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Try Not To Laugh and or Cringe At These Old People Compilation -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 2 weeks ago

117, 269 views

2, 640 Likes   97 Dislikes

We challenge you to Try Not To Cringe at these funny old people videos from Ross Smith, Curtis Lepore, Lance210 and more! Check out Team Internet's newest Lost Vlog ►

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Ziggy Perales
'Ziggy Perales' 1 day ago
i always fail at 4.26
Artist Designer
'Artist Designer' 2 days ago
'NiuSia' 4 days ago
song? 1:19
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 6 days ago
4:19 I saw a 20
DudeManGuy 1
'DudeManGuy 1' 1 week ago
I'm home aalone with no food too xD I'm literally sitting in the corner at 5:35 am with gushers and I don't have a grandma xD
Xennon HGM
'Xennon HGM' 1 week ago
Ross Smith i like your grandma <3
Jahtiyah Boose
'Jahtiyah Boose' 1 week ago
'GAME_ GIRL' 1 week ago
2:45 that part is so cute lol
Kaitlyn T.
'Kaitlyn T.' 1 week ago
The josh domke grandpa reminds me of non rich, non famous version of Donald trump
rylan Zimmerman
'rylan Zimmerman' 1 week ago
check out lance 210 he's pretty aweso
Grate Guy 123 Pro
'Grate Guy 123 Pro' 2 weeks ago
I love old people
Eryk the gamer
'Eryk the gamer' 2 weeks ago
Why would u cringe
'HolkyClient_' 2 weeks ago
Song 1:25 ? pls
Sir Fire
'Sir Fire' 2 weeks ago
Caleb Conrad
'Caleb Conrad' 2 weeks ago
rip vine
ندى ندوش
'ندى ندوش' 2 weeks ago
Ross smith's vines are the best ever....
Eoin Collins
'Eoin Collins' 2 weeks ago
3:11 song????
michal olchawski
'michal olchawski' 2 weeks ago
5:06 Music please
'LORAX' 2 weeks ago
song? 5:17
marcia mejia
'marcia mejia' 2 weeks ago
Ross Smith IS more funny
marcia mejia
'marcia mejia' 2 weeks ago
es más chistosa la de Ross Smith
Tmay 653
'Tmay 653' 2 weeks ago
wait this was a try not to cringe... these are awesome old people!
'WheresJelly' 2 weeks ago
7:48 that face 😂😂😂the face of pure terror
'hattie127' 2 weeks ago
0:26 XD my Aunt Missy and I in the stores
Aiden Mahoney
'Aiden Mahoney' 2 weeks ago
how are you still making vine compilations?
'DRIX LE PGM' 2 weeks ago
5.30 sound please
'ktorvi38' 2 weeks ago
After watching this im glad vine is dead.
Canal do AleKz
'Canal do AleKz' 2 weeks ago
Channel died, wheres the good vines,no ideias???
Ηλιασ Αλμαρασντα
vines are alive !!!
The Hero of Goats
'The Hero of Goats' 2 weeks ago
Grandma Ross is so cute!
You Bou
'You Bou' 2 weeks ago
GTFO Johnson
'GTFO Johnson' 2 weeks ago
Old people are the best part of vine
vanessa olachia
'vanessa olachia' 2 weeks ago
your a ho ho ho♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡★★★★★☆☆☆
Elsie Fast
'Elsie Fast' 2 weeks ago
Ross Smith and his grandma have the best relationship
Matthew Liguori
'Matthew Liguori' 2 weeks ago
More of these please
Baby Sky926
'Baby Sky926' 2 weeks ago
This is adorable
R Booth
'R Booth' 2 weeks ago
Ross Smith's grandma is the best.
'ViltsuValtsu' 2 weeks ago
it is kinda racist when white people to do the whip because of the slavery at the end of the 18th century
Jessica Alarcon
'Jessica Alarcon' 2 weeks ago
Can someone Tell me the name of the song 1:21, please
Chloe Davis
'Chloe Davis' 2 weeks ago
I like ross Smith's grandma
'Icecubeman' 2 weeks ago
No Grandparents were hurt in these Vines
Jasper Pablo
'Jasper Pablo' 2 weeks ago
this channel is slowly dying lol
super smash bros god
'Cloaker'sClub' 2 weeks ago
0:43 lol
remington remington
'remington remington' 2 weeks ago
I like more ross smith
Falcawn Pawnch
'Falcawn Pawnch' 2 weeks ago
Vine is dying, but i dont want that to happen😢
Mike John
'Mike John' 2 weeks ago
what song is it at 3:11
Abu Khaled
'Abu Khaled' 2 weeks ago
what you gon do with all these subs?
Tej Paraw
'Tej Paraw' 2 weeks ago
I wish my grandma was still alive 😔 she was so much fun
Stephanie Rodriguez
'Stephanie Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
the first old person is the funniest lol
'thisillguy' 2 weeks ago
Roy woods
'NatashaPlays' 2 weeks ago
I wish my Grandma was like that. I would be laughing all day.
Ден_ Охотник
2:53,sound please.
'Barrto99' 2 weeks ago
song 3:08 ?
kevin torres
'kevin torres' 2 weeks ago
welcome to this channel where "i repeat same videos over and over and cringe compilation"
Qays Kamal
'Qays Kamal' 2 weeks ago
Everyone's grandmas and granddads are cool but Ross' is just a beg
Silvia Reyes
'Silvia Reyes' 2 weeks ago
That cool
Bianca Alecu
'Bianca Alecu' 2 weeks ago
0:54 😂😂😂
ARc Rainzz
'ARc Rainzz' 2 weeks ago
As soon as i saw old people in the title I knew half the vines would be Ross Smith's
'Falcons6202' 2 weeks ago
lol "kiss my ass you fuckin turd eater"
'NATE HORNE' 2 weeks ago
this channel has no meaning now
Rhiannon Barton
'Rhiannon Barton' 2 weeks ago
subscribe! I post often
Carnage Sausage
'Carnage Sausage' 2 weeks ago
Grandmas are the best
Kipe Gameing
'Kipe Gameing' 2 weeks ago
That Grama is on FIREEEEEE
daniel L.
'daniel L.' 2 weeks ago
They're all blond
Kyara Piccolo
'Kyara Piccolo' 2 weeks ago
Hahahahahahah at 2:00 Nina's face lol
Dawson Peterson
'Dawson Peterson' 2 weeks ago
started from the bottom now we here Now get the fuck away from me you mothafucking queer 😂
SpartanMasterAssassin 101
In 3:16 I didn't know that Granny can play a Saxophone 😁😁😬😀🎷🎷🎷
'LetsFisch' 2 weeks ago
I Love The Grandma WHO too?😍
Bung Bung (darkside1402)
i waish my grand parents were still there
Leo Salynas
'Leo Salynas' 2 weeks ago
song? 10:51
Francisco Guedes de Quinhones
Just for nothing my grandma makes 80 todas xD
Paweł Puz
'Paweł Puz' 2 weeks ago
5:07 what is song ?
Tiago Alderete
'Tiago Alderete' 2 weeks ago
vine is fucking dead yo
Sebastian Graf
'Sebastian Graf' 2 weeks ago
Do a Dank vines somehow
Draw So Easy
'Draw So Easy' 2 weeks ago
the last one doe XDDDD
'medala100' 2 weeks ago
the fuck is this crap, didnt even fucking smirk
tigresa blanca
'tigresa blanca' 2 weeks ago
loooool ameizin
'Gaming224' 2 weeks ago
im gonna usub cause vine is dead
Brennan m
'Brennan m' 2 weeks ago
Can I get 14 likes For my 14th birthday please
'n._.m.s' 2 weeks ago
Deeznutslol Dab dab
'Deeznutslol Dab dab' 2 weeks ago
Frist I'm at 8 min in the vid
Brennan m
'Brennan m' 2 weeks ago
Princess Vampire
'Princess Vampire' 2 weeks ago
Gael Leal
'Gael Leal' 2 weeks ago
fun and learn
'fun and learn' 2 weeks ago
I came really early
Darcy Oneill
'Darcy Oneill' 2 weeks ago
Anna Sky
'Anna Sky' 2 weeks ago
Matas Lt gaming
'Matas Lt gaming' 2 weeks ago
Emy_ Boo
'Emy_ Boo' 2 weeks ago
Omar Antonio
'Omar Antonio' 2 weeks ago
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