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going from cutscene graphics to in-game graphics -
Published: 5 months ago By: ProZD

By: ProZDPublished: 5 months ago

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Jeffrey Stone
'Jeffrey Stone' 57 minutes ago
Shoutout to the Homestar Runner Keychain!
Adam Kocur
'Adam Kocur' 4 hours ago
You horses ass
'VGE' 4 hours ago
"Honey, what are you doing?" "...Printing a mask of myself..."
Brian Fuller
'Brian Fuller' 13 hours ago
Complete and total aside: That's a HomestarRunner keychain! I got that keychain, too, when I was 16 years old. I still use it today, and I just turned 30.
'starcircle' 14 hours ago
Is that a Homestarrunner keychain??? :D
'Daniel' 14 hours ago
god damn this guy fuckin sucks and every one of his shitty videos is loved by faggots from reddit
'Eastsidedirtykid' 15 hours ago
can't trust cinematic trailers anymore because of this.
Zac Partridge
'Zac Partridge' 18 hours ago
"You horse's ass... you horse's ass."
Danny Cam
'Danny Cam' 19 hours ago
yeah u see them in the intro and go "oh wow they're so pretty!" then u get to the actual game and it's like "are these the same ppl....??"
phillip khang
'phillip khang' 1 day ago
so tru
Wii not fit
'Wii not fit' 2 days ago
fallout users dont have to worry about this
Ed SkyNight
'Ed SkyNight' 2 days ago
If anyone asks what naruto is just show this as a example
'Sawnik' 6 days ago
Catzel1 Ps4
'Catzel1 Ps4' 6 days ago
This is to Asian for me....... And I'm Asian
Victoria W
'Victoria W' 7 days ago
Fear not, Kingdom hearts 3 will have less derpy default faces.
Daniel Gonzalez
'Daniel Gonzalez' 1 week ago
'rofyle' 1 week ago
Many pixels died in the making of this video.
Epic Channel
'Epic Channel' 1 week ago
super true
'Warvvolf' 1 week ago
This dude is married? To a woman? What!
'Bryant_4312' 1 week ago
kingdom hearts.
'ActuallyDavid' 1 week ago
yay bioshock poster
Darth Vix
'Darth Vix' 1 week ago
Ever my Halo game
'licorice79' 1 week ago
Where can one find this face mask? 🤔
'glquam07' 1 week ago
here i am wondering how he's going to go from cutscene graphics to game graphics and he goes and prints out a picture of his face. XD I"M DONE!
'Lobo' 1 week ago
i love the switch from dramatic soundtrack to grass village ost.
Ninja of Light
'Ninja of Light' 1 week ago
The cutscene isn't that good either...
'linux750' 1 week ago
Good satire. I've been waiting on in-game graphics to look as good as cut-scene graphics for years now. The games in PlayStation 4 look pretty close, but I think the PlayStation 8 will be the console that will truly close that gap.
Kim Miranda
'Kim Miranda' 1 week ago
lmao the key for the keyblade....
harpoony g
'harpoony g' 1 week ago
Kingdom Hearts in a nutshell
'Blown4banger' 1 week ago
Let's not forget that the boss fight against Riku, is unbelievably hard.
'UnCon' 2 weeks ago
If that's not the most accurate representation of Kingdom Hearts! [And other games of that Era!]
Official Makna
'Official Makna' 2 weeks ago
Hey it's Sonic 06
Blu the Scout
'Blu the Scout' 2 weeks ago
FF7 >brick hands, low-res background images >cutscenes are fucking amazing quality (at the time)
Namae Nai
'Namae Nai' 2 weeks ago
Anyone have a link to the scene this is inspired from (if it is)?
'Giereroid' 2 weeks ago
what music is that
'Ksavage2010' 2 weeks ago
Riku's explanation is so damn accurate if you think about it.
OneWingedDash OWD
'OneWingedDash OWD' 2 weeks ago
Final Fantasy 12 Persona 4 Sonic 06 Sonic Adventure 2
Bradley Arsenault
'Bradley Arsenault' 2 weeks ago
LIterally and I mean literally loaded up kingdom hearts two and started a new file not 1 hour before watching this video for the first time ever. Love these coincidences!
Funnel Cake
'Funnel Cake' 2 weeks ago
This is so true it hurts.....
Darth Distortion
'Darth Distortion' 2 weeks ago
Playing FE echoes and thinking of this
'DANKdoge' 2 weeks ago
Dark souls 2 be like
Joe Hartman
'Joe Hartman' 2 weeks ago
Riku you horse's ass! 😂
Roxas The 13th Member
kh reference much? XD
'kant' 2 weeks ago
Too good
i laughed way harder than I should have
Jesus  Bravo
'Jesus Bravo' 2 weeks ago
Spiderman 1 anyone?
Eric Jonas
'Eric Jonas' 2 weeks ago
I love you bro
Ferny Lara: also known as Lionstar
Hecking Riku
Whispy Whaddle
'Whispy Whaddle' 2 weeks ago
9/10 would've been perfect if you taped a printed picture of a shirt to your shirt
Ninjacoop10 _
'Ninjacoop10 _' 2 weeks ago
Hyrule Warriors Legends for the 3DS. Nuff said.
Snowtato XL
'Snowtato XL' 2 weeks ago
Mister Man
'Mister Man' 2 weeks ago
most prominent in final fantasy X
Swis ArmyFist
'Swis ArmyFist' 2 weeks ago
Aaryan Bhatia
'Aaryan Bhatia' 2 weeks ago
tekken 5 dr
Grandmaster Sparky
'Grandmaster Sparky' 3 weeks ago
The fade in/out through black is what makes this so accurate.
A Jazzy Gamer
'A Jazzy Gamer' 3 weeks ago
Let's just change the "Graphics" to audio and there. Now that's the best way to describe GTA:San Andreas
Bradley tiller
'Bradley tiller' 3 weeks ago
Kaien Dragon
'Kaien Dragon' 4 weeks ago
Holy fuk so true especially the KH2 ending XD
'Taylord' 4 weeks ago
now one us has to get haley joel osment say on record "riku you horses ass!"
Cashmeoutsidehowbowdat XD
The Unoriginal Youtube Account
Final Fantasy 7
'JRV95' 1 month ago
Are we just gonna ignore the fact he had a key in his hand??? Lmao
Frost Sanctum
'Frost Sanctum' 1 month ago
StarCraft 2....
Juniper The Gamer
'Juniper The Gamer' 1 month ago
Dream Drop Distance embodies this video perfectly...
mariodrgon exe
'mariodrgon exe' 1 month ago
Fire emblem in the 14 seconds
Ethendor Reviews
'Ethendor Reviews' 1 month ago
I notice this all the time in ffx where they change from pre-rendered cutscenes to in game graphics cutscenes
David Slaughter
'David Slaughter' 1 month ago
this dude is a genius
'Prince' 1 month ago
Games like Uncharted 4, MGS had amazing cutscene to gameplay graphics. There's only few devs that really suck with this kind of work.
'Minchken' 1 month ago
The driver series taught me about that.
Artyom Fomin
'Artyom Fomin' 1 month ago
busby 3d
'afroallura' 1 month ago
Alyssa Mata
'Alyssa Mata' 1 month ago
I feel attacked somehow...
Khaled King
'Khaled King' 1 month ago
You're one of the funniest youtubers out there
'Naiuhz' 1 month ago
What were the soundtracks used?
'puppyhowler' 1 month ago
i guess we know where most of the game's budget went to XD
'YanLongnu' 1 month ago
lol I used to call it level 1 and level 3 graphics
Jason Kyo
'Jason Kyo' 1 month ago
dude your amazing
Universe 67
'Universe 67' 1 month ago
"Riku, you horse's ass!😭" Funniest shit I've heard so far this year.
'Mystery' 2 months ago
I love that he sounds exactly like Sora's voice actor
'daotakugirl' 2 months ago
Why is this so accurate to the actual game XD
Jubair Huq
'Jubair Huq' 2 months ago
In Kingdom Hearts there's no difference
'Xeroxas' 2 months ago
I love this game but cmon man this is too true
Ghoul †
'Ghoul †' 2 months ago
Destiny cutscene graphics
Daniel Shao
'Daniel Shao' 2 months ago
When the trailer says not actual gameplay
Rusty Cog
'Rusty Cog' 2 months ago
the best one so far
'AlbeitBeast' 2 months ago
Basically Spider-Man 2
fordem lolz
'fordem lolz' 2 months ago
Dude that was genius you deserve more subs
'XXXTENTACION' 2 months ago
I remixed this song, your welcome
Citrilla Yamapo
'Citrilla Yamapo' 2 months ago
these days the cutscene gfx are worse than the in-game graphics... and they keep making prerendered cutscenes for some reason
'Maki-risu' 2 months ago
Had to whip my jam out right at the end.
Noah Buller
'Noah Buller' 2 months ago
'EGarrett01' 2 months ago
Tell me this nigga is not wearing a mask with his own face on it.
David Wyatt
'David Wyatt' 2 months ago
This is beautiful.
Alex P.
'Alex P.' 2 months ago
'Freddy-chan' 2 months ago
*runs into wall*
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
Nice work, hero!
'assassintwinat8' 2 months ago
I'm sure when Riku replays that moment in his head it's exactly like this
Cryo Phobica
'Cryo Phobica' 2 months ago
*you briefly wonder why the voice acting is so hard to hear in animated cutscenes*
Schnell D
'Schnell D'souza' 2 months ago
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