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How to pray to God-"Agbara Adura"Latest 2016 Trending Islamic Prayer by Sheikh Iyanu Olohun -
Published: 7 months ago By: Sheikh Jamiu Iyanu Olohun

By: Sheikh Jamiu Iyanu OlohunPublished: 7 months ago

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This prayer was done by Sheikh Jamiu Iyanu Olohun.May Allah answer ur prayer. Ameen.Stay Tuned!.

Ayomide Brigt
'Ayomide Brigt' 23 hours ago
Ramatou Bach
'Ramatou Bach' 4 days ago
Amen same to you I love you Allah bless you abundantly
Kaoussara Laleye
'Kaoussara Laleye' 5 days ago
Masha Allah
Kehinde Ajoke Omoloye
Ameen yah Allah
Olasumbo Abassy
'Olasumbo Abassy' 2 weeks ago
Amen olorun
Baliqes Omolara
'Baliqes Omolara' 2 weeks ago
allahumo amin
balkis abiola
'balkis abiola' 2 weeks ago
Aaminnnnnn yah rabb
Fisayo Bal Ogun Fisayomi
Shade adewale
'Shade adewale' 3 weeks ago
Allahu akbar
Pretty Luv
'Pretty Luv' 4 weeks ago
Allahumo Amin yah Allahu
Abduljabbar Purritty
Allahuma Ameen Suma Ameen
Akorede Olaiya
'Akorede Olaiya' 4 weeks ago
Allah is wonderful and so unpredictable, amin
Alani Omolola
'Alani Omolola' 1 month ago
Haidy Ola
'Haidy Ola' 1 month ago
Masha Allah
Opeyemin Abdul
'Opeyemin Abdul' 1 month ago
Allahuma Amin ya Allah
tijani sheu
'tijani sheu' 1 month ago
Amiin yah Allahu..
Banire Bukola
'Banire Bukola' 2 months ago
ameeeeeeeeeeen aaaaaaaameen suma ameen. Man's ha Allah.
Badru Omotayo
'Badru Omotayo' 2 months ago
Aameen Ya Robil
Adejoke Ruqayya Eniola
✴Amina yarob✴
Dahood Raheem
'Dahood Raheem' 2 months ago
Maa shaa Allah
Fatimah Odekeye
'Fatimah Odekeye' 2 months ago
Latifa Hassan
'Latifa Hassan' 2 months ago
Aamin Aamin Aamin Na yah Allah
Alimot Alabede
'Alimot Alabede' 2 months ago
aaamina kunfayakun
Omotola kosemani
'Omotola kosemani' 2 months ago
amen ya Allah
Ganniheart Baby
'Ganniheart Baby' 2 months ago
Amin yaa Allahu
Dupe Bosslady
'Dupe Bosslady' 2 months ago
Saidat Shonibare
'Saidat Shonibare' 3 months ago
Tinuke Kareem
'Tinuke Kareem' 3 months ago
Amin ya Allah
Rasheed Adeleke
'Rasheed Adeleke' 3 months ago
Amina Kunfayakun, I pray for long life with wisdom for our Sheikh
Sun Body
'Sun Body' 3 months ago
shile ola
'shile ola' 3 months ago
amin na yaa allahu
Mustapha Adeola
'Mustapha Adeola' 3 months ago
Allahumo Ameen
Ajoke Abiola
'Ajoke Abiola' 3 months ago
Amin ye Allah
Nickigold Mariam
'Nickigold Mariam' 4 months ago
Amin Na yah Robbi🙌🙌🙌
Sodiq Ayinla
'Sodiq Ayinla' 4 months ago
Rahmatallah afolarin
'Rahmatallah afolarin' 4 months ago
amin ko lorungba maasha allah
'Fatimo' 4 months ago
Amin nah ya Allahu
Sekinat Bukola
'Sekinat Bukola' 4 months ago
Ameen ya Allah
Omotayo Akanmu
'Omotayo Akanmu' 4 months ago
Jellysweet Online
'Jellysweet Online' 4 months ago
Baraka llahu fihi
Jellysweet Online
'Jellysweet Online' 4 months ago
Baraka llahu fihi
Jellysweet Online
'Jellysweet Online' 4 months ago
very interest dear
Jellysweet Online
'Jellysweet Online' 4 months ago
very interest dear
God is Good All the time
Amen ijn
shukran shukran
'shukran shukran' 4 months ago
Amin. Amin. Amin,amina ya allah.
Bolar Adebola
'Bolar Adebola' 4 months ago
amin ooo
Agoro mira
'Agoro mira' 4 months ago
Oluwadamilola Hamzat
'Oluwadamilola Hamzat' 4 months ago
Yusuf Odukoya
'Yusuf Odukoya' 5 months ago
Really Really interesting. .👍
Kmoney Ajoke
'Kmoney Ajoke' 5 months ago
Amin naakufaayakun
Azeezat Olajumoke
'Azeezat Olajumoke' 5 months ago
Allahumma Aameen. pls how can I download this video
Lateef Jimoh
'Lateef Jimoh' 5 months ago
Allahuma Amin
Falilat Adeduntan
'Falilat Adeduntan' 5 months ago
Don Royal
'Don Royal' 5 months ago
Mohammed Aribidesi
'Mohammed Aribidesi' 5 months ago
May Allah give us guidance
'MOOR RAHMON' 6 months ago
Amin yah Allah 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Kehinde Aina
'Kehinde Aina' 6 months ago
amin naa yah Allah
Rashidah Daudu
'Rashidah Daudu' 6 months ago
Agboola Fathi
'Agboola Fathi' 6 months ago
Ameen na yaa Allah
Kofo Fola
'Kofo Fola' 6 months ago
Kofo Fola
'Kofo Fola' 6 months ago
lati adio
'lati adio' 6 months ago
Allahu Akbar
TNA Vids
'TNA Vids' 6 months ago
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