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FUNNIEST 150 Vines of Marcus Johns Compilation | Top Viners ✔ -
Published: 1 year ago By: Top Viners 2

By: Top Viners 2Published: 1 year ago

655, 816 views

6, 754 Likes   399 Dislikes

Longer Version:

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Yoldas Cam
'Yoldas Cam' 5 days ago
Yes we do pee
Basically Anamations
How many places have you been band from
Silas LaFlower
'Silas LaFlower' 2 weeks ago
don't put that fucken lizard in your mouth😡😡😡😤
Tiger Music
'Tiger Music' 2 weeks ago
SomEtImeS i JusT dOnt cAre
H Kay
'H Kay' 2 weeks ago
Roses are red Handcuffs are naughty If you ever left me THEY’D NEVER FIND YOUR BODY!!!
Larry Kehoe
'Larry Kehoe' 2 weeks ago
He's Hilarious Read More
Squirrel Nut Gaming 2
4:37 I know that song It's called seasons of love It's my graduation song
'ShadowSCP' 2 weeks ago
This guy Is literally the human version of Pennywise..
Gay Jesus
'Gay Jesus' 2 weeks ago
All these are super unfunny
'Xavenn' 3 weeks ago
11:49 lol dident get scared
Wyatt Russell
'Wyatt Russell' 3 weeks ago
11:57 same set Logic sang "take it back"
'sheriff_parks' 3 weeks ago
I died at the vine at 12:26
Tyson Harvey
'Tyson Harvey' 3 weeks ago
I wee in the shower too
Lmojica vlogs
'Lmojica vlogs' 3 weeks ago
3:40... lol
High Tex
'High Tex' 3 weeks ago
i almost passed out when he jumpscared me at 11:54
Yzabel Geck
'Yzabel Geck' 3 weeks ago
OML this guy is crazy! Hey Rachel aka my friend found ur bf! XD
Blueflower L
'Blueflower L' 4 weeks ago
ok ill have sex with him
American Gamer 2007
'American Gamer 2007' 1 month ago
Gigi Hide
'Gigi Hide' 1 month ago
This guy looks like the guy in dead poets society. The main character.
Ronni Snyder
'Ronni Snyder' 1 month ago
The swag fairy is my new favorite disney fairy
Cialee Whitehorn
'Cialee Whitehorn' 1 month ago
my friend goes to kumon like if you go
'MadHatter's Girly' 2 months ago
oh am I watching?!😂😂😂😂
Abomb Alexander 1
'Abomb Alexander 1' 2 months ago
This is the vine Jim Carrie
Billie A.
'Billie A.' 2 months ago
Yes Thomas is a better narrator, he's awesome
'Noodle' 2 months ago
*S A U C E S*
Ghost Hunt
'Ghost Hunt' 2 months ago
How 3:54
alexsuperfly 2
'alexsuperfly 2' 2 months ago
i'm sorta woried if this guy dose a demented laugh coz he don't care for rules of society JUST FOR A FEW VEIWS ON THE INTERNET
Fields Nadia
'Fields Nadia' 2 months ago
"Look between the lines" Had me screaming!
Anne Hathaway
'Anne Hathaway' 2 months ago
Mr. unknown
'Mr. unknown' 2 months ago
4:46 his phone said "Follow me on Twitter @MarcusJohn
Tom Gronkowski
'Tom Gronkowski' 2 months ago
LSK at 3:23
Adrianna Argubright
'Adrianna Argubright' 2 months ago
Every one who dose not subscribes to stevethegamer55 sucks
Busted Burn
'Busted Burn' 2 months ago
11:17 he says where’s your green but the guy that says your not wearing green also is not wearing green he’s should get pinched
TheTwinzLunaAndLucyPlay Roblox
Sometimes I just don't care
Trevnal Lacy
'Trevnal Lacy' 2 months ago
1:06 the kid was tortured!
Carlos Spicy-Wiener
'Carlos Spicy-Wiener' 2 months ago
1:16 hey that's cran mango juice on the table. I always bought that
pandalife 1678
'pandalife 1678' 2 months ago
Kacper Rzepka
'Kacper Rzepka' 2 months ago
2:20 song name ?
_ Raven _
'_ Raven _' 2 months ago
Payton Pruiett
'Payton Pruiett' 2 months ago
Is he on drugs
'Bendonna11eggo’s' 2 months ago
11:48 scared ThE sHiT oUtTa Me
'FunkyPlayz' 2 months ago
6:08 how my fridge is 99% of the time
Joshua Hubbard
'Joshua Hubbard' 2 months ago
Who puts a lizard on they're face
'109367' 2 months ago
sam smedley
'sam smedley' 2 months ago
dint take the lords name in vain
Hitesh Parmar
'Hitesh Parmar' 2 months ago
Lucas Silva
'Lucas Silva' 2 months ago
He is like Jim Cary .
'ReMike' 2 months ago
his vines are just so relatable though lol
I like Trains
'I like Trains' 2 months ago
Cass Potts
'Cass Potts' 3 months ago
Some times you have to care
50 cal man
'50 cal man' 3 months ago
Ok who saw Logan Paul in one of the vines.
Hailie Zimmerman
'Hailie Zimmerman' 3 months ago
I don't think he likes Jim Carrey do you think he likes Jim Carry nah it at all
im a water bottle
'im a water bottle' 3 months ago
*sometimes I just don't care*
princess unicorn puppy
Too bad he’s already taken😔
Meredith Spoon
'Meredith Spoon' 3 months ago
was he supposed to be the Jim Carry of Vine
'SILENCED GAMES' 3 months ago
0:33 my life
'Presto702' 3 months ago
So he's one of those guys that does it for the vine XD
Renee Rios
'Renee Rios' 3 months ago
I wonder how many stores he was kicked/banned from 😂
Sad Doggo
'Sad Doggo' 3 months ago
5:58 I thought she jumped...
David Gadel
'David Gadel' 3 months ago
1:17 so me
Saksham Nanda
'Saksham Nanda' 3 months ago
he is as goofy as me
Maud Van den Brand
'Maud Van den Brand' 3 months ago
1:29 me when i try to dance xD
Shaunna Ogden
'Shaunna Ogden' 3 months ago
14:02 make sausage not war
iiShadow_ Nighti
'iiShadow_ Nighti' 3 months ago
no wonder guys are wired XD
Drodle Draws
'Drodle Draws' 3 months ago
I saw a giraffe with a short neck, that was sad... or a deer
Erin Quinn
'Erin Quinn' 3 months ago
Pisces draw
'Pisces draw's' 3 months ago
1:53 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Diamond Evans
'Diamond Evans' 3 months ago
he's crazy
'Minty' 3 months ago
13:15 bottom left you know what it says? *S U C C*
Danielle Schoenike
'Danielle Schoenike' 3 months ago
This is the gayest vine I have ever seen
Sydney Faull
'Sydney Faull' 3 months ago
I pee in the shower
'LOLZ _ME' 3 months ago
I relate to dis guy
Jadens random videos
'Jadens random videos' 3 months ago
6:43 when my mom says you have 5 min to take a shower
Alice Dolan
'Alice Dolan' 3 months ago
Roses are red You better like my comment back And if you dont I will cash you outside How bow dah
Fleshy Mammal
'Fleshy Mammal' 3 months ago
He reminds me of Jim Carrey
OfficerPistolOfficial & Riot The Canine
Lol u look like matpat
laughing hyena
'laughing hyena' 3 months ago
3:55 how does he do that
webhead 809
'webhead 809' 3 months ago
Yeah I pee in the shower
'enderknight' 3 months ago
This guy has the biggest balls to not care
Psycho_ Killer
'Psycho_ Killer' 4 months ago
Was the plane crash one real?
Kanalen er nede For altid
2:43 did annyone else see the Louis Vuitton wallet
гребаный блин
11:59 the actual fuck
s w
's w' 4 months ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
Jason Lakey
'Jason Lakey' 4 months ago
Boss Man
'Boss Man' 4 months ago
3:12 literally terrifying
Mekhi the king
'Mekhi the king' 4 months ago
3:10 is really funny
H4Ck3R 101
'H4Ck3R 101' 4 months ago
Roses are red violets are blue your ass smells like poo
Camila Abad
'Camila Abad' 4 months ago
1:27 omg hilarious
Des liles
'Des liles' 4 months ago
You are so funny and vines are cool
Victor Summer
'Victor Summer' 4 months ago
He's not funny.
'dogy_g' 4 months ago
How did he throw the ball like that at 3:52
'Crayon' 4 months ago
9:50 me tho
'TheGamingEnder9000' 5 months ago
Lol I accually do kumon
galaxy wolf
'galaxy wolf' 5 months ago
galaxy wolf
'galaxy wolf' 5 months ago
12:58 now we all saw it happen so we know 😈
Jessika Skinner
'Jessika Skinner' 5 months ago
he reminds me about Jim carry
Like A Gazelle
'Like A Gazelle' 5 months ago
11:48 you got me
'Kai's nothere' 5 months ago
Made mon dukie
India Dostmohamed
'India Dostmohamed' 6 months ago
Song at 4:40
'ViNtAgELovv11' 6 months ago
"This is our house"  "Um, no it's not, MOM!!!!" lmao so stupid but so funny
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