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going from cutscene graphics to in-game graphics -
Published: 2 months ago By: ProZD

By: ProZDPublished: 2 months ago

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'ThePie34567' 3 days ago
ps2 graphics
'kupotenshi' 5 days ago
This has more plot consistency than the actual game
Akhiloth Cadava
'Akhiloth Cadava' 7 days ago
It was the opposite in deus ex human revolution
Darnell Zanders
'Darnell Zanders' 1 week ago
I love the fact that he is using a legit key as a keyblade with the chain attached😂
'Uncertaiin' 1 week ago
the ubisoft downgrade
Jack Power
'Jack Power' 1 week ago
Here for that H*R keychain
'moi' 1 week ago
Mr. Savage
'Mr. Savage' 1 week ago
I liked the video before it even started playing. Lol love this guy
Shaise Mughal
'Shaise Mughal' 2 weeks ago
Ubisoft downgrades.
'TheCrunchyCow' 2 weeks ago
The production effort 👌
Sir Caco D. Mon
'Sir Caco D. Mon' 2 weeks ago
It's still funny but you should've made this 10 years ago X)
Nicole M
'Nicole M' 2 weeks ago
those sounds at the end were spot on
Nintation Playstendo
that is so realistic though and messed up
'marioplushdude9089' 3 weeks ago
basically Sonic 06
'XELI' 3 weeks ago
golden, just sums up kingdom hearts graphics for me. thanks... btw was he just using his house keys? xD
'AloversGaming' 3 weeks ago
I love FF8 (suck it, 7), but this is basically the disappointment I feel every time the game starts after that legendary opening cutscene.
'ThunderWarp' 3 weeks ago
Final Fantasy 7 anyone?
Super Weegee 35
'Super Weegee 35' 4 weeks ago
So true 😂
David Thomas
'David Thomas' 4 weeks ago
well this didn't happen in uncharted 4 ......
'Jesta' 4 weeks ago
SO TRUE! Especially the older games and I guess you can count OverWatch too cause their cinematics are gorgeous.
'BestOfTheBest' 4 weeks ago
Man you vids are toooo funny
'kiwitowel' 4 weeks ago
When I first saw the title I immediately thought of Kingdom Hearts
Shqipe Morina
'Shqipe Morina' 4 weeks ago
But in the HD 2.8 Prolouge game... the graphics are actually really good.
Awkward Jayson
'Awkward Jayson' 4 weeks ago
'lousyacrobat' 4 weeks ago
'Bradhp11' 4 weeks ago
Why are you showing gameplay of the 360 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider
Sean O
'Sean O'Reilly' 4 weeks ago
Oh god the realness
Jacob Foehrkolb
'Jacob Foehrkolb' 1 month ago
Hey Kingdom Hearts... Just like my profile pic
Jordan Hart
'Jordan Hart' 1 month ago
20XX Gaming
'20XX Gaming' 1 month ago
Fire Emblem...
'InfinityBison' 1 month ago
Nice Homestar key-chain my dude.
DJ Kent
'DJ Kent' 1 month ago
I feel like this is most noticeable with Xenoblade
'Liuhuayue' 1 month ago
That ending actually made me laugh so hard. Bumping face first into walls is scarily accurate to so many RPGs.
Beckt Ception
'Beckt Ception' 1 month ago
Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch) vs Breath of the Wild (Wii U)
'Azim' 1 month ago
cuz I'm the worst. New answer for every question anyone's going to ask me
Eshan Kumar
'Eshan Kumar' 1 month ago
more kingdom hearts!!!
Joshua Millard
'Joshua Millard' 1 month ago
Swtor trailer vs game
Aversion Shipping
'Aversion Shipping' 1 month ago
I noticed the difference graphics in final fantasy x2
'KOTD BROFIST08' 1 month ago
God of war in a nutshell
Thitigorn Jiruttigorn
Almost every JRPG ever ! (some have top notch graphic, but didn't seem to put much effort in motion capture. )
'DoodDC1' 1 month ago
Kingdom Hearts music...very appropriate
WadiYaTalkinAbeet ?
'WadiYaTalkinAbeet ?' 1 month ago
fire emblem
James Boyce
'James Boyce' 1 month ago
what the?
'AuroraKnux' 1 month ago
This is accurate for pretty much every game I've ever played (that has these types of cutscenes at least) 😂
'ObeyTheAlien' 1 month ago
Every RPG cutscene?
_ GaMing
'_ GaMing' 1 month ago
You could have titled this video "Ubisoft in a Nutshell"
'krookyj' 1 month ago
R I K U Y O U H O R S E ' S A S S
'TwistedTv' 1 month ago
I like how he still had his glasses on under the mask
Jared De Leon
'Jared De Leon' 1 month ago
I don't get it, it's just a screen captured video of him playing Kingdom Hearts.
'spindash64' 1 month ago
I think this is why Miyamoto doesn't like using CG.
'mmmxlaser' 1 month ago
it's the opposite with pc
'Declan' 1 month ago
Halo 5.
Pierre Tremblay
'Pierre Tremblay' 1 month ago
Ahahahahah :)
when the cringe is too strong
this channel is a goldmine
'Videos' 1 month ago
The Crew
Prodigy Russell
'Prodigy Russell' 1 month ago
This is way too accurate XD
'locksh' 1 month ago
This is fucking top notch comedy, never stop.
'GuitaraObscura' 1 month ago
I love the little 2D mouths they have in the game when the characters talk
Hunter Wade
'Hunter Wade' 1 month ago
This scared the hell outta me when I saw this high. Try and watch this high wow.
'SuperrRadar' 1 month ago
'Thomas' 1 month ago
But FFXV doe
'ElementOfWater' 1 month ago
lol like in pokemon sun when you summoned solgaleo its some epic cutscene where you played flutes or some shit but then after the cutscene it just went back to chibi lol
'AnimeBro' 1 month ago
ffx as always
Sir Wright
'Sir Wright' 1 month ago
oh my god youtube auto captions can detect music now
'lousyacrobat' 2 months ago
this is my favorite thing on the internets right now. well this and the yoda song.
Everybody loves him some Kingdom Hearts.
MushuSushiMan L
'MushuSushiMan L' 2 months ago
*Y O U H O R S E S A S S*
funny original meme
'funny original meme' 2 months ago
Final Fantasy 7
'Brandidoubi' 2 months ago
what does he say? " your horse's ass"...?
Setsuna F Seiei
'Setsuna F Seiei' 2 months ago
Yakuza in a nutshell.
Papa Yu
'Papa Yu' 2 months ago
omg this shit is hilarious
'nicholaskingmequeen' 2 months ago
Riku, you horse's ass! *YOU HORSE'S ASS*
Someone Nonexistent
'Someone Nonexistent' 2 months ago
This made me laugh, this guy's content is really great. Refreshing to see, keep it up dude.
'Ikiez' 2 months ago
Imagine if you were to visit this guy's house with no idea of his youtube videos and just see a mask of his own face laying around
'Ehhh_sure' 2 months ago
can someone explain this to me?
'GlitchMaster2' 2 months ago
'Crowborn' 2 months ago
This video was perfect
'Deathpool' 2 months ago
halo 2 anniversary
'Brodbrody' 2 months ago
When you defeat a boss cut scene then end up back outside.
March Hare
'March Hare' 2 months ago
Professor Layton anyone ?
Gabe Valdez
'Gabe Valdez' 2 months ago
That thump at the end killed me.
'Haley' 2 months ago
'fcukausername' 2 months ago
This man is a modern genius.
'teubert2' 2 months ago
I literally want a game with that dialogue in a cutscene lol...
'Trynedge' 2 months ago
Buahahahha oh man
'd4rk_unicorn' 2 months ago
on pc I have the opposite problem haha
'phoenixsplash135' 2 months ago
solid music choice
Zelda Trash
'Zelda Trash' 2 months ago
'Riku, you horses ass!' I'm dying
'GreedAndSelfishness' 2 months ago
I hate that a shit game has to have guy named Riku. My name is Riku.
'night1952' 2 months ago
Remember the PS1 era?
Anicarbo moston
'Anicarbo moston' 2 months ago
kingdom hearts song? in kingdom hearts cutscenes and in-game graphics have the same graphics
'MΔRQUOISE' 2 months ago
Your videos are so accurate it's unreal, honestly
Jay Oh
'Jay Oh' 2 months ago
wat song is that at the end
sam sora
'sam sora' 2 months ago
The Unkindled
'The Unkindled' 2 months ago
Final Fantasy XV, though.
'-Fushisu-' 2 months ago
Sad but true xD
'RobotWillie' 2 months ago
Hmmm, maybe this is one reason Rockstar games are so good, they seamlessly add the cut-scenes, you don't see any transition and its just part of the rest of whats going on. I love games that incorporate whatever gear you are wearing into the cutscene too, its not just a pre-recorded scene in a sense. But games have been getting good at that in the last 5-10 years. And I know Rockstar isn't the only one like this, they are just the one I can remember right now.
'Eadrix' 2 months ago
that's fucking hilarious
'Sans' 2 months ago
Console things. Everytime I watch a cutscene/cinematic on PC it ends up being much worse quality and 30fps locked.
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