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Rob $tone - Chill Bill ft. J.Davis & Spooks (Dir. Alex Vibe) -
Published: 2 years ago By: Twelve O'Seven

By: Twelve O'SevenPublished: 2 years ago

78, 544, 213 views

834, 451 Likes   26, 079 Dislikes

Rob $tone- Chill Bill ft. J.Davis & Spooks(Prod. Purpdogg)
Directed By Alex Vibe

Buy it on iTunes :$/id1077006773

Twitter/Instagram - @imstillstoned @iamjspooks @jdavis1207 @alxeczru

Leandro123 Leandro
'Leandro123 Leandro' 7 minutes ago
cadê os br porra?
Diego De França Fernandes
Mas ae e pra quebra tudo em kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
phillip arsenault
'phillip arsenault' 3 hours ago
Wanna say TGIF bro use this song in a vid
La monstruo 831
'La monstruo 831' 3 hours ago
bay area all day 831
Wesley Soolook
'Wesley Soolook' 4 hours ago
I'm tomboy and emo
XxItzArianaGrandexX MSP
miss filly
'ImDreqmerZ_' 8 hours ago
Lit at
Brooklyn Riley
'Brooklyn Riley' 9 hours ago
'IRINEU HACKING' 9 hours ago
Tava Voltando do baile funk do jardin ti vi mamando com mto gosto no escurinho...
'jtdoporto' 9 hours ago
Chill bhill
Adrian Holbrook
'Adrian Holbrook' 9 hours ago
and like rest of squad
Adrian Holbrook
'Adrian Holbrook' 9 hours ago
and like rest of squad
Adrian Holbrook
'Adrian Holbrook' 9 hours ago
these guys are dope and good at raping and I like the black guy
youngster420 vv
'youngster420 vv' 9 hours ago
Beat droped harder than the meteor that hit the dinosaurs
canal da zueira
'canal da zueira' 9 hours ago
Ludvig Bjorkskog
'Ludvig Bjorkskog' 9 hours ago
i feel like i need to drive supercars with the window open down NY streets when the beat comes!
'Mekadon' 10 hours ago
Found it.
jose 509
'jose 509' 10 hours ago
this shit goes hard🔥
'NellyNelle' 10 hours ago
why am i just now hearing of this song??
Norvisah Curtis
'Norvisah Curtis' 11 hours ago
how. can. u. hate. people. hate. this
Romell Matias
'Romell Matias' 11 hours ago
this shit lit as fuck
'Comoflageable' 11 hours ago
Jose Rangel
'Jose Rangel' 12 hours ago
That moment when the teacher doesn't came 0:36 !!
Maria Montalva
'Maria Montalva' 13 hours ago
Fabiola Hernandez
'Fabiola Hernandez' 13 hours ago
'Trinity101' 16 hours ago
What a lit beat drop bruh!!!
Se copio de un anuncio
Jason Voorheez
'Jason Voorheez' 16 hours ago
the song is dope. but the ending made me lose respect for this song immediately
Tasha PandaLuv
'Tasha PandaLuv' 17 hours ago
you smok
'bbranddonnENT' 17 hours ago
a telemarketer called me and this was playing in the background wtf
Chaz Mcas
'Chaz Mcas' 17 hours ago
I get stoned to this on a daily basis 😂
JIm JAmal
'JIm JAmal' 18 hours ago
Spooks look like that boy got the free taco from Taco Bell😭😭😭😭
'TwllxV' 18 hours ago
I fucked the Replay Button xD
Josr Osvaldo Soto Lopez
This can be copyrighted, because they didn't put the name of the original author of the beat by Bernard Hermann, they didn't put names or links for the original beat
Cathrine Holm
'Cathrine Holm' 19 hours ago
American horror story anyone?
Jhony Bravo
'Jhony Bravo' 19 hours ago
Tranquilo no eres el unico español aca
Carley Pearson
'Carley Pearson' 20 hours ago
wat up
Good Vibes vlogs
'Good Vibes vlogs' 20 hours ago
Filter urban I did it's such a sick beat
'GamingDerp' 21 hours ago
Azis Escobar
'Azis Escobar' 21 hours ago
Kaique Gabriel
'Kaique Gabriel' 21 hours ago
(@. @) ___.____
Kaique Gabriel
'Kaique Gabriel' 21 hours ago
se tiver algum br da up
Jasir Saunders
'Jasir Saunders' 21 hours ago
supa cool that's right
Gael Trujillo
'Gael Trujillo' 21 hours ago
Danimal Cheesecake
'Danimal Cheesecake' 21 hours ago
Matt Butler
'Matt Butler' 22 hours ago
Philip Fjordside Bisgaard 7Y Skæring Skole
Read more.... Get rekt son.
Nancy Trujillo
'Nancy Trujillo' 23 hours ago
bom as fuckk
O Dher
'O Dher' 23 hours ago
Kendrick Lamar and School Boy q should do that instrumental.
wadup whitthat
'wadup whitthat' 23 hours ago
right shit ♥
'DIPYAMAN GHOSH' 24 hours ago
ya bideo hai
john michael simon
who tries to whistle with the song intro
thomas buhl
'thomas buhl' 1 day ago
where the fuck is andy?
Marko Miranda
'Marko Miranda' 1 day ago
Thank you for putting on for S.D. Much love now feed me more dope music
mia priego
'mia priego' 1 day ago
i suck
Carrie Elizabeth May
lol I love this song
Liana Swain
'Liana Swain' 1 day ago
'Smeared' 1 day ago
white rappers 😂😂
Larry Fields Jr
'Larry Fields Jr' 1 day ago
pause @ 1:19
Santy Benítez
'Santy Benítez' 1 day ago
aguante argentina jiles ahre
'Skinnybone' 1 day ago
Kill bill
Braydon Hurley
'Braydon Hurley' 1 day ago
I can
'DJ BAIANO' 1 day ago
que musica foda
Jesus Avalos
'Jesus Avalos' 1 day ago
Chill bill you want a pill
'Pandamask' 1 day ago
Dame 0:35 is where shit still goes down in 2017
Vincent Grigsby
'Vincent Grigsby' 1 day ago
Valerie D
'Valerie D'Anna' 2 days ago
Beat dropped harder than my grades
Pão De Mel
'Pão De Mel' 2 days ago
O toque dessa música é muito viciante aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Ray Wanderley
'Ray Wanderley' 2 days ago
I am Brazilian (^^)
AG King
'AG King' 2 days ago
dope a$$ song
SrKaua Moreeira
'SrKaua Moreeira' 2 days ago
Lusquinha Me Trouxe Aq
Carley Pearson
'Carley Pearson' 2 days ago
fucking Best Song Ever
'Fuzzywuzzytaco' 2 days ago
that beat dropped so hard it ended world war 2
HyPe StOrMx
'HyPe StOrMx' 2 days ago
I did it
Adri Kk
'Adri Kk' 2 days ago
Like si vienes del directo de ded :v
Felipe da Z100
'Felipe da Z100' 2 days ago
. 0:30 .
'De'Ajah Carter' 2 days ago
The whistling part is probably my favorite part out of the whole song
Shay Monte
'Shay Monte'' 2 days ago
i had no idea these guys weren't black lol i'm in shock lol
Matthew Beagle
'Matthew Beagle' 2 days ago
Hey good song my friends like it
Brittany Hill
'Brittany Hill' 2 days ago
You gay
Trap Gamer
'Trap Gamer' 2 days ago
Evan peters
Trap Gamer
'Trap Gamer' 2 days ago
Tate longdan
Jhonatas Araujo
'Jhonatas Araujo' 2 days ago
Por que tem uma mina amarrada? LKKK
'txmblrxizzy' 2 days ago
Ohhhh it's from kill bill
'txmblrxizzy' 2 days ago
Miss filly 🤔
Flor Mills13
'Flor Mills13' 2 days ago
'TRAP STAR' 2 days ago
the way this joint drops is crazy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷
Mikopvp Pelailee
'Mikopvp Pelailee' 2 days ago
sooooo dope <3
bo Johnson
'bo Johnson' 2 days ago
the summer time is when the low key hits come out.. who agree 2017 summer some dope shit gone drop
'RyanLive1245' 2 days ago
alguem brasileira
Erikas Janusaitis
'Erikas Janusaitis' 2 days ago
Erikas Janusaitis
'Erikas Janusaitis' 2 days ago
music cool
DJane Mamba Nathaly Jaimes
😨 ooooh!
Death by: loneliness
this is my go to song in the morning loud af
Tyl S
'Tyl S' 2 days ago
seriously had this song stuck in my head not knowing what the song was called!
Tobichex 10
'Tobichex 10' 2 days ago
Petasé Mizo
'Petasé Mizo' 2 days ago
who else is watching in 2087?
M4X D0S S4nT0S
'M4X D0S S4nT0S' 2 days ago
CurTi MuiTo Top Mano ♡♡♡ SimplesmenTe *FODA* !!!
Geronimo Bermudez
'Geronimo Bermudez' 2 days ago
Dope song to chill ..... n smoke a fat blunt
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