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World of bacteria - the science behind microorganisms | DW Documentary -
Published: 6 months ago By: DW Documentary

By: DW DocumentaryPublished: 6 months ago

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Bacteria are everywhere: in the ground, in the water and in the air. There’s no creature on earth that’s not populated by bacteria.

Scientists are exploring the complex role of microorganisms. How great is the invisible power of bacteria? Bubonic plague, typhoid and tuberculosis: over the course of human history, we’ve fallen victim to countless diseases caused by bacteria. But only around one percent of known bacteria are pathogens. This documentary looks at the microorganisms that live in the bodies of living things - from tiny insects to mammals such as humans. Without bacteria, the human digestive, immune and even reproductive systems wouldn’t work. The human body contains ten times as many bacteria as it does cells of its own. Scientists are only now beginning to understand why. Bacteria may have played a bigger role in the evolution and development of species than previously thought. Thanks to its symbiotic relationship with bacteria, the bobtail squid, which lives off the coast of Hawaii, is able to light up and defend itself against predators. A marine worm off the coast of Elba can feed itself without having a digestive system, and a species of wasp reproduces alone with the help of bacteria. How great is the invisible power of microbes? A fascinating documentary about the tiniest living things.

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'Al.Mo.' 2 days ago
Looking at where things today stands, sometimes I wish I have chosen microbiology over engineering
David Lee
'David Lee' 5 days ago
Still calling evolution a science, pretty flat earth.
sebastian grut
'sebastian grut' 5 days ago
man this guy at 8:18 has the most amazing accent i think i have ever heard
Sergei Istomin
'Sergei Istomin' 5 days ago
Bravo DW Documentary! Fantastic materials... Feminists must be delighted watching the tiny wasps infected reproduction :) ha-ha! bad joke... sorry!
'FURRY GOHAN ZTV' 6 days ago
I love the way he says jelly😍 I'm not going to even attempt to spell his name😂
Gurvinder Dhaliwal
super it should be called stool therapy
Gurvinder Dhaliwal
awesome thank you for sharing thank you .
Jose Briones
'Jose Briones' 1 week ago
can anybody solve this equation what is 2 + 2
Jose Briones
'Jose Briones' 1 week ago
what ability
Stu Pidas
'Stu Pidas' 1 week ago
Omg!!!!! 05:10
'MsCtef' 2 weeks ago
life is made with c++
ghali sooki
'ghali sooki' 2 weeks ago
Many thanks for your kind reply. You see there are 2-Type of music, 1- which positive energy when by human. Other type of music. A negative energy. All the best.
ghali sooki
'ghali sooki' 2 weeks ago
Excelent video Documentary. But There was no need for the back ground music at all. There should never ever be kind of back ground music in films and video documentries. No music please.
Gary Glover
'Gary Glover' 2 weeks ago
All I can say is, the producers of this video have absolutely no conception of the extremely complicated process of DNA replication. They are smart, and I am glad they have researched so they can tell us these amazing things. But to assume time and chance brought this about is even more amazing than the fact that it is real.
Moises Rosas
'Moises Rosas' 2 weeks ago
is this morgan freeman?
Rick Higson
'Rick Higson' 3 weeks ago
Thank you!
'xyzllii' 4 weeks ago
Music. Why the music?
'bubb3432' 4 weeks ago
Darwin's Cathedral
Maka Ayan
'Maka Ayan' 4 weeks ago
Great docu. The translator should however pay closer attention to "bacterium" (singular) and "bacteria" (Plural).
Dmitry K
'Dmitry K' 4 weeks ago
Without jokes, I want to live in a sterile room. I'm a perfectionist and it's a problem.
Alberto Salas Costa Rica
Very interesting and deep topic I cannot wait to see the improvements in health care
Venkatesh babu
'Venkatesh babu' 1 month ago
Bacteria is inevitable they created us.
'Bob's Flow Circus' 1 month ago
8:40, These bacteria. Not those. Bacteria is already plural, so it is this bacterium, or these bacteria.
Symen Symen
'Symen Symen' 1 month ago
Nothing new ....under the sun
Symen Symen
'Symen Symen' 1 month ago
Tell a human that he is part of a demigod.he will never bacteria can't.
'hocaguru' 1 month ago
A bacteria that stops sexual reproduction prevents the host species from evolving resistance to the parasite - fantastic!
Think ZONE
'Think ZONE' 1 month ago
We are not alone in the universe these are the aliens we desperately search for
Jagath Pottathil
'Jagath Pottathil' 1 month ago
Thank you 🙏
Hamza Fikri
'Hamza Fikri' 1 month ago
and still, mom doesn't like it when I wash a glass before using it; cauz I know the bacteria reproduce ...
james Jameson
'james Jameson' 1 month ago
These ae our true Gods, I personally follow their decisions and all my will goes towards its desires. It is why we look up or why they make us look up. It knows if we don't get off this rock all life on this planet will end including it/them. Respect!
yamaduta van
'yamaduta van' 1 month ago
YProblem with sience is that science believe that for any theory need to be experiment and if experiment is successful things are accepted as truth.but main believe of modern science is that life in general coming from material mather collide together and there is life.but this theory have no any practical experimental truth.this means sience believe in theory without experimental possible that scientists mix 2 matherial things and create not possible .we have practical experience that all life coming from life .any living beings have father .there is no any practical experience that from matherial ingredients life is coming.this means that science believe in main theory without any practical or experiment truth.for the and why Sience not do experiment to profe this statement that life coming from matherial ingredients.put 2 matherial ingredients together and make not possible .is like man is pretending to be milioner .you can speak to him ok you are milioner but I like to see at list 5 pounds .if he can not provide even 5 pounds that means he is not theling truth.similarly we can speak to scientists produse just one small life like ameba or virus or insect from matherial ingredients sience can not provide nothing .this means all this theory without any practical experimental just not this man he speaks he is milioner but if he can not provide even 5 pounds what is it.similarly science can not provide even one virus or bacteria from matherial ingredients what is it is just ridiculous
Pedro Sousa
'Pedro Sousa' 1 month ago
Gut feeling
Barry Cook
'Barry Cook' 1 month ago
What a dreadful, condescending, monotonous commentary. Giving up at 7:21, yuk!
'DS YAMO' 1 month ago
the more we study the harder it becomes to believe that from chaos came all of this, this systems are very complex not to be considered a design..
Veron 16
'Veron 16' 1 month ago
This video is also the syllabus teacher is teaching
Dorian Banks
'Dorian Banks' 2 months ago
Afra Afifa
'Afra Afifa' 2 months ago
Good Lord!!!! um so much in love with biology.... !!!!! nd I love studying about microbes....those little creatures!!!!
Thomas Bingel
'Thomas Bingel' 2 months ago
Amazing stuff
'DISHA TAKSANDE' 2 months ago
loved it.
Gamina Wulfsdottir
'Gamina Wulfsdottir' 2 months ago
I want to know the name of the English narrator.
Jesus Vargas
'Jesus Vargas' 2 months ago
esta bien cagado
Pegudan McPeg
'Pegudan McPeg' 2 months ago
Solomon Naz
'Solomon Naz' 2 months ago
I love Deutsche Welle (DW)
landon shields
'landon shields' 2 months ago
anyone know about anthrax hysteria please respond
landon shields
'landon shields' 2 months ago
only watching this because im forced to do a bacteria ropert by my teacher even though im in aftercare and school is over ho is not employed until mornig so he has no power over me
The Wise Old Man
'The Wise Old Man' 2 months ago
There are things having sex inside our body..?
bts jayden
'bts jayden' 2 months ago
'Kim' 2 months ago
Jerry coward egg. The chymbiont is also excreted and the mixed up with the Jerry, and the Jerry encompassed come out. And in this way, the bacteria is tranmitted from the mother to offspring, by way of the Jerry. <3
Gary Kline
'Gary Kline' 2 months ago
Suggestion: Develop a bio-robot to tackle this multi-phase project.
Jonathan Strange
'Jonathan Strange' 2 months ago
"All that can be invented, has been invented". When I see an incredible documentary like this. I can't help but think of where this will lead into new discoveries. The new discoveries and their possibilities help you to understand just how short sighted the no more inventions statement was. And then I see that there are 55 people who have disliked this video. I think they are the kind that stay trapped in the closed minded mentality that nothing else can happen or ever be invented.
'theboyuan0jcfan' 2 months ago
I wonder if circumcision is beneficial or harmful as the foreskin traps bacteria?
'ysn1024' 3 months ago
what happens if someday the same bacteria that makes female insects reproduce without the need of a male could effect mammals too? or some modified version of it.
'Jonathan' 3 months ago
ohh, how sad. i was born through cesarean, that explains why my immune system is not good :(
Brian Rappleye
'Brian Rappleye' 3 months ago
This documentary was informative but leaves questions. I want the answers.
Antonio Carlos K
'Antonio Carlos K' 3 months ago
29:55 Is wolbacchia feminism?
Marcello Di Santo
'Marcello Di Santo' 3 months ago
It is fascinating to imagine I may now think of who and what I am so differently ...not covered in bugs but rather a system where I live symbiotically not as an individual but as a team of individuals. Like a rainbow, there are certainly parts, but it’s the whole spectrum of colors which make it beautiful and whole 🌈
lorem ipsum
'lorem ipsum' 3 months ago
guess we can thank to bacteria for internet and everything .. anyway, I'm not surprised that we are part of bigger ecosystem .. Earth ecosystem
mop bucket
'mop bucket' 3 months ago
great work.. thanks 4 thw vid :-)microbes are just as important as AI. We all share 10% of common microbes. MANY OF THESES COMMUNITIES ARE ESSENTIAL FOR HEALTHY CITIZENS. What is economic mindset destorying with its politics, weaponry and unnatural laws.
'Phoenix' 3 months ago
23:30 - This gives a whole new meaning to the term, "I couldn't give a shit".
Patty and Buster Show
I try to be a good host. Late stage Lyme. Still, the spirochettes aren't running me into walls
Kasi Eswari
'Kasi Eswari' 3 months ago
It's really wonderful video
DH Seret
'DH Seret' 3 months ago
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alex serrano
'alex serrano' 3 months ago
Who are these people that dislike these forward thinking documentaries? I truly enjoyed this video and definitely appreciate DW for sparking my curiosity to learn more about this subject. @DW Please post updates when new microbiome discoveries & case studies are released! Thanks!
Hrh Fish
'Hrh Fish' 3 months ago
Just wanted to say that this is one of the reasons that the Bible is BS. How could a book written over 2000 years ago know anything about subjects like this?
Jessica P
'Jessica P' 3 months ago
So in part we are controlled by bacteria. How much of apart?
'Tadesan' 3 months ago
He also has never heard of the word heirarchy...
'rubiks6' 3 months ago
lightdark00 - Go back and watch the video again starting from (21:00) for about 2 minutes. Listen carefully, this time. At (22:08), the researcher tells us, "What surprised us was that _food,_ geography, and also gender and age apparently have no impact." At (22:43), the narrator, talking about our _enterotype,_ tells us, "What type we are _does not depend_ on our environment, our sex, our age, or _even on our diet._ --------------------------------------- Your animal hugging ideas come from your evolutionary thinking. The Earth and it's diverse biosystems were designed and created for the benefit of Mankind. We may eat the animals or experiment on the animals or turn them into pets. They are here for us. We should respect and be good stewards of the Earth and its creatures because it is all Goᴅ's creation, but it is here for us. No animal thinks about Goᴅ or forms a relationship with Him - only people. Next time you take a shower, imagine all the animals you're destroying. Even cows get some proteins from bugs and bug eggs on the grasses they eat. Life comes from life.
Kiril Jerigin
'Kiril Jerigin' 3 months ago
This is great. I discovered DW docu thanks to my interest in systemic problems of society, and it proved very interesting. But then unlike many channels that criticize the status quo, this has some amazing and fascinating stuff that is done within the system. And it brings hope. (which is just another name for anxiety, but I don't care, this is a comment in English after all.)
'JAKE SKYWALKER' 3 months ago
Jerry was a race car driver
paulo c
'paulo c' 3 months ago
How gorgeous is that French guy Gregoire Chevalier! ~38:00
'Get-The-Lead-Out.45' 4 months ago
Oh that's nice! So how many fat people just now said bingo, there's the latest addition to my excuse rolodex... it's not my fault, it's my fecal bugs making me fat and not my own lack of self-control
'EuphoricBacon' 4 months ago
For anyone else looking for another great documentary that's related to this, watch 'The Gut: Our Second Brain' released 2013
Frank Blangeard
'Frank Blangeard' 4 months ago
copyrighted in 2016 so it is relatively recent even though it is 480p
Josué Chandler
'Josué Chandler' 4 months ago
Can I please have the name of that worm that has no mouth or anus?
Yamir Aguero
'Yamir Aguero' 4 months ago
15:06 Jerry
pastor Larry
'pastor Larry' 4 months ago
God is awesome!
'Satan's Trilogy' 4 months ago
mario rico
'mario rico' 4 months ago
I used to be germophobic long time ago but the more i start understanding about them the less i become afraid.
Never Mind
'Never Mind' 4 months ago
no ads... you win dw doco ... subscribed
elizabeth cortes
'elizabeth cortes' 4 months ago
come get some of the mice or rats in NY they are bold and not scare of anything
YouTube administrator
i love the voice of the narrator. really good and something different from usual.
'coenijn' 4 months ago
To anyone who thinks this documentary is very interesting I'd like to suggest reading Ed Yong's book _I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life._ It's a fantastic book that addresses many of the same topics from this documentary, is very well sourced (as you'd expect from a doctor in biochemistry) and really pulls you in. His TED Talk about parasites is fantastic by the way, Yong has a good sense of humour but he is also very capable at explaining simplified difficult concepts/topics without dumbing them down too much. The TED Talk is a good introduction into the way his book is written as well. Link:
The EpicCenter
'The EpicCenter' 4 months ago
To be honest, we’re all just a bunch of cells trying to understand themselves
Marika Dye
'Marika Dye' 4 months ago
I see this was published as of this year but why is some of the info not up-to-date? When was the original video released? Anyone know?
Ian Ian
'Ian Ian' 4 months ago
Human Centiworm gonna struggle if that's the sequel....
Ian Ian
'Ian Ian' 4 months ago
Behave! All you bacteria - before I break out the Domestos!
Ian Ian
'Ian Ian' 4 months ago
Bacteria are baddass!!!!
Ian Ian
'Ian Ian' 4 months ago
I blame it on the parents....' bacteria!
Sherry Hissner
'Sherry Hissner' 4 months ago
This video may induce existential angst lol you've been warned
'Fw' 4 months ago
u should watch this amazing video
Tommy Victor Buch
'Tommy Victor Buch' 5 months ago
Kissing your girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband will never be the same again.
'PEPSI JAZZ' 5 months ago
3:30 Steve Jobs did not come out with the first computer
Leroy D Brown
'Leroy D Brown' 5 months ago
Fascinating. Thanks for uploading 👍
Suyash Shrivastava
'Suyash Shrivastava' 5 months ago
all hail Takema Fukatsu. Great work.
Joe Al
'Joe Al' 5 months ago
Do a documentary on Carl Zeiss, Wilhelm Maybach, Gottlieb Daimler, and Ferdinand Porsche
Savage Savant
'Savage Savant' 5 months ago
Seeing as how many bodily functions are dependent upon microscopic symbiotic relationships, I'm willing to bet that the cure for cancer or, the key to extending human life etc, will be found via the discovery of specific symbiotic relationships within our own bodies!
'Moronvideos1940' 5 months ago
I downloaded this. I believe I've seen it before under a different name.....
PineappleGamer YT
'PineappleGamer YT' 5 months ago
Why did he call it Jerry instead of jelly
'JC CC' 5 months ago
Great !!
Hüseyin Volkan kurun
it is so logical so mitochondrion can be a bacteria at the first, it has own dna.
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