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Out of focus sliced ham: The Movie -
Published: 1 year ago By: HaBLA Espanjol

By: HaBLA EspanjolPublished: 1 year ago

1, 190, 225 views

7, 096 Likes   7, 701 Dislikes

'HomelessLarry' 6 months ago
Hands down the best anime ever to exist.
Tenda Talks
'Tenda Talks' 7 months ago
The way you touched that ham was out of focus
'AwesomeRobot15' 9 months ago
No one seems to get it... it's not just a guy touching ham, the point it that the slices look like they are out of focus. Like a 3D movie without 3D glasses on.
Doodle Snail
'Doodle Snail' 10 months ago
so is this just the trailer or what?
Some Guy
'Some Guy' 1 year ago
trending test
Brianna Arreola
'Brianna Arreola' 1 year ago
Jordan Hanna ?
Laura V
'Laura V' 1 year ago
I just wasted 21 seconds of my life watching this. And another 15 typing this.
mic mic bungee
'mic mic bungee' 1 year ago
Henri Bergeron
'Henri Bergeron' 1 year ago
Wow, Hollywood needs to step up their game if they want to stay on top of these indie studios.
'IKeggs' 1 year ago
Came here from Jordan Hanna!
Mikael P.
'Mikael P.' 1 year ago
my eyes are confused
'HippoButtSecks' 1 year ago
Whens the prequel out???
'Hailey' 1 year ago
who else came from Jordan Hanna
Eva H.D
'Eva H.D' 1 year ago
Jordan brought me here
Clippy Nucleus
'Clippy Nucleus' 1 year ago
I watch this when I am sad.
Juses Crust
'Juses Crust' 1 year ago
0/10 ham in focus
Sharidan Clark
'Sharidan Clark' 1 year ago
this is crap
'Heptagone16' 1 year ago
'KVG' 1 year ago
Tv show is better
'KVG' 1 year ago
Who's that actor?
Wortex 9
'Wortex 9' 1 year ago
A co jako ty vymaštěná pičo ? myslíš že někoho zajímá tvá šunka jak zvedneš plátek a nic ? OMG
'TheRealKasSwag' 1 year ago
Fuck YouTube
'S' 1 year ago
'BliTZarD' 1 year ago
i just wasted 22 seconds of my life
Minna Minna
'Minna Minna' 1 year ago
He had to do the video, because everyone was blaming his photo. People didn't believed him. That is the reason for this video. Have you been in a closet if you didn't noticed the ham-photo situation last week?
Me jamie212
'Me jamie212' 1 year ago
the new 1000 degrees knife trend
Happy Goat
'Happy Goat' 1 year ago
This should win a grammy
Jim Duncan
'Jim Duncan' 1 year ago
This document is what a real Youtube video should look like! Where do you find a superior video these times? right here! it has the entirity that a masterpiece should contain. content, camera-work, detail, acting, nature, drama, metaphors, suitable for all ages and fathomable for all ages. I was certainly stunned with the element of surprise that was followed by the most brilliant introduction I have ever seen. I am really amazed I should have to say that if I die now, my existence is complete, all thanked to this outstanding paragon!
Alisha Maldonado
'Alisha Maldonado' 1 year ago
I don't get it
'kappeuter' 1 year ago
New Black Mirror episode 'Groundham Day': a guy is stuck in a world where everyday is te same. But everyday he sees different things in the ham he eats. By uploading a video to YouTube he hopes to escape from this spammed life.
Yorick Daniel
'Yorick Daniel' 1 year ago
aliens will attack tonight in every major city. #diversion #smokescreen
Frolla Rossene
'Frolla Rossene' 1 year ago
I'm just here because of Jordan Hanna's trailer for this, anyone else?
lava heart
'lava heart' 1 year ago
who the hell made this video isn't soooo stupid
'Robi' 1 year ago
Work hard on video get 100views Record 22second video of meat or whatever get 800k views
'ScarlettFever' 1 year ago
I don't regret clicking this.
Aleksandr Rasskazov
Сосиски ешь! Их так не нарежут!
'Fatoeki' 1 year ago
Most epic video on the Internet
'AdmiralZhao007' 1 year ago
proof islam is correct and ham is for shit eating faggots
'Lauttero' 1 year ago
Your camera didn't focus on the meat so we can not see what you tried to show us
'juuriselleri' 1 year ago
'Ötökkä' 1 year ago
Is there a review of this movie on a real professional movie critique site? Cause I don't really waste my time on a movie if it's not even that good
Marsalkka Mannerheim
Maddie B
'Maddie B' 1 year ago
honestly have no idea but this gave me the ultimate feels. 1.brought me back to my past times of eating ham as a child 2.Great camera focusing (just spot on) 3.Who doesn't love a good movie about out of focused sliced ham
'GraalPK' 1 year ago
This doesnt deserve the dislikes
Amazing Gamer
'Amazing Gamer' 1 year ago
fuking recommemtation
'Antionicon' 1 year ago
Help me Jason
'Toaakai' 1 year ago
What are those fricking dislikes?!?
Eetu Halmela
'Eetu Halmela' 1 year ago
if you aren't impressed enough. the hole movie was made by one guy. directing, producing, acting...and much more. Deserves an Oscar
'FIN NPP' 1 year ago
miks tää on nousussa olevissa videoissa
Salkkarit - Historiaa Facebook Theme Hack
'Watermelon' 1 year ago
what was the movies budget ?
a Bear
'a Bear' 1 year ago
this should be on the important videos playlist
'crazygood876' 1 year ago
Finally the youtube trending tab works!! Yes!!!
'Pika7820' 1 year ago
Can I get an interview with that sliced ham?
Persephone Hades
'Persephone Hades' 1 year ago
Why are there so many dislikes?
'RCmies' 1 year ago
Fuck the whole life cycle of a human being Fuck everything
Hansa Tori
'Hansa Tori' 1 year ago
what's the point?
Random Guy
'Random Guy' 1 year ago
Its cool that you can get this type of video to trending these days 👌
'Toastmeister' 1 year ago
Amazing content! i'm definitely subscribing! keep up the good hard work!
'Notso' 1 year ago
how the hell is this on trending
'WRider' 1 year ago
*Why the fuck is this in trending!?*
'Twyst' 1 year ago
And thus, a new meme is born
Töy Ukko
'Töy Ukko' 1 year ago
Why the dislikes? This is a brilliant video
'Vepokk' 1 year ago
This is #9 on Trending. What
'LimitedVille' 1 year ago
Oh Really?
gitretk fegit
'gitretk fegit' 1 year ago
Chronic Depression
Hyvä video! Lisää tällästä quality contentia.
nexus 0
'nexus 0' 1 year ago
checkmate vegan!
'pickdoll2' 1 year ago
what a splendid film! The cinematography just blows me away. Definitely a top 10 on my list.
'Tyler' 1 year ago
Aww this director is absolutely magnificent. How he makes the audience reflect on the goals and aspirations in their own lives. And who could forget the marvelous actress, out of focus ham. She truly is the voice of generations to come.
Twisted Wrists
'Twisted Wrists' 1 year ago
I could watch this all day!
'PokéSuFan' 1 year ago
how tf is this on trending
'FluffyMintOreo' 1 year ago
"What a great movie"
'haley_isnt_cool' 1 year ago
Why is this in my recommendations
narcissistic frog
'narcissistic frog' 1 year ago
I want a sequel
Evil farr
'Evil farr' 1 year ago
'RedRock3t82' 1 year ago
Oh my god when is the sequel to this!? NUMBER TWO HYPE!!!!!!!!
undercover cantaloupe
I've been avoiding this video for the past few days but since I just completed a pack of ham I had to honor it.
A Kid From Africa
'A Kid From Africa' 1 year ago
When someone says it takes hard work and creativity to get a video on trending so you slap them with this shit
Jack Thomas
'Jack Thomas' 1 year ago
Art is only the search, not the final form.
Adrian Jaquinski
'Adrian Jaquinski' 1 year ago
Can somebody explain why this is in trending
Jack Pliskin
'Jack Pliskin' 1 year ago
I like the part when Arnold Schwarzenegger yells GET TO THE DELI !!!!!
april hymoose
'april hymoose' 1 year ago
Still better love story than twilight
Chaos Muffin
'Chaos Muffin' 1 year ago
can you make the movie into to resolution?
The Damned Damsel
'The Damned Damsel' 1 year ago
What. The. Fuck.
Kennedy Hill
'Kennedy Hill' 1 year ago
"Truly a masterpiece" "A generational classic" "outstandingly perfect" "Absolute beauty at its finest"
Your Mom
'Your Mom' 1 year ago
the ham would've gotten away with it, too, if not for those darn meddling kids.
Grii Zel
'Grii Zel' 1 year ago
I support this.
'IWali' 1 year ago
Now I have boner
Kratos Deminios.
'Kratos Deminios.' 1 year ago
why is this trending?
Aythami Warneck
'Aythami Warneck' 1 year ago
i am very intrigued, why is this #38 in youtube trends ??
'Pk41' 1 year ago
Quality Youtube content.
'thoyo' 1 year ago
the comments make having watched this well worth it
King Me Now
'King Me Now' 1 year ago
Why is this trending lol?
Ben Hall
'Ben Hall' 1 year ago
He'll do great things one day...
Illuminati227 %
'Illuminati227 %' 1 year ago
Why am i watching this.......
There's no such thing as the perfect YouTube vi-
'mst3kanita' 1 year ago
How wanna be beauty vloggers film
Dat Boi Lukie Pukie
why did people like this wtf
Tim Nelsen
'Tim Nelsen' 1 year ago
This is pretty good, but the book was better.
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