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That Time Britain Burned Down The White House -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 2 weeks ago

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An insane war, a city reduced to ash, and the cataclysmic weather event that may have saved the day.

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Great fire in Southwark, view from Cottons Yard, showing spot where Mr Braidwood was killed, London, illustration from magazine Illustrated London News, volume XXXIX, July 6, 1861
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George Cockburn
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White House after the fire of 1814
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Room in which poet Robert Burns (1759-1796) was born, illustration from magazine Illustrated London News, volume XXXIV, January 29, 1859
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Draconic Yoa
'Draconic Yoa' 1 hour ago
what about the battle of new orleans when andrew jackson crushed the british after the war ended
'Hopedeep' 3 hours ago
thanks guys, i have to make a news article about the war of 1812, more notes to take
Ioana Nicolaev-Malaxa
‘Ghost are scarier’ Ryan to Shane
Kierah Patterson
'Kierah Patterson' 6 hours ago
Rep Canada
Hayden Hall
'Hayden Hall' 6 hours ago
Ryan: Ghosts are scarier. Glad he got that in there
Carly Morgan
'Carly Morgan' 6 hours ago
I love how “have smore (if time)” is already checked off
Carly Morgan
'Carly Morgan' 7 hours ago
before I watched this I was very woebegone
Nguyen Family
'Nguyen Family' 8 hours ago
Better than history class
Alana Mcgill
'Alana Mcgill' 8 hours ago
You should do the Boston tea party
Mike Papayianis
'Mike Papayianis' 9 hours ago
the reason why we consider it a victory for us is because of the battle of new Orleans
Eric Derrick
'Eric Derrick' 13 hours ago
Gadiel is the worst. He tries so hard in other videos to be funny and really isn't. The Goldblum comment cements his position as someone that just shouldn't appear in videos.
Qxeen of Hearts
'Qxeen of Hearts' 15 hours ago
So what I learned from this is that Americans have idiocy running in there blood, and only some people can hinder it.
Claire Bear
'Claire Bear' 16 hours ago
Omg, I never even learned that even in school in Canada 😂 I bet that war was like some kind of spanking like « Omg America, this is why you train your troops » but then Mother Nature was like « Alright, I hope you learned your lesson children, this ends now » I felt so bad for Madison as he asked about his library omg 😂😂😂
'CPMAWK' 18 hours ago
I learned about this in school lol
Raii M
'Raii M' 18 hours ago
"Hope you like meat pie" and I'm ligit sitting here eating a meat pie
'nineballking06351' 20 hours ago
“Daily News - Admiral Borkburn Plays Hilarious Prank on USA”. Article written with no “c’s”
'longissick' 1 day ago
Anyone else watching this high?
Shamekia & Soleil Stumon Roy
2000 dollars today would be 36,827.55
big ron
'big ron' 1 day ago
Please get rid of that guy on the right he sounds like a punk!
s imba vata
's imba vata' 1 day ago
England > America
Ali Batir
'Ali Batir' 1 day ago
Please do a video on the ridiculousness of Benjamin Franklin.
'SweeneyPotter202' 1 day ago
So it was a real life Deus Ex Machina...huh
'PhilHarmonicus' 1 day ago
Cockburn is pronounced Co-burn, and thanks for the Scottish and English flags on your desks.
Aquarius Delamar
'Aquarius Delamar' 1 day ago
4:53 Isn't that basically what George Washington did?
'Lollipop_real' 2 days ago
Wasn’t there a battle somewhere down south, near the port of Orleans or something, that happened a day before the news of a treaty reached Madison? I wanna say it was supposed to be a bit of a “redeeming” battle. My memory’s fuzzy so correct me if I’m wrong.
'Zena' 2 days ago
White house down was a movie where the us got fucked but saved so maybe not so much wow nvm
'kitkatkut' 2 days ago
lmao when hamilton and buzzfeed teaches u more history than rl . . . . . . . EVERYONE SING . . 1776 NEW YORK CITY . PARDON ME ARE YOU AARON BURR SIR?
Jessy Joe
'Jessy Joe' 2 days ago
the British army also employed native Americans that would scalp the American soldiers
Lauren Anderson
'Lauren Anderson' 2 days ago
Canada totally beat the U.S.A in this war. XD
'GENNItheFUNNY 1' 2 days ago
19:44 "you're a wizard"
Nothing Original
'Nothing Original' 2 days ago
Omg.the map is in hungarian, didn't notice before.
Loaded Leo
'Loaded Leo' 2 days ago
Saturday Night = Unsolved Ryan Sunday Morning = Ruining History Ryan
'greatbroad' 2 days ago
Actually it wasn't called "the White House" but "The President's House". It wasn't until after the fire, when the damage was white-washed over, that it became "The White House" because of the white paint.
Meghaa Gobi
'Meghaa Gobi' 2 days ago
We talked about the treaty of Ghent today
Meghaa Gobi
'Meghaa Gobi' 2 days ago
I learned about this in school this week
Kieran Huskins
'Kieran Huskins' 2 days ago
$500 in 1812 is about that same as $9,000 today. $1,000 then is over $17,000 now. Dude was willing to shell out 35 grand for this guy's assassination
giselle m
'giselle m' 3 days ago
This lowkey helped so much with my history project
Lost Spade
'Lost Spade' 3 days ago
I just lost respect for America
'MaskedMildew' 3 days ago
The War of 1812 was pretty much just America pulling Canada's hair a bunch until Big Daddy England came in to whip rebellious little America into shape.
Emily Speight
'Emily Speight' 3 days ago
Omg I know more about American history then some of y’all and I’m Canadian...
Jordan Dolman
'Jordan Dolman' 3 days ago
hey shane you didn't mention that those weren't just british soldiers but canadian more specifically torontonian. this whole battle started at fort york not far from the foot of the cn tower!
Daniella Santos
'Daniella Santos' 3 days ago
In Canada a prime minister was only in office for one day her name was Kim Campbell because it was to much for her
Al Rosenfeld
'Al Rosenfeld' 3 days ago
I feel bad that Ruining History and Buzzfeed Unsolved have to share a channel with videos of people getting their anuses washed.
Alisha Hunt
'Alisha Hunt' 3 days ago
YES!!!!!!!! SEQUEL TO REVOLUTIONARY WAR!!! Fabulous comparison. Also its a little upsetting that she didn't know that our nation was founded in 1776.....
Julia Milani
'Julia Milani' 3 days ago
I love how you guys played 1812 overture in the war of 1812
Stuart Hay
'Stuart Hay' 3 days ago
WOO go brits
• X •
'• X •' 3 days ago
14:48 Trixie Mattel
Meg Tastic
'Meg Tastic' 3 days ago
In 2018 it would be $8,755.74 per ear and $17,511.48 for his head.
Whatdoyouwant Youtwat
Poor Jemmy shattered cuz they keeps a funding Brit. What a cinnamon roll
Mackenzie Foster
'Mackenzie Foster' 3 days ago
Cheng Hoi Yong
'Cheng Hoi Yong' 4 days ago
That guy in the video pic looks like Shane like ohhhhhhhhhhhh
Jeff Blunte
'Jeff Blunte' 4 days ago
The Mexican guy doesn’t fit in
Ramona Jackson
'Ramona Jackson' 4 days ago
i need the next episode pronto
Janessa Leighton
'Janessa Leighton' 4 days ago
This is so different to how we learn about the War of 1812 in Canada 😂
'Txunamii' 4 days ago
The war of 1812 is so unimportant that when i learned it in US history, we covered it for one day
Will Coutts
'Will Coutts' 4 days ago
It's just a Prank
Nat Stu
'Nat Stu' 4 days ago
It's Coe Burn. How does every single one of these videos have a mispronounced name - mid research maybe ask a British person how to say these names?
Sarah James
'Sarah James' 4 days ago
America’s rich and influential has been lying to the public since the revolution war.
'micro-babe' 4 days ago
Ayyyy Bladensburg. I went to high school there.
Jytha Lingelbach
'Jytha Lingelbach' 4 days ago
I feel like every Canadian knows this along with British because we are proud of it and America is like we don't speak of this
A 3 PM dinner? That's by far the weirdest part of this story for me...
Ariadne Bene
'Ariadne Bene' 4 days ago
Shane, you need to get on board with the whole aliens thing. It's inevitable! Lol
Morgan Pandi
'Morgan Pandi' 4 days ago
talk about the either the great Chicago fire or the one that was worse in Wisconsin next??
Abe Wilson
'Abe Wilson' 4 days ago
Australians actually do say how you going instead of how you doing
'BlissGames' 4 days ago
In 1776 isn't that when Alexander Hamilton came to America?
logicallycat666 666
Why is noone talking about the fact that Shane told Ryan: Maybe next time do a little more research and now Ryan finally got him back!
Richard Seaman
'Richard Seaman' 5 days ago
Mayukha Bommaraju
'Mayukha Bommaraju' 5 days ago
The serious war topic became hilarious because of you guys 😂😂. Buzzfeed, you guys are amazing! Keep up the good work!
Sleepy Insomniac
'Sleepy Insomniac' 5 days ago
Oh yeah. I forgot we Brits did this. You're welcome. :)
Sailor Saturn
'Sailor Saturn' 5 days ago
Caroline Urdina
'Caroline Urdina' 5 days ago
Oliver The Chinchilla
so Shane is clearly Cockburn's doppelgänger
Mackenzie Hardesty
Brandy R
'Brandy R' 5 days ago
I'm pretty sure that when they said, "your excellency they burned down your whole palace." it was mocking him. He's the emperor with no clothes asking about his library in a time like this. I think that was the context, not that they regularly referred to him as your excellency.
Brandy R
'Brandy R' 5 days ago
From everything I've seen and read Dolly Madison was a pretty intelligent woman. It probably was a psychological play to have everyone come to have a luxurious dinner as if nothing was wrong to keep everyone calm.
Valeria calderon lopez
But like didn’t Washington leave because he was tired?🤔
Ari Pinto
'Ari Pinto' 5 days ago
Okay the guy all the way to the right is as smart as a pile of bricks
Bobo Lobo
'Bobo Lobo' 5 days ago
This is my favourite war <3
'CherryDude88' 5 days ago
Get rid of the extra morons please......
'MacDougall' 5 days ago
Just saying, we burned your White House twice.... Go Canada!
'SalmaX33' 5 days ago
We need MOAR
veruca salt
'veruca salt' 5 days ago
18:48 😂😂😂😂
Rosie Rose
'Rosie Rose' 5 days ago
avery diaz
'avery diaz' 5 days ago
No tengas mas guebos que cabeza!
YouTube Zone
'YouTube Zone' 5 days ago
Editing level is 100 %
'Sona' 5 days ago
You should do a video on the Indian war of Independence!
Chiyo Haru Haru
'Chiyo Haru Haru' 6 days ago
buzzfeed unsolved and ruining history is lit
Chiyo Haru Haru
'Chiyo Haru Haru' 6 days ago
goddamn this series brings me life
FierceGaming TV
'FierceGaming TV' 6 days ago
14:17 this girl is hilarious that impression of Britain OMG 🤣
Inky Teacups
'Inky Teacups' 6 days ago
Who edited this? I need to know the editor of this masterpiece! :'D
Samantha Weps
'Samantha Weps' 6 days ago
'Aniabas' 6 days ago
Canadians LOVE to tell this story to Americans lol.
Ellie Cheng
'Ellie Cheng' 6 days ago
lol we just had a history test on this
'sivonni' 6 days ago
This would make an awesome movie. War and natural disaster movie destroying the White House all in one? Awesome movie.
y yg
'y yg' 6 days ago
the little sound effects are my fav part. like when the president is getting insulted he says "oww" i wonder who records those, they're beautiful
Short Potato
'Short Potato' 6 days ago
My favorite parts in these are when Sara and Ryan team up against Shane by mentioning aliens and/or ghosts
Shane Fitzpatrick
'Shane Fitzpatrick' 6 days ago
Andrew Jackson defeated the British in the battle of Louisiana and that ended the war
'VO.Alex' 6 days ago
Sad to know that people would take the american version of 1812 for granted
Lady Luceena
'Lady Luceena' 6 days ago
To the "palace" part... They used to call the White House "the presidential palace". I may be wrong, but to my knowlage this event and the re-building of the White House after is also when the name of the building changed from "presidential palace" to "white house"
Bee is awesome
'Bee is awesome' 6 days ago
Ghosts are scarier
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