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Rob $tone - Chill Bill ft. J.Davis & Spooks (Dir. Alex Vibe) -
Published: 2 years ago By: Twelve O'Seven

By: Twelve O'SevenPublished: 2 years ago

73, 204, 919 views

781, 079 Likes   23, 614 Dislikes

Rob $tone- Chill Bill ft. J.Davis & Spooks(Prod. Purpdogg)
Directed By Alex Vibe

Buy it on iTunes :$/id1077006773

Twitter/Instagram - @imstillstoned @iamjspooks @jdavis1207 @alxeczru

ItzAkifMC DK
'ItzAkifMC DK' 2 hours ago
Holey Moley !!!
Kailah Means
'Kailah Means' 2 hours ago
Last guy singing sounds like Kendrick
terrence richardson
'terrence richardson' 2 hours ago
lemon Grove 🍋 free mike geezo
'PuzzleDetect' 3 hours ago
Can I get some subs my grandpa just died to day he had brain cancer plz sub
ThunderBirds Studios
I didn't try whistle to the whole song :3
Yung Black Magic
'Yung Black Magic' 4 hours ago
Destiny Checo
'Destiny Checo' 5 hours ago
This whistle is from AHS
Camila Diano
'Camila Diano' 5 hours ago
this is like the hacker called miss filly at first the song was like miss filly's whistle
Dose Of Destiny
'Dose Of Destiny' 5 hours ago
My mom said if I get 100 subs she will get me a Xbox one and I will post destiny videos in 2 weeks
Ponsbey De Gamer
'Ponsbey De Gamer' 5 hours ago
I tried I got light headed
Cindy Talavera
'Cindy Talavera' 5 hours ago
Bomulaz 1300
'Bomulaz 1300' 5 hours ago
Beat dropped harder than Harambe
Bochecha TV
'Bochecha TV' 6 hours ago
Só eu que falei "Olha o pontin" no refrão?
Brenda Garcia
'Brenda Garcia' 6 hours ago
how cut your Head 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💩💩💩👻👻😂
Alejandro Linares
'Alejandro Linares' 7 hours ago
Austin Smith
'Austin Smith' 7 hours ago
these right here gets everyone pump up for a football game.😉😉😎😎😎
Austin Smith
'Austin Smith' 7 hours ago
Yo momma.
Da NOLA Po Boi
'Da NOLA Po Boi' 7 hours ago
Dey look Lame but da beat hard. Erebodi wanna rap na...
Barbara Natoli
'Barbara Natoli' 8 hours ago
i can whistel like this
the mestre loko
'the mestre loko' 8 hours ago
Te vi mamando no escurinho
RandomXGirl Crew
'RandomXGirl Crew' 8 hours ago
That whistling on FLEEK though and my dad is great at whistling and he whistled his way through this song so PERFECTLY
Deborah Moore
'Deborah Moore' 9 hours ago
Who else is hear cause Dom Tracy's theme song
Samuel Júnior Rodrigues da Silva
vim pelo Lucas lira...
luiz eduardo
'luiz eduardo' 9 hours ago
sergio garcia
'sergio garcia' 9 hours ago
🔥 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥 🔥
Mr. Enzo
'Mr. Enzo' 9 hours ago
'PIPO' 10 hours ago
Hernandez Sheyla
'Hernandez Sheyla' 10 hours ago
i makes. me cill 😏😏😏😏😏😏
Hernandez Sheyla
'Hernandez Sheyla' 10 hours ago
i like the song
'SuperThird12' 10 hours ago
who else trys to whistle like this?
Ojay A
'Ojay A' 10 hours ago
this song made my food taste weird......
Gerry Rimbuluço
'Gerry Rimbuluço' 10 hours ago
Gabriel Jachim
'Gabriel Jachim' 10 hours ago
1207 fuck a opp
Cauã - Android e Vídeo Aulas
Quem tbm veio pelo Zebrão? kkk
Camacho Camacho
'Camacho Camacho' 11 hours ago
love this song😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
'ItsYourBoiFidaz' 11 hours ago
Sherry Kelinske
'Sherry Kelinske' 11 hours ago
It sound like that One guy said dust little titty
Juan Pablo Ramirez Gonzalez
vivi vitoria
'vivi vitoria' 11 hours ago
Quem mais veio pelo Lucas lira
Teshira Guido
'Teshira Guido' 11 hours ago
The beat hit harder that Donald's election😝😝😝😂😂😂
'Bruh.itz.Esmee' 12 hours ago
I thought the third guy was Kendrick Lamar at first
Daniella Mendoza
'Daniella Mendoza' 12 hours ago
that was me I tried to whistle but I failed
Jayce Harrison-Young
'Jayce Harrison-Young' 14 hours ago
that base drop though
'Dopemanfresh30' 14 hours ago
Who the hell is andy
Myles Paolo
'Myles Paolo' 14 hours ago
Kill Bill
elle mae pyke
'elle mae pyke' 14 hours ago
Jose Ortega
'Jose Ortega' 15 hours ago
Murylaun Zu3ir0
'Murylaun Zu3ir0' 15 hours ago
Blake Brown
'Blake Brown' 15 hours ago
anybody else noticed the girl chained to a tree in the background
Rachel Espinoza
'Rachel Espinoza' 15 hours ago
I can whistle like that now
Rosquinha Play
'Rosquinha Play' 15 hours ago
BR Ama quando e pra dorgas
Roberto Recinos
'Roberto Recinos' 16 hours ago
purpdogg making people famous
JoAnn Schaltenbrand
'JoAnn Schaltenbrand' 16 hours ago
I like this part the whistle
'YOSHI GAMES' 16 hours ago
kd os br aqui ? hahahaha! *̥₊˚‧o(⁎˃ᴗ˂⁎)o‧˚₊*̥
Rodrigo ZMB
'Rodrigo ZMB' 17 hours ago
#LucasLira ou #RodrigoLS alguem???
The wolf Tamer
'The wolf Tamer' 17 hours ago
the next lil scooter😂😂
'HACKER ANONYMOU' 17 hours ago
weekend the
'weekend the' 17 hours ago
'SR BRENO' 17 hours ago
cade os BR?
Gabo Vrábel
'Gabo Vrábel' 17 hours ago
Dont dare to tell its from AHS when we all know its from Kill Bill ❤.
HilaRose64 MSP
'HilaRose64 MSP' 17 hours ago
On this game called msp the whistle is played on your account by a user called miss filly if you hear it you get hacked. But this song is catchy af xD.
Cobi Walters
'Cobi Walters' 18 hours ago
yo ass chill billedit
Chris Hill
'Chris Hill' 18 hours ago
'CJ93 OM' 18 hours ago
PRIME !!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Deaf by Hip-Hop
'Deaf by Hip-Hop' 18 hours ago
niggas voice ruins it
FR Mania
'FR Mania' 19 hours ago
Carla Fryer
'Carla Fryer' 20 hours ago
all of these people look really high
'Lucija0703' 23 hours ago
who is listening now?
Srednia 1312
'Srednia 1312' 23 hours ago
It is very nice for snowboarding
'Léo' 24 hours ago
Rob $tone two damn phones Babylons can't crack the code Used to sip out styrofoam but figured I should stick to dro (weed!) Backwoods overload don't like to smoke them swishers hoe If you hit my liquor store it's 50 cents for single Ports Said she wanna roll with me and smoke up all my weed I said baby just buy dutches cause you can't smoke for free I got some loud but no money babe buy me a Fiji She said you need a job, bitch fuck a job I still get cheese Two cell phones, Mr. Mothafuck-a-thot Mr. I be on that block Twelve o seven fuck an op They hear my name they see my squad Rolling dope up on the spot I'm with your bitch she on my jock Ain't got no time to love a thot Got niggas mad my flow so hot Got niggas mad my squad won't stop We in the game won't take no loss Im sippin water out the Voss Got lean all in my fuckin' Sprite Turnin up on fuckin sight Mr. Kenny Powers bouta take your girlfriend home tonight, bitch And I'm smokin' on that widow When you see it out the window Got a dusty old tee Lookin' bummy leave it simple Growin' up I was always in the middle So I gotta hold it down for my older and my little And my brothas beside me so fuck it we mobbin' deep Always grimey, no findin' me But I be in LG If your lil fuck boy lame ass wanna creep I live by the lemon cause that fucka chose me Said she wanna roll with me and smoke up all my weed I said baby just buy dutches cause you can't smoke for free I got some loud but no money babe buy me a Fiji She said you need a job, bitch fuck a job I still get cheese
Boomb biddi
'Boomb biddi' 1 day ago
Mia Guerra
'Mia Guerra' 1 day ago
'CEMIL Kalak' 1 day ago
ilk defa yorumlarda türk göremedim 72m izlenmesine rağmen yok :(
Norvell D Burnett
Paciak ;3
'Paciak ;3' 1 day ago
Polacy łączmy się <3
Lucatech INTRO-CS:GO
Nicholas Wheeler
'Nicholas Wheeler' 1 day ago
fun fact this whistle is in murder movies.
'Fasta' 1 day ago
im on my windows 95 pc this may take a while but congratulations on the one million views !!
Clarisa Vincent
'Clarisa Vincent' 1 day ago
came here from Tessa Brooks vlog's intro & outro 😌
Nathan Alvarez
'Nathan Alvarez' 1 day ago
This song 🔥🔥
cauã thug life
'cauã thug life' 1 day ago
quem veio pelo lucas lira uppp
Debbie Juarez
'Debbie Juarez' 1 day ago
dope#B u got good braids like am I right
Dylan De Jong
'Dylan De Jong' 1 day ago
Long live the people of California, but Oakland is where it's at.
Tyler Salvatore
'Tyler Salvatore' 1 day ago
not to be be racist but why the fuck cant black guys make a decent video instead of filming in a popeyes parking lot n their block  every video that a black guy like akon or floRIDA made a video in a non residential area
Jahlil Thorn
'Jahlil Thorn' 1 day ago
I was cool wit this til the white dude said the N word smh
Elephant Panda
'Elephant Panda' 1 day ago
We don't know where df Andy at😂😂
Larry Bautista
'Larry Bautista' 1 day ago free money💲💲💲💲
Jerry Kinsey
'Jerry Kinsey' 1 day ago
"Tried" I have accomplished the whistle part
Cat Perez
'Cat Perez' 1 day ago
Who else just came here for the whistling?
yWesley Gamer_
'yWesley Gamer_' 1 day ago
Kids These Days
'Kids These Days' 1 day ago
Bolsonaro Responde Comentarios
Vim pelo canal do mil grau
'LIMAM BOSS' 1 day ago
the whistliling is called twisted nerve its a song
BOSS 2000
'BOSS 2000' 1 day ago
this song is lit
cool SavaGe247
'cool SavaGe247' 1 day ago
nice song
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