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Trump denies Russian 'leverage' - BBC News -
Published: 1 month ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 1 month ago

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Donald Trump has reacted furiously to allegations, that Russia has gathered compromising personal and business information on him. He described it as "fake" - and said Intelligence agencies, should never have allowed the story to leak. It comes, as we wait for the President elect, to give his first press conference in six months.

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Capt Cliff
'Capt Cliff' 1 month ago
Trump is the master of double speak!
Zhalil Sakiyev
'Zhalil Sakiyev' 1 month ago
bbc is dead to me...
'Kamanda' 1 month ago
All lies. CNN = lies
Samantha W
'Samantha W' 1 month ago
This is not a "spy thriller" is akin to a bad soap opera like bold and the beautiful, days of our lives.....and absolutely nothing to do with reality. Embarrassing this is still being wheeled out when the worlds turning to shit smart quick with more pressing issues afoot.
Phil Dobson
'Phil Dobson' 1 month ago
*Here's what Trump posted on Facebook from Moscow Miss World contest 2013*
'Sanches1padonkaf' 1 month ago
путин это дзен
Sam Tingwrong
'Sam Tingwrong' 1 month ago
Sent Bond 007 back in!
Sam Tingwrong
'Sam Tingwrong' 1 month ago
DIRTY DIRTY... This is why RUSSIA will be in full control of the White House in a few days. In Russian they say "kampormat" it could be one of SEX SCANDALS of him or somebody very very close ,and or DIRTY business DEALINGS against the US or a bunch of all. The most controversy president elect soon to take over the highest office. God Bless America.
Miele Rodriguez
'Miele Rodriguez' 1 month ago
BBC helps perpetuate lie. The BBC hate Trump. I despise the BBC. So outta touch, dated, done.
Lionel Alanguilan
'Lionel Alanguilan' 1 month ago
Go to hell with CNN
Станислав Баш
Трамп не любит Россию
Sasori Sama
'Sasori Sama' 1 month ago
Russia and Trump will LOSE!!!
'marshallhwa' 1 month ago
trump is the man , so far
'Greenpoloboy3' 1 month ago
So, which news channel should I watch
Lemuel Nicholls
'Lemuel Nicholls' 1 month ago
I think there is a disconnect with the intelligence community and the general populace. Whether you like it or not, these are the same ppl that said we need to get WMDs out of Iraq.
Katimir Lenin
'Katimir Lenin' 1 month ago
Trumpenstein: The New Order
'Geedi1977' 1 month ago
'dAn' 1 month ago
Deadly sword* wound healed! No such thing as WWIII The multi-headed one world political beast in Rev 13 suffered a deadly sword* wound is healing. 🌐🦂🐉🌙 moon struck lunatic. Pharaoh(mamzer*) lost the initiative and pushed aside. Inconsequential. *sword- Rus only fitted. Genesis 27:39,40. Do you know what happened to Pharaoh Hophra? Egypt=Sodom. Unfit to be called Jerusalem. Revelation 11:8. No peace of mind. Perverted. Soundly Defeated in the river Euphrates. Dan 8:8 Therefore the he goat waxed very great: and when he was strong, the great horn was broken; and for it came up four notable ones toward the four winds of heaven. Four notable ones. *mamzer was translated to bastard in KJV incorrectly. Should be mixed race. Obama. Zec 9:6 And a bastard shall dwell in Ashdod, and I will cut off the pride of the Philistines. What's Ashdod? Ravager. Remember Joel? The fourth stage of the green worms! Ravaged the land. Any questions?
Emmanuel Goldstein
'Emmanuel Goldstein' 1 month ago
It is reported my dick is 12 inches long. The women is described as a credible source. Feel free to join in.....
adnan tariq
'adnan tariq' 1 month ago
Either we see the evidence of "unusual sexual "activities of the president elect OR this could actually hurt BBC reputation in return. Cause let's face it, these are some serious allegations!
'IronicallyVague' 1 month ago
CNN is BBC backwards
Emmanuel Goldstein
'Emmanuel Goldstein' 1 month ago
When will we cut this cancerous BBC from our society before it destroys it?
Emmanuel Goldstein
'Emmanuel Goldstein' 1 month ago
More fake news from the anti-British Broadcasting Corporation. Desperate allegations with zero evidence "he is described as a credible source". The BBC is described as an organisation housing paedophiles, Islamic terrorist sympathisers.
Yama Kazoo
'Yama Kazoo' 1 month ago
Here's how it works. *Reporter:* Mr: Trump, did you make suicide vests for ISIS? *Trump:* Get lost fake news. Next day Headline news: *Trump denies making suicide vests for ISIS.* *Trump denies making suicide vests for ISIS.* A leaked report from an unnamed source close to the CIA has revealed classified information which claims to show Trump ties to Abu Backer Al bag daddy. Trump reacted furiously to the allegations describing them as fake news. We could not verify the veracity of the story.. but hey, what do you think? Click below to see some awkward mouth open screen grabs of trump. Read more on *Trump denies making suicide vests for ISIS.* Someone said it's called "news" but I'm not so sure.
H. Anderrer
'H. Anderrer' 1 month ago
Fake News. Don't watch this!
mc 74 Two
'mc 74 Two' 1 month ago
Comrade Trump is Putins most valuable asset.
'Tjwinder' 1 month ago
bbc = fake news
'freespeech_zone' 1 month ago
*The BBC, like most of the mainstream media is an embarrassment.* Rather than simply dismissing this stupid unverified fake news from a click-bait entertainment site, they are actually giving it credibility! Pathetic
'Sharpteeth' 1 month ago
CNN, BBC, Sky News are fake news! .......don't buy into it question everything !
risbo 77
'risbo 77' 1 month ago
LoL BBC #fakenews or as PEOTUS said failing pile of garbage
'StephenAndrew777' 1 month ago
"This just in, Trump may be up to no good. Allegedly. As per his most disingenuous and embittered rivals. Take me seriously."
Michael Tonkin
'Michael Tonkin' 1 month ago
What kind of imbecile makes rumours into national news? Thank you BBC for using our hard earned money to make a Buzzfeed clone.
'JOKER' 1 month ago
Instead of delegitimizing Trump, the mainstream media has delegitimized themselves... no one trusts you anymore
'belfasta' 1 month ago
'AstroTomK' 1 month ago
What a load of rubbish LOL Here is the story some guy on 4chan wrote a fan-fiction piece The guy made it up and the BBC NEWS broadcasts fake news. The BBC is a joke
Charles Smyth
'Charles Smyth' 1 month ago
Richard Nixon vehemently denied any role in Watergate. Bill Clinton vehemently denied his liaison with Monica Lewinsky. Thus... These allegations must be fully investigated to prove that Trump and his team are not the Kremlin's Candidates. As Commander-in-Chief, Trump, and his team, have access to extremely sensitive material, and are in a position to direct US policy in a way that could work in Moscow's favour. Given that a Trump win was doubtful, back in the summer, the Obama and the Democrats probably held back, for fear of being accused of a dirty tricks counterattack.
'Ciaran' 1 month ago
So many lost people in the comments.
Phil Dobson
'Phil Dobson' 1 month ago
BBC was snubbed by Donald Trump when their man at the press conference had the *audacity to ask him if he would reconsider his position* Now BBC stoops to new low *in tone of voice* lol
Andrea David Edelman
shameless british cocksucker. Go back to sucking on tranny dicks and leave this great man Alone. Your shitty bitch tricks don't work anymore this is 2017... #fakenews
Stacy Skywatch
'Stacy Skywatch' 1 month ago
Stacy Skywatch
'Stacy Skywatch' 1 month ago
TRUMP as in TRUMPET is just another FREE MASONIC DECEIVER,, They are ALL in the same BIG CLUB,, Mocking you brainwashed numbed down masses constantly and they are too stupid to work anything out now,, This whole deception has been in the makings for hundreds of years you fools and these idiots are just the puppets playing the roll on this planned world stage ,, completely controlled by the Jesuit free masonic luciferians and that goes for ALL the MSM its all FREE MASONIC,, open your eyes sheeple,, Mr ORANGE<< Mr Number 33 <<<<
Gaz 00
'Gaz 00' 1 month ago
Mynamesbeennicked 22
The Israeli's are the enemy after setting up 911.
'kelly6739' 1 month ago
A guy who wants to make peace and work with RUSSIA is being hounded like a dog. And Clinton that would have taken us in to WW3 is the HERO . This world is sick.
The Good Guys
'The Good Guys' 1 month ago
*Bye Bye All Drama Obama & Good Riddance*
Prepare to be Boarded
*_Chuga chuga, Choo choo, Fake @ss news!! Wooohooooooooooo................_*
Steve Sobo
'Steve Sobo' 1 month ago
hey BBC stop spreading fake news & maybe then you will receive less dislikes.
cary bary
'cary bary' 1 month ago
Might as well be honest BBC. Send your tv license goons to residents home and ask them why aren't they paying for anti trump propaganda and BBC journalist exotic holidays?
'villegas24' 1 month ago
LOL Russian Prostitutes peed on the next US president. That's a new low for the US...if they can get any lower...
Александр Мачтин
BBC, now i drink vodka and hack your youtube channel. Best Redgards, russian hacker Alexander from Siberia.
'dcx' 1 month ago
Trump wants to work with Russia for what? Oh for peace! so why is media against peace then?
Yama Kazoo
'Yama Kazoo' 1 month ago
The desperation from these people is just shocking I hope Trump devours the lot of them during his presidency. Drain the fkn swamp.
Christy Wright
'Christy Wright' 1 month ago
Take a dump Trump
Ernst Arblat
'Ernst Arblat' 1 month ago
no proofs, just ordinary bla bla bla, which we hear for a last 20 years,people had enough...
La Wilborn
'La Wilborn' 1 month ago
Алексей Кириллов
BBC, your reporters on drugs. All our talented programmers went abroad. More than that we cannot even solve our internal problems in Russia. We have no sources, motivation and time to be involved in politics of some another country.
'SMEGY 89' 1 month ago
and if he's rooms where bugs then where are the records from the bug's then? and course he had relations in Russia he had business dealing and trade deals within Russia he's a business-man. and why is it you never put this much attention on Hilary and the shadowy deals he has made or done.
'FARUMP' 1 month ago
More Anti Trump propaganda from the BBC .... is this really appropriate from our state broadcaster?
'RIK VARTIGYAN' 1 month ago
9 more days : )
'jazza0007spy' 1 month ago
It's obvious and practically admitted that Russia made him win.... any old idiot can see it's true
Carlos Blanka
'Carlos Blanka' 1 month ago
trump won move on...!
'doodelay' 1 month ago
they had dirt on both Clinton and Trump honestly.
Gamer 49
'Gamer 49' 1 month ago
"wag the dog"
Mali Soto
'Mali Soto' 1 month ago
More lies about Trump. He doesnt want to kill people in wars so he is hated and demonized.
funny clips
'funny clips' 1 month ago
that's the problem mate have to pay bills but m still free watching trump mania
'HooDaFuq' 1 month ago
BBC your pocket dropped..... Just seeing if you're as gullible as you seem to be. Blah, probably just wilfully disingenuous is more like it.
Jessica Zane
'Jessica Zane' 1 month ago
just show the proof of Russia hacking the elections, or just shut up.
Caroline Kero
'Caroline Kero' 1 month ago
Watch on 1.5 speed
'paladin400' 1 month ago
I feel whiter just by listening to him :)
Vinnie St Vincent
'Vinnie St Vincent' 1 month ago
Trump s Ace
funny clips
'funny clips' 1 month ago
ist view is from me
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