawlzinator' 2 weeks ago
She went slumming, had her fuckboy and wanted to move on with a clean slate. Simple.
J Bro
'J Bro' 2 weeks ago
These guys have way too much time on their hands.
JanettePerez Cat11
'JanettePerez Cat11' 2 weeks ago
Titanic is just a movie! I mean I love the movie, but it's not real people! The people that helped make the movie and stuff tried their best, it's not their fault that the board/door looked like it was big enough for Jack and Rose, so please get over it.
ActsFor days
'ActsFor days' 2 weeks ago
Daniel Ueblacker
'Daniel Ueblacker' 2 weeks ago
If Rose wasn't fat, Jack would be with us................ just kidding. This video was a wonderful idea, brings a smile.
Isaac Wale
'Isaac Wale' 2 weeks ago
There were more than one movie
Maria Gutierrez
'Maria Gutierrez' 2 weeks ago
Jack is still a live and rose is dead
'SomethingArtistic' 2 weeks ago
Is it a coincidence that the ad before the video was for a cruise line?
OregonRoman 15
'OregonRoman 15' 2 weeks ago
Saz Cake
'Saz Cake' 2 weeks ago
yeah but they were freezing cold and soaking meaning they were very heavy , would they have the engery to do all of that ?
'Shay45' 2 weeks ago
That door they used here was smaller than the one in the movie
'Kayoss13212' 3 weeks ago
Lol. But what I'm wondering is, how was Jack and Rose suppose to know that? Haha James Cameron's defense should've be that this took place in 1912, Jack and Rose both probably didn't know to do that. Imo.
'Ouija1210' 3 weeks ago
its a movie... it's a film.... it needed this ending for the sake of dramatisation otherwise, it wouldn't have been as dramatic as one lover sacrificing for another.
'Sputz3' 3 weeks ago
His whistle even sounded like Roses.
'buffalo1d' 3 weeks ago
They should have opened the door and went inside to warm up.
Picachu Dude
'Picachu Dude' 3 weeks ago
You know why rose didnt share the frickin door because its scripted yah
Hansel Vedros
'Hansel Vedros' 1 month ago
Did they just have James Cameron in a short ass cameo? Did he say anything else during the actual episode?
Space Monkey
'Space Monkey' 1 month ago
Actually Jack faked his death because Rose is a natural bitch, he went to a boat, survived, and changed his name to Gatsby
'AutsajderRR' 1 month ago
To be honest in US movies there is a ton of much more ridiculous and against common sense scenes, like jumping and exploding cars every time they collide, fighting people which never get any bruises and other bulshit
Jasmine Aurisch
'Jasmine Aurisch' 1 month ago
No 1 he could of gotten afloat on another bord no 2 Rose could of shared her life Jacket with jack no 3 he could of jumped on with her he didn't have to die, i suppose they really wanted us to cry rhyme not intended😢
Karl Bersola
'Karl Bersola' 1 month ago
But did no one think that they were both freezing that causes tiredness, because it is hard to focus when you're in freezing waters, especially freezing water. They would have a hard time to build a life rat out of a painting or wood. Rose is not selfish, there is such things as a noble person. The length and width might have fit them both, but did you thought of the material of what rose was laying on, it may be a piece of canvas of a painting, but do you think it is capable to carry both of them if it was indeed, wood, did you think that they would have the effort to do what they need rather to do what they can?
Julia Kacala
'Julia Kacala' 2 months ago
But on the other hand, Jack wanted Rose to survive for him, so if he went onto the door that Rose lay on it would sink under their weight and they would lose heat quicker as the sea is extremly cold. So he didnt care about himself only Rose :)
'PBSmithy' 2 months ago
That's not the point anyway.    Somebody would have been able to use the door if she hadn't left her lifeboat and jumped back on the ship.
Din Cosic
'Din Cosic' 2 months ago
I agree that there was space, but do you honestly think they would have come up with the idea to put the life jacket under the thing they were on. Plus even when Rose was fully out of the water she almost froze to death until the boat came. So if another 20 percent of the body was in the water well simply It makes thing more shitty. And also they would have to have a lot of attempts and by the time they got on the board they would both be dead!
Emmett L. Brown
'Emmett L. Brown' 2 months ago
Rose, you are one selfish pussy...
'Hackzilla_2' 2 months ago
Yo guys are a lot heavier and larger than jack and rose. It would be a lot easier
Dominic Cruz
'Dominic Cruz' 2 months ago
Life jacket, I would have never known!
Leah Shauna Wentworth
Get on it they kept on falling off it if they kept on try to get on it together but jack let rose on it cause he don't want to die and jack sulife he life to die for Rose he loves rose very much he would die for her they r in loves but lucky they found jack body in the water and keep he warm and then he came back alive and rose and jack kiss and then happy after ending u should see size of door it only fit 1 person that it jack dies well not dies and rose Alive she was missing jack till she find out he not dies and saw he on guard staries case they live happy each together
Leah Shauna Wentworth
It not rose fault they try to get on it together but they didn't
Tara Tutorials
'Tara Tutorials' 2 months ago
And also, if rose didn't get off the lifeboat, jack would've been on the price of debree, still be alive, and they would both be on the boat that saved them.
Itsnotrocketscience whq
Jack has everything worked out!
'OliBox' 2 months ago
Oh shit rly???? I am spook...
Sam Ba
'Sam Ba' 2 months ago
it was not a physics problem; Cameron needed it to sell the movie.
Sara Real
'Sara Real' 3 months ago
We are talking about a movie based off a true story, There was a rose and there was a Jack, and there was a piece of debris that saved roses life ( im unsure off whether or not she recently passed away but she was alive for the filming of the movie ) But nobody really knows how large the debris was in real life, Jack Dawson passed away either way.
If the pilot of the Titanic had hit the Iceberg straight on, like he was supposed to, instead of trying to miss it, they all would have lived. Hindsight is 20-20.
Great Wolf
'Great Wolf' 3 months ago
Jack is stupid
irfan sha
'irfan sha' 3 months ago
jack could have simply found another door or something to hang on.. there is no necessity to die. hehe
Cryptic 90
'Cryptic 90' 3 months ago
but no one knows how big the board really is in real could have been only big enough for your chest.
allen luangrath
'allen luangrath' 3 months ago
you know if everybody that died broke of a door, they wouldn't be dead. but no they wanted to run around like chickens with their heads chopped off.
eddy chen
'eddy chen' 3 months ago
I'll take it as a "Yes"
'Batou' 3 months ago
Jack was a dumb ass.
Cry Whit
'Cry Whit' 3 months ago
Now if we can just figure out a way to keep people in Syria from needlessly dying...
Foreign Film Fanatic
'Foreign Film Fanatic' 3 months ago
Why didn't they just take turns?
jack anderson
'jack anderson' 3 months ago
Rose you selfish #@$%!
'GreenNastyRabbit' 3 months ago
Yeah but in icy cold water... you don't have the same mobility.
pashwa shah
'pashwa shah' 3 months ago
Told you so
Prince Mononoke
'Prince Mononoke' 3 months ago
Omg, who the fuck cares! Enough with the titanic bullshit already. It's not interesting.
Kaytie Buckhalt
'Kaytie Buckhalt' 3 months ago
Everyones death was needless. *sad face
'Noyle' 3 months ago
Granted I doubt Jack even had the basic knowledge of physics so...
Jack D
'Jack D' 3 months ago
Damn Rose, I knew you killed me.
just me
'just me' 3 months ago
at that time i just think that they just were stupid !!!!!
'Ketcchup' 3 months ago
now add freezing water
Hank Hill
'Hank Hill' 3 months ago
Damn rose got overweight
'Allen' 3 months ago
Just like the movie Sully, u have bunch of "experts" telling the pilot he made an error and run perfect computer simulations. But you have to take into account of the crisis situation and what they went through before hand, I think Jack did everything he could in that situation bcus he definitely wanted to live. A lot of deaths is avoidable but u always need to take into account of the surroundings.
Razeus Trander
'Razeus Trander' 3 months ago
WHAT JACK DIES!!!!! Guys you have spoiled the movie for me!!!!!!!
mad kobra
'mad kobra' 3 months ago
jack was a cuck
Luis Vega
'Luis Vega' 3 months ago
for all you feminazi out there.
Get Crafty Crafty
'Get Crafty Crafty' 3 months ago
If only they were more crafty about this, Jack would have lived.
Austin Craft
'Austin Craft' 3 months ago
Yeah but when your literally freezing to death you don't have the control of your body or ability to think enough to figure out how to perfectly balance on a door and position a lift jacket under it. Just saying a huge variable was not considered in this experiment.
'dankwrasslin' 3 months ago
i sort of feel like jack's junk would be frozen and dead by the time they got rescued
'EpicGoatman' 3 months ago
"Jacks death was Memeless"
Brad Jeffrey
'Brad Jeffrey' 3 months ago
i foresee a sequel where the board sinks after hitting an ice cube.
anna oikonomou
'anna oikonomou' 3 months ago
Michelle B
'Michelle B' 3 months ago
Y'a but don't forget this was not on a quiéet lake, but at sea.
Wazeerah Rohomutally
'Wazeerah Rohomutally' 3 months ago
I was watching the movie when this turned on my notifications holy shit
joshua 6 E
'joshua 6 E' 3 months ago
the movie is fake. how tf would they know what happen during the crash. please inform me on the Titanic ik I sound like I'm lacking knwledge
Peter J
'Peter J' 3 months ago
Rose is the one of dislike this test
Bryce Golden
'Bryce Golden' 3 months ago
Magi Algarin
'Magi Algarin' 3 months ago
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