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SML Movie: Substitute Teacher! -
Published: 1 year ago By: SuperMarioLogan

By: SuperMarioLoganPublished: 1 year ago

10, 640, 915 views

94, 063 Likes   3, 262 Dislikes

Jackie Chu is sick so there is a substitute teacher!

'SuperMarioLogan' 1 year ago
Sorry guys but I will not be uploading a new video tonight! I will upload a new video tomorrow! I have not been feeling good today which has pushed me back in editing. I hope you guys understand! Thanks for being awesome!
blaze shadow
'blaze shadow' 1 hour ago
Lps Melissa
'Lps Melissa' 2 hours ago
age restricted mannnn
Rudy Rudy
'Rudy Rudy' 3 hours ago
I 💘 this video it's one of my fav you are the best youtuber of all time.when ever I whatch this video in 😢 times it makes me😂
Rudy Rudy
'Rudy Rudy' 3 hours ago
I would have pretended to be some one else
'TheSplatterGirl888' 4 hours ago
I just came here for the sea pineapple! (I’m nine)
Shane Dylan
'Shane Dylan' 4 hours ago
Camarion Hayes
'Camarion Hayes' 5 hours ago
Jeffy your a bad boy
Nicholas Wetzel
'Nicholas Wetzel' 5 hours ago
'Skittles123' 6 hours ago
Why does he have a Nazi flag that is so racist to me I’m Jewish but anyways I love the channel!!
'MrTexasparadoc' 6 hours ago
Harshmeet Assi - Ray Lawson PS (1535)
I will fucking die
Dunk Films
'Dunk Films' 6 hours ago
7:58 sea pineapple
'Buttonpants1' 7 hours ago
Whats jeffy doing at 8 12
Watermelon Kid
'Watermelon Kid' 7 hours ago
Sml answer: I would fake being sick
joshkillbonnie Bigdistrict101
I would say who you grandson
Damian Lopez
'Damian Lopez' 7 hours ago
Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy he is so funny
The three Stars
'The three Stars' 8 hours ago
Cody mom
Maikol Solis vargas
'Maikol Solis vargas' 8 hours ago
Hey dude guess what I got Glasses 👓 don’t say that I’m a nerd 🤓 or else you’re a nerd 🤓 bye 👋 ya”ll
Anthony tony bermeo
'Anthony tony bermeo' 9 hours ago
I can not believe Cody mom is miss nutkiss
Collin Hanlin
'Collin Hanlin' 9 hours ago
6:30 that just makes it worse!
jay min
'jay min' 10 hours ago
'EpicEvanX' 10 hours ago
8:13 😂😂😂😂
Josiah Fields
'Josiah Fields' 10 hours ago
Toad I heard your raps
Harlem Wright
'Harlem Wright' 10 hours ago
Youtube if u see this comment...i dont like what ur doing to sml its all gross videos out here.And yall just worry about this curseing video today curseing is so common to kids to were the prob hear it everyday and to were babys curse.If ur reading youtube ur so messed up for just worrying about there videos its soooo common curseing now and days and at least they dont involve stuff like so much blood killing gore
Unicorns in cc world mew
If my dad was a teacher I would run out of my class and ask my teacher the day after my dad was there I would ask:why my dad!!!that embarrassed me !?!
McKenzie Leary
'McKenzie Leary' 11 hours ago
You are a great slsldkrldleod,rodlrorlro
Dj Uzumaki
'Dj Uzumaki' 11 hours ago
8:13 that teacher got recked
genesi soza
'genesi soza' 12 hours ago
My mom was a substitute I will ask her to help me with all my work
'PatToad' 13 hours ago
8:12 You can see Jeffy about to grab the globe.
Isaiah Solis
'Isaiah Solis' 13 hours ago
Braiden Minecraft, Roblox, And More!
Fuck youtube
Estelle Raybould
'Estelle Raybould' 16 hours ago
I am getting a jeffy pupet i like your videos
H Zirkhuma
'H Zirkhuma' 17 hours ago
jeffy is cool boy
faze metrist 5
'faze metrist 5' 17 hours ago
Suck my dirty nick
Alajsia Cox
'Alajsia Cox' 18 hours ago
I am 35 years old
Karagozlum 81
'Karagozlum 81' 1 day ago
Logan you know if someone gets ten stars then they get a prize why don’t you do it on someone and they get ten stars do it on Cody
'CALEB SETTERS' 1 day ago
Dottie Cowgill
'Dottie Cowgill' 1 day ago
he is the best of jeffy
jeremiah lowery
'jeremiah lowery' 1 day ago
Can I get money because my house burn down
Matthew Olla
'Matthew Olla' 1 day ago
Nuuuuuu age restricted but ur vids are still amazing
Savage_Craze _
'Savage_Craze _' 1 day ago
I would just walk out of the room and walk home
dead 1234
'dead 1234' 1 day ago
1:11 I'm a kangaroo
Erika Yarbrough
'Erika Yarbrough' 1 day ago
I love all of your YouTube videos
christain skeens
'christain skeens' 1 day ago
cam the man Schultz
Why the hell is it age restriction
jeff lim
'jeff lim' 1 day ago
Poopy Doopy
'Poopy Doopy' 1 day ago
you was always a good boy
Edaah Manshah
'Edaah Manshah' 1 day ago
irlr will be ao fun!!!
Shirley Sims
'Shirley Sims' 1 day ago
Wow this is so cool I want to get 10000 subscribers I really like it cuz it says cuss words
Shawn Ross
'Shawn Ross' 1 day ago
I'm love you guys you guys are my favorite
Bri Gomez
'Bri Gomez' 1 day ago
If one of my parents was a sub teacher i would hmm let me think i know i would freak out
Shirley Sims
'Shirley Sims' 1 day ago
No this is so embarrassing why you did all that stupid stuff and food occlude at it's so funny I want to laugh so hard at the teacher
Fran Kistner
'Fran Kistner' 1 day ago
Cody's mom is a pig
Julissa Melendez
'Julissa Melendez' 1 day ago
I love you cody
Pop Stone
'Pop Stone' 1 day ago
It,s ok
Nicole E
'Nicole E' 2 days ago
Holy shit
Jylin Huston
'Jylin Huston' 2 days ago
the a and the other side and then you have
Gael Rosas
'Gael Rosas' 2 days ago
Gael Rosas
'Gael Rosas' 2 days ago
John Smith
'John Smith' 2 days ago
you said jeffy is a bad boy
red wolf mmd
'red wolf mmd' 2 days ago
I want milk and cookies milk and cookies , YUYAUYAUAYAUYA
2k18 And madden18
'2k18 And madden18' 2 days ago
I’d hide under my desk
StarBase 5
'StarBase 5' 2 days ago
While they are all pranking, toad is listening to some dank
Gogo Verdeja
'Gogo Verdeja' 2 days ago
play Five Nights at Freddy's and then get mad
Macauley Tacker
'Macauley Tacker' 2 days ago
If my dad was the teacher I would be so happy because he give me every I want because I am his little angle so yea
Team Malri
'Team Malri' 2 days ago
Lol kiss those nuts
Team Malri
'Team Malri' 2 days ago
Lmao when she said retard
Kaden Williams
'Kaden Williams' 2 days ago
Its ok bri you the best and i unser stand and hope you feel better and this video funny ass fuck
Edgar Morales
'Edgar Morales' 2 days ago
I would ask her to go to the bathroom and stay in there for the rest of the school day
moto broo
'moto broo' 2 days ago
Thumbnail where it says Hey, sub where it says sub and this scibe and it makes subscibe
Rodriguez Mariah
'Rodriguez Mariah' 2 days ago
Shawn Nettles
'Shawn Nettles' 2 days ago
Wow Cody's mom was fatter than that " Nazi Hamburger"
Michael Martinez
'Michael Martinez' 2 days ago
He f the apple
Amorie Dixon
'Amorie Dixon' 2 days ago
Omg f you🖕🖕🖕
Laritza Peralta
'Laritza Peralta' 2 days ago
Jeffy is way to funny could you make a video of Jeffy getting shot
Jessica Wallace
'Jessica Wallace' 2 days ago
What doing????
Betty Jackson
'Betty Jackson' 2 days ago
Your cull
Betty Jackson
'Betty Jackson' 2 days ago
Please say my name in vlog my name is Brayden jackson
dewan Jackson
'dewan Jackson' 2 days ago
I would be so embarrassed
'GameplayultraBoss' 2 days ago
I would poop myself
keisha ivy
'keisha ivy' 2 days ago
King IV
Rogelio Avila
'Rogelio Avila' 2 days ago
Roderico Robinson
'Roderico Robinson' 2 days ago
Abdisalan Abdikadir
Leave the class foreever
Chago Vera
'Chago Vera' 2 days ago
I'm watching in year 2020
'tpch2006' 2 days ago
Y love you 're videos
'tpch2006' 2 days ago
Charles Davis
'Charles Davis' 2 days ago
make videos every day
'GM45ter7' 2 days ago
Why is this age restricted?
Daniel Morrissette
Go fuck yourself 😣
'blu252' 2 days ago
Jeffy ilo💃💆💆💆💆👵👵👵👵👵💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💑💑💑👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👣💖💗💘💝💟💞💜💜💜💜💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩😺😼💩💩💩💩💩💩👼🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🙈👰💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂💂👵
hostile_,natedog gaming
I love your videos I smell the greatest videos specially like Jeffy how old are you and chili I love your channel SML I love you people your people actually on the people that join I love them you guys are the best YouTubers ever you guys oh YouTubers I wish I was born but I love your Channel I subscribed and I gave you a big thumbs up I love your channel SML and chilly this is for you note this is your notes thank you I like it I love your Channel chili and
hostile_,natedog gaming
Cody's mom is a pig oink oink hey Cody mom why did you was looking so ugly f****** ugly ass when going my name's freaking miss nutcase ;-) ;-) little pig Kobe
Devin Puyear
'Devin Puyear' 3 days ago
Why is it age-restricted I watched it before but now I cant
Ronnie Smiling
'Ronnie Smiling' 3 days ago
She's really bad don't let him be no more
Ronnie Smiling
'Ronnie Smiling' 3 days ago
I hate you don't burn Jeffy and no more videos
Ronnie Smiling
'Ronnie Smiling' 3 days ago
Jeffrey is so bad you need to get some dookie for Christmas
Ronnie Smiling
'Ronnie Smiling' 3 days ago
Show me so bad he look like
Victoria Proctor
'Victoria Proctor' 3 days ago
I fuck i would run for life
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