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Rob $tone - Chill Bill ft. J.Davis & Spooks (Dir. Alex Vibe) -
Published: 2 years ago By: Twelve O'Seven

By: Twelve O'SevenPublished: 2 years ago

88, 985, 178 views

930, 835 Likes   34, 860 Dislikes

Rob $tone- Chill Bill ft. J.Davis & Spooks(Prod. Purpdogg)
Directed By Alex Vibe

Buy it on iTunes :$/id1077006773

Twitter/Instagram - @imstillstoned @iamjspooks @jdavis1207 @alxeczru

Jordan Ornelas
'Jordan Ornelas' 2 hours ago
this song wants to make me use cellur when I have WiFi available
Nolan Hill
'Nolan Hill' 3 hours ago
Emiliano Sánchez Camarillo
3 minutos y 19 segundos gastados de mi tiempo porqueria de canción espero q mueran
George Sulin
'George Sulin' 7 hours ago
haha this song is good
Jesse Rangel
'Jesse Rangel' 9 hours ago
Fredo cams x freako rico-live lit laugh, that song has the same beat as this song as this one and its way better, it's on SoundCloud
Hdhd Xhhzhs
'Hdhd Xhhzhs' 9 hours ago
Beat dropped harder than I dropped my nan
Sam Diamond
'Sam Diamond' 10 hours ago
like the song but the ending is retarded
'NinjaPlays' 10 hours ago
Kill Bill <3
Andre Swilley Fanpage
Damn they thirsty Fiji water Voss water Sprite jeez😂
Zakaria Hassan ahmed
'Zakaria Hassan ahmed' 11 hours ago
Sem medo
'Sem medo' 11 hours ago
BlvckSpxrrow ønlinę
lil jeep
'lil jeep' 13 hours ago
fuck this blue cheese ass nigga
Ben McNulty
'Ben McNulty' 13 hours ago
That dude has one nasty sanchez
Noah D
'Noah D' 14 hours ago
is this song copyright?
'Squidward' 14 hours ago
Kyrie Luckett
'Kyrie Luckett' 15 hours ago
fuck rob stone he got put outside in his under wear by x x for life
'Chase200413' 15 hours ago
0:34 thx me later
Thomas Trotto
'Thomas Trotto' 15 hours ago
the guy in the braids is so fucking hot omg
Mr Myster
'Mr Myster' 15 hours ago
Tarra Chimino
'Tarra Chimino' 16 hours ago
so loud with headphones beats are crazy
407 Squad
'407 Squad' 16 hours ago
Why you had to do ski mask like that 🤥
blake Dickey
'blake Dickey' 16 hours ago
Maddie G
'Maddie G' 17 hours ago
i was trying to find this song and i literally typed in "rap song with a lot of whistling in it"
Bryan Sanchez
'Bryan Sanchez' 18 hours ago
'Nescau' 19 hours ago
American Horror Story :O
Maxwell Stylo
'Maxwell Stylo' 20 hours ago
Why is this his only popular song?
João cordeiro
'João cordeiro' 22 hours ago
did this bitch rly put stupid muthafuckers wisselin on this shit bruh u aint dope shut yo pussy ass up
Black Panda
'Black Panda' 1 day ago
i smell like aids
Horacio Casillas
'Horacio Casillas' 1 day ago
love this song
Luis Corrales
'Luis Corrales' 1 day ago
The best song boys
joão binace
'joão binace' 1 day ago
foda!!!algum Br?
'FunnyVash' 1 day ago
Jóse killed it
'Jota75' 1 day ago
this shit is dope
'CoolBeansMcJoe' 1 day ago
Eric Andre is at 1:11
'Dac' 1 day ago
This beat dropped harder then my grades after finals
King Benji
'King Benji' 1 day ago
If You This Beat Is 🔥 Hit Like !!
'Mincey918' 1 day ago
Hello i make music myself i will appreciate if you can check it out on my YouTube channel thank you.
'JAPKA' 1 day ago
Sr Julio
'Sr Julio' 1 day ago
Br Na Veia XD
Alex Nunley
'Alex Nunley' 1 day ago
Things like this is why I agree with Five Finger Death Punch when he said This generation is dead.
Adriel Vasquez
'Adriel Vasquez' 1 day ago
I like it
Dreanessa Davis
'Dreanessa Davis' 2 days ago
this song and video is fking lit
Loco Fer
'Loco Fer' 2 days ago
Andrew Goodridge
'Andrew Goodridge' 2 days ago
you can't smoke for free
papa pyro
'papa pyro' 2 days ago
tate anybody?
Josh Lujan
'Josh Lujan' 2 days ago
remember when people just enjoyed music and didn't throw shade to make themselves seem cool. lol yea me neither.
Diego Zarate
'Diego Zarate' 2 days ago
Freddy Krueger
'Freddy Krueger' 2 days ago
Y is this song so popular it has cursing
Kyleigh Priest
'Kyleigh Priest' 2 days ago
this is a 2 year old favorite song
Heitor GPS
'Heitor GPS' 2 days ago
N paro de ouvir essa porra PQP
xXTrill DavionXx
'xXTrill DavionXx' 2 days ago
this song ass like your rap career fuck you bitch ass nigga #xxxtentacion #Skimasktheslumpgod
Lemuguy 420
'Lemuguy 420' 2 days ago
Why discover I this fucking song just now?
Andrea De La Cruz
'Andrea De La Cruz' 2 days ago
2017 Anyone?
Larissa Smith
'Larissa Smith' 2 days ago
The beat dropped lower than my self esteem
'pike' 2 days ago
Shoutout to all my fellows who found this song by typing "Whistle Rap song"
Nick Fischer
'Nick Fischer' 2 days ago
bumping this still in 2017
Jayant Nayan
'Jayant Nayan' 2 days ago
The beat dropped so hard that 34,000 people missed the like button..☮
Sqhuip !
'Sqhuip !' 2 days ago
how much you paid that taco?
Jamie Constable
'Jamie Constable' 2 days ago
Party Boy
'Party Boy' 2 days ago
who watch dis in 2017-2018????!!!
Jesse Cardenas
'Jesse Cardenas' 2 days ago
they get down..
Wêrønïkã xx
'Wêrønïkã xx' 2 days ago
when you rip off American Horror Story
Mario regero
'Mario regero' 2 days ago
que musica tan bien
latravious waters
'latravious waters' 2 days ago
Zaybreakemup 2
'Zaybreakemup 2' 2 days ago
Cough cough* xxxtentacion and ski mask the slump god gonna beat the bricks outta you cough cough**
'Hboss' 2 days ago
Już zgłaszamy do plokulatury
young willy
'young willy' 2 days ago
white nigga part is lit
Randy 301
'Randy 301' 2 days ago
•Jenna Hamilton•
TATE ❤️😭
Ana Beatriz
'Ana Beatriz' 2 days ago
Alejo Anabalon
'Alejo Anabalon' 2 days ago
Mobb Clay
'Mobb Clay' 2 days ago
Half of these don't make sense
Lolparty 123
'Lolparty 123' 2 days ago
Jumped ski with your homies pussy ass nigga
Lolparty 123
'Lolparty 123' 2 days ago
Get a life
MR Unknown
'MR Unknown' 2 days ago
last dude surprised me #props
Gato Louco
'Gato Louco' 2 days ago
vim pela música do Mc Kevin kkkkk
brittney lopez
'brittney lopez' 2 days ago
I mean at the middle
brittney lopez
'brittney lopez' 2 days ago
my favorite part is that boy that was rapping in the end
Adidas Gamer
'Adidas Gamer' 2 days ago
Best song ever 😎😎😎😎😎😎🤑🤑
Wyatt Slone
'Wyatt Slone' 2 days ago
What if Andy is actually andynohoes
Shadow Reconnaissance
That beat dropped harder than the Jewish Population in 1940.
Amanda Barbosa
'Amanda Barbosa' 2 days ago
toppp demais,eu amo essa música
Kaleb Couture
'Kaleb Couture' 2 days ago
dwd Gaming
'dwd Gaming' 2 days ago
What happens if i like Rob $tone and XXXTentacion?? Not saying I do..
Никој и Ништо
Mesa Turner
'Mesa Turner' 3 days ago
Peter Morin
'Peter Morin' 3 days ago
people on my bus always play this song
Marcelo rodrigues
'Marcelo rodrigues' 3 days ago
tava voltando do baile funk nos jardins e ti mamando no escurinho
'Gretryk' 3 days ago
Mada fakee
XxHuBeRtOxX __
'XxHuBeRtOxX __' 3 days ago
Kocham <3
Mr Petty
'Mr Petty' 3 days ago
real nigga anthem
Blasty Design
'Blasty Design' 3 days ago
Hill Bill BEST mountain ever *HYHY*
Blasty Design
'Blasty Design' 3 days ago
#Sanjay&Craig xd boys and girls
mine craft master and games
Itz Lunarrr
'Itz Lunarrr' 3 days ago
Rob Stone you a bitch, you one hit wonder. Jumping ski mask n shi, with yo homies.
gabriel poltro
'gabriel poltro' 3 days ago
Jonathan Rivera
'Jonathan Rivera' 3 days ago
'NacheruhlBeauty' 3 days ago
chill Bill is cool $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Lucas Miller
'Lucas Miller' 3 days ago
Spooks parts is complete shit
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