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Rob $tone - Chill Bill ft. J.Davis & Spooks (Dir. Alex Vibe) -
Published: 2 years ago By: Twelve O'Seven

By: Twelve O'SevenPublished: 2 years ago

84, 449, 130 views

888, 372 Likes   32, 043 Dislikes

Rob $tone- Chill Bill ft. J.Davis & Spooks(Prod. Purpdogg)
Directed By Alex Vibe

Buy it on iTunes :$/id1077006773

Twitter/Instagram - @imstillstoned @iamjspooks @jdavis1207 @alxeczru

Antwon Dawson
'Antwon Dawson' 1 hour ago
'Lil' Savage' 2 hours ago
*If you spell rob stone backwards it says pussy ass hoe am i right or am I retarded* #SKIGANG #XXXGANG
manar ajlouni
'manar ajlouni' 3 hours ago
Who came from tessas vlogs? Because this is her intro and outro😂😂😂😂😂
Raffy babyy
'Raffy babyy' 3 hours ago
HAHAHAHA he got ski mask knocked out tell X to shut the fuck up ended up without pants hahahaha
'4EverCreepy' 4 hours ago
Rob $tone two damn phones Babylons can't crack the code Used to sip out styrofoam but figured I should stick to dro (weed!) Backwoods overload don't like to smoke them swishers hoe If you hit my liquor store it's 50 cents for single Ports Said she wanna roll with me and smoke up all my weed I said baby just buy dutches cause you can't smoke for free I got some loud but no money babe buy me a Fiji She said you need a job, bitch fuck a job I still get cheese Two cell phones, Mr. Mothafuck-a-thot Mr. I be on that block Twelve o seven fuck an op They hear my name they see my squad Rolling dope up on the spot I'm with your bitch she on my jock Ain't got no time to love a thot Got niggas mad my flow so hot Got niggas mad my squad won't stop We in the game won't take no loss Im sippin water out the Voss Got lean all in my fuckin' Sprite Turnin up on fuckin sight Mr. Kenny Powers bouta take your girlfriend home tonight, bitch And I'm smokin' on that widow When you see it out the window Got a dusty old tee Lookin' bummy leave it simple Growin' up I was always in the middle So I gotta hold it down for my older and my little And my brothas beside me so fuck it we mobbin' deep Always grimey, no findin' me But I be in LG If your lil fuck boy lame ass wanna creep I live by the lemon cause that fucka chose me Said she wanna roll with me and smoke up all my weed I said baby just buy dutches cause you can't smoke for free I got some loud but no money babe buy me a Fiji She said you need a job, bitch fuck a job I still get cheese
April Escobedo
'April Escobedo' 5 hours ago
the hoe rock star cd is going to go fed nigga
'Rio' 6 hours ago
#sampleforsucces you aint got nothing on Ski
'CallOfRanvir' 7 hours ago
Don't mess with slump god
Zack Galis
'Zack Galis' 8 hours ago
fuck rob stone
lance malijan
'lance malijan' 11 hours ago
straight bars
jada smith
'jada smith' 11 hours ago
I got some lob but no money
Milad boby
'Milad boby' 12 hours ago
Rob Stone you gay ass fucking nigga, pull another nigga's pants down and jump that nigga wit 30 other fucking gay ass fucking pussies, you ain't shit bruh, don't even give Ski the fucking respect of a 1v1 because you know you would get yo ass kicked cause you a bitch, Ski and X gon fuck yo ugly ass up bruh you fucked wit the wrong ones.
Victor Johnson
'Victor Johnson' 12 hours ago
Dope shit nice ass whistle
nothing Nickason
'nothing Nickason' 12 hours ago
chill bill is my favorite
Patricia Diaz
'Patricia Diaz' 12 hours ago
Fuck robstone
'theramster' 12 hours ago
sneakerheadforreal 7
'sneakerheadforreal 7' 13 hours ago
did the white boi say ni***😈
'spoderman' 13 hours ago
rob pebble
Rahmir Smith
'Rahmir Smith' 13 hours ago
this is my fav song like for I can't stop watching it thank u for chill bill
Meredith Bellomy
'Meredith Bellomy' 13 hours ago
This is so fucking lit
Lopez.Bobadilla 2
'Lopez.Bobadilla 2' 13 hours ago
fuck rob stone
Hayden Fights
'Hayden Fights' 13 hours ago
Rob stone is a bitch for jumping 1 person with like 20 people
Kalashnikov G
'Kalashnikov G' 14 hours ago
Only good song these jackasses have, the rest is garbage.
LuX 3xponential
'LuX 3xponential' 14 hours ago
This is what happens when we let these types reproduce.
'BeautifulKree' 14 hours ago
Gay song
Sam H.
'Sam H.' 14 hours ago
Wtf I always listened to this song & I just realized Who sings it. Shout out to Javan 🤘🏼 Idk if you remember me but we went to Gateway west together 😭 lol small world 🔥🔥🔥
Heroin Mother
'Heroin Mother' 15 hours ago
Only good song tbh lol
Yeah booii
'Yeah booii' 15 hours ago
1 hit wonder, still a shit song
Yeah booii
'Yeah booii' 15 hours ago
'LitChipsGaming' 16 hours ago
rob stone im to drunk in the back of my moms car to notice anything that u even saying..... it ryhmes at the drop though
Jordan Hill
'Jordan Hill' 16 hours ago
Fuck you and your boys for jumping ski mask lost all respect for your ugly ass leaving that kid laying on the floor in his supreme undies 1v1 tentacion we'll see what happens pussy
NASTY plays
'NASTY plays' 17 hours ago
x is on you bich
'K O' 17 hours ago
Child of the Prophecy
I rate the track but why he jump slum god like X out n he gon fuck all yall up
PuppyLover1 4LIFE
'PuppyLover1 4LIFE' 17 hours ago
want x to beat his ass
PuppyLover1 4LIFE
'PuppyLover1 4LIFE' 17 hours ago
i want x to beat his ass
Kushimaru Kuriarare
'Kushimaru Kuriarare' 17 hours ago
X on your shit nigga
Watermelon Games
'Watermelon Games' 19 hours ago
2:35 bruh
Anthony Voorhees
'Anthony Voorhees' 20 hours ago
Needs to be on the radio what the FUCK
Bianca Maracine
'Bianca Maracine' 21 hours ago
*American Horror Story* :3
'It's over.' 21 hours ago
ski gangggg
For Clash
'For Clash' 21 hours ago
Afghan Goo by Blu Dreem #nowTHATSfiirrreeee
'J DL' 22 hours ago
'Bedoes' 22 hours ago
mam pieprzyk nad chujem
DJ Ortega
'DJ Ortega' 23 hours ago
Daniel Maximenya
'Daniel Maximenya' 1 day ago
We all know that white hipster dude was never to say n**ga Again.
Oyster Killick
'Oyster Killick' 1 day ago
Fuck rob stone
Zachary Castonguay
x abouta get his ass whooped my rstone
Zachary Castonguay
x abouta get his ass whooped my rstone
xxx tentacion
'xxx tentacion' 1 day ago
pussy ass niggas
'Dinand' 1 day ago
Natalie Blanton
'Natalie Blanton' 1 day ago
2017 ???
ScubaSteve 11Bravo
Karate in the garage
Christina Trerotola
fuck rob stone how is he going to jump ski with like 30 people
'R'Jay_Ballin' 1 day ago
Damn this song has better bars than all of X's songs combined.
'SOMEX GAMES' 1 day ago
And all these lil ass white kids and weird black kids need to hop off tentacion dick foreal y'all slobbing his shit😭
'SOMEX GAMES' 1 day ago
Y'all need to stop talking all that shit bout x bro like ski mask wanna be too lazy to show up at his own scheduled time for the venue so he decide to take robs time in his own city they have him a warning then he gone try to do it again and x ain't gone do shit bro that nigga be on some wierd ass shit but I still fuck with he need to understand this not his battle
Enrique Gonzalez
'Enrique Gonzalez' 1 day ago
can someone tell me why people are talking shit about Rob, why are u on his music vid if you don't like him🤔🤔lmao #fuckallthexdickriders
Spaghetti Monster Msp
Miss Filly -3-
Alondra Villalpando
backwords overload i love that part
Diegz 1
'Diegz 1' 1 day ago
lmfao his only hit not gonna lie i kind off fuck with this shit but his other stuff garbage and hes a big puss.
Diegz 1
'Diegz 1' 1 day ago
lmfao your a 1 hit wonder sit tf down
Davis Madero
'Davis Madero' 1 day ago
damn spooks killed it
Nattalia Rivas
'Nattalia Rivas' 1 day ago
T E S S A. B R O O K S.
Zaray Reyna
'Zaray Reyna' 1 day ago
'HybridEdits' 1 day ago
One hit wonder literally.
Kiara Catalan
'Kiara Catalan' 1 day ago
fuck rob stone
'kid' 2 days ago
Yea he pussy for the ski mask incident but this song still fire
Tyler Cochran
'Tyler Cochran' 2 days ago
Julian Valenzuela
'Julian Valenzuela' 2 days ago
This song gay
'Slomkatoziomal' 2 days ago
fuck rob
DJ Akademiks Mother
Lil G
'Lil G' 2 days ago
Rob stone is da nigga
Jatavian Wirth
'Jatavian Wirth' 2 days ago
and this song is way better than xxxtentaction song
Jatavian Wirth
'Jatavian Wirth' 2 days ago
wait hold up how some if yall in the comment section talking down on robstone but are lisening to his music thats ass backwords some of u taking up for x but deep down he doesnt give a fuck about u he dont know u he aint your friend hes just a random rapper making music u some of u act like u knew xxxtentaction since u was 5 or some shit
Benjamin Walker
'Benjamin Walker' 2 days ago
Pussy ass nigga
Jamie Ramirez
'Jamie Ramirez' 2 days ago
I just realized they filmed this in lemon Grove. Oh my god 😂
'iamawatermelon' 2 days ago
x I gonna rape you nigga
haha gay ass song fuck rob stone
J Path
'J Path' 2 days ago
gay asf
Ezer lovesfifa
'Ezer lovesfifa' 2 days ago
Best song in my Highness
Martin Medina
'Martin Medina' 2 days ago
no es de una película de terror? de un sicopata o algo asi? los sibidos
'ALEXANDER1' 2 days ago
are these almost same song or am I tripping?
oscar g
'oscar g' 2 days ago
rob is just a 1 hit wonder
Luan KS
'Luan KS' 2 days ago
dorgas dhsauhdsua
michał michał
'michał michał' 2 days ago
oreo 123
'oreo 123' 2 days ago
xxxtentacion fans where y'all at
oreo 123
'oreo 123' 2 days ago
oreo 123
'oreo 123' 2 days ago
Jay Garrix
'Jay Garrix' 2 days ago
El_boi_john 123
'El_boi_john 123' 2 days ago
Probably the most non-gangster name for a rap song
'Freshy' 2 days ago
2:13 There's a fucking girl tied to a tree in the background😂
Yung Bluz
'Yung Bluz' 2 days ago
biggest most corny one hit wonder track I have ever heard, y'all will be forgotten in a year or so, and X And Ski gonna be making mad money
Set Nozy
'Set Nozy' 2 days ago
people used to like the song cuz of whistles now everyone hatin on the whistles cuz he jumped a nigga.
Yung Bluz
'Yung Bluz' 2 days ago
fuck Cock Stone and his gay ass faggot ass crew, BLU$ ON A KILLSTREAK
Apeksi pelaa
'Apeksi pelaa' 2 days ago
Adorable the Goat
'Adorable the Goat' 2 days ago
X fans be whooping Rob Stone.
Check out Lil Jaymoe - Chill Bill (Remix) it sounds even better then the original version! Go check it out on my Channel!
Joseph Hammonds
'Joseph Hammonds' 2 days ago
trash ass music! That gay ass whistle beat is what got you that buzz not your gay ass bars.
Epicz Craft
'Epicz Craft' 2 days ago
shoutout to jackwowowow
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