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Priya Varrier: The actress whose wink stopped India - BBC News -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 2 weeks ago

2, 634, 320 views

20, 856 Likes   9, 208 Dislikes

The BBC speaks to Indian actress Priya Prakash Varrier, whose wink went viral after a promo of her debut film was released last month.

Video by Pratiksha Ghildial and Varun Nayar.

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Desi Guy
'Desi Guy' 22 minutes ago
what is so special about her ? she is averge girl so i dont get any hype about her ..stupid people
Prashant Kumar Haldar
BBC high on weed !!
Kumar Chandraketu
'Kumar Chandraketu' 2 hours ago
Samarjit SInha
'Samarjit SInha' 6 hours ago
Seriously ! ?
Alex Scholtes
'Alex Scholtes' 6 hours ago
King Khusru khan
'King Khusru khan' 7 hours ago
Donald Trump
'Donald Trump' 7 hours ago
i will fuck her right in the pussy, and she wink for me...
Priyanka Nair
'Priyanka Nair' 7 hours ago
They are with beautiful face and smile not just a wink can make them famous kissi amer baap ki beti he islye macha re he warna koi ise horro flims me bhi nahe leta
Priyanka Nair
'Priyanka Nair' 7 hours ago
Making herr famous i just don't understand just for a wink do u know that there so much so many talented actress in mumbai strugling from so many years
Priyanka Nair
'Priyanka Nair' 7 hours ago
Just see her face so ugly so. Pimples even make up could nt hide her pimples just imagine how she will look with out make you ur
Shivam Tiwari
'Shivam Tiwari' 8 hours ago
The BBC equivalent to the "Bath Tub reportings" of Indian news channnels
IMA Bull
'IMA Bull' 9 hours ago
white woman only want BBC!
A Hameed khichi
'A Hameed khichi' 9 hours ago
Clueless Streamer
'Clueless Streamer' 9 hours ago
The wink that stopped India from thinking productive and made them to trend this 👀😪😑
'everpurple' 10 hours ago
great Priya! congrats!
Akshata Sawant
'Akshata Sawant' 10 hours ago
Priya ko bolo pahle miss world otherwise miss India bne our baad main Bollywood main aaye
Sheryl Shaikh
'Sheryl Shaikh' 11 hours ago
Wat bout the guy...he was better
nidhin vinod
'nidhin vinod' 11 hours ago
Indians are giving too much importance to movies we need to invest time in science and business
Umar Kafeel
'Umar Kafeel' 11 hours ago
itni gandi shakl ha Priya ki thooo
Aniket Bsws
'Aniket Bsws' 12 hours ago
sdcard ak
'sdcard ak' 12 hours ago
What the fuck....CHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii CHiiiiiiiiii Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Sandeep kumar
'Sandeep kumar' 13 hours ago
look like lol India media such lol
Roko Vocada
'Roko Vocada' 14 hours ago
Abdus Samad Khan
'Abdus Samad Khan' 14 hours ago
Only the scene is cute. Not her
Akshata Sawant
'Akshata Sawant' 14 hours ago
I hate Priya
'Razer' 14 hours ago
Damn it. It's like you cant do shit without offending the Muslims. You slice bread, drop a coin, doesn't matter. It offends them somehow.
'OG DOLLAR' 14 hours ago
Why the fuck
Pradeep singh
'Pradeep singh' 14 hours ago
I just came to dislike this video
Lungnyi Konyak
'Lungnyi Konyak' 15 hours ago
Everybody is on steroids...🤣
MS Khan
'MS Khan' 15 hours ago
sad thing is its all hype created to hide the lies and satanic agenda and human killings by world powers.. they control social hacking your minds
Azmeri Liza
'Azmeri Liza' 15 hours ago
Wtf?!?! BBC?? really
Bhojwood Bhojpuri movie
malllluuuuuuuus are lusty.....
robert vadra
'robert vadra' 16 hours ago
She looks ugly in this video
javaria mughal
'javaria mughal' 16 hours ago
BBC is as rubbish as this news is
Abhi cm
'Abhi cm' 18 hours ago
That boy also acted good... Her wink was good and that boy reaction was also good
Mustaque Nadaf
'Mustaque Nadaf' 20 hours ago
Kuch matlab ki baat dikhao boss... Bewajah kuch bhi
Shefiq Muhammed
'Shefiq Muhammed' 20 hours ago
Priya 😍👍
Thaya jemi
'Thaya jemi' 21 hours ago
BBC LA vanthutu inimail priya ku yenna vennum priya kalakunga
Sainu Sanu
'Sainu Sanu' 22 hours ago
Super priya prakash
Aahil Khan
'Aahil Khan' 22 hours ago
Priya x chaiwala needs to drop asap
'johowe7771' 23 hours ago
The subtitles are like “this is basically what she’s saying”. Lol we understand her and apparently better than the subtitle person
Max Dodge
'Max Dodge' 24 hours ago
Kitni buri thut h iski 😯😯
Muhsin Jega
'Muhsin Jega' 24 hours ago
Song name pls?
/ K
'/ K' 1 day ago
This is so stupid, over a wink
Samson Jaggernauth
Peope starving...dying and living in poverty and this is the news bbc reporting.....GREAT JOB GUYS.
POPOLOCROI7208 infidel
she wants to get fcked
raman ishwar raman
we are living in the age of nonsense.people are dying of hunger,youth have no jobs and the bloody media is talking about some wink.good job
Aniket Sharma
'Aniket Sharma' 1 day ago
The boy is cuter than the girl.❤
Aniket Sharma
'Aniket Sharma' 1 day ago
The boy was so cute!😅😍 Damn it.
ishant guleria
'ishant guleria' 1 day ago
Muslims has problem in everything but when hindu react they tell us we are overreacting irony :p .
'badinfluence1985' 1 day ago
A wink stops India. Mass Immigration and ISLAM stops Europe.
shiv bhardwaj
'shiv bhardwaj' 1 day ago
luuke luketer
'luuke luketer' 1 day ago
It didn't stop India........stupid header.........
L Haokip
'L Haokip' 1 day ago
Level of stupidity
ASHA,Lamichhane GRG Lamjung
I made my own video over the hundred,for famous ! but this sis how came fast than me,but result only my time and money was spent.. I'm crying
abdullah mohammad kawser
larke ato hot keo codta mon cai
abdullah mohammad kawser
baby hot
Nizam Khader
'Nizam Khader' 2 days ago
WTF... Why this shit always famous
Asif Siddiqui
'Asif Siddiqui' 2 days ago
Stupid cranky out of context Hiinglish.... (mockery of english).... just keep that crap in India....
Joel knight
'Joel knight' 2 days ago
Virtual Conqueror
'Virtual Conqueror' 2 days ago
What???This meme is given attention by BBC????
vishagal sam
'vishagal sam' 2 days ago
BBC waste ever news media
'DARSHANA S 2016' 2 days ago funny video plz view
anandhaanandhu krishna
Fahim Mac
'Fahim Mac' 2 days ago
Feeling like to die after watching her wink.....Sooooo nonsence...
ashish paul
'ashish paul' 2 days ago
Condo rock daughter
Bhruguraj Pradhan
'Bhruguraj Pradhan' 2 days ago
For the love of the lord... All these just coz of a wink
'MahhaGuru' 2 days ago
What made Priya Prakash Warrier so famous suddenly during Valentine week?
I got jimin
Just one thing to say -WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS!!!!!!
'IA IK' 2 days ago
BBC has lost it with cheap directionless news.
Dendub Hyolmo
'Dendub Hyolmo' 2 days ago
Haleem AH
'Haleem AH' 2 days ago
Muslims can get triggered by a bird poop if it has a couple of swirls. I am ashamed even i was part of the cult once.
Shivam Nyati
'Shivam Nyati' 2 days ago
Really BBC 😑
rehan khan
'rehan khan' 2 days ago
and all the earning must go to the makeup artist, no offence please
android games
'android games' 2 days ago
Indians are always horny
pashto Hd MIX songs
This facial wink is more like throwing shoes into shit.
Lang lebe israel
'Lang lebe israel' 2 days ago
I'm happy for her and all, but why exactly was this on the News?
মোঃ মাহবুবুর রহমান সাঈদী
even makeup couldn't hide spots from her face :P 😂😂
Sagnik Paul Choudhury
This is soo useless.
Abhishek patil
'Abhishek patil' 2 days ago
Anandhu Anandhu
'Anandhu Anandhu' 2 days ago
It's stunning
for blow job she is perfect..
Pooja Ajay
'Pooja Ajay' 2 days ago
I think other news is more imp than this . There is nothing wrong about this
valentina arlikatti
Good and excellent capabilities but ????
valentina arlikatti
Many young generation ll spoil their nature by fantasy wink ...might be she acted but reality show application ll be more on teens.already world is under lust .some tk positive and few ll be negative..only God can save
simon brahane
'simon brahane' 2 days ago
funny thing indians are the shittiest people on earth.we will never go back there how do they shit on the streets literally
'UPDATE WORLD' 2 days ago
fitness freaks india
She is a shit........girls like my comments
Yumee Grg
'Yumee Grg' 2 days ago
Her Wink ~-~
'H M WASIM' 2 days ago
Can I be one night stand with you
Rima Sharma
'Rima Sharma' 2 days ago
Lol lol lolll , BBC you high ?
Ajay Yadav
'Ajay Yadav' 2 days ago
I lost my 10 days orgasm control because of this video.
Feliz Grecious
'Feliz Grecious' 2 days ago
അതാണ്ട്രാ മലയാളി ...... See All THIS is malayaali..... JUst Call us MALLUs
Kong H.
'Kong H.' 2 days ago
The fck....
siyana siya
'siyana siya' 3 days ago
nthoru jaadayaa
Debavi Banerjee
'Debavi Banerjee' 3 days ago
This is because The Indian youth is controlled by Facebook and meme pages
Satish Kumar Panda
Lol national crush....
India is still moving and will always, and loving too...since when did India stopped?
'Tassd45' 3 days ago
WTF is that? C'on BBC.
Manjunath K
'Manjunath K' 3 days ago
Ee Sala Cup Namde ft. Priya Prakash Varrier ✌️😎
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