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Rob $tone - Chill Bill ft. J.Davis & Spooks (Dir. Alex Vibe) -
Published: 2 years ago By: Twelve O'Seven

By: Twelve O'SevenPublished: 2 years ago

62, 636, 101 views

683, 742 Likes   19, 663 Dislikes

Rob $tone- Chill Bill ft. J.Davis & Spooks(Prod. Purpdogg)
Directed By Alex Vibe

Buy it on iTunes :$/id1077006773

Twitter/Instagram - @imstillstoned @iamjspooks @jdavis1207 @alxeczru

'Forg' 30 minutes ago
This dude went from underground to living in a mansion
'KingOK' 1 hour ago
Anyone 2017 ?! 👍🏼🙃
Kristina Greenidge
'Kristina Greenidge' 2 hours ago
Gucci Hubbs
'Gucci Hubbs' 2 hours ago
'jblhenri' 3 hours ago
kill bill
perfectchannel !
'perfectchannel !' 3 hours ago
She say she wonna ride with me and smoke up all my weed *i said but baby some some some u cant smoke for free*
Robert Huff JR SkiniBoi
fuckin killed it.. legion of doom dj's
Musically Videos
'Musically Videos' 4 hours ago
The Beat dropped harder than Trump on Cinco de mayo!!!💯💯💥💥💣💣💣👌😂😂🙄
'Vyhro' 4 hours ago
rappers could better :^
'Kailynkaior' 5 hours ago
I googled "she say she wanna roll with me & smoke up all my weed" to get here 😂
Quinten Trammell
'Quinten Trammell' 6 hours ago
middle finger emoij👉👌💦🍆
Michael Meadors
'Michael Meadors' 6 hours ago
I like this song
Haritz Garcia
'Haritz Garcia' 7 hours ago
My sis likes fnaf songs but I did a competition with other people witch one is better and they chose this song lol I lik dat song
Olivia Naquin
'Olivia Naquin' 7 hours ago
best song ever❤#thank you for the song
Brent Johnson
'Brent Johnson' 8 hours ago
so a white dude could say nigga and its cool?? fuck yall im direct native american niggas!!!
'TheTinyBear' 8 hours ago
Who Else Searched "whistle song"
Octavio Lima Nery
'Octavio Lima Nery' 8 hours ago
quem viu o MC Kevin mamando no escurinho
Fabio Zoo
'Fabio Zoo' 8 hours ago
fuck everybody!
perfectchannel !
'perfectchannel !' 8 hours ago
Who loves the whistle part
Jariana Cummings
'Jariana Cummings' 8 hours ago
This song make me wanna ride in a convertible with the top down while its raining
Lesliee Redss
'Lesliee Redss' 9 hours ago
Daygo !
DrugThe HoneyBuns
'DrugThe HoneyBuns' 9 hours ago
That nigga whistling got to be tired
Ignacio Tovar
'Ignacio Tovar' 10 hours ago
i love this song😛😜
Ricardo Padilla
'Ricardo Padilla' 10 hours ago
smoking an 8th backwood listening to this cuz fuck swishers
Caio Frenesi
'Caio Frenesi' 10 hours ago
to aqui pelo Mc Kevin
Eren Yeager
'Eren Yeager' 10 hours ago
. Lyrics don't match the whistle. Trash
Jb So fresh
'Jb So fresh' 10 hours ago
Robotcoper Games
'Robotcoper Games' 10 hours ago
I Like the whistling!
'Nudr' 10 hours ago
beat dropped harder than kodaks phone
'anais.rivera19' 10 hours ago
Racist's rhino song of the first time since he said he would be a little bit more
'MARCOS CRAFT' 11 hours ago
so vim por causa do otaku safadao. e tambem porque,a musica e foda
'BTS ARMY' 11 hours ago
the whistleing in the beging you got dat from amarican horror story bc they had that first
wesley sousa
'wesley sousa' 12 hours ago
quem não veio pelo japa vlogs😀
'Chattery' 12 hours ago
Beat dropped harder then my nuts in your moms mouth
'BieL' 12 hours ago
Rob $tone, two damn phones Babylons can't crack the code Used to sip out styrofoam But figured I should stick to dro Backwoods overload Don't like to smoke them swishers, ho If you hit my liquor store It's 50 cents for single Ports She said she wanna roll with me and smoke up all my weed I said: Baby, just buy Dutches 'cause you can't smoke for free I got some loud but no money, babe, buy me a Fiji She said: You need a job!, bitch, fuck a job, I still get cheese [J. Davi$] Two cell phones, Mr. Mothafuck-a-thot Mr. I-Be-On-That-Block 12-07 fuck an op They hear my name, they see my squad Rolling dope up on the spot I'm with your bitch, she on my jock Ain't got no time to love a thot Got niggas mad, my flow so hot Got niggas mad, my squad won't stop We in the game, won't take no loss I'm sippin' water out the Voss Got lean all in my fuckin' Sprite Turnin' up on fuckin' sight Mr. Kenny Powers 'bout to take your girlfriend home tonight, bitch [Spooks] And I'm smokin' on that widow when you see it out the window Got a dusty old tee, lookin' bummy, leave it simple Growin' up, I was always in the middle So I gotta hold it down for my older and my little And my brothas beside me so fuck it we mobbin' deep Always grimey, no findin' me but I be in LG If your lil' fuckboy lame ass wanna creep I live by the lemon 'cause that fucka chose me [Rob $tone] She said she wanna roll with me and smoke up all my weed I said: Baby, just buy Dutches 'cause you can't smoke for free I got some loud but no money, babe, buy me a Fiji She said: You need a job! Bitch, fuck a job, I still get cheese
vontez malone
'vontez malone' 12 hours ago
How does no one notice the girl getting tied up in the video
Pitty Me
'Pitty Me' 12 hours ago
Only here because of American horror story
harry bird
'harry bird' 12 hours ago
the beat droped harder than girls pants when they see a rich man
Thandria Sanders
'Thandria Sanders' 12 hours ago
shit gang shit😅
john “LaZyTitan” hernandez
19k people lost there gf to Kenny powers
Dimi Luki
'Dimi Luki' 13 hours ago
beat drops harder than my grades this semester
aloof poof
'aloof poof' 13 hours ago
STUDENT Grant Minkler
this is the best song ever
'LovelyLetteful' 14 hours ago
who's the third chicano
Kali Leija
'Kali Leija' 14 hours ago
Does anyone notice the girl tied to the tree at 1:38 ??
Summer Daniel
'Summer Daniel' 14 hours ago
I like this song so much
Roger White
'Roger White' 14 hours ago
tyuGii yay o
gorilla gamer
'gorilla gamer' 16 hours ago
he gets chees !!!!!
Doriann Ware
'Doriann Ware' 17 hours ago
That music do come from Kill Bill
Jessie Hayes
'Jessie Hayes' 17 hours ago
Check out this NEW FIRE!!!!! 
Lucas Miranda
'Lucas Miranda' 17 hours ago
muito pesada 👌👊
_Supreme Gaming_
'_Supreme Gaming_' 17 hours ago
'Noob' 17 hours ago
Hears song in video searches up "chill bill rap song" finds song
Tecianna Cooper
'Tecianna Cooper' 17 hours ago
this beat like my grade A+
KBJ group
'KBJ group' 17 hours ago
Get 100 likes on dis comment and I'll blast this song in my teachers ear😂😂
Osvaldo Ramirez
'Osvaldo Ramirez' 18 hours ago
Thot anthem
Antoine Dyson
'Antoine Dyson' 18 hours ago
this is my jam
Timothy M
'Timothy M' 18 hours ago
I'm wearing Headphones right and when they start to sing my headphones start vibrating!!!!!
Nieya echols
'Nieya echols' 18 hours ago
Lucas Mendes Da Rosa
'Lucas Mendes Da Rosa' 18 hours ago
Melhor música do mundo
Yamile Moreno Neri
'Yamile Moreno Neri' 19 hours ago
Mr. Torrada (biel)
'Mr. Torrada (biel)' 19 hours ago
Alex 3
'Alex 3' 19 hours ago
'LukasLEF' 19 hours ago
'KIANDA 4LIFE' 19 hours ago
3rd nigga got flow tho
lucas allan
'lucas allan' 20 hours ago
Eta Gilmar
shannon mandato
'shannon mandato' 20 hours ago
I'm 8 and my brother is 18 I i am bassist with your songs
'pokezillafan312' 20 hours ago
i remember I randomly found this song on the radio while scanning and once that bass drop hit, my fucking car shook harder than my grandma
Nathan oliveira
'Nathan oliveira' 20 hours ago
música muito boa :)
Mr Hash
'Mr Hash' 20 hours ago
at least 10k of views are mine lol
• Baby Queen •
'• Baby Queen •' 22 hours ago
love it
'BRn' 23 hours ago
Quem ta aqui por causa do Japa da um Like! tmj
Get Rekt
'Get Rekt' 23 hours ago
Ah Nice
Loucamente Loco
'Loucamente Loco' 24 hours ago
Queen Ang
'Queen Ang' 1 day ago
AHS whistle. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't tripping 🤗
Dj Equator
'Dj Equator' 1 day ago
Herd THis at The Strip Club! Birches aint Sjhiet! Make yo money baby! But they are con artist baby! fuck them hoes!
M3ssih Animss
'M3ssih Animss' 1 day ago
Vim pelo Otaku Safadão, alguém mais?
'JuséMateusDsn' 1 day ago
Olisten Tokes O.G.B
This Lit B 🔥
'LordwolfFurry' 1 day ago
400 likes and 50 subs and ill blast this to my neighbors
Niño Viejo
'Niño Viejo' 1 day ago
spooks verse too short
Sumit Slayer
'Sumit Slayer' 1 day ago
Who's watching in 2017? <3
Levox - Gaming
'Levox - Gaming' 1 day ago
Zadymka Fiu Fiu | Zostawiam ślaD
Janet E
'Janet E' 1 day ago
I used to wear this song out
Hipy Hippo
'Hipy Hippo' 1 day ago
am I the only one who notices that a white person says the word "nigga"
'BaekerBaeker' 1 day ago
freaken youngsters
'lilolmarie' 1 day ago
beat droped harder than my balls
John McNay
'John McNay' 1 day ago
Beat dropped harder than when I landed after falling off a cliff
Zach Huston
'Zach Huston' 1 day ago
Anyone watching in 2017 subscribe to me if u r!
'Chitownkas' 1 day ago
yo vote 4 pedro got barzzzz
'pleets' 1 day ago
i stoped liking this song bc every one else started like it. ;/ I was here at 1200 views
Kevin J. Small (Killingemsmall)
rod stone you are are cute coming from a girl
Wendy Aguilar
'Wendy Aguilar' 1 day ago
this niga real✅☺
Kaitlyn Hall
'Kaitlyn Hall' 1 day ago
Good 💋
Marcus Reese
'Marcus Reese' 1 day ago
I've seen this video so much and just realized they got a girl tied to a tree in the background
Tyler .L
'Tyler .L' 1 day ago
love it bro
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