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going from cutscene graphics to in-game graphics -
Published: 1 year ago By: ProZD

By: ProZDPublished: 1 year ago

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Dead Channel Sun
'Dead Channel Sun' 9 hours ago
So true unless if it is GTA 5
Dead Channel Sun
'Dead Channel Sun' 9 hours ago
That is so true
OG Zephyr
'OG Zephyr' 24 hours ago
Rainbow Six Siege cinematics
'AnnieGivesUp15' 1 day ago
Lixxie Licious
'Lixxie Licious' 2 days ago
This is like reverse for Persona 5 since the animated cutscenes suck so hard
gangsta charizard
'gangsta charizard' 2 days ago
Ah a fellow homestar fan!
'KireusG' 2 days ago
Crisis Core
Gator Rocks
'Gator Rocks' 2 days ago
i wonder... did he have to film this multiple times and run into the wall multiple times just to get the shot right?
AJ Styles fan
'AJ Styles fan' 2 days ago
This is basically PS1 in a nutshell
'124Nightwing' 4 days ago
Dragon Age.
Antonella L
'Antonella L' 1 week ago
The walking into walls part was way too accurate😂
'NegativeNanase' 1 week ago
"HA HA HA HA HA" ~Tidus
Firefore Gaming
'Firefore Gaming' 2 weeks ago
“ahem” diablo
The Original Duplicate
GreyLandGainz 69
'GreyLandGainz 69' 2 weeks ago
'badwinkles' 2 weeks ago
damn kh spoiled
'BallOfBlood' 2 weeks ago
Ubisoft Simulator.
CommenterOf Truth
'CommenterOf Truth' 2 weeks ago
Extremely accurate
Thecrazykid Elise
'Thecrazykid Elise' 2 weeks ago
Eddie The Cat
'Eddie The Cat' 2 weeks ago
Final fantasy in a nutshell
fafnir thelagaardianhaxorus
........................... *flashbacks to when I played etrian odyssey untold 1*
Judith Rios
'Judith Rios' 2 weeks ago
You horse's ass.......😢
'Idristardis' 2 weeks ago
'Ostrich' 2 weeks ago
without a doubt my all time fav prozd vid
happy b
'happy b' 2 weeks ago
i love this new kingdom hearts 2.75 trailer
Ian Austin
'Ian Austin' 3 weeks ago
I thought the KH in game graphics werent that far off from the cutscenes. Then again, I've only played the 1.5 + 2.5 Final Mix collection on PS4.
'Joueki' 3 weeks ago
my first thought was danganronpa ultra despair girls 😂
That Guy
'That Guy' 3 weeks ago
Pokémon XY/ORAS.
Kyra Bell
'Kyra Bell' 3 weeks ago
When I saw the title I immediately thought of KH
Nowon & DPool Productions
It was so relatable back then
Deborah B
'Deborah B' 3 weeks ago
I wasn't prepared for you hitting your head against the wall at the end so I almost snorted the water I was drinking out of my nose
deni sherlock
'deni sherlock' 3 weeks ago
Riku, your horse is ass...
Valentine Ainsley
'Valentine Ainsley' 3 weeks ago
FFVII in a shell nut
'turbotrup96' 4 weeks ago
well, in most KH games the only difference is the 2D face instead of the 3D "expressive" one used in the cutcenes which you showed well.
thorntendo bros
'thorntendo bros' 4 weeks ago
Sonic 06
Nintendo Born
'Nintendo Born' 4 weeks ago
What a horse's ass
sameer wari
'sameer wari' 4 weeks ago
mafia 3 in a nutshell
Spy Devil
Call of duty wwii gameplay single player
Zach Campbell
'Zach Campbell' 1 month ago
Now I wanna play kingdom hearts 2 lol I miss traverse town
llafè saviers
'llafè saviers' 1 month ago
Look up the dead by daylight cutscenes then look up the gameplay
An anonymous user surfing the web
Yah ey *oof*
'Penswayed' 1 month ago
F a b l e
The doom guy Guy
'The doom guy Guy' 1 month ago
Reverse this in the case of deus ex MD
paetrick teh ster
'paetrick teh ster' 1 month ago
Fire emblem 3ds games
'Huntsworth' 1 month ago
Silent Hill 2 (2001)
matthew williams
'matthew williams' 1 month ago
Silverz 银
'Silverz 银' 1 month ago
It's like sonic 06 lmaooo
'Poipole49' 1 month ago
Modern 3D Pokémon Games in a Nutshell
'whYLiE09' 1 month ago
Such great dialogue
Zane Edwards
'Zane Edwards' 1 month ago
Don’t make fun of my main man Riku
yuri ruzemberg
'yuri ruzemberg' 1 month ago
fucking halo 2 remastered ediition
Emerald Dragon600
'Emerald Dragon600' 1 month ago
I laughed like a horses ass when it went to in game
'Bench' 1 month ago
Youtube is the new Vine
lulu key
'lulu key' 1 month ago
Did someone say Fire Emblem?
Pedro Cruz-Vargas
'Pedro Cruz-Vargas' 1 month ago
Kingdom Hearts is an awesome series...
Diddley Dorito
'Diddley Dorito' 1 month ago
I like how the actual joke in the video is not nearly as funny as "Riku you horse's ass"
The dweeb Weeb
'The dweeb Weeb' 1 month ago
This is more accurate than an atomic clock
Josh Ferrer
'Josh Ferrer' 1 month ago
They put more money into the cutscenes than in the gameplay
Bryan Bishop
'Bryan Bishop' 1 month ago
Idk if you knew that wall was there
Default Name
'Default Name' 1 month ago
Plastic Fork
'Plastic Fork' 1 month ago
World of Warcraft my children
'GURGLEGUY12345' 1 month ago
Yeah. It ruins one of the most emotional scenes in Xenoblade Chronicles, too...
cassia steven
'cassia steven' 1 month ago
This is art
'E' 1 month ago
I actually laughed.
'Ultron3925' 1 month ago
This video is *m a g i c a l*
MissMash !
'MissMash !' 1 month ago
Do you ever find yourself rewatching all 70 and counting of ProZD’s skits in a row
Wicked Ameba
'Wicked Ameba' 1 month ago
Reku! Why?!
'Serenade' 1 month ago
New Overwatch Cinema Leaked
Sooper Spoocial
'Sooper Spoocial' 1 month ago
SO TRUE!!!!!!
'FelixFTW' 2 months ago
Ooohh a cutscene in the new Tomb Raider...lemme just amp the graphics up and THERE WE GO LARA IS HOT AGAIN...ah shit actual gameplay we're at 34 fps this is just on my laptop tho luckily i have a desktop
RMLSGamer Gamer
'RMLSGamer Gamer' 2 months ago
Kingdom hearts❤❤
Megan Morris
'Megan Morris' 2 months ago
persona 5!! the anime parts make me so happy then going back to regular graphics takes a bit to get used to again it’s weird 😂
'E D Y' 2 months ago
*cough* *cough* Fire emblem *cough* *cough*
The Dreamer Over There
I want to believe him walking into the wall wasn't intentional
'concernedCoryphee' 2 months ago
you can say fire emblem it's ok
'LadyJosie' 2 months ago
.... the memory flood jesus christ...
'Ellifter' 2 months ago
Silent Hill 1
jigpy 1
'jigpy 1' 2 months ago
Breath of the wild
Almighty Dongers
'Almighty Dongers' 2 months ago
You Horse's Ass
Wolfy Sparks
'Wolfy Sparks' 2 months ago
Omfg this is so true with kh the opening animation is so good yhen we get to in game cutscenes....
God of Destruction Beerus
You horse's ass
Kitty Hawk
'Kitty Hawk' 2 months ago
Monster Hunter in a shell nut
EchoGay Bald Fith
'EchoGay Bald Fith' 2 months ago
Rinku zoe
'Rinku zoe' 2 months ago
Final fantasy 10
Mkwii64 Bup
'Mkwii64 Bup' 2 months ago
Pepper Shacker
'Pepper Shacker' 2 months ago
This describes halo wars 2 in a nut shell cutscenes are gorgeous game graphics are crap
'[GD]Crinj' 2 months ago
'Badtimekev' 2 months ago
Kingdom hearts in a nutshell
'calc_' 2 months ago
**cutscene ends** YA HEY **slams into wall**
'Jackpatkinson4' 2 months ago
Now cutscenes are just made in the game’s engine instead of rendered separately.
A weapon to surpass metal gear.
Seems like me when I first played Halo reach.
Papyrucage Masked
'Papyrucage Masked' 2 months ago
For some reason after someone chats once their done they bump into a wall
'Superluigi881' 2 months ago
"Because I'm the worst." That's my response to any time some one asks me how I managed to fucked something up.
TheLemonLimeBrony Official
I like how no one is questioning why you have a mask of your own face
Your Awesome
'Your Awesome' 2 months ago
So like final fantasy X
'NickP61494' 2 months ago
Heyah. Enh. *'whump'*
Raid Master
'Raid Master' 2 months ago
*cough* Diablo *cough*
Aqua Purificotta
'Aqua Purificotta' 2 months ago
Hey look, it's Sega.
Metal Gear Link
'Metal Gear Link' 2 months ago
I was actually thinking Kingdom Hearts when I saw this video title. Even if the graphics don't actually change in cut scenes.
'Roxer' 2 months ago
When I first go KH1 on ps2 I assumed that the game looked as good as the cinematics during the begining. When I first started playing I was like wtf.
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