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Everything Wrong With Transformers The Last Knight -
Published: 5 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 5 months ago

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They'll keep making them as long as people keep going to see them. So here are the sins of Transformers 5, AKA The Last Knight, AKA The Turd Slinger, AKA The Dead Horse Beater.

Next week: Sins of a 2017 movie & sins of an 80's classic.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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'TheHardik112' 15 minutes ago
Transformers 1&2 > 3&4 (corporate greed)
Matthew Sanchez
'Matthew Sanchez' 14 hours ago
You forgot 5000 sins for them trying to use that stupid girl and robot as someone important but they should've basically just never been put into the movie because they were retarded and about no one liked or remember anything about them because guess what? No one cares about them.
Cailyn Glover
'Cailyn Glover' 23 hours ago
If the kids that were seen earlier in the film were the primary characters then maybe the scenes we saw would be much better and the movie would be better.
Faveritwand 176
'Faveritwand 176' 23 hours ago
There’s no need for spoilers
Robert Treacy
'Robert Treacy' 24 hours ago
5:45-6:20 this movie officially became a toy commercial.
Zebefreo :D
'Zebefreo :D' 1 day ago
if transfomers was a meal it'd be five plates of steak with 1kg of french fries, where with every plate the steak get smaller and more rare, till you get a raw lump of meat :/
Zebefreo :D
'Zebefreo :D' 1 day ago
Also, what the fuck happened to galvatron?!
bat man
'bat man' 2 days ago
F u
Gman Gardner
'Gman Gardner' 2 days ago
Mike bay ruined tmnt for me and Transformers...this movie sucks, its just a cash grab
'Christopher0184' 2 days ago
5:23 that's not just a normal race like NASCAR, you fool. That is one of the IMSA endurance races which is infinitely superior to the over-rated over-hyped thing known as NASCAR. EDIT: 8:52 - 9:02, that is a Northrop YB-35, an experimental heavy bomber aircraft developed by the Northrop Corporation for the United States Army Air Forces during and shortly after World War II; and you, CinemaSins, seriously need to brush up on your knowledge of aircraft and automobiles in general.
Frank Maurus
'Frank Maurus' 2 days ago
Everything wrong about transformers tlk : Transformers don't exist.... Done!
The Black Baron
'The Black Baron' 2 days ago
12:34 the movie lost me ...
'theBlueBoxMiner' 2 days ago
1:21 +100sins reason: just how stupid this is i did not realise micheal bay could take these films any lower from bad editing to shitty plots that somehow keep getting worse and lets throw a serial killing optimus prime in there for good measure
Mopsi Show
'Mopsi Show' 3 days ago
Lol this movie is so bad
Mina Daniels
'Mina Daniels' 3 days ago
The cartoon series look slightly better then the movies....
Negative Zer0
'Negative Zer0' 4 days ago
Oh yes, because of course there happened to be a rare 1 of 20 Centenario Coupé's, LET ALONE 1 of 40 Centanarios just driving in front of that Citroën DS's. Also did you notice that in one of the old pictures which had to be at least before 2016, there was the same guy looking like he could transform into that Lamborghini Centanatio? OK Transformers, OK Micheal Bay...
'RG1Studios' 4 days ago
Where AoE took a few steps forward, TLK took those steps back x1000
'Steelgirl' 4 days ago
They're also blatantly ignoring how Cybertron, a planet composed of supposedly heavy metals, doesn't fuck up the gravitational workings of the inner solar system or at least the tides on earth. *ding*
Greg Miller
'Greg Miller' 5 days ago
This commentary is stupid as hell if u don't like the movie don't watch it problem solved
Expand Diaz 420
'Expand Diaz 420' 5 days ago
8:24 why does that drone look like the TIE advanced x1?
Allie Decastro
'Allie Decastro' 5 days ago
U don't always have to be a dick
Chris Mayhall
'Chris Mayhall' 5 days ago
Why does Hollywood allow Michael bay to keep making moves?
Skyline GTR
'Skyline GTR' 6 days ago
Transformers evolve throughout the ages the are living beings not machines read the Transformers G1 to support your facts this channel is a fail!!!!!!
'solorebel5' 6 days ago
Worst F*cking movie on this channel btw. Great job cinemasins to show how bad Michael Bay is as a director
Adolf Hitler
'Adolf Hitler' 6 days ago
I like transformers, SHUT UP ITS MY OPINION!!!!!!!!!
'JamesOhGoodie' 6 days ago
Seriously, invoking Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglas in this was disgusting. This movie should be ashamed.
Dude you talk shit for the most ridiculous reasons just talking shit basically.
'Aesen1' 1 week ago
Jesus, they made another one?
Bumblebee & Soundwave
Wow 2158 sins omg
malachi hendrix
'malachi hendrix' 1 week ago
17:03 either that transformer's weaker then a wet sheet of paper or that the movie needs plot convenyence
malachi hendrix
'malachi hendrix' 1 week ago
come to think of it. why didn't bumble bee iron giant himself in the first movie?
7he ruby 6amer
'7he ruby 6amer' 1 week ago
Why not the entire movie its all wrong
Todd Lay
'Todd Lay' 1 week ago
You got me cracking up in laughter to all your comments. Makes me want to keep the movie showing a little longer.
Joe Bott
'Joe Bott' 1 week ago
The robot babies have been here sense tf2
Evan White
'Evan White' 1 week ago
When will Michael Bay stop ruining innocent people’s childhoods?
Bumblebee & Soundwave
And don’t do a sin on Bee
Bumblebee & Soundwave
Of course they haven’t fixed his voice box!!!!!
Rixxell Stryfe
'Rixxell Stryfe' 1 week ago
CinemaSins, after finally watching this terrible movie which has concluded once and for all that I'll never watch a Transformers movie again, I can't help but ask if you can bring back a "What's the Damage?" video for a Transformers movie of your pick... Honestly, because I wanna see if it surpassed Godzilla 1998... Michael Bay or Roland Emmerich, who has the more destructive, Godawful Brand movies? This needs to come to a head once and for all!
Bryan Garcia Adjuntas
Fuck toy dude transformers is cool fuck you
'Fei' 1 week ago
Add sin,more human scene
Fake John Doe
'Fake John Doe' 1 week ago
Hitler was killed by a watch 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
anik monette
'anik monette' 1 week ago
It's not THAT bad in my opinion but boy did some scenes were fucking dragging FOR FUCKING EVER! And the plot... A thing about getting a staff to save Earth, I think? At this point I don't care anymore. But the worst sin I had to deal with? Character development! Or lack thereof. Every characters are annoying! And there's too much of them in the first place so all they can do is making bad jokes and shouting one liners, especially the Autobots, which is weird BECAUSE THEY'RE SUPPOSEDLY THE MAIN ATTRACTION OF THE MOVIE!!! I'm a 34 woman, I'm not a huge fan of Transformers, and even I think they're underused in this movie! Optimus Prime especially. I mean, wasn't he supposed to be a villain in the film? And what horrible things has he done so he'll have to "redeem" himself at it is stated at the end? Well... Nothing really. He's evil for about ten minutes, then he changes back to "good" in like two seconds, which makes it the second 180° decision shift for this character only. Anyway, everyone in this film is bipolar it seems. 😒
Xander Reynolds
'Xander Reynolds' 1 week ago
What was that song with underneath the sea at the end?
negerito Pizza
'negerito Pizza' 1 week ago
transformers after 3 TOTAL BULSHIT
'Robert' 1 week ago
I just saw this movie and I'm still trying to wrap my head around WTF it was that I saw
'Andres' 1 week ago
My god this was the most awful movie i ever seen.
Chris Vasquez
'Chris Vasquez' 2 weeks ago
Maqthe Maniac
'Maqthe Maniac' 2 weeks ago
All of this would make sense if you understood transformers
'Galaxy_Artists' 2 weeks ago
im surprised they didn't ask why the hell the humans where working with the deceptions from all the other films and at the end of the movie the humans help the good guys HOW DOES THAT WORK
Ryan Weeks
'Ryan Weeks' 2 weeks ago
I swear to God I'm the only one who likes the transformers franchise lol. It's fine though, I know I"m not hard to please XD Just give me explosions and action and I'm usually good. I will admit the story themselves rarely stick I just love the fighting.
Charlie Pendolino
'Charlie Pendolino' 2 weeks ago
Surprised you didn't sin for the obvious alien ripoff @9:22
'Arsenalad' 2 weeks ago
The total sin tally still isn’t simply enough for this
'Heroduothecomedian' 2 weeks ago
Im surprised you didnt put a sin for michael bay copying unicorn is earth from the tv series transformers prime who did it first
Rman Nayr
'Rman Nayr' 2 weeks ago
'Ren' 2 weeks ago
Personally I liked the movie, a lot.
4x5superdash sonic seven
transformers l transformers ll transformers lll transformers lV transformers V
Aiman Mahmud
'Aiman Mahmud' 2 weeks ago
Can I say that wasted the dinobots again how can you screw that up twice
Mr. Comment
'Mr. Comment' 2 weeks ago
That’s a joke I’ve never seen before.
'Ghld4er' 2 weeks ago
"Hitler died in argentina when magneto killed him" What? im from argentina and the only time i saw a book about it was in a fucking COMIC STORE (hopefully everybody who reads this dosent get salty mad or gets into fucking berserker mode because is just a joke)
'PoPtotheFIZZ' 2 weeks ago
Now a days to have a successful movie you need chick 2.explosions plot 4.EVEN MORE EXPLOSIONS
'Jakobe' 2 weeks ago
This movie advertised itself as a movie where Optimus is bad, but he's only bad for like 7 minutes in a movie that is over 2 hours
Sukhbir Dhaliwal
'Sukhbir Dhaliwal' 2 weeks ago
Can't wait until the bumblebee spin off because no more Bay
'Tra'darius Johnson' 2 weeks ago
U to man fuck u ubitch
Dustin H
'Dustin H' 2 weeks ago
I only am okay with these movies because of Josh Duhamel being cool in Las Vegas.
Arnold Roblox and stuff
"Transformers: The last knight" more like Transformers: The adventures of Cade Yeager and his homies because the movie focuses on him, Bee is just a supporting character, now Optimus have Starscream's role in this movie
Richie Rich 22
'Richie Rich 22' 2 weeks ago
As a Transformers fan, I wanted this one to be good...
jon dumlao
'jon dumlao' 2 weeks ago
Wow! Let's not forget 1. The English of that time period didn't refer to themselves as British 2. THERE WERE NO AFIRICAN KNIGHTS WHO PART OF KING ARTHUR'S ARMY!
Trevin Beattie
'Trevin Beattie' 2 weeks ago
A couple more big sins I didn't see mentioned: 1. Cybertron gets so close to the Earth that tidal forces alone should have ripped both planets apart, before gravity smashed them together. 2. Those "anchors" that Cybertron drops on the Earth appear to be as large as an average country when viewed from space, but only as big as a city when it drops to a bird's-eye view and barely a kilometer wide when viewed from the ground.
'Vigill' 2 weeks ago
Let the series end already please
Walter Mitty
'Walter Mitty' 2 weeks ago
Why wasn’t there a sin for the fact there are no earthquakes? When Cybertron uses it’s thingys to gouge out parts of the earth, there is gonna be a tonne of vibrations; hell scientists reckon that when the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs hit the earth, it caused such a large earthquake around the world that most if not all of the dinosaurs fell over. This is way much worse and we get nothing, that also leads to, what about tsunami’s? Man, you gotta add at least 3 sins for that.
Harjaben Harris
'Harjaben Harris' 2 weeks ago
What about 10,000 sins for the plot hole that transformers came to earth for the cube!
Wizard of Arts
'Wizard of Arts' 2 weeks ago
I genuinely had a good laugh at some moments, and I don't usually like comedy. Also, really? Witwiccan, witwhiky? It actually explains, nothing. But Sam's crazy hair in that picture!😂But seriously, this movie is saying he died, yet almost all the other people related to the Transformers are still alive. I'm bitter about that. Ha ha though Bumblebee's female voice made me screech in laughter. I enjoy Transformer movies, as long as I can make sense of them. This one lost me in a few places, like, even though there should only be 12 knights, every time they come up it seems to imply that each ship has 12 or more, but whatever. Despite its many, MANY problems, I still enjoyed it.
'GGC63' 2 weeks ago
1:42 thats boyz n the hood
Corbin Jose
'Corbin Jose' 2 weeks ago
The only thing that would make this even WORSE, would if it claimed to be cannon. Does it? It better not...
'MURFGAMING1228' 2 weeks ago
Uhhhh....... the fuck was this movie? No seriously, the fuck? Earth is Unicron, and it looks like it was trying to transform in the end of the movie.... Does Micheal Bay think the atmosphere can still work when Earth is a giant fucking robot?
Laurence Pesigan
'Laurence Pesigan' 2 weeks ago
Fuck you for giving transformers more than 2000 sins
Sky Hawk
'Sky Hawk' 2 weeks ago
Man I HATED this movie, I was thinking 10,000 sins, they got lucky with Cinema sins
'CogitoErgoCogitoSum' 2 weeks ago
Wiwi- wi-wi-wi-wickans? I keep imagining Jimmy Valmer from South Park.
I Love Movies!
'I Love Movies!' 3 weeks ago
Am I the only one who thought that the british robot and the little girl are definitely the most annoying and useless characters in the whole movie?
Elise Morgan
'Elise Morgan' 3 weeks ago
Wait. Unicron IS Earth? How on Primus is THAT supposed to work? did Micheal Bay even watch the old Transformers?
Tord 67
'Tord 67' 3 weeks ago
The first 3 transformers were enough Michal bay
Jack Kraken
'Jack Kraken' 3 weeks ago
This movie, ouch I think it broke my brain. Micheal Bay is good at making interesting set pieces and great actions scenes, but boy does he mess everything else. There is so much crap in this movie that you could easily shave an hour or so. Bay destroys his own Transformers mythology for no good reason. He creates some serious WTF moments that make no sense, most characters are there to get there to fill the background to tick some boxes.
Martin Blažek
'Martin Blažek' 3 weeks ago
What a bullshit
The dragon minecart
'The dragon minecart' 3 weeks ago
Broken autobot get back together is awesome you punk you so messet
Jimmy Mackinnon
'Jimmy Mackinnon' 3 weeks ago
Just say it’s wrong because Micheal Bay made it
Tim Ridley
'Tim Ridley' 3 weeks ago
Go fuck yourself cinema sins
'TMP' 3 weeks ago
Nitro Zeus lol NSA...........
'RiptideV10' 3 weeks ago
It was so painful to watch. I was face palming the entire movie in the Theaters the entire time
Terry Price
'Terry Price' 3 weeks ago
This was probably the worst movie I've seen in 2017, I literally cringed so much through the entire thing, I wanted leave the movie theatre as soon as it first started and puke of disgust 😷
'Dice1138' 3 weeks ago
Also Trinity College Library is in Ireland, not England
'ProtoMarcus' 3 weeks ago
I usually have fun watching CinemaSins videos. But this movie looks so bad I couldn't even enjoy the EWW for it. This movie looks like a huge pile of crap
Ben Maher
'Ben Maher' 3 weeks ago
That's enough Michael Bay.
DoUKnewDeWai No I dont
One thing that’s wrong about this movie is that it’s all about bumblebee
ι lιкє ωαfflєz
2158 Sins........ Less than what I expected, TBH
Javonta Jennings
'Javonta Jennings' 3 weeks ago
What movie had the most sins ?
'TheAmazingCraft' 3 weeks ago
'starscreamwarrior' 3 weeks ago
Mmmmm it's so hard for me to hate this movie, i mean yeah the history lesson was bad but..the animations were good right?
'SRN DA EPIC NOOB' 3 weeks ago
Well Micheal bay made the story Stupid.....
Ezra Agboghoroma
'Ezra Agboghoroma' 3 weeks ago
Dude they could track kade because bumblebee was with him
Tavmanian Devil
'Tavmanian Devil' 3 weeks ago
Dear god i hated this movie.
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