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Everything Wrong With Transformers The Last Knight -
Published: 2 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 2 months ago

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They'll keep making them as long as people keep going to see them. So here are the sins of Transformers 5, AKA The Last Knight, AKA The Turd Slinger, AKA The Dead Horse Beater.

Next week: Sins of a 2017 movie & sins of an 80's classic.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Dr Phot
'Dr Phot' 8 hours ago
As a woke black man and movie buff 500 Sins well spent!
'TheTypicalCyclone' 8 hours ago
Didn't those drones look like the TIE Fighter Vader used?
'fakeaccount168' 11 hours ago
Ping on Vodka
'Ping on Vodka' 12 hours ago
"Don't kill the messenger or the messenger won't do anything because they are dead."
Noah Salmon
'Noah Salmon' 1 day ago
Next time you shoot someone, don’t go near them till you’re sure their dead
Noah Salmon
'Noah Salmon' 1 day ago
I hate that the humans are the main heroes but I like that Hot rods in it
Freddy Fan
'Freddy Fan' 2 days ago
Idiots doesn't matter if anything is wrong just fucking care that its something better than you!
'veestormcourage' 2 days ago
I haven't commented in a long time, but I've still been watching faithfully. You sinned everything I asked for, over time, more or less (though I can't recall if Con Air got a video when you did the Nic Cage binge) and this is still one of the things I look forward to when I'm down. So I'd like to drop a suggestion, the movie with physics so bad I literally fell out of my seat screaming about them and smacked into the back of someone else's chair, giving myself a mild concussion: Final Fantasy: Advent Children. You sinned The Spirits Within, so it's not outside your scope. And as someone who went into it having not played the game, I promise it's an incoherent mess ripe for the sinning. (It did succeed as merchandising to get me to buy VII when it came out on Steam, though...)
Derek Nicholson
'Derek Nicholson' 3 days ago
does it bother anyone else that the submarine that they take to the alien ship is drastically different from the one at the navy museum, which is the one they supposedly got inside?
Edgar González
'Edgar González' 3 days ago
5:08 -1 sin. :3
'Shadelz' 4 days ago
Talking about the Iron Giant, how an episode about that movie? :)
'YouAHater11' 4 days ago
This mound of cocaine isn’t going to snort itself. That was hilarious
Rman Nayr
'Rman Nayr' 4 days ago
Ray Mejia
'Ray Mejia' 4 days ago
If the shirt says "Basketball is my Girlfriend", it doesn't always mean the type of ball; it means the game.
'dub2459' 4 days ago
I tried watching it I really did,but once an 11 year old girl started running her mouth to giant robots I gave up ...feminism is destroying Hollywood
Martin Kevin
'Martin Kevin' 4 days ago
And I am a kid you are mean
Martin Kevin
'Martin Kevin' 4 days ago
There is no wrongs
Peter Ohara
'Peter Ohara' 5 days ago
Is the sun ever going to set in one of his movies?
'Schranzhand' 5 days ago
dunno why i keep watching transformer movies, maybe some day there will be ONE good fight
'Bangaly' 5 days ago
how a movie named transformers barly focus on the fucking transformer , there was to much human bullshit going on smh
'Bangaly' 5 days ago
skip through the video , I bet youll land on a transforemer once or twice errything else bullshit humans
Faint Karma
'Faint Karma' 6 days ago
Transformers: Diversity Knight was the best in the series but that's not saying much. They added Hannibal Lecter, and the brit girl was better than the other bimbo they had. On the negative you had a little latina puta brat, and african knight of the round table, a female merlin and jive talkin' scientists. And the greatest military in the world can stop a mexicunt from sneaking onto to a ship, but hey, she wins the battle, cause you know... Girlz are better. Overall grade D-
'EnigmaDrath' 6 days ago
Harriet Tubman ... PLEASE don't tell me this movie claimed/inferred that the Underground Railroad was an actual fucking subterranean railway with train transformer
Devon Black
'Devon Black' 6 days ago
16:04 the rules do not say that witwiccan can get the staff. Only a descendant of Merlin can wield that weapon of ultimate power.
Devon Black
'Devon Black' 6 days ago
And its not somewhere close to Chicago to England because the junkyard is in the Dakota badlands
Devon Black
'Devon Black' 6 days ago
Dreadbot didnt rob a bank. The lawyer said he didnt take the money
megan bailey
'megan bailey' 6 days ago
Why didn't they mention quintessa in the other movies.
Brett Gallagher
'Brett Gallagher' 6 days ago
This movie lost me when Earth became Unicron
Burç Gürel
'Burç Gürel' 6 days ago
Your voice is addicting, makes me comfortable to sleep. I watched every video of your's atleast 5-10 times. Don't mind me, I'm just here to listen you and fall asleep :p
'fakeaccount168' 7 days ago
Albertus Arnoldy Tantowijaya
This movie has 1 GIANT plothole that you can't miss. In the 1st movie we see bumblebee falling from space to scout the earth. But now in the 5th movie we see him in world war 2? The 1st movie is AFTER fucking world war 2 how is bumblebee in germany when he was supposed to be in cybertron/space. And don't forget about the knights of lacon, their much older than the dinobots but the dinobots are first to earth before the knights existed. And don't forget about the primes, the primes are older than the knights of lacon and the dinobots then why the fuck are the dinobots the 1st ones to earth?That makes 3 extra sins due to plotholes
josef giron
'josef giron' 1 week ago
Bru you forgot to say this: "This is a cool weapon that is never used again"
Shrey Dave
'Shrey Dave' 1 week ago
the entire series is a massive middle finger to the original shows(including tfp, my favorite) and comics, bayformers was terrible
Pamela Haskell
'Pamela Haskell' 1 week ago
Michael Bay must die 💀👍
'fakeaccount168' 1 week ago
Patrick Mullen
'Patrick Mullen' 1 week ago
Rein Silva
'Rein Silva' 1 week ago
I only came for Optimus Prime ♥
All me Yeah
'All me Yeah' 1 week ago
Everything is wrong in this Movie
Christopher Miles
'Christopher Miles' 1 week ago
Earn that paycheck Tyrese!
Jacqueline Morici
'Jacqueline Morici' 1 week ago
Bumblebee's original voice box hurts when he talks.
Black Hider
'Black Hider' 1 week ago
you know they can't make a good sequel, when in every movie they go many years backwards: Transformers 1: Archibald Witwicky found Megatron in 1895. Transformers 2: The Fallen got imprisoned by the other Primes in 17,000 B.C. Transformers 3: Astronauts found a spaceship on moon in 1969. Transformers 4: sixty-fucking-five million years ago the "Creators" wiped all the dinosaurs covering them with transformium. Transformers 5: 484 AD some king called King Arth-ok, who gives a shit.
Ryan Khairul
'Ryan Khairul' 1 week ago
3:12 you forgot Alan Tudyk
'MrMaximum91' 1 week ago
'fakeaccount168' 1 week ago
Wikthillidan Arthpedia
When I watched this, I thought I had gotten the wrong movie somehow. I was going to to watch Transformers, not King Arthur.
Induced Rhino438
'Induced Rhino438' 1 week ago
18:13 "Sigh of relief - Sigh*"
Mr Cat
'Mr Cat' 1 week ago
Wow, this movie makes the Star Wars Prequels look like fucking Shakespeare. What a pile of shit.
Pixel Warrior King
I like this movie
Adam Martens
'Adam Martens' 2 weeks ago
Leap hit rear column put rebel distance feel that.
Kieran Espin
'Kieran Espin' 2 weeks ago
Why did they add a gayass kids into it
'Darion' 2 weeks ago
"Just encase you confused it with England EU" Lol I died 😂😂
'Darion' 2 weeks ago
At the start, when I was watching this on showbox, I thought I had misclicked and was watching the wrong movie somehow because I couldn't understand all the magic merlin shit
Nick Krasny
'Nick Krasny' 2 weeks ago
I’m just glad I never watched it in theaters... or ever! Watching this is enough haha
Lady Alteria
'Lady Alteria' 2 weeks ago
When the transformer was looking for the staff and asking for it you should have put the voice of the creepy mummy from courage asking for the old man to "return the staff"...that's all I was thinking at that part 😆
Jakub Šmelka
'Jakub Šmelka' 2 weeks ago
I was so dissapointed by you not making "save martha" refference in 16:22 I am gonna have to dislike this video....
'TommySnufLover' 2 weeks ago
I just skipped the first 5 minutes because is thought i was watching the wrong movie 😂
Robert Bowden
'Robert Bowden' 2 weeks ago
You should be removing sins for bechdel fails
brody of hillcountry
5:18 that's actualy the 2017 Ford GT at an endurance race that took place in 2016.
Kristopher Shafer
'Kristopher Shafer' 2 weeks ago
this is one of the best movies of 2017, along with marvel/DC movies, Pirates of the Carribean, Planet of the Apes, and Star Wars.
Rman Nayr
'Rman Nayr' 2 weeks ago
Duncan skyhunter
'Duncan skyhunter' 2 weeks ago
I disagree with the sin about fighting nazis I would watch the crap out of that movie like inglorious bastards with transformers
emma dan
'emma dan' 2 weeks ago
bring back the shia. is sam witwicky related to the witticans?
'FDN' 2 weeks ago
Now we're sure that Michael Bay is a pedophile.
'Exo_Helix' 2 weeks ago
20:12 from what movie was this again #BrainFart
'MCC' 2 weeks ago
Gonna say it, better than The Last Jedi. And how could you not sin flying from the USA to the UK via the White Cliffs of Dover? They literally flew OVER the entire UK to then fly back over the cliffs. Also the time taken going from Hopkins place to central London is 2-3 hours minimum and they'd have been stopped at some point, also leaving London to get to the sub in Gosport is easily a 3 hour trip... and again not stopped. Sill, better than giant ass moon cow tittys.
'VIBRNT' 2 weeks ago
The story of Transformers was so fucking ruined.
Dari Bluestar
'Dari Bluestar' 2 weeks ago
You have no imagination. SIN
Ajax Volpe
'Ajax Volpe' 2 weeks ago
I don't think Michael Bay understands that "Dark Age" means that there were no records of what happened during that era. That's why it's dark
John Joffrion
'John Joffrion' 2 weeks ago
Why do they destroy the Autobots but "arrest" the Decepticons?
'MatrixGaming' 2 weeks ago
I cant believe people are applauding this guy for not even giving these films a chance. I know they’re bad but they have some good things about them! He removes sins for Star Wars because he’s letting being a fanboy get in the way of his judgement. You can’t just do that to only films you like. If you’re gonna criticize then do it right. There are amazing visuals and some truly epic moments in these films so why aren’t you gonna remove sins for those? You do it for Star Wars for even some of the stuff you would criticize transformers for. So you either treat them all with respect or you don’t respect any of them. There is no middle ground.
'Novred' 2 weeks ago
Why didn't you sin the fact that the actor that plays Merlin was the main scientist in age of extinction
Sammy 720X
'Sammy 720X' 2 weeks ago
Btw Its about a 6hr flight to West Africa and im certain he was in the sahara desert so there is a possibility he did it in two days maybe even a day just saying
Kejdi Cuedari
'Kejdi Cuedari' 2 weeks ago
I love this movie no matter everyone says.
Matthew Cutter
'Matthew Cutter' 2 weeks ago
Watching a clock count out three hours would be more fulfilling than watching Trans5mers. You'd get better plot progression, internal consistency, and more believable characters that way.
Dylan_Rees 615
'Dylan_Rees 615' 2 weeks ago
Sin xmakida
'Genericon' 2 weeks ago
Honestly, I'm surprised you even bothered with this film since its mere existence is worth all the sins.
Aidan Adams
'Aidan Adams' 2 weeks ago
This movie got a 13% Rotten Tomato rating
Aidan Adams
'Aidan Adams' 2 weeks ago
You really didn't notice when Optimus Prime's sword disappeared during the fight scene between Bee and then when Cade's sword disappeared after he blocked that big guy's sword?!
'PersonOnEarth' 2 weeks ago
I thought it was good. My opinion though.
Kratos Plays & Reacts
Nobody cares about this movie so sin away.
Alex Schild
'Alex Schild' 2 weeks ago
No franchise has ever had me wanting him just to say "so we'll just add 500 sins before"
Lael Destan
'Lael Destan' 2 weeks ago
Wow thank you for making this video because I honestly was gonna watch the movie until now LOL. Ugh what a clusterfuck of superglued dog shit.
Jake Bryant
'Jake Bryant' 2 weeks ago
God it's like Michael Bay isn't even trying anymore and is pulling everything out of his stupid ass
BlueJays Films
'BlueJays Films' 2 weeks ago
✌you I think they incorporated history in to this well its cool
Ankur Saikia
'Ankur Saikia' 2 weeks ago
okay, i am not sure if someone seen this movie's plot hole mistake and asked this but i intend to, so here quintessa says that her staff was stolen by the 12 guardian knights and hidden on earth, even they know the staff was given to the precious humans, so if they had so much information about the staffs whereabouts why did it took roughly 1600 years to get there means cmon they are a race of advanced alien robots, they could have followed the knights to earth and defeated them and the humans long ago, instead they wait for 1600 years for optimus to come back to cybertron like a prophecy and quintessa would warp his mind to destroy the autobots, also quintessa said that earth was known to them as unicron, an old enemy, so she was perfectly aware of the fact where the staff might be hidden in the universe, despite this fact she waited, makes no sense, also cybertronians were aware of the planet earth cause their ancestors visited earth long ago to create the race of transformers as we saw in the fouth movie, and there were some sins that you missed but whatever you said were true.
'TheRManProds' 2 weeks ago
Apurba Paul
'Apurba Paul' 2 weeks ago
I didn't understand anything of the movie
Gazpacho Gaming
'Gazpacho Gaming' 2 weeks ago
HOLY SHIT 2158 SINS!!!!!!!
Mike Pence
'Mike Pence' 2 weeks ago
Ya because Vivian was an utter bitch in this movie. Most shitty rich fucks are.
'NabilRider555' 2 weeks ago
I wished Shia Labouff would just come back
Jacob Avner
'Jacob Avner' 2 weeks ago
Did this movie even explain how Galvatron turned back into Megatron?
The Diecast Stormtrooper
MY GOD The wittwicky is their last name! They aren't a separate Race, right?
rick v
'rick v' 2 weeks ago
I didn't hate this one as much as I thought I would. Terrible, but better than the last one. I just keep wishing they would either end it all or do one right for once
Hello Neighbor fan12
Transformers mother fuckers
Hello Neighbor fan12
Fabrith gaming
'Fabrith gaming' 2 weeks ago
I had to watch this movie 3 time to understand the first 30 fucking minutes. I can safely say this movie is terrible and has the most complex and weirdest plot ever. It has so many cliches and can be predicted even if you never seen the other movies
Nicolas Gonzalez Jorquera
16:25 That is Martha shit.
Jack Fronz
'Jack Fronz' 2 weeks ago
I cringe every time I hear someone mention the "Bechdel Test"
'OG_NEXUS' 2 weeks ago
Also, bringing in "new" transformers is just using minor characters from previous shows and movies to sell toys. *ding*
'OG_NEXUS' 2 weeks ago
Scourge, the Three Headed Robot Dragon, is one of the most badass decepticons in the 80's lineup.
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