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The MythBusters Control a Lightning Bolt With a Stream of Water -
Published: 1 year ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

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Adam and Jamie play with giant Tesla coils to see if they can take down bad guys with an electric stun gun that works on water.

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Patrick Tremblay
'Patrick Tremblay' 4 weeks ago
It turns red because of the spectral emission of water. Lightning seen from afar through moisture also appears red. Water lets infrared and red go through and absorbs the other colors.
energy man420kush!!!!!
Fernando Salazar
'Fernando Salazar' 3 months ago
Fake not scientifically possible
Shreyas Kulkarni
'Shreyas Kulkarni' 8 months ago
1:49 How to screw someone.... Screw his ass.
Sydney Tonkin
'Sydney Tonkin' 9 months ago
Lol it looks like bad special effects but it's real
'Slonkey_Monkey' 1 year ago
The lightning is fake, it was edited in
Jack Jackson
'Jack Jackson' 1 year ago
Kind of a let down.
Gordon Tang
'Gordon Tang' 1 year ago
who else watches at 1.5x speed?
'fridge_party' 1 year ago
Dumb logo change
random name
'random name' 1 year ago
your app is not available in India...
'danijel124' 1 year ago
1:25 1 million volts at 50 amps? wouldnt that require a power plant xd :p
Andrew Marks
'Andrew Marks' 1 year ago
That water canon got turned into what looked like a flamethrower!What caused that stream of water to catch on fire?
in Valhalla神様
'in Valhalla神様' 1 year ago
Why does it turn red?
Deep In Darkness
'Deep In Darkness' 1 year ago
Pale humans are energetically devolved due to lack of direct sunlight
Miss Willi
'Miss Willi' 1 year ago
'Mickxal' 1 year ago
That water turned orange
Ian Kyle Maturan
'Ian Kyle Maturan' 1 year ago
there is a type of laser that makes air conductive right?
Travis Norseman
'Travis Norseman' 1 year ago
I see immediate weapons applications. firsr thing that comes to mind is one mounted in an MRAP with attached water cannon and all around "sprinkler" Sprayer that could simultaneously taser everyone around the truck and direct fire with the water cannon.
iCristian Tech
'iCristian Tech' 1 year ago
Does it not look a little bit like a proton laser from ghostbusters when it fires, hey theres an Idea a Mythbusters Ghostbusters mash-up with Tesla Coils, Awesome!
Robbie Rowland
'Robbie Rowland' 1 year ago
Does anyone know why the lightning in the water was red?
Quarky Quasar
'Quarky Quasar' 1 year ago
Why not use a water vapor jet?
'Viperi' 1 year ago
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