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SML Movie: Substitute Teacher! -
Published: 1 year ago By: SuperMarioLogan

By: SuperMarioLoganPublished: 1 year ago

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Jackie Chu is sick so there is a substitute teacher!

'SuperMarioLogan' 1 year ago
Sorry guys but I will not be uploading a new video tonight! I will upload a new video tomorrow! I have not been feeling good today which has pushed me back in editing. I hope you guys understand! Thanks for being awesome!
Belle Pearce
'Belle Pearce' 2 hours ago
Avery Doucett
'Avery Doucett' 3 hours ago
Double damn
Avery Doucett
'Avery Doucett' 3 hours ago
Double Damon
Lexi Colon
'Lexi Colon' 3 hours ago
I say scerw u ding fong
London Gilliam
'London Gilliam' 3 hours ago
I will be like f*** this s*** I'm out
Mike Kelley
'Mike Kelley' 5 hours ago
I love egg rolls ❤️
Fazi Fazi
'Fazi Fazi' 6 hours ago
This is funny *laughs*
Galianna Michaud
'Galianna Michaud' 6 hours ago
does Pablo do Cody's mom?
Rodger Crook
'Rodger Crook' 9 hours ago
yaya poo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eddy Martinez
'Eddy Martinez' 11 hours ago
I would say what the hell are you doing here and leave and play some fortnite
'eeveeplay' 13 hours ago
Burning Elmo
'Burning Elmo' 16 hours ago
I mean it is pretty understandable cause isn't Cody gay? So that's why his surname is nutkiss
Rainer Buck
'Rainer Buck' 17 hours ago
I would shit myself
Eric Anthony Perez
'Eric Anthony Perez' 24 hours ago
I died
Eric Anthony Perez
'Eric Anthony Perez' 24 hours ago
Jr:ah get react kid Me:hahahhaha uh
Ximena G.
'Ximena G.' 1 day ago
0:40 milk and cookies,milk and cookies 🍪
kya Wright
'kya Wright' 1 day ago
I would kill my self
kya Wright
'kya Wright' 1 day ago
I'm sorry kodynbear I tried to hit the readtard lol
Trinity Tykio
'Trinity Tykio' 1 day ago
This video was age restricted why exactly?
Flitter and Cloudchaser
Anyone watching this in 2018
Jahsi Lawrence
'Jahsi Lawrence' 1 day ago
Lilli Worski
'Lilli Worski' 1 day ago
love Jeffy
Hippo and Goat Guy and Hyena And Cookie Red Panda
Hi cody 😨😨😨😨😢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢
Mevo 2
'Mevo 2' 1 day ago
Actually... my mom is my regular teacher.. I'm completely fine with it
Kinsley Dinkins Turner
If my mom was my sub **ps I hate my mom** mom : today I’m ganna be subbing Me : throws books at her** HOW BOUT U GANNA BE A WHORE HOW BOUT DAT BITCH
Sharon Jessie
'Sharon Jessie' 1 day ago
I only see supermariologan number 1 fan😇😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
Fannylaidong Lai
'Fannylaidong Lai' 1 day ago
8:10 did anyone see Jeffy at the back
canyon paxton
'canyon paxton' 1 day ago
'bambiimelon' 2 days ago
jeffy says he loves marsh-mellows with his pancakes but we've never seen him actually eat it..??
Lincoln Watson
'Lincoln Watson' 2 days ago
Act natrual😏
The pals
'The pals' 2 days ago
I would say shut up shit
_ Dooghz
'_ Dooghz' 2 days ago
8:12 who saw Jeffy
Dejuan Jackson
'Dejuan Jackson' 2 days ago
Prepare for embarassment
Vanossgamingfan 5345
My mom is a teacher
Daveon Gatlin
'Daveon Gatlin' 2 days ago
ill be like I don't know what the fuck just happen but I'm. get the fuck. up out here
Austin Tamborra
'Austin Tamborra' 2 days ago
I love pigs
Pearlie Northington
It OK😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🔨🗿
Sandra Snow
'Sandra Snow' 2 days ago
You said Jeffy is a bad boy
Sandra Snow
'Sandra Snow' 2 days ago
fuck you daddy
Freddy fazbear pizza place
I would be screamin
Freddy fazbear pizza place
Take that stupid rasicm bastard
Alyssa jarquin harrington
Xd 7:30
Halfrealqueenkassidy -I Do ROBLOX
If one of my parents were my subs, I WOULD STAY QUIET!
Josh #LarryFitz #BetterThanMoss #11GOAT BIRDGANG
0:37 the clip doesn't show anymore because they would get banned if they showed Mario beating jeffy with metal
Giovanni Juarez
'Giovanni Juarez' 2 days ago
Jeffy was cool
Fun with Iñigo
'Fun with Iñigo' 3 days ago
pro gamer56
'pro gamer56' 3 days ago
I would be happy if it was my parents
Dahlia Herrera
'Dahlia Herrera' 3 days ago
'Flamycreeper' 3 days ago
I would skip the class
DanTDM Gaming
'DanTDM Gaming' 3 days ago
I would be ...pissed
sonic sd
'sonic sd' 3 days ago
mom ville
'mom ville' 3 days ago
What doing uhhhh uhh are you fucking high daddy!! Uhhh I'm kangaroo
Ana C Cruz
'Ana C Cruz' 3 days ago
because he likes to suck your dick
Ana C Cruz
'Ana C Cruz' 3 days ago
because he likes to suck your dick
Jesus Martinez Solorio
He is funny
Adriana Sanchez
'Adriana Sanchez' 3 days ago
Judy Nutkiss:OOOHHHHHHHHH who live's in a Pineapple under the se.... OW
cool kobe
'cool kobe' 3 days ago
Sml and sll are the best like if you like the comment
mud bogging boy
'mud bogging boy' 3 days ago
Sml you're awesome
mud bogging boy
'mud bogging boy' 3 days ago
I would say fuck this shit I'm out
Waser Vang
'Waser Vang' 3 days ago
jeffy bad boy and his nuts also kill jeffy
Hector Correa Martínez
I didn't know pigs were allowed in schools
Dymir Emanuel
'Dymir Emanuel' 3 days ago
How come Pablo hand couldn't get hurt if a globe hit his hand
tony snowden
'tony snowden' 3 days ago
I thought that Jeffy liked masmellos on pancake.but he threw it on the floor
Barney The dinosaur
I love you. You love me?
Electro Kid
'Electro Kid' 4 days ago
Sml Answer SHIT
Vamber Vamp
'Vamber Vamp' 4 days ago
Um idk😒
ғᴀᴛᴇ ғᴀʟʟs
Louie Rivera
'Louie Rivera' 4 days ago
I Kiss nuts 4:12
Daniel Martinez
'Daniel Martinez' 4 days ago
Get the fuck out of the classroom😐😠📕📖📚📃🚶
Isaac Hernandez
'Isaac Hernandez' 4 days ago
I would hide
Jordan Suarez
'Jordan Suarez' 4 days ago
So funny
Joseph Frierson
'Joseph Frierson' 4 days ago
I feel bad for her she worked hard to teach him and they decide to be mean to her
Anthony Roldan
'Anthony Roldan' 4 days ago
Probably jeffy will throw a nut next time to ms nut kiss and then she kisses the nut
william gaming the pro
I fucking love supermariologan
Oblivion Cow
'Oblivion Cow' 4 days ago
Throughout all the years I feel bad for Cody’s mom...
DreE DerE
'DreE DerE' 4 days ago
Wait at 5:07 codys mom was sitting on the chair and their were thumbtacks how did she not get poked 5:07 and she got poked at 6:50
JohnDuval Vlogs
'JohnDuval Vlogs' 4 days ago
I would leave the school and never come back😎😎
Jolene Mooney
'Jolene Mooney' 4 days ago
8:12 jeffy going for the globe
Helaynah Foster
'Helaynah Foster' 4 days ago
Cause he kisses peepees
Marco Chavez
'Marco Chavez' 4 days ago
oh shit!
Heyitz Harvard
'Heyitz Harvard' 4 days ago
8:11 jeffy grabed the glob
Jasper L. Kembal
'Jasper L. Kembal' 4 days ago
The nazi cheeseburger is angry even though his face doesn’t depict it
Linda Walter
'Linda Walter' 4 days ago
I'd love it
Mr. Nexus
'Mr. Nexus' 4 days ago
Makila Fenanes
'Makila Fenanes' 4 days ago
If my mom was a sub I would just be the class clown like I am today
Ilie bogdan
'Ilie bogdan' 4 days ago
Id run out of there
'DomisPomis' 4 days ago
Kylan Eggett
'Kylan Eggett' 4 days ago
I would commit suicuide
The Dreamcatcher
'The Dreamcatcher' 5 days ago
I would be like oh shut of a bitch
Tehau Jr Himona-Eparaima
Cody khan is a deal
Tyreace Daniels
'Tyreace Daniels' 5 days ago
Jeffy Hate Green Beans Daddy
Tyreace Daniels
'Tyreace Daniels' 5 days ago
Jeffy Hate Green Beans Daddy
G fatz
'G fatz' 5 days ago
Ha ha so funny😂😂😂😂
Jeron Cole
'Jeron Cole' 5 days ago
8:14 Thanks you so much Jeffy she needed singing practice.
Marshawn posted
'Marshawn posted' 5 days ago
what was toad listening to lol
Caleb Gameing
'Caleb Gameing' 5 days ago
Be on my best behavior
Lolo Chavez
'Lolo Chavez' 5 days ago
the notsi cheese burger
Deborah Richardson
Well when it's lunch time I would ask her or him to buy me mc Donald's for lunch that's it
Jack Morrison
'Jack Morrison' 5 days ago
i would ask to go to the bathroom then camp out there for the whole school day
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