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going from cutscene graphics to in-game graphics -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: ProZD

By: ProZDPublished: 2 weeks ago

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'fcukausername' 17 hours ago
This man is a modern genius.
'teubert2' 4 days ago
I literally want a game with that dialogue in a cutscene lol...
'Trynedge' 5 days ago
Buahahahha oh man
'd4rk_unicorn' 6 days ago
on pc I have the opposite problem haha
'phoenixsplash135' 1 week ago
solid music choice
Zelda Trash
'Zelda Trash' 1 week ago
'Riku, you horses ass!' I'm dying
I hate that a shit game has to have guy named Riku. My name is Riku.
'night1952' 1 week ago
Remember the PS1 era?
Anicarbo moston
'Anicarbo moston' 1 week ago
kingdom hearts song? in kingdom hearts cutscenes and in-game graphics have the same graphics
'MΔRQUOISE' 1 week ago
Your videos are so accurate it's unreal, honestly
Jay Oh
'Jay Oh' 1 week ago
wat song is that at the end
sam sora
'sam sora' 1 week ago
The Unkindled
'The Unkindled' 1 week ago
Final Fantasy XV, though.
'-Meowlii-' 1 week ago
Sad but true xD
'RobotWillie' 1 week ago
Hmmm, maybe this is one reason Rockstar games are so good, they seamlessly add the cut-scenes, you don't see any transition and its just part of the rest of whats going on. I love games that incorporate whatever gear you are wearing into the cutscene too, its not just a pre-recorded scene in a sense. But games have been getting good at that in the last 5-10 years. And I know Rockstar isn't the only one like this, they are just the one I can remember right now.
'Eadrix' 1 week ago
that's fucking hilarious
Mac B And The Witches Three
'Sans' 2 weeks ago
Console things. Everytime I watch a cutscene/cinematic on PC it ends up being much worse quality and 30fps locked.
All-Around Gamer
'All-Around Gamer' 2 weeks ago
How about the Lord of the Rings games on PS2 where they fade from live action into PS2 graphics now that's jarring.
Weezy Across the Sea
'OldTimeyDragon' 2 weeks ago
So true.
TheEyesOfLife P.S Awesome
kingdom hearts love that game
'D MAS' 2 weeks ago
I now want a ProZD game with the KH gameplay.
'Lupas' 2 weeks ago
The W1tness
'The W1tness' 2 weeks ago
Watch dogs trailer vs actual game
Shane Zuniga
'Shane Zuniga' 2 weeks ago
Hahahaha holy shit
Jitter Dew
'Jitter Dew' 2 weeks ago
TFW on PC the cutscene is a downgrade to ingame graphics
Wolfies HUD
'Wolfies HUD' 2 weeks ago
'yug0TV' 2 weeks ago
I'm assuming this guy plays LoL or WoW
nitibha kaur
'nitibha kaur' 2 weeks ago
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Andrew Corpus
'Andrew Corpus' 2 weeks ago
wtf why is this on trending(kinda funny)
'rgtv' 2 weeks ago
Hahaha. I didnt know what i was expecting when i clicked the reddit link, but shit man. This brought some laughs. Thank you!
Jordan Adams
'Jordan Adams' 2 weeks ago
That can't be any more true
'Dudester2003' 2 weeks ago
This is on trending..
John Doe
'John Doe' 2 weeks ago
What is the song at the end called and where is it from? Sounds familiar
Mitt Gaming
'Mitt Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Sweet homestarrunner keychain!
Cat Fish
'Cat Fish' 2 weeks ago
I'm humoured, but slightly offended at the same time
'ZackScottGames' 2 weeks ago
Nice Homestar Runner keychain. I used to use the exact one for a long time!
Stephen Irving
'Stephen Irving' 2 weeks ago
I l old
Toyah Allan
'Toyah Allan' 2 weeks ago
Could you please be on an episode of Game Grumps?
FuckFousey andKeem
'FuckFousey andKeem' 2 weeks ago
How is this on trending
bob cromo
'bob cromo' 2 weeks ago
Yeah, you pretty much nailed it.
'FwapoMcGee' 2 weeks ago
Teaser Trailer vs Gameplay Trailer
Mr. Daniels
'Mr. Daniels' 2 weeks ago
ha!. . . I get it.
jklahsd32 laksd13
'jklahsd32 laksd13' 2 weeks ago
wtf is this doing on trends
Wasabi Dude
'Wasabi Dude' 2 weeks ago
What's his irl job??? He has a wife, so he must make money somehow.
Jeremy Stallings
'Jeremy Stallings' 2 weeks ago
That and FFX, where we suddenly get a dynamic high poly close up, then zoom out and have super low poly Yuna in the same pose like we're not supposed to have noticed the difference. it's meant to help show emotion and character at key points, but sometimes it seems like just a reminder of "hey, this is what they really look like, ya?" and of course we only get Tidus, Yuna, Lulu, and Rikku consistently like that, so when the rest of the party get their big CGI scene, they're almost unrecognisable!
'dave' 2 weeks ago
Bruh you live in haslett?
Logan Pugh
'Logan Pugh' 2 weeks ago
For some reason, I found it funny, even though I don't know anything about Kingdom Hearts (is it Kingdom hearts idk)
Buffalocat Li
'Buffalocat Li' 2 weeks ago
What in the world...
Ace Trainer Miku {Corrupt Visionary}
He's the worst horse's ass
Tech Cunt
'Tech Cunt' 2 weeks ago
Looking at you Ubisoft.
Vishalpreet Sandhu
'Vishalpreet Sandhu' 2 weeks ago
If this was uncharted 4 there would be no change
Nima Zeraatpisheh
'Nima Zeraatpisheh' 2 weeks ago
why does this have so many views
'xJisJis' 2 weeks ago
What the fuck how did I know you were going to use KH as an example.... send help...
Giustino Martinez
'Giustino Martinez' 2 weeks ago
'daddyhughes111' 2 weeks ago
I love traverse town's theme
'Kaydamation' 2 weeks ago
'FancyFufflyBunny' 2 weeks ago
Whil I do find this video funny, I'm slightly annoyed by the fact people don't understand that a real-time video game that might be runned by a console with an average at best graphic card does not look like a pre-rendered one-angle cinematic shot. There is something called optimization of assets; it looks this way because if it didn't, people would complain that it would lag and/or not work on their toaster of a PC.
'MalaksMessage' 2 weeks ago
This is great!
Jacob Odom
'Jacob Odom' 2 weeks ago
If there isn't a scene in KH3 where Sora calls Riku a horse's ass, I'm gonna be disappointed.
'Hoyitsj' 2 weeks ago
What key blade did you use???
'sasuke22dante' 2 weeks ago
hahahaha I loved this one
Sandra Swift
'Sandra Swift' 2 weeks ago
basically Silent Hill?
Adam MacK
'Adam MacK' 2 weeks ago
nailed it
'ru' 2 weeks ago
anyone thinking of professor Layton 😂
'Itzak' 2 weeks ago
'CrystalGTX' 2 weeks ago
Major Third
'Major Third' 2 weeks ago
Is that a Homestar Runner keychain?! I had one of those from when I bought the trogdor shirt (in, like, 2003) until it completely fell apart a few years ago! Makes the video even better.
'cuhleef' 2 weeks ago
Ubisoft's trailer vs game
'peter291997' 2 weeks ago
well okay then
Jake Pena
'Jake Pena' 2 weeks ago
before I even watched the video the title made me think of kingdom hearts
Play now or die
'Play now or die' 2 weeks ago
WTF? this time "why the face?" actually works
'JaconatorLS' 2 weeks ago
'Spartan0941' 2 weeks ago
'ItsDonnty' 2 weeks ago
sadly, so true
Büşra Hicret
'Büşra Hicret' 2 weeks ago
No but the music I on point
'Ave_Atque_Vale323' 2 weeks ago
You're a god damn beautiful genius
Nugget Boi
'Nugget Boi' 2 weeks ago
I didnt get the title, but omg the video makes it too real lmao.
'Pokemonique' 2 weeks ago
I was thinking about this while playing Fates yesterday lol
'Znijik' 2 weeks ago
Wow! What a spectacular cut-scene that was! How much is left in the budget now? ... Oh...
'Maikonix' 2 weeks ago
1998 early playstation right there! it's going to revolutionize gaming as we know it! The graphics!!!!! *breathe's heavy* the graphics!
William Moyer
'William Moyer' 2 weeks ago
what anime is that with that big animal on his poster on the top right??
'vaxshin' 2 weeks ago
You always make me laugh but this physically hurt me. My poor belly!
'jigglymabob' 2 weeks ago
you horses ass? wuit? 0:04
Pasqua 322
'Pasqua 322' 2 weeks ago
why fight becooooz
'xXIDLYbadwolfXx' 2 weeks ago
Not on PC.
'Khaizurie' 2 weeks ago
This is inspirational.
'MUDA FUKA' 2 weeks ago
'peerless77' 2 weeks ago
I liked that part about the horses ass.
e.g. John e.g. Smith
"Halo 4 starts out with the best graphics in the world. But then they run out of those graphics and have to use these graphics."
Lysanderoth Master of Deception
ya. ey.
'WhyFlySoHigh' 2 weeks ago
OMG ff10 was the worst with this. I hold kh1 dear to my heart though. All those days and hours
'SloopySrock' 2 weeks ago
I need that mask!
'Darkho1y' 2 weeks ago
Lol tell that to 30fps 720p compressed cutscenes. Deus Ex, I'm looking at you.
James Cameron
'James Cameron' 2 weeks ago
aaaaaaaand just like that my night shall disappear as I watch as much of this comedic genius as I can
Jasmine - Ruff-Puff
'Jasmine - Ruff-Puff' 2 weeks ago
I had a feeling this would be related to KH by reading the title.
Catherine Alces
'Catherine Alces' 2 weeks ago
Kayla Sprenz
'Kayla Sprenz' 2 weeks ago
Best one yet! Love your stuff!
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