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Incredible Girl Catch Snake Using Barrel and deep hole | How to catch water Snake In Cambodia #17 -
Published: 1 year ago By: SPN Daily

By: SPN DailyPublished: 1 year ago

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Hello Deal subscriber my video to show about Incredible Girl Catch Snake Using Barrel and deep hole | How to catch water Snake In Cambodia #17
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SPN Daily

Sea Ue
'Sea Ue' 2 months ago
nice video trap
Elisa Fuentez
'Elisa Fuentez' 2 days ago
I would have thought the man recording would have had her record while he did these. She shows no fear.
Bernadeth Ibale
'Bernadeth Ibale' 2 days ago
i love strong Girl
Shailaja Nayak
'Shailaja Nayak' 6 days ago
Nice video which country scary but this girl is brave.
Yoseph Yoseph
'Yoseph Yoseph' 7 days ago
Berburu babi hutan
Agustina Arboleda
'Agustina Arboleda' 2 weeks ago
Me gustan
She very brave bravo.!!
Eileen Lopez
'Eileen Lopez' 2 weeks ago
wow!!!! couldn't stop watching,,so interesting!!! thanks
Yadanar Kyaw
'Yadanar Kyaw' 2 weeks ago
im vitio
Lôc Tran
'Lôc Tran' 2 weeks ago
Xu gì mà ăn ran ghê wa ran chuôt thây gơm mà ăn chôn dai moi ăn ran chuôt saigon ai mà an
Adelino Felix
'Adelino Felix' 3 weeks ago
O que será eles fazem com estas serpentes?
Sangrak Lee
'Sangrak Lee' 3 weeks ago
Why you tell a lie?
Alheri Daniel
'Alheri Daniel' 3 weeks ago
bernalen cruz
'bernalen cruz' 3 weeks ago
Chiang Water
'Chiang Water' 3 weeks ago
Jayakumar Adarsh
'Jayakumar Adarsh' 3 weeks ago
Nick Onicion
'Nick Onicion' 4 weeks ago
👉👌 ?
vengtesh gv
'vengtesh gv' 4 weeks ago
Benvolio Cagula
'Benvolio Cagula' 1 month ago
Çkk . ....
Raja Sekar
'Raja Sekar' 1 month ago
nice i love this
Dani Campos
'Dani Campos' 1 month ago
Son indios
Leonita Yncierto
'Leonita Yncierto' 1 month ago
how did the snakes get inside the pail? So there are so many snakes crawling in that place. I would suggest to be very convincing to put a camera for the whole period that you put the pail on the ground. You have lots of viewers but I you should have convincing proofs that they really came from the grounds and been trapped. It is for human person to put snakes on the pail. Next time give justice to your viewers.
mr waffles
'mr waffles' 1 month ago
Am I the only one that watches these a lot
Eneida Mendonça
'Eneida Mendonça' 1 month ago
Joe Magnets
'Joe Magnets' 1 month ago
Killing and eating the snake is as natural as the snake killing and eating the girl, yet people make a fuss over the girl getting eaten by the snake.
Sonu Dosanjh
'Sonu Dosanjh' 1 month ago
tera fudda pariya
Alain Jayet
'Alain Jayet' 1 month ago
film et
Huluma Oddo
'Huluma Oddo' 1 month ago
# yoki
'# yoki' 1 month ago
ពូកែណាស់បងខ្ញុំគាំទ្រvideo របស់បង👍
Sbusiso B Ai Sbu
'Sbusiso B Ai Sbu' 1 month ago
Yooooh brave girl ya ne
Fabiola Bindzi
'Fabiola Bindzi' 1 month ago
Mohd Syahmi
'Mohd Syahmi' 2 months ago
Maria Donata
'Maria Donata' 2 months ago
Que ingano é esse
Maning Pasamonte
'Maning Pasamonte' 2 months ago
Smart girl
Redmi 3S
'Redmi 3S' 2 months ago
Amit Pyare jhaBhojpuri/Hindi Singer
Veery nice vedio
Rizki Ramadhan
'Rizki Ramadhan' 2 months ago
banyak nipunya gambarnya ular besar ditonton sampe habis gk da rupanya woooo tukng nipu yg buat ini paok
これは 奪うのやりかだ どうしてこうなった扶養しないの? 植物も破れるの 人間社会じゃない
Motilal Shah
'Motilal Shah' 2 months ago
रामजग पाल
रामजग पाल
Express Yourself
'Express Yourself' 2 months ago
atoyia favors
'atoyia favors' 2 months ago
Such srenth
Karla Vanessa Garcia Martinez
Como puedes saber donde estan las serpientes🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
Marcelina Soares
'Marcelina Soares' 2 months ago
Amado Batista
morgan chigutiro
'morgan chigutiro' 2 months ago
Very brave catching snack with a simple trap
Ahad Ahad
'Ahad Ahad' 2 months ago
Игорь гоцуляк
Jack Pun
'Jack Pun' 2 months ago
ሰህ iሰሜyዊፍսչլճվթհթփչթքնձձճտևցպկթփ
Christian Louboungou
'Christian Louboungou' 2 months ago
Je vraiment satisfait
Miley star
'Miley star' 2 months ago
Snakes for eating
She devil/ Ariel Strickland
Dag brave go girl I would do that I love 🐍 snakes 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍
Bonson Irebu
'Bonson Irebu' 2 months ago
Yandere- Chan
'Yandere- Chan' 2 months ago
Manish Sinha
'Manish Sinha' 2 months ago
only time passs
Rijal Rijal
'Rijal Rijal' 2 months ago
ea oray d fsk
Noolz Cz
'Noolz Cz' 2 months ago
I scared Snake :)
tarikua alemu
'tarikua alemu' 2 months ago
I think you eat snakes that's why u make yourself tired
Abby Brustad
'Abby Brustad' 2 months ago
That thumbnail be a San Francisco Garter Snake, and they aren't that big. Just in case anyone was wondering
'LOC USTE' 2 months ago
hurry and marry her,she is a future awsomes mom (in future), i dream to find one like her, she amazes me.
Oscar Sithole
'Oscar Sithole' 2 months ago
Haaaaaa it's all lier i don't believe any of this
Deepak Kumar
'Deepak Kumar' 2 months ago
Emmanuel Bannerman-Williams
Nice pic
Josefina Cadarin
'Josefina Cadarin' 2 months ago
very smart girl in Cambodia
Ogada Isaya
'Ogada Isaya' 2 months ago
Very samart
jonelp0gi Paguirigan
'jonelp0gi Paguirigan' 2 months ago
ang ganda mo
Yuda Pratama
'Yuda Pratama' 2 months ago
Mau liat obat asem urat.
vishnu genius
'vishnu genius' 2 months ago
Ramadan Wilson
'Ramadan Wilson' 2 months ago
I like it
Mahesh Shirole
'Mahesh Shirole' 2 months ago
abide 6
Joao Raposo
'Joao Raposo' 2 months ago
O canal e chick,continuem a ter a trazer-nos mais filmes de entertenmento.
Mohamad Haikal
'Mohamad Haikal' 2 months ago
Bsr bagat
Isabel Castro Rodriguez
que horror
Justin Heuraas
'Justin Heuraas' 2 months ago
But what does she do with the snakes? Are they for food? Was the plants she was cutting to season them with?
Aina Bontoni
'Aina Bontoni' 2 months ago
Good action
spoople The wolf
'spoople The wolf' 3 months ago
Elijah Keezy
'Elijah Keezy' 3 months ago
whoo this is crazy
Ghazala Aslam
'Ghazala Aslam' 3 months ago
Wax 3hun a a tsjunaid
Samuel T Taiwa
'Samuel T Taiwa' 3 months ago
it's great
Busisiwe Sthole
'Busisiwe Sthole' 3 months ago
'MD RAHIL alam' 3 months ago
Very Good
soead sriwedari
'soead sriwedari' 3 months ago
cewe smq cqkep
Jason Palacio
'Jason Palacio' 3 months ago
Q coraje
Vitória Barbosa
'Vitória Barbosa' 3 months ago
coisa orivel
Márcia Silva
'Márcia Silva' 3 months ago
Cadê os homens dessa tribo?
Nisar Mydeen
'Nisar Mydeen' 3 months ago
Abi Manyu
'Abi Manyu' 3 months ago
elina yeptho
'elina yeptho' 3 months ago
Waste of time
Moises Fernando
'Moises Fernando' 3 months ago
Isso tudo e mentira,isso e falta do que fazer.
Yahya Yahya
'Yahya Yahya' 3 months ago
mantap girl beautiful
Ruth Dimabayao
'Ruth Dimabayao' 3 months ago
So? What do you guys do with the snakes?
Romilson Dos Reis
'Romilson Dos Reis' 3 months ago
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