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A "Titanic" Myth: Would Jack Have Survived if Rose Had Shared the Door? -
Published: 1 year ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

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Adam and Jamie get into character and figure out whether the buoyancy of a wooden board would allow for both Jack and Rose to survive the frigid North Atlantic in "Titanic."

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Cat ghost Warrior
'Cat ghost Warrior' 13 hours ago
If rose stayed on the boat they both would have lived
roblox gril Unicorn
They could not thing like jack said so yeah lol
'ThatGirlPiggy' 1 day ago
Overall I just learned that Rose was too fat to share the door
King Twatsu Fagneel I
Leonardo DiCaprio character's possibilities to survive were... "Jackshit"
Merle Morrison
'Merle Morrison' 2 days ago
being 80% out of the water wasn't good enough - death from hypothermia would have just taken a few minutes longer
'krayzeejojo' 3 days ago
Joke’s on Rose. If Jack climbed-on and survived he would’ve killed himself sometime after they married. Smart man for figuring it out 100 years ahead. RIP.
Aspired Gods
'Aspired Gods' 3 days ago
Whether the water is cold as vanilla ice or hot as the pits of hell. If they both shared the plank they BOTH would have survived. It's not even a debate
Stan Lehmann
'Stan Lehmann' 3 days ago
Daaaaaaaaamn, Jack could be alive:(((((((((((( stupid, stupid they were both that killed Jack in the end....
'kpopoween' 3 days ago
When I was watching the movie . SHARE THE DOOR ( or whatever the piece are ) SHARE THE THING .
sports r us all star
He could have but the water was and is very cold so he would have been to weak to get on since the water was so cold
'elainexoxo' 4 days ago
yes, they could have. but after being in such situation where you witness the ship that will never sink, SINK and you have 0 idea where your family is and all that and the water is freezing in the AtLantic ocean, i bet you wouldn't even be able to think about that in such panic situations
'74Rockhard' 4 days ago
the other thing is they were young and light weight people. they didn't weigh as much as Jamie and Adam are a lot heaver plus all the gear they are wearing.
Marthin Nielsen
'Marthin Nielsen' 5 days ago
Fucking bitch let him die.
jenzy o
'jenzy o' 5 days ago
People don't understand, yeah they both might fit, but it's freezing cold out there. They were probably panicking. When Jack couldn't support himself the first time, he probably didn't want to try again because he can't think properly. When you're in distress, it's kinda hard to think for a solution. It's easy for you guys to comeup with solutions but with people around you dying, I don't think you would think about trying for other solutions. I just wished they had 2 doors for one of them.
JUN 999
'JUN 999' 5 days ago
It was 1912 and the Atlantic is freezing ice cold I don’t think you can think physically when your in freezing water. Plus Mythbusters is not in Atlantic Ocean. Rose should of went on the lifeboat and jack could of went on the doorframe. RIP Jack
Da Gator
'Da Gator' 6 days ago
They didn’t have time to try and tie that under it also how much warmer was it out of the water? Was it possible warmer in the water? I mean if it’s 3degrees Fahrenheit then the water has to be what 30 degrees Fahrenheit? I know 32 is freezing point but I thought saltwater get get a little colder without freezing
Kadisha Davis
'Kadisha Davis' 6 days ago
Leyton Hayes
'Leyton Hayes' 6 days ago
It wouldn’t hold them both because of friction
wendi smith
'wendi smith' 6 days ago
If you tried it at the end of Atlanta and I'll be freezing cold water and if the door went down you will be able to see the Titanic. Yay to see the TITANIC😁😊, sad for your death😭😭
'CairoTanGT' 6 days ago
what if the wood was too small to support both of them?
Shobhit Gosain
'Shobhit Gosain' 6 days ago
Jack was the soul of Titanic, ship died, he died. Watch the film again if you didn't feel that!
Just Looking
'Just Looking' 6 days ago
It's because Jack and Rose don't surf!!
Stephen Yoshida
'Stephen Yoshida' 6 days ago
I mean, I agree with the fact that jack didn’t have to die, but you guys also have to calculate the fact that they’re half frozen to death and that they just escaped a ship that could’ve killed them into the equation...
Ace Prado
'Ace Prado' 6 days ago
lol I think they filmed this scene in the Bay Area near Treasure Island? HAHA
Da snake 19
'Da snake 19' 7 days ago
4th highest (black panther and Star Wars passed
Caily Lynn
'Caily Lynn' 7 days ago
If only this has happened and jack could of lived😩 but I don’t think some people understand that jack and rose were not just in a movie. Yes they were actors but on the real titanic there was a real jack and rose. They found rose who survived as u can see in the movie. She was the one who told her own story of her and the boy she was in love with (as seen in the movie) and that’s how the movie ppl knew all this happened bc the real rose told them :(
Kyle Clark
'Kyle Clark' 7 days ago
Rose didn't want Jack to call the next day
raven reign
'raven reign' 1 week ago
CNN FakeNews
'CNN FakeNews' 1 week ago
Maybe rose should have let jack on and let him live!
'jason60chev' 1 week ago
The debris that Rose was on was larger than what Myth Busters is using
'jason60chev' 1 week ago
There's plenty of room for two, if they really wanted it. The film shows that the debris was overturning as Jack tried to get onto it, which is why he remained in the water. He should have tried to get on from the other side.
'MissPumpkin91' 1 week ago
its funny how people go blaming on Rose like "oh my gawd why yu so stupid ant dont just think for a moment" and they forget that she was a 17 year old rich girl in the middle of a sinking ship, cold, scared and tired...
samuel nawang
'samuel nawang' 1 week ago
Big Fan Of Science
'VichyGlitterGun' 1 week ago
He died because it was suppose to be a tragedy
Tim Goffin
'Tim Goffin' 1 week ago
There was enough room but it sunk when jack tried to hoo on so this vido was done for nothing
'cheetha123456' 1 week ago
'Abby' 1 week ago
Wait was that James Cameron (the Director)around 0:10??
'Slyness69' 1 week ago
I've fallen under icy water and was almost killed. You don't think calmly you panic, your muscles begin to seize up so can't grip onto objects properly. Run the test again in the same conditions as the people who died that night and you'll see how pathetic this 'test' really is. Jack and rose didn't have time to fuck around trying to balance the door because you really do have to get out of waters that cold fast.
Clare Aldridge
'Clare Aldridge' 1 week ago
No because they wighe different and that isn’t the same door and if u were in the Atlantic Ocean what would’ve u done exactly🙄
ayoub el khattouti
Spoiler alert!
ProRaptor playss Roblox
Well maybe if Rose went on the lifeboat and Jack would’ve found the door go on it, and then both would’ve survived and met each other on the rescue ship.
'qgmlwy' 1 week ago
But wasn't that part based on a real event. Didn't a REAL person die.
Thank you thank you thank you
'TheDennys21' 1 week ago
"The script says Jack dies, he has to die" - James Cameron Stop it people!
Sharee Ratten
'Sharee Ratten' 1 week ago
People need to remember that, in the Titanic sinking, everything that happened during and after was completely unexpected, and passengers left in the water had no clue or preparation on how to survive in freezing water. Hence, people tend to panic and make quick, random decisions. Let's say Jack wanted to share the door with Rose, but both panicked and it only *seemed* then that only one could fit. Jack and Rose may be fictional, but they were not written to be perfect - right now, they were just like every other person in the waters, so Jack made a quick decision to let Rose have the door.
Charles kiah
'Charles kiah' 1 week ago
It was cold ash wasn’t nobody thinking about doing that shit
'ebayerr' 1 week ago
Why does he sacrifice himself to keep her head above water?... *She's* wearing a life jacket ...not him.He should've climbed on the debris first and then pulled her up,she would've floated with that big life vest on.
Calvin Hobbes
'Calvin Hobbes' 1 week ago
Anyone who actually watched the movie knows they tried to both get on and it couldn't support both of them.
Sindy Batista
'Sindy Batista' 1 week ago
If only they were resourceful and not romantic
Plastic Fork
'Plastic Fork' 1 week ago
Rose is just fat
Nengris Ortiz
'Nengris Ortiz' 2 weeks ago
You guys are old and you are not heavy that's why and the wood you guy's are on is fater then the one rose and Jack was on ok and the water was cold ok
JustYou Pt
'JustYou Pt' 2 weeks ago
Its easy, when you are on panic, you dont think well, he save the person he love, for him that its the important, its like the film about the plain, if he know about the birds nothing of that would appen.
Samuel Tate
'Samuel Tate' 2 weeks ago
Nobody takes into consideration the fact and concept that Jack was completely selfless and only cared about Rose's survival at the time. He probably figured him trying to survive as well would be a hindrance to Rose's survival even if he was able to fit on the raft.
'Jenoodo' 2 weeks ago
they couldn't of gone in 'baby steps' because they were probably freezing to death
john doe
'john doe' 2 weeks ago
Also many people on Titanic could have survived by doing this. If they had used their heads instead of panicking, they would have broken off doors, and gathered mattresses and used them as rafts. Everyone on board could have survived if they did this actually.
Gold Pad Gamer
'Gold Pad Gamer' 2 weeks ago
Ye but they would be cold and traumatised they just lost family members
mj crewsneakers
'mj crewsneakers' 2 weeks ago
But what kind of ending would it be if jack did some macgyver type shii to live. I mean like cmon man
Kirby Brown
'Kirby Brown' 2 weeks ago
Rose should of just went onto the life boat instead of jumping back onto the titanic to see jack idk why she did it it pointless it's her fault jack died cus of her stupid choices
AT Gamerz
'AT Gamerz' 2 weeks ago
Was there only one door inside the ocean after the huge titanic sank....
Owne Barlow
'Owne Barlow' 2 weeks ago
She sacrificed jack for extra leg room
Juliana Rosales
'Juliana Rosales' 2 weeks ago
Yes, it can be possible but, it was at night time. There was cold water, they were freezing! And, well they couldn’t
Art Of Insanity
'Art Of Insanity' 2 weeks ago
i guess honor is not fitting for someone stupid lol
Skye Osuna
'Skye Osuna' 2 weeks ago
Rose is not Selfish
'gaae2000' 2 weeks ago
Rose was just too fat of a girl.
Kenzie Carson
'Kenzie Carson' 2 weeks ago
All Of You Die In Hell!!! Titanic Is Amazing Okay!!!
Kenzie Carson
'Kenzie Carson' 2 weeks ago
Gnome33 Fuck You!!!
Kenzie Carson
'Kenzie Carson' 2 weeks ago
Kidspoo Die In Hell MotherFucker!!!
Kenzie Carson
'Kenzie Carson' 2 weeks ago
Tiggeruiz Fuck You Bitch Die In Hell!!! Remember Rose Is Not Selfish Rose Loves Jack That's Why Rose Doesn't Ask Jack To Share Because If They Share They Both Died Bitch Did You Even Go To o School? They Will Died Both Cuz They Are Panicking And The Peace Of The Wood Will Crack And That Pic That's Just A Drawing Bitch Kk?
Kenzie Carson
'Kenzie Carson' 2 weeks ago
Rose Is Not Selfish!!! Jack And Rose Love Each Other So Jack Save Rose Because Jack Loves Rose BITCH WHO SAID THAT ROSE IS SELFISH!
'Da'Shanda Roberts' 2 weeks ago
This how it could have went. If Rose didn’t jump off the lifeboat and back onto the ship maybe Jack still finds that door after it’s over and has it all to himself. Having to save only his life and not two! Then that lifeboat comes back to search for any living survivors and Jack blows the whistle (just like Rose did) they find him and then they reunite back on that rescue ship all the survivors got on. (Then a BIG FIGHT breaks out between Cal and Jack and everybody’s like OH SHIT get him Jack! Rose like yeah that’s my man! Cal’s like square up with ya broke ass) Jk...🤣
Game KillerKOBK
'Game KillerKOBK' 2 weeks ago
I feel like Jack still would have died, I mean yeah you guys figured how a way he could of survived , but they were freezing. I don't know how long it took you guys to actually figure that way out in real time, but I'm sure if they went through that whole process, there chance of them both dying would go up. But this is just my opinion 💁
brian 2
'brian 2' 2 weeks ago
Well it depends cause it could have had holes
tianwei sun
'tianwei sun' 2 weeks ago
prince well
'prince well' 2 weeks ago
the title has me crying😭😄😄😄😄😄😄
Michael Green
'Michael Green' 2 weeks ago
ya right; wanna try that in -2 degree Celsius water and see how long you last??
Tim Young
'Tim Young' 2 weeks ago
Also if you're in water that cold (and if you honestly never have been) its hard to think about anything other than how cold you are.
twentysheds ___
'twentysheds ___' 2 weeks ago
Do waves not exist? This is the kind of shit that stopped me watching MythBusters.
The Bipolar Bear
'The Bipolar Bear' 2 weeks ago
The doors on the TITANIC were made from MAHOGANY, not a bedroom door like in this video. MAHOGANY is one of the most DENSE HARDWOODS. The door would have been lucky to float by ITSELF. The "myth Busters" don't EVER account for manipulative VARIABLES. (Also, HOW did a solid mahogany DOOR WITH STEEL HINGES, just happen to rip off, even with the structural failure of the ship? And, why didn't SHE float on the door, and give HIM the fuckin LIFE JACKET. Selfish slut.
001 002
'001 002' 3 weeks ago
Fuck rose
Julia Swan
'Julia Swan' 3 weeks ago
It isnt about "omg jack shouldve survived" on the OG titanic it didnt exist Jack and Rose. If Jack lived too people wouldve focus on the couple and their happy ending and didnt gave a single fuck about the 1500+ people that lost their lives that night. Jack's death was for us exactly what the families felt the next day when they found out about the accideng.
Sarah Perkins
'Sarah Perkins' 3 weeks ago
After witnessing one of the worst catastrophes, falling into below freezing cold water, surrounded by the dead bodies of men, women, and children, some of which were still alive and shrieking for help, floating in a dark ocean in the middle of the night, is when people make the *best* decisions.
Chase Hull
'Chase Hull' 3 weeks ago
He’s a little bigger than rose but I’ll take it
'punkstarbear' 3 weeks ago
Everyone says if rose had stayed in the boat, Jack could have had the door. But remember Jack wasn't wearing a life vest and he's a guy, so that's 2 major reasons why you would die of hypothermia faster. Women survive freezing much better than men. Being on the door might not have made much difference. Then again the whole thing is flawed, because what about all the other debris? I'm sure Jack could have grabbed one of the many floating chairs, flotsam, etc. It wasn't like that was the one and only plank. But the point was, you can forgive anyone not thinking straight in that situation, but you can't forgive the idiots who didn't plan enough fucking lifeboats in the first place.
Yolanda Sanchez
'Yolanda Sanchez' 3 weeks ago
It really doesnt matter, its just a movie...
Cheyenne Klein
'Cheyenne Klein' 3 weeks ago
cupcake gamer99
'cupcake gamer99' 3 weeks ago
Well shit jack didn't have to die
Miroslava Rangel
'Miroslava Rangel' 3 weeks ago
Rose did share the door but they were hevy
'MARH' 3 weeks ago
"Rose you selfish #@$%!"
X Papparooni X
'X Papparooni X' 3 weeks ago
Honestly this makes me so mad and I haven’t even watched the whole titanic
getting wiser
'getting wiser' 3 weeks ago
Around 1000 tons ship sank. ..and he couldn't find another piece of wood.... "Rose you stay here...I'll go and check around for another random piece of least let me try."
Neutral Neutral
'Neutral Neutral' 3 weeks ago
I mean if you wanted to kill Jack so bad then how about a death that's actually reasonable
Nikolas Chalaris
'Nikolas Chalaris' 3 weeks ago
if rose had just stayed in the freking life boat jack would have survived
'divulle' 3 weeks ago
omg i have to pee soooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Justin -
'Justin -' 3 weeks ago
Jake and rose are lighter .... i think
'terbokli' 3 weeks ago
This was super fucked up to do... rose is still alive or was alive at the time ..but all the same, showing an old lady depressed she lost the man she loved that she could have saved him.. thats really fucked up
Amanda Chapone
'Amanda Chapone' 3 weeks ago
This inspired me to make an alternate ending! You should watch it
Steven Turner
'Steven Turner' 3 weeks ago
Jack would have survived, but then Rose would have gotten knocked up and Jack would disappear, probably taking that diamond with him. Rose would Then get disowned by her shallow family and have to raise her child alone on the streets- possibly turning to prostitution. Her mother would get socially rejected and end up in a psychiatric ward, and Cal would laugh all the way to the bank smiling at how he dodged disaster both on the Titanic and by not marrying a woman who runs off with the first exciting bad boy she meets. That is not romantic, so stay in the freezing water pretty boy.
Freyja Richardson
'Freyja Richardson' 3 weeks ago
Ok I know it is sad but it is just a movie. Hollywood made jack die so they would earn more money. Let’s focus more on the actual titanic ...
'theWrongShotGun' 3 weeks ago
Well why couldn't rose and Jack switch turns to be on top of the door and let Rose be in the water at some point so neither could freeze to death?
alan casing
'alan casing' 3 weeks ago
they dont know what to do
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